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Horny NRI babe fingering pussy and giving sexy expressions MMS

Horny NRI girl fingering pussy and masturbating in bathroom

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Varun fucking Sonica at office

Hi guyz, I am Varun, I work in a MNC. I am a Deputy manager and my team comprises of 3 Assistant managers under me of which two of them are guys and the other one s a babe. her name sonica. I ve been working for 3 years and she joined 3 months back. She claimed to be part of the modern society and found no problems wearing modern outfits,

in the meantime attracting attention from the opposite sexes in all directions. I had a burining lust for her cause she was pretty hefty and sexily crafted to make the viewer burn from the inside, tits of 36 made my eyes fall of and I always fantasised having them in my mouth. she had a tight ass which wiggled while she walked

and she definitely had a sexy face which anyone would love to keep looking at. We had few International taxation assignments which I was to taking care of and she came under me for those assignments. with July closing in the work got pretty tight. By then I got more engrossed into the fact of meeting targets rather than thinking about fucking sonica.

She was pretty good at work too and aptly met targets. we were working on an outbound computation and had to finalise it by EOD (End of Day) so were caught up with it, suddenly did I realise that the clock seemed to show my work hour limit had reached 17 hours for the day. it was 1 in the night and I asked sonica to leave as it was too late and confessed to her for making her sit late.

She refused to leave stating she would stay in the cabin for the day and would leave home at morning 6. so that she would finish the computation. she was hell bent on proving herself I guess. then we both went into the pantry to grab a cup of coffee and sat for a chat, only then did I realise that she had two of her shirt buttons open giving a clear view of her cleavage.

I was in a dilemma and spoke out to her telling "your buttons are open" she replied "Not bad you really do take notice of stuff after all. Dont try being good, I know all those days when you had tried having a peek into my cleavage as I bent down for something or the other. We girld know what you guys look for and if we intentionally do something it does mean we like it."

I was aroused all along staring at those two huge balls and I spoke in trans "Dont suppose me that you wouldn mind if I could lose some hard weight with your help" "meaing?" she asked "i asked you wouldn mind if I fucked you?" she replied "just because I speak up doesn mean I am gonna get laid with you.

we girls like being admired that doesn mean we get laid for everyone who admires us, lets get back to work you spoke too much for the day" when she got up I looked at her waxed legs as she had worn a knee level skirt. I could not think of what lay between those two legs. we went back to our cabin, but I still had a hard on and just then I decided I could not stand it anymore.

I walked into her cabin and stared at her tits and she spoke "i think I told you too much could you kindly go back and work this is office" as she spoke I dragged her chair close and locked my lip with hers. she protested by pushing me and hitting me. as she did so, I put one of my hads through those open buttons and carresed her tits slowly she tried stopping my hand with hers.

I still locked my lips with hers and lifetd her from the chair and put her on the desk and moved her laptop off the place. she started abusing me and asked me to let go off her. I once again lip locked with her and started caressing her tits from the outside she slowly strted falling victim to my movements. her fair skin with a black bra seemed to steal my eyes.

I slowly removed her shirt fully while I brought her under control rubbing her boobs and locking her lips. then placed my mouth on her Bra and started rolling my tongue where her nipples were deemed to be. she slowly started moanning. then she slowly started acressing my back and I knew the time was right to take it forward.

I slowly undid her bra and started sucking her boobs, while doing so my hands were busy exploring the under skirt adventures of her body. she was moaning in pleasure as I was sucking her tits and caressing her inner thighs.i started kissing her belly and removed her skirt. I always fantasised kissing the inner thighs of a hot babe and so did i.

she was reeking in pleasure as I was sucking her inner thighs and kissing them. she kept monaning "eat me please eat me" I decided to show her how expert I was in making a woman feel heaven. I kissed her pantes eactly where the clit would be. black panty that souited her complexion.

her panty was wet from my doings n the top part of her body and the smell of her pussy juices drove me crazy and I decided to eat that beautiful cunt of hers. I removed her panty and circled her clit with my middle finger she started monaing eat me I placed my lips on her pussy lips and started licking her pussy. started moaning louder than before.

she was experiencing the pleasure of her lifetime. I sucked her vulva and at the same time fingered her clit. I was able to sense her G-spot and started handling it with speed and softness, she started shivering and pressed my head deeper into her love hole. she asked me to suck her as she had a pressure developing inside her hole.

I locked my lip with her pussy lip and gave it a deep suck and she moaned and pressed my shoulder. her pussy started flowing with juices. she was closing in for a climax I could sense her. I strted intensifying my speed of licking her. she found the pleasure to be unbelievable and she started moaning "faster varun lick me faster keep fingering my clit please make me cum"

I kept doin it at an elevating speed and she started moaning louder and the point arrived and she screamed throwing out the nectar from her love hole. I wanted to turn her on and I drank all her juices and placed my mouth again and started licking her wildly and she started to get more aroused and this time along with my tongue I also put a marker in side her hole

and reached her Gspot and tingled it stroger and she started moaning and screaming alternatively. I made her squirt for the first time. I asked her to control her ejaculation for a while and release it with force so that I could drink it. she did as I said, an obidient slut I shourl say and unloaded her love juice and I quenched my thirst. I got up and thought of teading her,

I said "fine now its time to work lets get the final review completed so that we can pass it on tomorrow morning to the ED." her face turned red and she shouted "you fucker u expect me to work in a state liike this. fuck you, I want your cock inside me and I want you to make me cum along with u otherwise am not moving from here.

Yo impotent asshole the whole office gets turned on by me and so did you dont you wanna enter me, fuck you come and fill my pussy right away you said you know how to satisfy me right show me now," I had enough of what I wanted to hear I unzipped my pants to release my cock and I entered her and she left a loud moan and said "yeah fuck me fuck me hard"

I immeditaely started pounding her fast and in no time she came, and then I made her to turn behind and entered her in her ass and she moaned "yeah that s my favourite in my ass please fuck me in my ass" I knew that the slut was no rokkie as far as sex was concerned. I kept banging her ass and made her cum friom the behind and saw to that I dint unload my cum in her.

u see we ve gotta be careful sluts like tis r a real pain in the ass asfar as after effects are concerned. I made her turn around and again ate hr cunt to a final satisfying orgasm and I finally unloaded my cum in her mouth and the bitch drank it fully and she again said "please lick ne one last time I ll definitely give you lots a juices" I was a mad fan of feminine jucies and I strill am.

so I again placed my face between her legs and at her cunt until she squirtd again on me. then finally eneterd her for the last time and she got turned on and kept shouting "oh yeah faster and oh yeah harder and faster" I did it fast and furious until I knew I was about to come at that point I put my finger in her hole and my pole in her mouth and she came in my finger and I came

in her mouth at the sametime. we lay exhausted over the desk making it wet with our bodily exhaust. she spoke "i love you, I know you love me. Pl make love to me like this." I smiled and got dressed. I walked out of my cabin "i know I have her under control, I ll use her as bait for my promotion, silly girl."

since then we had every satirday post 11 in the night till 3 in the morning as our fuck sessions. its been since 2 years and trust me guys I swear even now ever saturday we make out and she has not lost the slightest of interest. Girls dont require fucking like we guys give them their share of ejacultation neither them nor us will ever get bored.

if you people really enjoyed it let me know I ll post few more experiences which are more horny than this, Girls if anyone s interested in cunt eating let me know. I ll make you feel heaven. hope u enjoy the story (it really happened am not joking.)

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Sexy encounter between Uttam and Kajal

It was a pretty normal Saturday morning. I was home for my break from college and was pretty bored. Most of my friends, both from college and ones I was still in touch with from high school either had managed to find a better place to be for break. I'm Joyesh, now a 26 year old engineer.

I was adopted as a child due to an abusive and neglectful single-mother into a family with two other children, a now 28 year old brother named Uttam and a currently 24 year-old sister, kajal. The story is when I was in college final year I'm was 21 then. Kajal was a junior college. I had always gotten along very well with her, even when we were kids.

In fact, we had gotten along well enough that many people, questioned our behavior. It's true, we were perhaps "too" comfortable with one another. Whenever Kajal had tension in her back, she came to me for a backrub - to help with the effectiveness of the massage, she would usually remove her top while I did the work.

There was of course questionable behavior as well, such as putting lotion on one another without shying away from certain areas and advising one another on swim suit and underwear shopping, and we also said "I love you" to each other more than a normal brother and sister would. Despite all this behavior, I had never been sexually attracted to Kajal.

She was fucking gorgeous of course, my parents had apparently had the genes to produce those two gorgeous children that the whole town stares at. I was 6'1" with the V-body shape, a rugged face, etc. Kajal was the female equivalent, 5'5", slender toned legs, perfectly-cut ass, a face that could melt even my father, 34 breasts and incredible golden skin.

And so even with this incredible appearance, of course, I hadn't ever thought about Kajal in a sexual way, after all, I had been adopted at a young age, so I considered her my sister as much as a girl biologically related to me. As I found out on this morning, she didn't feel the same way. I couldn't blame her, I was pretty good-looking.

I guess I'm what people would describe as a "pretty-boy." I have a semi-athletic build with great abs, pecs, and arms, but nothing that would be on a magazine cover. I also had eyes that I'd used to melt high school girls, college girls, and even teachers to go along with a smile that could invent a term called something like "smile-fucking" It was just teasing and seductive.

Anyways, that Saturday morning I woke up around 9 and went downstairs to make myself some coffee, wearing just my pajama pants with my cock semi-hard from an arousing dream. I strolled into the kitchen and found my pretty little sister standing there in her robe with her regular glass of orange juice, and a toasted bread, talking on the phone.

She smiled and jumped forward to hug me as I walked in. I embraced her tightly. College was amazing, but of course, I did miss my little sister, I worried about her being lonely. She was beautiful, but didn't really have the attitude of one of the "popular" girls. Guys always hit on her and she didn't really know how to react, so they often gave up on her and went to someone easier,

although less attractive. I got my sister though, I understood her, so did her one ex boyfriend. Just one, somehow. Anyways, I'm pretty sure she felt that I was semi-hard when she hugged me because she jumped a bit when it brushed against lower stomach. I was a bit embarrassed but we had walked in on one another masturbating before,

and were very touchy with each other so obviously it wasn't the first time this sort of thing had happened. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead, as any brother would do to such an adorable little sister, before pouring myself my coffee. I walked back upstairs and sat down at my laptop, checking facebook to see if my girlfriend had replied to my message about how much I missed her.

I checked my e-mail and the box scores from the night before as well before turning on the TV to sports center. About 10 minutes later, Kajal burst in, throwing herself at me, cuddling against me. "I miss you, bro!" I hugged her close. Cuddling like this was another thing that many people might disapprove of when it comes to our behaviour,

it got to be pretty sexual at times, with my hands roaming down her lower back, her hands across my chest, and her legs across me. "I miss you too, Kajal ! When are you going to visit me up there?" "Mom doesn't want me to, but I think dad will let me if I ask him when she's not around. I miss you all the time, Joyesh !" she said, clinging to me.

Suddenly, I realized she had tears streaming down her face. " Kajal! What happened? I've been gone the whole year already, don't cry! You didn't cry over fall or winter break! !" "Yes, I did. You just didn't see..." she sobbed into my shoulder. I pulled on her hips so that she wound up on top of me, straddling me. I held her head between my hands and wiped her tears away.

Kajal come on. I'm only a couple hours away. You can call me anytime and I check facebook a couple times a day. If you ever really needed me I could take a bus down and be here before the end of the day. I'm still your brother, I'm still always here for you, I still love you." I said, stroking her hair. "I love you, " she said, her eyes drying and her cute smile returning.

With that, she ambushed me, tickling my sides while sitting on top of me, thrilled at her mischief. I bucked and pushed her off of me. "Oh you're in so much trouble now, sis!" I shouted as I grabbed her and started tickling her sides right back. She tried to push me away but I pinned her against the wall, holding her wrists in one of my hands.

She screeched and writhed, until eventually she kicked me in the stomach, hard. I staggered backwards onto my back, coughing. "What the FUCK, Kajal?" I shouted, through my wheezing. "I'm sorry! I told you to stop!" she exclaimed, "Are you ok?" She put her hand to my bare stomach, does it hurt when I touch it? "No, it just hurts period," I growled, regaining my breath.

"I'm sorry,!" she said, rubbing my stomach. "It's ok, Kajal," I said, forcing a smile, knowing she felt terrible. She continued to rub my abs, but sensually. "It's ok," I repeated, wondering why she was still touching me. She moved her hand up from my abs to my chiselled pecs, looking me in the eyes with a look that I'd seen from her at times before.

"What are you doing, Kajal?" I asked. "I think you should stop," I added as she straddled me again, running both hands over my chest. "Come on, Kajal, this doesn't even tickle," I said, in denial. She bent over, laying a huge kiss on me, probing her tongue into my mouth wildly, looking for mine. I pushed her away abruptly, "What the fuck, Kajal?" I demanded.

"Oh, come on,! You know you want this! We both do! I want it so bad!" she shouted back at me, starting to gyrate her hips against my crotch. "Get off, Kajal, we can't do this. Cuddling, being playful is one thing..." I started before she interrupted me with another kiss. I let her go at it for a split second longer before pushing her away this time.

But she wasn't interested in that. She dove right back in, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and holding me to her. I tried to push her away by her shoulders but she had managed to wrap her amazing legs around me and was holding on for dear life, exploring the deepest parts of my mouth and throat with her tongue, moaning and slurping wildly.

Even against my own instincts, I had started to become aroused. I tried to push her away again but with my vision impaired by her face and hair, inadvertently ended up feeling her breasts. She moaned loudly, humping me. I knew this was wrong, but it felt so good. She was getting me very hard, and she could tell. She was holding on for dear life with her legs, arms and hands.

She pulled away from the kiss and started licking my neck and chest wildly, she had gone crazy. I knew my sister had the potential to be a total slut, but I also knew she wasn't, yet here she was acting like it. By now, my guard was basically down, I was into it, I was aroused, and ten years of memories of us flirting had run through my mind, realizing that this was inevitable.

But I thought of my girlfriend who I loved with all my heart, I couldn't do this, I can't cheat on her, let alone with my sister. As if reading my thoughts, Kajal blurted out "Don't worry about her, this will be our secret," she moaned before kissing me again. This time I returned her tongue motions, an action which drove her wild, she knew that she had won me over.

She pulled away abruptly, peeling off her tank top and grinning at my reaction. Her tits were perfect, large but not too big, perfectly proportioned and firm, tan like the rest of her. I reached up, grabbing them widlly, attacking them. I yanked her bra down, sucking on her nipples, rubbing her tits, slurping all over her.

She screeched in pleasure, unhooking her bra and letting it fall off. I started to return her dry-humping motions, she moaned loudly, feeling my now rock-hard member crashing through two layers of fabric against the outside of her vagina. I felt her up wildly, and made out with her for a couple minutes, dry humping and sucking her tits until she started to moan like crazy,

moans that turned into screams as I felt her shake and climax. I pushed her away for a moment. "You had better not fucking say you can't do this now," she said sternly. "Kajal, you're my sister..." I started. "You're fucking adopted!" she shouted back. "But..." "Shuttup!" she shouted, pushing herself back off of me and yanking my shorts down to reveal my fully stiff,

rock hard 7 inch member. She moaned loudly, grabbing it and stroking it wildly, looking straight up at me. I moaned loudly. " Kajal stop." I said, my voice shaking. " Kajal STOP!" I shouted at her. She just growled wildly before sucking ravenously on my balls while jacking me off furiously. "I swear to god you're going to fuck me while you're home, Joy.

You can make it easy or you can make it hard." she shouted. "For god's sake, Kajal, you're my sister " Kajal..." I said, weakening, looking down at her beautiful eyes and giving up. She grinned, continuing the great blowjob she had started. She bobbed her head on my cock wildly, gagging as my cock hit the back of her throat.

She pulled off, sucking on my balls again while stroking the shaft. "Oh... fuckkkk" I groaned, leaning my head back. For another few minutes, Kajal jacked me off furiously, sucked on my cock ravenously, and screeched at me to cum all over her. And after those few minutes, I knew I was about to. I sat up, she adjusted herself and started to deep throat my cock over and over, moaning wildly.

"OHHH FUCK! YEahhhhhh Kajal you ! ohhhhhh" I moaned. I sighed to her, pushing her head back towards my cock. She grinned, sucking on the head wildly while running her hand up and down the shaft so fast her fingers were a blur. I moaned wildly, almost shouting as I gently pushed her head further down my cock, "I'm gonna' cum, Kajal !" I shouted.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" she moaned as she deep throated me one more time before pulling off and rubbing my cock wildly between her hand and her tits. I screamed as my cock sent out huge jets of semen all over her tits and face. She grinned at the shocked ex-pression on my face as she straddled me again.

"What?" she said, smiling innocently, having wiped the cum off of her face. "Holy shit, Kajal," I said. "You owe me now," she said sternly, looking right at me. I grinned, holding her head in my hands, kissing her romantically. She moaned, more out of love than out of sexual pleasure, we were kissing a lot slower this time around, it was my style as oppose to her inexperienced excuse for one.

Then without warning, I sped things up, making out with her wildly and attacking her tits again. I reached down inside her short shorts and started to rub the outside of her vagina. "ahhu hhh" she gasped as her vagina was touched by the first person. I grinned, inserting my middle finger into her opening and starting to stroke slowly.

She started to pant, through our make out, breathing heavily and rubbing my still hard member slowly. I pulled away from the kiss and looked her straight in the eyes as I sped up my pace with my fingering, holding the back of her head with my other hand and thrusting wildly into her vagina. "AHHHH OHHHHH UHHHHH" she moaned, throwing her head back.

I held her head sternly, rotating it back down and making her look right at me as I hooked two fingers now inside her pussy, hitting her g-spot. She screamed, loud and without worry. For the next couple minutes I fingered her to two orgasms, both of which she writhed, screamed, and flailed through.

I pushed her off of me and onto her back, positioning my mouth at her drenched cunt and grinning up at her. "Ohh my god..." she sighed, slowly feeling her own tits. I grinned, as I pulled her shorts off her long and beautiful legs. "Make me scream!" she shouted at me, "EAT ME!" I didn't disappoint, diving my tongue inside her and tongue fucking her right away, lunging back and forth.

"AHHHHHH! OHHHHH YEAHAHH MYYYY GOD FUCKK YES EAT ME ! EAT YOUR SISTER! " she shouted, already getting close to cumming. I licked her labia wildly, shoving fingers back into her and flicking her cute little clit wildly. " She erupted into a waterfall of fluids. I dove right back in, sucking on her fully exposed clit, still fingering her.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she continued to scream, I grinned, inserting my tongue into her vagina again and grabbing one of her breasts, pinching the nipple roughly, holding her other hand in my other hand, I directed it towards her clit. I had increased the pace of my attack inside her as well.

she screamed, pulling my head into her cunt and humping me wildly as she squirted out an incredible orgasm, shaking wildly and screaming. I pulled away from her convulsing body "W-w-haat's-s th-that?" she asked, shaking. I grinned, my sister was so innocent, so naive, so needing to be fucked. I laid on top of her, she was still shaking.

"I'm going to fuck you, Kajal "Fuckkk yeahh," she sighed, kissing me wildly again. I positioned the head of my 7 inch long, 3 inch around, cock at her entrance, rubbing the outside of her pussy with it. She moaned wildly, hissing and humping me, begging me to put it in.

I pulled her into a deep make out session, our tongues licked each others wildly before I slammed my cock into her, all in one thrust. She pulled away from the kiss... "FUUUUUUAAAAAAAACK!" she screamed, pain and pleasure painting her face as she writhed, her legs shaking, her hands scratching my back and neck, grippping me violently.

I grinned at her, pulling out slowly and pushing all the way back in. The look on her face cannot be described. I started to thrust into her slowly but steadily. "Uhhhh yeahahhhhhh ohhhh god" she sighed, having never been filled. I grit my teeth, she was tighter than any vagina I could have ever imagined. It was amazing.

"Ohhh Kajal you're sooo fucking tight. I shouted at her as I increased my pace a lot, hitting a steady pace that left the room filled with shrieks and slaps of my balls against her ass. Her long nails were inflicting pretty deep wounds in my back, but to make her pay I increased my pace even more, almost getting to where I'd be fucking any other girl.

I had to grit my teeth though because she was far tighter than other women I'd been with. This pace was driving her crazy though. She shrieked over and over, out of control. I reached down, wrapping one of her legs around my waist. She brought the other one around, hooking her heels together and pulling me into her even harder.

she shrieked, I felt her pussy spamming wildly and her legs shook, convulsing, her heels came unhooked as she dug her nails deeper than ever into my back. I rolled over, letting her be on top for a while. She started to bounce wildly, shrieking and moaning, her face full of pleasure. She placed her hands back on my breast again, screaming as she rubbed them and rode me like crazy.

I was rubbing her breasts wildly and spanking her. She gave a start at the first spank before slapping me hard in the chest, leaving a red hand print and riding me cruelly. "OHHHHHHH Kajal !" I shouted. She loved that I was yelling back at her. I started to thrust up into her to meet her every bounce.

She was out of this world, her head thrown back, her words inaudible, her moans echoing off the walls. she shrieked over and over, throwing her head back and forth, bouncing on me like a pogo stick with every meeting of our thrusts causing both of us to moan. She reached down and started to rub her clit again while riding me wildly.

I thrust up into her like a madman as she shrieked, her whole body convulsing. She managed to lift herself off of my cock as she had another crazy squirting orgasm again, convulsing like wild her arms lost support and she fell onto my thighs, her wild cunt squirting all over me, her screaming. I was drenched.

I looked at her, she grinned, clearly getting more from this then she ever had expected. "Ohhhhhhhh wow..." she sighed, leaning her head back. I was in the zone now, I didn't care that Kajal was my sister anymore. I grabbed Kajal around the thighs and picked her up, standing her up, she bent over, her hands gripping my desk as I positioned myself at her entrance again.

She looked back at me, she was still charged up somehow. she screamed back at me as I started to enter her. I slammed into her as hard as I could, she bucked before starting to slam back into me. I was going as fast as I could right away this time. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her back even harder against my every thrust.

She had laid her head down on the desk, raising her ass and screaming as her legs started to shake wildly. I reached around and grabbed her clit between two fingers, rubbing it like crazy, jacking it off as if it were a tiny cock. This sent her over the edge. I felt another waterfall of fluids rush out of her, I pulled out to let them out and then slammed right back in.

She was out of this world, I cannot describe the noises she was making, but even with my window closed, I'm sure you could hear her outside the house. I rubbed her clit and filled her pussy for what seemed like hours. In reality it was only five minutes, but she was absolutely crying out with orgasms. I cannot remember how many times she came.

Finally, I felt myself getting close to going over the edge. I increased my pace even more, resembling a jackhammer as I unleashed all the power in my hips on her poor tight cunt. she screamed at the top of her lungs before having another huge climax, this one bringing her to her knees.

My cock popped out as she fell down, I quickly squeezed the top of the head to buy myself another minute. She looked up at me, grinning. I bent down and picked her up, throwing her back on the bed and spreading her legs. I told her to reach up with her hands and hold her feet so that her legs were sticking straight up in the air.

She was flexible enough and I slammed into her with lost abandon. As soon as I did, she knew why I had told her to do it, I was hitting her g-spot relentlessly she shrieked as I attacked her g-spot with wild thrusts. she shrieked, pushing her hips up against me as she continued to hold onto her feet for dear life,

her knuckles were going white because her whole body was convulsing so strongly that it made it hard to keep her grip. I grabbed her ass and pulled her as far down my shaft as I could as I slammed into her as fast and hard as any girl I'd ever been with. This was too crazy, I had come to my senses despite still thrusting like a madman and doing everything else in the world to her.

Suddenly, her legs clamped around my lower back, pulling me back into her as deep as possible while I was still thrusting. She was out of control, flailing her arms, hitting me, scratching me, licking me, but most importantly trapping me, I had stopped thrusting but it was too late, she was slamming her hips up,

rubbing her pussy up around my cock as she pulled me back in with her legs. I was struggling to get free but I knew it was too late, I was... already... ejaculating. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as the best climax I'd ever had shot into my sister's pussy. "YESSSS YESSSSSSSSS !

the feeling of my hot liquids blasting into her and sticking to her insides had set her off again, shaking, convulsing, holding me for dear life with arms and legs, just as we had started, shrieking and screaming. I couldn't help now that I was already cuming but start slamming into her again.

I grabbed her ass with both hands, slamming into her again with all my might, mercilessly pounding her tiny little pussy. She was looking at me with a look of absolute desperation as she was now just cumming like a faucet, she was having a massive chain of orgasms that had her writhing, flailing, screaming louder than ever. I couldn't believe how good this sex was.

I picked her up, carrying her around the room, fucking her like mad, furious at her for making me cum inside her. I slammed her against walls, set her on desks and destroyed her, threw her back on the bed and thrust madly until she was begging me to stop. I pulled out, my cock starting to go soft.

I had just blasted the biggest load of my life, had the best sex of my life, in and with my little sister. Who wasn't on birth control. She had made me do it. I looked over at this incredibly sexy thing laying next to me. She was passed out, she had done so during my last furious attack on her in my anger and rage.

I licked her whole body up and down, rubbing my cock against her and abusing her beautiful body for a while. She moaned through her semi-conscious state. I ate her out slowly for a little while to help soothe her aching pussy before laying down next to her.

Well, she was probably going to be pregnant, but we could worry about that in the future. At least for this week I was going to have the best fuck buddy of my life, and I was going to make her pay for what she did....Oh was I...

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Naked Daredevil Delhi Girl

On a warm summer night in Delhi. I had returned home from a long day at work. I took a cold shower to wash away the day's worries. Got out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around me and went into my bedroom to get dressed for bed. My standard sleeping garb in summers was a loose t-shirt (no bra) and shorts (no panties).

As I rummaged through the closet, I realized that I was out of all clean shirts and shorts. Work had been keeping me busy for a while, and the maid had taken a long leave, so my laundry was piled up in the hamper. For a moment, I contemplated sleeping in the nude. After all my roommate Anagha the air-hostess was working on the flight to New York that night, and wasn't home.

I had the apartment all to myself. But, as I would look back with irony later, at that moment I decided I didn't feel comfortable being naked, even in an empty apartment. Surely Anagha wouldn't mind if I borrowed her shorts and t-shirt. We were about the same size, although her boobs were slightly smaller than mine. And with both of us in our mid-20s, we wore similar stuff too.

I didn't feel it would be polite to rummage through her closet, so decided to check the clothesline in the balcony. Unlike me, Anagha had been washing her clothes regularly, so she might have something I could use out there. So with the towel wrapped around my body, I stepped out into the balcony. And just my luck. It was completely empty.

Anagha, ever the organized one, had probably put all her clothes away before leaving. I was about to turn around and go back inside when BANG.... a loud sound of a car misfiring down the street. It was past midnight and had been really quiet that night, so the sudden loud bang, which instantly sounds like a gunshot, gave me a start and almost made me jump out of my skin.

That jump made my towel knot come undone. And I watched, as if in slow motion, as the towel unraveled and started falling down. I was late in reacting to grab it, and before I knew it, it had gone below my reach. What's worse is, it fell towards my left, where below the balcony ledge is a grill with bars I now realize have too much space between them.

As I bent to grab the towel, I saw it slip through the gap in the bars, and down below. I instinctively stood up and leaned over the side of the balcony to see the towel float down and land on a ledge. That's when it struck me. I was standing in the balcony bare-ass naked. My ample 34C boobs and my pussy were on full display.

I froze for a few seconds, then gradually surveyed the surroundings to see if I had given someone an eyeful. There was no one in any balconies in my building. As it is, more than half the apartments in our newly built building were still unoccupied. There were no people on the road as far as I could see.

No cars either except for the one that had misfired and it was a fair distance down the street. And across the road was the unlit half-constructed building which had been abandoned after the builder had gone bankrupt. On either side of the abandoned building were just empty lots. Oh, and since this was a new neighborhood on the outskirts of Delhi, the streetlights had not been installed on all streets yet.

The street outside my balcony happened to be one of the dark ones with no lights. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized no one had seen me naked. That's when I heard the pounding.... of my heart, which was racing. And my mind finally rebooted and said to me "Umm... excuse me...Teju..... time to go inside?" I ran inside, bolted the balcony door shut and collapsed on the couch in relief.

My heart was still racing and my face was flushed. And the rush felt good. I was relieved that no one had been around to see me naked. And even if someone had been around, let's face it, the odds were against anyone having seen me. I was up in an unlit balcony on the 6th floor of a building.

And as long as the incident had seemed to stretch out, the time between the towel unraveling and my running inside had been no more than ten seconds. After my breath and heartbeat returned to normal speed, I went to my bedroom. Decided, well there was really nothing wrong with sleeping in the nude with a robe by the bedside.

Got my satin robe out of the closet, kept it on the nightstand, closed the door of my bedroom, and went to sleep. Well, tried to sleep. For some reason, my mind kept replaying on a loop, the nakedness incident. And I fondly remembered the rush I had felt. Tried to put it out of my mind and resolutely go to sleep. But after about twenty minutes of tossing and turning I sat up.

"I know what I need. I just need to wear something, go out into the balcony and stand there for a few minutes under normal circumstances. That will take the aura off the whole incident." I thought to myself. I got up and put the robe on. Tied its sash very tightly to make sure it didn't meet the fate of the towel, in case some other car misfired.

Walked out into the balcony and stood there. See, I said to myself, everything is fine. Everything is normal. There is nothing special about being here. I paced around the balcony for a little bit. Looked around some more. Yup, the whole world outside my window was definitely sound asleep. Hmm, that's that then. I should go inside. I should go inside.

Hello? Am I listening to myself? I should go inside. But for some reason I lingered in the balcony. As my mind contemplated the unthinkable, my heart started racing again and my breath got heavy. That rush was coming back. Should I do it? A strongly weakening part of me was saying, don't be crazy. It's stupid. It's risky.

And most importantly, it's a dangerous slippery slope. The heavily dominant part was saying - when was the last time you felt such a rush? It's no big deal. Don't be a wuss. There's no one around, so it isn't really a risk. After a few seconds, my hand went towards the sash. Fumbling due to the nervousness, and maybe because of the extra-tight way in which I had tied it,

it took longer than usual to untie it. Finally, it was undone. The sides of my robe gently fell away from the front. Half of each breast was on display, as was all of my trimmed pussy. A few second passed like that, as I scanned the surroundings once more. No one around. No cars. Now was the big step.

In one rapid motion I took the robe off and held it in my right hand by my side. I clutched on to it hard, making sure it didn't slip down the balcony like the towel did. Gingerly walked around the balcony. This time I noticed a lot more than I had during the last incident. I noticed how my nipples were hard as stones. I noticed my pussy was slowly but surely moistening.

There was no breeze, but I could somehow feel the outside air all over my body. And I noticed how I got goosebumps. I turned around and bent over, displaying my ass to the sleeping world. It felt good! And then I heard the sound of a car's engine in the distance. Instinctively, I ran inside and shut the balcony door. The heart was pounding faster than ever.

Almost as if on auto-pilot I crashed on the couch and started fingering myself. I closed my eyes and replayed my naked moments in my head. Thought about the risk of being seen by someone. Thought about how it had felt to be out there naked. And within a minute, I was having a strong orgasm.... stronger than I usually did while masturbating.

I lay there for a few minutes, spent, as my heartbeat came back to normal. And I didn't realize when I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up with a start some time later. Couldn't remember what woke me up, but I thought it must have been some dream. I sat up on the couch in the darkness. The incidents on the balcony came back to me in a flash.

Had they really happened? Or was all that a dream, I wondered. I noticed I was still naked. The robe was on the couch next to me. So I had really done it. What was wrong with me? I had a good job, a good life, and although I wasn't dating anyone currently, a fairly active and satisfying sex life.

What's making me take these risks for an orgasm, I asked myself, when all I have to do is go out with one of the many good looking guys at work or at the gym who are clearly interested in me. I had never in the past wanted to flash myself or expose myself to anyone. I had never been an exhibitionist and never craved the audience. Why did I take the risk then?

That's when it hit me. The epiphany. It wasn't just about getting off. And it wasn't at all about exposing my naked body to an audience. I didn't want that. In fact I wanted to avoid that. It was about the risk of being seen and the rush arising from it, especially from not wanting to be seen.

Just like bungee jumping or sky diving isn't about hitting the ground at tremendous speed, but precisely about getting the rush from the risk of hitting the ground. And I had been a regular bungee jumper and a skydiver. And I would regularly go whitewater rafting, rock-climbing and mountain-biking on the weekends. This was like an adventure sport.

That epiphany was so exhilarating that I started laughing like a crazy person. The self-doubt, the mild self-loathing, and the feeling of "what's wrong with me?" was gone. And I was filled with excitement and a sense of possibility. I got up and peered at the clock. It was a little before 3 a.m. Perfect timing. I walked towards the balcony door again.

Thought about taking the robe with me, but decided against it. It was time to step it up a notch. I had started breathing heavily already, I realized as I noticed my heaving boobs. Opened the balcony door, and stepped out. The familiar silence greeted me. This time I was a lot more relaxed.

As I looked around at other unlit balconies in the distant wings of the building, I realized something. I could not see anything in them at all. Which meant that in turn, no one from the distant balconies could really see me. And I could see that the balconies close by were empty. More than half the apartments in the building were locked anyway.

The street, as I mentioned had no streetlights on it yet, so it was quite dark with no moon out. It was also very unlikely that someone in a passing car would be able to see me 6 floors up, and even if they could, pick me out from dozens of balconies. So I had been silly running inside at the sound of the car. This time I resolved to stay out there for longer.

I stood there with my elbows on the balcony ledge. Also started squeezing and fondling my own boobs. Ran my hand over my ass and through the ass crack. Felt really naughty. After about five minutes, an engine noise. Ah, let it come. In fact, I decided to go one better. I hitched myself up and sat on the balcony ledge, with my legs dangling inside.

So not just my big boobs, but even my round bubble-shaped ass was on display. The headlights approached. It turned out to be a bus. Passed by. No honks or anything. I had been worried over nothing. This felt good. I got off the ledge and lay down on the balcony floor. Started masturbating. Got myself off in a couple of minutes.

That's when I heard some faint voices in the distance. Still lying on the floor, I peered through the bars. Two men were walking up the street some 200 yards away, talking with each other. As they started approaching, I thought hard about what to do. A passing car might not notice me, but no matter how dark it was and regardless of the fact that I was six floors high, men below my balcony might.

Or they might not. Even if they do, can they see that I am naked? Can they see my face? What the hell, I suddenly decided. This is what taking risks is all about. This is a calculated risk, and even if it goes wrong, well, let's see what happens. So I gently pulled myself up from the floor. Stood sideways, keeping an eye on the men as they approached.

Their voices got louder, although not loud enough for me to understand what they were saying. I stood very still as they got closer. When they were just 25 yards away, my heart started racing. Had I made a huge mistake? Was this it? As the men got closer, they suddenly went silent, much to my shock. Had they noticed me? I turned around to see.

They weren't looking up in my direction, as far as I could tell. As they were right under the balcony, one of them looked up. The street was dark, so I could not see his face, but I could make out from the turn of the head that he had looked up. I froze. My heart was beating so rapidly, I feared the men could hear it. But they kept walking.

The guy seemed to turn the head in the other direction to look up. Phew! It was just a coincidence he had looked up. What an amazing rush that was. I had stood naked in my balcony as two men passed by under it. Granted, it was relatively low-risk, given the surroundings, but still, I felt a certain high.

Just a few hours back, I had felt uncomfortable sleeping naked in my own bedroom in an empty apartment. How things can change in one night. As I stood there, my appetite for this type of risk was whetted even more. I started thinking the unthinkable. The balcony had been "conquered" so to say. There were other parts of the building to go after.

It was now close to 3:30 a.m. Everybody would be asleep. I decided to try some other things. And a small but elaborate plan formed in my head, which I decided to execute. A few minutes later, I was wearing the robe and slowly opening the front door. I peeked outside. There were three other apartments on my floor, one adjacent to mine, and two opposite mine.

The doors looked closed. Everything was silent. With the robe on, I flipped the lock of my open door, ensuring it did not shut, and stepped outside. I had the key to the door in a pocket of the robe. I looked at the elevator for a while, but then decided that stairs were the more cautious option.

I started walking down the stairs, taking very soft steps, so that no one inside their apartments, even if they were awake, would be able to hear someone walking outside. Walking very gingerly, I descended the stairs. It would normally have taken me just a minute or so to walk down to the first floor.

But since I was going slow, looking around, observing and noting the surroundings, it took longer. After all, I had stepped out of the safe comfort zone of my apartment and was taking a much bigger risk. I finally reached the ground floor, walking down past all the silent closed doors of the apartments. Before narrating any further, I should probably describe the building some more.

It has eight floors with the ground floor being a stilted parking floor. The building has 6 such "wings", each wing with a staircase and elevator of its own containing four apartments on each floor. The six wings form somewhat of a hexagon, with adjacent wings joined to each other by thick concrete, with a gap at the floor level for cars to come from the outside of the hexagon to the inside.

In the center of the hexagon is more space for parking cars. The wing I live in, Wing 4, is towards the back. The "front wing" which is opposite the main entrance of the building is directly across the center parking space. The main entrance opens on a street that runs parallel to the one outside my balcony.

On the other side of the front wing is the main entrance with a small kiosk for watchmen. Currently, as far as I knew, there was just one watchmen working at night, who would sit in the kiosk. He is the only one who would have any business being awake at this hour, but he was on the other side of the wing, so I was invisible to him, as he was to me.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor, I looked around. There were cars and two-wheelers parked all around. I walked a bit further and came to the hexagonal drive-way adjacent to the building and looked around. As I looked up, I could see the stars in the sky. The other five wings of the building all looked dark. The parking lot in the center was full of cars.

And as I looked around at the ground levels of the other buildings, they were all deserted too. However, there were lights everywhere. This was a brightly lit area, even if deserted. I spent a few minutes examining each of the dozens of dark windows and balconies overlooking me carefully. No one in them. No one awake.

I gradually took off my robe, and got naked, holding the robe in my right hand. There I was, stark naked, my pussy, butt and boobs on display at the bottom of my building. I first walked back to the staircase of my wing. Sat naked on the bottom stair. Walked up, onto the driveway and stood at the center of it, looking around to see if anyone was watching me. No one was.

With my heart pumping, I started walking on the driveway along the hexagon. I came to wing 3. Then walked some more and came to wing 2 and turned around. Walked back to my wing, across is to wing 5 and stopped at wing 6. I avoided Wing 1, because there were some angles from that wing that would make me visible to the watchman.

As long as I stayed confined to wings 2 through 6, I was invisible to him. Wow, I had been wandering naked under my building for close to 10 minutes now, I thought. It turned me on so much, that I just had to masturbate again. I walked to the staircase of wing 6, sat there and started working on my clit furiously.

This time it took me less than a minute to orgasm, which I went through silently with a phenomenal effort. After the orgasm, I put my robe back on, and walked back to my wing. The final portion of my plan, the elaborate one, was still left. All this naked wandering had been just like training.

Now that I was comfortable in the well-lit inside portion of the building, the dark outside portion should be easy. I walked past the staircase and parked cars to the back of the wing. The back portion had a driveway too, beyond which were some plants and shrubs, beyond which was the compound wall. I walked past the back driveway, and just out of curiosity, looked up at my balcony.

It looked very dark, and nothing was clearly visible. All the other balconies were dark and empty too. With my robe still on, I started walking along the driveway until I was at the back of wing 2. I now came back to the walls of wing 2 and started creeping along them. I crossed over to the side portion of wing 1.

Once there, I poked my head around the corner. From here, the watchman's kiosk was visible, about 100 feet away. I squinted my eyes and could make out that he was sitting in the kiosk facing the front street. Next to the kiosk was a sleeping dog. The watchman's pet mutt. OK, I thought to myself, this is the dividing line between risky and foolish.

If I walked past this wall, I would be visible to the watchman. So this is the point where it happens. I took a couple of steps back. Looked around and confirmed that all balconies and windows were dark. Then took the key to my door out of the pocket of my robe. I stared at the key for a few seconds, surprised at what I was contemplating.

Finally, with a burst of resolve, I put the key on the ground next to the wall, and started walking back. I walked rapidly back to my wing and up the stairs, in anticipation of the adventure I was about to embark on. Reached the door of my apartment. Took my robe off and threw it inside the door, leaving me completely naked. And then the crucial part.

It took me a couple of minutes to build up the courage to actually do it. Finally, I reached for the latch behind the door, turned the knob and with a small slam, shut the door. Even though I had planned and thought about this, the actual reality of the situation hit me at once. I had voluntarily locked myself out of the apartment naked.

Walking around naked with a robe in my hand was risky by itself, but it still gave me an instant exit plan. If someone had suddenly come out of a door or into a balcony and seen me, I could put the robe back on at once and minimize the shame. Not having the safety of the robe in the hand was the real risky thing.

Now the only way out of this situation was to walk all the way to the side of wing 1 and get the keys to let myself in. And that would require me to walk down the stairs naked, go to the back, walk to the key, pick it up, and walk back, completely naked. If, for some reason, someone suddenly saw me, there was not much I could do but leave myself at their mercy.

This was by far the riskiest thing I had ever done. If a skydive went wrong, it would kill me instantly and end the suffering. But if this went wrong... the repercussions were vast and varied. Well, the die was cast, I said to myself. No way out but to go through with this. This time as I walked down the stairs, without the buffer of the robe in my hand, I went even slower.

At every turn of the staircase, I'd stay back, look around for a minute or so to ensure no one was around, and then walk down. At the bottom of the staircase, I stayed for a couple of minutes, made sure the coast was clear, and then scurried to the back of the wing. The darkness at the back gave me some confidence.

My pace picked up a bit as I walked along the walls to wing 3, then wing 2, until I was just a few feet away from where my key was. As the destination came into sight I just sprinted. In a jiffy, I was at the spot, and had bent down to pick up the key when, Hrrrrfffff... Not exactly a bark. It seemed more like a polite clearing of the throat.

I looked up and saw the watchman's dog turn around the corner and stand there in front of me. A wave of panic swept through me as I froze motionless in the bent down position, with my hand inches from the key. The dog and I were staring at each others' eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally I picked up the key and stood straight. The dog was still standing there, looking at me. Was his master close behind him, I thought with terror. I took a few steps to the edge of the wall and slowly peeked over. Phew! The watchman still seemed to be sitting in his kiosk. Was he sleeping, I wondered. He should not be sleeping. His job is to be the night watchman, I said to myself.

He isn't paid to sleep at night. What if some thieves sneak past while he is sleeping? You stupid cow!!! a voice in my head screamed. Is this really the time to ruminate over the watchman's professionalism? When stranded here buck naked, isn't it more important to think about tackling this curious incident of the dog in the night time?

I turned my gaze back to the dog. He was no longer staring at me. Just walking around, sniffing stuff on the ground, doing, you know, dog stuff. I guess he had labeled my appearance as an unremarkable occurrence, I thought in relief and started walking back. As I started walking, he took notice and started following me too, from a polite distance of a couple of feet.

After I reached wing 3, I stopped. He stopped too and resumed staring at me. Now as it happens, this dog and I were no strangers. I love dogs, and can not help but play a little with any dog that crosses my path. In the past, when coming back from work or from dinner at night, when someone would drop me off at the gate, this dog was often around.

I would pet him, rub his coat, have him lick my palms, as I made small talk with the watchman. I knew the dog's name was Moti. And Moti might not know me as Teju, but knew my scent well for sure. But, as I noted to myself, those encounters with the dog had me fully clothed. Now I was wearing as much fabric as he was. How did a dog look at this situation, I wondered.

Does a dog notice the difference between a person clothed and naked? Or was I the same woman to him naked as I was clothed? He wasn't barking, and appeared very calm. So I guess he didn't notice the difference. I started walking again, and he started following me, this time his tail wagging rapidly.

"Moti...shoo... go away. Go back. Moti.." I whispered, and tried to convince him to turn around and go back. But he wouldn't. That's when it struck me. Based on our previous interactions, it was Moti's understanding that the norm when we met was for me to pet him, rub him and make some fuss over him. He was expecting me to do that again.

Maybe if I played with him a little, he'd go away. Oh, what the hell, I thought to myself and patted him on the head and then rubbed the coat of his back. "Aww Moti... whose the good boy? You're the good boy. You're the shweetie pie... awww.." I whispered, not wanting to make too much noise. His tail started wagging even more.

I got down on my knees and scratched and petted him some more. He too, as per habit, started licking my palm, and the key in it. I bent down slightly to rub playfully behind his ears, and nuzzle his coat. Which turned out not to be a great thing to do while naked. My C-cup breasts swung forward over my palm and right in front of his face.

Moti moved his tongue from my palm to my breasts and started licking my nipples and aereolas. And my instant reflex was a rather stupid one. I should have realized Moti was just a dog and meant no harm. But when you have grown up as the big-boobed girl in school and college, have had several guys on not just dates, but even in bars, clubs,

swimming pools and buses trying to cop a feel, you develop a reflex to fight back. "MOTI! YOU IDIOT!!" I yelled and slapped the poor dog on his face. Moti, shocked by the slap withdrew, stepped away from me and started barking loudly. I realized how stupid I had been, and tried to go close to him and said "Oh Moti, I am so sorry...please..", but his barking continued.

And then shortly.. CLICK.......CLICK.... I looked back in horror as two lights came on in windows in wing 3, one on the first floor and another on the third floor. And I did the only logical thing to do in this naked state. Turned and ran as fast as I could. Ran back to my wing, ran up the stairs, and in possibly record time, had unlocked my door, gone in and shut it behind me.

I felt as if I could pass out with horror any minute.I sank on the floor, and after my mind returned to normalcy, thought about it. I had run into the ground floor of my wing within seconds of the lights coming on. It was unlikely that anyone had seen me. That had been a close shave.

Stupid stupid stupid, I said to myself. Stupid for stopping to play with the dog when naked. And stupid to slap him and yell at him. After the self-berating ended, it sunk in. There had been some hiccups towards the end, but I had done it. I had wilfully locked myself out naked, gotten the key and let myself in.

And frankly, the unexpected turn of events, in Moti appearing and the two lights coming on had added to the rush. This was great. For the final time that night I brought myself off. Walked into the balcony naked one last time, in a "one for the road" spirit. Shook my head in amazement and happiness at what I had discovered about myself tonight.

And decided to call it a night. As I turned around to go back in, I noticed again the abandoned half-constructed building across the street. Hmm... that offers possibilities for the future, I thought to myself, as I went to bed.

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I remember it like it was yesterday, but it happened over ten years ago. It was fairly late, probably getting close to midnight on a hot summer night. Everyone was in bed except me. I just didn't feel tired, so I decided to go for a walk along the lake. I ended up down where the public boat access is.

The moon and stars shining on the lake were so pretty that I sat down on the ground and leaned back against a tree to enjoy the view. It wasn't but a few minutes later when my peace and quite were interrupted. A car drove up and parked right alongside the tree I was leaning against. I should have stood up at this point.

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Well push comes to shove, and the next thing the car starts to rock and the two of them are going at it hot and heavy. At this point I figured that everyone would be embarrassed if I got up and started to walk away, so I stayed until the bitter end. The end came a lot quicker than I thought it would, but my guess at the time was that they were a fairly young couple.

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She squatted down and leaned against the other side of the same tree that I was leaning against. The interior light from the car was shining out on her, and I was looking from behind her right up between her legs. I saw her pubic hair wet and matted against her vulva.

A couple of seconds later a little dribble of pee starts, and was quickly followed by a strong steady stream of yellow piss. I can't tell you what it was that I was thinking about, but I had a paper handkerchief in my shirt pocket. When her stream turned to a dribble and stopped, I reached up through her legs and held it out. "Hear you go Sarah," I said.

"Thanks," she replied as she took it from my hand and wiped herself. I could still hear her screaming as I moved into the darkest part of the woods. All the way home I laughed. I was still laughing several days later when Sarah came over with three friends to play tennis on my backyard court.

Sarah was a sexy looking girl, and I could tell that she was going to grow up to be a beautiful woman. Over the next several years every time I would see her I would chuckle to myself and think about that crazy night. I was very tempted to say something when I kissed her in the reception line at her wedding.

Also, during the time I was dancing with her the night she was the maid of honour at her sisters wedding. During our dance she pushed her hard little tits against my chest, and when I slipped my hands over her ass she rubber her pussy against my thigh. She had more than a little to drink that night, but she was still able to get a rise out of me. This was just a couple of years ago.

It was just about ten years after that fateful night when I finally said something. She has a little baby that is almost a year old and she and the baby were home visiting her parents. I was just getting ready to leave after having coffee with her dad. She was changing her baby's diaper, and was squatting down next to her baby on the floor.

I took a paper napkin and reaching down between her legs handed it to her. "Here you go Sarah," I whispered in her ear. I left in a hurry, and laughed all the way home. About ten minutes later I'm sitting in the family room off my kitchen when my back door comes crashing open and Sarah storms into my house. She had left her baby with her mother.

"You sneaky bastard...for ten years I've wondered who that was, and all the time it was you! Why didn't you say something?" All the time she was shouting she was rushing towards me. "I'm sorry Sarah, I said as I stood and wrapped by big arms around her. "You've always been so pretty and nice, I didn't want you to get pissed at me."

I had to laugh out loud when I said the word pissed. "You're a bastard," she said, giggling. "You should have know how worried I was that everyone in town would find out about that night." She was trying to punch me in the chest, but I had both her arms pinned to her sides with my arms wrapped tightly around her.

Her milk filled breasts were pushed tight against my chest, and as she struggled, she started to leak warm milk. "You've always had this sexy body." I said, "I've always loved your perky little ass, and now that you have these big milk soaked jugs, I think you're better looking than ever."

Still holding her tight, I bent down and kissed her full on the lips. When she opened her mouth to accept my tongue I let my hands slip down over her ass and I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed her pubic bone up tight against my rock hard cock.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked as I sat back down with her on my lap. "I'll have to think about it," she said. "Keep doing what whatever it is you're doing, and I'll keep thinking about it." I did, but I'm pretty sure that she stopped thinking when we starting fucking.

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Rocky fucking Nina

I am Rocky, 18 years of age. I belong to the North Eastern Indian state of Manipur. My dad is an engineer in Oil and Natural Gas and my mom is a teacher in a Christian Mission School. I just completed my high school in a public school in the beautiful hill resort of Darjeeling. I have a sister, who after her graduation from college joined a private airline as a stewardess. She is 21.

We are a close-knit family and when I got back hole during vacations, we used to have lots of fun. Being from the North Eastern State, we have Mongoloid features. That gave me a perfect fair skin, muscular body. Though I had an average height, my regular soccer games kept me muscular and fit. I was all muscles and no fat. I also used to work out.

My dad is also a physically fit man, and so is my mom. Life in Imphal - the capital of Manipur is quite laid-back and relaxed. When I visited home, we used to have parties, dances and picnics and my family used to join with the neighbourhood and we used to have overnight parties. I was only allowed to drink beer, as my dad always said spirit is for the grown-ups.

So my dad, mom and sister Nina used to have their wines or even hard liquor, but I had to be content with beer. After my high school, I had applied for joining an engineering course in Calcutta. I was called for the interview. It was an afternoon flight. My sister was also flying in the same flight, and dad and mom dropped us in the airport.

It was a Friday and my interview was scheduled for Saturday. Even my sister was supposed to stay back in Calcutta and come back the next day in the same aircraft which would fly to couple of more destinations and get back to Imphal via Guwahati. We checked in, although my sister checked in through a different gate and went ahead of me into the aircraft.

I boarded a while later. The flight started off, and my sister with her other colleagues were demonstrating the safely measures. And then they served food as the flight started cruising. I got the full attention of all the cabin crews being my sister's brother and was feeling very proud of being her brother. The flight was uneventful and we landed in Calcutta and went to the hotel.

My sister was supposed to share the room with another friend of hers. But her friend was kind enough to say that she would share it with someone else, and left us alone in the room. My sister went into the bathroom to change from her airlines uniform. She came back from the washroom after a few minutes in a pair of loose white long pants tied with a string and a printed sleeveless top.

She had taken off her formal skirt stockings and blouse. She came and jumped onto the bed. Let me describe you my sister here. She is petite. Just average height at five feet two or three inches. Very slim. Her breasts are small, but firm and a shapely buttock - which was also not very big. She had a wide than usual mouth.

Her hair is brownish black and straight falling below her shoulders. Her nose is not as flat as others, it was small, but perky and sharp. She switched on the TV and placed some pillows below her back so that she was lying with her upper body up, leaning against the pillows stacked one above another. She was surfing the channels when the phone rang.

She picked up the phone. She was silent listening to whatever she was hearing from the other end, and then she uttered, "Ok sir, I shall see you soon; but I have to be back for dinner." "I have to go for a meeting of the cabin crews," she told me. She opened her strolley bag and took out a pair of her clothes and went to the washroom again to change.

This time, when she came out, she was in a nice skirt and a off-white top. The skirt was quite small, considering what she wears in the aircraft, and had a slit in the back between her legs. The slit rode up almost to her ass, but with one flap above another, it did not reveal anything. "I shall be fine, you carry on" I told her and I went to the washroom to change myself.

I got into a pair of Bermudas and a t-shirt and came out. She was gone by then. I started surfing through the channels, and all of a sudden saw topless girls marching on the TV in skimpy panties and high-heeled shoes, or girls dressed in transparent gowns or tops parading. It was fashion TV showing a program on Victoria's Secrets and other lingerie.

My eyes glued to that, and I was watching the sexy girls parading one after another. As a teenager with high levels of hormone, I got hard immediately, and pushed my Bermudas down and took out my cock. My long cock sprang out of my Bermudas and I went on jerking it imagining myself with those beautiful and sexy models.

Soon after the lingerie show, there was the Rio carnival, where absolutely topless models in groups were parading on the street, and there were some with body paints all over their body making lewd gestures. The Rio show was breathtaking, as girls in skimpy thongs were dancing in public and scores of people surrounding them were enjoying the show.

I rushed to the bath room and picked up a small towel and started jerking myself to the beautiful sight on the TV. When a girl was displaying her sexy ass, with the camera focusing on it exposing her huge butts clad in a thong which made itself invisible between her butt cheeks, I came. My cock spurted out hot cream and as it started to spurt I put the towel over my cock.

In a few moments I was relieved of the sexual tension. I wiped my cock dry and kept the towel where it was folding it exactly the way it was folded when I took it. I changed the channel and was pretending to watch discovery when there was a knock. I opened the door and it was my sister. She came in and sat down on the huge cushioned sofa. She looked tired and famished.

Almost run down, not her bubbly cherubic self. Her skirt looked crumpled, and so was her top. Her lipstick and makeup was gone. I was wondering to myself what sort of meeting was it!!! Realizing she was tired, I asked her, "Do we ask for room service or go down to the restaurant for dinner?"

"I think I shall prefer room service", she replied appreciating my suggestion, "I need a drink, and I can drink now, as my flight is scheduled more than twelve hours later." "Can I have a drink as well?" I asked her in a pleading tone. She thought for a while and replied, "Well, may be one or two drinks, but do not tell any one I let you drink!!"

We asked for steak, French fries and gin with tonic. The room service was quick. It came in soon. Before I could finish one drink, my sister had already polished two. And by the time I had two, she had four large pegs of gin. We ate as we talked about our plans for the next day. "My flight is at noon tomorrow." She said, "And I can sleep late tonight."

Her voice was slurred and drunk. I replied in the same tone, "My interview is at two o'clock - afternoon and I too can sleep late. "No my dear brother, you have to check out when I check out, she corrected me, "and attend your interview and take back this flight in the evening. This flight will go to Delhi and comeback to leave for Imphal in the evening." "Yes, I remember it." I said.

I noticed her face flushing red after the drinks she took, and her voice was kind of slurred. Her talk was getting incoherent. When she bent down to keep the glass or pick up something, I could see the upper portion of her breasts through the wide neck of her top. I know I should not look at her like that, but the image of those models I saw sometime back on TV flashed in my mind.

While playing with the remote, she switched on to AXN, which was now showing Hot and Wild show. She paused there for a moment and it was showing some place in Las Vegas. Brooke Burke was the anchor, who herself was in a tight golden skirt, that clung to her lower half, showing her pantylines, and a top tied in the front below her breast.

The top was almost like a bikini top which revealed her shapely breasts. But that was bothing in comparison to what came next. It showed exotic dancers dancing topless all clad in electric pink thongs only. And then there were interviews with them, and the hot and wild show was driving me hot. And to top it all, my sister was watching it quite intently.

When they showed a dance club, and a lady dancing with a pole, rubbing her pussy on it clad in a black leather thong and nothing else, she asked, "Do they really have such shows there?" "I think so, otherwise, how would they show these." I replied. "I mean in public, can people just flaunt themselves almost nude?

It is ok if it is a dance bar - but look at those people, the audience who are also stripping and dancing." She pointed her finger at the TV and showed it to me. "Please change the channel," I told her as I knew it was turning me on and I did not have any underwear, and my hard-on was obvious. "Why, don't you like to see girls?

You are eighteen now, and have become a man;" she was talking in a slurred voice. "Every guys likes watching it I know!!" "But not with his sister," I replied quite sternly. "Ok..." and she changed over to some music channel. "What meeting did you have in the evening?" I asked her.

She sounded a bit nervous, but the booze had its effect when she blurted out, "No meeting man, the captain called me to his room." She went to the washroom and came back. Water had splashed on her top making it quite transparent as the shirt clung to her bra and the flesh of her breast which was uncovered by the bra.

She did not get bothered about it, and came and sat down where she was sitting - facing me. "It is what we call 'meeting the captain after flights' - I went to meet him in his room with another crew. She replied. "But why were clothes crumpled and make-up gone and hair disheveled when you came back," I asked her not very innocently.

"My dear brother, when an airhostess goes to a captain, it is only to please him..." She said nonchalantly. "Please him??" I repeated questioningly. "Yes, please him. And I hope you are old enough to know how a man is pleased... " she paused for a while, "you have to have sex with him and please him...

and for your information, every airhostess sleeps with the captain, and there are times, when even the male crews and the female crews gang up in the captains room for fun." "Fun...? Of what kind..." my voice trailed off. "What do you expect when there are young boys and girls - all adults having fun?" she questioned me in turn. "You mean you all have sex in a group?" I asked surprised.

"Yes, we have what one calls orgies..." she said in a proud voice. But I was sure, it was her inebriated state which made her talk uninhibitedly and she was blabbering like that. Imagining my own sister taking part in sex, I was getting excited. I was ogling at her firm conical tits which were quite visible through the wet top and her lovely smooth legs and thighs which were taut and muscular.

"What did you do now, same thing?" I asked to get some more details of her adventures. "Yes Rocky, I gave him head - that means I sucked him, I mean I sucked his prick and made him come in my mouth. And then there was the usual orgy with others, but as you were here, I had to excuse myself.

Actually, this particular pilot likes to have sex with me specifically as according to him I have the tightest pussy - but unfortunately, I had to leave without letting him put his prick inside my cunt." My sister was talking dirty now, and I think with every passing minute, she was getting more and more unstable and uninhibited.

My cock was about to burst hearing her escapades. I knew most airhostesses have a promiscuous life, but realizing my own elder sister leading similar life turned me on. She was always friendly with me, and talked nicely, but never did we discuss matters relating to sex. And her blatant expressions of her sexual experiences were making me horny.

I looked at her, she opened her bag and brought out a cigarette and lit it. She inhaled it deeply. As she inhaled, her cheeks went in, as I was imagining her cheeks must be looking like that when she sucks cock. "Do you have any boyfriend?" I just asked him out of context. "Yes my dear brother, I have a boyfriend, he is also a cabin crew in my airlines.

But he has gone on a different flight." She replied. "Is he aware of all these you do?" I asked "Of course, and let me tell you something, we have been in orgies together many times, when we fly together and have night halts. And we have a very open relationship. He also understands I have my needs and when I am without him,

I have every right to get my quota of sex, and do not stay deprived. And he also does not miss any opportunity when he gets a pussy." My sister was trying to convince me about her sexual relations. Nina got up and stretched her arms, and as she did so, her breasts jutted out - she bent back and sideways to stretch herself, but suddenly while doing so she fell down.

I outstretched my hand to hold her. But I could not prevent her from falling. She fell right on my lap, her face slamming on my lap, her mouth banging against my hard cock, which was dangling inside my loose Bermudas. I shrieked as involuntarily she bit my cock. It was incredible, and I went out of my senses. I just could not imagine what was happening.

I even did not know what is going on with me. I did not have to pinch myself as something sharp was already pinching me in my most private part to make sure it was not a dream. My sister's mouth was open and my cock while still inside the Bermudas I wore, were partly in her mouth and she was gently biting on it with her teeth. And she was moving her head to and fro slowly.

It was a point of no return for me. My mind was under turmoil. There was my moral value at one hand, and the built-up sexual tension. One part of me was telling me to stop all these. But my cock was fully erect, as for the first time, a feminine entity touched it. I was convincing myself - what is wrong if she does to me what she does to others?

But the other me was telling me - do not forget, she is your own blood, your own elder sister. All this turmoil ended when my sister's hand went inside my Bermudas through the loose legs and took possession of my cock. "You must be a virgin," she said more as a statement than as a question. "Yes..." I whispered. "But you will not be a virgin after tonight..."

She said as she took my prick in her mouth. She first took the bulbous head, which was red, and slipped the foreskin back. She licked it from the base to the tip with her tongue. Her dainty lips pursed as she planted a kiss on its head. Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. My mind had shut off. Now there was no coming back.

There was no more contradictions in my mind. I knew it is going to happen. And I wanted it. I wanted it badly and desperately now. My cock was engorged to its maximum size by now. Without uttering a word, I reached for her breasts. Her boobs were not as small as they seemed. They were firm and tight. I reached under her top and started caressing a breast over her bra.

She lifted her mouth form my cock. "You got a good one... " she said referring to my cock. "Let us go to the bed. I was left high and horny after giving head to the pilot, and I was soaking wet. I did not want to come back, and when I had to return I was actually cursing your presence. But now, I realize, I am back with a cock which is fresh, unused and untouched."

I guided her to the bed, and as I went I took off my Bermudas and T-shirt and my cock was standing erect perpendicularly to my body. My balls were tight. She caught me by my cock and fondled my balls. "It is so beautiful, your balls are so shapely and so fair, I feel like chewing them, swallow them..." she slurred.

"You got a firm ass, it is so muscular and shapely..." she said as she caressed my ass. I tried to lift her top off. She smiled and took it off herself. She opened the buttons of her skirt and it dropped by itself. My sister was looking like a goddess. She did not have bib boobs or a large ass which attract me normally. But she had a very proportionate body.

Her boobs were absolutely firm and were large enough to fill her bra. They gave suggestions of spilling out of it. She had a padded bra. The dark shining purple colored bra made a contrast against her spotless fair glowing skin. Her matching panties were quite small, and started where her pussy lips started, and the satin panty covered her ass, but being quite small, left a lot of her ass uncovered.

She held my cock and dragged me to the bed laughing. "I am catching the bull by the horn," she commented. "I shall teach you how to enjoy sex and how to give pleasure. But listen to me carefully and obey whatever I say." "Ok Nina, I will do whatever you say. You know I never touched a girl." I said obediently.

"Do not worry, you are in good and experienced hands, you will learn quickly and well if you obey your teacher..." My sister said as she pushed me down to the bed. "Now tell me, does a nude woman attract you more or a woman in sexy undergarments attracts you more?" She asked. "Hmmm... I think... Well, you keep wearing your undergarments..." I stammered.

She chuckled. "Now, when we start off, you may come very quickly. You will come - that means - your cock will ejaculate your sperms - very quickly. It is quite normal. That is because, you are very excited and you are inexperienced. A little touch or friction by female will make you come. It is natural. But then, slowly and slowly, you will be able to stay longer.

And more you have sex, more will be your stamina." She was talking to me like a high school teacher. "Why do people suck each other? Does it feel better than having intercourse?" I asked her. "You will find that out yourself my sweet brother," she said playing with my hard cock and kissing it once again. 'Yes, sucking or blow-job is preferred by most men.

And many of them come harder while being sucked than having vaginal sex. And when man and woman suck each other lying opposite to each other it is called sixty-nine." "I know that" I said as if I was answering to my teacher in kindergarten. "But what about anal sex? Do only the homosexual men do it or even a man can have anal sex with a woman?" I asked yet again.

"If done with care and love, even anal sex is quite a good experience for the woman. And many men find it exciting too. Actually most men I have met like anal sex and oral sex more than vaginal sex. But for a woman, having all her sex-holes filled is having complete sex. I prefer to have my man come in all the three orifices I have." She said while fondling my balls and cock.

"Do you mean having sex with three men at a time having all the three holes filled or the same man making love in all the three holes?" I asked. "Both ways. If I am alone with my boyfriend, I would let him fuck in all my holes, starting with my mouth, then my asshole and then my pussy. But it is group sex, well, you are lucky as all your three holes may be serviced at the same time."

She said as her hands traveled up to my upper body and caressed and tickled my nipples. "That is funny. I woman can have sex with three men at a time, but a man can have only with one woman - " I was telling myself. "Well my darling brother - it is not so. You can also have sex with multiple girls. You can suck one as you fuck one. Or finger some one else.

It all depends on the participants. Do not worry, I will let you experience everything about sex in due course." She said and bent down to take my cock in her mouth. "Why not we get into a sixty nine?" I asked as I wanted to feel her pussy. "Before that you have to learn how to lick a lady." She said. I got up. I pushed her down on the bed. She willingly lied down on the bed.

I took off her panty, and she lifted her butts to help me take them off. Her neatly shaved pussy was open now. I pushed my hand below her back and was fiddling with her bra hooks. She lifted her back and took it off herself freeing her boobs. I came down to her feel and from what all I learnt from the porno books - started kissing her from her toe up.

I kissed her feet, kissed her calves and kissed my way up slowly and reached her thigh. I did the same to both her legs and stopped just before I reached her pussy. When I reached near her pussy, she spread her legs wide, and lifted her legs folding her knees, thus exposing her pussy. I planted a kiss on her pussy first. And then like a dog, licked along the length of her pussy.

Her pussy was already dripping her juice and I started licking it. She opened her pussy lips and her pink entrance to heaven was open. I buried my face and pushed my tongue in. I pushed my tongue in and started licking all around her pussy canal. "There is my clit, on top of my pussy" she brought her hand and showed me. "Lick it and mildly chew it. IT will drive any woman wild.

Like a very obedient student, I obeyed what she said. I took her little knob and started licking, biting and sucking it. "That is it, you are doing great. Do not tell me you never touched a woman... you are doing perfect. Keep sucking, now, push your fingers in my pussy gently, and move them inside. Keep sucking... ooohh aa... hh hhh mmm... yee...ee...ssssss... that is it... Do it... Suck harder..."

And she went bananas as she started rocking herself, pushing her pussy to my face and I went on sucking her as hard as I could. I fingered her and licked her clit as I knew she was climaxing. Her breathing was getting heavier, and her breasts going up and down as she breathed hard. Her hips were jerking up, her legs were tight and her pussy muscles tensed up...

And then she collapsed for a brief moment. Soon, she got back from her stupor and said,"that was great, it was a wonderful blow-job. You are quite good at cunnilingus. I am sure with a little practice you can drive anyone out of her mind. Now, you are ready for a sixty nine... Come on top of me my lovely brother..." she said.

I went and positioned myself over her. She guided me to place my knees on each side of her shoulder, and as I brought my pelvis down, my cock was right there and she took it in her mouth. She widened her legs and I knew now what to do and I started licking her like before. This time, I concentrated on her clit.

She started sucking me, and this time hard - not like when she started. She took my balls in her hand and started squeezing them as she sucked my cock. Quite instinctively, I started pushing my cock into her mouth. "No, not now and not so hard... go slow..." she said taking off her mouth form my cock,"Be patient."

I waited for her to take my cock in her mouth again. And as she sucked me for w while, she herself started moving her head up and down. I reciprocated by moving my pelvis, and then I was fucking my sisters mouth. With her increasing pressure on my cock, I could not hold on for long. I also increased my suction on her clit.

With one hand I fingered her pussy and with the other, I started playing with her asshole. As I started poking my finger in her asshole, as three fingers were now busy fucking her pussy and my mouth was working on her clit, she started convulsing again. And I also started coming. I increased my tempo if sucking and fucking her mouth as I started coming in her sweet mouth.

I came and came and came. As I came she gave a firm squeeze to my balls making sure it emptied itself. She gave an animal-like grunt as her mouth was filled right up to her throat with my long cock. She also started jerking her pelvis up as I sucked her. I came... and I wanted to keep coming for ever as the pleasure was out of the world, and beyond description.

I never knew it can be so thrilling. And that too, it was the first time I came in a woman's body, that too my elder sister's mouth. I got up and lied by her side. She kissed me passionately on my lips, and soon we were French kissing, our tongues entwined with each other. My hands went to her firm boobs, and I caressed them. I got up and started kissing her all over.

From her forehead, to her armpits, and on her breasts and then worked on her nipples as I sucked on them alternatively. I licked her whole body from top to bottom now. She turned on her side and I went behind her to kiss her butts and pussy from the back as she folded her knees. I licked the crack of her ass and bit her butts.

Now, she lifted one leg wit the other one straight, thus exposing her pussy. My cock had gained its strength by then. I was trying to push it in her pussy but remained unsuccessful in gaining access. I was losing patience to enter the most forbidden taboo place as I was about to invade the pussy of my elder sister with my cock.

She turned again, and lied flat on her back spreading her legs. I knew what to do, and I knelt between her legs, I took one breast in my hand and the other in my hand, as she caught my cock and positioned it on the entrance to her womanhood. Like a man possessed, I gave a mighty thrust. I was there.

My heart was filled with joy unspoken and my mind had a sense of achievement that I am in bed with my beautiful sister having sex with her, or making love with her. Having a complete relationship - full of passion, love, understanding and affection. She responded by lifting her ass and meeting my thrust with her thrusts.

We soon after picked up a rhythm in unison and kept on fucking each others mind out. We went on like this, me, entering her and then coming out only to enter her again. It continued, and I wanted it to last for ever. I wanted this feeling to go with me to my grave. I wanted to feel like this always.

After a few minutes, I found her legs coming around my waist and pushing my butts forward so that my cock gets fully buried in her. "Harder and harder... go fast... keep fucking.. fuck hard and fast... fuck me... Fuck your sister Rocky... Fuck me... my pussy is all wet and inviting... It is ready to take your sperms... yes, do it... and do it... Fuck me... Harder and faster... still harder...

Still f...a...s..t..e...r... yes... yes... There I am... I am seeing the stars... Do it...fuck me as hard as you can... Push your cock deep... deeper... yes..." she went on blabbering like this. Her pussy was very tight, and fitted me like nothing before. It completely engulfed my cock, and was squeezing it as if it is some massaging instrument.

It started twitching and getting into spasms as I could feel her pussy tightening its grip on my cock. "I am com...i...ng..." she announced as she dug her fingernails into my back. I did not what came into my mind, but as soon as she said, I kissed her on her lips and then it was time for me to come. I emptied my balls yet again and kissed her mouth as we started sucking each other.

With every spurt that came out, I gave deep thrusts, and her pussy was tightening with each spurt of my hot semen ejaculated in her cunt. We lied down in each others arms. "That was great Nina" I said, "It was the best moment of my life and I shall be ever grateful to you. I never knew you are so good in fucking. You drove me to heaven and I wish we can do it again, whenever possible.

It was the greatest moment of my life.." I was fondling her breasts as I said so. "We will. We shall do it whenever we get a chance. And to be honest I also enjoyed making love to a virgin. I never made love to a virgin. My boy friend had screwed some one else before he took my cherry.

I am happy that in my life I got a virgin cock and know how it is..." she said as she was running her fingers in my hair. "And you taught me well in the process, and hope I can satisfy you better in future." I said. Se turned on her side, with her backside facing me. She was folding her knees protruding her ass, and my limp cock was resting in between her ass cheeks.

I was tenderly fondling her breasts. Suddenly she pressed her butts harder and my cock was rubbing against her butts. It was hard soon. I left caressing her breasts and went down to her butts. I started kissing her anus. I did not feel it dirty. I do not know what took me over, I started sucking her asshole... it is so nice...

The brown puckered hole was small, and the skin around her tight asshole was brown, and the hole was closed tight. I licked on it, sucked it and tingled it with my tongue. She started whimpering and yelling... ah... it is incredible... it feels so good, it is so fucking goooood... I pushed my tongue in... and she started rubbing her own clit.

Taking a cue from this, I started rubbing her clit as I sucked her asshole. Soon it was sloppy with my saliva and soaking wet. It was dripping of my saliva. Just give me a second. She got up nude, and walked to her bag. As she walked nude, I could see her nude ass swaying from side to side and then she bent protruding her ass, and giving me a fantastic view to fish out something from it.

She came back with a pink vibrator, which looked like as if made from jelly. It was transparent, and of the size and shape of a huge cock. She jumped back to the bed and slept in the same position as before. On her side, with one leg folded and the other straight, thus exposing her asshole to me.

I took the vibrator from her and saw it has lots of small nud like projections all around, and there was a switch and I curiously switched it on. The battery operated vibrator started vibrating vigorously and the forward half was even moving back and forth. "It is an imported vibrator. One captain presented me. " She continued, " it gives you a fantastic sensation when you push it into pussy.

The small bud like projections tickle every corner of ones vagina, and then as you switch on it starts moving forward and backward along with vibrations. It gives complete pleasure to pussy. I am in love with this, and I use it everyday before I sleep." She chuckled and then finished saying, "even at home I use it every day before I sleep..."

I reached for her pussy holding the vibrator. She caught my hand and took the vibrator to her mouth and licked it. It looked so erotic, seeing my elder sister sucking and licking a vibrator. She did it to lubricate it possibly. I then brought it to her pussy and pushed it in. It was thick and fat, and though her pussy is tight, its elasticity helped to engulf the vibrator.

The vibrator went in half way. I switched it on. She started undulating her ass as the vibrator made its own movements. I now positioned myself properly behind her aiming my prick at her bunghole. I did not hae any difficulty in locating her asshole. I positioned my cockhead and slowly eased myself in.

She lifted and folded one leg and with one hand helped me by spreading her ass cheeks. That eased it for me, and she was very experienced to relax her anal opening. Slow... yes, enter me... enter my ass.. enter my asshole,... slow... go slow... - as she uttered these, my cock was in the tightest asshole or the tightest passage and I started fucking her asshole from behind.

I was rubbing her clit and at times massaging her breast. My cock was now fully in her asshole, right to its base. My cock could feel the presence of the vibrator. I was imagining when she gets double fucked in her pussy and asshole, she must be having similar pleasure. Then she went berserk. She went crazy.

She started shouting, yelling and her ass started getting into convulsions. I started ramming my cock as fast and as hard as I could. Her experienced asshole was very receptive to my whole cock. My cock was deeply buried in her ass now. I started moving faster and I knew I will come soon. She also started throwing her head and arms. She was rotating her sexy hips.

I was fucking her pussy with the vibrator as my cock pounded her ass. The pleasure from my cock spread all over my body, and drowned me completely. It felt wonderful, as the feelings - both physical and emotional - filled me with love for my sister. "It is great. I love this. I wish there was someone else shoving his cock down my throat as well.

I feel so full, so much filled, two of my tight holes filled. Fuck me brother, fuck me hard... aa hhhh... Harder... Fuck with the vibrator... harder still harder. Push in your cock deep into my ass. Yes, keep doing... I am coming... I am coming... I am coming... hhh mmm aaa hhh ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmm..." with animal like grunts, she came.

I was high from the realization of the fact that my cock was in my sisters asshole. This was a feeling which excited me to no end. And as I started fucking her she also started cooperating by pushing her ass back. And soon later, I ejaculated one last time for that night. My cock got limp after ejaculating semen and popped out of her pussy.

"My darling brother is no more a virgin..." She said as she snuggled into my arms. I took out the vibrator from her pussy and saw it was dripping with her juice. I cleaned it with my tongue. We both slept in each others arms, peacefully and happily... The next morning, I woke up to a blow job and then fucked again.

She did not object, rather posed for few snaps on my mobile phone camera, which I said will keep me happy in her absence. She had to leave and I also went for my interview and I qualified.

Now, my sister comes to Calcutta frequently on her flights and whenever she is staying overnight, we join up for passionate love and sex. I still have not taken part in her orgies, and she says she will take me there sometimes in future.

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