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Fucking sexy Kerala resort receptionist

It was a Wednesday morning in September 2008. Our 30-strong contingent had just reached the resort booked for a 3 day conference. Almost all were tired, having woken up quite early that morning to board the flight to Cochin, followed by a 4 hour drive.

However, the sight of the magnificent resort - sprawled over several acres of land beside the Vembannad Lake in Kumarakkom, Kerala - rejuvenated most as we took in the lush green surroundings while waiting for the rooms to be allocated. The Regional Head of our company was certainly feeling generous as we were allocated individual cottages.

Receptionists lined up to give us a traditional welcome. The area was buzzing as the front-of-house staff involved themselves in a flurry of activities, not surprising when you consider that the conference would help them rake-in close to half a million rupees in revenue. Gazing across the open space, I was lost in thoughts when I heard her voice “Sir, welcome to XXXXX resort!”

I turned around to meet a dusky young woman with a dazzling smile. Attired in traditional costume - off-white, hand woven Kasavu saree with golden embroidery work and matching blouse - she was the picture of warmth and radiance. That was the very first time I set eyes on Daisy (name changed).

Daisy certainly wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous; neither did she possess the panache of city-bred girls her age. Nonetheless, there was something about her… a rustic sensuality that was missing in the women in ‘my part of the world’. She was of slim build with long curly hair. But her bosom was in sharp contrast to her body structure - ample in size,

I felt they jutted out in defiance of her bra which just wasn’t large enough to hold them. Her blouse was made of transparent white muslin, leaving her bra and saree to safeguard her modesty. Daisy’s dusky skin tone only accentuated the outline of her undergarment. Her most appealing features were her bee-stung lips and infectious smile.

Her khol-lined eyes reflected genuine warmth. In short, she was an alternative beauty. With so many thoughts running riot, all I could do was smile and utter an inaudible ‘thanks’ as she garlanded me and handed me a tender coconut to drink. My first day at the resort vanished in no time as I was busy preparing for a presentation due on Thursday.

It wasn’t until Thursday evening that I met Daisy again. It was well past 7pm by the time I stepped out of the hot shower. The day’s activities had left me tired. But it was too early to hit the sack and so, I decided to explore the property. As I walked past the reception, I saw my colleague Vikas blasting the staff at the front desk.

On getting closer, I heard Vikas yell, “Don’t understand why they employ people like you who are neither fluent in English nor smart enough to handle customer grievance! Go call your fucking manager, if there is one around, as I’m in no mood to talk to morons.” Daisy and a couple of other women stood frozen like deer caught in the headlights.

It was apparent that Vikas was high on spirits and so, I intervened to ensure things didn’t get out of hand. One reason (and God knows there are plenty) why I hate corporate events is that though most people guzzle alcohol as if it were their last day on earth, few can handle the after effect.

And Vikas was making a right nuisance of himself over an utterly trivial issue - he felt the Jumbo prawns served as accompaniment weren’t large enough! Having started my career in the hospitality industry, diffusing such situations was second nature to me. So, I walked him back to the party, which was in full swing on the lawns by the swimming pool,

assuring to get him another portion on the house. I duly returned to the reception and apologized profusely for my colleague’s ill-mannered rant. I could see tears welling up in Daisy’s eyes. Uncertain of how to take the conversation forward, I apologized once again and beat a hasty retreat.

The image of the women being humiliated by a high-on-spirits corporate arsehole stayed with me for the rest of the evening. I felt deeply for them. After all, in the past, I too had endured such degradation at the hands of guests with inflated egos. Friday being our last night at the resort, the management had organised a Kathakali (a traditional dance form of Kerala)

recital for us in the evening. I had little interest in it and so, walked straight to the mini-bar set by the poolside. The cool breeze from the Vembannad Lake, about 100 m from the area cordoned off for our cocktail party, and the dimly lit lawns all added to the ambience. Soon, the recital came to an end and the bar was besieged by my colleagues.

The cynosure of all eyes was a pretty young thing from Delhi wearing a short, backless Indian outfit which revealed more than it concealed. Like me, she had joined the company only 3 months back but was not short of attention that evening. With men outnumbering women 5 to 1, anything moving around in a skirt drew admiring glances in no time.

Surrounded mostly by strangers, I was feeling out-of-place. Rather than leching after the angels on display, I decided to take a stroll. It was a balmy night and the view across the lake was spectacular. Though I’d downed 5 glasses of vodka and coke, I picked up one more drink from the bar.

Within minutes, the loud music, cheers and laughter subsided and all I could hear was the gentle waves lap the shore. Feeling tipsy, I found myself a place to sit. I closed my eyes and within seconds, I felt relaxed as a strange calmness came over me. As I lay on the ground, the intoxication of alcohol spread across and I found myself drifting into a gentle slumber.

A gentle tap on my shoulder woke me up. I opened my eyes but could hardly make out anything in the darkness apart from the silhouette of a human body. “Sir, are you ok?” Within seconds, my eyes got accustomed to the darkness and I realised the figure kneeling beside me was Daisy. I nodded my head, only to clutch my forehead.

Obviously, I’d had one too many drinks and was feeling a tad nauseous at that moment. “Can you get up or should I call for help, sir?” I assured her that I was fine but wanted to drink some water to hydrate my body. She took off my blazer, folded it and gently rested my head on it. Then, she left for her staff quarters (which was nearby) to get me water.

I looked at my watch and strained my eyes to make out the time but couldn’t. So, I took out my mobile from my trouser pocket. It had gone well past midnight and there were 4 missed calls from my wife. In 5 minutes, Daisy returned with a bottle of water and fresh towels. I stood up to accept the bottle but felt dizzy.

Daisy insisted that I sit on the ground and she held the bottle next to my lips. I spent the next few minutes resting my head on her shoulder, sipping water every now and then. After sometime, I began feeling a lot better. I looked as Daisy, gave her a sheepish smile and apologized for being such a bother. I also thanked her for the water and towels.

She had none of it and insisted that she was merely doing her duty. We spent the next half an hour talking about our lives. Having moved to Chennai, I was finding it lonely as my wife was still in the process of getting transferred from Bangalore. Daisy, on the other hand, was the only one in her family with a steady monthly income and as a result, shouldered more than her share of responsibilities.

Her job added to her woes as they were made to work for over 14 hours each day. When I shared my experience in the hospitality industry, she listened eagerly. She found it hard to believe that I’d worked in the kitchen of a fast food joint as a post-graduate student in the UK. Eventually, the conversation turned to the incident in the reception area the previous night.

“No one has ever given me so much respect before. I’m used to being treated like dirt. In fact, we all are. Though there was no need for you to apologise, you did. And I’ll always remember you for that”, she said with tears trickling down her cheeks. I don’t know why, but I put my arm around her and embraced her. She was sobbing and I tried to calm her down.

The aroma of her oiled-hair and the jasmine flowers that adorned it, mixed with the smell of perspiration, was turning me on. I realised my hands were on her bare midriff and my grip had tightened. She was no longer sobbing but holding me in a tight embrace. I knew one step further would lead us to the point of no return.

The alcohol ensured that I was still in a daze, now willing to pay heed to my sexual desire. I blocked everything else out of my mind and decided to let the moment take control of us. I gently pulled her body apart from mine and made her lay on the ground. Her sensuous face was visible in the moonlight. I lowered my head and kissed her thick, bee-stung lips.

She parted her lips, perhaps an invitation to explore further. Before long, I was sucking her lips dry. I slithered my tongue into her mouth, held down both her hands with mine and slowly shifted my body on top of hers. By then, my penis had become rock hard, resulting in a bulge in my trousers. It pressed hard against her crotch.

I started planting kisses on her forehead, cheeks, lips, and carefully worked my way down. By the time I got to her neck, I could feel her writhing body under mine. The soft ‘Ummm..’s that escaped her lips was music to my ears and egged me on in my exploration of her body. I stopped with her neck, steadied myself and parted her saree from the top half of her body.

Though she expected me to go straight for her breasts, I began licking her stomach, especially the area around her belly button. This added to her agony as she was getting impatient. I started biting the soft skin under her belly button. Suddenly, she pushed me away and sat up. This jolted me out of the trance and I looked away in guilt.

Before I could apologise for my actions, she stood up and slowly unwound her saree. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was expecting a verbal lashing for my impulsive actions. “Sir, you’ve won my heart and I want to make you happy. So, just down and enjoy.” Daisy untied the drawstring of her underskirt and it fell to ground.

“Please let your underwear stay as I won’t be able to control myself if you were totally naked” I said. I wasn’t carrying a condom and didn’t want to risk impregnating her. She smiled and relented. Daisy made me sit up and took off my clothes. As I lay naked on the grass, she went down with her knees on either side of my body and started caressing my now throbbing cock.

I couldn’t wait to feel the warmness of her lips and mouth. Soon, she inserted my cock in and started sucking it. While her left hand held my penis, she ran her right hand expertly across the most sensitive parts of my body. She certainly knew which buttons to press and soon I was on the verge of exploding.

Though I tried to warn her, she took little notice and soon, I shot hot sperm into her wide mouth. She drank most of it while the remaining dripped from her lips. “I wanted to feel your cum inside me and I have”, she said with a satisfied smile. Her statement provoked me and I wrestled her to the ground, not sure why as she hardly put up any resistance!

When I struggled to peel off her panty, she assisted me by lifting her hips. Her bra followed soon afterwards. The sight of her naked body was breathtaking. I couldn’t fathom how her tiny frame was able to bear the weight of those massive, well-rounded breasts. She had one of the finest racks I had ever laid my eyes on! I couldn’t get enough of them.

I made her stand up and lean against a tree with her eyes closed. Her skin was of the colour of honey and her voluptuous body had smooth curves in all the right places. I knelt down, plucked a blade of grass and ran it over her peaks, especially her nipples. Soon, they were firm. I sucked them with my lips and bit them gently.

A strange madness took over me and I had the urge to have rough sex with her. I told her about my feeling and she asked me to go ahead. Daisy’s naked body was sprawled on the ground when I parted her legs to find the doorway to heaven. She had thick, curly pubic hair which was unkempt. It was a world away from the Brazilian / bikini waxed bodies that I’d seen until then.

There was considerable love fluid on her pubic hair which glistened in the moonlight. It drove me mad and I dove in to action. I sucked her pussy lips for the next 5 minutes while running my finger tips over the inside of her thighs. Then, my fingers parted her pussy lips as my tongue penetrated deeper.

Daisy’s body jerked as my tongue touched her clitoris and she begged for more by pushing my head firmly against her vagina. When I was satisfied with her love hole, I stopped for both to catch breath. I picked up damp mud from the ground and started rubbing it against her body. This drove her mad.

As the coarse particles in the mud brushed against her breasts, she shrieked in ecstasy. I could control no longer and pushed my erect penis into her cunt. As Daisy let out a soft cry, my rod was greeted by the warm juices in Daisy’s love hole. I lay there still for a few moments. For the first time since I began playing with her nubile body,

I paused to take in the beauty of the moment - under a starry sky, beside the Vembannad Lake, our naked bodies lay intertwined on the soft, moist ground. My mad lust was now being replaced by an urge to make soft sensuous love to this beautiful female. I began stroking gently and soon built up a rhythm, ably assisted by the lapping sound of water from the lake.

I lost track of time as the love making seemed endless. I would stop whenever I felt I was on the verge of climaxing, rest for a few seconds and start all over again. This went on until both of us were close to the point of no return. When I sensed it was near, I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders, pushed my blazer under her ass and continued stroking.

Before long, both of us climaxed together and I shot a load of hot sperms into her vagina. Instead of shrieking or moaning, we just gripped each others’ body tight. We lay there for sometime, occasionally kissing passionately. It was almost dawn by the time I returned to my cottage.

I was full of mixed feelings - on one hand, the delirium of having made love to a beautiful woman and sharing moments of passion with her, while on the other, a feeling of guilt for having cheated on my wife. For a moment, I considered checking-out without making an effort to meet Daisy. But, I soon vetoed it and met her to bid farewell.

Though we promised to write to each other, we both knew it wouldn’t be the case. For us, it was not just a fucking session. I knew Daisy was not a virgin as her deft movements during love making suggested otherwise. But I was sure that neither was she a slut who slept around. I never planned to have a fling or bed a stranger.

But the fact remains that I shared one of the most beautiful moments in my life with a woman who I know very little about even today. (Keeping the readers in mind, I’ve translated Daisy’s dialogues into English, which were originally said in Malayalam. Having spent my childhood in Kerala, I understand the language pretty well.)

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Posted by AD
on: March 10, 2010 3:49 PM | Reply

Excellent use of language with a nice story.

Posted by Ken
on: March 11, 2010 7:38 AM | Reply

Well written story. Has the right mix of realism and fantasy to make it believable. Would love to read your other posts.

Posted by rancho
on: March 11, 2010 5:57 PM | Reply

That's the most sensuous story I have read on this site - its brilliance outshines all that ever appeared here... Tussi great ho, tohfa kabul karo ;-)

Posted by
on: March 12, 2010 6:33 AM | Reply

Excellent .......need I say more

Posted, in reply to Ken's comment, by Nomad 9669
on: March 12, 2010 8:47 AM | Reply


Though a one-night stand was the last thing on my mind on that fateful night, it just happened.

Posted by Munny
on: March 12, 2010 9:21 AM | Reply

Superb narration. Lucky chance...!!!

Posted by ss
on: March 12, 2010 9:27 AM | Reply

Beautifully written, well done!

Posted by Thomas
on: March 12, 2010 2:41 PM | Reply

Bastard... That was my girlfriend u fucked. She working in the hotel next to that lake,

Posted by Das
on: March 12, 2010 8:19 PM | Reply

Story was good.

But fucking a lady at outdoor, that too in aresort is unbelivable. If you were drunk, daisy was not drunk. She wont allow such activity. Any how story was good even though it was fake.

Posted by Krish
on: March 13, 2010 3:30 AM | Reply

It’s a wonderfully narrated story. Usually stories in this section do have least or no literary values, this story is altogether an exception, brilliant ...keep going

Posted by BMW
on: March 13, 2010 11:39 AM | Reply

very well written .... very sensuous. Good that you made love to her .. not FUCKED her ... no women deserved to be fucked ...

Posted by k p d pavan
on: March 27, 2010 2:38 PM | Reply

good story

Posted by ramkumar
on: April 21, 2010 11:24 PM | Reply

idiots its fucking fake

Posted by Anzy
on: June 11, 2010 6:55 PM | Reply

Fucking a Mallu receptionist in the outdoor is nothing unimaginable. I have had the opportunity to closely encounter a few Mallu girls at my college, and u can drive them real crazy!!!

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