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Fucking sexy maid Maya

Maya was our maid for quite some time. When she joined duty I never thought I can fuck her one day. In fact there was no intention in my mind to fuck a maid. From young age we had maids but I never wanted to venture not even once.

My friends used to comment about my luck of having young and reasonably good maids and they used to go to the extreme of asking me explain the affair I had with them. I simply brushed aside and never wanted to elaborate to them.So when Maya joined us I never felt any thing new and the fays were passing on.

My wife was having an indifferent health and she was aviding sex for the last few months. I never wanted to trouble her for that reason and for some time I forgot about that. But unfortunately wife developed a suspecion on me due to a small issue and I don't want to go to details.

So when ever other ladies and girls come tomy house she had a fear complex in mind and kept an eye on me. I knew that and I too behaved very cautiously to avoid a family fued. So Maya's age and her structure gave her some doubt and deliberately wanted to avoid her from me always. She was introduced by a third person and as such there was nothing bad to comment on her.

So wife wanted to send her out not beause of her failure but to avoid me from her. Some how this gave me a negative effect and slowly I started to move close to Maya with out giving any clear evidence. Some how maya was not knowing all these and she worked quitely. Let me tell about maya a bit.

She was unfortunate to become a mother of two children at the age of 19 and a widow at 27. She had to take care of the family and the only lively hood was the wages from houses. She was wheat colour and had good physique. She had a pleasing smile and good butts and breast. A nighty is her dress for work and while coming for duty will have an extra cloth on chest.

For the first few days I never looked to that side and slowly started to observe her movements. while sweeping the floor her good brest slighly peeped through the knighty and the beautiful cleavage was visible. I made it a practice to watch her cleavage every day and and the absence for a day made me uncomfortable.

When she sweeps in my visinity wife used to come and watch me and I was cautious to take precaution. While she walks her butts used to dance and she deliberately it or not I don't know. But absolutely there was no change on her face when ever she see me. I was totally confused to read any thing and the affinity increased day by day.

At this stage I send some feelers to know her mind. that also didn't work out properly. I was spending enough time on my system and used to see porn movies and other porn sights. This being on the first floor wife nevr used to come there. when she come to sweep the first floor I used to come down to avoid any doubt in bottomwife's mind.

But this I wanted to try on her and watch the response. W hile she comes to sweeping I used to play some porn action and keep the site dark with only the sound will be hearable. I kept it at low tone and the mourning, screaming and dialogue will be heared. I used to keep the space vacant and listenme she from bottom how much time she spends near that.

Initially she didn't care but after hearing for a few times got the clue. One day she told me the computer is on. I said ok and went up to switch off it as if I have forgotten. Next day I didn't keep it on and she waited for some time before leaving the site. There after I again switched on and played a local language film so that she can understand the language.

On that day she spend quite some time and my wife was asking what she is doing so long. I said I have asked to clean the nook and corners as lot of dust accumulation was there. I understood that sh is sex starved and in need of sex. It is quite right to have a desire as the age is that. No one wants a poor widow for remarriage.

She will have the physiological urge and how to meet it. So I understood the first part, she likes sex. I have to understand whether she likes to have sex with me. In one aspect I was very clear. I don't want to compell her for that. If she whole heartedly agrees I have no objection. was going on searching for a way.

One day I played a porn film and kept on while she was sweeping and came out. it hit at the bulls eye and she enjoyed it for a few minutes. After coming down she told me very secretely and mildly that some bad film is running in the computer. I ran up and switched off as if I was not knowing it. She made it a practice to watch the pc for a while and I deliberately kept it off.

I was searching for a suitable film and got one from net. It ws a small porn action where a guy fucking his maid. The made sweeping, the guy peeping, bottom slapping, pressing from back, knwligly pulling out the jeans etc and finally banging her after pressing a bundle of dollars in her breast. I kept this film for her on the next day and played it.

It was a 15 minutes film and while she was going up I particularly asked her to wipe out the computer table and monitor with wet and dry clothes. I said loudly to make my wife understand for her delay. That day she came down with a different smile and said she cleaned every thing well. I understood she saw she saw the film and enjoyed.

When I met her alone at the sit out I asked her how was the film. With a blushed face she said good. She asked whether I have any plan like that. I said I don't mind if she agreed. She laughed and went away. So I have crossed the second hurdle and the only one hurdle remaining is to arrive at the modality of operation.

By hiding the eyes of my wife it is difficult to have any affair in the house. Out side the house it is highly risky for both. so I started to think deeply about this and I hinted her my intention and sked her to waite for appropriate time. Often I provided the stimulating dose by good scenes. days went off quickly and both of us were anxiously waiting for the best opportunity.

It happened as a windfall. My wife was forced to attend a very important function in her cousin's house where my presence was not needed. She agreed to go alone and attend the function and asked maid servant to take leave on that day. I nicely asked her to come for duty and asked her to come after she leaves and told the timings.

I made all preparations for our first endevour and arranged some good quality condoms. The day approached and both of us were very eagerly waiting for that. A s soon as she entered the house I asked her o disturbe any of the thinhs and not to give any sign of her presence in the room. I closed the door and took her to our bed room and saked her to sit on the coat.

She had worn the usual working dress as no one could could suspect when she goes out. She was seen very nervous and I told her not to get scared. She had the doubt in her mind about suspecion of my wife. She feared some one may know and inform her. I gave her full confidence and assured all help. I asked her whether she wanted to take a bath before the start.

She asked how can she change the dress as no spare is available. I agreed to provide the inner wears, a bra and lingerie. How I knew her size she asked and Isaid its all assumption. I offered her a towel and soap and asked to take bath nicely. I knew she has no facility to take bath in her house and she has to go to public pond at specified time.

She completed bath quickly and came out with new inners and old dress. I was waiting near the front door to find out any outcomers. As soon as she reached the room I intered the room and made to sit near me on the bed. Then it was a second honey moon. As she knew me for quite some time there was no embarassement at all.

More over she has undergone all these stages. Itook her hand in my hands and started a small dialouge. I asked what all I wnted toknow from her and she replied nicely. my affinity to her incresed step by step and I slowly hugged her. She cooperated very well and reciprocated and I gave a hard kiss on her lips.

I embraced her and kissed her several times and my hands were roaming allover body.Slowly I lifed her gown and both hands went her tits. I took both in hands and knurled the the nipples with fingers. Often I pressed the boobs and continued for several time. She pulled out her gown and removed the bra and sat half naked on the bed.

I lifted her legs and placed on my lap and rubbed her foot from anle to knee. The petticoat was lifted to knees and my hands went in search of her thighs. I was getting exited and my dick started hardening. My hands went upto her ligerie and rubbed over the pussy mouth. I untied her petticoat and she helped to move it out.

I slowly pulled her lingerie down and saw her bush curly and dark. I have never imagined suck a sight and she showed no shiness in the broad sun light. I could not resist my passion and kissedonceover her pussy mouth. For lust there is no discrimination between boss and maid. I pulled her bush with one hand and kissed her lips with all force.

my dick started misbehaving and I got freed from her legs. I threw the cloth and underwear and took the condom from below the coat. I pulled it over my dick and lied near her. in that positon I put one leg over her and my dick was kissing her pusy mouth. I kissed her and squeezed her tits with two hands and rolled over her. Spread her legs slighly.

I pushed a pillow under buttocks and the pussy got exposed fully. I put one finger inside and the slit was wet enough. I pressed my dick slowly and carefully inside and I could not waite any longer. I pumped with full force and speed possible and ejaculated in the condom. In final press my dick throbbed inside her pussy and probably she attained one orgasm by that time.

I kept pressed my dick and she gave slight moarn. She closed her eyes and bit her lips and turned her face to one side. I wispered in her ear whether she attained the helm and she replied in the affirmative. I don't know how far I have lied like that. We both got up and checked the time and nearly half an hour is passed.

I asked her to come after wash and afterwards I removed my cum filled condom and washed well the dick. I shared the available food items in fridge and sked her whether we can have one more. She agreed and we took rest on the bed for the second shot. Now she gained confidence and she was quite free at action. She initiated the next action by kissing me and hugging.

I simply gave the lead to her and carefully watched the action. She was quite active and did as a professional. I never made any comment and didn't want to spoil her mood. Both of us were completely naked and we never felt any problem. She slowly kissed on my cheeks, chin and neck. Then she came down and sucked my nopples. She bit on it and the small niples got erected a bit.

She continued the action and at times I gave apresson her buts and tits. She was licking on the nipples afterwards and the licking went down. She made some tricks on my navel and went down further. I got her point and comfortably posed for the next action. She took my dick in hand and gave a good shake. it partially erected and she carfully removed the skin down.

The action was very gentle and she fingered on the head for some time and licked on the top. Slow by slow it was swollowed by her and gave a nice blowjog for minutes. Since this was the second my erection was a bit slow but I knew the dick getting hardening in her mouth It was completely wet with saliva andshe took in her hand and gave a hand job for a few strokes.

Now I started to work on her pussy with my fingers. First I played on the pubic by pulling and combing. Then introduced middle finger in side and inserted full. After pulling out I kept her clit in my fingers and have a nice job on hit. often I never forgot to insert and take the finger to G spot area. She started to flex aher hip and loosening and tightening her pusy lips.

I understood that she is developing an orgasm and so carefully continued to complete one. It happened as I wished. She pressed my hand to her pussy fully and tightened the pussy to maximum and gave some peculiar sounds of extasy. A little pussy juice flowed on my findger which I pasted on my dick and I put the second condom for the second bang.

I sked her to stand on the knee on the bed and moved back. I just widened her legs and looked to the pussy. the slit was not properly visible by the bush. With fingers I moved the pubic to both sides and inserted two fingers inside and gave stirring action. She sizziled and shook her but. I inserted my dick from the back and pushed.

Both breasts were caught with two hands and gave good squeezing. I pumped from back and she reciprocated by good push. I removed one hand from tits and caught on the pelvis and slightly played on her clit and pumped. It didn't take more time. Each stroke went till end and final was my leaning on her back with a strong hug on the hip.

Once the ejaculation was over Ipulled out the dick and it dischrged with a sound. Actually it was a vacuum cut. and she laughed. Just like that we lied for some more time and finished the show for the day. she again cleaned and got ready for the outing. I looked through the fron door and no one was there. She was oermitted to go with a deep kiss and a few notes in her breast.

She refused to accept but I compelled to take it not as a fee but as a token of my appreciation. Next day Maya came for duty in the presence of my wife and she never pretented as if some thing has happened. She was a stranger to me and when she started sweeping the floor my wife came to the scene and I left the place.

But we had several encounters after that some of them very leasurely some quickly. I was never sex starved afterwards and the pleasent memories are still my mind. I cat elaborate due to space constraint. eagerly waiting for your comments.

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Michelle fucked by Boss

Sitting on my desk, I was about to get my drawer, I heard, “You idiot!!! Get out of my cabin right now,” Mr. Tom roared on Mr. Freddie from his cabin. I never saw Mr. Tom losing his nerve in the office in many years of my service in his office. Mr. Freddie came out of his cabin giving me a smile hiding his insult.

I stood there wondering as what would have happened between them, why Mr. Tom screamed at Mr. Freddie like that. Mr. Freddie had joined us just a year back as Sr. Designer. As I was thinking, I heard my intercom ringing, “Hello Michelle here,” I said, “Michelle, please come to my cabin,” I knew it was Mr. Tom. I went to his cabin with my notepad and pencil nervously.

Knocking at his cabin door, “may I come in Mr. Tom?” I heard nothing from his cabin; I pushed the door and went inside. I found tap running inside the attached bathroom cum rest room from Mr. Tom’s cabin and I guessed he would have gone to take a leak. I found his table messed with paper lots and the designs of Mr. Freddie in the corner. Now I guessed the reason for Mr. Freddie getting the scolding.

I was arranging Mr. Tom’s table showing my back to the rest room and he came out drying his hands. He looked at me with a questioning face. “Mr. Tom, u buzzed me to get into your office”, I said in a nervous tone. “oh yeah Michelle, I forgot what for I called you”, said smiling at me. I was wondering for a moment that is the man who was shouting few minutes back!

“Oh yeah! I remember, I will be back in an hour, please cancel my appointment with Mr. Greg and reschedule it for tomorrow same time,” and he went to the door passing me. I could smell his cologne giving me a tingle in my spine. “Mr. Tom”, he turned back, Oh god!!! What a handsome man he is, I said to myself! “err!! Nothing sorry, are you going out for a meeting?”

“oopsss!!! Sorry about that, I just want to rush to Mr. Ahmed for rectifying the damage caused by our designer Mr. Idiot. And get back to office by an hour” saying that he winked at me and went out of his cabin. Oh my my …. What did he do to me now, a wink from those lovely eyes? I grinned and went back clearing his desk thinking about my handsome boss.

Mr. Thomson Curtis, 32years an entrepreneur dealing with many businesses in the city owns a large Mill, Real Estate, Designing Firm, Charity, etc. He is 5’11”, athletic body. He is fair skinned, handsome man. I always admired his light brown eyes, expressive. His smile is like a bright sunlight. When he laughs it’s a feast to see him exposing his white teeth.

He is a very successful business man in the business world. He is very generous, kind and friendly which made him nicer in the office as well. He is still a bachelor and I thought for a moment, “why he is still not married?” He is a dream man for any woman who could easily fall for his persona. Lucky woman she is, whoever is marrying him.

I just finished clearing his table and went back to my desk. I sat on my computer and started dialling the number of Mr. Greg “Hello welcome to Mr. Greg’s office,” said Stella, Mr. Greg’s PA on the other side. “Hi, This is Michelle from Mr. Curtis, Thomson Curtis’s office. I want to cancel he appointment for today and reschedule for the same time for tomorrow.

Do you excuse for the cancellation and confirm”, I said softly. “Hi Michelle, sorry Mr. Greg is full for tomorrow’s slot. May be for day-after is fine with him” she said from the other side. “Oh!!! Can I get back to you checking with from Mr. Curtis, Stella?”. “Surely honey, you can get back to me” oh this woman I thought! “Thanks Stella, you take care”.

“Bye h…..” I disconnected the line before I could hear that word from her. I never had been comfortable using those words in office conversation. After talking to Mr. Greg’s office, I messaged Mr. Tom about the changes in the appointment and got confirmation for the day-after meeting. I called back Stella and confirmed the same.

I just started typing some mails, and my hand struck with the word, Tom….. I smiled and wondered about our first interview meeting. “Can I speak to Ms. Michelle?” said a female voice from the other end, “yes this is Michelle” I said, “hello this is Reena from Mr. Thomson Curtis office and you have a time with him today at 4pm sharp and please note down the address….”

she was going on nonstop. “Oh Reena, sorry let me get a pen and paper to note down,” I got a slip to write and noted down and she said thanks and confirmed me attending the interview. It was just an half an hour journey to my place. I have applied for a job at Thomson’s place a week back. I got a call from the firm after good patience of waiting for a whole week.

I was nervous. I looked into my wardrobe as what to wear for the interview. I was thinking how my boss would be, old or young, tall or stout, bald or very handsome. I smiled at my own thoughts. I choose my dress and went for a shower. I got back to the dressing mirror wrapping a towel. I slid towel from my body and felt proud for myself looking in the mirror.

I had full grown boobs hanging on my chest, brown areole, and peanut sized nipples. I held both my boobs hanging in my hand (which I love doing it like weighing in my hands) and felt it’s huge and wanted to be played in someone’s hand desperately; thinking of it I went through my 28 sized waist and on my flat tummy, I have a wide hip and round buttock.

I rubbed my buttock and took out my cotton panty and wore it. I found my clean shaved pussy feeling little wet because of feeling my own body before. I still rubbed my pussy becoming hornier and it started becoming wet. I spread my leg and started rubbing more furious and my body started quiver in pleasure and gave a good orgasm.

It felt nice, adds a relaxing touch before any nervous interview!!! I wore my panty and got dressed. I applied light makeup on my face but applied dark blue shades on my eyes. My light brown eyes were looking more beautiful and sparkling. I looked in the mirror for a final glance. Wow!!!! My 5’7” personality with dusky skin was matching with dark blue trouser matching with light blue top.

I high ponied my hair. I wore black high-heeled shoes and wrapped a scarf matching my trouser. “Hi, this is Michelle, got a time to meet Mr. Thomson”, the lady at the desk lifted her head and giving an appreciating look, “please take your seat, I am Reena”, said the lady and made me comfort.

She came back in sometime, “Ms. Michelle, Mr. Thomson is waiting for you,” and she led me to the office. I knocked the door, “May I come in, sir”, I heard a manly voice, “Oh yes, come in please”, I pushed the door and went inside, to my surprise, I found a handsome man in a white full armed shirt. May be the sleeves are two or three folds which was looking hot.

I smiled to myself and shook my hand, “hello sir, I am Mishelle, 24years old…..” he interrupted saying, “Michelle, hold on, I have not yet started asking you any question,” he gave me a big smile. I thought, oh gosh, why the hell I started talking all stupid things without his Questions and his smile kills me. I bit my tongue, and I found that he was looking at my papers.

I could feel my pussy getting wet by looking at this handsome man. “Do you like to take something, water or coffee,” he offered, “yes a cup of coffee will do with less sugar,” He ordered for two coffees and turned and looked at me. I thought I would melt anytime and a small shiver ran in my spine giving me a tinkle in my stomach.

What a pair of lovely eyes he got I thought and those are very expressive. I felt like this for the first time though I dated one in my college. David was my friend in my college ended up seeing each other. He went off to other city for further studies and got a job there and I never heard from him after leaving the city except for one or two weeks initially.

I never bothered though as I knew about him. He would have hooked up with someone else within days. Interrupting my thoughts, Reena got coffee and she smiled at me serving. Mr. Thomson turned to my side offering the cup, “Please take your coffee,” and he started sipping his from his cup, “well tell me about yourself.

As you have already mentioned about your qualification in your CV; so not necessary to say much about it and about your experience though. Let me know you better as my immediate subordinate.” Saying this he leaned back. I placed cup on the table, I started to say about myself, like my hobbies, likes, dislikes. He was looking into my face and eyes whenever he looked at me.

I was feeling a tingle every time he looked at me. After completing my talks, he spoke to Reena something and she came with papers in a while. “Mischelle, your job starts from tomorrow sharp at 9am and rest all is mentioned in the paper which Reena will explain you in detail, any questions?”

I was very shocked as there was no clue at all about my appointment. They asked to go through the papers and I was very indeed to see the perks and other facilities provided. I gave a big smile on my face and signed the papers. “Thank you sir,” we shook hands. “You can call me Tom or Cutis, as sir sounds too old for me,” saying so he shook hand and left his cabin.

I still couldn’t believe my luck and feeling his palms, his cologne, his face, I walked behind Reena. “Thanks to you too Reena, you have been very helpful”, saying that I left the office.
At 9 Am., I walked to the office; Reena showed me my seat next to Mr. Tom’s office.

I was assigned to help Mr. Tom’s assignments, his file, his appointments and coordinating with other teams and offices for updating his work. Moreover, I was almost like PA to Mr. Tom. But I was not designated as PA. I gradually picked up in the office and become familiar in the office.

Everyone become close soon with friendly attitude and Mr. Tom was happy with my performance in the office and it’s been almost 4years in the office since. Many times I have rubbed my pussy thinking of Mr. Tom on bed. I never had been so fascinated by any other employees in the office. He is such a lovely person.

But never had guts to approach him or talk to him anything about my fantasies. My heartbeat always skipped its rhythm whenever I see his eyes and the lovely smile on the face. I was ready to lose myself at any point of time for this lovely man. I never asked him about his marriage or his affairs outside the office world. I never have seen any girl coming or calling him in the office.

He used to come to office at 9.30am and leave office sharp at 4.30pm, go for a game, then hitting gym and home. He never missed spending his evening with Sr. Curtis, occasionally partying with friends…….. Beeeeeeppppp, Beeeeeeepppp!!!!! Oh gosh!!! Where are my thoughts, horribly I grabbed the receiver, “hello Michelle here,”

“Hi Michelle, Sr. Cutis would like to talk to you,”, said Benny, the telephone operator from the other side. “Hello sir, Michelle here, How are you doing?” “Well Michelle, where is Tom gone, I have been trying to reach him on phone since a long time?”. “Sir, Mr. tom gone for a meeting with a client, can I take a message for him?”.

“It’s alright, just say I called him. By the way, how are you doing? Anything special happening in your life?”. “I am fine thank you, Mr. Cutis”, grinned and continued, nothing special happening in my life Mr. Curtis,” said politely, “Oh lady, why don’t you drop to home something in the weekend and take a cup of coffees with us. Mrs. Curtis would love to see you though,”
“thank you Mr. Curtis, would love to join.

Will come this weekend and please convey my warm regards to Mrs. Curtis,” saying that we wished each other and disconnected the line. Curtis family always treated me as one of the family member and never forgot to invite me for a cup of coffee at their mansion. They loved me like a kid in their house. Rather you can say; I am pampered.

I always loved their company and spent my time as and when it’s possible. I looked at the watch, it’s showing 12pm and my word still struck with the word “Mr. Tom”, I smiled for myself and thought that it’s more than 2 hours since Mr. Tom left for the meeting and he is still not back to office.

I was bit worried and tried to call him for the next appointment which was due at 12.30pm with Ms. Susane, a banker. I tried his number, I was going ringing continuously. I went to his cabin to recheck his table and while coming back, I found that he had kept his phone on the charging point.

I thought that he missed his phone in the office and gone for the meeting, thinking so, I went and unplugged the mobile and turned off the switch. While turning back I hit Mr. Tom on his body and I was about to fall, “Oppsss!!!”, “I am sorry Mr. Tom, I did not notice you,” and I was almost in his arms. He held my back and other hand almost my waist.

He was very close to my face and I was breathing heavily. My heart was pounding in excitement or shock, but I loved being in his arms like that. He looked into my eyes and came closer to my face. This unexpected incident made him to forget for a moment and we were like that for some time. I felt his hands were caressing my soft skin.

My skirt had come up showing my thighs and he gazed at it. I was getting his male fragrance from his body mixed with sweat and cologne. I could sense many things from his eyes. For the first time, Mr. Tom was looking at me, so closely (intimately). I was melting with lots of feelings, emotions running though my mind.

He got back to the situation, “be careful, lady, you would have fallen down,” saying he released me from his arms. Without saying anything, I moved out of his cabin passing by his side, but I knew his eyes were gazing me while I left the cabin. My thoughts were not in my control. My panty was getting wet; I felt hornier than ever.

I wanted him to feel me everywhere; my whole body was craving for his touch. His lovely lips which was almost near my face and oh!!!! Those lovely brown eyes, goddamn!!! Why didn’t he proceed further, cursing and with new feelings I back to my desk. Somehow I finished my work with the same feelings. I was not able to face Mr. Tom for the rest of the day except few occasions.

I left office and got into my house, shopping some groceries for the evening. After preparing the dinner, I just got into shower. I wanted a relaxed shower. I undressed and got into the hot tub. I was feeling nice. My mind thought about the incident; feeling horny, rubbed my clit. Squeezing my boobs, I was feeling that he is next to me looking at me with those sexy eyes sending lots of messages into my mind.

I desperately wanted him next to me playing with me in the tub. I played with my clit and boobs, moaning loudly I climaxed in the tub. I felt my orgasm is stronger than anytime. I got out of the tub and showered. I felt so good while cold water ran down my hot body. I felt each and every part of my body thinking of Tom and I fingered myself for the second time,

climaxing more powerful than the previous one. I finished my shower and wore a robe without wiping my body. I went to the dressing mirror, slid my robe, took a short satin night dress; drying my body, I applied a light deo and wore my dress. It’s a deep neck single strapped single piece. It’s above my thighs, as like if I bend a bit forward, my buttocks were visible.

Sexy!!!!!! I thought, grinning I went to kitchen served some food and sat in front of the TV. I finished my platter, washing dishes, came back to the TV. I was feeling bored and I am all alone in the house. I bought this house with my small savings with my previous savings and current savings together. I am still paying some loan as it would get completed in few instalments.

It’s a triple bed room duplex house. For a single woman it is quite a big house. I was feeling very very lonely and today’s incident at office made me to feel emotional. I don’t know whether I am falling in love with Mr. Tom or it’s like I have never let any male feeling me so close in so many years. Tears started rolling on my cheeks, remembering my parents for the first time in so many years.

I have had left their memories go long back once I moved to this city. I haven’t gone to see them almost for 4years now. I wept like I wanted my mom to be next to me to understand my feelings. I wanted someone to share what was running in my mind for so long. I don’t have any friends, to whom I could share my feelings.

My colleagues were just in my office but never entertained them in my personal life. I am mystery woman for many men and women in the office. I sobbed like a baby for a long long time, and slept on the couch without my knowledge. Continuous Door bell ringing in the front door woke me up from my sleep. Damn!!!

I thought, “Coming” I yelled at the door, I rushed to my room turning off the television and wore a satin robe. I looked at the watch and It is showing 9pm and thought, “who it could be in front of my door at this time” and opened the door. Ah!!! a word struck my throat, to my surprise, I could see Mr. Tom on my door step!!! My mouth opened in shock.

“Michelle, should I get into your house or should I go away,” he asked me in a naughty tone. “oh!!! Mr. Tom, I am sorry, err….. I... I m extremely sorry, please come in,” recovering from the shock. He came inside handing over a bouquet in my hand. I was a tiny bouquet with lots of red and white roses. He always knew that I Love roses. I smiled at him, “thank you,” please have a seat”.

He inspected the house and appreciated the interiors. I was uncomfortable in front of Mr. Tom in the skimpy house wear. To my surprise, Mr. Tom was just very very casual as I get very rare to see him like this. He was wearing a half shirt with blue jeans with a pair of Reebok formal shoes. I offered him a seat, excusing myself I turned to go to my room to change myself.

I felt my pussy getting wet and I was with nothing inside to hold my pussy juices, if start flowing through my legs. “Please make yourself comfortable Mr. Tom, I will get back in a moment,” said thinking that why did he come to my home at this time, ‘is it because to say sorry for the incident????’,

I was getting confused, and turned to get into my room, “hey, Michelle, you can call me Tom, not with that “Mr”, I am in your den, not in my office” he smiled. “It’s alright, you don’t any need change in your attire, as you look very hot in this dress”. Oh My God!!!! What is he saying, he is commenting on my dress and saying I look HOT, god hope I don’t faint, thinking I looked at his face, oh man man!!!

He is looking at me and gazing top to bottom. Hope he felt that I am in a big state of shock and he started coming towards me. He held my shivering hands and kissed my palm looking at my eyes waiting for the reaction. I am in so confused state with this behaviour. I can’t believe my own eyes what is happening to me. My legs started shivering and feeling dizzy a bit. I looked at him shy.

He pulled me towards him and held me by waist pressing my chest to his chest, whispered, “I never felt like this before, you are so soft and beautiful,” caressing my back on the cloth. I closed my face and tugged his neck. He kissed on my lips making it wet. Smiling, he kissed my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, blew air in my ear getting goose bumps on my body.

I felt like I will fly away in happiness. His hands moved my robe sliding from my arms, it fell on the ground. He felt my soft skin and caressed my back. He realized that I have not worn anything to cover my boobs from inside. He kissed my lips more passionately hugging tightly towards him.

He sucked my lips, played with my tongue rolling inside my mouth, “Hey baby, take me to your room,” he said huskily, I pointed my finger towards my room. He lifted me in his arms taking my lips in his mouth. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he took me to the room. He slowly put me on the bed.

The windows were open and cool breeze blowing inside the room made it more romantic. He made me to sit on the bed, Tom kneeling on the floor, said, “Michelle, sorry for coming to your home without invitation,” one hand feeling my thigh and another he lift my head to see in my face.

“Tom, I don’t have any words to express as I am very very happy to see you at this time,” said with tear filling eyes, “I was feeling lonely,” continued. “I don’t know, for the first time, I felt that in so many years that you are something very different, though I have seen you many times in my house for coffee with my parents, I never felt this.

But today….,” he stopped sitting beside me. “Tom, I am sorry for whatever happened today in the office, it’s my fault…..” he cut my words, “It’s just a reason for us to be together like this, so you should not be sorry, you should be happy for that, my dear”, he pulled close to me. He caressed by back, he took my hands to unbutton his shirts.

I looked at him; he is smiling naughtily waiting eagerly for the next step. I unbuttoned his shirt, he removed the shirt and pressed his bare chest on my chest, “hey your sweet tombs are hitting my chest,” he whispered. I loved his whisper and his hot breath on my skin; it was arousing me. “So, what to do with those tombs,” I whispered, “I want to remove those from you,” said winking at me.

I never thought he speaks so naughty and he is romantic. “Then why don’t you go and remove those tombs,” “oh hey!!!!” grinning he slid my dress and I was naked in front of him, “my naughty girl seems to be prepared”, winked at me. He kissed my cheek, licking my throat, sucking my earlobe, “ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” a moan escaped from my mouth.

It encouraged him more, he came down on my bare chest, holding those two tombs in his hands, “mmmmmmmm, good pair of boobs!!!” he exclaimed. He rolled his tongue on my boob, squeezing the other, “Oh tom, its feel so good baby, u suck it” I moaned loudly. Opening his mouth he bit it slowly n made it harder. I am horny and I could feel my pussy juices flowing.

He sucked my boobs one by one, I arched my body to give him more flesh into his mouth, “hey baby, you are hot and sexy. I never thought you are so good and you feel so good” I moaned, going down to my tummy, navel, he licked my thigh till to my toe. Sometime later I found his movement stopped. I opened my eyes, he was undoing his jean.

I could see his shaft getting ready to be played in my pussy. That little friend of Tom was desperate to meet my little friend. My little friend was dripping her juices looking at that little monster. She gets ready to gobble him deep inside her. Her mouth started watering. Removing his boxer, “do you like playing with my shaft honey?”

I got up and held his hot meat in hand and moved up and down. He stood close to me naked and I took his shaft near my mouth and kissed the pink head. It tasted salty, but I loved the taste. I licked the pre-cum, like scoop I took inside my mouth. He grunted in pleasure and pushed inside my mouth,

“Oh baby your mouth feels so good on my fella, oh gosh, where were you for so long?” he pushed deep inside my throat. I felt I was choking while getting such a huge monster inside my mouth. I cud feel his balls filling up and he squirted hot semen inside my throat. Though I never tasted or take a dick deep inside my mouth, I felt little awkward,

but all awkwardness went off in sec as I said I was ready to do anything for this lovely man. I softly pressed his balls and emptied the bag. He fell on me exhausted, kissing me, he tasted his semen, “mmmmmmm I taste good, sorry, did u like it or tasted it good?”, I smiled at him, and took his tongue deep inside my mouth.

He hugged me and started feeling my body, he spread my leg and went between my legs, darted his tongue on my clit. It ran a beautiful feeling to my body. “Oh baby, I am luving this, been waiting for this day,” I moaned. He played with clit, he shoved his tongue inside my cunt, started moving his tongue slurping my pussy juices.

“Tom I want you inside me, pleaseeee, I can’t wait anymore,” screamed. His shaft came back to life. It started throbbing to enter my hole. He came up crawling feeling me everywhere, sucking my boobs, biting my neck, he looked into my face. He placed his hot meat on my hole, “Michelle”, said Tom, I opened my eyes n looked at him, “I want to say you something;

I don’t know whether I am right or wrong with my decision. But I know from my heart and mind, that I am right,” I gazed at him with question mark on my face, he continued, “nothing serious, I came up to say this and go away, but your beauty, your touch lost my self control. I thought I should not delay, before it’s getting out of hand,”

I said in anticipation, “please Tom, don’t tense me up, come on tell me what it is” I almost yelled. He smiled, “Michelle, I love you, will you marry me?”, I flapped my eyes in surprise, “I know this is not the right time to propose you, Michelle, but I want to say what is in my heart.”

He looked at my face and continued, “It’s all your decision, I don’t force you, but I get dejected is all I can say, luv, I love you so much,” he looking into my eyes waiting for my answer. I thought, oh my god!!! I can’t believe, I should not lose this, I smiled looking at his eyes, and I pulled his mouth and kissed him passionately.

He got his answer and he pushed his shaft deep inside my little friend making her crying in pleasure. His every stroke was wonderful giving me loads of pleasure deep inside my. My hands hugged him wrapping my legs around his waist, closing my eyes in pleasure, I whispered, “I Love You Tom, don’t let me go from my arms,”

“No baby, you are too precious to me, I love you, Michelle” saying he started moving faster deep inside and he squirted his sperms deep inside me giving immense pleasure of my life. He fell on me, kissing my cheek, he closed his eyes panting. I closed my eyes, thinking I should call my parents in the morning and tell them that I am coming home with good news. I hugged Tom tighter in arms and slid into dreaming world thinking of our future…”Love you Tom”…

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Kanika losing virginity to Vicky

hi friends ! I am vicky(name changed) 20 years 6ft tall boy (currently doing my graduation) with average looks and atheltic body. This incident happend with me when I was in class XII. In the begining session a girl named kanika(name changed) joined our class. She was 5.6 ft in height and has got really sexy assets.

Her boobs were well shaped,nice round ass and a cute smile.Many boys were having crush on her including me but I was more interested in some other girl of my class.During our lectures I used to teased her alot and everytime I saw that whenever I teased another girl(whom I like) the kanika was staring and smiling at me.

Firstly I ignored by taking it litely but from some girls of my class I came to know that she likes me and had a crush on me.Then I came to know the of staring and smiling funda.After knowing the reality I made a plan to fuck her(although I have masturbated earlier also by dreaming her sexy figure).So by some common friends I started talking to kanika.

Within few days we exchanged our cell numbers and starting text and chatting all the time and one day I sent her a text and at the end I added love you and suddenly I recieved a call from her side.Firstly I hesitated but picked the call she asked for the message "yeh tumne kya likh kar bheja hai". I just got some scared and thought my plan got fail.

But I prentend to be normal and said "kyu kya hua normal message he toh bheja hai(although I knew what I have sent). After a long conversion I said "haan mujhe pata hai maine kya bheja". she said "toh jaldi batao". I said "jab tumhe pata he hai toh puch he kyu rahi ho".but still she wants to hear from my mouth then at last I said"haan maine love you likha hai".

then she asked does I know the meaning and said yes I know then after sometalks on same topic at last became lovers from friends. But the main of fucking her was in my mind. Now we started chatting for whole nite.....on different topics sometime's phone sex too. at last the day came for which I was waiting.

Her parents were out of town for one day and she stayed back due to her coachings. somehow I conviced her to have sex on that day and she got agreed.i went to her apartment and rang the bell. she opened the door with her smile and guided me to her bedroom.Her bedroom was clean and some kind of room freshner smell was coming.

She gave me some colddrink and sit next to me on the bed.I just kept the aside and hugged her tightly pressing her boobs with my chest with no time I got hardon.After that I kissed on her lips,neck for around 10 mins she started moaning slowl and lied down on the bed.After that I placed my hand on her boob and felt that it was softer than the sponge.

I presed her boobs on her top and within no time removed her top. Now she was in her bra and lower. Again I kissed on her tummy and pinched her nipples over her bra and removed her bra. I was amazed to see her boobs they milky white with pink tiny pea size nipples. I sucked her nipples for around 15 mins and slowly started rubbing her vagina and she started to moan louder and also started to shiver.

Then slowly I removed her lower along with her panty. She was having a nice clean shave pussy which was well lubricated due to forplay. I slowly inserted my one finger and she told me that she is a virgin. I slowly started finger fucking her which she was enjoying alot. After 3-4 mins she had her orgasm and now I removed my all clothes.

She was amazed by seeing my dick size and she started rubbing it slowly. I asked her get some vasline and she applied it on my dick and on her vagina. I sucked her nipples and came in between her legs and placed my penis on her love hole. I locked her lips with kiss and given a jerk and my half penis was inside her and she broke the kiss and shouted thats its paining alot and tear rolls out from her eye.

I said her it will pain for sometime only then I give another jerk and my penis was fully inside her. After inserting I waited and started jerking soon her paining voice converted into moaning and she startes enjoying and after 15-20 mins I cummed inside her as wanted to cum me inside her.

After the session all the bed was full of precum,blood&sperm. then we layed naked sometime then went to wash her self and I started to wear clothes and washed my self too. After that session I left her home and give an i-pill to her in the evening. So, This was my experience how I fucked a nice sexy assets girl and take his virginity......Hope you all liked the story and please leave your comments.

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Hi friends this is rocky....Me doing my degree in BTECH...am a great fan of this site and after reading all the erotic stuff I now feel that it’s high time that I put my sexual encounter in front of you...I am tall, dark and a handsome guy,21yrs old,from Hyderabad...now studying in Pune...one among the guys in our college with a fat wallet...6 ft tall and athletic in built...girls around me go crazy with the skills I’ve got...

Known to everyone as the most eligible bachelor...i screwed many pussies till date and still going on....A 2 cm dick can satisfy a female...that's what is taught...but practically a 6inch cock can satisfy her to the fullest...and tats what I got...

Now coming to the story...This happened a year ago...Tina a hot n sexy girl with attitude and self confidence this is a one liner to describe her...her stats go this way..36-27-36 good at studies and friendly with me...She looks damn sexy...the way she walks swaying her ass makes me go wild..her melons are her assets...and should be handled with care....

She is a student in our college...she introduced herself as she is my junior...we got close to each other coz of studies and stuff...we became so close that we even crack adult jokes...One day we planned to go for a long drive have dinner and come back as it was Sunday....

We were just friends by then...while coming back it rained heavily and we were drenched totally....she was sitting on my bike holding me tight...her boobs touching my back oh god that was the first time I felt something strange happening in me...many girls come out with me but this didn’t happened with anyone....as it was raining we couldn’t reach her hostel in time...

its closed...i asked her to stay in my flat...she thought for a while and having no choice to go...she said yes....Hearing this and looking at her boobs covered by wet clothes I had a hard on...We went to my flat cleaned ourselves had coffee and were watching TV...she came close to me sat beside me and was watching the movie putting her head on my shoulder...

i had a clear view of her cleavage...her nipples were erect due to cold which can be seen from outside she saw me checking her out before she could say anything I suddenly stood up and went away for a smoke....I came back and was surprised to see that she was sleeping...it was my night suit which she was wearing...

now looking at her ass as she turned the other way I couldn’t resist and I switched off the TV...slept beside her and kissed on her ear she suddenly woke up and gave a naughty smile...i went close to her and planted a soft kiss on her lips...she closed her eyes...seeing this I started kissing her slowly...she opened her mouth and was responding well..thinking to myself that’s its my day

I started exploring her mouth with my tongue and she was doing the same...both of us smooched each other for about 15min and then I slowly started nibbling her ears...one of my hands cuddling her breasts from outside and the other running through her hairs...then slowly I removed her dress...she is now only in her undergarments...

her nipples are fully erect she was looking awesome in her black panty and bra...Black is my favorite color...i started kissing and licking her starting from her neck to her cleavage...i slowly moved my tongue above the bra...she was moaning and hissing....sssss.....uumm...slowly laid her on bed...i turned her back and I started kissing her below the neck and all long the spine...

as I know the pressure points on a female body I seduced her soon...i opened the hook of the bra while kissing her. Kissed her for a while and turned her facing me I looked into her eyes and they were closed I slowly started encircling my tongue on the areola and my other hand playing with the other boob...she then started speaking...lick my nipple rocky...

lick it right now...i was teasing her still....then I took her nipple and started sucking it like a baby...i then kept alternating between both the boobs simultaneously running my hand on her waist..she removed my t-shirt...and I continued doing what I had to. She reached my dick and started rubbing it...

i was even going mad I went down kissing her to her pussy her panties were all wet I kissed her pussy over her hot n wet black lace panty pulled her panties down and saw her clean shaven pussy...now this is what I like as soon as I did this she pushed my head to her pussy I started licking her clit and her labia she started moaning loudly...ummmm...ahhhh lick my clit and eat my pussy....i kept doing that,

After a while she screamed with pleasure and shouted am cum baby am cum...i paused and I went above her kissing her lips...she pushed me aside caught hold of my shaft and started stroking it she went for it and kissed it on the glans with her warm lips...i felt like I was on cloud9 before I could reach for her hairs she took my whole dick into her mouth she gave me a wonderful blowjob...

i made her lie down and started teasing her pussy with my cock. Her hands holding my face and looking straight into my eyes she said...stop teasing me I cant wait any longer I desperately want your cock in my pussy pls fuck me hard...i told her to do it herself she took my dick and guided it to her love hole it was so warm in there I slowly entered her licking her right boob,

my left hand between both of us...playing with her clit and my right hand on encircling the other nipple...fucked her this way and sometime later I was about to cum so I changed. My style by kissing her as she was moaning uum...took out my hand from her clit rolled to the other side taking her on the top...

now she is ridding my cock and me sucking her boobs she had my whole pole in her love hole after sometime I again rolled the other way round and started fucking her slowly going into her and coming out and teasing her in between by stroking her clit...she couldn’t stay anymore..she started moaning fuck me hard I took out.

My hand from her clit and she wrapped her legs around my waist I rammed her deep she says....ohhhh aaahh baby you fuck me so good..aahhhh fill my pussy with your cum...um..am coming baby am coming her vaginal muscles started contracting catching my cock...hearing all this even I told her that am going to cum...

she biting my ear says I want you to shoot your juice into me...cum inside me sweetheart cum inside me...we both did together...lying in. The same position for a while kissing each other we got up fully exhausted went to the bathroom had shower and bathed each other and came back to bed...she said that it was her first sex and enjoyed it to the core...

she also said that she always used dildos but they are in no comparison by the way you fucked me...this might be the reason my cock went in with ease I thought to myself....she begged me to fuck her again...i fucked her twice that night in every position possible and slept together naked...

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Friends fucking aunt

Hi readers....this is khil.....some call me as john too. This is my second time am posting you my experience to u, that how I shared my sexy Aunt with my friends. Am khil 20 years old having my degree 2nd year now, am an average looking guy with decent looks. And about the heroine.

My chitta(aunt) is of medium complexion, with big boobs and ass. To me the most fascinating part of a woman’s body is their boobs. Her ass is very big and very flexible. Her ass shakes when she walks. It is because she hates to wear the panty when at home. She was married to my fathers younger brother when I was studying for my 5th std and at this time she was around 33 yrs.

Coming to the story.from the earlier incident onwards I began to fuck my aunt regularly. As she come to my room after my uncle got slept and leaves in the morning. We have many foreplay’s during this time, I told this incident to my very best friends Deepu and Arun, by hearing this they got addicted to my sexy aunt, and they begged me for a chance. At last I agree.

One fine day I invited them to my home. On that day there was no body else expect me and aunt. They reach my home by 10 am. I greeted them to my house then I told my aunt to give tea to them, she came with 3glasses of tea gave it them and I introduced them to my aunt. They got stunned be seeing my aunt.

Aunt get back to the work, deepu came to me and asked can I proceed I cant control!.. I said wait not now she didn’t know about what is going to happen. They then how. I told just relax man am with you Na. I told them come to my bedroom after 10 mins and you will get what you want.I proceed to kitchen and told my aunt to come to my bed room.

She came there shortly I hugged her tightly and kissed her in cheeks, she said no its not the time your friends are there I said they will not came. I moved to her lips and began to suck finally she came to the mood. I began to explore her mouth, and slowly moved my hands to her Breast and began to squeeze it hard very hardly,

now she is making moans I removed her nighty little forcely as she don’t allow me to do it, she is not wearing anything under it full nude, She is naked now. I began to suck her breast and nipples hardly slowly moved downwards and began to lick her pussy. Now she is in full mood and began to undress me and took my hard cock in hand and began to suck it she is sucking it very hardly and kissing all over it.

I laid her on the bed and I am licking her nipples it tasted very good, and all of sudden my friends got entered, she got frightened and covered her body with a bed sheet, I told don’t worry its just a fun, she shouted I wont do this. I forcibly removed the bed sheet and my friends were also nude deepu jumped to her and kissed all over her and arun now took her breast and began to suck

she first resisted little bit then she realize that she was helpless and began to co-operate with us. I pushed my cock into her mouth. While arun lied on floor and started working on her breast. In the mean time deepu came behind her and push his long cock into her ass. She moaned with pain. She try to resist it little bit but deepu wont care, finally his whole dick go into her ass,

he began to pump very fastly, while me and arun exchanged our positions. Deepu was pumping at her ass and pussy alternately, she was rocked by his strong thrusts,now almost 30 mis passed like this deepu took out his dick, he asked arun to lie down flat with his 6” cock standing erect like a post.

She told aunty to lie over him, she came to her knees over arun facing his feet, meanwhile arun entered his dick into her ass. Once it went fully in she lied back over arun. He caught her boobs and start pumping. Deepu arranged himself to over both of them and pushed his rod into her mouth. My aunt was in heaven. By this time I spread her legs and came in between.

I pushed my thing into hole and laid over her. My aunty was just like sandwiched in between me and arun who filled her holes tightly and was rampaging. We don’t have any words to describe our pleasure. She was also uttering some words mostly erotic. Like this we worked about half an hour. Aunt was astonished by our stamina, she several times got orgasm by this time.

We were pumping in such a phase that she told us that her pussy will get torn off into pieces. Finally we all ejaculated, deepu in her mouth me and arun in her pussy and ass. We took rest for 15 mins in the same pose. We took some pegs (they brought as per my instruction) and made my aunt drink also which replenished my strength.

Now she sat on me keeping her pussy in my mouth. While she sucked deepus dick. And massaged other. After some minute we laid aunt on bed again and we began to fuck her hardly very hardly exchanging our positions. At the end she was almost exhausted and pleaded to make an end.

We said one two minutes more and we all exhausted again with lots of sperms all over her body. And we take her to bathroom and bathed her. She too bathed us. At last my friends said bye and leaved. We continued our sex. Hope u all enjoyed my story and am sure I made you to masturbate.

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