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Kashmiri couple from Kathua having sex and kissing inside car Kashmiri girl guiding cock into her hairy pussy during sex in missionary position

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Kashif having first time sex with maid Sakina

Dear readers I am kashif (name changed ofcourse) from islamabad pakistan, I am a regular reader since many years and read a thousands of stories posted here and always thought of sharing my own but never got a chance, personaly now I prefer these stories over porn films. I hv had a fair share of females and sex in my life as I am 30 now working in a reputed govt organization

on a nice executive position but life been happier before. to make things spicy I am from a very conservative family and sex was a taboo. I am good looking and normal stature guy with pleasent personality but a very high sex drive. Some times I think I am a sex addict. I am 5'-9" with good health and sharp looks.enough of the background lets get to the point.

the incident which I am going to share here was my first experiance of sex when I was 17 years of age which happened in lahore with the maid in my uncle's(mothers brother) house. my aunt and uncle both use to work with three boys of same age group at home the eldest was 3 years younger then me, and we are all very close so during my summer hollidays after I did my F.Sc.

I went to lahore to get admission in an academy to prepare for entrence exams of Pakistan army. There in the house there was a maid named sakina, she was 14 or 15 of age at that time, dark but very sexy and with a very sexy figure 30-24-32. As my cousins go to school and come back around 2-3pm and my academy timings were 9-11 in the morning

when I use to return home I was alone for 3-4 hrs with sakina. She worked in the house and I use to sit in the room and watch TV or just hang arround her and use to see her working/cleaning etc and always try to see her assets which were hidden uder her tight clothes. she also use to look into my eyes with a devilish smile on her face as she knew what I was thinking at that time.

but I never had enough courage to say any thing to her.so after a week she her self approched me and told me she like me and blah blah and I also told her the same and I Immediately hugged her tight in my arms and we kissed each other. but it was not the time as my cousins were playing arround in the house.

so I let her go and we decided to meet the next day after I come back from academy. whole night we were waiting for the next day I hurriedly came back and as soon as I enter the house I saw her alone and waiting for me and we hugged each other and our lips met and I picked her up and took her to my room where I was staying.

there we lay on the bed in each others arms and starting kissing, I took her lips and my mouth and hold her lower lip with my theeth and sucked on it. in the same time she sucked my upper lip. our hands were moving on each other freely and with my right hand I was holding her but tight and squeezing it and my left hand was in her hair pressing her mouth to me.

she was also doing the same. then she opened her mouth and pushed my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met and we sucked each other for about 15 mins. At that time I never seen a porn movie but only heard and read some b grade stories to know only the basics of sex so that day we olny kissed again and again untill it was time for my cousins to return from school and we were both waiting for the next day.

I also told her to fininsh her work before I came back the next day so there will be more time for us togather. she happily agreed and we said I love u to each other. Next day I discussed it my my only friend and he gave me few tips on how to fuck her and I returned home early because I couldnt wait.

she was also waiting for me and just took a beth and her wet hair were loose and wet on her back. we kissed and I told her to come to my room and she told me in a minute and I went in my room sat on my bed waitng for her. she come in after 5 minutesand was smiling, upon my asking she told me that she was locking the doors and finishing her work.

We again hugged each other and started deep kissing. after 15 mins I told her that I wanted to suck her boobs and she said 'ap jo karna chahte ho kar lo mai rok nahi rahi' then I asked ' apni kameez utaar do' to which she hid her face in her hands and said ' mujhe sharam aati hai plz ap khud karo jo karna hai'

so I make her stand near the bed and I was sitting on the edge and she was standing between my legs hiding her face not looking at me. she was looking so cute and sexy in a yellow kameez(shirt) and a red shalwaar(pants), breathing heavily. I just picked her kameez and pulled it off her body and now she was standing there in white cotton bra and red shalwaar smiling with closed eyes.

I become mad with lust and immediatly started kissing her abdomin and her arms and aal the upper body which I could see naked in front of me. slowly I put my toungue in her navel and started to suck and lick it. she put her arms arround my head with her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her tummy with full force, and moans coming from her mouth,

uuuuummmmmmmmhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh etc. I loved her voice and put my hands on her breasts over the bra. I started squeezing her boobs with both my hands and licking her nevel at the same time. then I pushed her bra up and took out her breasts. wow it was the most amaizing sight I still remember as it was yesterday. I was looking at naked breasts for the first time in my life.

they were hard yet so soft in my hands looked like chocolate icecream scoops with black very small nipples looking like small cherries on the top. they were a perfect round and I never saw breast like those again. i immediatly picked her up and made her lay on the bed next to me and started to kiss and squeez her boobs with all I got.

then I licked her nipples and sucked on them for almost 15 mins. I bite on her boobs with my theeth marks on them and sucked hard untill they got purple in colour. and finally she begged me to stop as she couldnt take it no more. then we again kissed and I put my hand on her shalwaar on her inner thyes and start to rub them.

she closed her legs but after 5 minutes of rubbing and kissing I was able to open her legs wide enough to let my hand to her pussy, it was dripping wet with a wet patch on her shalwaar which showed she was not wearing any panty. i slowly put my hand in her shalwaar and found a dripping wet and cleanly shaved pussy.

I pulled her shalwaar down she hasitated a bit but I looked into her eyes and she let go of my hand and I slowly took off her shalwaar. then I layed down on her started to squeez her buts with both hand and kissing her on her face eyes and lips. then I took her earlobe in my mouth suck it for 2 -3 minutes untill I put my hand on her pussy and started to rub it slowly.

her moans were getting lowder and lowder by the minutes but I was not caring as I knew the house was empty. then I put one my finger in her pussy and she let out small cry in pleasure. closed her eyes with a smile on her face showing she like what I was doing to her. then I finger fucked her for about 5 mins in the mean time I was kissing her face her boobs

and every where I can get my lips on. with my left hand I was holding her but and moving my finger in her ass crack on her back hole also and she was enjoying it to her max. then I got up and decided to complete the final act. she opened her eyes to only see that I was taking my clothes off and got on top of her back in no time. she hugged me tight and I put her hand on my 6" cock.

she start rubing it with her small hand and said "uf kitna garam, sakht and lamba hai" mai daikhu is ko?" i replied "meri jaan ye tumara hai jitna dil kare daikho and is ko pyaar karo" I was feeling in heaven as it was the first time a girl was touching my dick with her lovely strokes. we rolled and she got top of me then got down and examined closely.

she was blushing red but also taking keen interest in my cock then I ask her to kiss it and she did 2 3 fast smooches but hid her face in shyness. i pulled her up and layed her down on the bed. all I knew was that in sex I hv to put my cock in her pussy so I spread her legs wide and layed on her huged her with one arm and guided my dick in her it went in easily

as it was very wet and slippery as soon as got my whole cock in her wet and hot pussy she had her first orgasm and jurked with full force and bit my shoulder hard, to keep her cries in control. soon she relaxed and I started moving in and out with a steady rythm. in about 5 minutes I was ready to come and I exploded in her pussy. putting my seed deep inside her.

as soon as we realized what happened I was so afraid so was she but I was trying to find some excuse to make her relax.after a minute or two she relaxed and we kissed each other and I went to take a bath and she picked her clothes and went to her quarter for bath.

soon the kids returned and we were acting normal as nothing has happened. but giving each other hidden smiles when ever we saw each other. i fucked her daily for the next 15 days till I was in lahore and then returned to my home town after my course with many sweet memories ill tell u details in my next post only if I get good response.

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Mahaveer having first time sex with Preethi

Hello everyone, I’m Mahaveer, do drop me your honest comments if you ike my story I live and work in New Delhi. Let me tell you few things very clearly, I’m not a very hot and handsome 6 feet tall guy; I’m just average looking guy, 5’9” height, but yes I do look cute as my girlfriend used to call me.

I will try my best to re-create one of my unforgettable experiences which was my first time sex experience with a colleague cum friend Preethi and it happened when I was working in Noida. Let me describe her she was 22-23 and was very very fair Kashmiri Pandit girl and had a very sexy body and had 32 sized boobs (I guess) which I used to stare every time.

She used to work in my company as a HR & whenever I saw her, I used to get hard. We used to talk very rarely until I had some problem with one of the leave policy. This time she really helped me a lot and now I found a new feeling of making love with her. Since her cubicle was nearby, whenever see bend down to take or put anything,

I used to see her cleavage and enjoy her boobs but I could never gather courage to tell her or propose her anything. Her mere look was sufficient to excite me. I had noticed one thing that whenever I used to stare her boobs when she bends down, if she saw me staring at her boobs, she doesn't say anything just give me a naughty smile and carry on with her work in a more seductive manner.

This gave me more courage to express my sexual desires to her but I did not proceed in this till one day she came with a low cut top and jeans in which she was looking damn sexy and as soon I saw her my dick raised up and my sex desires awakened she came inside the counter greeted me and smiled,

I also greeted her & then I deliberately dropped some papers so she bent to pick them up and as she was picking up the paper, I was also going on high. It seemed like beauty of entire universe was clasped inside her tight push up bra. I saw that most part of her but I got so stocked up in her boobs wrapped in her white bra that she saw me staring her and she said what happened Veer.

I got in my senses and was trying to hide the bulge in my pants then she smiled again and this time it was very naughty smile and she said I know what r u looking at and what you want. I pretended like I don't know anything as to "what I want" she said that She knew my thoughts and she knew what I want. This was the eye catcher for me and this assured me that she is also of my type.

Then I came close to her and said in her ears that I saw her in my dreams and used to think of her all night. She said then what do you want I said that I want to make love with you; she smiled on this and boldly said I also loved u and She always knew that I always wanted to say something.

Then I got more courage and said I want to kiss you she said not now come to my house tonight as my parents are going outstation for a relatives marriage. I said then I will drop u at you home and then enjoy our love she said control Veer !! u r going crazy as others are also there are some people around then I calm down and in the night

I rode her on my bike and she said to come inside her house I get in with her and closed the door and then I took her in my arms and we both were madly kissing each other. I was holding here in my arms tightly and my tongue was playing with her tongue then my hand moved in front and got hold of her boobs and I was playing with her boobs and kissing then while kissing

I took her up and carried her to her bedroom then closed the door and I broke the kiss and started undressing her, she also undressed me in a very erotic manner. We took almost 5 mins to undress each other. By now my 6’ cock got up like a spring and touched her lips as she was on her knees and she got hold of it and started sucking and licking it

I must accept this mouth job was the better than what I’d have ever imagined it to be. this went on for some 10 mins then I took her up and made her lie on the bed and started licking her clit and we were in 69 position and were licking each other I was licking her cunt and she was licking my cook she was so god in licking that she made me cum in her mouth within 10 min.

then I also complimented her and make her cum twice and while licking I inserted my fingers in her cunt to which she twitched, moaned loudly and said Veer I love you and tonight I am all yours do what you want to do with me no one is there to stop you. I'm all yours! Make love with me, don’t stop and don’t sleep as long as you are here, love me.

On hearing this I thought that my dreams of getting making love with her will now become true and I got more exited and started kissing her all over and sucking her boobs and her moans were getting louder and louder and the whole room filled up with her soft sexy sound of moaning.

I was also getting mad in kissing her after one hour of kissing and licking she was so hot that she said “I can’t bear this anymore, please make love with me, I’m hungry for your love”. She wrapped a condom on my tool and guided my tool towards her pussy and placed it at its entrance and said Veer “do it slowly, this is my first time”.

I was in mood of teasing her, so I rubbed her hot clit with my cock and I tried my best to stimulate her before the intercourse.. this went on for 3 minutes. Then I tried to push my cock inside her but her pussy was tight and my cock could not go inside her in first thrust so I pushed myself again!

This time I pushed harder and in two more pushes, my cock was inside her and she was in pain and I asked if it is hurting her? She just said do what you want, I want to make love with u and enjoy these days with you completely I m all yours then I started with soft oscillatory motion and her pain subsided in pleasures of our love making and we both were enjoying it

and she was also cooperating with me in this love making. Then after some time her body started to tighten up and I knew she was reaching the climax and I was reaching to the same so I started pushing her faster and harder and we both exploded almost at the same time and I came inside her pussy and filled my cum inside her and my cock got limp

inside her but I did not pulled it out kept it there and we both got exhausted and we were in each other’s arms and lie on the bed after some time we got up and went inside the bathroom to clean up and then inside the bathroom again we got locked in kissing and sucking each other. I fucked her there in the bathtub and with shower. After a little shower we both came out.

We were hungry and decided to eat little and then again came to the bedroom and again started our fucking session and we both planned to took off for the next two days and enjoy our love as there will be no tomorrow and we both enjoyed fucking each other in all possible ways in those three days and I loved her very much.

I must admit that this was my first and probably unforgettable love making session which I had with my colleague cum girlfriend “Preethi”, this whole thing continued for 6 months, we had fun whenever possible we also went on a small honeymoon to “Mussoorie” there we had numerous hot love making session some of which were

(i) making love in the middle of the night when you are totally surrounded by fog and mist (ii) the early morning session before going to bath etc. When we came back, her parents forced her to marry to a boy of their own cast. So I was left heartbroken and I have decided that I won’t make commitment as loving someone is very easy but forgetting them very tough.

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Wife fucked by husbands boss for job

Hi this is ramesh(john tooo) here. Me and wife use to read sex stories published here for a long time. It was my wife told me to disclose our life experience in this head.she got the idea from chat friend which is narrated there story recently. My wife was a village girl during our marriage.she has a nice figure and her boob size was 32 during marriage.

But with in one year it comes up to 36. She likes to keep hairy pussy. She has hair in armpit too. I am a person who likes to expose my wife sexually and I insisted her to do so. I am able to satisfy her 100% with my 7 inch cock. We use to go out for trip and tour once in a 3 months.

During that she use to expose more and sometime we did sex from room keeping our window open. During our office party she use wear her saree to show the navel and belly. At that time we started reading stories here. I had strange idea of showing our sex to family members and allowing my wife to fuck with a different person and do the threesome.

for the purpose ii brought a lot of sex cdd’s and we watched that. But she rejected all these ideas. Once I got a suspension from my office due to some mistake in accounts register based on audit report. Within one month all our family expenses comes to halt. Without salary it is very difficult run the day today expenses. It will take 3 or 4 month to rejoin my present job.

I spoke to my boss and manager about it. During the argument he got angry and told, if I am coming with my wife for a night I will be reinstated on the very next day. Immediately I answered I am ready for that. I will try to accept this by my wife. They are not expected this answer from me.

He told me ” ok man, this weekend my home members will not be their at home, we will settle there”.for me this is wonderful opportunity to agree my wife for a gang bang. After reaching home I discussed about it to my wife. She is not agreed first. So that I told her they will not fuck her, only thing she wanted do is a nude dance and oral sex.

Otherwise all of our family members will suffer for it. It will be very much secret also. My wife replied she don’t knows any western dance, only thing she use to do dance at school programs.i shown some blue film cd’s to show her vulgar dance which no need of any steps. At he end of our discussion she agreed with a condition that she will not allow to fuck them.

Saturday evening boss called me and inquired about my decision. I told him about my wifes decision and advised him fuck her once she aroused. I told we are on the way to his home.boss aged 42 178 cm hight and around 80-85 kg weight. Manager is a small personality lean and not a strong guy.

By the time we reached his home boss and manager waiting for us with 2 glass of bear and 2 bottles with one bottle wine and 2 empty glass. Boss came outside to welcome us and closed the gate and door. Boss told us that we will move to his bedroom. It was a big spacious room with enough space. As per our plan we brought some hindi film song’s cd.

Our plan is to dance as per the music and remove dresses one by one to become nude. We put music and she started dancing. She is not good enough in dancing. But once she removed her sari and petticoat, she looks like a sex god. She moved her boob and ass in a vulgar manner and all the man started raising their dick inside the dress.

I myself not believed that she can dance like the bitch what we saw in the cd. Both of my superiors started dance with her and tasting bear from the glass. One of them put wine in 2 glasses and given to us. They started fondling her body in between the dance. Than my wife slowly removed her pink color bra showing her white milk tank.

She moved her boobs bending in front of boss and manager, teased them touching her boobs on there face. Suddenly boss pulled her to his lap. She got tired with dance and turned to me showing by her hand to reduce the volume. My boss directly put his mouth on her boobs and started chewing her erected nipples. I got to knows that things are changing now.

Manager started removing his dress and becomes nude showing his erected pennis. It was small around 4.5 or 5inch. My wife herself removed boss’s dress. Once she pulled down his underwear she opened his mouth and smiled to him and told ” you are really grate”. I wondered how big it is.

All the three moved to bed. Boss told to sit nearby bed so that he will get a higher satisfaction. Also told me become nude. I am in a feeling that my longtime fantasy of my wife with others coming true now.both of them started fondling my wifes boobs and entire body from both side. Manager pulled her panty down. She helped him to keep her waist up.

Than my boss pulled my wifes hand and made her to sit on bed facing his semi erected dick. She opened her mouth to accommodate that big dick in her mouth and sucked including his hanging balls. At the same time manager fondled her boobs and ass from behind and moved his hand under her legs to reach her vaginal part which she never allowed others to touch.

He rubbed her pussy and moved his fingers around the pussy hair. My wife started making small sounds and moans. After sometime boss pulled his cock from her mouth. Now it was grown like an iron rod. I thin it will be 7.5 or 8 inch, black color with a lot of hairs. Than she moved to manager’s dick and started sucking.his dick was shaved and kept clean.

Once all comes to a mood boss told my wife to serve a glass of bear to them and wine to herself. She did it. She came to sexy mood and started acting like a call girl now. She is not watching me at all.than she kept her position in bed between them. Boss’s fingers reached to her hairy pussyhole. He did a nice fingering their.

My wife moned lie anything….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmaaaaa……oooooooooooo. Than managers turn came. He moved his head to her pussy and started licking. My wife vigorously moaned again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa don’t stop it…aaaaaaaaaa do it….than boss saw my face and smiled and asked my wife can I serve my little man to your pussy hole.

She saw my face, I answered ” why not sir, but please wear cover and protect” I took a nirod and given to both of them. My wife accepted that and wore it to his pennis. Otherone given to manager which he himself wore. Than boss came on my wife keeping his pennis between her legs.

She parted her leg and kept open her pussyhole to accommodate his large manhood and by using one hand helped him to insert in to her and moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaahimmmmm ***humm. She turned to me smiled. I thought she is thanking me for such a wonderful opportunity. Slowly he started pumping my wife.

Boss told manager that once he finished he will give her to him.than my wife came on top.she helped him to get a nice fuck sitting on his lap mooing up and down. Her boobs were flying like a balloon. He pressed with his hand pinched the hard erected nipples.entire bed started moving as per there movement. Than he pushed her and turned her upside down and did donkystyle fucking.

My wife was moaning like anything..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa and she is not missed any opportunity’s to see me and smile. Than he pulled her down and parted her legs holding it with maximum pressure fucked her. Than bend her both legs to her face and fucked hard…she was moaning and started reaching her final aaaaaaaaaaaa I am cummingg.

Aaaaaaaa oooo fuck me, fuck me… Aaaaa rameshhh.. Fuck me..i saw her wet pussy started oozing.boss with a cry told oooooooo my sexy I am cumming aaaaa. Once he took out his dick from my wifes pussy hole I saw a load of cum in his nirod overflowing. He sat on the bed. Than manager started fucking my wife.his penis was small so not much moan came from my wife.

He likes my wife on top all time. Once he cummed, I turned my face to boss’s dick.it was grown again and ready for a war again. he slowly removed his nirod and told my wife to drink the cum which is their inside, she don’t have any other way, she drank it like a juice smiling to him and told its very much tasty. Than she pulled her to his lap.

I told him “no sir please don’t do it without cover”. He shouted me “you shut up man, I am going to fuck her ass hole now, I don’t want to gift a child to you. He tried to insert in her asshole.. It was not wet and very tight. So my wife pulled manager’s nirod from his dick and pour all cum in to her mouth, than covered it to his dick. Than boss pushed his man inside.

It went inside with a cry from my wife. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaaa,a aaappaaaaa, sirrrrrrrr please finish as soon as possible.she moved up and down slowly. Slowly she increased the speed. I saw his entire pennis inside her asshole which I couldn’t believe. I also ass fucked her previously, but only a half of my pennis use to put inside.

Within sometime boss cummed again and it started overflowing from her ass, boss told her to stop. She stand up and fell down to bed. From their she turned her head to manager. He told “enough my little girl. You are really sexy baby, we are lucky to get you here”. We all laughed. She told ” thank youuuuuu”. She turned to boss and thanked him.

He told her that monday I can rejoin to my work and enjoy. She requested her to release the previous month salary on monday. Boss by sitting their opened the door of the table nearby and took two bundle of notes and given to her telling it will not consider in your husband’s account.also he told that it is not a payment for what she did only a gift from him.

Also she made them to agreed that in future they will not do any harm full work to me for one more night with her. I still not cummed as I forget to masturbate, busy in watching my wife with my boss and manager. We both wore our dress back. Boss told they are going to bathroom now. Wife while coming back given a kiss on there lips and we came back to home.

First thing after reaching our home she told me to lick her pussy and asshole. As she knows that now I can’t deny at that point of time. Than I took her to bathroom and bath her. Once I came back from bathroom she started sleeping. Next day morning she thanked a lot for the yesterdays wonderful opportunity and she agreed that she enjoyed a lot,

only thing she don’t like is I am not the part of it. We went for a shopping on that day and we met boss with his beautiful wifeand children at shopping mall. His wife informed my wife that they are decided to take back me to the same post. After reaching home my wife told that she don’t know why my boss likes to fuck other;s keeping such a beauty in home. Hope I made u cum...please pass sexy comments...

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Sex flight of horny cheater wife

Hai, this is Hema from Chennai. I used to read erotic stories at office to distress me sometimes and slowly gained interest and thanks to Human Digest, I found the greatest stress buster of my life.

Initially sex was taboo for me, but as I read on stories from the past 6 months or so, I developed a curiosity and also found it is after all not wrong or evil if you have an extra indulgence once in a while after all we are all human beings and we must submit to our needs.

It so happened being married and that too from a traditional Brahman family, my life revolved only around my husband Ramesh. And any fantasy beyond him was unimaginative. And no other men were of any interest to me. Ramesh was a structural engineer and was always engrossed well in the construction industry.

I was working for an IT company and usually had to co-ordinate with head office at Bangalore. And I had to report to my senior Mr.Khan there. I used to talk to him long hours over phone about projects and software developments and sometimes decoding and trouble shooting. He was an expert in his field and would give advice very brilliantly.

I was always overwhelmed by this guy and his brilliance, but never had a chance to meet him. We just spoke over phone and never had met directly. Out of no where a project came up at Seoul, Korea. We had to go to Korea for an American client who was planning a base in Korea.

Our tickets were booked on Thai airlines. I flew from Chennai and Khan flew from Bangalore. Our connecting flight from Bangkok was one and the same and we would land together at Seoul. The travel agent made all arrangements and also pre booked our seats for the entire journey.

After a midnight flight to Bangkok, I landed early in the morning at Suvarnabhumi international airport. My onward flight was at 10.00 am or so. We had boarding tickets issued until Inchon international airport, Seoul, Korea. A gate number for flight departure was announced and I went towards my gate after morning wash and a few refreshments.

I went towards my boarding gate and while walking I heard someone calling me Hema, loud and clear and I turned back to see an Indian well over 6 feet, masculine, Dark and handsome. I asked him, Are you Mr, Khan ? and he in his filmy style said, yes, My Name is Khan...... Hamid Khan.

How did you know that I am Hema I queried. To which he replied, simple, You are the only Indian I could see near this departure gate and also I have seen your documents that were sent to me for Visa. Visa was done at Bombay, for Korea, but my papers were sent to Bangalore where they got bunched up with Khans papers and official sponsorship and sent to Bombay by the travel agent.

We then went to our departure gate and sat next to each other. He said that I was looking awesome and as per his imagination. The name Hema caught my fancy and I imagined that you may be as beautiful as Hema Malini in her hey days, but you look much better than her, he said. I thought this guy has started flirting right away, but I was sort of enjoying it.

There was something unusual about this guy,I generally do not give a damn second look to anyone, but this guy was too strong enough to resist a second look followed by many such looks. I was wondering what is happening to me, as this is guy is not that great a looker, but still handsome enough to grab my attention.

I never felt this way, but maybe because of my admiration to him and also because we are alone in a foreign land and the excitement of visiting a beautiful country for the first time was driving me crazy. We spoke about various issues and each of his word was making me more impressed and attracted to him.

At first I thought it is just admiration and nothing else, but later on I discovered, it was everything else rather than just attraction. And before boarding he purchased a Burberry spray for women and gifted to me saying that you will smell well. Soon we had to board the flight, it was a stop over flight and not a direct one.

This flight had a commercial stop at Taipei for 2 hours for refuelling and for more passenger ferry. Our seats were 14 b and 14 c, a middle seat and an aisle seat. I hate to get sandwiched between two seats, but Khan was towering well over 6 feet and requested me to allow him the Aisle seat. Since the ticketing was done by company travel agent, the pre booked seats were together from Bangkok.

After having settled in my seat, I was growing restless. I was getting more and more attracted to this guy and did not know what to do. To keep my embarrassment down, I drank a couple of glasses of water which the hostess gave with a perfect smile. After take off, Khan dozed off as he said that his flight from Bangalore was a disturbed one as they had a very turbulent ride depriving of his night sleep.

Lunch was served on board, but this guy slept without bothering for lunch. After lunch and again a couple of juices and water after the lunch I too dozed of. Without my knowledge I had bent upon him and he too was unmindful of the fact that I a total stranger to him till we met is cooling on his shoulders. I was woken up with a pressure to relieve myself.

I had consumed a lot of water and wanted to piss. But how do I go, there was this man on my right and I did not wish to wake him up. I could not wait any longer and planned to take the plunge of crossing over him. I succeeded to go out, attend the natures call and now had to jump back to my seat again.

While doing so I accidentally stepped over his shoe and he woke up with a startle and without realizing he touched me on my breast while standing up. He said many sorry times, but it had no effect on me, as his electric touch no longer felt wrong to me and I was actually craving for more.

Having seen no angry reaction, from me, he started talking to me, but this time the topic was on the hot massages and girls of Bangkok. I did try to find out if he had any massage experience and he gave me a complete detail about a massage that he had on his last visit to Thailand and also about nude beaches in Pattaya and Phuket.

All this was definitely arousing me and I my nipples were rock hard and the protruding shape can be seen from my yellow Tee. So I took a blanket and covered me with it. after a little dirty talk he elbowed me. I remained silent. he slowly lifted his left hand and with his elbow touched my right boob. I said Khan sahib, lok dekhlenge.

I dont know why I said this, but he got the signal, that I was not against flirting, but was just scared about people. He said do not worry as no one will see if we cover ourselves with a blanket and usually couples do share a blanket and so saying he took the blanket and spread across on both of us.

He slowly slid his hand under the blanket and this time had the audacity to cup my boob directly. I could not control myself. I wanted to kiss him. I held his hand and pressed it hard, but he directed my hand to his tool. It did seem big, but his jeans was not giving much pleasure.

The flight was dark, it was a day flight, but the sun is very bright and shades are always down and the lights in flight were also switched off. He slowly unzipped his pants and removed his tool. But all this under the cover of blanket. His tool was out, but I could not see, and I just placed my hand on it. and slowly stroked it. he could not take it any longer and got up from the seat.

He said, im going to bathroom, pls. Follow me after a few minuets and come into the bathroom. I said okay, but I did not have the courage to go after him and I just remained seated. He came after 5 minutes and asked what happened, I said im scared. He said, I will go to the bathroom at the back of the flight, and since all the passengers are faced towards the flight, they will not know that we have both entered in the same toilet.

But still I was scared to go. This continued for a few minutes when there was an announcement and the Pilot said, that we are nearing Taipei and requested all passengers to be seated and the seat belt sign was on. So he had to return and take his place. We landed at Taipei international airport and as per aviation rule of that country all passengers should disembark the flight including those who had onward journey to Seoul.

The transit passengers were guided to a different location or a gate of transit flight, the resident passengers were guided to the immigration area and the onward passengers like us were guided to hall, where we were given passes to board the flight again. The flight was totally disembarked for refuelling, security checking and cleaning purpose and we had a break of about 2 hours.

As soon as we got down and settled in the Lounge at Taipei, he asked me for a walk around. He said that lets go to a secluded place where there shall be no one. Usually all international airports will be crowded with passengers at the departure gates and other gates will be empty.

I wanted him as badly as he wanted me. So I made a plan and said I wanted to use the washroom and I knew for sure that he would follow me. And when I neared the women bathroom, I noticed a bathroom for special people, a bathroom for the underprivileged or handicap people. These bathrooms are usually very big in size and not crowded at all.

So I just went in and locked. I heard a knocking and opened the door to find Khan. I asked him, what now ? let me in he said ? why I asked ? I wanna pee as well he said ? okay, you go ahead and I will wait outside I said, but before I could do anything, he came in and slid the door shut.

I tried to show some resistance, though it was not my intention, but I cannot be a complete slut or he would think im a whore. My pleads to stop fell on deaf years and my mouth met with his wet tongue and started exploring the inner depths like a professional in this art as well. He planted kisses after kisses and sucked my mouth dry.

He pressed my boobs hard and took all the liberties to free me of my clothing. I was there in a white racy bra which went out as well in the blink of an eye. My well endowed milkish white possession of desire was raided by his lustful mouth and the other was pounded with his hand as hard as possible.

He sucked them so hard that I was taken by pain and pleasure and hand slowly treaded towards his pants. I caught his tool and pressed hard from above the pant. He closed the closet and asked me to sit on it. he removed his pant and also his Viking underwear and his clean shaved circumcized, member was right in front if me. It looked cute to see a neat member without the foreskin.

He asked me to take in my mouth. Here is a complete stranger who wants me to blow him, a job which I have never ever done to my husband as well. I protested but that fell on deaf years. He pulled my hair back and when I opened my mouth in pain, he inserted his tool and started pumping in.

He pushed him, but by now I had tasted a penis and within me I was like okay let me take in again. He again tried to push back and this time I took the cute thing in and started stroking. He was so built up on pressure, that within seconds he unloaded in my mouth and the force was such that it directly hit my inner portions of my throat, I wanted to remove it,

but this guy took hold of my hair from behind my head and held my head against him more strongly and I could not free myself. Shots after shots went in, how much can I control and a few shots went deep down the throat. He was done and removed his tool, I was like yuck and started to goggle and was very very angry for sperming my mouth.

This is one thing that I could not digest but was made to digest. He had a satisfied look, but I was angry and wanted to go out, but he held my hand and slid his another hand in my pants while mouth kissing me. This was rousing me again and he asked me now to stand on the seat and removed my pants.

I never wear an underwear when I wear my jeans as it becomes too hot for me. I was now in full flow of my vitals and he started licking my bush. He stroked it, licked it and did everything that he lusted and I too was feeling good about it. He then opened his bag, took out a blanket and spread it down.

He asked me to lie down, spread my legs and started kissing in again, he fingered me deep in and also licked me inside, his warm tongue was playing with my hot pussy and I was getting ecstatic. In no time he had a tool bigger and better than the previous erection. Or maybe I thought so.

Al this dirty playing made him hard and erotic. Since time was running out, I said no more plays. He placed his bag under my head and then pulled me towards him and inserted his tool in my pool. It was an amazing feel filled with fear of being caught. But he said in those countries act like these and in closed doors do not initiate legal action.

He started pumping me hard and also pressing my boobs. After about a few minutes all I knew was hot cum shooting deep inside me and filling my pussy. It was done for the first time with a stranger in a toilet of an international airport. I bet if anyone would have ever had an opportunity as such.

We washed ourself and walked out, to the surprise of the cleaning staff who was staring at us in disbelief. We just ran towards our gate and sat there without any further discussion. It was time to board our final lap of flight and we went into air. This journey was more a relaxed one, as we had our in flight meals and also slept for sometime.

We landed at Incheon International airport and after immigration and clearance, picked our luggage, took a taxi to our hotel, Walker Hill Sheraton at Seoul downtown in Gwang Jin gu area and though our company provided 2 rooms, we checked in 2 rooms, but stayed together in one room. We had a wonderful sex filled 2 weeks stay apart from work. Now back in Chennai, he in Bangalore, life goes on as usual...

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Hello everyone, my name is Peter - I hail from South India and have been working in Texas as a Software Engineer for the past two years. My wife is also a software consultant and works for another client in the same city. I am a person with a very high libido. Although I am happily married and dearly love my wife, I always used to masturbate reading and dreaming about having extra-marital affairs.

The very thought of having an affair used to tingle me a lot and I have been craving for such an experience all my life. Unfortunately I never got the chance to have sex with anyone other than my wife until just a month back. I wanted to narrate that experience with my fellow readers.

I recently got the opportunity to work from home on alternate days since I had to share my cube with another co-worker due to shortage of space at our office. Since the cube was too small to accommodate two individuals comfortably, our manager suggested that we work from home on alternate days - alternating between the both of us.

After having started to work from home, I got more time to myself and started visiting my apartment's fitness center for about an hour in the afternoon. That's where I met Priya which finally led to this mind blowing affair. There are a lot of desi families staying in our apartment complex, most of whom are software consultants.

In most of the cases, its just the husband who goes to work and the wives would be at home alone most of the day. Priya also belonged to that group. I met Priya the first day I went to the fitness center. She was working out on the treadmill when I entered the gym. She was facing the door and smiled and said hello when I stepped in. I used the treadmill next to hers.

She left after about an hour. This was the very first day of me meeting Priya and I never thought this would lead to anything. To describe about her, she was around 5' 6'' and having a medium complexion. She didn't look very athletic but had good curves at the right places. I guessed that she would just have started going to the gym to tone her body more. Overall she looked good.

Over the next few days, I came to understand that she was a regular at the gym and used to go there at the same time daily, between 3 to 4pm. We got to get more and more acquainted and started having good conversations while walking on the treadmill. She told me all about herself, that she also hails from South India and have been married for about 2 years.

She is around 27 years of age. Her husband is working as a software consultant. She doesn't have any kids and they are not planning for one until after a year more. Finally after about a month or so, we had become very good friends. My evil brain started fantasizing about her and how it would be like to have an affair with her.

I didn't see any explicit responses or moves, but I felt that she trusts me fully because she was very open while talking with me. One day, while talking about movies, she mentioned about wanting to watch a particular movie which I luckily had in my laptop. I considered it as a good opportunity to invite her to my home and told her I have that movie in my laptop and she may come to my apartment to copy it.

She readily agreed to that we walked to my apartment. She was sitting on my couch and me besides her. She went thought all the movies that I had in my laptop and was very much interested in my movie collection. Unfortunately, the thumb drive that I had could hold only one movie and she took it with her.

This started becoming a practice and we used to come back to my apartment after gym and she would copy a movie every day. I was always trying to see if I could read her mind and whether I could make any sexual moves. I know that its the guy who has to make the first move. Unfortunately, I didn't have any prior experience in this field and didn't the get the courage to make the move.

Also, I didn't see any explicit positive response from her end. Finally, I got the courage when she mentioned that she doesn't tell her husband about visiting my apartment and about the movies. She said she hides the thumb-drive from her husband and only watches the movie when he goes to office the next day.

This made me very bold and I told her that we can watch the movies at my apartment itself instead of taking it to her place and her watching it alone. Yes! She agreed to that and had a mischievous smile on her face - That was the break I was waiting for all these days.

The next day we decided to meet after lunch at my apartment. She didn't even mention about going to the gym. This gave me a hint that she might also be planning for something. The day I was anticipating her arrival, I changed to a sleeveless t-shirt and didn't wear an underwear under my shorts. She came at around 2pm and knocked on my door. I opened the door and let her in.

She was looking amazing in a tight fitting t-shirt and a Nike sweat pants. Her clothes were sticking to her body and instantly got a hard-on. I was walking behind her following her to the couch where we sat next to each other. I kept a pillow on my lap to hide my erection.

We started the movie. She was sitting on my right side, very close to me and our thighs were touching lightly. I could sense that there was something in her mind. She was not talking much that day and was sweating a little in spite of having the AC on. I knew that this was the time to finally make my moves. I casually put my arm over the couch so that it touched her right shoulder lightly.

She didn't object but let out a subtle sigh. We were in that position for quite some time when she told she's feeling sleepy after having a heavy lunch and stretched her hands. Her left hand hit my face and I immediately bit one of her fingers and didn't let it go off my mouth. She was breathing heavily and laughing and asked me to let go off her finger.

I let it go and told her it was the punishment for hitting my face. I told her she can lie down on the couch and watch the movie if she's feeling sleepy. I slowly moved to the end of the couch and removed the pillow that was hiding my erection. She lied down and her head was resting on my thigh. My dick was oozing precum and it was visible from outside my shorts.

She didn't notice that since her head was facing the direction of the TV. I could notice that she was breathing heavily and could see her nipples poking out of her bra and the tight t-shirt. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air. We both knew how this is going to end up. Her forehead was sweating and I realized that she got turned on 100 percent.

I was also very horny but controlled myself and decided to take it very slow to prolong the excitement. After some time, I saw that her eyes were closed as if she was sleeping. I took it as an opportunity and tickled her on her tummy asking her to wake up. She was like a play thing in my hands. I knew I can take the next giant step any time, but still prolonged it.

She was again watching the movie and after some time she turned and adjusted herself so that her t-shirt rode up a little exposing her round and deep navel. This was my first time seeing her navel and I finally lost my control. I slowly put my hand on her navel, circled her navel and said you have a wonderful navel and it is making me horny. She just sighed and smiled.

I finally reached a stage where I could not hold any longer and lowered my head and planted a kiss on her lips. She opened up her lips and we kissed like first time lovers. Our tongues were caressing and I slowly inched my hand below her sweat pants. She twitched her body and was moaning. My fingers reached her mount and her pussy was dripping wet.

I spread her precum all over her pussy and massaged her wet clitoris. We got up and I led her to the bedroom. We jumped onto bed and I was on top of her kissing her. I slowly removed her top and licked the top of her breasts. She helped remove her bra and forced my mouth on her nipples. I nibbled and sucked on her nipples.

I could understand that she was enjoying this a lot from her facial expressions and from her eyes burning with lust. I stood up and tore away all my clothes. She raised herself an I slid off her pants and underwear and threw them aside. There she was - looking sexy and beautiful - all for me. My precum was dripping and fell on her thighs.

I swabbed it on my finger and let her suck it dry. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. I reached out with my tongue and licked all her juices from her pussy. It was tasting awesome. She was twitching uncontrollably from all the pleasure it was giving her. She forced me on top of her since she was turned on fully and wanted me inside her immediately.

I took my penis in my hand and drew circles on her pussy. It was sliding smoothly over her pussy with both our juices. I kissed and sucked her lips and slowly tried to slide my dick into her. It didn't go in at the first two attempts since both our organs were very slippery and wet. She finally guided it with her hand and I slowly inserted it into her inch my inch.

Her pussy was very tight and I was enjoying every inch to the fullest. I stayed like that for some time and slowly started moving in and out. I asked her if it is OK to cum in her and she said she's on pills. I was not sure if I would last long but tried to control until she gets an orgasm. After some time she closed her eyes and embraced me tightly.

She said she's cumming and clasped me with her hands. I was also on the verge of cumming. We were moaning loud and uncontrollably. I ejaculated uncontrollably and in huge quantities. I could feel her vagina clasping and milking my twitching dick.

We lay there for some more time and I again started kissing her on her lips. She had a very bright smile on her face from which I could tell she just had a wonderful sexual experience. My dick was still inside her and I slowly pulled it out. I took a paper towel and cleaned the juices that was dripping out of her. I can say this was the hottest sex I every had in my life.

We cleaned and dressed ourselves. She said she wants to go back to her apartment and was not looking into my eyes. I let her go this time. The next day I was again feeling very horny thinking about the last day's experience and was not sure whether she would visit me any more. Surprisingly, there was a knock on my door at around the same time and yeah, it was Priya.

We again had another round of steaming sex and continue enjoying ourselves to this day. Please let me know your comments. I can post about my further experiences with her if you guys are interested. Please let me know.

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