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Rakesh fucking cousin sister in hall

Hi this is rakesh from mumbai.I am 25 yrs old and the story I m going to tell is of arround two years back. We have a very big family.WHenever there is any function or any issue we come togather to get a solution. In this case my grnadfather was very serious and my house was full of people. I have a cousin sister who is married and is having a 3 yrs old child.

I always had a crush on her.she was 5.4 inch and had a sexy ass.she was fair and smooth skin.She was suppose to come that night. That day slept on the hall with everyone. Around 3 am I felt that there was someone's leg on my stomach. I just kept hand on that leg and what I felt is such a silky skin.. and I took my hand till tighs and there was no cloth till there...

Oh man I opend my eyes and I saw my cousin's leg but her child was sleeping between us.I could see that her sarre went totally to her waist and her legs were naked. I just rubbed my hand on them..Oh.... I could not stop myself and I started kissing them slowly..she was sleeping and did not know that I m kissing her legs and licking them...

I moved her child little aside and slept beside her took the blanket on both of us..kept my face infront of her breast and to my surprise her blouse hooks where already removed with only one remaining...I kissed her navel like anything and licked them....with My other hand I slowly pulled up her sarre a little and put my hand into her panty.... and I could feel hairy pussy.....my rod stood up.

I unhooked her last button of the blouse looking at her face..wat if she gets up. now she was in boobs were visable to mee with bra....i just huged her and kissed her boobs....and I was rubbing my rod on her panty... Oh shit she opened her eyes...I pretended to sleep huging her......but she came to know what I was doing...she just pushed me back,

hooked her blouse, puled her saree down and turned her back and slept...But I was not done till now... I again put my hand on her waist making sum sound as if I m puting my hand while sleeping..she pushed my hand back.. with a lot of courage I just again hugged her tighly from behind and this time my rod was touching her ass..she did not do anything....

i slowly kept rubbing my rod behind her.... I also started running my hand on her stomach.....Ater 5 mins I stoped them to check whether she slept or not...but to my surprise...she took my hand towards her breast.....I was so hot by the time......I just press her breasts with my hands.. she also responded...

then with my other hand I unhooked her bra from behind and released her boobs..I was kissing her on her back and then neck..slowly I came down and pulled her saree up... and could see her sexy ass with black panty on it...i kissed her on her ass checks....i was doing this inside the blanket..slowly I moved her wet panty a little and started rubbing her pussy with my hand...

she moaned slowly..then I inserted the middle finger inside her love hole and I was fucking her with my finger...she started moving her ass in fucking position....after that I went a little closer and kept my tongue near her hole licked it with my tongue...her sweet pussy was having such a grt taste..her volume raised...

I got a little afraid as there was my mom sleeping beside her child and also other people.After fucking her with my tongue....she got really horny...When I came kissing her ass to her back and neck....she told me in a low voice....give me ur dick...I opened my shorts and my six inch handsome came out....I took her hands to my dick...

she took it in her hands and started feeling it....i was enjoying her boobs by that time...then she slowly wisphered in my ears....RAKESH I WANT TO FEEL UR DICK IN MY PUSSY....I WANT THAT FEEL....i told her...WE DON'T HAVE ANY PROTECTION......she was really horny and had nothing to hear....she just said..

IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYTHING TO ME FUCK ME WITH UR DICK....RIGHT NOW....as she said....i did not even wait for a second....just lifted her ass a little up placed my dick between her ass checks......she guided my dick to her love hole with her hands then I just inserted my dick without a condom.... OooooOH...it pained a little but when my dick got totally inside..

got little wet....she opened her mouth wide.....i just kept my hand on her mouth so that she could not make any sound.....i could feel her pussy....it felt like heaven inside it.....she was just enjoying the fuck. I just hugged her tightly from behind and kept on fucking her from behind...after 5 mins...she layedher boobs down and I went on her fucking her ass...

bye sleeping on her...... after a long fuck.... I was to cum......she said......put it on my asshole........i want it there,...i just removed my dick and cummed everything on her asshole....which also went down to her pussy....she started rubbing her pussy with her hand enjoying my cum on it....

I told her I am going to wash my dick in washroom....she stood up and came with me...she pushed me inside and locked the door from inside. She bent down took my rode in her hand and gave me a fantastic blowjob...my dick was touching her inner-throught...Oh. it was totally inside her mouth....i got charged....she was still in the saree around her waist...

I just sat on the kamot (western style toilet)..pulled her towards me and she readily came and sat on my dick.....i just removed her blouse and bra....and was maddly kissing her boobs....she said do not leave and love bite.....as her husband may come to know...i was sucking them and licking her armpits.....it smelled so grt......

i fucked her for around 20 mins......after a hardcore fuck she pulled up her saree....put her bra and blouse....got ready to go out.....i pulled her to me and gave her a lip lock.....for around 5 mins.....huging each other tightly.......Atlast she said... U R SO VERY HOT.....WILL MEET U SOON IN THIS SITUATION...i said...I WILL BE WAITING FOR IT SEXY...

then she went out and saw if all are sleeping then she waved hand to me so I went out.... she slept in her place and pulled her child towards her... and I slept at my place... within 1 hour we had to wake up.....My grandpa got perfectly alright... and all had to leave... it was the last night she was sleeping in our house...she was wearing a nighty...will let u know about this story next time....

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Fucking with virgin girl Neelima

I am aryan, 27 years old staying in Delhi.The story I am going to tell is few years old. At that time I was in college. I joined a college and due to heavy demand of hostel rooms, I couldn’t get a room in the hostel. So I took a room in the nearby location and started staying there. It was a family of four, husband, wife, a son and a daughter.

They were having a shop and father and son used to sit on the shop and their mom was working as teacher in some school. The daughter Neelima was in class 12 and was around 5'3?, fair, long black silky hairs, big eyes and must be 34-30-36. Her size must be around B. As I used to come back from college at around 2 and her mom used to come around 4,

so everyday it was just she and me in the house, but I never had any courage to talk with her. We just used to watch each other and some time a small smile. One day when I was sitting in my room after coming back from college, she came in my room and asked if I could teach her some math as she was having some issues in solving her math questions.

I was really happy and accepted it immediately. So from that day onward I started helping her in her math problems. We used to work till 4 and she always left before her mother came, so her mother never knew that she was coming to my room. I just had a bed, so we used to sit on bed and study there only.

Initially we used to talk about math only, but slowly she started opening up and started talking about other things. Now she also started wearing some sexy dresses also. I always got the hard on when teaching her. One day while talking she asked me if I had a girl friend. I was shocked and she smiled, I told her that I like a girl but never had courage to talk with her.

She asked me about the girl and I told her that if I tell you about her looks and you may feel bad. She promised that she wouldn’t mind. And I described her that I like this girl who has a very lovely smile and big eyes and is little shy and come close to my room. She was surprised and asked who is she as she know all the girls from the neighborhood.

I slowly hold her hand and told that it’s you. She just lowered her eyes. I slowly came close to her and hold her chin and lifted her face up, she had closed her eyes and was smiling. I felt really happy. I slowly pulled her close and hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears “I love you”. She hugged me tight and said the same.

I kissed on her neck and licked her earlobes. She started taking heavy breath and I slowly moved my hand and hold her boobs trapped in her T-shirt. She tried to stop me but I hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. Oh God, her lips were so juicy, I can’t explain it. I started sucking it and sometime later she also started responding back started sucking my lips.

Then I slowly tried to remove her T-shirt, she looked into my eyes and looked at the door. I closed the door and came back. She hid herself in the blanket. I took the blanket and threw it away. I slowly removed her T and started kissing her neck and belly ad squeezing her boobs. She started moaning. I removed her bra and the most beautiful pair of boobs was in front of me.

I just hold them and started sucking one. She pulled my head towards her boobs. I started rubbing her pussy in her capri and slowly removed her Capri now She was in her black panty and was looking like a sex goddess. She looked at me and pointed at my cloths. I removed my cloths and became naked in one minute. She was surprised to see my 7 cock.

She hid her face in her palms. I started kissing her moved my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy. Her pussy was already wet with her juices. Then I moved down and kissed her boobs and licked her belly button. Then I hold her panty with my teeth and pulled it down. Now she was baked in front of me and I was looking a real pussy first time in my life.

She had some hairs across her pussy. I started licking her legs and moved up and kissed on her pussy. She hold my head and moved it and said its bad. I told her it’s the fun and forcefully started licking her pussy. After some time she got relaxed and started enjoying it. I inserted one finger in it and started finger fucking her.

She was moaning heavily and threw her juices. I licked them all and continued licking her. She got hot again. I moved up and she opened her legs and I put my cock on her pussy and I told her that I would pain a little first time and she nodded her head. I made a small push and it was too tight and didn’t go in. I tried again and it was too tight. She looked at me started laughing.

I felt really bad, and this time I opened her pussy a little and put it there and made a push and 2? of my cock went in and she screamed with pain. I closed her lips with my lips and stopped there. After 2 minutes I made a bigger push and it all went in, a stream of blood came out and she was in tears, but couldn’t scream as her lips were closed with mine.

She was screaming that take it out, it’s hurting. I consoled her and told that its only a matter of few minutes then you will have the real fun. After few minutes when she got little relaxed I started making small moves. After some times she started enjoying and started responding back to my moves by moving her ass. I fucked her deep and hard for next 10 minutes.

She came twice during that time and when I was about to come and told her, she said don’t came inside as she may get pregnant. So I took my cock out and spayed it on her belly. Then we lay there on the bed and kissed each other passionately. It was already more than 3 and her mother had to come by 4, so she said that she has to take shower,

so she left and after that we had sex many times. I fucked her in all her holes. I taught her blowing so she blew me out many times which I enjoyed the most. After few months I got a room in the hostel and moved to hostel and could never get a chance to fuck her again.

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Sexy Sri Lankan call girl sucking and fucking amateur sex video 2

Sri Lankan prostitute and client having oral sex in 69 position Sri Lankan whore girl riding cock in cowgirl position during hot sex

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Sex flight of horny cheater wife - II

Hai, This is Hema again from Chennai. I thank each and every one of you and due to the positive response to my first story “Sex flight of horny cheater wife” Im motivated to put forth the final and concluding part. To those new readers, I would suggest to please read the first part and continue reading this story, only then it will make sense.

I concluded my last story saying that we checked into Walker Hill Sheraton. Our flight landed at around 5 PM local Korean time and by the time we finished immigration clearance, baggage pick up and a taxi to hotel, it was 7 in the evening and a 1 hour drive to hotel made us very tiring and exhausted. We were in flight and airport since 24 hours and needed to fresh out very badly.

After reaching hotel, We took 2 different rooms. It was just opposite each other. We could not take one room, as the arrangements were made back In India and the payments made. We never knew that the ice would be broken and we would live like husband and wife to share a room and even if we had planned so earlier, we could not execute as the fear of getting caught with colleagues and family.

After checking in, we both took bath in our respective rooms and planned to go out for dinner. It was 9 pm and we took directions for a restaurant from the lobby of the hotel. There were restaurants like Benjarong and Aurora nearby, but they all serve Korean and Japanese food. I being a vegetarian did not wish to visit those hotels and Khan was particular about “Halal” food.

We were asked to go to an area called Itaewon dong, which is a famous shopping downtown area and also mostly visited by tourists. And many restaurants are there belonging to Indians, Pakistan and Afghan. We took a tube and reached Itaewon at about 9.30 pm. It was too chill and the temperature could have been anything between 4-5 degrees. We were able to locate a restaurant called “Chakra”

We went in and ordered food. Samosas and veg. Clear soup was served followed by naan and paneer butter masala. I took pakora as starters and Khan took chicken tikka. It was very good to have Indian dinner in a place like Seoul. We finished dinner with Gulab Jamoon and came back to room at 11 pm.

I was very very tired and wanted to sleep. But Khan would walk into my room and promised to behave and said that he will not disturb me on one condition, that I have to change in front of him. I said no and asked him to stand out, But he would not listen and started to kiss me and slowly slid his hand under my sweat coat, and started pressing my boobs again.

I said, “ not again, and if you promise that you will not disturb me, I will change in front of you ”. he agreed and I had to remove my coat, top and pants. He did not stop with that and asked me to strip totally. For his pleasure I removed my undergarments as well and put on a nighty. He too quickly changed and wore a t shirt and Lungi.

After switching of the lights, he came and slept next to me. I was feeling very ashamed and reluctant as well as no one other than my husband has slept beside me. I was really feeling let down and was a little depressed as to having allowed me into this. I have done unimaginative things with someone who was a complete stranger a day back. I was feeling like a whore.

I felt very very bad. Looking at my condition, he understood and just said ‘sorry ’ and turned away. Within few minutes, we both fell asleep. We were woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call. It was from Ramesh. What if he knows that im sleeping with Khan. But I had to answer the call. I signalled Khan not to make any sound and answered the call.

“Hey love, what are you doing ? ” im sleeping, it is 1.30 midnight at Seoul, weheras it was 10 pm at India. He said sorry for the trouble, asked the customary questions as to how the flight was and the journey was, asked about the food, weather and finally said, Miss you love. This made me more emotional and I burst out crying.

I cried so much that night that Khan was scared and promised never to touch again. We just slept that night doing nothing. We got up at 7 am and Khan went to his room for getting ready. Breakfast was complimentary at the hotel and we had a good continental but vegetarian breakfast. After breakfast, we had to go to the company called Bel Fuse inc.

We spoke to the person incharge there and they took care of our hotel transit in a car. We came back at 7 pm and it was usual again. Get fresh, go for dinner. This went on for three days and then we had a Saturday. Saturday was a holiday. We landed on Tuesday and until Saturday, though we shared the same room, it was more of a professional relationship.

Saturday morning being a holiday, both of us were lazing around and called the restaurant to serve breakfast in the room. After breakfast we went to the pool. Since I do not swim, nor did I carry a swim suit, I did not get in. But Khan was swimming till noon. We then went to my room back and Khan started flirting again. He went to the bathroom to have shower.

He invited me in, though I was reluctant, I though he will behave as he did in the past three days. He called me in on the pretext of having a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Our bathroom has a bath tub to which Jacuzzi is also fitted. I went in and he asked me to undress. I said no, he said you need not remove your undergarments.

Having trusted him fully, I entered in my underwear and bra. He was staring at my cleavage when I sat opposite him in the big Jacuzzi tub. I said, Khan stop it, but he started begging and said, that just once and only once, please Show me your boobs and nothing else. I did not relent as I was feeling guilty and threatened to go out.

He remained silent and then he started again saying that if not, I can help him masturbate and so saying he removed his shorts. He was totally naked with his penis staring directly at me. He was as hard as rock. The pink head with a little hole was too much for me to resist and I started stroking it, In no time, the magnetic penis had such power, that I also started giving him a blow job.

First I opened my mouth slowly and suck his dick. He said that my mouth was so warm and wet, it made him to moan. I licked it slowly so I could watch and then he put his cock as far as it could go in my mouth. I was really enjoying it, he stopped every few minutes to check the outflow and then started again.

it felt so good I couldnt help myself and started to suck him harder I could tell he was having fun as he was moaning hard and suddenly stopped moving in and out, I was sure he was going cum in my mouth and suddenly withdrew. He burst open and shot the cum on me, on my mouth and all over my body and the tub.

My entire body became slimy and parts of it penetrated in my bra too, he got down on his knees, kissed me and reached the back of the bra and opened it in a jiffy. I was naked on top, but could not stop him. I took my nipples and pinched them with my fingers. As I was playing with my nipples, I thought of something that I knew would really turn Khan on.

I took my right breast, brought it up to his mouth, and he tried to suck on it. He asked me to get up and when I stood up, with one go, my panty was pulled down. I was also feeling very weak in the knee and ready to burst out, having a sensitive feeling there, My pussy was craving to be attended and I was lusting for a fuck,

but was confused in the line of love to my husband and lust to Khan and finally lust took over. I was there totally naked in front of him and he started to admire my pussy and the next step was of course to eat it. We then wiped our body clean and moved into the bedroom. He wanted me to sit on his rod solid prick so that he can see my boobs moving up and down in rhythm when I jump on him.

We started to do the sin again and we enjoyed so much that I felt that this is the best fuck I had ever. I do not know if my husband is big or Khan is, but the situation made me have pangs of guilt and the pleasure of doing with someone other than my husband, was driving me crazy. In no time we had an orgasm and he loaded me again with his hot wet sperm.

This continued for the rest of the days, and I was not feeling so much of guilt now as practice made me a perfect slut. But I promised to myself that I would not expose myself to anyone else other than these two men and even with Khan it will be over once we get back to our respective places.

The last Sunday of our trip, we went to local sight seeing and took a trip to the border of South and North Korea, a tour called DMZ, de militarised zone, it was a full day tour and worth the visit as we came to know the history of both the countries and the animosity between them apart from the snow clapped mountains.

We had to return on Sunday night and our flight was at 8 pm. We tok the flight and reached Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport at 11.30 Pm, but our flight to India is already gone at 09.30 pm and we had to stay a day at Bangkok. This was actually pre-planned as all who come from Korea to Chennai, must stay overnight an Bangkok pr take a morning flight at Korea.

We wanted to plan a nights stay at Bangkok so that we can do some shopping and he wanted to go for a famous Thai massage. Our room was booked on the 23rd floor of Baiyoke sky tower. It is one of the tallest hotel buildings of the world. We reached this hotel around 1 pm and headed staright to bed. Not to make love, but to sleep.

Next day, we did some shopping in the nearby sukhumvit area and then checked out ourselves from the hotel, kept all our luggage in the locker room of the hotel and went to a massage centre. I was not interested in massage, but Khan said that it is aromatic massage and it will be fun.

He requested a massage for himself and the guy who mas massaging him was just around twenty years old. He suggested that I watch the massage as I had never seen it before. As the massage was almost getting over he insisted that I have at least my feet massaged as it would be cramped. Th boy suggested that a female person is available if I want a massage.

"Its just the feet - I am sure you can do it well" was his reply and I was made to lie on the table - "Remove that skirt and wrap a towel" said the masseure as he didn't want oils on the dress as we didn't have another pair to change - very reluctantly just to avoid an argument I very modestly wrapped the towel and pulled down the skirt.

I suggested that Khan help pour the oil on the feet as he massages - and the feet massage started. The oil that Khan was pouring to help started getting poured from the feet slowly up to the ankles and then to the calf with the towel getting in the way. He slowly got the towel hiked up and the boys hand started creeping up my legs.

At one point the boy told me, "Its a professional massage and no harm in getting your full legs massaged" and Khan just pulled off the towel. I was wearing a pink lacy panty that day. The boy who was massaging kept his eye away from the panty and was definitely having a good bulge as the sight of me lying in a pink hugging top and a pink panty.

I was enjoying the massaging by this time as I didn't give any resistance as he poured the hot oil up and up my thighs and onto my buttocks. The boy being a good massager knew how to run his hands slowly up my thighs so by this time the panty was soaked in oil and was just a piece of cloth between my ass cheeks.

Khan kept pouring oils on to my ass cheeks and he was massaging my tight buns deeply; by this time Khan has lifted the blouse a little and my back too was exposed and the oil has reached the small of my back. "Remove your top – don’t get a good blouse stained" said the boy, and whether I enjoyed it or not, I pulled off my top and was lying on my stomach.

But definitely I liked the massage and it was the best. He proceeded to massage my back and the boy looked at me when the back of my bra was getting in the way. Without asking he unhooked my bra and I kept my arms close by my side so that the breast would not be exposed.

The boy who was tensed anxious and at the same time enjoying this customer started massaging my shoulder and the sides of my rib case and he brushed my breasts. After an hour or so he asked that me to turn over and I did slowly. That was a sight, Khan said will remember all his life -

Unhooked bra cups just covering my breasts loosely and the pubic hairs all sticking though the lace and side of the pink lace panties. The massage boy pulled my panty up and tightened so that it doesn't get accidentally pulled down. But I didn't realize that the oil covered panty and oil dripped (maybe wet and juicy too!!!!) pussy was exposed tight through the pink material.

The shape of my cunt lips was very visible as he started the massage again from my toes to my legs and to the junction of my panty. Each time the boy's massaging hands reached the junction of the panties it would rub on my lips and go off - the effect it had was visible as my eyes were tightly shut, and the thigh muscles got tightened.

I am not sure whether it was a massage at all or foreplay now. At one time the panty got pulled down to the pubic hair line while my lower tummy was massaged and then the boy was clearly enjoying my navel - he was pouring oil there as some artist was enjoying the painting - he filled the navel with oil and poked a finger into it slowly and caressed the tummy along the line of oil flow.

Not a word was spoken by anyone of us all through this as it was just not planned and the atmosphere was very sexually charged. When the boy reached my chest he asked me "remove bra please" he clearly wanted to squeese my breast. But I said "Don't, don't remove the bra, the rest of the massage will do" - He tried twice to remove the bra but he failed.

So the boy started with my shoulder by standing behind my back and as the bra was unhooked and as Khan was pouring oil onto the swell of my breast, each time he massaged the upper front swell of the breast, the boobs would get a little more exposed.

I managed to watch the boy massage up to the dark circle around my nipple with my nipple exposed but he dared not venture to touch my nipple. As it was getting to a close the boy as if giving a farewell kiss ran a feathery finger through the whole length of my body - from left shoulder to the left toe and from the right toe to the right shoulder

and then from the through the half exposed breast and over the unclasped bra through my tummy to my pussy and the finger came back and rested on my tummy. It was so barely touching and feathery and so tender that I had all my hair ends standing all over me. I got up after the massage and wrapped a towel (while hooking the bra) and was very casual about the massage and went for a bath.

We went for a shower and even without touching me Khan shot his cum to the far away wall of the shower. He was still so hard that he immediately inserted me again for the last time and came a lot - this was one of the few times I have been able to have two orgasms in a short time. Hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you despite this being long.

Thanks for your patience and reading. Tell me how this is ? and trust me ( very hard ), I have had no sex with others since then and promised never too as I do not wish to cheat on my dear husband. When I cannot accept him wavering, I too should not do so. Hence so far, I have always been humble and honest to him except those 2 weeks.

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Bangalore college slut girl sucking cock during oral sex with boyfriend

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Guy watching slum couple having sex

Dear friends, one more writer from the southern city of Chennai. While Chennai is famous for sandy beaches and temples, it is also famous for its humid weather, infact very infamous I must say. But this weather helped in a pleasant encounter which im going to narrate. I found many stories submitted were beautifully written and some were not, and a few stories looked fake as well.

My story is totally true, each and every word of it is true. Read on and you will know. Im from Chennai and I stay at a Hostel. Im a student and very good in studies. I have had no sex life so far and can say that im proud being a virgin. God has been kind to give me a good body and a good character.

I occasionally masturbate and enjoy doing it when no one is around or if no one is watching me. I have occasionally watched blue films and also masturbated when my room mates are not present. We all know that we are shaggers, but we never do it in front of anyone.

Sometimes, when the urge is high, I just cover myself totally with the blanket and I masturbate myself in the darkness without the knowledge of my friends. Who knows, they might as well be doing the same. We did discuss about bringing a girl or two, to room once or twice, but were burdened by guilt, fear and above all budgeted money.

The mansion managers too do not allow women inside the hostel mansion as it is only for boys. One can find such mansions aplenty in Chennai, close to the most famous road, The Mount Road. Being students we never had enough cash going out to take their services, but we were more interested in serious relationships and each one was booked to a girl friend and we meant business, not just lust.

We were committed and wanted to get married. It is not that we are goody – goody’s, but we four roommates were lucky enough to find girlfriends for us and commit to the relationship who were very very rich and we saw this as a clear stake for a rags to riches story. All they demanded was a good education and a good job.

Being in B.tech, did provide us with the best of education, and we promised ourselves a masters and not just gonna stop with B,tech and had our eyues on M,tech. This quality education can also fetch us good and high profile jobs.what more can we ask for and we all followed and practised the same religion and caste.

Everything will sound clichéd and rosy, but we are lucky, plain lucky as far as girlfriends go. Coming back to the story, a few days back, we had a power failure. The mansion had no generator and we were all very restless and could not sleep due to the humid climate of Chennai.

We went to the open terrace, but again, there was obsolutely no air, and our building being very close to an open drain and a canal, there were a lot of mosquitoes. We could not sleep at all. We all started chatting and playing cards. We had a candle paced nearby and since there was absolutely no breeze, the candle was well lit till we played.

We smoked cigarettes after cigarettes, sending the empty packets to the ground. Soon we ran out of our cancer stick and it was becoming more boring. So I ventured out for a walk. It was well past midnight. The night was not so dark, but definitely eerie and silent with occasional barks from the stray dogs. There was no power even in the streets too.

The street lights too were powered out and the only company that I had was a brilliant moon shining down the dark night, if it was not for the moon, it would have been pitch dark. Chennai, like any other metropolis is not a very clean city, it has its own quota of dust, garbage and pollution and is home to the second or third biggest slums in India.

It is very common for people too see slums in almost all areas and these slum dwellers sleep on the roads. Due to the hot climate, the slum people spread out their mats on the streets, or by the road side or on platforms and sleep on it. This is too common a sight. I was not finding any small shop open to get the cigarette and hence I had to walk down a little far towards theatres, so that I can find a shop.

These shops or hotles close down after the last show gets over around 1 am. I did find a tea shop run by a Nair, ( these Mallus have their tea shops all over ) and I finally got my cigarette and also a nice cup of tea.( by the way, the Mallus also make awesome tea ) After the tea and while fagging, I was walking back to the room,

but I took a short cut to reach quickly and I had to pass through a street, that was close to slums. Many people were sleeping on the streets. This is where the true action begun. No, it is not my sexual adventure with a slum dweller, but pure pristine love between husband and wife. The story goes as follows :

While walking down the street, I saw random couples sleeping on the street. Funny though was a man sleeping totally nude all by himself and I was able to see his sleeping member as well which was not too big loosely hanging were his balls. He was sleeping like a free bird unmindful of the public display of his genitals.

I think he must have been drunk and rolled out his Lungi, as that is what the Madrasis wear at night or at home. I too wear a Lungi at night while sleeping and find myself very comfortable being into one. A litlle further, I saw another couple sleeping and the husband crossing his right leg over her.

She was sleeping on her back and straight and this man had crossed his right leg over her and running his hand across her breast. There was nothing much as they were fast asleep. I had devilish thoughts to touch her boobs, I went near, but was scared shit to do so and went ahead without any dirty deed.

At a distant I saw some movement and planned to investigate. I was scared, but also enthusiastic to find out what actually is brewing up. I steered closer and saw a couple about to begin the course of action called the “intercourse”. I hid myself behind an auto rickshaw parked nearby, but was close enough to witness the action.

The man looked here and there, and finding no one, ( he did not see me hiding ), he started caressing his wife. This man must have been in his early thirties and the woman must have been in her late twenties or early thirties. I could not make up the age. The man was short and lean, while the woman was a little taller than the man and was very fat.

Both were black and I cannot describe more. The man started to press her boobs. He pushed her down to make her lie down flat and removed the sari pallu from across her shoulders. I could now see her big breasts covered in a blouse. They were very inviting and I wanted to touch and press them hard and do the honours, but I had to control my feel.

He opened the blouse and pulled out the left boob. It was very very big, maybe size 40 or so. It was obvious as this lady is fat and very curvaceous. He then sucked the boob while moving up the sari and petti coat of the lady to reveal her thundering thighs. He then started playing with her vagina and was pressing hard as the lady was now moaning louder.

He now moved his attention to the other breast and uncovered it as well. He started now to suck the other one. He was pressing them so hard, that the lady said something and pushed him back. I could not hear, but could make out. She shouted something in Tamil, and he stopped pressing her boobs and removed his hands. I was still itching my hands to touch her big breasts.

What a big breasted man she was ! He then lifted himself over her, spread her legs and came in between the legs and pulled up his lungi. I could now see the bum of the man and also the hairy vagina of the lady. It looked so big, that one can go for a vacation / holiday and come back. Well after he immediately rode her, all I could see was two black bodies, making love silently.

His push ups in his lady’s love hole was such that, it made her books to rock up and down. The moving of naked boobs up and down was making me go weak. This was too much for me as I had never ever seen a couple fucking live. ( I bet not many could have seen either ) I started to shag my shaft from over my track pants which was also now standing to attention.

The faster the man pumped, the louder the moans of the lady grew and the speeder the hand on my shaft moved. This continued for about 3-4 minutes I suppose, but the pleasure of seeing the real couple made me mad and crazy and I was about to explode, and yes, what a coincidence,

we all came around the same time, loads and loads for me as this was my first experience watching a couple make love. My tracks were totally wet. The couple in love, most probably married couple, I suppose, fell side by side exhausted, with the man smoking a beedi, and the woman sleeping next to the man, but turned away facing the other direction.

It was I suppose normal for them and must have been a usual practise, what was unusual was, a person hiding and watching them and also shagging lovingly at their expense. This was one experience, which I can never forget. I don’t know if the man had seen me, what would have happened to me,

but I enjoyed the powerless night to the maximum of my ability and returned to my hostel with my wet tracks. The patch of wetness was not seen or discovered by others as the colour was navy blue and also our room was dark. Though, there was no power, while my room mates were suffering, I was enjoying the sleepless night over the sweet memories of my voyeuristic expedition.

I must thank, the blog owners for publishing my story, I must also thank you readers for reading this simple story with patience, sorry I could not describe the sexual parts more in detail, as I described what I saw and beyond that was not seen due to distance and the darkness.

Well, I thank you readers and I also thank the unknown lovers who made love without knowing that im watching them. Please tell me, did you readers find this story interesting. Please rate this story on a scale of 1-10. Best Regards. A Chennai Voyeur.

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Dev having extra marital sex with Mehek

Myself Dev from Delhi. Married with a beautiful wife and two kids. This is a story about me and my extra marital girlfriend after my marriage. After few years of my wedding I ran into lots of problems with my wife which drifted me away from her and I had to take refuge on internet for solace. I met this woman Mehek from Mumbai and had two kids.

Our affair started in next three months after we met first time. We met, we loved each other we had bed rocking love making and we were very happy. The sexual incident I am going to narrate was happened when I planned to travel to Mumbai on Mehek’s birthday. Because of the geographical locations we used to meet twice a year when she used to come to Delhi to

meet her parents and I used to go to Mumbai just to meet her. This time I decided to meet her on her birthday to celebrate it together. I reached a day before to Mumbai and checked in the hotel she already booked for me. As soon as I reached hotel, I sms-ed her and she came within next 20 mins and knocked my door.

It was already open she just pushed the door and I saw her lovely face peeping inside. Our eyes met and she stepped in and locked the door behind. I was already in bed lying in my shorts and vest. I got up and we hugged each other tight caressing each others back and head. Still holding her tight we looked in each other eyes and our lips met involuntarily

resulting in a wild and hot kiss with our tongues sucking each other and sucking our saliva. We bit each other lips and tongue so wild like there is no tomorrow. We broke the kiss in five min and she whispered in my ears, “ I missed you”. “I missed you too” I replied and led her to my bed holding her hand.

We lay in each other arms softly kissing each other talking about the journey work and kids. She looked at her watch and she had only 1 hour left to go back home. I was disappointed and suggested for a quick session. She was wearing a long blue flowered dress little below her knees which I started lifting slowly.

My hands caressing her thighs and buttocks my fingers inserting in her panty lines and roaming in her ass crack and pussy lips. Our lips were still locked and she escaped an audible Ummmm from her mouth when my fingers traveled her wet pussy. Her panties were already soaked with her wetness and I started pulling them down her thighs.

While I finished pulling her panty over her feet, she removed her dress completely and now I could see her only in her white lacy bra. I stepped little far from bed and adored her beauty for a while. She closed her legs and called me in bed with her curled index finger. I removed my vest but suddenly she wanted to remove my shorts on her own.

She slipped on the edge of the bed and kissed my already hard cock over my shorts. She kissed my cock all over my short and slowly pulled them down along with my Jockey underwear. My six inches cock sprang out like snake demanding her attention. She held it in her hands caressing it gently up and down looking in my eyes she cupped my balls and squeezed them softly.

She kissed my balls licking them and finally sucking each testicle in her mouth I was already feeling elated. She ran her tongue right from my cock to the tip and engulfed the cockhead in her mouth. She was moving her hot mouth on my shaft and I was holding her hair. I loved the sight how her lips go from tip to base and back to tip.

She swirled her tongue on my cockhead probing my pee hole, patting my dick on her flat tongue. Gosh! I wanted to hold her naked body. I pushed her back on bed and settled myself between her opened legs. We engaged in a hot passionate kiss again. My tongue traveled from her ear to cheeks, lips and neck. I knew she would go crazy if I keep kissing her neck.

Loud moans escaping her mouth while I kissed her entire neck. She was still in her bra and I had to release those beautiful big meaty mounds. Her bra was gone in a fraction of second and my hot mouth was devouring her hard nipples and entire breasts. “Oh God suck them hard. Pinch my nipples. Bite them please”, she ordered. I was doing exactly what she told me to do.

Her breasts were wet with my saliva all over and I made them bright red with my vigorous sucking and biting. I moved down and probed her naval with my tongue tip. She was oozing with wetness and the white bedsheet was already wet with her dripping juices. I went crazy seeing her neatly shaven cunt and showered my kisses all over her pussy.

Every kiss was resulted in Aah! Ooh! Umm! And I was surely enjoying that. My hands slid below her asscheeks and lifted them to my mouth. I ran my flat big tongue right from her ass hole to her clitories. First thing I had to clean her pussy with my tongue which I slurped each drop coming from her love hole.

Next thing I was eating her clitoris and she was crying with joy and pleasure holding my head pressing it hard on her pussy. I caught her clitories in my teeth and flicked it with my tongue tip. She was going crazy with my mouth’s brutal assault and she pushed me further down. I darted my tongue out and buried deep inside her honey pot. She squirmed and pushed her pussy on my mouth.

Now I was fucking her with my tongue and her hips were moving on my mouth. I came back to her clitories and replaced my tongue with my two fingers fucking her hole and I was chewing her clit. I knew she was going to come but she stopped me there and pulled me up. “ I wanna come with you, please enter me” She took my cock and it had no problem going in world’s most sloppy cunt.

We fucked like rabbits with my cock hit her deep inside and she raised her hips with every hit to meet my thrust. “Oh baby fuck me hard and come with me”. I was verbal too with “ Oh yes sona, I am fucking you I love you so much I love you more than my life” She replied with a hot kiss again with her breast crushed under my hairy chest.

Soon she held her legs high and asked me fuck hard. I increased my pace and I was coming too. We both held each other tight and started coming hard. She cried” Oh god come with me Dev please I am coming”, I joined her orgasm saying “yes I am coming too sona, oh I am coming” Next moment we were shouting hard coming together I shot my thick hot sperm in her wet hot count in again and again.

For next five mins we did not move I was lying on top of her and she was caressing my back. We kissed hard again smiling at each other. My cock slid out from her pussy like a slippery noodle spilling lots of my cum on the bedsheet. “Tomorrow please come on my tits!” I was happy to hear those words.

She got up and dressed in a jiffy we kissed hard again and she left for home leaving me to masterbate at night alone thinking about our hot session. But I knew that her birthday is tomorrow and when she comes back next day I have to treat her like my queen.

Next part I will describe in my next story. Till then please send me all your comments. I am still looking for a lovely women whom I can love and share my immense treasure of love with my woman.

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