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Watching wife getting fucked on pleasure trip

It was truly a pleasure trip after a long time. We were together after a long time due to my business demand. So we decided to take a break without kids. We both were sexually aroused and had wonderful time whenever together. This time also our intention was to enjoy the days as if no tomorrow.

This time we have selected a beach to spent our three days vacation. After a long journey, we reached there around 9o’clock in the morning on a Friday. As booked early, we checked into the beach hotel from where we can see the waves, the visitors etc etc…

She liked my selection of the vacation spot and the hotel and its atmosphere. We had a detailed bath and got fresh. Had breakfast and sat on the chairs facing sea. We were making comments on the people who were walking through the beach. Commenting their looks, walk beauty etc… and the comments started changing to naughty comments.

When I comment on any good sexy girls like " wow… she is really sexy.. if she was near me!!!" She also started responding about nice guys……It ended up so and we decided to have a drink and spend some time in waves. I had 2 pegs of whisky and she had a bottle of beer. We played for sometime in the waves. Some guys were watching her sexy appearance in the dress.

It was a T shirt and tight shorts. I saw her also glancing at them frequently. I reached close to her and asked in a naughty mood "How will be if one of them share with us tonight?". She looked at me and gave a naughty smile. I left it there and continued to play thinking that she just supported me, though not serious, not to spoil the mood.

We came back and took shower. I had one more peg and had lunch. After lunch, we just had a nap. After half an hour, when I woke up, she was not in the room. I opened the door and she was sitting outside on a chair watching something. I went near her and to my surprise, she was watching the same guys who came out and was changing dress.

This made a naughty thought in my mind. I went near to them and had chat with a handsome guy in the group and came to know their required details. They were staying in the adjacent hotel and they will leave by next day morning train to their native which is some 600 Km from that beach. I collected his mobile number and came back to room. She asked why I went and I replied "simply".

It was around 3 o’clock and I took one strong beer for her and 1 peg whisky for me. I can read a clear naughty mood on her face and we started to chat in general topics. Suddenly I noticed that she was wearing only one front open loose shirt and midi type bottom with no inner wears….By this time she had her first glass so fast and I was just sipping my glass.

She was in the mood of drinks and I just walked near her and cupped her boobs over the shirt and whispered "ohhhhhhhh you look so horny darlingggggg" She held my hands without removing it from the lovely place and whispered back " Dear…. I feel to go really naughty… The guy to whom you talk is sooooo hooooot darling…"

I got a hit on my head hearing this and became in the naughty moood. I asked her whether for him you kept your valuables ready? Reply came immediately… Not so da, but I wishhhh. Any way we came to enjoy na? I nodded yes honey, why not, any way he is handsome and he is a stranger too…

I agreed and told her to finish the beer fast ( Knowing that taking drinks fast will give speedy kick ) and I went out. I called that guy over phone and told him to come out to a shop. There I told him that I have a surprise gift for him but with a condition that his friends should not know. I didn’t tell that this was a well made plan. I told him to handle the situation carefully so that things will workout.

He agreed and we had a cigarette there. In the mean time, I called her and told her to be in bathroom and come out once I give signal. She agreed to it. We started to room and once reached there I understood that she is in bathroom. I told her loudly that myself and my friend is in the room having drink. And she responded "ok ok, enjoy,"

We had two pegs in the five min time and suddenly as if the cigarette got over, I told him to sit and went out closing the door from outside as if in mistake. I called her and told that I am outside and in two minutes she can come out and start enjoying. By the time I will join. Also warned her that pretend to be an unexpected incident as I told him this is without her knowledge.

She thanked me and gave a kiss over phone. Note: the first part of the incident, she explained me later, but I am adding it here for the readers to enjoy it in full. She came out in a bath towel wrapping her body tying it over her boobs. As if seeing him unexpectedly, she stared at him with shyness and fear and asked where I am.

Seeing her reaction, that guy got afraid and in a polite manner told sorry to her and said that I went for buying something and will come back soon. Suddenly, she came into naughty mood and her mind started working. Understanding his fear, she came near him and gave a pinch on his cheeks and told him

"Relax yaar, just relax… let him come… you carry on" telling this, she started to change the dress. The guy was watching her without taking eyes. He was feasting his eyes and brain with the sexy godess. She understood that and pretending as if trying to put her bra she tried to put the clip on the back side.

She then requested him to help her, as if it was tight, if he don’t mind. The sight of her body in towel and the support of the drink, he was already loosing his control. Hearing the request, he rushed to her and before he reaching, she left the bra strap and started to tie her hair. The bra strap hanged to the front and he got perplexed how to move further.

Seeing this, she told in a husky voice, common dear, just take it and clip it. By this he understood that she is also in the mood and with shivering hands he took both ends of strap in both hands. While taking it, his hands braced her boobs on the sides. A deep gasp came from her mouth and suddenly she pulled both his hands and made him close to her back.

His dick was already bulging in his Bermuda and by this act it pressed to her ass cheeks and he felt an electric shock passing through all over his body. He hugged her from back and cupped her boobs and the towel slipped down from her body and she stood totally nude. She turned her head a little to him and said, we came to enjoy here, and let us dearrrr.

Telling this without turning her body, she caught his dick through the Bermuda. He was in cloud nine and lost all the control. He hugged her covering her boobs tightly from behind and kissed under her ears. Gently he took one hand and placed on her pussy and rubbed over it. She gave a moan and turned towards him and both of them hugged together and she planted a kiss on his lips.

Then she kneeled down and undressed his Bermuda and got up and lifted his T shirt. Seeing his young body, she got thrilled and hugged his nude body making sure each and every part getting in touch together. By this time, I entered and seeing the sight I got my erection and without making noice I sat on a chair.

They were hugging in such a position that she saw me over his shoulder and winked. I too nodded yes to go ahead. As he was turning back from me, he didn’t see me. He gently kept on hand on her pussy and she widened her legs little more for him to have an easy access to the heaven spot. She too took his tool and started playing with one hand. Still hugging together.

He bend a little and gave a kiss on her one boob and started licking it. All this time my tool was getting harder and harder. Then he kneeled down and started kissing her pussy and trying to lick inside. But she was not comfortable and lifted him up and told him to come to bed. In all this movements she managed him not to see me.

He lied on the bed and she too came and sat near him. Then he whispered something in her ears but she refused, which I think was a request from him to suck his cock. Then he made her lay on her back and started to lick her pussy in a standing position on his knees. His cock was near to her hand and she started playing with it.

In that pleasure he moved a little more to her face and now his cock is almost near to her mouth. He was busy drinking and licking her pussy. She looked at me in a worried manner for not licking his cock. I signalled her that there is nothing wrong and encouraged her to do that. She was really into the mood and lost the control and raised her head and licked his cock.

With her lips touching his dick, he crossed his legs across her face and they settled into 69. After two three minutes, I understood that she is going to gift him with her honey and in a second it happened.. He was happy like a child and drank it fully and licked and raised his head and saw me sitting on chair.

First his face went pale and seeing me enjoying, he got happy and gestured a thanks to me.. By this time she was really giving a hard blow job and he was about to come. Before even he could remove his dick, he sprayed his entire hot cream into her mouth and she drank it fully. That sight really surprised me.

Then he turned to her and lied down near her and she hugged him and he too did it. Then I got up and asked them about having one more drink and getting recharge. They got up and said ok. I filled three glasses of whisky and we sat together in three chairs. They stll nude. One by one they went to bathroom and cleaned themselves.

While sitting and drinking, he told that it was a real fun and really I thank you both. Then in a naughty way, she said, so only this much?? And you are happy?? He said, not happy fully, and I don’t feel to leave you and go. But my friends will be searching for me and I don’t want them to know this.

Then I told that I liked his behaviour and what he said is correct. The ultimate enjoyment should be in a relaxed mood and let us wait for it. She too agreed and he went near her and gave a kiss on her lips and to my surprise, they started smooching and she took his dick once again in her mouth and sucked it for 2 - 3 minutes. He was fondling her boobs. After that they separated and she told to call her in my mobile after meeting his friends.

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Sex in train while traveling from Lucknow to Delhi

Helllo readers. I am sam aged 32 and had been regular visitor of humandigest.com. visiting this site and going through the blog is almost daily. I thought number of times to share my experience but somehow could not do it. May be was not very comfortable sharing my experiences. Today thought of sharing my experience with all the readers.

Incident happened to me in the month of may. I had to travel from Lucknow to Delhi by train. I had a confirmed reservation in AC IInd side lower birth near to gate. It was a full night journey. Train was totally full and there were no extra births. Passengers with waiting list could not get a birth. Everything was normal and nothing unusual was there. The train started for Delhi.

There were few passengers who were in wait list but could not get confirm reservation who were talking to TT for birth but he was helpless. There was a girl with approx age of 25-28 years was also talking to TT for the birth and seemed to be quiet afraid. She explained her problems to TT who after listening to her said he can allow her to be in compartment if any passenger allows her to sit.

The girl seemed to be quite uncomfortable. TT started checking the tickets and I also started preparing to sleep. To my surprise the girl I talked above came to me and requested if I can offer some space to her to sit. Seeing her problem I allowed her to sit on the side of the birth. She thanked me and arranged her luggage below the seat and adjusted herself in one of the corners of he birth towards my legs.

To explain, the girl was average but was attractive. She had good features and was wearing a Salwar Suit. Since she was sitting in the corner I asked her to move back so that I can pull the curtain of the seat. With a hesitation she shifted back and pulled the curtain. I went to sleep. I fell sleep but after around an hour I felt my toe touching something soft and I was awake.

Now I realised that my feet were touching the legs of the girl. I got up and went o toilet. When I returned I saw the girl was sleeping. One thing I noticed was that her duppata had fallen and she was wearing a deep cut Kurta from which I could get a glimpse of her breast. Also she was wearing a tight kurti from which the linings of her bra was visible.

Seeing this I got aroused and tried to sleep but I could not now. My mind had started working. I have seen her sleeping in a head down position on her knees. I knew I can easily spread my legs in a way that it can easily get below her legs. I decided to try it out. I spread my legs to touch her legs and could now feel the warmth of her body.

I slowly stretched further and now m legs were below her legs and was touching her tighs. I waited if there is any movement. Once sure she is still sleeping I started rubbing her thighs slowly with my toe. I started moving my toe towards her pussy. I was getting aroused and my penis was all erect. Now my toed was touching between her thighs where I knew I wanted to reach.

Suddenly I felt a shocked movement from her. This made me afraid but I did not moved pretending to be in sleep. I could feel her getting adjusted in a way that my legs were out but was touching her back. Now I knew she was awake and I decided to again make a move. I started rubbing her back slowly with my toe and to much surprise there was not resistance.

I moved my legs further to touch her boobs from side. I could feel the shivering in her body and was now sure that she is also enjoying. Now I started my moves with confidence and my toe started rubbing her stomach from where I moved upward toward her boob. Now my toe was rubbing her boobs and she had started breathing heavily.

I reached her nipples and rubbed them slowly and could feel her heat. Her boobs were wonderful to touch. I moved my legs down towards her pussy. She resisted to let me reach there but I pressed my toe and rubbed her slowly.After few minutes she could not resist and allowed my toe reach her pussy. I could feel the wetness on her salwar.

I started rubbing her pussy with my toe. She was now breathing heavily. Her juices were now flowing heavily and I my feet was now wet. Now I slowly move my legs back and got up to go to toilet. When I returned I saw her face was blushing and she was awake. I asked her if she wan she can spread herself and make herself comfortable.

She did not said anything and with her opposite to mine spread herself towards the window. Now we were sleeping in a way that her les were towards my head and vice versa. This was a clear signal that she also ready now. I turned towards her and placed my hand on her thighs and started rubbing it. Slowly I moved my hands upwards and inserted my hands inside her kurti.

Moving further I reached her bra and started sqeezing her boobs slowly. She also started moaning. I moved my hand inside her bra and started pressing the nipples. Now I felt her hands on my penis. She had slowly started rubbing her. She helped me by opening the hooks of her bra. Now they were free for me to play. I rubbed and squeezed both her boobs.

The were well shaped. Her movements on penis was increasing. I untied the buttons of my jeans. She inserted her hand inside my pant and further inside my underwear. Now my penis was in her hand. she was moving it up and down. I moved my hand down from her bra to untie her salwar and inserted my hand inside it. My hands was on her panty which was all wet.

I started rubbing her pussy over the panty. She had slowly started moaning. I moved her salwar downwards and opened it. Now all naked thighs were pressing hard against my body. She place one of her legs above me and I started sucking her toes. My hand went inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. It was a great joy.

She pulled my jeans and underwear down and giving heavy strokes to my penis. Now I sat and spread her legs to lick her pussy. I placed my mouth straight inside her pussy and started sucking her. I could feel the heat being generated in her. I removed her kurti and bra. She was not in my hands full naked. I removed my t-shirt and was full naked.

I went over her and gave her a warm kiss.sucked her nipples and bra. My penis was touching her pussy. She made me sit down and placed my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking hard which made me moan slowly. It was difficult to resist I came over her and inserted my penis inside her pussy and started fucking her.

She forced me to fuck harder and bit her lips. The juiced was flowing from her pussy badly which proved that she has reached orgasm. I was also about to come. I took out my penis from her and all my cum came on her stomach.

We slept naked in each other arms kissing each other passionately then went to sleep. In the morning we gave a good smile to each other. Train has reached her destination but gave me an unforgettable moment of my life. I regret taking her number.

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Marathi prostitute sucking dick and fucked hard by client in Alibaug MMS

Marathi prostitute sucking cock and giving blowjob during oral sex in Alibaug Indian whore from Maharashtra lying naked showing big boobs during sex with client

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Hot sex with stranger one rainy afternoon

Hello guys, This is Chuck, I had written a true story of me and my maid Veena when I still lived in Bangalore. This one is about my encounter with a total stranger. Someone I did not get to ask her last name too, but had some of the most amazing time ever !! If my memory serves right this happened around a few months before I boinked Veena :)

It was during the rainy season in 2008, My work then required me to travel between Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for trainings that I used to conduct and because I moved so much, I did not buy a vehicle in Bangalore. It was a fine afternoon but as I was getting ready to leave it started raining heavy but I went downstairs anyways

and stood in the parking lot of my apartment waiting for the rain to go down so that I could get to work. A lady drove in her kinetic honda all wet, obviously caught up in the sudden downpour, she seemed like a quite attractive mid 30's woman working in a corporate(the tag gave it away). She was wearing a light colored salwar. She must have been punjabi guessing by her large fit body.

She parked her honda a few feet away from me and started to dry herself with a scarf of somekind. I offered my handkercheif but she gave me a no thanks. I could not help but notice she had gotten pretty wet and I could see the dark bra pretty clearly over her dress. She then let out a loud panic gasp when she realised her laptop bag had gotten pretty wet too -

she took out her latitude series dell and sure enough it had drops of water on it. Thats when I felt obliged to ask her if she needed a towel to dry it off, she gave me a suspicious look and said yes. I paced to my apartment on the 1st floor and went to get her a clean towel - I saw her standing at my door step and I asked her to come in and put the fan on.

She put her laptop on the table and started to wipe the laptop clean first and I asked her to use it for herself. I went in to make some chai even though she refused it. I kept talking to her through the process - she mentioned that she was an analyst at a corporate similar to mine and we had a nice conversation about crappy leadership programs these organizations

come up with and while I was making my famous ginger tea - she came up to the kitchen and asked me if I lived alone. I explained that my roomie works from 9 to 6 something and I worked only when I had sessions to take. My bedroom was right next to the kitchen and she was standing in between the doors and talking to me looking into the bedroom.

Veena does a great job of keeping the house clean and I sort of took credit for that - she still did not seem impressed. Now, a little bit about myself - I have been with a lot of women and have a good number of women friends and knew that I could be in trouble if I made a pass at her because she was obviously thinking I was a nice guy helping her in this situation

(not unless she made a move first ) I passed the cuppa to her and said she was quite wet and that she should consider drying herself or she might catch a cold or some. She then caught me staring down at her obviously visible bra and gave me a naughty smile and asked me what I was looking at, I jokingly stammered and said I was looking at her work tag and she goes like "yeah, right".

I remember saying something like - well, you should really wear your chunni over your salwar like its meant to, otherwise you might get into trouble, I dont remember what she said after that but that did break the ice between us, I then joked about it not being a great idea to wear a dark bra over a light dress and she sarcastically said that maybe she should employ me as her designer.

(I realised we were past the time where she should have left the house thanking me, instead she was standing there in that wet salwar talking funny to me.) I said I would not mind that job if I got to get her into clothes and out of clothes everyday - and she gave me a long aha. There was an awkward silence after that - to make sure I did not screw up the moment,

I enquired about her personal life if she was seeing anyone, she answered pretty fast about not being in a relationship - I remember telling her how that was sort of unbelievable considering she was a really pretty woman. I could see that she was liking what I had to say but sort of was pretending to know it already.

She then asked for the washroom and I pointed her to one - She walked into the washroom I could hear her flush a few seconds later I heard a thud. I called out to her and asked her if everything was fine - she did not answer, 2 minutes later I went closer to the door and called out again. She opened the door and came out with a limp and told me how she had slipped and that her back was hurting.

Now, dont ask me if this was for real or if she was faking it - as you are going to see - I did not complain. I put her arms over my shoulder and made her sit on my couch and put the leg she was limping with on the table. I remember brushing her boobs on me in the process. I stood up and closed the door and asked her if wanted to rest a while - she did not say a thing but kept rubbing her waist.

I asked her if she wanted me to help her and she still did not say a thing. I got on my knees and pushed her slowly to her side to see if there was anything visible - I could not see a thing - I asked her if I could rub some blam massage it and she did not say a word still - I did not want to get up and get balm but I slowly lifted her salwar on her side and rubbed her slowly and kept asking her where it hurt -

she was looking away from me and my hands had already been around her belly and back, I slowly started to rub into her pyjamas and she still did not say a thing - I started to rub her all over and our intentions were getting real obvious - I ran down her butt crack a few times and she arched herself for me to get more access.

I lifted her salwar and kissed the curls on her tummy and I could see she shudderred at the touch of my lips - I kept kissing her slowly and she was moaning softly, after a few minutes I took my hands off her and waited for her to look at me - she looked at me and said something about how she does not know me yet -

I said it does not matter now and pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips - we stayed locked in each others mouths while I ran my hands all over her back and waist. She also started to pull at my shirt and got a few buttons off - I helped her get the rest off and took a few seconds to take my expensive cuff links off and put them away(i know, what an idiot eh ? :P)

I was in my vest on my knees and took her salwar off, it was still wet and I could feel her cold skin under it. I quickly took off her bra and sucked on her big titties till she pushed me away, I then pulled her pyjamas off along with her panties and spread her legs to see a gorgeous mound of puffed up pussy, she had some hair but her lips and clit was very much visible -

I still remember how she tasted - a little salty but man - her clit got so big and hard I could suck on it like a large nipple - she wrapped her legs around my neck and mumbled that she was coming and had a convulsing orgasm - I could taste her juices drip down the sides of my mouth but did not stop -

she tried to push me away slightly but I pushed my tongue inside her and she just opened her legs wider. After about 3 minutes she was riding my face for another orgasm. I got up and pulled my dick out and she just went at it like a kid in a candy store - she sucked at it for a good 2 minutes and came like a jet into her mouth.

She smiled and walked to the washbasin in the next room spat my cum out and was washing her mouth when I walked up behind her and started kissing her neck and her back, she stopped halfway through and turned back - I pushed her against the wall next to the sink and we started to suck on each others tongues again -

I could taste my cum from her mouth but did not care - she was so responsive in her kisses - so unihibited with her moves unlike any woman I had ever been with - she knew what she wanted - and here I was getting what I needed too - she then dedicated her left arm to get my dick up again and though it was a little sore - she started to rub my head against her inner thigh -

I did not bother to ask her if she was fine with doing it without a condom (because I did not have one) I took her hand and walked into my bedroom and put a pillow under her waist and slowly pushed my dick into her. She was not exactly tight but she did have tricks of contracting her pussy every few thrusts - which my friend was driving me UP THE TREE!!

I kept going at her very slowly at first, staring into her eyes, she was breathing with me - I was getting harder and harder with every thrust almost to a point where I knew I was going to explode soon - I kept trying to think of things at work to keep me from cumming soon but she was such a freaking good fuck -

I kept pulling out occasionally and rub the head of my dick on her clit to stay longer and everytime I did that she would make the most beautiful moaning noises I had ever heard. She then pushed me off and got on top of me and started riding me, I knew I could not stay like that for a long time but she did something I now have learnt to master with my wife.

She reached down and with her thumb and index pressed the bottom of my dick for a few seconds. It hurt like a bitch for the first few times but I realised it was helping me stay longer - kind of like a cock ring - she now had her eyes closed and was riding me bent forwards rubbing her clit against my pubic hair and her boobs were rubbing on my face -

we were sweating as if we were in the rain and then she asked me something I will never forget - "whats your name ?" I said Chuck and she said thats an odd name and closed her eyes again, she then started to fasten her pace on me, I could feel the heat on my body and she put her palms on my chest and dug into me and exploded -

she kept saying fuck.. fuck.. fuck.. fuck as she slowed down and stopped - she plunked on me and said thank you for that fuck Chuck with a toothy grin- I said - no, thank you - she moved off me and gave me a handjob - I came all over her hands and my belly. We lay there for a while and cleaned ourselves together.

This did not end like every amazing story you guys read here. Later that evening after an awkward oral session - nothing much to talk about except that she took over 20 minutes to cum and I came in a few minutes too soon on her dress. We had a wierd argument about that and I said something inappropriate..

but I think she was feeling cheap for letting herself sleep with someone she does not know and left soon after that., there was no exchange of phone numbers nor did I walk her down to her vehicle - just a plain awkward goodbye. Never seen her after that. Dont really miss her because my wife is everything and so much more than what I could ever ask for.

Lady of the story - if you happen to read this story - sorry about what happened that evening - did not mean to upset you after such a nice fuck. Hope all is well with you and your sexual journey. as for the rest of you pervs reading this story, Cheers - Chuck.

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Delhi guy voyeur and sex experience

This happened when I was a little over 18 years of age. I had just finished school a few months back and had joined the University of Delhi for my Bachelors in Physics. It was late October time and the weather was at its best in the New Delhi suburb we lived in. It was so pleasant, with a little chill and lots of freshness in the air.

I had my autumn break in the college and was studying hard for classes that were to follow on reopening of the university. I was a good student and it had been a habit since my early school days to use each vacation for doing advance study of the syllabus for the following term. I used to love studying on my own,

without assistance of the teachers and the subsequent admiration that used to come my way during the term for knowing so much even before the teachers went through their rituals in the class was always so heady and inspiring. We lived in a closely knit neighbourhood, where each elderly lady was a mausi, each elderly gentleman a chacha, each older boy a bhaiya and each older girl a didi.

There was one daughter-in-law in the neighbourhood, who was a bhabhi to all of us. The houses were built close to each other, either with a common wall or with narrow streets separating them. Away from the disturbance inside our little household, this autumn break, I had shifted my day-time study venue to the terrace of our house.

I would climb up the wooden ladder, books and some light refreshment in tow, and spend long hours there. I would sit glued to my appointed place almost the whole day, enjoying in the opening of my mind to new facts, new concepts and new knowledge. My mom had to call me repeatedly from down below to make me descend for my meals, and each time,

I would keep deferring the downward journey till she shrieked an extreme ultimatum or two. The day was no different from other days. Only that sitting atop the house for over four hours at a stretch had caused some cramps in my legs. This had not happened before. I just got up and started walking on the terrace, from one end to the other, book in hand,

reading some nice and interesting passages on History of Science, a qualifying subject at college. The thickish foliage emanating from guava trees in our backyard surrounded the terrace. As I began my up-and-down movement, I looked around, and found our neighbour Madhavi washing clothes under the tap in the compound of her house.

The tap was in a place near the corner of her house, surrounded by a 6 feet high boundary wall on two sides and five feet high walls on the other two sides, making a small cubicle, which went by the name of bathroom in her house. The bathroom had no formal door and only a three foot breach in one of the walls constituted entrance to the place.

Madhavi was a most beautiful young woman of about 24. She was married and lived in that house with her husband and his old parents. Even though I was 18 then, my existence thus far had been mostly books and academics. There were not many females my age amongst my acquaintances. I was perhaps not developed enough, physically and sexually.

It is not that I was constitutionally weak or stunted. I was a good 5 feet 9 inches and weighed a healthy 70 kg. But despite my limited sexual awareness and exposure, the very sight of Madhavi used to set my heart aflutter in some peculiar way. Madhavi had had a baby only a few months back and I had seen physical changes in her appearance during her pregnancy.

Although I had little idea about the human reproductive system, never having studied biology, I used to fancy Madhavi with a big tummy, every time I met her on the street. We used to call her Bhabhi, the wife of elder brother. Madhavi bhabhi was quite shy but was a very warm person. Every time we met, she would smile disarmingly at me and enquire about my studies.

My mom once told me that Madhavi bhabhi was a very good student herself before she was married off into the neighbour's house four years back at a young age of 20. I did not pay much attention at first to Madhavi bhabhi at work that day. But after a while, I found she had completed the washing and stood in the bathroom.

Even as I strolled on the terrace, I saw from the corner of my eyes that she began to take her shirt off. The next moment, I saw Madhavi bhabhi standing there in a white bra. The foliage above her did not perhaps permit her to realise that I was moving on the terrace of my house. She was obviously oblivious of the prying young eyes watching her glorious secrets.

I had never seen a woman in that state of undress and I had some queer and hitherto unexperienced sensations in my body. Without deliberately deciding to do so, I had stopped my stroll and began looking at Madhavi bhabhi through the thick growth of guava leaves. I could see her clearly. The skin that now revealed was a lot fairer that the very fair face of Madhavi bhabhi.

She had a long neck and slim arms. Even as I watched her surreptitiously, I saw her hands fiddle with her bra at the back and it came unstuck. A most beautiful pair of breasts broke loose. The breasts were even more white than the body revealed just a minute back and hung like ripe big mangoes on her chest. There were large pink protrusions in the middle of each of the lovely breasts.

The nipples were surrounded by areolar rings, the size of a large coin, dark pink in colour. My breathing became instantly heavy. I could sense my little penis spring into action and become big. I had earlier been used to engorgement of my penis only at night sometimes, when the urge for urination became too stiff. But this was different.

There were weird sensations and it felt good as never before. Even as I stood there, panting hard, I found Madhavi bhabhi take her salwar off. She wore nothing else underneath. Madhavi bhabhi was now standing stark naked, in front of my eyes. She had beautiful legs, long and slender. The legs were a bit hairy.

But what took my fancy was a bushy growth where her legs began and her tummy ended. I had never known that woman had hair there, in the middle. Because I did not have any either, I was ignorant about male pubic growth as well. While I was exposed to a scene I had never heard of, nor seen before, the very sight of a nude woman caused some parts of my body to act in a manner not experienced earlier.

I did feel that it was wrong on my part to snoop on Madhavi bhabhi like that, when she was not aware of my presence on the terrace. But the thrill that this exotic sight gave me was too much to give up the offering. Something that felt so good could not be wrong, I argued with myself. Madhavi bhabhi began her bath. She took a jug of water and poured it over her neck.

I could see Madhavi bhabhi feel the chill of the cold water. The next moment, she was applying soap over her body. As she massaged around her own breasts, giving particular attention to her nipples, it became too much for me. I let out an involuntary gasp. I was petrified at the thought of Madhavi bhabhi hearing my presence.

I shuddered to imagine what she would think of me if she did and I spontaneously sat down. I tried to compose myself as best as I could but the sight of the forbidden fruit had ignited passions I was a total stranger to. In no time, I popped up my head again and resumed my sightseeing. Madhavi bhabhi was now sitting on a low stool and applying soap to her legs and thighs.

As her nimble hands moved towards her hairy mound, I waited with baited breath. Lo and behold, she was at her pubic hair and gave them a good wash. It was all happening before my very eyes and happening too fast for me to handle. The next thing I saw was Madhavi bhabhi putting her soapy finger in what seemed to be a hole inside her bushy growth.

As she did that, Madhavi bhabhi appeared to slow down. She raised her head and her eyes pointed skywards, directly in my line of sight. I was scared she had seen me. But the unfolding erotic scenario and my constant gaze had emboldened me beyond what I ever believed could happen, more so when it came to Madhavi bhabhi, whom I respected a lot.

I discovered, to my utter relief, that her eyes were closed and I decided to continue looking. I also realised that Madhavi bhabhi was in the midst of a special experience herself, and that what she was doing at the moment was giving her immense pleasure. I never before had this happen to me.

I noticed that I was huge and I felt embarrassed as I stood on the terrace with a huge erection bulging out of my shorts. And even as I crouched there watching Madhavi bhabhi in the throes of her mysterious bliss, the genesis and reason of which I did not understand one bit, I felt a chain of tremors hit my penis.

It was as if an electric current was passing through it, bringing in its wake immense thrill and ecstasy. Least did I realise then that I had just had the first orgasm of my life. The mid-body raptures lasted what seemed like an eternity but was actually not more than a couple of minutes. I could feel the hardness subside soon.

Madhavi bhabhi had also rinsed her body by now with liberal dose of water from the bucket under the tap. The washing of soap on her breasts, the pubic hair and the hole within appeared to give her special pleasure. She had now begun to dress up. I realised it was no longer safe to continue the voyeurism. I quickly resumed my seat on the terrace and tried to drown myself in the book once again.

Concentrating on a text book was impossible after what I had just gone through. I was intrigued by what I had seen, and I was fascinated by what I had experienced. And I was happy that Madhavi bhabhi had not seen me all this while. My thoughts were fleeting at Einsteinian speeds. The sight of a fully nude woman had kindled in me reactions I had never dreamed of earlier.

The way my own body had reacted to the spectacle of a naked Madhavi bhabhi had mesmerised me beyond my comprehension. I had an urge to take it forward. I had an urge to touch Madhavi bhabhi the way she was touching herself. I had an urge to massage her breasts, to feel her pubic hair, and to dip my fingers in the mysterious hole that seemed to lie beneath.

But how could I? Madhavi bhabhi was known to be a very reserved person. She was widely respected even amongst the otherwise vile mother-in-law kind of old ladies in our neighbourhood. She was admittedly a much respected daughter-in-law in the locality. It was impossible to concentrate my thoughts on any thing in particular.

I kept reading the book but nothing registered. My thoughts went back repeatedly to the beautiful nude body of Madhavi bhabhi, the ecstasy she seemed to experience when she touched herself at various places and the mysterious thrill that I got when hitherto unknown and unexperienced sensations drowned my own penis and rest of my body into an indefinable trance.

I yearned to have more of that. But how was I to do that? I looked around, afraid if some one had caught me in the sly act I had just gone through. To my horror, on the terrace on the other side of our house was Anjali, also studying. Anjali was a year junior to me, and still in school but was almost my age, give and take a few months.

We were good friends and she often used to come to me for assistance in some subjects, more particularly mathematics. I kept looking at Anjali and in a while, our eyes met. She gave me a sweet smile and my heart missed a heartbeat. I wondered if she had seen me spying Madhavi bhabhi. I argued with myself that she might have but hoped that, most probably, she hadn't.

I was worried all the while about what would happen if she had and what would I do if she were to spill the beans. I decided that it would be most prudent to talk to Anjali for a while. I called out to Anjali, asking her how her studies were going. She mumbled something saying it was ok, but added that she was stuck in integration by parts in her mathematics.

Making my job easier, she asked me if I could help her in this topic. I nodded assent and told her to come right away. In two minutes flat, Anjali was with me on the terrace. Anjali was a nice looking girl, quite pretty and had a most pleasant disposition. She had a wonderful sense of humour and time spent with her could never be without boisterous laughter bursting from either side.

We sat down and she opened her book at the relevant page. I started from the very beginning. I first explained to her that integration was the reverse of differentiation, and gradually went on to explain to her the finer points of doing integration by parts. Step by step, I took her through the first five questions in the chapter.

I was happy that by the third question, it was basically she who was solving them. I thought to myself that asking Anjali to come was a good move as I had spent more than 45 minutes, concentrating on her mathematics rather than fantasising about Madhavi bhabhi and her beautiful body.

But perhaps I was a bit too early in the thought, for, the reveries of Madhavi bhabhi returned with a vengeance. Seeing me lost in thoughts, Anjali enquired if I was feeling ok. I mumbled something to dispel her fears about my health but my reverie continued. This went on for a few minutes. Anjali had always been a good and close friend, about the only one of my friends who was a girl.

Despite my relative proximity to her, our discussion has rarely gone beyond the usual pleasantries or academics. Therefore, I never expected myself to say to her what I said, all of a sudden. I found myself telling her that I had just done something horrible, that I had seen Madhavi bhabhi taking a bath in her bathroom. For a moment, Anjali also did not know how to react.

After a while, she plainly said, "So, what? If you have seen her bathe, you have seen her. What is the big deal?" I felt a bit reassured. If Anjali says so, then surely what I had done was not a sin. And then, Anjali surprised me by asking, "Did you like what you saw?" I took a long time in responding. Anjali was a good friend. I could perhaps confide in her. But she was a girl.

Would it be alright if I were to ventilate what was going on inside my mind and body? After a while, Anjali caught me by my arm and said, "Madhavi bhabhi appears to have cast a spell on you. I do not blame you. She is so beautiful". I now felt emboldened. I admitted coyly that I indeed liked what I saw and that I saw her doing funny things and that I experienced funny things myself in my own body.

I confided in Anjali that Madhavi bhabhi's body is so different from mine and that I did not understand a few things in her body. This was the first time my discussion with Anjali was taking such a direction. We both became aware of the developing tension in the air, and almost involuntarily decided to move to a corner where the parapet walls were higher.

I began my queries with the breasts and the nipples. Anjali said that Madhavi's breasts had to be big because she had just given birth to a child and had been lactating the baby. I asked her if all girls had breasts and she confirmed that, more than a bit surprised at the naivety of the question. She ventured to add that hers had just begun to grow and were smaller.

She also mentioned that her own nipples were large. As I looked askance at her, Anjali enquired if I wanted to feel them. I could not resist the offer and felt her nipples from above her shirt. As soon as I held her nipples in my fingers, my penis sprang to life. Anjali was smiling softly all this while. Encouraged, I palmed her whole breast and she let out a soft moan.

Her breasts were really soft, not covered by a bra, though they did appear smaller as compared to Madhavi bhabhi's treasures. Anjali then chided me and said, "That's all? You were so worked up only on this?" I mustered up courage to say that there was more to my unease than that. With great difficulty, I told her that Madhavi bhabhi had hair in her middle.

Anjali's depth of knowledge in these matters surprised me once again. She said that grown up women had those hair, and that she had seen them on her mom's body too. I asked her if she had them and she told me that it had just about begun to come and there were a few thin strands. I looked askance at her again, hoping that she would offer me a peek preview of her body.

But she did not and I was disappointed. Our discussion and actions so far had made me bold as never before. Not getting the voluntary offer from Anjali, I asked her if she would let me see her hair, no matter they were much fewer in number and density. Anjali was reluctant. "It won't be right, Ankit", she said. I did not press any further, but fell silent.

No matter how much Anjali tried to get me talking again, I could not break my silence. My thoughts were constantly focussed on Madhavi bhabhi's pubic mound and the hole that lay underneath. I was constantly visualising the ecstasy that overtook Madhavi bhabhi when she put her own finger inside her hole.

I was ceaselessly thinking about the volcanic eruptions in my own penis even as I saw Madhavi bhabhi experience her raptures. I had not realised till then how good a friend Anjali was. Seeing me thus, she lay down right there in front of me, closed her eyes and unknotted the string of her salwar. It took me ages to bring my fingers to the top of her salwar and gradually push it down, revealing her virgin girlhood.

As the salwar began its descent in slow motion, I could see the few thin black hair below her abdomen, just before her thighs began. Her skin was so smooth, so radiant. And then I saw that hole. It was the shape of a very large wheat grain or the seed of a date palm. I knew for sure that girls did not have the penis that boys had and that they had a hole.

It was that hole that lay in front of me. But still, it was beyond my comprehension as to how putting her finger in a hole meant for exit of urine could give such thrills to Madhavi bhabhi. I looked at Anjali's hole more closely and found a few moist drops trickling down her thighs. I began wondering if this was remnant of urine from her last visit to the washroom.

I asked Anjali if she had gone to the washroom before she came up but she denied that she had such a trip. I, however, left it at that. Anjali had now opened her eyes. She appeared no longer uncomfortable at lying naked before me. Instead, she asked me, "Any further doubts or questions, Ankit?" I then told her about the mysterious sensations I had experienced myself.

"Ah! That's a new subject, Ankit. I do not know much about that. But now that you have a question in your mind, we must find the answer. What better way to do that than to see the affected area!" She gestured me to unhook my shorts and pull them down. I hesitated for a moment and heard her saying, "If I being a girl was bold enough to show you mine, you as a boy can't be more shy."

I unbuttoned my shorts and Anjali pulled them down, just as I sat in front of her. She again motioned me to raise my butt from the floor and she dragged my shorts down all the way. Here I was, naked for the first time before a girl. "I always thought your birdie would be a small one. This is so big, Ankit!" said Anjali.

"No, Anjali, it is not always that big. Something has happened to it today", I replied. "Now tell me, what happened when you had that little cameo with Madhavi bhabhi", Anjali continued. And I told her slowly, in as cogent a manner as I could bring myself to, details of what happened. She looked minutely at my erect penis but did not seem to find an answer to what had happened.

"Do you feel like urinating, Ankit?" she enquired. When I answered in the negative, she wondered how the tip of my birdie was so wet. We were now both more confused than we started off as. "Ankit, can I touch your pretty birdie?" Anjali pleaded, and I could barely nod my acquiescence. At that very moment, my erect penis, birdie to Anjali, was held by a girl for the first time ever.

It felt soooooo good, absolutely different to how it felt always when I held it in my own hands. Anjali began to fondle it lovingly and it felt even better. I told her that those same very sensations were returning. Anjali was loving each moment of it too. She kissed the birdie and licked the underside with her tongue.

As her movements became more and more aggressive, she found her salwar, down up to her knee level, impeding her. She momentarily released my birdie and in one swift movement, took off and threw her salwar away. Her lower body was now naked, just as mine. She continued to play with my birdie and then she suddenly put one finger of her left hand inside her own hole.

She was on cloud nine. She was surely experiencing what I espied Madhavi bhabhi doing some hours back. Her manoeuvring of my majestic boyhood was making me crazy. I wanted to come closer to Anjali. I pushed her back and she lay on her back, still holding my pleasurable birdie. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. I wanted to be even closer to her.

I lowered myself on Anjali, my lips on her lips, my chest resting on her soft breasts and our naked lower bodies clinging to each other. My urge for more closeness was still getting the better of me. I ground my erect penis against her thighs and it felt so good. We were both transported to a different world.

Soon, my engorged organ got caught between the two thighs of Anjali and she brought them closer to each other. In the tight grip of her thighs, I began moving up, down and sideways. It felt so heavenly, so exotic. The thrills that Anjali experienced appeared to be no less. This went on for a long long time. We were discovering facets of our persona that had remained hidden so far.

"Ankit. It feels so great. But can I make a request?" she pleaded. "Yes, tell me, my sweetheart". I surprised myself with my own phraseology. "Actually, I am having some great sensations here", she said, pointing to her vaginal opening. "I was wondering if you could touch your birdie here. I am sure it will feel even better", she requested.

I did as directed. I positioned myself carefully and placed the tip of my big one on the entry to her hole. Immediately, I could see some gooey fluid ooze out and drop on her entrance. It felt so good. Anjali had her eyes closed, just as Madhavi bhabhi had earlier in the day. After a while, Anjali urged me to push a little inside. I wasn't sure if this was right.

I had never imagined that one part of one human's body could be shoved inside a part of another human's body. To me, it appeared a violation of the sovereignty of her body. But Anjali had me in a vice like grip this day. I did as she wanted me to do. I pushed softly and her vagina opened to greet my penis, making way for the hard, inflated and engorged penis to visit her inner portals.

Even before I heard Anjali gasp in utmost pleasure, my own delight reached a crescendo. Even as I had limited the initial foray to about an inch inside her, I soon found myself wanting to be wholly inside Anjali. I tried to push, but the path was constricted. I took my penis out for a moment and found it was all wet with a sticky fluid all round the shaft.

It could not be urine of Anjali and it could not be my own gooey fluid. Obviously, it was Anjali's body that had been secreting this mysterious fluid. While Anjali was cajoling me to go deeper inside, I could sense she was in some sort of pain as well. I asked her about the pain and she told me that the pain was great but it was a pleasurable pain and she wanted more of it.

She ordered me to push all the way inside, and with one powerful lunge, I found myself fully inside Anjali. She had tears in her eyes, and yet she was smiling with a mystifying pleasure. The joy, the gratification and the attainment were indescribable. Once inside fully, I wondered about the next move. The entry had been so pleasing and enthralling. I wanted to enter again.

So, quite logically, I withdrew my distended boyhood almost to the tip and went in again. This time, the entry was even more pleasing. I had discovered, all by myself the art of stroking during intercourse. I went on and on. The lubrication had now increased and I was now slipping in and out effortlessly. Each thrust inside gave us both immense pleasures.

We were both moaning with the newly found bliss that we had just experienced. I wanted to be even closer to Anjali now. I positioned myself above her, pivoted myself on my elbows and urged her to help me take off her shirt. Once her shirt was off, she pulled my t-shirt out. I saw the breasts of Anjali and they were cute indeed.

They were different from Madhavi's in more ways than one. As Anjali had told me, they were smaller than Madhavi's. More importantly, they seemed more firm than Madhavi's. Also, the complexion of Anjali's breasts was a lot fairer than Madhavi's, even though Madhavi's general complexion was otherwise fairer.

I did not realise then that this was because Anjali's had newer tissue on them, as they had developed only recently and Madhavi's had seen several summers. As we resumed journey on the highway of our new found sexuality, we could feel each other's skin on our bodies and it gave us immeasurable contentment. I lowered myself and kissed Anjali on her lips passionately.

I then placed my hand delicately on her breasts. My God! It was like heaven. The touch of her breasts was even smoother than the satin grip her hole had on my big penis enveloped deep inside. All this while, I was stroking in and out, in and out, bringing deep moans from Anjali's throat as well as mine. We could spend a lifetime doing what we had just discovered.

How did we not realise earlier that our bodies could give so much to each other. After all, we had known each other all our lives. Anjali was building up sexual tension inside her now. She became more and more vocal. I was afraid someone down below would hear us and catch us in the act.

Even though we were at it for the first time ever in our lives, I had little doubt in my mind that what we were doing was wrong, and would not get the sanction of others, should they ever know. Anjali was asking me to do it faster, harder. I complied as best as I could. Her hole, which was so difficult to penetrate initially was now receiving my lusty thrusts with ease and gratitude.

Faster and harder I attacked her girlhood and the closer to that same sensation that I had earlier in the day I reached. After a long time, Anjali let out a shrill cry and clasped me tightly, not letting me stroke any further. Her hands were behind my buttocks, pulling me more and more into her. And then, at the same very moment, something happened to me.

It was that same unending chain of pulsations in my penis that I had earlier in the day, which made me want to enter even deeper into Anjali, even beyond the realms of physical possibility. I could sense something physically moving from my body into hers, but the thought of violating the body of Anjali was farthest from my mind now.

I had loved each moment of this wonderful sequence of events that had overtaken us. We were both sweating profusely. The crescendo subsided a bit and I found myself kissing Anjali on her lips again. She closed her eyes yet again, even as I kissed her nipples and suckled at them, taking along a sizeable portion of her soft but firm breasts inside my mouth.

Little did we realise then that we had just had the first sexual intercourse of our lives. I felt my penis softening inside Anjali and I rolled over. I looked down at where we were interminably joined just a moment ago and found some viscous clear fluid dripping out of Anjali's beautiful hole.

There was a hint of blood mixed with the fluid. I also noted that her hole was a bit swollen in comparison to what it was before we embarked on this most exotic journey. I glanced at my own now flaccid boyhood and found it so much at peace with itself, all wet with the sticky fluids which, I now was sure, were secreted by Anjali's system.

There was blood smeared on the curvature over its whole length. Despite the blood, which I guessed was from Anjali's body after the ecstatic pain she experienced, there were serene smiles on our faces.

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Previously: Horny Kanika having sex with Jayant - I

I was very depressed and hesitant to face Jayant and could not decide how to react. I was working from the very first moment I came into my cabin but virtually I was drowned in thoughts. In the middle of the day, around 2 I saw peon was doing preparation for Jayant’s lunch, don’t know why, I just stood up and took my lunch to his cabin to have lunch together.

He welcomed me and we started having our meal. We both were silent, I didn’t know how to start, finally he started by saying sorry, I looked at him to ask why he is saying sorry, he smiled and said I know I have spoiled your weekend. I was speechless, then again he said “actually you came little early; I was not expecting you at that time”.

I just hummed, and explained him the reason, that is because everybody packed up early. Then further I asked bit about his wife’s illness, he told me few things, she was suffering from some chorea disease, which is hereditary, basically it’s a disease which hurts central nerve system of a human body and leads to a complete mental decline.

He was talking to me while eating and I could see that he was trying to control himself, for me it was hard to look into his eyes. Like that our lunch time came to an end and we moved back to out work. Later I read few articles on web about this disorder, medical name of this disease was Huntington's disease as I said it’s an illness of central nerve system which governs our body,

its incurable and medication can only hang on the matter. It’s a disease which is hereditary but not STD. From that day onwards we started having lunch together regularly and I took initiative to bring his food from my house, he tried to avoid that but I insisted, and he agreed. My mother asked me about the person, for whom I was caring lunch, I gave her brief detail and she liked my initiative.

I asked him many things about his personal life and he shared. I felt it was a time when he took me as friend. Pooja, Jayant’s wife was only child of there parents and she got effected from this disease from his father’s side, but unfortunately at that time they didn’t knew that it’s a hereditary disorder, and she was normal till the age of 27,

He told me that initially when symptoms of this disease appeared in his wife, she was pregnant and after knowing this disease completely, they aborted the child. She was suffering from this illness from last 5-6 years, just after the two years of there marriage and from then she was continuously declining,

although Jayant was spending half of his income on her wives treatment but as we know nothing can be done with a money at certain places. I was already in somewhat like in love with Jayant and now because of this he started ruling my heart. I also started sharing my thoughts with him.

He asked me about my family and friends and we started talking to each other more freely, as friends do. Once I felt like seeing his wife again and I asked him for this, he reacted positively and that evening I spent 2 hours with him and his wife, and this time I was not afraid of her face, I saw some kind of beauty in her eyes, which cannot be seen otherwise, we can only feel that,

it was the beauty of innocence, and courage. She was struggling with life in every second, and she didn’t know that for how long she will be able to struggle. I was happy after getting closer to them and slowly Jayant and his wife became a part of my life. I was regular visitor there and his wife started recognizing me.

Jayant showed me his family album and I saw a picture of his wife, she was really beautiful at one time. Jayant was gem as a person and in next two months I was completely in love with him. In my perspective, every normal human being needs love physical as well mental, it’s somewhat like food for our soul but it was missing from his life and even then he was so calm and patient,

I never saw any sign of complain and frustration in his gesture from his life or destiny. It was amazing, I think it was his sorrow who taught him this, well at this stage of life I believe that sorrow of our life refines us, and Jayant was so refined, he had gentleness and ability to empathize and understand another's need and pain.

For me it was hard to resist myself falling in love with him, I wanted to fill his life with what he has lacked in his previous relationship, love and sex, and happiness but I was glad to keep my feeling up to me only. We became very good friends, I can say he was my first and foremost closest friend and I felt same from his side.

Life was moving like that, suddenly question of my marriage came in front of me again and this time it was unavoidable. My mother asked me if I have any boyfriend, I denied. Actually my parents had a proposal for me, and according to them family and boy both were very good, rich, well educated, good looking and well settled in business.

But now after spending almost a year with a person like Jayant, I was not seeking all this; I was in love with a simplicity, and affection he has for life. I was not ready to think about anything except him, and somehow I postponed the conversation of that marriage proposal, but it was just postponed. Things moved on and couple of times my mother forced me to meet that guy.

I agreed half heartedly and asked Jayant for a day off in a weekday. Casually he asked me the reason and I spoke the truth. He wished me good luck gladly, and I accepted. I met that guy casually as a task and postponed the final decision by saying that I had to think about it. Although that guy was very good, rich and good looking, but as I said I was not ready to think anything else.

Next day I met Jayant, he asked me as a friend about the verdict, I replied the truth that the matter is under consideration. He was so casual and did not had any hint that what I have for him in my heart, and once again I was struggling with in myself. It was a time when I really needed him, mentally and physically.

Some kind of sexual urge started occupying my mind and this time I was incapable to suppress it, and neither I wanted to suppress it, I started day dreaming about him. I wanted to talk to him about my feelings for him, but I was afraid. In the mean time Jayant’s wife became bit serious and he went on leave. Apart from working late, I visited him couple of times.

With in a day or two matter was under control but she needed lot of care. After few days he joined back and I met him, his wife was better and he was bit relaxed now, we had lunch together and during that he asked me about the progress in the matter of my marriage. I replied very casually and carelessly that I don’t want to marry him, I like someone else,

and in reply he asked me with a smile “who’s that lucky guy”. I just went silent, I wanted to speak up the truth, but my throat was choked, I just looked down. He smiled again and forced me to speak up by saying “come on Kanika I am your friend, you can tell me”. I looked up, bit of water was floating in my eyes, he looked into my eyes,

he was bit amazed to see tears and he smiled again and said “come on Kanika, don’t feel embarrassed, please don’t answer if you don’t feel ok”. But I gathered courage and replied in just two words, “its you”. His smile disappeared with in a fraction of second and he rested his back on chair, and asked me again “are you serious” I moved my head in yes, and looked at him;

he smiled again and politely said “Kanika have you gone mad”? I remained silent “have you talked to your parents about this”? I said no in a very low voice, “good and please don’t talk to anybody about this, I am married, don’t you know”? I said “yes I know, I have tried a lot but I can’t stop thinking about you”. “Kanika, please try hard, this is not right”.

I moved my head in yes. Then he asked me few things about that guy and I replied truly. Then he requested me to say yes to that guy, I remained silent and after a minute I got up and went to my cabin. That night I stayed at my separate accommodation and cried a lot in the night. Next day was normal as far as other things were concerned, but I was feeling bit hesitation in talking to him,

even Jayant was also bit conscious in talking to me, but with in two days we were normal. Few days passed like that and I was falling in love with him more and more, but there was hell of confusion in me. In this mental state my mother asked me again for that guy, and they set up another meeting, it was yes from there side and now I had to take a decision,

my parents tried to convince me about that guy, actually they were not aware of my one sided running affair, don’t know why I reacted positively to them. I tried to prepare myself to say yes because I was tired of this struggle now and everybody was expecting yes from my side now but I don’t know why I said no in the end of the meeting.

It was a shock for my parents, we came back to our place and I had an argument with my parents, they were bit angry with me. I said sorry to my mom and took a leave from house towards my separate accommodation. But insisted of going there I went to Jayant’s house. He was not back yet from the office, I spent some time with his wife,

and after some time when he saw me sitting there with his wife, he seemed bit surprised. After few minutes we came out to the drawing room and he asked me about the final decision of the meeting. I said that I have closed that chapter forever. He got uneasy, he was not happy with my decision but he remained calm.

I had lot of thoughts running in my mind and I was tired of keeping things up to me only, I wanted to take it out, tears were floating in my eyes and with that I looked at him; he looked at me and gave a arbitrary smile, without thinking anything I just hugged him, and started crying. He embraced me lightly, but I was holding him tight and crying like a child.

“I love you Jayant, I can’t stop loving you, please try to understand”, I cried a lot in his arms like a child. For next few minutes we were standing in the middle of his drawing room hugging each other. After few minutes I regained, I saw his eyes were also wet. We had dinner together and after meal which we barely had he said “I will drop you home”, after settling Pooja in bed with her maid servant,

we started from there for my flat. Jayant was driving my car and most of the way we were silent and the conversation we had was of next days work schedule. Soon we were standing in the parking of the apartment; he wanted to talk to me, and it was the right place for that, nobody was there around us, it was few minutes passed to 9.

He started by saying “Kanika I like you too, but how will we justify our relation to your parents and everybody living around us”. Then after a reasonably long pause he continued, “You know, I am starved for this love from very long time, every body needs love, and initially my parents took some initiative to marry me again,

but I was not ready to leave Pooja on anybody’s mercy and because of this not a single girl got ready to marry me, Kanika as you need me, Pooja also needs me, I don’t know for how long she will survive, may be a year, may be years, nothing can be said, and in any case I am not going leave her”.

I was silent then again he started “Kanika think about this first, will you be able to live with this for unknown time period”. I didn’t had to think about this much, I realized that I can never find a person like him in my whole life, I said “yes, I am with you,”. We looked in each others eyes and somehow hugged each other while sitting at our seats.

Then he asked me whether I will be able to convince my parents for this, I was not sure, but I said yes. Now he was supposed to go back on his own, leaving my car there. We came out of the car and he handed over the keys, I invited him for a coffee, I wanted to spend some more time with him.

Once he said if he will get late, he will not get an auto, I handed over my keys back to him, by saying “you can take my car back to your place”. He smiled and we proceeded towards my flat and leaving him in a living room I went to kitchen to prepare coffee. I was happy and my heart was beating high, I was with Jayant in my flat, all alone,

after the conversation in which virtually we both agreed to move further in this relation. I was drowned in his thoughts, I don’t know when he came to kitchen and held me from behind, from my waist and hugged me. Wow what a wonderful feeling that was, I cannot write those moments, I was dying for this day. He kissed me on my neck from behind and I moaned in pleasure.

“Why you love me so much Kanika hmmm…” he whispered in my ear, “I don’t know” I responded in a very low voice. I turned around, and he looked into my eyes, and next moment we started kissing. He was holding my face in his palms, and I was holding him from his elbows. In a way it was first kiss of my life, because in previous relation I didn’t know the real value of this feeling.

In a true sense it was the kiss about which one can dream, it was full of love and affection. I knew Jayant as a wonderful human being but he was equally wonderful lover, and finally after so much struggle I was in his arms. I’ll never forget that moment, I loved him with a passion, I knew he wanted it and he loved me as much in return.

How suddenly it happened, and we got insane, I was wearing a simple churidar and kurta, typical Indian outfit of soft cotton, he was touching my body over my cloths and I was holding his back firmly while kissing. His lips moved on my entire face and he kissed every corner of it.

As he reached my neck my face got twisted, he took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it, my breath got out of my body in an explosion of joy. For both of us, sex was not a secret; even then we both were passionate for this, I turned off the burner of the gas stove and without a word we came out of kitchen.

We sat on a couch and started kissing, and soon we both were laying on that and kissing each other. He came over me while kissing and that was the sweetest and longest kiss I ever had, we kissed and licked and sucked each others lips and we were rolling our tongues like there is no tomorrow.

I was squeezed and crushed under his body while kissing and I loved to be crushed like that. Then after few minutes he got up partially and looked into my eyes and smiled and caressed my hairs which were coming on my face. Gentle voice touched my ears, “I love you Kanika, from the day you started coming to my house to meet Pooja,

nobody tried to come closer to me after knowing my fact of life, I waited for you so long”. I smiled and embraced him tight, and then again we kissed. After a minute of two he tried to get up, but I held him, he looked at me, I whispered “Jayant please stay for some more time, ……love me if you can, I am dying, he felt a sudden jolt hit him as I asked him to stay,

he looked into my eyes and our eyes were locked, “are you sure”? He asked me with bit of smile, “yes.. please stay”. His head bent to mine, and our lips met again in a long delicate kiss. He drew my lip between his and sucked and gently I slid my tongue out between his lips, probing his mouth. He started brushing my face and neck with his lips and for me it was pure heaven.

His body smelled manly with the sweat of the day. His hands slid up from my waist to my breasts. He felt them swell and grow hot and turgid in his hands. He squeezed them gently, rolling my fleshy mounds in his hands, and my nipples, popped out hard through the thin cloth. He started to open the hooks of my kurta. They went down low, almost to my navel and he tried to pull it wider.

My breasts were reasonably large and firm, with a nice slope and a good cleavage. He slid his hands under my Kurta and I arched my head, gasping softly as his hands caressed my nipples over my bra. We moved to bed and I started to open the buttons of his shirt, and took off his undershirt too, and started caressing his firm bare chest.

I was laying on bed and he was leaning over me, he lifted my kurta and drew it off my head. I kissed him again, my tongue explored his mouth. He fondled my breasts, over bra making me groan softly, and took off my bra through my head. I was naked from my upper half and my soft mounds were hanging in front of Jayant.

His hands returned to my breasts, they were already swollen; nipples were hard in his fingers. He kissed my face and tongued my ear gently. I murmured in pleasure. He squeezed my breasts together. His tongue flickered across one nipple, then the other, then the first again. Slowly, he drew my luscious mound into his mouth and sucked on it.

He moved to the other and I groaned loudly in lust. He slid lower and instantly tugged the string of my churidar pajami, and slowly he pulled my pajami till my feet and finally took it off from my body, I was laying on bed in just my panty and I gasped with a sigh again as he touched my bare thighs.

He tried to take my panty off, by pulling it down from my waist, and once again I lifted my self partially to help him. I was completely naked, my love opening twitched in upcoming pleasure of getting penetrated from him, Jayant looked at my pleasure hole which was already moist with excitement. He took off his remaining cloths and came on me.

Finally our naked body was tied in each other’s arms and we started kissing again. He licked my face and sucked my breast passionately once again and I lifted my lower half to rub it against his pelvis, and as my soft wet pleasure hole touched his hard penis I gasped and rubbed my love opening like that even more furiously.

“I love you Kanika, I need you so much, just be with me always”. I hissed in pleasure as his hot breath and lovely words went through my ears. We both were getting out of control, and I parted my legs wider for him to enter inside me. He lifted himself and rubbed his penis on the opening of my love tunnel,

I was already soaked with love juices and in a second or two my hole started streaming hell of liquid and finally he slid it very slowly I was moving and shaking my head and moaning in pleasure, in a fraction of time he got in deep inside me, I arched my head in bit of pain I was not virgin but I think he didn’t knew this, and that’s why he got in slowly assuming, it’s my first time,

when his whole penis was inside me I opened my mouth and moaned in ecstasy, I murmured “I Love you Jayant, make me your wife…….., make me your wife….make me…and with that my words became inaudible and moans moved up ”. “Yes Kanika I Love you,” He replied in bliss and kissed me nicely. Then slowly he started moving in and out of my flesh.

His hips began to move, slowly at first, churning my hole with his rod, then he moved faster and faster, back and forth. Laying under him I started jerking up and down on his prick with shaking cries, Jayant was trying to control himself, but he was getting this pleasure after more then half a decade,

and he gasped in irresistible pleasure and started moving and puffing even more furiously and with in a minute we clamp together and I cried out louder in pleasure then ever before, exploding at last in a shattering orgasm, in a very next second he busted deep inside me. Our body shuddered together in pleasure.

It was a pleasure of the life time, it was lust mixed with lot of love and affection. We rested there for some time and talked to each other, I tried to tell him about my past, about my previous affair, by saying, “I forgot to tell you that, it was not my first time, I had a boyfriend more then a year back”. He smiled and said, “For me even it was not first time, so don’t worry about that”.

I smiled and kissed him. After some time he took a leave and I slept with rejoice. Next morning he picked me up from my place, that day I had altogether a different perspective to look at him. That evening I left early to my home and talked to my parents about this, and as expected my parents reacted very negatively. Then I talked to my mom separately and tried to convince her.

You know friends through out my life I was pampered by my father and my mom always tried to control me, but I never gave her any value, but at that time she helped me. She saw gradual changes in me because of Jayant, so she tried to convenience my father to meet him at least once. Finally my father got ready to meet Jayant.

Before that he consulted few doctors, to know about that disease. We met Jayant at his house and when my parents saw his love and dedication towards his loved ones, they were speechless. Finally they got ready. I met Jayent’s parents, and Pooja’s mom as his father was no more. They were very simple basically from the small town of U.P.

All of them took me as their daughter. I live with Jayant as his second wife and around four months back I conceived and soon I will be mother of Jayant’s child. These days I stay at home and look after Pooja’s health.

She doesn’t know anything about me and Jayant, she is not at the state where she can understand anything. I don’t know if I have done anything wrong with her, by stealing or sharing her husband. Sorry for lengthy write up and bad English. Take care.

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