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Horny affair with sexy Maharashtrian maid - V

Horny affair with sexy Maharashtrian maid - I
Horny affair with sexy Maharashtrian maid - II
Horny affair with sexy Maharashtrian maid - III
Horny affair with sexy Maharashtrian maid - IV

Dear Readers, before proceeding to narrate my 5th & final part of my story, I would like to state here:
1) I always read comments passed on my stories.
2) I reply to some.
3) Some of the recent comments to my previous 4 episodes were like, some said they were too boring & lenghty, others said they were just imaginary and not true.
But the fact is that all that was written really happened, i.e. they are true and no fantasy. I cannot invite readers to verify the same, as it is against the policies of 'Debonairblog', for which I have the highest regards, as they are true, authentic & wholly Indian. So, please read my final episode carefully. Thanks.

And the day after finally arrived. My wife left at about 11:30am. V1 called around 12:30pm and told her all was clear and whrther A2 was with her or not. She responded with a yes she was. The door bell rang around 12:45pm. I opened the door and there were my lovely lovemaids V1 & A2. I welcomed them in and shut the door. I saw V1 signalling to A2 and A2 touched my feet.

At once I raised her & gave her a hugh hug. She said that she was sorry for not responding to my advances earlier on, but after hearing practically everything from V1 she was bent to meet me. I told her to forget the past and welcomed her to the present with a kiss on her forehead, she closed her eyes and pouted her lips slightly.

I kissed her on the lips and she responded with a deep & long kiss. I asked her whether V1 had told her all that I expected from her, including being in the house with only a Bra & Panty. She said 'yes.' I asked her whether she had a Bra & Panty on. Again she responded with a 'yes'.

I asked her to show the same to me and she put the pallo of her saree down, exposing a black Bra below her see-through pink front-buttoned blouse. She then raised her saree & petticoat to reveal a red panty. I took both V1 & A2 in my arms and said that to celebrate we three should have some tea. I prepared the tea and served them the same on the dining table.

While I was preparing the tea, both V1 & A2 were in their Bras & Panties at the dining table. I too removed my shorts & T-shirt to be in my underwear only. I knew that I was thoroughly going to enjoy the time with my 2 lovemaids. After chatting up for some time, it was time to have lunch. Since my wife had cooked for me only, A2 offered to do the remaining cooking.

I told her not to worry, as there were always spare vegetables in the fridge & spare chapatties in the casserole, which she said she knew. We then had our lunch together. The first morsel I personally fed to A2 & then to V1. After our lunch, I took them both in my bedroom and A2 wanted to see my wife's photos & video.

I told her that we had plenty of time and as such should first take some rest after the lunch. I had both of the on my sides, switched on the TV and had our rest & small naps. After about 15 minutes I was up. I had by half cup of tea and smoked my cigarette in the window and watched V1 & A2 sleeping. They were 2 beautiful women in slumber. I could take my eyes off them.

After about an hour A2 rolled over to V1, put one of her leg & arm on V1's legs & chest. V1 did not move, rather she too turned on her side towards A2 and grasped her. It was when A2 put her hands on V1's choot & boobs did V1 get up. But she did not mind it. They started fingering & kissing each other.

After some play they both got up, saw me staring at them and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. On coming back V2 wanted me to show my wife's photos & videos. I put on the still photos. A2 was so engrossed in them that she started fingering her choot from her panty. That sent the signal to me and immediately I went up to her, pulled her panty down and kissed her pubic hair.

She in turn removed her Bra & started massaging her boobs. V1 came up to her and kissed her on her lips. A2 was on fire. V1 then sucked her boobs and within some time A2 exploded with her cum on my face, which I swallowed. By this time V1 too had removed her Bra & Panty and started fingering her choot.

Seeing her do that I removed my underwear and V1 got down, took my cock in her hands, gave it some massaging & began sucking it. Within a short time I exploded my cum in her mouth, which she swallowed. We 3 then got up, washed ourselves made tea and sat down on the dining table to have it. A2 remarked that she was itching to see the videos.

V1 said that she would make some dinner and I could in the meantime show the videos to A2, whom I took to my bedroom & switched on the video for my lovely A2. She viewed that with rapt attention. By the time we finished with the videos V1 joined us. It was a sex party on. Both V1 & A2 got naked, made me naked and started a wonderful threesome.

All 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed it. My 2 lovely lovemaids didn't seem to have enough of the threesome. Once I was on top of A2 fucking her and V1 was sucking A2's boobs. Then again I was on my back and V1 was on top of me, with my cock in her cunt and was facing my feet, A2 joined in on top of me, with her back to V1 and made me suck her boobs.

And then again, I was suking A2's choot while V1 sucked my cock. Then it was V1 on her back, A2 sucking her choot and me sucking her boobs. We tried all the permutations & combinations and it was really very very satisfying for 3 of us. Both V1 & A2 made it a point to suck my cock & get fucked by me in their respective gaands & choots.

They also made sure that I licked & sucked their respective boobs, gaands & choots. And we three also made it sure that we kissed & smooched a lot. This threesome lasted for at least 2 & 1/2 hours and it was just wonderful to have 2 such hot, sexy & beautiful lovemaids. It was dinnertime by the time we finished with our extremely hot threesome.

After dinner, we sat down for some chatting & TV. Before retiring for the day, V1 & A2 made sure that they had a last fuck.I told them that they could have my wife's maxies for the night, but they said that they would sleep in their petticoats & blouses. I told them then in that case they will not wear any Panty or Bra below their petticoats & blouses. They agreed.

A2 wanted that I sleep between the two, but V1 told her that it was she i.e. A2 who will sleep in the middle for a lovely surprise early in the morning. And so we slept in that order. As usual, I was up by about 6AM, saw my hugh cock, rolled over to A2, who was facing V1 and put my hugh cock against her gaand.

She turned her neck around and kissed me and exclaimed that I could shove my extraordinarily early morning hugh monster in her choot. I rolled her over on her back, took out my pyjama, removed her petticoat & thrust my monster inside her juicy choot. She moaned a little, but enjoyed the sheer size.

By our movements V1 stirred, partly opened her eyes and told A2 to enjoy the romp, while she snoozed a little more. After a few thrusts I carried A2 to the bathroom with my cock still inside her choot, lay on by back in the bathing area & asked her to pee. With a little difficulty she managed and her pee was all over my chest. She in turn asked me to pee in her choot too.

With a little difficulty I too managed to pee in her choot. We washed each other and gave A2 my toothbrush to clean her teeth, while I cleaned her tongue with my tongue cleaner. We then went to the kitchen to prepare our morning tea. A2 told me to take V1 cup of tea to her in the bedroom. I did so, went to my bedroom, set the cup of tea aside & kissed V1 a very good morning.

She opened her eyes and I offered her tea. She said not without peeing & cleaning her teeth. I carried her to the bathroom, made her stand in the bathing area, asked her to spread her legs & pee on my hand. A2 had followed us there too and remarked that I had not taken her pee on my hand. I told her that the next time she wanted to pee she should call me.

We then had our morning tea together and A2 offered to make breakfast & lunch. But, V1 suggested that they make breakfast & lunch together to save time as there were many things yet to be done, like we all had to shit, have our threesome bath, A2 had to have her still & video shoots. So, as the ladies settled to make breakfast & lunch, I had my 2nd half cup tea, had my smoke & went to shit.

V1 paid me a visit while I was shitting and asked whether she should send A2 to see me & help me wash my gaand. I replied in the affirmative. Soon, A2 was before me. She sat on the bathing area sill facing me and removed her Bra & Panty. When I had finished, I flushed & A2 washed my gaand with her hands. I caught her and gave her one tight kiss & hug. She then went back to V1.

After my 2 lovelies had finished in the kitchen, they said that they were ready for a threesome bath. O, my, it was sheer enjoyment having my bath with my 2 sweet lovemaids. We three did all we could to make this threesome bath memorable, infront of the video camera I had stationed on the tripod outside the bathing area. After this, we 3 had our breakfast.

And then it was time for A2 to give her poses for the still photo shoot. I must say that she really did well as she posed before the camera. It was indeed a pleasure to shoot such a beauty. She began with wearing her full clothes, removing each cloth slowly beginning with her saree, then the petticoat, then the blouse, followed by her Bra & Panty.

She had very straight & pointed boobs with lovely nipples & areola. She then held her boobs in her hands, fingured her gaand & choot, gave different poses at different places in the house, on the bed, by the windows, in the Hall, on the Kitchen Platform etc. V1 was alongside me all the while, in the nude and at times playing with my body. She too complimented A2 for the fantastic photos.

After a break V1 told A2 that she would now direct A2 for the video shoot. We went to the bedroom, I positioned my video camera and V1 gave the orders to A2, like 'now remove your clothes one by one, show your boobs in your hands, finger your choot etc.' Once A2 was through her single shots, V1 asked me to join A2.

With the video camera on, V1 gave the commands, like, 'now kiss, hug, suck her boobs, finger her choot, lick & suck her choot, A2 suck "saab's" cock, now fuck etc.' It was a new experience for me, in that one woman giving the orders & the other one getting loved & fucked by me. This was one video shoot which I would cherish for a long long time.

By the time we finished with the shoots, it was time for lunch. After lunch it was rest for some time. And then some tea. A2 then asked me to give V1 some special treatment, as she was very instrumental in bringing her around for me. And so, I gave V1 the best possible massage to her naked body, which A2 observed very eagerly and thanked me & V1 profusely.

On my part I told A2 not to ever mention this affair to ANYONE and I promised her to continue this to the end of time. It was finally time to say goodbye. Before doing so, I fucked the two for the last time that day, thanked them with all my heart, especially V1 for bringing A2 along and giving me an indeed great time.

Much against their wishes, as a goodwill gesture & a parting gift I gave V1 Rs,1,501/= and A2 Rs1,000/=. And so the wonderful threesome came to an end with final hugs & kisses. Here I would like to bring to attention that V1 is about 45/47 years of age and a grandmother and A2 about 40/42 years of age and having her own young kids.

The two are still working for the family and we never miss any chance to make love & have sex. Our escapades continue todate and may they continue till eternity.

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Posted by lovenest
on: July 15, 2010 4:46 PM | Reply

Editor can we please move away from this serial for few days. DB thankfully has published lot of quality stories. The stories should be for entertainment not for mental excercises of V1 & A2. Thanks

Posted by hitman
on: July 15, 2010 8:43 PM | Reply

u are an asshole with nothing but a peace of bad smell.
you can not satisfy ur wife as u do sex with age 45 plus and that too with MAID.......?

You must be psychopath , cock sucker.

never write such a borring stoty again. Debonair is the best site for people at large around the world, now stop all that nuisance facts with ur brain (dead). give proper proof to editor and if he will satisfy then he will write here. U need to get certified by editor or else u r just a losser.

Posted by Matt Fraser
on: July 15, 2010 9:34 PM | Reply

Ass hole u r wasting ur time n other people time aswell. Fuck wid u story why dont u post ur story in 3grade flim hope they like it Sala Gandu ka Baccha.... Khali pili ka time waste...... Fuck off from Debonair as well as humandigets. Burr ka dhakan.

Posted by Raju
on: July 15, 2010 10:59 PM | Reply

Stop writting boring stories and something worth

Posted by Drench
on: July 16, 2010 2:08 AM | Reply

As a writer, I'm glad this annoying series of bullcrap is finally over.
Dude I understand if you wanna hide identities but whats the point in using V1 and stuff? Sounds like you're fucking robots, which, trust me would have been much more interesting than all this.
And what on earth is up with all the shit cleaning. You're gross. Plz never write again but if you do then keep the dish washing and ass washing to yourself.

Posted by AM
on: July 16, 2010 3:19 AM | Reply

Ktni lega maid ki... 5 kahaniya bana di!!!
Aab to bs kar!

Posted by feel
on: July 16, 2010 5:20 AM | Reply

hey stop u r chain man ... really boring with u r v1...v100 ....not at all intresting ur story ...

Posted by st
on: July 16, 2010 7:55 AM | Reply

With so many version and same stuff -- A1/V1 it seems this guy is not talking about sex rather he is talking about car versions ... boring stuff .. only to waste time .. dont send any more of these plzzzzzz...

Posted by biswajit
on: July 16, 2010 1:51 PM | Reply

please send the photograph which was you take .

Posted by kumartk
on: July 16, 2010 3:26 PM | Reply

hallo mr author'iam the only one person praised u.but i dont know y the editor not showd my coments.so thank me by sending ur w1 .

Posted by Jignesh
on: July 16, 2010 9:44 PM | Reply

DB readers m sure nxt time this mard zaat par dhabba ..a bloody spot on mankind will fuck a dog or a bitch & eat their shitt too. db editor get the so called video from him..if proved right then publish them as a punishment to this fucking bastard for wasting our time n then allow him to publish his story.

Posted by manjunath
on: July 17, 2010 9:19 AM | Reply

bloody bugger u r fit for nothing

Posted by srini
on: July 17, 2010 10:36 AM | Reply

abe yaar tv serials jaise mathh keecho teri sex stories ko...kuch bhi sensation nahin hai..kya A2 V1 physics padataahi kya tu..

Posted by Papa
on: July 17, 2010 7:06 PM | Reply

Teri maa chudegi saale aise hi or uski to koi gand me jeebh daalke so jayega.bhosdi ka.
abe jab readers ko pasand nahi aa rhi to kyun forcefully unki gaand maar rha hai.

Posted by some_guy
on: July 17, 2010 9:09 PM | Reply

Reminded me of my algebra classes. Even that was more interesting than this. This guy needs some psychological serious help.

Posted by Teji Land
on: July 24, 2010 11:14 AM | Reply

Fuck you bustard! Saley you saw your mother & sisters doing with your Padosi's & servents....Chutiya ek kaam kar - Tuh tera gand bech aur land donate kar dey koi Hijra ko.... Lag rahan hey tuh tera Ma kee gand sey hi nikla tha...tera Baap tera Ma kee gand hi mara hoga last tak!!!
Chtiya, tera Bibi kee nangi photo yaha upload kar, pasand honey sey hum log ek ek bar lengey to satisfy her choot! Lawri ki baal!

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