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Voyeur daughter watching Mom have lesbian sex

Hi everyone, my name is Pooja. I lived with my mother till about two years ago when I got married. My mother was a Matron with a very big Hospital in Delhi till she retired a few years back. We had a house quite close to the Hospital and the Nurses Hostel. Due to the loyalty of my mother to the hospital the directors of the hospital contracted her for five years extendable as warden of the the nurses hostel.

She also took classes for the nurses -epecially the new nurses and those wanting to go abroad-. The old hospital building had been converted to a nurses hostel and the operation theatre was used as a class room. My father a vacular surgeon in the same hospital had lost his life in a road accident after about 10 years of married life. I was 7 years then.

My Mother never remarried. As her work timing and my school and later college timings did not coincide I had a set of keys of the house and her office ( in the event I had to make use of the printer or the computer of her office). My Mother was a Malyali woman 5feet 7 inches, well endowed and a little on the plumb side.

Being a mother figure there were quite a flow of young nurse coming to her for help - whether it was domestic trouble, love gone sour, or academic. Mum had time for all. The story I am going to narrate happened when I was in senior class - about 15 years old. One day I returned from school early for some reason which I cannot remember.

As I had expected Mom to be in office I entered the house using my keys. As I was walking to my room I heard my Mom saying " Come do not cry. we are all here to help you. I will help you. No harm will come." The sound was from the drawing room. I went straight to my room, but after changing my uniform, curosity got better of me and I tiptoed to hear more of the problem and who it was.

From hiding I saw Mom had her arms around a young Malaysian trainee-nurse and the girl had her face resting on Mom's hugh breast. Mom had on a long 'T' shirt that she wore in the house ( same as me ) which meant she had nothing on underneath -also same as me. The trainee had on a short skirt and blouse. She was about 5 ft tall.

After a while Mom kissed her on her forehead and then held her face with her hand and first wiped her tears and then kissed her on the eyes and then the nose. They both smiled at each other. Mom then kissed her lightly on her lips and hugged her tight. The nurse did not seem to mind. Mom then lifted her face and kissed her full and proper on her lips and continued to do so for a while.

No resistence as yet. Mom again kissed her on the lips but this time I could see she tried to put her tongue into the nurse's mouth. There was a bit of resistence and the nurse moved away but Mom held her and again pulled her close to her. "Come sweetheart, I won't hurt you". She smiled and moved close to mom. Her back was towards me.

Mom then put both her arms around her body and started to kss her. At first the nurse semained like a statue bu a while later she also put her armes around Mom. They were in a clinch and stood up as Mom's hand started to wander all over her back. Mom then pressed her arse cheeksfirst with one hand then with both hands. They continued tokiss each other.

The nurse was also moving her hand but her body had screened my view. Mom then put her hands under the skirt of the nurse. I could see she had on Baby blue pantys. Mom had got one palm under her panty. They stopped kissing and broke the clinch. Mom stepped back and opened the button of her T shirts. The nurse immediatly put her hand in and pulled her right breast out.

It was for the first time I had seen them. I knew they were big but I never imagined them to be so big. The nurse after playing with it for a while started to suck it. It may have got a little uncomfortable for Mom so she stepped back and pulled the T shirt off and threw it on the sofa. She was now as naked as the time she was born and bald around her pussy too.

The nurse again began her sucking - now alternating between Mom's left and right breast. After a short while Mom took of the blouse of the nurse and her bra. I could not see her breast as could only see her back. Mom then bent down and started to suck her breast. While sucking her breast she removed the skirt of the nurse and then got on her haunches.

The nurse had a cute little dimpled arse. First mom held her arse cheeks and started to suck her cunt, but later holding the nurse arse with one hand started to finger her own cunt. It was hairless and big. What was very promonent was Mom's cilt. It was large and thick -perhaps the size of a new born child. My was big but no way close to Mom's.

Mom had put her two fingers inside and was frigging herself very vigourously. The nurse pulled her up and pushed Mom on to the sofa and spread her legs. She then got between her legs and started to lick her cunt. Mom was responding to her licks, when she suddenly got up and said "let us go to my bedroom."

( I got a bit of a problem as my panties were at my knees - I was also frigging my self - and it was difficult to move fast enogh to hide.) Luckily, they started to collect their clothes and I managed to hide. In Mom's bedroom, Mom placed the nurse on the bed and spread her legs. It was the first sight I got of the cunt of the nurse. It was small and very cute.

She was devoid of any hair also. Dunno whether she had shaved or naturally had none. (That day I decided to find out for myself at a latter date). Mom then mounted her and placed her own mouth on the nurses choot. I could see her licking her and with her legs spread she was also tongue fucking her. When she was sucking her cilt she would put her finger into her cunt.

The licking and sucking from them both was making a storm - not only on the bed but in my body, I had meanwhile discarded my panty and was proufusly leaking - ; the nurse now started to move her hip up and down to match Mom's tongue movement. mom stopped to lick and got of her. 'Are you climaxing, my love" " yea, do me more my little baby" the nurse said.

They both changed position with the nurse on the top and now Mom's cunt facing me. Mom's cilt had really got enlarged and the nurse was sucking it like she was sucking a cock. She was frigging Mom'cunt with two fingers of one hand and using three fingers in her arse hole. ( I thought I would die today as I was climaxing so many times)

Soon both Mom and the nurse were moving their hips at full steam and climaxed together and then lay sucking each other. " Baby you are really good" Mom said, "We should get together more often". " Whenever you want me I am ready. "With such a large cilt like yours, I have become your slave" the nurse said and continued,

"I will never go with anyone but will be only for you" "No do not make such a promise. We cannot keep this promise. When I got married,my husband and me promised to be faithful to each other - this was after the ritual promise around the fire. Yet on the third day of our honeymoon, we had swapped partners.

They were a Russian couple holidaying in Goa and then at a party given by them there was free-for-all. It was great fun. I"ll show you, on condition you do not talk about it with anyone.I must have sex at a regular basis with anyone -man, woman or animal for that matter, so I cannot be faithful to one and would like you to be like me also.

With that Mom went to the cupboard an brought out a steel safe. She opened it with a code and took out some photos. " See these are from our Honeymoon. That is my husband. See his cock - it is nice and big and thick. Standing next to him is the Russian woman, really busty then me and the Russian with the thin long cock.

This is me sucking the Russian while his wife sucks my cunt and my hubby fucks her. These are pictures of the party. This negro was good with the largest and thickest cock. He took my arse virginity." Mom kept showing the pictures of the party. The nurse found a large double headed dildo.

The photos were forgotten and Mom and she then put the dildo into each others cunts and started to fuck each other -the climax came soon enough. "Is it time for your daughter to return?" Fuck her I want to suck you once more" Mom replied. "I would like to fuck her someday" The nurse said. " So would I" Mom giggled and said.

She then got down to the business of sucking her. Once she climaxed again the nurse said she better be going as she had to go on duty and started to dress. Mom kept her panty after wiping her pussy with it. At the door they again got into a clinch and sucked each others tongue. Before leaving Mom again got on her knees and kissed the nurse's honeybox. End of Part 1.

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Comments (14)

Posted by Dharni
on: July 25, 2010 5:48 PM | Reply

Nice story

Posted by Prathap
on: July 25, 2010 7:45 PM | Reply

Nice story pooja. Pls can i see your boobs my mind is blowing with you gal.

Posted by pa1
on: July 25, 2010 8:44 PM | Reply

its really great story made very horny......wish i was there...........

Posted by rashmi
on: July 26, 2010 8:25 AM | Reply

how can i post my experience here on this lovely site, and how long it will take to get published.

Editors reply: Hi Rashmi, thanks for writing in.

You can send in your story in plain text format and NOT in MS Word format to debonairblog @ gmail.com

Since we have quite a bit of stuff in the pipeline, it's difficult to say how much time it will take to get published. Atleast a week or so.

Posted by Nadeem
on: July 26, 2010 10:46 AM | Reply

That was really great

Posted by suck it
on: July 26, 2010 12:30 PM | Reply

nice story....baby...
waiting for the next one

hope u also enjoyed as ur mom does
and do u wanna try something which ur mom does like swapping.....if yes then do contact me.....
bye darling
luv u and nice fuckingggggg.....

Posted by rahul
on: July 26, 2010 7:26 PM | Reply

hi pooja its really nice story can v make a same story

Posted by bishu
on: July 27, 2010 11:01 AM | Reply

hey the story is nice i felt a real hard on in my dick,
i hope the second part will be u and ur mom ,
try to publish ur moms boobs , if possible that honeymoon potos too baby ............

Posted by Aryan
on: July 29, 2010 4:45 AM | Reply

Apna address dena dear teri maa chodne ka maan kr raha hai..

Posted by Basha
on: July 29, 2010 8:39 AM | Reply

Realy so nice story pooja, wana join u 4ever,so eagrly w8ng 4 ur next part,hope it ll u wth ur mum nd nurse,go ahead, have nice fucking,mwah 4 ur all entries

Posted by rehat
on: August 14, 2010 4:38 PM | Reply

nice story have like this story can you reply me to next story to my email id

Posted by Aprajita
on: August 28, 2010 1:09 PM | Reply

Nice story .i want to get fucked too.

Posted by The Raj
on: September 7, 2010 9:03 PM | Reply

Nice fantasy but chutiya banaya hai tune...ab to teri aur teri maa aur wo nurse ki choot aur gaand maarni hai..jab garam loha pighla k dalunga tab teri chikhein pure debonairblog pe video se hit karva doonga..tera no. to de jaaneman..

Posted by Pradeep
on: April 1, 2015 2:08 PM | Reply

You are a son of a Bitch.

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