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Rajesh fucking Shilpi and Sheela - I

I have been reading stories on this site from last few months regularly and finally decided to write down my own experience. I’m not revealing the real names and locations; but yes the facts are very similar to what I have written. I don’t know how good a writer I’m, but I am trying my best to write down what I have experienced on the introduction of entirely new world of sex.

I am Rajesh and it’s my life’s first sexual encounter, and particularly in this time period I lost my virginity and innocence, and I can recall this incident without forgetting even a single second. Moreover whole experience was already written. I wrote when it occurred to me on paper in Hindi to read again and again and but in drama format, today I am just translating it into English in story format.

Today while writing those moments I am going to live that wonderful unique time again and I am sure that readers will fully enjoy reading this write up as I will enjoy writing it. Because it's a true incident that is why it’s bit long and divided into parts as I have written every little detail of that experience because I remember every second spent and each and every word spoken

at that time moreover I am writing this for myself more than for readers. I know many readers are going to screw me through there comments because it's really very long story, but for sure it's a true experience. Anyways now if I get back to my experience, then I will say, at that time my age was around 24-25,

I was single, virgin, and living alone( as my parents were living at our native place) in one room accommodation of the growing city of UP and I was working in one small company. Though the size of the company was small but my boss was very rich man in his late thirties and his name was Anand, I use to address him Bhaiya,

as it was regular practice of that place to address him or anybody like that who is elder, and his wife was Shilpi Bhabhi and she also use to visit office and had a separate cabin as she was director of the company. Shilpi Bhabhi was young as compared to my boss must be in his late twenties and had really seductive body.

She was very conscious about her figure and use to eat accordingly, I could see as sometimes I use to have lunch with them. The organization in which I was working was whole seller of specific products and it was there family business and literary they were minting money from years as they had more wholesale outlets in few other cities of the country and also had production unit of that product.

I joined that company after doing computer course and I had to computerize everything, like stock, inventory, customer and supplier database and whole accounting. I was playing important roll in that company to make their working easier and faster through my intelligence and with that I really worked hard and use to spend long time in office,

as I use to stay alone and I did not had much source of entertainment at my house except a small TV and cabal connection, so I use to listen music and sometimes use to watch movies in office only to freshen my mind. Like that with in few months I became significant and inseparable from that organization and got pampered by boss and my reputation improved

and now everybody was impressed with my dedication towards work. I was reserved and use to focus more on my work but very simple and polite while talking to others. As I said sometimes I use to have lunch with Bosses so Shilpi Bhabhi uses to talk to me addressing me Bhaiya after my name though she was elder to me (basically it’s a way or gesture of that place to give respect)

and she always seemed curious to know more about me and she almost asked me everything about my personal life like my family background and all. There was one more guy who was playing vital role in the company, his name was Hemant. He was cousin brother of my boss who was working with us and use to remain in the market and whenever he is in office

he uses to sit with Shilpi Bhabhi in her cabin to chit chat and from their gesture I could see that they were good friends and he use to address Shilpi Bhabhi with her name and even Shilpi Bhabhi use to address him with his name because she was free with talking to him as he was family member.

Hemant was unmarried and was almost of the same age of Shilpi Bhabhi may be bit elder and very casual in nature with a good sense of humor. He was tall almost 6’ with a good built. Though I was not in that good shape like Hemant but still I had a good body and an attractive face.

If I will explain Shilpi Bhabhi and her appearance then I will say that she was good looking female with sharp features, taller then average Indian woman I guess 5' 8'' as I am 5' 6'' and she was taller than me, bit dusky skinned, and her body was luscious, with full buttocks, rather I must say that Shilpi Bhabhi had one of the most splendid pieces of ass I had ever known with a sexy slender waist,

a flat belly and firm succulent breasts, Her neck was long, and around it she use to wear her habitual black and gold beaded Mangalsutra, the proud symbol of her marital status and apart from that she use to wear long gold earrings, toe-rings, finger rings, anklets and bangles. Her dark hairs were spongy, but thick and long ending at her waist.

Truly speaking at this particular moment remembering Shilpi Bhabhi and her assets and writing about her even after a long time is really very arousing for me; Anyway, most of the time Shilpi Bhabhi use to wear Sari and use to tie it below her navel, at that time it was really very difficult for me to control my erection after seeing her for few minutes.

Though most of the time I use to masturbate while fantasizing about her succulent body but I was very conscious while staring at her because more or less she was my boss and that job was really precious for me. Couple of times I saw Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant standing very close to each other and talking in a very low voice,

I felt bit awkward and felt that something fishy but I remained silent and ignored as it was none of my concern and I was just an employee. Leaving his personal life up to him, Hemant had a very pleasant and mixing nature and he took me as friend, though he was elder than me and somewhat like boss to me, because he was brother (maternal cousin)

of the leader of the organization Anand bhaiya. I use to address him Bhaiya too and couple of times he told me to address him Hemant instead of Hemant Bhaiya. Anyway time was passing like that and mainly because of Hemant’s nature I was having very friendly relation with him and Shilpi Bhabhi and sometimes they use to sit with me in my room to know few things

in computers and during that most of the time we had tea together and chit chatted on various topics like movies and all. From there behavior with each other couple of times I realized that they are very close, bit too much as sometimes they use to tease each other saying, ye pagal hai and all and once Shilpi Bhabhi smacked Hemant in front of me for his teasing reply.

Well it was not at all my concern so I never reflected that I am judging them and behaved casually with zero expressions. After few more months of working, suddenly on one fine day our friendly relation turned around. I remember it was Sunday, boss was not in town. I came to office to watch a movie, I was having a disc of that movie and did not had a DVD player at my accommodation,

so I decided to go to the office on that hot summer afternoon to watch that movie while sitting in AC. I opened main office door with my set of keys, and then unlocked my room which was very first cabin after crossing reception area (Sometimes I use to work late and sometimes use to stay even, in the night to finish the back lock of the work of previous years so set of duplicate keys were provided to me).

I switched on my computer and played DVD, I still remember movie was Akshay Kumar staring Hey Baby. After watching movie for a while I felt like pissing and pausing the movie I got up from my seat and walked towards the toilet. As I crossed Shilpi Bhabhi’s cabin which was second last in the row, I felt a cool breeze hitting my foot coming through the door gap,

I was watching movie bare footed resting my back fully on chair and putting my legs on the corner of the table, so I just walked like that towards the toilet, light of her cabin was on but there was nobody in the room on the table chair, I could see through the small glass window of the door which was intentionally made to check that whether that person is in the cabin or not without opening the door.

I tried to look around the room by turning my head on different angels and at particular angel my eyes got stuck. My god what was that, Shilpi Bhabhi was laying naked on carpet her legs were spread apart and stretched out. Hemant was also completely naked lying over Bhabhi on his forearms and knees, his legs were also broadened wide.

He was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi furiously. His buttocks were moving rapidly, rising and falling, his hips were swinging madly up and down like a machine. I could not see Hemants face but Shilpi Bhabhi’s expressions were somewhat clearly visible from there and I could see Shilpi Bhabhi’s fuck hole clearly, and it was overblown with Hemant’s thick long dick.

His balls were pressing her cunt-lips as he thrusts into her, his thick shaft was plunging and pistoning and ramming and reaming up and down, glistening and gleaming as it goes in and out of Shilpi Bhabhi’s cunt. Her hands were around Hemant’s back, and her fingers were clenching his muscular shoulders. Shilpi Bhabhi’s cries were sharp and erotic.

I could not hear them but her facial expressions were telling her state. There was a chair on which Shilpi Bhabhi’s blouse and petticoat was kept along with Hemant’s jeans and t-shirt and her sari was hanging partially on the back and arms of the chair and rest of it was on floor and her undergarments were also on floor that is Shilpi Bhabhi’s bra and panty and Hemant’s inner wears

too were laying on carpet beside them and both of them unaware of me and were getting mad in lust and fucking furiously. Their bodies were streaming with sweat, tossing frenetically on the carpeted floor, slapping wetly together. I was having unobstructed view of Hemant’s thick, long swollen penis plunging and pistoning up and down, appearing and disappearing between Shilpi Bhabhi’s distended cunt-lips.

Her hips were crushed under his and, her cunt was rising and falling to match his thrusts. I stayed there to see them, I was somewhat like glued to that place and I think it was my mistake. Soon they were close to finishing. As I saw, Hemant gasped, arching his head, his buttocks bouncing madly up and down, his penis ramming and reaming into the Shilpi Bhabhi’s slit more furiously.

Her breath was coming in shuddering, heaving moans. Even from where I was standing, I could feel the heat of their bodies, smell their sweat and sex, I could sense the turbulence in their loins. Bhabhi's cries became sharper, and faltering gasps rose in pitch and volume as her orgasm become visible.

"Oh... oh... ohhh... ohhh.... OHHHHHHH!" She arched suddenly, stiffly, her mouth was tearing open, her head jerked back, her cunt thrust up, and her body was quivering in tension. Above her, Hemant winces and gasps and rams into Shilpi Bhabhi hard with a snap of his hips, his buttocks were squeezing tight, twitched in fucking ecstasy and finally he buried himself deep in her flesh.

There bodies were soaked with a sweat, I could feel the heat of there bodies from the shine of there sweat, though the AC was on and room was chilling. Both of them were holding each other tight while cumming and remained like that for few minutes and then Hemant got up bit and laid beside Shilpi Bhabhi

while puffing on his back on the carpet and with in a minute or two Shilpi Bhabhi got up. It was a time where I had to make a move but I was looking at them without a flick of my eye, as she got up I could see Bhabhi’s swollen pendulous breast hanging like a fully ripped fruit. Her tits were good in size, not very big but large and heavy, and superbly formed with long erect nipples in dense aureoles,

they were fairer then her visible skin from sari and sexy enough to make anybody desperate to suck them. Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting, rubbing and cleaning her cunt from Hemant's sticky cum with some cloth may be undershirt of Hemant keeping her legs widely opened and she was talking to him, which I could not hear but she smiled on Hemant’s reply.

I was standing there and looking at them, don’t know why I didn’t moved from there may be I was expecting more from them and unfortunately Shilpi Bhabhi looked at the door and saw me watching them and her eyes got stuck and smile disappeared, next moment she turned and spoke to Hemant,

and before he would have looked at door I walked swiftly from there to exit from office and with in a minute I left that premises wearing my sandals, leaving my room unlocked and PC on. Both of them were totally naked so they could not follow me immediately and before they would have came out of the office after wearing cloths to see me I just got invisible from there.

I don’t know what was that truth or a dream. Hemant was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi, wife of his elder brother, I could not believe whatever I saw, and I was asking myself again and again that does this really happen in real life. At one time before this job I use to read sex stories on some other site but I never believed them,

and assumed them a fantasy of a writer but this particular incident made me believe on that stories. I was heading towards my accommodation and all the way to the home Shilpi Bhabhi’s naked body was floating in front of my eyes her luscious boobs, her thick fleshy thighs, the way she was cleaning her vigorously fucked cunt by keeping her legs wide and I could not

forget the way she was holding Hemant's pumping buttocks with her legs and enjoying getting fucked by her brother in law and the way Bhabhi's fully stretched fuck hole was gulping Hemant's big hard cock again and again. I was afraid too, with a thought that now somehow these two will make me leave this job and I had to hunt for new job,

after all they were somewhat bosses and I was just an employee. But with this thought I was bit relaxed that main boss that is Anand bhaiya likes me and I am very fruitful for him and his company and in worst conditions I will speak up the truth, as I was sure that he will listen to me at least once before firing me from the job,

though I never thought about talking to anybody about this fact that Hemant fucks Shilpi Bhabhi, unless I am forced to do that to protect my dignity and any allegation on my character. As Hemant and I had friendly relation, I recalled, in past Hemant asked me couple of times casually, directly or indirectly in a naughty tone that whether I have fucked any girl till now or not.

I replied the fact with some blush that I am still virgin for which he said that we should enjoy life up to max without thinking much about ethics and I can tell him if I need to fuck a girl, he will arrange it for me. I never took him seriously and thought that he is just kidding and in reply I always smiled and spoke “please mujhe maaf karo, mujhe ye sab nahi karna” and he laughed on my innocence.

Including this now I could relate few more things which were hint to me that something is happening between them, like once there was no body in the office in the week day except four people, me, Shilpi Bhabhi, Hemant and another female who use to sit on reception and that day Hemant instructed receptionist not to send anybody directly to Shilpi Bhabhi’s cabin

without informing through intercom because they are checking out important papers and requested me not to come there for sometime because they are checking out account of cash which is not mentioned in books as it is most confidential matter of the company. Now I could make out that at that time they must be kissing or doing something bit more like Hemant

would have sucked Shilpi Bhabhi’s luscious boobs or she would have sucked Hemant’s cock to make him cum. Once both Hemant and Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting in my cabin opposite to me and I was explaining them the way to put mathematical formula in Microsoft Excel and both of them were listening care fully and suddenly Shilpi Bhabhi smiled lightly, without any reason,

I think at that time Hemant would have rubbed his hand on her fleshy thighs over her sari and she would have felt good, he was rubbing his hands on her thighs again and again because Bhabhi continued smiling for some time in regular intervals. Like that I was recalling and imagining things and all these thoughts were making me horny.

At that time I was just 24-25 year old innocent boy, graduate, holding additional computer diploma basically from the middle class family and for me word sex was limited to just two words that is blue movies and masturbation. Watching live fucking of Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant was somewhat like matter of pure luck for me and I was recalling those moments of watching

Shilpi Bhabhi getting fucked like a bitch again and again and that day finally ended after masturbating thrice till night on Shilpi Bhabhi's name. Next day I was bit hesitant to go the office but I gathered courage and got ready, I knew that main boss is not in town even for next ten days so I need not to worry as they (Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant )

cannot interfere in my work and I also had lot of work pending, moreover I had a desire to see Shilpi Bhabhi’s seductive body, and her facial expressions. I knew even after wearing full clothes, she will feel that she is standing naked in front of me, basically I wanted to see those expressions. Anyway I reached office, nobody among two turned to come to office,

neither Shilpi Bhabhi nor Hemant, boss was already out of town, so environment in the office was relaxed as there were only employees and nobody was working continuously. Even next day nobody came and Hemant remained in the market only and called couple of times on reception to know whether everything is running fine or not.

Next day Hemant came just for 15-20 minutes and left office in hurry without facing me, as I was working in my room and he met receptionist and instructed her for few things and took a leave, as far as Shilpi Bhabhi was concerned, she totally disappeared from that day from the office.

Another day passed like that I remember on Friday I saw Hemant, he crossed me in passage and just said hello and I responded with hello. I think first time from the day we met, he moved by just saying a single word to me, and that is because of that disaster which he and Shilpi Bhabhi had, unless he would have talked to me for at least 5-10 minutes, as it use to happen in past.

Apart from working and thinking about all these things, I masturbated in night through out the week thinking about Shilpi Bhabhi and fucked her in various position in her cabin in my fantasies, also imagined having threesome sex with Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant, like she is sucking Hemant and I am pumping her from behind and also she is sucking my cock and Hemant is fucking her in some way.

Anyways Saturday also came to an end like that and now I was bit sure that he will not harm me in the way I was expecting, but I didn’t had any idea that how everything will get to normal and because of that my brain was bit occupied with the consequences of last Sunday’s incident.

On Sunday morning around 8 I received call from Hemant on my mobile, at that time I was sleeping as I use to get up late on Sundays. He wanted to meet me to talk about that matter. I got bit nervous but accepted his proposal to have lunch together. He called me at one five star hotel for lunch, but well before lunch time because he wanted to talk to me first.

I was not surprised with that because they were very rich and use to eat at such places. I reached at destination on time around 11 and called him from lobby, and he told me to come to particular room by giving a room number. I entered in room after knocking; Hemant was there in the room and to my surprise Shilpi Bhabhi was also sitting there.

She was looking stunning wearing light color printed chiffon sari with a matching blouse. She really was looking something else that day. Beautiful, dusky, slender, just the way I liked with very less makeup reveling her real beauty through her eyes and gesture. Her face was sensuous,

small bindi, a colored dot in the middle of the forehead and red color mark on the upper edge where hairs start as a symbol of marriage was looking astonishing, and after knowing that she is not faithful to her husband, all such things were very arousing. Her eyes were large and dark, rimmed with kajal, and her hair were thick and long, tied into a big low bun.

Her breasts were high and firm caged in a blouse nicely. She was wearing all those things which she use to wear, lovely gold earrings, gold ring in her ring finger, few bangles in one hand and gold bracelet in other, also toe-rings, anklets and her gold and black beaded Mangalsutra which was resting on her luscious boobs, behind transparent chiffon sari.

The way Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting on couch keeping one knee on another I could see the width of her bottom and it was really one of the finest piece of buttocks ever made by god, with a perfect amount of flesh on her ass cheeks and thighs and. Her hips were nicely widened when she was sitting on couch straight.

Thousand thoughts ran through my head in a fraction, she was the same female whom I saw in a fucking state, wow I recalled that fucking scene again in which she was wrapping Hemant’s waist in her fleshy thighs. As generally she use to wear sari and thickness of her thighs and amount of flesh on her ass cannot be seen from that, but after seeing her getting fucked like an whore, I could visualize her naked even when she was fully dressed.

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The episode I am writing about happened about fifteen years back when I was about 15 years old. I am Ramesh Menon from Kerala. I have since moved from there, because of my job but I do keep visiting my native place during my leave to meet my father. My Mother died about four years back due to big "C".

We lived in a very large house with a big compound, as it was built by my great-great-grand father when Joint Families were in vogue and number of children per family was also big. Over a period of time with smaller child norms the big bunglow ultimately came down to my father who was the only child like me.

My father was a Maths professor in,then Madras, before retiring and returning to the native place. Here gave tution to village ( which had also expanded to a small township) children, in the afternoon in a room on the first floor of the house. This room was out of bounds for every one in the family. It was cleaned by the students when they came for tution.

Mom never went up and I was scared of Dad to even venture up. A seperate staircase had been built for the students to enter. Dad, of course entered the room from within the bunglow. Like all youngsters in India, I was also a cricket fan and loved to play the game after finishing my homework in the afternoon.

We had our village fast bowler, Shiva, though a sudra, by caste, very dark and big built was looked up by all of us because of his excellence in sports and academics. My Father,paid for, not ony his schooling but also special cricket coaching as he was the son of a farmhand. One evening when we were playing I injured my hand and could not practice any further so I sat under the Coconut tree which was our pavalion.

Shiva was standing close by. The "pavalion" was opposite our house. I looked up and saw that the children had finished their tution and had trooped out of the house. After a while I noticed Dad come out on the terrace and was looking in our direction. I saw him raise his hand as if to settle his hair but it was half a wave.

I looked around to see who he did he do that to as only Shiva & I were in the direction he was looking at. Shiva, nodded his head and discreetly signalled the acknowledgement. Shiva came to me and said that he had to go to the toilet and will not play any more. With that he left and I watched him go towards the steps leading to the students entrance of my place.

He looked around and quickly climbed the steps and entered the room. I wondered why he lied to me and why he went to the upstair tuition room so suspecting some foul play I quietly followed him. I was careful not to make any noise. Once up stairs I noticed a open window at the rear of the house which could not be see from where the boys were playing cricket.

I peeped in and nearly fainted. There was Dad standing and kissing shiva in the mouth who was sitting down on the chair and saying somthng between his kisses. Shiva then pulled Dad on his lap and became the active partner.His one hand went to Dad's crotch and pulled out his cock. Dad's cock was standing and about 5 inches long and not very thick.

I then heard Shiva say" This is so beautiful" and again kissed Dad. I wanted you today". Dad got up and took off his lungi and shirt. With his ponch one could hardly see his cock. Shiva took it in his mouth and started to suck it. " My Love suck it hard, bite it, suck my balls also." Dad was saying. Shiva had his hand around Dad's waist.

He moved it to his arse and then put his finger into Dad's arsehole. Dad seemed to enjoy that. After a short while Dad's hip started to pick up speed and back and forth he went till he started to slow down. He had climaxed in a short time and discharged his cum into shiva's mouth. He then bent down and shiva opened his mouth and let Dad's cream trickle into Dad's mouth.

Dad's cock had shrunk to almost invisible size but Siva continued to play with it but the little "baby" had gone to sleep ! Shiva then got up and removed his lungi. His cock was up and about and boy what a size. At least 8 inches and about three inches diameter with large balls very taut. The dark lund had a red knob on the top. Dad did not waste time.

He bent down and started to suck the rod. His precum was being licked so that nothing falls and gets wasted. Having had his mouthful Dad got up and turned around and knelt on the ground. Shiva spat on his finger a couple of time and rubbed Dad's arse hole with it. He then, holding his lund, told Dad " Wet it more" Dad again sucked the cock and quickly bent over again.

Shiva pointed his cock to Dad's Arse hole as Dad spread his arse cheeks apart so that the arse hole could be seen properly. With one shove Shiva had put half his cock into Dad's hole. He pulled out a little and again shoved and this time he had the whole cock inside Dad. Dad kept telling him to fuck harder. Shiva was hold Dad's limp cock and trying to get some life into it.

Shiva continued to bugger Dad with full furry and it kept more and more fast and Dad seemed to tb enjoying it thoroughly. After a while of pumping, Shiva pulled his lund out and Dad quickly turned over. Shiva went astride Dad's chest and knelt in such a way that his cock, now shining was just a few centimenters from Dad's mouth.

Shiva started to use his hands to pump his black and beautiful rod. Finally his cum came and Shiva immediatly put it into Dad's mouth. It was so much that after a while it started to overflow from his mouth. When Shiva finally relaxed he pulled it out and with his fingers he pushed the overflow back into Dad's mouth.

Shiva did not get up from his position and kept his cock next to Dad's mouth who was licking the last of the white cream. Shiva again held his cock and aimed it at Dad's mouth. I thought he was having a second climax but it was not. I noticed a spurt of yellow liquid which was obviously piss.

Yes he was urinating into Dad's open mouth and Dad was swallowing it up as fast as he could. After the pissing stopped, Shiva turned Dad around and finger fucked him again. A while later Shiva got up and Dad helped Dad up.Dad started to kiss him while playing with now Shiva's limb lund which even then was atleast twice Dad's size as also mine.

Dad wiped Shiva and helped him into his lungi and vest and then dad cleaned the area while Shiva sat and watched. Then Dad got dressed and as a farewell he again took out shiva's cock and gave it a quick lick and suck.

As the climax of the show was coming on I had started to pump my cock and my concentration was both on my own cock as well as on the action I was witnessing. When It was over I got a glimpse of my Mother watching from the opposite window from where I was and I noticed tears running down her cheeks.

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hi guys & gals,this is my first sex exp with my cute devar.we both r very good friends use to share everything.once my husband went for a business vist for 3 days and that also on weakend I was pretty upset as would hv to sit at home only.on saturday evening deepak my devear cm to my room and asked to accompy me to market for shopping as I was free told him lets go,

we went to skg mall bougt sm stuff fr him while going tru I saw a very sexy nighty it was very nice want to buy but I had not brought my purse so asked deepak to pay he naughtly said u hv to were and show me than only I will pay fr it. I thought he is just joking and agreed and took and stared to move,wn we strated it stared to rain haviely and we both wr fully wet,

we reached hm and went to our own room deepak was carrying all the stuff after sm time he knocked the door and said sonal take ur nighty and wr and cm out as u promised I was shocked to listin this.i did not hv courage to wr sexy night in front of my devar. after some time I made up my mind lets wr but wil not all him to touch me as I wil not be able to control

my self as was horny for not hving sex for 2 dys.I called deepak and said I am rady wit ur gift and went to make tea in kitchen,he just cm fr behind and hugged me I was shocked wit his daring and shouted leave me its not right.he said sonal u r looking so hot and sexy kasie chod do tuje aaj to tuje rat bhaar pyar hi karoga.

I just stared to cry as I dont wanted to do anything dat wil mk me fill guilty,he immediatel left me and said sorry kya karo tu intni sexy dik rahi thi ki me bhol gaye you r my bhabi.and wnt and set on dinning table.I did not know wat to do we had tea and chat for very long. than at eight I said let me mk dinner,HE SAID lets go out u get ready we wil go to gpo,

i said ok changed at this tm we moved by car as it was raining.we had our food and tan we went to kalyani nagar for a drive as ihad not drived for a long.we had ice cream and than jst begin to cm bk. he halted at one lane and we started to chat,i dont knwn when we cm close to each other and started to smoch achanak se he stopped and we moved but this had made me horny AND WET

and I wanted sex.we reached hm and went to our room I changed and wore thats same nighty and tried to sleep but nind he nahi a rahi thi I was feeling very horny,i went to deepk room and his door was opned I just took a peak he was lying naked wit his peniss erected and masutabating this made me mr horny and went inside and just took his tool in my mouth

and stared gving a blow job first he did nt response but than stared to enjoy.than he cm and I drank whole his cm his dick size was pretty good than he pushed me on bed and stared to open my nighty I han not wore bra and panty purposly he straight stared to suck my boobs and made me wet down than straed to lick my pussy

he was better than his brother in licking than we went to 69 position and both cm in each others mouth. after sm time we staretd to smoch agani and he got erection adn stared to fuck me in missonary postion he is really good fucker he kewn how to make love to woman,while fucking he said I was waiting for this day for last 2 yrs,

the day I saw u wantedto sleep wit u u r so hot and sexy sonal,i hv seen u many times naked while bathing my eyes would always be on ur cleavage when ever u bend etc this made me more horny and he made me cm thrice and finnaly he cm tat whole night we had sex and than in morning we both had bath together and after break fast he left for aome work.

he had made me crasy there was a guilty in my mind but the pleasrur I got was very good.i messages him cm soon chocklate lady is waiting for u at 1.00 pm. I had poured a lot of choclte on my body no skin visible at 1.15

I heard the door opening I knew he was ther and already got wet he cm ih wit dairymilk and took a pic and we eat together with mounts no hand toucc. tn he staretd to suck my boobs and than licked my pussy.we had sex and than slept. Hey guys please do reply and share ur exp also.

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Nikhil fucking first love Tia

Hi dear readers, I m Nikhil and this is my first story, although I have been regularly reading the stories published here since past couple of years. About me - friends say that I m good looking, with average height and build and fair complexion.

My readers might want to straight away come to the story but I feel like telling them some more about how it all started and also about the girl. This is actually a true incident which happened in my life.

I first fell in love when I was in school with a girl three yrs junior to me and her name was Tia. I would not say that she was the most beautiful girl in the school (well, neither was I the smartest boy) but she had a very pleasing personality and I considered myself lucky enough to have her as my girlfriend since there were other boys who wanted to be in her company.

In fact many of them would envy me for having her as my gf. She was more forthcoming as compared to me and was the one who proposed me (when I couldn’t dare to do so….although I knew that she wouldn’t reject my proposal). My memory of her in that school dress will never fade and all the events are still fresh in my memory as it was my first love and no one forgets his or her first love.

Those readers who have been in true love will certainly vouch for this fact. Our affair continued in school till the time her father was transferred out and afterwards also through letters for about a year. Somehow it could not be continued after that cos we both thought that it would be better to concentrate on our studies and if we still feel the same feeling for each other after

completing the studies then we will certainly get married. It’s a different story altogether that we couldn't get married due to lack of communication and some confusion. I took this in my stride being a practical man and moved on with life, although I never completely forgot her. I had no bad intentions during school and hence never bothered to check out her figure.

But all this changed when one fine day I met her through one of the social networking sites. This time I was married and knew what carnal pleasures were and so after a few chats started thinking of her and her assets….mainly her boobs which is what I could see through her night gown on webcam.

My wife knew about our chats and since I had not hidden the fact about having a girlfriend before marriage she thought it was normal chat as between friends. Neither my wife nor Tia had any idea what was going through my mind. I started flirting with her on chat, although in a very subtle way and that too only when my wife wasn’t around cos ladies and specially married

ones have a knack of knowing what their husband is upto. I had not thought about Tia in that manner earlier in school but now things were different. I had lots of fantasies involving her and me during the period when we were in contact through letters after she departed from school. I thought that if I get favourable replies form Tia’s side while chatting then it was time to fulfil those fantasies with her.

I would like to tell the readers that I have a high sexual appetite and although my wife loves me a lot and me her, she cannot match me in this field. But this did not lead me to any other female as I thought that I am a one woman man……this was only till the time I met Tia again ….on net of course.

But being me ….I again could not muster up the courage to tell her what was going on in my mind and things continued like this for about a year. We both never discussed about our respective lives but it was understood that we both were happily married with kids and leading a normal life till we met each other.

Once when my wife had gone to her hometown for a few days and Tia’s husband (a well to do businessman in Bangalore) on a business tour (which he goes out often) we started chatting and started remembering our school days...then slowly the topic went on to why we couldn’t get married and then I started praising her and telling her about what I had fantasised after we had separated.

When I took the courage to tell her what I had fantasised her she simply smiled and didn’t get angry which made me bolder and I started telling her that she is looking very sexy and that I could see her cleavage which was very exciting. Since she simply said that I m being naughty and this emboldened me further,

I had thought that she would rebuke me for saying this but she said nothing of such sorts. I told her “Tia I would be extremely pleased if u could show me a little bit more” She really surprised me by complying with my request. My hunger for seeing her never stopped and on that night I was able to see her topless and I masturbated afterwards thinking of her which I told her in next chat.

This continued till the time her husband returned. But by the time he came back we had lost all our inhibitions and had seen each other totally naked and masturbated in front of each other on cam. Even after my wife came back I couldn’t stop thinking of her nicely shaped boobs and her shapely legs.

I now wanted to feel those beautiful and large tits in my mouth and give her all those pleasures which I had fantasised about long years ago. After some time I got the opportunity to go to Bangalore and met her for the first time after a very long gap. In fact I was waiting outside a mall, the place where we had decided to meet.

I had reached early and was waiting anxiously to see her in pure flesh and blood. Finally the time came when I saw her coming. She went to the parking lot, parked her car and I started walking towards her. When we met I extended my hand for a formal handshake but she again surprised me by giving a tight hug instead in front of the whole crowd.

I had already asked the keys of one of my friends house who was staying alone at that time and we both went in my car which was borrowed as well from the same friend. We both talked normally but also knew what was going on in our minds as we already had seen each other in our b’day suits.

As soon as we reached inside the house we hugged each other once again and this time I was holding her very tight. We started by a small kiss and then smooching which continued for good 5 mins. By this time my dick was already aching to come out of the tight jeans. It took us some seconds to find which was the master bedroom and then again smooched like it would never end.

The feel of her supple body in my arms for the first time ours lips on each others, our tongues entwined and the saliva of each other was making precum to come out my dick. (we never even hugged in school time, although I now wish that I had done it). However, I let her go for a moment to control myself and maybe she also wanted to take some air.

Feeling the heat we switched on the AC and then lay down on the bed just gazing into each others eyes and saying nothing. By this time my penis had come down but not my mood. I could see the naughtiness in Tia’s eyes and I didn’t waste any time in attacking her boobs. I started pressing them and she started enjoying and said ”aur jor dabao na mere shona”

and I complied with her request by mashing them to my content and at the same kissing her. Slowly my one hand started exploring the curves of her sexy body and I said “ ab ruka nahi jata....kapde utaro na” to which she replied “help yourself my dear” and I removed her tights slowly.

The sight of her naked milky white thighs made me loose my cool and I straight away went to her pussy and started licking and biting over the panty. She was enjoying all this and asked me “tum bhi utaro na”. Again I complied with her request in a sec and was totally naked with my dick head glistening with the precum.

I again turned my attention to her pussy and started licking and sucking it. I licked by giving long strokes to which she responded by raising her hips to get her pussy nearer to my mouth. While enjoying her pussy my hands were pressing her boobs and in between I also put my fingers one by one in her mouth and she licked and sucked them as if she was sucking my penis.

She kept on saying “suck it hard shona, suck it........ aur dabao inhe........kaske dabao......dont leave them.......keep pressing them.............oh my god it feels so great”. I then inserted my tongue inside her juicy pussy by removing the panty to one side and felt the slightly salty taste of her juices.

I now raised her kurta over her boobs and removed her bra and then proceeded to completely take off the clothes from her body. The sight of my first love lying naked in front of me made me crazy and I embraced her tightly. Our bodies were on fire now and I was holding her so tightly that even air couldn’t pass between us.

I was lying on top of her and her big boobs were mashed beneath my hairy chest and I could feel the long tits growing harder. We were smooching like there was no tomorrow and my penis was getting crushed between our bellies and the base of it was touching her vagina. After some time I just slid down a bit and took her long and juicy tits in my mouth.

As soon as I did this she responded as if she had received a shock and started enjoying my attention towards her boobs. From her reaction I could guess that this was her weak point. She was only enjoying when I was licking her pussy and moaning slightly but after I took her tit in my mouth she was not only enjoying but guiding me what to do.

She told me to take the whole boob in my mouth. I was holding it with one hand and the other hand was naturally playing with its partner (the other one). I started pinching her other tit slowly for the fear that she might get hurt. But she just said press it harder and pinch it. When I said that it will pain she just said “tum karo to.....mujhe acha lag raha hai”

and I then did what I wanted to do to my hearts content without any fear. In between I was also fingering her pussy and at such times she trembled with excitement. I alternately sucked and played with both her boobs and then she said it was time to pay some attention to my already throbbing dick.

But I was so excited by sucking her boobs that I said “i cant wait any longer and I need to fuck u right away” to which she willing obliged by spreading her legs wide. I licked her clean shaven pussy for a couple of mins before entering her (my wife has till now never shaved her pussy completely although she regularly trims the hair).

I had thought that I would tease her a little more by simply putting the head of my dick on her other mouth, but as soon as I did that all my resolve went into air. I just couldn’t control myself and I pushed it in far inside her in the missionary position. The feeling of her well lubricated and warm pussy over my penis was overwhelming and I just stayed in that position for a while.

That feeling of of my dick in my first love's pussy cannot be explained in words and u have to feel for yourself. We looked into each others eyes and kissed and then I started the movement. LOVE WAS IN THE AIR!. I was with my first love and was having sex with her which I had never imagined till a couple of years ago.

I was now increasing the tempo and after a few mins I sensed the familiar feeling.....that of before cumming and so I slowed down the pace to enjoy for a long time. But by then she was in no mood to slow down and so she asked me why did I slow down? I replied that I wanted to enjoy her for a longer time hence I had slowed down.

But on her inssisting I picked up the speed once again. All the while I was either kissing her on the neck or lips or eating those gorgeous melons. I was like a mad person who didnt know what to do with the new found treasure suddenly. I wanted to have everything in one go... her lips, her Boobs, her soft and creamy thighs, her pussy..... in fact her whole body.

But I just concentrated on the movement of my piston boring through her. I wanted to go as deep as possible so that I could explode deep inside her. She too was moaning and enjoying with me. I asked her to raise her arms above her head so that I could get a complete view of her lying naked beneath me....and I could see my rod glistening with our combined juices going in and out of her pussy.

My readers! its a request..... while doing it next time with your partners..... just ask them to raise their arms above their head and enjoy the overpowering feeling. I then raised both her legs and kept on my shoulders and this gave me full access to the divine hole. I was furiously fucking her and all the while saying to her “i love u Tia....and I wanted to fuck u since the time I saw u naked on cam”.

Since I like being vocal while making love, I also requested her to please ask me to fuck her hard and she said “haan mere shona.....fuck me harder.......dont stop........fuck me”. And I continued fucking her with her legs in the air. All this frantic activity made me tired and so I had to bring down the speed, got her legs down and lay on top of her paying full attention to her boobs

cos by then I knew that she liked getting her boobs sucked and played with. But then she never stopped and continued fucking me by contracting and loosening her vagina muscles. I told her to please stop as I would not be able to control myself, but she gave a mischievous smile and didn’t stop.

These few moments gave me some rest and I again increased the speed, this time with a resolve that I will not stop before cumming inside her and I told her the same. She responded by saying “let it burst inside me, don’t stop” it seemed that she was also nearing her orgasm and wanted me to continue.

Finally when I was about to cum, I told her “ Tia I am going to cuuuuum ... nooooow ..... and she simply said “ don’t ... stooooop.......cum inside me.....i want to feel ur throbbing dick inside me”. Her saying so much to me was the culmination point and within few seconds I ejaculated inside her with a long......aaarrrgggghhhh.

As my dick was spewing its venom inside her she too had her orgasm and held me tightly. I remained on top of her for some time with my sweat drops trickiling down on her. We could hear each others heart beat and then after some time we went and washed ourselves. After that we came back and just lay together....talking to each other for sometime about our school time and what all we did...

and what all we could have done. In fact we even discussed that had we done all this at that time then we would have been happily married. We were softly kissing each other in between and after a few minutes tia could sense something touching her belly....and to her and mine happiness it was my dick again wanting to get some attention.........

Within minutes she was tugging and pulling and licking my dick like there was no tomorrow....as she had earlier said that it was her turn to pleasure me. She pushed me on my back and came on top of me......She started by kissing my nipples and then slowly went down kissing all the way to my tool. She put the tip of her tongue on my dick head and tasted it.

Then she held the base of my shaft firmly in one hand and started to suck my hard penis as if she was sucking a lollipop. The other hand was busy going up and down on my shaft. When her hand went down her luscious mouth also came down and thus I was being given the best bowjob of my life.

I was just lying down and watching her sucking my dick and in between her tongue was also licking the rim of head my penis which made me shiver in excitement. Since I had ejaculated a few minutes before only I could hold on this time for longer. I requested her to turn around and come to a 69 position so that I sould also give her some pleasure.

She did so and I straight away licked her anus hole with my tongue. She stopped for a sec to get adjusted to the new position and the feel and then continued. I put my two fingers in her pussy and kept on licking her other hole. In between I was also giving long licks to her pussy which was again wet with her juices. I was finger fucking her and at the same time licking her other hole.

Now she could not take it any more and requested me if we could fuck again...... I was more than ready and told Tia that I am more than ready. This time she came on top of me and sat on top of my dick. She adjusted herself and went down on my shaft completely in one go. Then she started the up and down motion on my penis.

As I had nothing else to do, I held held her swaying boobs with my hands and started pressing them hard. I took the nipples in between my thimb and index finger and started pinching. Tia came forward and asked me.... "Nikhil please suck them" and I was more than obliging to do that. She continued riding me like a cow boy and did not stop even for a minute.

Now I could hear her moaning grow louder and could sense that she was about to come. I was also more than ready burst inside her once again but let her take charge of the situation and waited for her to climax. After a few seconds she increased her pace and loud grunts also.... She was saying "Niiiiiikhiiiiiillllll...I loooooooove uuuuuuuu"

repeatedly and I was saying "don't stop Tia..... enjoooooy urself...... I loooooove uuuuuuuuuu toooooooo" At this time I was also matching her movements from below and wanted a release. Her pussy contracting on my penis and she saying out my name aloud was enough for me and I told her that I was ready to burst once again.

She came within few seconds and all the while saying that she loved me a lot and missed me a lot. I also filled her pussy once more with my juices and then she lay on top me....exhausted. I wanted the world to stop there and then..... so that I could enjoy the feeling of her pussy stilll contracting and milking out my juices into her.

She opened her eyes and asked me with a twinkle in them..."how was it ?....my first love" and I could only manage to say that we should have done it earlier also when we were in our teens. And then I added that its better late then never. She just smiled lovingly at me and we just lay in that position for nearly 15 minutes.

It was then that I saw the clock and reminded her that she has to go back also. Well friends we did it twice more but the sad and conclusive part of the story will be written only if I receive a few genuine and encouraging comments.....otherwise those moments will be mine only....till my last breath.

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Sex encounter with Police woman in South Africa

Hello HumanDigest readers! Here is a true experience story to enlighten you about one of my sex experiences. I reside in hot, sunny South Africa & I am a sex crazy pervert. I simply love looking or undressing women with my eyes. I just wait for voyueristc opportunity of upskirts, peeing or changing women. This is what happened during a 2010 World cup event.

I was waiting in the que for the park & ride to pick us up & the girls around me were absolutely sexy and in a good mood. Some were wearing short skirts and some shorts and I couldn't resist a few gropes here and there, also a few upskirts and downblouses, this gave me an incredible idea to make the best of it and snap a few pictures. This got me horny!!

And I started to rub my cock in my trackpants. When I was about to come I puld out and spurted my juices on the sexy girl in front of me. Damn I was busted! She reported me to the police on duty and I was called out of the line to the police office. I was taken in for questioning and I started to panic.

Fortunately I was surrounded by just 2 female officers, they asked me why I was such a naughty boy and told me I was going to be jailed. I noticed one was a bit randy and offered her a bribe if she let me go. She told me she would come collect the cash at my home later. When she arrived she was still in her uniform and I asked her to take a seat, I brought the money and left it on the table.

She asked me about my sexcapades. And I told her that I couldn't resist women. She asked me what I liked and I told her how I loved women in sexy lingerie & that's when I got blown over. She slowly opened her shirt to reveal a sexy bra and asked if I liked, she then stood and dropped her pants. She was wearing sexy stockings and thongs.

She told me she also loves sexy underwear but in her job she can't show it off and this was the ideal opportunity to show it off. She noticed my hard cock thru my pants and came closer and started to strip me. She held my throbbing cock jn her hands and started to blow me. She sucked me gently and tickled my balls with her hand.

I couldn't resist and came over her haur and cleavage. I told her to relax on the sofa and I started sucking her thru her panties. She smelled so sweet, I pulled off her thongs to reveal a shaven pussy except for a small triangle above, this drove me mad with lust and I started to 'chooso' on her! She was crying in pleasure.

She must have come about 4 times and was soaking wet! She pushed me down on the floor and climbed onto me and rode me till I came. She then surprised me by handcuffing me to the sofa legs. She slowly traced her tongue down to my limp cock and sucked our mixed juices. She flickered her tongue over my cock head, along the sides down to my balls and finally down to my bumhole,

gosh that felt good, she spent a little more time tonguing my bum and I was moaning with extasy. My eyes were closed enjoying her pleasing until I felt something at the entrance of my anus.... It was her police baton, oh fuck I said as she slowly entered my ass with her baron. To my surprise my cock was rock hard as she fucked my ass.

She put the other end of the baton up her pussy and we both fucked until I felt myself cumming. I shot spurts of cum up in the air which landed on our stomachs. She screamed an orgasm soon after. She pulled out the baton and licked the cum off my stomach telling me that this was the first time she saw a guy cum without even having his cock touched.

She never took the money and we became part time lovers. We fuck most of the time either at my place or hers, even in her police car. She once even gave me a blowjob while I drove home. We even fucked once while shopping at a clothing store changeroom.

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