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Mallu girls sex play

Hi, I am Shalini from Kerala, doing my final year BTech. I would like to share some events happened in my life. My father is working for a Dubai Company and my mother is a school teacher. During my second year BTech, I requested my parents to get me a computer for doing my project work. My father granted for this and sent the money to my mother.

Since she and me has not much idea about computer we have called my cousin brother Aneesh who is 4 years elder than me. He is very much happy to help us. Within two days he has arranged a good configuration computer with a webcam, mic, speaker and a net connection too. He has created an email id for me and told me that I can have video chat with my father at any time if he is online.

After some days, I got an adult joke in my mail id from a female address. I have no idea about the sender. So I discussed about my friends about this if they know who is it. They also has no idea and suggested me to ignore as it may be a spam mail. But the mails has started coming from that mail id about 10 mails per day, all adult jokes.

I also liked reading it as nobody else is knowing about it. day by day the intensity of jokes is getting increased and one day I got a well narrated malayalam sex story. I was very much excited and confused what to do. But I decided not to share this with anybody because I am addicted in reading those mails.

One day, it is holiday for me, but my mother left home for her job and I am alone at home. I saw a new mail has come from that lady and it is a mallu lesbian story. I was reading the story word by word, and wondering whether these things will happen really between girls. I am getting very much thrilled and realized that something is happening between my legs.

My panty became wet and I put my finger into it and started rubbing. I was getting a new pleasure which I never felt before. My heartbeats are getting high. Suddenly I heard our calling bell is ringing. I felt very much disappointed and went to open the door. It was Mini, my neighbor who is studying in her 10th standard and came to ask me some doubts in her maths.

I was not in a mood to teach her and I need to do something between my legs to fulfill my desire. So I decided to go to bathroom to finish it off and told Mini to wait for me in my room. She told ok to me and went towards my room and I went to bathroom. I started thinking of the story and started fingering. My body was trembling and finally I could not control and sat down in the bathroom.

When I entered back to my room I saw Mini moving suddenly to another chair from my computer. Immediately I realized that I forgot to close the story in that exciting moment when I went to open the door. I saw Mini’s face blushed and looking downwards. I asked Mini what happened and what she was doing in my computer. She told in fear nothing.

I asked her Did you read that story. She nodded her head saying yes. I came to know she is also excited in reading the story and suddenly those moments in the story came to my mind. I touched her shoulder and felt a shudder from her. She asked me “ Chechi, What are you going to do” I told her I don’t know but I am feeling something strange.

My hands were moving around her neck and she was not saying any word. I moved her to my bed which is just opposite to my computer. She was sitting in my lap like a cat with her eyes closed. I pulled her churidar up to reveal her small cute breasts. She was not wearing any bra as she is at home. I moved to her little boobs and started sucking one and pressing the other.

Mini was making noises and holded my head close to her boobs. I was feeling her boobs like there is no tomorrow and started moving my hand to her panty. It was completely wet and by sense of that more juice started coming from my pussy too. I removed my top and bottom and told Mini to hold my boobs. Mini was starting to my boobs over the bra as it is bigger than her.

She started doing the same as I have done to her. She started sucking my boobs one by one. I feel like I am going to heaven and came to know that the feelings narrated in the story are absolutely true. I removed both of our panties and started fingering her virgin hole with little hairs here and there. She shuddered like anything and a noise Ah!, Came out from her mouth.

I feel to taste her pussy and started licking it. She hold my head tightly over there and started crying with joy. I lost my control as my juice was spreading to the bed. I came over her body by positioning my pussy to her mouth and her to mine. She was looking to me by asking what to do next. But without showing anything I started licking her pussy.

She was in full joy and started licking my pussy automatically. First time a second person is licking my pussy. It was awesome. I started crying. She is also getting close to her first orgasm in her life. After few minutes I felt the shudder below me and she hold my body tightly for few moments. She was not stopped licking mine and I was also heading towards sweet heaven.

Yes! Finally I came all over her mouth with my sweet juices. It was an unforgettable day for both of us. We started dressing and I told her we will see the maths later as she is also not in mood for study and went back to her home. But this incident has again changed my life. One day when I back from my classes, I saw Aneesh, who set the computer for me, using my computer.

I went to him with a smile and asking him about him and his families. He told all are fine and said he was checking the system for any viruses. I asked him whether everything is fine or not. He told everything is fine with a mysterious smile. Suddenly he asked me a shocking question. “ Well Shalini, So how is your plays going with Mini? Everything is fine or not?”

I asked him “ I didn’t understand what you are asking about” he replied in the same manner “ about your sexy plays” and opened a video file in computer. Seeing the video, I get shocked that it is the video of the sex play which I had with Mini on the other day. Seeing this, I felt I am fainting down. But with re-gained courage I asked him, How did you get this?.

Again with the same smile he showed me the webcam and told me that he has set it for automatically record everything and store everything each time the computer on. And later I came to know that he is the person who is sending me the mails with that female name. I came to know that he is cheating me by doing all this and he got all the videos of me.

I started begging him not to show this to anybody and don’t tell anybody about this. He told me” OK I agreed, But you have to do a small thing for me” I asked him “What is that” he Replied…. Hearing that I got confused again and don’t know what to do…I will share it in my next story. Post your comments, what you feel about me, then only I will share my next story.

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Comments (12)

Posted by AJ
on: September 3, 2010 8:10 PM | Reply

nice one. which college?

Posted by Raaji
on: September 4, 2010 9:51 AM | Reply

what did he asked send me the rest of the story.

chuda makkalaudi ab osse bhi chudha

Posted by no
on: September 5, 2010 10:03 AM | Reply

Nice story. Need help get in touch. Waiting for the next story.

Posted by raj
on: September 5, 2010 10:07 AM | Reply

This is my first lesbian sex story. I liked it very much.

on: September 5, 2010 6:08 PM | Reply

I hope you ave read my story of sex with my maid Savita. Yes we lesbians can have a great time. It is better than having a boy.

Posted by jaisharm
on: October 11, 2010 1:40 PM | Reply

really very interessting story..
i too want 2 have it with u

Posted by Remya
on: November 6, 2010 1:30 PM | Reply

really very interessting story

Posted by pramod
on: December 18, 2010 5:17 PM | Reply

please show your beutiful body had have a fine sex let it go boys r sex beggers avanum thaanum onnu sukikke njan tvm kaarana pakshr arodum ekkariyam parayakuthe enne orapichu parayanam
have a secret and beautiful sex

Posted by Silvia Jose from kerala
on: March 12, 2011 4:23 PM | Reply

Wooo realy fantastic and sexy story.as vimala told in her response we the lesbians can understand better.... thanks a lot to you for making my panties soooo wet pls mail me da pls i wan to suck ur MULA and Clitoris

Posted by
on: June 13, 2012 7:17 PM | Reply

good story

Posted by midhun
on: June 27, 2015 8:40 PM | Reply

Is 2nd part posted

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