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Sex with Rupa and Sushma - I

My work in the new site had finished and I was bored of the company I was working with. I soon found a new job overseas. I informed Rupa of my decision and gave her the option of coming with me abroad or staying put as the wife of the drunkard. Rupa immediately decided to ditch her drunkard hubby and come along.

So we fabricated a plan for her to fight with her husband in the night and catch the bus to the city. Where she would go to my flat and wait. I was to stay in my bungalow for a few days to wrap up and to avoid suspicion and then leave. The plan worked well as Rupa stopped the liquor supply which angered the old man. So he thrashed her up as these drunks are prone to.

So after a very visible fight, she left her house in a huff and caught the bus as planned. The caretaker informed me of the events the next morning and promised to find another maid. Rupa had updated me from the bus itself on the cell phone. The next few days I made the appropriate noises and then closed up my stuff. The new manager arrived to take charge and I drove out.

I reached my apartment a few hours later to be greeted joyously by Rupa. She was as excited as a small puppy welcoming the master. I got a huge hug and loads of kisses on arrival. Rupa had dumped all her stuff in the guest bedroom. She told me that she had dumped all her village stuff and won’t wear it any more. She needed a new wardrobe to suit her status of my mistress.

She had a few items already that I had brought her earlier for the trip to B (look up the story if you need to). The next few days were devoted to buying her stuff. We drove around to all the malls as we shopped for her. One day Rupa got a call from her sister who wanted to run away from home as she was being married off to the village money lender in exchange for writing off the debt her parents had taken.

I gave Rupa the money to give to her parents and Rupa convinced me to get her sister out of the village. Her parents were small farmers and would not be able to resist the money lender. So Rupa went to her parents’ house in her village attire and gave her parents the money cooking up some story of a city job. We had planned to drive both the sisters out in the still of the night.

Rupa called me up one night to come over to her village outskirts the next night. She and her sister would wait near an old well by the road. I drove up in my SUV and found the sisters hiding in a grove close by and soon we were on our way to the big city. Perfect commando planning. Rupa had left a note to her parents not to try to find them.

She would send them money frequently. We soon reached my apartment and the sisters wept for joy at their great escape from the clutches of poverty and those vicious people. I forgot to introduce her sister. Her name is Sushma (Sush). She had the same voluptuous built as her sister and was quite pretty.

She was heavily stacked with great tits and a lovely ass coupled with a great body tone that all villagers get from hard physical work. Sush was stunned to see the flat and was quite obviously floored. Rupa told her to freshen up properly and gave her a conservative nighty to wear. Rupa explained to Sush the workings of the ultra modern bath room. Sush took a long time bathing.

I was wondering as to how this new sister would fit into the picture. Rupa assured me that she had already told Sush about us and she would join us as soon as she was comfortable. We were sitting in the living room sipping a drink when Sush shyly walked into the room. She looked fresh as lemon dew. The nighty covered her from her neck to her knees.

She shyly sat opposite us. I offered her a drink which she refused and took a coke instead. She thanked me profusely for helping her escape from the clutches of the money lender. We had dinner and retired to bed. Rupa put her sister in the guest bedroom and came to my room. “You know Z”,

She said, “but for you I would still be washing dishes and be beaten up by that drunk and my sister would have had a similar fate.” I brushed aside the thanks and pulled Rupa to me. She came willingly. She too was wearing a similar nighty as her sister, just a little bit more revealing, with light brown panties.

I just felt her soft ass and want to go ahead so I put my palm slowly on her ass back, she burrowed deeper into my embrace. I fill her boobs into my hands fully and make my crotch touch hers, her body was burning as well. She put her hand on mine, which were pressing her boobs and said with closed eyes in sexy voice. “PLEASE HURRY”.

I released her boobs and held her into my arms by pulling her towards me, now I can feel her juicy melons against my chest and my hands were moving on her back. “What about your sister” I asked. “She knows about us.” Rupa said. “I have helped her get out of the village, now she has to decide what she wants to do.” I am not going to change my life for her now.’

She was totally under my control by now. I put my lips on her pink lips and kissed her softly, in reply she opened her mouth.“Aaahhh” she said lustfully when my hand goes under her top and touched her back, as she opened her mouth I started to smooch her, she was also participating quite actively. The foreplay took quite some time.

The bed room was lit up by the soft light of the bedside lamp. After about an hour or so my eye caught a slight movement of the door. The younger sister was watching. GOOD. I decided to get both the sisters sucking my dick and be my sex slaves. I decided to give the young girl a performance like she had never seen. I did not tell Rupa anything.

My hand had moved forward to touch her belly and were moving upward to catch her boobs while we were smooching heavily, suddenly my hands felt something hot, squeeze, round soft parts....the most desirable part of a female...BOOBS, I was shivering with excitement and smooch was about to come an end....I pressed her tits with thumbs on nipples, I and She,

both felt like electric shock, she departed her lips and screamed slowly “AaaaHHhh”. I pulled off her nighty in one swift motion and Rupa was left wearing only a brown panty. My eyes automatically went to her perfect breasts. I had feasted on them innumerable number of times but they were always a delight. What a pair of nice boobs, tight and light brown with erect nipples!!

she covered them with her hands, I slowly removed her hands, she released them and they were moving like pendulum defying gravity. I start sucking her boobs, touching her nipples with my tongue while she kept moaning “aahhaaa” “ummm”. I was loving that soft round gifts of God to women (or men instead!!).

I removed my shirt and lay down on the bed, Rupa was kneeling on the bed playing with my chest. I was still looking at her boobs, their looks were arresting. Now her hand went into my boxers and caught my dick........very Fast!! I said, she looked at me, just smiled and got back to her job, she was sucking it like an expert slut that she had become.

I stole a glance towards the door. The crack had widened and the young girl was getting quite an eyeful. I could make out a faint figure in the darkness and a light from somewhere in the house that the young girl was rubbing her thighs and trying her level best not to be seen or heard.

I asked Rupa to remove her panties, she obeyed and kept sucking, now I could see and touch her hips easily. After some time, I laid her on bed and examined her thighs, they were looking waxed and silky, I started teasing her by touching my tongue on her thighs and kept touching her pussy whenever I wanted to listen a maon or “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”.

I removed quickly the final cloth on her body – a sheet that she had pulled on herself. It was stuck between her flashy thighs. I parted her legs and was rewarded with the awesome sight of a dripping wet pussy. I couldn’t resist putting my mouth between her thighs to lick her burning cunt, she was now more than excited and moving her hips up and down with slowly,

trying to more of my tongue into her slit. She was moaning continuously. I thought I also heard a moan from the direction of the door. I shifted Rupa slightly so that her sister could watch her getting fucked and try to join her as soon as possible. I was enjoying myself thoroughly and after five minutes lifted her legs to my shoulders and inserted my prick into the boiling hot pussy.

It slid in smoothly. This pussy was quite used to my dick by now. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! came from Rupa and I started the slow fuck that mashed her clit even when she was below me. OOOOOOOHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! !! We slowly picked up tempo and soon were enjoying ourselves to the max. That velvety feel of a woman’s pussy is simply incredible.

Nothing else in the world is quite like it. Right Guys ! ! ! I continued to fuck Rupa with gay abandon. I also loved the idea of a young chick watching me fuck her sister. Rupa was enjoying and responding well as usual. Rupa is a very enthusiastic lover. A few minutes later we changed position and she was riding on me cowgirl style, Hair flying all over the place.

I was now in a position to watch the door as well. It had opened quite a bit as Sushma became horny and forgot to maintain her discretion. I could clearly see her rubbing her pussy with her fingers. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! went Rupa as the first of her orgasms hit her. She went wild as she came.

Her juices flowed out in litres and drenched the bed and me. I continued to pound into her from below holding her lovely tits in my hands and rubbing pleasures into those lovely tips. Rupa was grinding her clit against my crotch as she screamed her second orgasm. She went limp for a while. I now pulled her down below me and continued to fuck her in the missionary position.

Rupa started to respond almost immediately. “Sush is watching us from the door.” she said. “ I know.” I said. “Let her”. “We should include her too”. Rupa said. I didn’t want to say that fearing a sibling rivalry. But Rupa was more than willing. We turned to a side fuck when Rupa suddenly disentangled herself and pulled Sush into the bedroom.

The poor girl was terrified and horny at the same time. “ She was spying on us.” Rupa pretended to be angry. “Get her here.” I said. She has seen us naked so she too should show us something. Sush was too horny to object as I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. She closed her eyes and kissed back in an awkward manner. She was already breathing hard.

The girl obviously had no experience. Fantastic !!! A virgin village belle ! ! my luck was improving with each day. Rupa pulled off her nighty in a jiffy. Sush was stark naked underneath. Her glorious brown body was as I had imagined it to be. She was finely honed by years of physical work.

Swell boobs quite like Rupa with nice dark brown nipples, standing out like little pencils, which were aching to be sucked. A great flat stomach and a big bush covering her pussy. I made a mental note to have it removed as soon as I could. We pulled down the horny girl between us and both Rupa and I latched on to one tit each, both sucking fiercely.

As our tongues did their work on her sensitive, untouched nipples. It isn’t often that one gets to deflower a virgin in front of her sister in a unplanned threesome. Sush had no chance OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! She moaned. Her body was responding to the new sensations. Her body was withering on the bed like a fish out of water.

Her eyes were tightly shut as she was flooded by fantastic sensations. Rupa already had a hand planted on her virgin pussy and was petting it slowly. Rupa soon left her tit as she snaked downwards towards the girl’s pussy. I quickly grabbed the now free tit as it was now free and bouncing with the movements of the young girl.

I began to slowly pull the nipple still covered by her sisters’ saliva. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Sush screamed as Rupa latched on to her clit and began lashing it with her tongue. Sush soon started grinding her pussy into Rupa’s face and she was holding me in a vice like embrace as I alternated between her tits. Unlimited sensations invaded the young virgin girl’s body.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! OHHHHHMMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOOOODDDDDD!!! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! ! ! !! ! screamed Sushma as her first orgasm over took her. AAAAAHHHHHHH! ! ! ! !! she screamed again as she bounced on the bed, desperately trying to get more of Rupas tongue into her pussy. I looked down to see Rupa sucking her sisters’ clit and drilling two fingers furiously into Sushs’ pussy.

Sushs’ legs were clenching Rupas head as she drove her sister to her first orgasm. Sush was moving her hips in time with hers sisters hand and tongue. OOOOOOOOHHHHH ! ! ! ! Sush went limp as yet another orgasm flashed through her body. Rupa now rose from between her sisters legs and gave me big kiss completely coated with her sisters juices

and gave my cock a quick suck to moisten it for her sisters cunt. Sush was looking at us through half closed eyes and suddenly she opened her arms and invited me on. This was absolutely great. I slowly positioned my above her and kissed her deeply. No foreplay was required as she was more than wet and Sushma was clearly in a hurry.

No sign of any fear or trepidation. Just pure lust. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her. The elder sister was by her side as she began her first fuck. Rupa carefully positioned my cock at her sisters enterance and gave a gentle push to my bums. I drove in slowly. Sush was hot and very wet. But was still not used to a dick my size.

Her eyes opened wide in panic as I drilled into her. Soon I felt her hymen and pulled back for a better leverage. A few small strokes meant that I could widen her cunt to take on the final assault with lesser pain. Sush was beginning to enjoy herself as her clit was being rubbed too. Involuntarily she started moving her hips up and down. Rupa was watching all this closely.

We kissed deeply again as I continued fucking her sister. After a good 5 mins or so of this slow fuck Sush had become fairly accustomed to my cock. I began kissing her as I gave her the last few small stokes. Then I pulled back and rammed in my entire length deep into Sush in one go. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Sush tried to scream into my mouth as her virginity was broken and she transformed from a girl into a woman. No sounds came out as I had sealed her lips. Even these luxury flats have their limits. Tears rolled down from her eyes and I gave her a break as I gave her time to adjust to my length inside her.

Rupa, the considerate sister was slowly stroking her hair to comfort her and maintain a level of exoticness. Rupa then slid down and kissed her sis before moving to her tits and stated to suck her nipples gently. After a min or so I started my slow thrusts into Sush. Soon the pain was a thing of the past as this voluptuous creature stated moving her hips to receive my thrusts.

Small cries of OOOHHH ! ! OOHH ! ! OH ! OH ! were coming from her throat. Sush had her eyes tightly shut as she strained hard to enjoy every bit of action that her young inexperienced body was receiving. We continued our pleasure ride deep into the night. Sush was a quick learner.

She was by now bouncing on the bed and hanging on to me for dear life as I proceeded to fuck the daylights out of her. I was now pounding her real hard as I needed my release. Rupa slowed me down once or twice to accommodate Sushs orgasms. Finally both of us were completely out of control and were bouncing hard on the bed.

Each was trying hard to reach their own release. AAAAHHHHH !!!!! OOOOOHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! HHHHH!!!!!H!H!HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA ! ! ! ! Both of us came together. I emptied my load deep in her pussy and was met by a equally large flow of her juices. I collapsed on top of Sush as we both we tried to regained our breath. I slowly pulled out of Sush and rolled on to a side.

I then pulled Sush to me in a tight embrace as we enjoyed the post fuck bliss. After what seemed like ages I felt Rupa tapping me on my shoulders. I turned to find my beautiful nymph standing in her naked glory with a bottle of champagne in her hand with 3 glasses. We all curled up on the bed and celebrated Sush coming of age.

The sheets were evidence of the violence of the fuck. Blood and semen and juices of the sisters stained the sheet. Cheers!!!! We celebrated as the glasses clinked and we sipped the bubbly to celebrate the event. Sush declared that she would preserve the sheet till eternity as fond remembrance. It would never be washed. I kissed her my approval.

A few bottles of champagne down the sisters started feeling horny again. I moved to a side to watch the action from the side lines. Both kept their glasses on the side and began kissing and fondling each other. It was a pleasure to watch the siblings kiss. Will continue this in the next episode. Comments please.

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Kya bath hai yaar dho ko choda. You r lucky. Rupa aur sush ka address & phone no. dena yaar.

It is good story. I like it. Ganta Khada ka khada ho gaya.

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