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Mallu guy having sex with neighbourhood aunty

This is Suresh, and I am big fan and regular reader of Human digests and I want share my first sexual experience with my Aunty. I am 20 yrs old. My English is not good, so pls forgive if any were mistakes have. I narrating this story with my aunt’s computer, which she used to chat and call her husband, I am from Kerala and this is not my real Aunty, she is my neighbor.

Sreeja Aunty is 37 yrs old and she has one daughter of 8 yrs old. Her husband is working in Canada. She is very cute and gorgeous, her stats was 34-30-36. I used to visit her home, and any work is there I will do it any she will pay some money and my family they don’t have any doubt or any problem. She was wore modern dress like small skirts, t shirts, dress like college girls wear.

She was born in out of kerala and she study in outside Kearla bcoz her father was a military person so she was in almost all the state. When ever I see her I used to watch her body structure I used to make fantasy and make masturbate as think that I am fucking her. One day she gave me a call and told that she wants to go for a shopping and can I accompany her.

I told okay and I will come there, so she told me to take Ur bike also so we can go in your bike. I thank god that I can make ride with my super Aunty. I reached her home very soon she was dressing in her room. She told me to wait in the hall. After 5 minute she came out. She was in a tight jeans and t shirt. I start my bike aunty sit on my bike we went to the market.

Purposely I put sudden brake I thought so that time her boobs will touch on my body which she realize that and told me Suresh go slowly I don’t want to rush, then I made it slowly. Then aunty keep her hand on my shoulder, I pray God this was I want. Her boobs were touching my body and mine was starting erect.

We reached market, she went to a shop and I was standing outside. After some time she came out and ask me whether I need anything which I told that no need. Then we went to a coffee shop have a coffee and returned to home. On the way rain start, I thought don’t want to stop will go fast. My luck the rain start heavy she told that we will wait some time then will go.

I stop my bike that was a lonely place and I park my bike in tree corner. We were completely wet, aunty was wore a thin t shirt and I can fully see her black bra in that rain mine was start erecting. I was looking that view and aunty realize that and she couldn’t do anything. I told her aunty we will go home this rain will not stop.

She ask me how will go in this rain and the drop is badly hitting me. In my mind start some doubt, bcoz I was looking her body and she don’t have any hesitating. After that rain little slow she told okay we will move. Then I start my bike and come to home this time she catch on my stomach like a husband and wife going.

My doubt increased and I can’t ask anything because I was firing that if I tell like some that she will tell my home. We reach home before I stop my bike she came out and she fell down in the parking place and it was very hard. She was crying, I keep my bike in stand came to help her and I ask her with out asking me why u came out?

I help her to stand I put her hand in my shoulder and take her inside. Her daughter was in the school. We were fully wet and I take her in to the bathroom. She lock the bathroom and remove her all wet dress, that time she came to know that she didn’t take anything to change. I was changing my dress and wore a lungi which was in the hall and I don’t have any shirt.

She calls me and told that pls help to get her cloth from her bedroom. I went to her bedroom and saw that one nighty was lying in the bed. I took that and thought to give this. Then one bra and panty fell down I taken that also and smell it. It was very good smell. She again calls me then I given all that to bathroom.

She opens the bath room little and she gave her hand only out and I given all cloth to her and I went to kitchen to make a tea. She again calls me and told that her knee is paining pls again help her to have a sit in the sofa. I put her hand on my shoulder and take her to the hall. The boobs were badly touching my shoulder. Then I went to kitchen again and bring two teas.

I gave a cup of tea to her and one I drink. She was acting too much that her knee is paining. I ask her that whether we will go to hospital. She ask me again in the rain how we will go and she was crying. After some time she asks me Suresh can put some bam on my knee. I told okay aunty where the bam is. She points me to take the bam. I bring the bam and sit in the floor.

She was sitting on the sofa, I took he leg and keep on my lap and I moved her nighty up to knee and start putting bam. Again mine was start erect when I see her leg up to knee. After some time I ask aunty how it is, she told me it is better and massage little more time. This time she lay on the sofa and making some sound.

I make sure that her legs finger will not touch on my dick. Unfortunately it happened either she knowingly touch or not, I keep little back because I thought if she came to know about my dick is erected do to see her knee she will stop all this. Some time later again I ask how u feel now. This time she went to woke she got muscles in her thigh.

She asks me to massage there also, I told her aunty then you should fold your nighty little more up, which she told me to do and do it fast. I fold her nighty up to the upper thigh, which view again bold in my dick. I was massaging aunt again lied on the sofa. I was massaging and seeing aunts and this time I can see her panty which I smelled before.

Aunt was making some sound which I think by pain she was crying. She was getting excitement while I was massaging. After some time aunt again sit on the sofa and looking at me. I was looking on her and some time I was looking on her panty. This time she came to sit with me in the floor and gave me a kiss in my lips and hug me told pls make a good massage in her full body.

I ask aunt what are u saying. She told me that I know you need me and the way u ride the bike and the way you look Suresh u pls make me happy you know that once uncle left I was dying for this one moment. Then I told her that we will move to ur bed room. She took me in her bedroom and lied in her bed. I start to remove her nighty.

She told me Suresh don’t make in hurry Suchi mol will come at 5.30 and we have more time. I then start kiss from her leg and come to top. I was kissing her full body. Her boobs were big and I suck and bite there. She had perfect figure which we always hide in her dress. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white and pinky nipples.

Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning. I removed her panty also besides her panty was wet with her juice. I remove that and put my tongue and start licking and she was moaning. I put my tongue in to deep and she was loudly moaning. After that I remove my lungi and she took in her plam and start rubbing.

She told me Suresh Ur dick is big and then she opens her mouth and I put in her mouth. She gave me a good blow job. Again I climb on her body and start sucking her boobs and navel. I went down found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices. I started licking the outer area and inner thigh.

She become damm hot, she start pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping cunt. I instated my tongue in to her pussy start licking. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking me to do more and more. Too good lick me hard and suck me ahhhh, good……. Hmmmm.

Then I put my one finger then three and he got pain and cried. I put my tongue again start licking fast which she gave me her first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure. I readily licked face and start kissing her thigh and her hot pussy. She was relaxed. I ordered her to take my toll in to her mouth and make it hard as a rock.

She did the same way and she rolling her tongue over the head as if she is having an ice cream. I was enjoying and my hands were busy to pumping and pressing her breast. She was a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Then I moved to her pussy and I put my dick in to her pussy and it was too tight to insert.

She started pumping and slowly she took my monster inside her. She started moaning with pleasure and I too was enjoying. Her breasts were near my mouth and I didn’t waste any time and took in to mouth and suck them. I ask her to turned so that we can do doggie style which she told Suresh I don’t like that so u want to do what ever u want to not that.

I agree with her and start in 69 positions. Then I continued to fuck and make her enjoy. We continue another 10 minute and I offload in there and on her mouth. What a relief. I felt straight on the bed tried and feeling a short breath. She too kept her head on my shoulder and we slept for an hour in that position. At around 1.30 pm I got up and saw she was lying naked next to me.

Looking at her stunning beauty my tool became more hard and with out she knowing I started licking her pussy again. She started moaning again and she got up and looking my tool is it ready for doing again. She told let we make fresh and have lunch then we will go for another ride. We gone to bathroom together and each other wash out then come to bedroom to put the cloths.

She was going to wear the nighty I told her aunty u put the skirt there u are looking very good. Then she wore a mini skirt and t shirt. We gone to dining hall and have a lunch. After that we come again in the bedroom for a rest we each lied on the bed and give kiss. She told me let us relax 30 minute then will start.

Then we slept for one hour and again we start one more session with all the passion which will narrate that story once I get the feedback of this story. Still I am continue the affair and when ever she need me and when I like to fuck we are having expect when uncle is coming for vacation.

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Dipin having sex with Aunt

HI folks, This is Dipin from Ranni in Kerala. I am a guy from a village and having good physique. I know my physique is not a matter here, here the matter is my darlings physique. My darling is my Chitta, that is my father’s brothers wife. My aunt (chitta) name is Indhira. She is a beauty queen in al the matters. I am staying nearby house of my aunts.

She have a gorgeous face and luscious body which make any man’s even viswamitrans cock hard. She is 36 years old and looks only 28.her structure is 32-30-36. she has very long black hair up to her waist, firm and beautiful boobs, curved ass covered with hair long hair. I understood many mans looking her whenever she go out. Whenever she walks her ass swaying

And she had little hair in her legs and hands that make her more beautiful. On the time of her marriage I was a child, when I grew my mind set towards her also grew. Always I have a desire to fuck her. But never I tried for that because I think that is a sin. Her hubby (my uncle) working at Australia and she stayed here because she had to look after my grandparents and her kids.

I have a laptop with net connection through which she usually chat with her husband. I finish my Btech IT and searching job. In my laptop there are lot of sex movies in different language and different type. I kept all in a folder with a secret name. one day I saw she was doing something with my laptop after chatting with her hubby.

When I enter the room she shutdown the system and left the room with a smile next day also same thing happen. one day I peep through the window and found that she is watching the sex movies and rub her pussy area. Then I enter the room suddenly and she didn’t get the time to close the movie. So she left the room without close the movie because of shyness.

That day she didn’t gave face to me because of shyness. I thought that is a chance and enter her room and asked how s the video and I will give the laptop to her for night so she can watch video with any interruption. She feel shyness and said no to me. Then I said nothing to worry and it’s a normal thing and I will give u my laptop for u at night.

after my mom came back from office, I said aunt need laptop for chatting at night and bring laptop to the aunts house. and give it to her and returned. She gave a smile with shyness and said thank u for me. I found a chance for me there. Next day after my mother went to the office and chittas kids went to school I went to my chittas house, my grandparents were at their daughters house for two weeks.

My aunt welcome me and said me to take the laptop from her room. Then I said I am not coming for laptop. And I asked her how was last night and my videos. She said videos are wonderful and so last night she has only less sleep. And she went to kitchen for make a tea for me. I followed her and on seeing her swaying ass, my blood become hot.

I went to her back and hug her from back very tightly. she shocked and try to leave from me. But she is not able to escape from me then I smell her long hair and slowly kiss the back of her ear. And bite her ears. Then I took my right hand and put on her boobs and other hand at her stomach. Then she said it’s a sin.

I said we are belonging to opposite sex and god gave cock for me and vagina for her to enjoy and bring her to the bedroom and bolt the door. I said her to undress me she obeyed it and I become full nude infront of her. She become more shy and I took the bottom of her nightie and lift it and remove it then she is on her black bra and blue underskirt.

I said her to sit on bed and I sat on floor and take her feet in my hand and plant a kiss there after that I licked her feet and I pick her up to her thighs and finally untie her skirt. and ask her to standup and remove untied skirt. She removed it and then she was on her brown cotton panties and black bra.

I lick her cunt through the panties and give a bite her finally remove that and lick her hairy pussy. Her pussy seems a forest of hair and this time she remove her bra and black large areola and nipples welcome me to suck that. I do so finally I put my cock and put it into her vagina door and push it she moan loudly with great pleasure.

I cummed on pussy and my cum overflowing from her pussy. we lay nude for sometime. she sweated and a high sweat smell came from her armpit that made me mad and I asked her for a blowjob and handjob. She licked my cock and she did a handjob too. I cummed in her hand and little cum flow at hairy legs she wipe it with a paper.

We both get freshed and I said her that I am leaving. Then she took my purse and take 100rs from that. I asked her why are u took money. She said she had a long term fantasy to fuck for money. Then I take other 100rs and put in the middle of her boobs. And I said her that if she really need someone for money,

I will arrange it, she said no it will become a problem..days passed one day she complained me that one guy calling her every night and said he loves her. I said I will call him on the number from which he called. I called him and said not to call her anymore and we quarrel each other. He again called her and said to her that she was really a beauty goddess and he want to fuck her.

she again said me and I said her that if she is ready we can call him and do a threesome and demand good price. she first refuse and I made her agree. She call him back and said the demand. He agreed for a threesome and agree to pay rs 5000 for a fuck. Very next day he came our house and then I understood that is our relative Santhosh a business man

at that day we both fucked her wildly and fill cum I all her three holes (anal, mouth & pussy) and hand. Finally we both ejaculated at her face and bare breast. And he gave 5000rs and left a after that he bring his some friends and we do foursome five somes and later six men’s fuck her at a cost of 40000.

Now she is a Randi or a prostitute or in Malayalam veshya of me and my co fuckers. So I call her chitta in front of all my family members, call her as my wife when we both are alone there, call her a randi when me and other her boyfriends are there.

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Gurgaon housewife getting fucked and fisted in the outdoors MMS

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Hot honeymoon of Jyoti and Jatin - I

Hello Readers, I am Jatin, Our family is from Chandigarh. This is My true story, which I want to Share with all of you. I am writing on a Site for the first time, I hope you will forgive my Mistakes.

This is the Incident of during my Honeymoon. I got Married to a Village Damsel, Jyoti, just 19 years of Age, Last Year. I will Like to Give details of Physique of my Wife, She was 19, 5' 6", Wheatish Complexion, with a figure of 36-24-34, she had a figure to Die For. If She Walks on Road, She will definitely Make the Heads Turn towards her, as she was So young, Lengthy

Good Height, Firm Breasts and a Sleek Ass to make the heads turn. As we were engaged for 6 MONTHS before Marrige, We used to Talk A Lot on Phone, till Late Nights. So, Starting from brief Personal discussions, during the Period of 6 Months, Our talks Matured to Sharing of All Geographia of Our bodies,

So, without Touching Each Other, we know Almost about Every Inch of Each Other's Bodies & We Shared All Aspects of Love Making with Each Other. We decided Mutually, to have Our first Sex during our Honeymoon Period, Only. I had a Dream of having a bath while being All Naked with My Wanna be, in Open under a full Spring or into a Stream,

which I shared with her and Prepared her Mind of doing it, while on our first Journey of Honeymoon. So, Our Tickets for Honeymoon to a well Known Hill Station were booked in Advance, So, Finally the D-Day Arrived, as we started our Journey to Honeymoon Site, as we were Travelling by our Own Car, with Myself Driving on the Wheels.

As there were Landslides on the Way, So, we couldn't Reach our first Destination in Time, So, got hanged Mid-Way. So, 14 hours, Since 08 am, Now It was 10 in the Night & we had got Stuck up MID-Way. At that Place, there were not Many Options Available to Spend a Night. We searched around & found that, Nearby there was a Small Inn available,

which was Constructed by Some Charity Association, who Provided Rooms for Free to Travellers, as there was Normal Occurances of Landslides at that Place. We went There & Inquired for a Room, and got One Easily, after furnishing All Our Personal Details to the Managers.

He showed us the Room, whch was an Average One, Good enough to get accomodated for One Night, Although It was not very Clean, but we were shocked to know that there were No Attached Bathrooms, As the Inn was having around 35 Rooms, there were About 90-100 People were Stranded Passengers belonging to various Locations were Staying there,

and Inn Only had 03 Bathrooms & 3 Toilets on the Ground Floor, Common for all Travelleres. So, As it was Already Past Mid Night after we checked in the Room, after having our Dinner at a Dhaba, we changed our Clothes, hugged each Other & Started talking about our Horny Telephonic Conversations before Marriage, As this was Our first detailed Conversation after Marrige,

So, we talked for Almost 3 hours, before we slept, as we were well aware of our Collective Decision of having Sex, Only on Honeymoon, as Practically, we had not reached our first Actual Destination. So, We Pecked each other on Foreheads and Quickly we fell Asleep. As, Normally, I am a Early Starter of the day, I woke Up at 6 am, while she was still asleep.

I yawned & Saw Outside, as the Darkness had Started fading Off, It was a Perfect Dawn Outside. I just Saw Outside the Window & there was Something to See which Amazed me to a Great Extent. Just beneath the Inn, there was a Small Deserted Road, On the Banks of a Small River, On the Left Side of the Road, there were hills,

from where a Stream was flowing into the Rivers, under which Many Males were having their BAth. As there was No ENtrance from Our Side of the River, as It had wiring on it, due to Slippery Roads, Just Looking Straight from Our window, On the Other Side of The River, there was a Common Entrance for both Men & Women to Enter, but It was very Sad to know that,

Women were not Allowed on Left Side, where the big Spring was flowing, So, they were Provided an Area on right Side of the River to take bath, where they had Created a Small Artificial Spring of Marble, Only for women to take Bath, Although, In the Centre of River, Men & Women, who knew Swimming were Allowed to Swim together.

I realized It Must not be very Enjoyable to bath under the Small Spring. Although, Both Ends of River were hardly Seperated by just 50 feet, from where Men bathing under the big Spring, could easily Enjoy the beauty of Women bathing at a short distance. I saw on Women Side, there were hardly 10 Women, who were taking Bath, who were into their Peticots & Blouses,
while taking Bath.

Suddenly, there Arrived 4 Local Ladies, They were Carrying bags, which Placed on One Side. They Started Removing their Sarees & then they Removed their Blouses & then they Raised their Peticots & Tied to their Breasts and while holding it to their Breasts, they helped each Other to Undo their Bra hooks from behind, while holding the Peticoats to their Breasts, than,

One of them Sat on the Stairs under the Spring, while Other 3 formed a Cardon around her, with some Clothes. Gradually, they All had bath this way. I tried to see from the Window to have a glimpse of their breasts, but Couldn't, but Suddenly, I Saw, whosoever, Completed their bath, went back to their bags, Picked up Towel, Wrapped it,

around their Waists over the Peticoats & finally dropped the Wet Peticoats on the floor. After that, they started Cleaning their backs with the Towels, with their back to the River and face towards the Wall, on the Other Side of the River. As it was not Complete Sun-rise by then, they After drying themselves, told Others to help each other to dry their towels, So, Now,

I was Shocked as they Removed their towels, they were All Naked in front of Everybody, while doing this. I could view 4 Naked bodies in front of my Eyes. Then, Came a Couple of More Ladies, who, Seeing these 04 Naked Ladies Immediately Removed All their Clothes, straightway Moved under the Spring. Than, Came 5-6 More and Seeing others bathing Naked,

Removed All their Clothes and went under the small Spring. So, now, within 15 minutes, there were some 20 Ladies, bathing All Naked under the Spring. Suddenly I saw there were Tea Stalls under Our Inn and there were around 100 Men Standing their to have a Sip of Tea while Staring at these Eternally Beautifull Ladies.

Now, Even Men under the Main Spring had Slowed down and Were watching these women taking Bath. They All were Enjoying their beauties and were trying to identify their favourites. I went down and starting having Tea, while Staring at the beautiful Naked bodies. I saw All those Local Men having Tea,

were using filthy Language about these Ladies and were Discussing about the Sizes of their breasts and Also, the Shapes of their Pussy's. I gathered some Courage and Enquired about from One of them, whether this was a Daily Scenario there, he Told that Although Local Ladies do it Regularly, but, It is worth Enjoying when there are Landslides and So,

tourist Ladies also Join them in Bath, fully Naked, as they being Away from Home, get Courageous as Nobody knows them here, they take Bath for hours, as Localites don't Disturb them. So, I decided to Come up, as I feared My wife, would have Got Up by Now. As I Entered the Room, I saw Jyoti Awake and was Preparing to go for a bath downstairs to the bathroom,

I Pulled her hand and took her to the Window and Showed her the Eternal Beauties bathing Outside, then, we Also, saw that there were 4-5 Males, also, were taking Bath All Naked. she felt Shy having a Look at their Erected tools as she being a Virgin had never Seen an Erected Penis, as till Now, we had not make Sex to Each Other.

While Looking into her Eyes, I started Discussing about the Bodies of these ladies with her. She was feeling Horny, but Controlled her Emotions. After that, she asked me to Accompany her to Ground Floor for a Bath, As we Came down, we found the Long Queues of People, waiting to Take Bath in front of All 03 Bathrooms, Sensing the Situation,

I Realized It will take Atleast 02 hours to have Our turn, if we Join the Queue. She Got Upset and Started Showing frustration, So, while talking, we Moved towards the door of the Inn, She was having a Towel and her Other Dress and a Pair of Bra and Panty in her hands. As we were at its Gate, we again had Glimpse of those Lovely Ladies Bathing there.

I Winked at her and Signalled her to Join them, but, she felt Shy and hold my Shoulder to Tease me. I reminded her that she had Promised Me to take bath All Nude with me, while on Honeymoon, but she hesitated.I started giving her Courage, and we Both were discussing and we don't know,

when, we started waking towards the main Entrance of the Spring which was some 200 Metres away from the Inn. Realizing the Rules and Restrictions of that Place, As we didn't know, how to Swim, we had to take bath at Seperate Springs. This thing she brought to My Notice, I told her to Just Go on her Side and Leave the Rest to Me.

I took the Towel from her hand and Told her that Once she finishes her bath, she shall request the Guard there, to Come to My side, to have the Towel from Me, as we had a Single Towel, She Refused, but I told her to have Courage. So, we went on Opposite Sides. On My Side, I went and Placed the Towel near the Floor on One Side and Removed All my Clothes,

I was down to my Under wear only in few Seconds, so, after Seeing around 10 Men bathing All Naked, I also, got fully Naked and Went under the Spring, where around 100 Men were taking Bath. Suddenly, I saw on Other Side, Jyoti was still standing all dressed up with clothes in her hands,trying to gain some Courage, I signalled to her in a way that Nobody, Else Noticing me doing it,

telling her to Go Ahead, She Started Unbuttoning her Blouse, while having Wrapped Saree on her Breasts, while facing the Wall.Now, she had the Blouse in her hand, which she Placed on floor along with Other Clothes, Now, she was Only with Bra on her Upper Half, she took her hand on the back & Unhooked the Bra, which Although was of a Transparent Pink Colour.

She Placed it on the floor, Now, Her Boobs were not at All Visible to Anybody, as she was holding the saree firmly with One Hand, Close to her Breasts and the Pallu was falling on one Shoulder. Then, Suddenly, She took her hand, under the Saree and undid the Nod of Peticoat, as I saw it falling Near her feet, Now, she was just wearing Saree, with Just her Panty under the Saree.

She Must be feeling very Shy, as didn't Pull down her Panties, She now, Slowly Started Moving towards the Spring, where Other Naked Women were bathing. As she was moving towards the spring, A Slight of her Boobs were Visible from One side of Saree, as it was Wrapped from Waist towards One Shoulder, whereas other Shoulder was Naked.

I was Also Curious like Other Men around to See her Totally Naked, as after Marriage, I had Never Seen her Actual Beauty and had not felt her Nakedness with my hands. I Listened to the whisper among the Men taking bath Nearby, that, if this Sexy Damsel goes All Naked, they All will be in Heaven, as she was Looking Like Venus.

As She Moved under the Spring, she raised her arms on to her Head, Opened her Hairband to Let her Hair Got Loosen, Now, her long Hair falling on her Back and She was Rubbing them Gently to Clean them under the Spring. Then, Suddenly, a Sudden Increased flow of water, threw away the Pallu on the front, and her Both Boobs got fully Naked to a full Public View,

She got Nervous and Quickly Grabbed the Pallu & adjusted it back. So, that, just One Second Glimpse of her firm breasts, Pumped the blood faster in nerves of All Men Around, As I also, Saw her boobs for the first time, Seeing their beauty, I got my Erection immediately. I Saw at other Naked Men around, who were also Staring at her, they all had their Erections by now.

As she Look towards me, her eyes got fixed Up on my Erect Penis & she was Aghast to see its Length and its Erection. She must have Enjoyed the first Sight of my Penis, as I had enjoyed of her boobs. Now, she engaged herself into bath, as the Spring was again threatening to take away her Pallu, she now was very Alert & Kept it grabbed it with One hand,

but I saw she was feeling helpless as flow of the Spring was faster. Now, she decided to Sat on the Stairs beneath the Spring, to take bath, but the water flow was such, that it was making her float on the stairs and she was finding difficult to manage the flowing off Saree, because a huge Gush of water was flowing under buttocks and thus, Unsetteling her from her Place.

Now, Again she Started rubbing her Neck than she rubbed her Ankles, Legs and Washed her Arms, She went under the spring & Raised her arms one by One to Wash her Armpits, then she took Both her hands to her back to rub there, as both hands were busy, a Sudden Gush of water again took away her Pallu & this time the Nod of her Saree, which was already Loose,

got Untied & the whole of Saree just flowed Off her body. Now, Again, her Beautiful Boobs were All on Display for Everybody to See them, As She Rushed to grab the saree immediately, as it had flown Off towards the Steps of River and had Moved down to the Lower Steps of River, So, she had to Move down to the Steps to Grab it back, but,

it took almost 5 minutes for her to Take it back, Now, she Realized that All Men were Enjoying her beauty from a Distance, as she was Almost Naked in front of them for almost 5 minutes, she was wearing a Matching, Light Pink Coloured Transparent Panty which was very Thin, It had strings on its sides, and was very small and was not able to hide her Big Perfect Ass Cheeks,

whereas, her frontal was not Visible from the distance. She went again under the Spring & tried to wrap the saree on her waist, when One of those Fully Naked Ladies whispered something into her Ear that, there were Around 20-30 Ladies bathing All Naked, So Who cares, even if Men saw you from a far Distance and Enjoy your beauty, why you are struggeling with your Saree,

whereas, you shall Enjoy your bath, as this was Life Time Chance, as Nobody knows when will you visit this Place, Again. Now, she got some courage and So, she Removed the Saree, decided to not to Look towards Men's Side, as she was aware that 100 of them were Staring at her Raw Beauty, as she was Virgin till date,

She Came near the Stairs And Placed the Saree on a Side, where there was a dry Patch available, Now, she was Available for Everybody to enjoy her Beautiful breasts, the first sunrays of the Day were just making her face Glow More than Normal, as she seemed like Lotus into a Pond. Her waist was like the Neck of a Beautiful Flower Vase,

She was just having Near to Nothing Panty on her Body, which Clinged to her Body, like a Second Skin, Now, She was A Bold Lady, So, she went under the Spring Again & started Rubbing All Parts of her Body, without caring about huge Crowds Around. On My SIde, I was Listening to the Comments of Men around, who were Enjoying her Nakedness,

Some One was full of Praise of firm Breasts and Wished to Squeeze them, if he gets a Chance to do it, Other One was taking about her beautiful Round Ass and wished to give her an Ass Fuck, Somebody wanted to Smooch her under the Spring, Some other One, wanted to Put his Penis in her Vagina and enjoy Sex under Spring, Some one wanted to smooch her Lips for Long,

Some body wanted to give her a Mouth fuck, So, she was Centre of Attraction for All Men on Our Side. I maintained a Distance from them to keep them Clueless about Our Relationship. All of them were Going OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, while Enjoying her Beauty.

I Observed that, some of them, had moved themselves 03 feet deep into waters of the River and were Masturbating themselves while Looking at her. I also, went to a Side, Inside the River and started Masturbating myself, while Drinking her beauty with my Eyes. It took me 4-5 minutes to jerk Off in the River, I shed the Sperm into the Water and came back to have a final bath under the Spring.

I saw on the Other Side, that, Jyoti had Pulled the front of her Panty & was Letting the Water flow inside it, then, Suddenly, she Put One hand inside & Started Cleaning her Pussy. In the Process, One side of frontal Cloth got to the Centre, exposing Half of her Pussy, which was Completely Shavened Off, as she had told me on Phone that she will keep it All Ready for me,

as One of her Cousions helped her to shave off all Pussy hairs of her. As her Panty, was a transparent one, It Clinged to her Vaginal Mid-Line like a second Skin and Anybody, could saw her frontal Nudity from even a far off distance, Now. While at the back, the Backside of the Panty had got Submerged inside the Ass Cheeks, as was almost Nowhere to be seen.

She was feeling horny, while Rubbing her Pussy inside her Panty. After, some time, she Realized, that, Most of Other Ladies had already Left after wearing their Clothes and there were Only 3-4 Left, who were taking bath, with some or the Other Cloth wrapped around them. Now, She was Only Lady taking Bath Almost Naked, with, Only a small Piece of cloth,

acting as her Protection Gear. So, Now, Bathing under that Spring, while being Almost Naked, she was feeling Shy, she saw towards the Tea Vendor Side of River, where there were around 200 Men gathered, who were having Tea and Enjoying her beauty from a distance, She Looked towards Our Side, there were still 20-30 Men who were taking bath, while Enjoying her beauty.

Now, she came out of the spring, Collected her saree from the Stairs, went to fetch her Bra, Panty & Dress, to wear, then, she Realized that she had to dry herself and had no Towel there. By Now, She had to come to Our Side, to fetch the Towel from Me, as Per our Earlier Plan, decided while entering for the Bath.

She Looked towards the Guard, who was Monitoring the Entrance, to Prevent the Entry of any Local Goons or Hooligans. She decided to Approach him, to Let her Slip into Men's Side, She felt ashamed, while approaching him. He was an Uncle of around 50 years of Age, She felt as she was Only 19, she was Almost the Age of her daughter,

As she was an innocent Village Damsel, so, She thought that,there was No harm approaching him. While she was gathering her Courage, I saw Guard with his face towards the Gate, doing his duty to Perfection,while Smoking a Cigratte, She Placed the Wet Saree, Near to her to be Worn Panty and Dress. She was All Wet and her Long hair were falling upto her Buttocks,

She Placed one hand on front of her Panty and other on her Boobs, but, it was of No Use, as her tiny hand hardly covered her boobs, as her 36" Size were big Enough, but were not in Proportion to her thin Waste & Sleek Ass-line. She Placed the hand in the Centre of boobs, but, her big boobs were All on Display, while One of her Nipples was Clearly Visible,

while Other was hidden by the Palm. She gained courage and Called the Guard, "Suno Bhaiya". Guard turned and was All Aghast to See Damsel of the Age of her Daughter all Naked in front of his Eyes. The Smoke of Cigratte got trapped in his throat seeing her beauty,he was drinking her beauty with his broad eyes, while she was telling him,

that her husband was on Other Side, as she had No Towel, she wish to go to the Men's Side to Dry her up, as Towel was with her husband. He regained his Senses and as a Result, the Smoke in his throat came out flowed on to her body, as she was standing hardly 3 feet from him, she must have Enjoyed the Warmth of the Smoke,

as she was Shivering because she was All wet. As a Result, she Removed the hand from front of her Panty and Wrapped both her Arms on her Boobs, So, her Boobs got Tightened due to Pressure of Arms on the Sides of Boobs, So, Now, 80 Percent of them, were on Display to the Guard, Guard now had Glimpse of her Pussy, as One side of Cloth of Panty had Already

Moved Aside and half of her Pussy was on Display, he was Astonished to See that, he was getting Erection into his Loose Trouser, which was Clearly visible to Jyoti. She was feeling shy to See that. She asked him that Can I Go. He decided to Prolong the Conversation to Enjoy her beauty for a Longer time.

He told her in his Language, "Key Karegi Udhar Jake, Ethaan hi Sukha Le badan, udhar jan Ne Manahi hai". She requested Again, then he Said, "Pehla Chut Ka Kapda toh Sahi karle, Our Mard kha jayenge teri Jawani Ne". He was feeling like fucking her there itself, but, didn't touch her due to the fear of Losing his Job.

As she Realized that half of her Pussy was on Display, She tried to Adjust it, as it was tight and Small, she had to Open its String from her One Side, she had to use both her hands, she took her other hand Also to the String, as a Result her full of breasts were Completely on Display to the Guard, the Brown Aeroles, with Tiny untouched Nipples were making the Guard Mad.

She Pulled the String and was very Nervous doing it, As a Result, fumbled and her Panty got Opened & Fell on the Floor. Now, she was Totally Naked in front of a Stranger. Sensing this, she Quickly went down and Picked up the Panty Quickly, now, her Clean Shaven Pussy was full on Display to the Guard.

He again said to her, "Manne khush karde, taine sari umar dua deyunga", she kept Quiet and stranded All Naked in front of her while him making various Comments on her. Now, she was getting hornier listening to his filthy Comments. Now, she was not trying to hide her Boobs and Pussy from him. It was fully on Display to him.

Then, after a talk for 5 minutes,he told her to make an Entry into a Register, Seeking her Details like Name etc. and Reason of going to Other Side, as they had to keep a Record of People going on either Side. While, making an Entry, she Placed the Register on Top of a Table laying there, while her Breasts were Exactly hanging on the Table Top.

Guard Saw here and there, as she was just One feet away from her, he Saw Nobody Around staring at him, as his Side of table was not Visible to Men on Other Side, Sensing the Opportunity, he took both his hands forward and suddenly Grabbed her breasts, Squeezing the Nipples, immediately.

She felt like a Live Wire touched her, she Pushed his hands Off, but, he again took One hand forward and started Caressing her breasts with his One hand, than, he took his other hand down & touched her Pussy. As She looked into his Eyes with Anger & he just Winked at her. In the Meantime, he Pulled down his Zipper and brought out his 9" Erection,

Took her hand and Placed it on his fully Erected Tool. She felt Astonished as he was not Letting her go, he inserted One of his fingers in her Pussy, she Screamed Slowly and Widened her Legs, As she had Completed the Entry into Register and just had to Sign it Now, By Now, she had forgotten the Entry into Register, and Even me, who was waiting for her.

Guard was Squeezing her breasts, while she was caressing his Tool, Suddenly the Copy fell down & she went Down on her Knees to Pick It, Guard Caught her by her Shoulders and tried to Rub the Penis on her Lips, as with One Strong hand of him, he Caught her by hair and brought her near to his Penis.

The wondefull Smell of his Tool was making her lose her Senses, he was rubbing it on her Pink Lips, and was trying to Push it inside her Mouth, but she didn't Open the Mouth, So, he Started Rubbing it on her Entire face, her forehead, then Ears, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Chin, Neck and then Raised her a bit & Started Rubbing it on her boobs.

It was Already 10 minutes had Passed into this Act. So, she gained some Consciousness, realized this fact and was fearfull of Me. She Signed the Register and Quickly turned while ignoring him. He quickly Put his around her Waist and Pulled her towards him, Now, she was Clinged to his huge 6" body,

he Started behaving like a Gentleman and kissed her on both her Cheek and just Placed her hand on his Erected Tool and Requested her to Jerk it Off with her hand, She understood the idea and Started Jerking him Off. He was moving his hands on her boobs and increased the Speed of his hands, in the Process Squeezed her Nipples many times, that,

Resulted in her Moaning Heavily. He went down & kissed both her Nipples. As he Opened his mouth to Suck them, she Stopped them and told him, that this Will make her Nipples Grow Erected and her husband will get the Clue. So, he agreed, but Requested her to Rub the Penis Once on her Pussy, if Not inside It, she Smiled at him and agreed to Complete it in Next One Minute,

He Placed the Tip of his Penis on her Pussy and a huge Adreanil Rush flowed through entire Body, she just hang loose taking Support of the Table, She Spread her Legs a Bit and gave him more Access to her Pussy, her Cunt was flowing with Juices, which made his Penis All Wet, he wanted to Enter her, but,

she stopped him and she Started Quickly Jerking his Penis and than he Came with a Force, as his Load fell on her stomach, as she was standing just in front of him and Started Dripping down to her Cunt. She Picked her Panty and Cleaned her body with that. She threw Panty there Only and Signalled the Guard to Wash it and Place it with her Other Clothes.

Then, they listened the Voice of some Ladies Coming that Side, towards Gate from Outside, The Guard Quickly Put back his Penis into his Trouser. Fearfull of being Caught, while talking to a Guard while being Totally Naked, Now, She Literally Ran Off towards Men's Side. While Running towards Our Side, She Realized that she was All Naked in All Men's Cordron.

So, she Suddenly Slowed Down, feeling Shy of her Nakedness, but her act with the Guard had made her nore Bold and Hornier. By this time, Only Six Men were there taking bath and when they Saw the Same beautifull Damsel, Coming Running All Naked towards them, it was a Scene from the Heaven for them, As like, Some Apsara was Running All Naked there,

Most Likely to make them Pleased. She came Nearer, and Stood just 6 feet away from us ALL Naked and Signalled me to Come to her. She because of my Fear, Placed both her hands on her Pussy and hiding it Completely, while trying to Press her Nipples under her hanging Arms, but 90 Percent of them were on Display to ALL.

At the very Moment the thought of Scene of Guards Penis thursting Load on her Body, came to her Mind. So, she started Gazing At the Nude Erections of All Six Men's Bathing there, She started imagining about All of them Caressing her body here and there and while Sex Jerking their Tools turn by turn, while All of them Ejaulating their Loads on her Body.

She came to Reality and Showed some Boldness and Pulled Off her hands from her Pussy, took her hands to her Head and knowingly started gathering her Long Hair & Put them together by Tieing them Up. Knowingly, Displaying her Full Breasts to All Men there and her Virgin Clean Shaved Beautifull Pussy on Display.

I Picked Up the Towel and went Near to her, and asked her to take the Towel, but, was amazed to See that She had Almost Dried Off. I was feeling Strange of her showing her Nudity So Easily to A Group of Men from just a Six feet Distance, I asked her the Reason of Coming Late, she Told me that as we need to make an Entry into Register before Entering into Men's Area,

the Register was not in place and Guard took Time to bring it from Office Outside there. She Took Towel and Reminded me of Our Dream of bathing Under a Spring All Naked, She Caught my hand and started walking towards the Spring, Near to those Men. As they were bathing there, they asked me about her and I Honestly told them, that we were a Couple on Honeymoon,

So, want to Enjoy it in our Own Style. They Said Namastey to her and she Also Smiled back at them. There eyes were Pooping Out, Seeing her beauty from So Close. We both went under the Spring, and Got Wet. I caught her from the Waist and Pulled her to me and Placed my Lips on hers. Suddenly, we were Smooching Each Other Heavily in front of other Men.

Her Body was Clinging to Mine and I was Also, having first Experience of her Body. I took Up my hands and Gently Caressed her Boobs, I was surprised to find her body quite Warmer. I felt she was feeling hornier by Now. My Erection was touching her Pussy, I Pulled her Closer and Started Caressing her Ass Cheeks.

I went down to have One of Nipples in my Mouth to Suck It, I found it a bit Harder (May be because her Act with Guard), I started heavily Sucking Her Boobs, then, I realized All Men were Standing Silent and Watching our Act, Helplessly. I winked at them & Signalled them to Carry on her Bath, Near to us Only.

She Suddeenly started kissing Whole of my Body and then, she Went down and Started Kissing my Thighs, Inner thighs, she Kissed my balls and then Put her Lips on my Penis. I was Pleasently Surprised to See her Boldness. I PUlled her head Closer and Put the Whole of Penis in her mouth in One go.

She was Licking, Sucking and Kissing whole Length of my Penis. Maybe, she was already Aroused by the Guard and wanted to Complete the Activity with me, at the Earliest. While she was giving me Blow Job, One of The Men Bathing Inches Closer to us, asked me whether we have Already fucked each Other, than, I replied him, that we both were Still Virgin and I will

Open her Cunt Only when I Reach our first Destination. He told me that All six of them were feeling Hornier Seeing the Beauty of Jyoti, they Really want to Enjoy a beauty like her, but they were helpless, as we were on Honeymoon and they were Sure that I won't Allow them do so, even if they Request me.

So, he seeked my Permission to Masturbate themselves watching Our Act. So, I agreed to it. As she was giving me blowjob, she was listening to All our talks, She had a Wish in her mind that All Six of them Drench her body with their Loads, when she Entered the men's Area, she wanted to do it to them, but was fearfull of me, as I will Never Allow her to do this to them.

They were Jerking off their Penis themselves, just Near to Us. I saw that, while giving me blowjob, her eyes were Clinged to their Penis, as Some of them had around 9-10" inches Long Dicks. I understood that she was getting interested in their Dicks, as mine was around 8" inches. I also looked at the Men, who were Staring at her Firm Breasts like Greedy Dogs, that,

if Allowed to do Sex to her, they will Eat her Raw. Watching their helplessness and Also Sensing Jyoti's interest in their Dicks, I called One of them and Whispered in his Ear, how if I allow them to Get Masturbated by her. they liked the idea. I looked into her Eyes, she Also Smiled back to me, as I winked at her.

We Moved Aside from Spring and made her Sit on the first Stair of the River. We all Seven of us, Stand in front of her and She Touched Every one's Dick with her hands, Caressed them to have a feel of Everybody's Penis. She made their Penis Wet by Kissing Everybody's Penis One by One, but didn't suck them as I signalled her not to do it, silently,

Now, she started Jerking Our Dicks One by One. A Couple of Guys bring their hand forward and Started Touching her boobs. They wanted to Kiss her boobs, but she didn't Allow them and told them it was the right only given to me. I also, allowed them to touch her boobs Gently. Then, We all were About to Come, first of All I came and shed the Sperm on her Boobs, then,

One by One Everybody Cum on her Body, Somebody on her face, Somebody on her Shoulders, and most of them on her beautiful Firm Breasts. They made her bath in their Sperms, as she Closed her Eyes and was feeling the fragrance of so many Manly Loads on her Body. I pulled her arm and took her under the Spring and Started Washing and Caressing her Body.

The Men Also washed themselves and Dressed Up and Thanked us with a Promise to Meet again and Left the Place, hurridely. We dried each other with Towel and started Moving towards the Place, where she had Placed her Clothes. We both were Walking hand in hand, All Nude, We were feared of anybody.

Even, this Place now had a Deserted Look, as it was Already 12:00 Noon. She went down to Pick her Bra, then, Suddenly, Guard Appeared from Somewhere and told us to hurry Up in his Language, " Aye Nangey Fungey Besharam Logo, Chalo edhar Se footan ki tyaari kar Lo, Mahne gate Lock Karna hai".

She Left the Bra there Only, Winked at him, Pushed Up her Boobs with Arms, took the Support of the Wall, Spread her Legs and Started Rubbing her Clitoris in front of him and told him, "Oye Majnu Ki Aulaad Budhey, MAIN teri Beti jaisi hoon, Tanna sharam na Aawey manne Nangi dekh Ke.

Hum toh Nangey fungey hi hain, yahin Pe Chudai Karengey, aur Phir Jayenge, Jo Ukhadna hai Ukhad Le". While Saying this, She was rubbing her Nipples with her fingers while Other hand she was giving him View of inside of her Vagina, as she was Leaning to the Wall. Then, I intervened and told Guard, that she was Like her daughter and he shall not feel Bad about her Comments and Activities.

Then, Guard started Speaking, "Beti Beti kuch Nahi Saheb, jyada Bolegi te hum iske ye nangey Nimbu Nichod Devenge idhar Hee, aur Ek Dhakkey mein Cheek Nikal devenge, Sari Umar Yaad rakehgi". I told him to Calm down and I told her to dress Up quickly, as Road had been Cleared of Landslides and we had to Move On.

While, I was talking to him, I wore my Clothes and she was Also Wearing her Bra and Panty very Slowly, she wore the Bra tied its Hook on the back, but on the front she didn't Bring the Cups on to her Breasts, so that, Guard could have more view of her beautifull Curves for Some More time. She Wore Panty, than, Peticoat, but her boobs were still hanging Out.

I told her to Put them inside and Signalled that Guard was Staring at them. She Closed the Cups of Bra and Wore the Blouse. Then, wrapped the saree on her, We bid Goodbye to the Guard and Reached Out to Our Car. While walking, I felt, with this Activity of bathing under the Spring,

she had becoming Really Horny and was Behaving like a Whore to those Sex Starved Men and Also while talking to the Guard. She was talking like Experienced Whores, even though she had not even had first fuck of her Life, till Now. While Driving, we were talking Really Horny to Each other, I asked whether she enjoyed this Act,

She Winked at me and give me a Warm hug. I Promised to fill her Cunt with a Loads of Sperm, When, we will have Our first fuck of the Life, on Our first Destination of the Honeymoon. We Kissed each other & Moved on for Our first Honeymoon Destination...(To be Continued)

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At that time one of the house near by was bought by a family of our same caste.it was a husband and wife newly married.d husbnd his name was kannan worked in a motor repairng workshop in d town named 'kaminandha' not that much far from our place.why I dot know sangeetha and my mother became thick frndz with in no time, days passd with out any notisable things.

One day she came home crying she took ma mother in to the room and said some thing that I was not able to hear.any way days passed I could c she was very unhappy and less vibrant. One day she asked my mother if she could stay in her house bcoz kannan was not der my mom went.

The next day I asked my mom what s d problem with sangeetga she refused to say any thing but my father said all,even mom said no papa said he(me) s a growing up boy and should know what s happenig around him-. And said, kannan now have an affir in his work place and she knew it from one of her frndz working with him.

she I very much worried and some time he didnt come to home at night me also became sad hearing ds. one day I went der to c her and 2 chat,at dat time she was eating something she asked me if I want some which I reduced then I asked what s d problem with kannan she said nothing is der but I compelled at last she said u cant understand those things,

but I said ' what do u think of me I m a grown up one and now i'm a frnd of u, she laughed hearing dat. But I repeated questioning her daily one day she became angry towards me and I reached very near to cry so she just tried to cheer me and passed her beautiful fingers through my head then goosbooms came all over my body she saw that and laughed at me and I became very shy.

suddenly she said kannan now have an affir and he doesnt consider her and his love towards her is redusng,he betrays me she said with pain I tryied to console her but I cant. That day when I was lied for sleeping I thought about men how cruel they are,i slept thinking I would never do such thngs when I got married.

next day I went der as usual and she was reading a magazin and I joined her atlast of dat book there where some advt of panty bra and all those things, she saw d curiosity in my face.and told why i'm looking like dat but playfully I tried to change d topic,she torn that pages and gave to me i'm just astonished seeing ds, that was the first day when I felt something to her.

I just folded d paper and hide it in my underware, from d bathroom I took it out and tried to mustarbate but I feel all the face of the models with sangeetha that day I felt more joy doing like dat. I was trying to tune my old radio at dat time I heard mohan u der.? It was sangeetha calling me I rushed der and asked what I have to do she said plz go to market and buy some for her,

now i'm flying to market and I bought all and just went to visit kannan and d manager said he s not der. I went back home and handed over the material to her,and said her 'i went to d workshope to c kannan but he was not der and I lied dat he gone to some where with his girl frnd.she didnt reply to dat and went to her room and made the bed decorated by herself

I came der and sat no d bed and put my hand over her head, as i'm consoling. She was crying, I said dont worry it is a usual thing in nowadays in town like ds, she looked at me and said ' she had lived in such a remort area and not used to things like dis.at dat time I heard my mom calling me 'mohan where are u,when I tend to depart sangeetha said 'will u come back u are a relief for me.

I said ok I will b back in 2 hours when I reached home mom said me to call sangeetga to stitch some cloths I went back, when just entered her room I heard a noise from her attached bathroom and a light cry I rushed and so her lying on d floor in half nude only with her panty and bra.

i suprised to c her like that and I was not just able to belive that she was that much beautiful with milky white in colour and atomst perfect shape. She was not able to stand, so I helped her for dat. She wasn't considering me dat i'm seeing her hidden beauty I helped her come back and sit on the bed she lied on dat and said i'm alright and just have a little pain in her back and anything serious.

And noting to say to my mom. I said what my mom told me to say,she said I will come in d evening. And hearing dat I returned to home. Evening she came to my home and helped ma mom. Next day I went der to call to come to go to temple with mom.as I entered she was changing her cloth so I waited out side d room,

mohan why u stand der come hear and plz change d cfl bulb I entered d room then she was just with her bottom and bra. I took d bulb and climbed over the stool and tried to fix it but I cant, she said she wll try and I have to hold her and d stool I did the same she early did it. I sat over the bad she opened the cupboard and took some cloth to wear and pull of her bottom

and looked to d cloths which to b worn.i asked why she didnt have any shame to stand half nude in front of me. She laughed and place her hand on my head o u r not at all a man and just a boy . I Closed my eye she said and even if u r a man I dont care since my cruel husband is not at all perfect,

And if I 'm able to do some thing like dat..... what he do... I wll b......she said mohan I have seen many times u looking at my breast when I try to take some thing, and i'm sure that u have done mustarbation thinking me, women can easily understand all these. If u want to touch my breast do it,

I didnt said any thing and ran back to my home when I reached home I saw she coming to me and as she reachad near me and grab my hand and took me to the corner of d sit out and asked would u say any thing to my mom I shook my head meaning no, mohan if u dont like my behavior plz forget dat and dont reveal it 2 anybody, I was not able to say any thing.

She went to d kitchen to c ma mom. evening mom said me mohan u hav to stay tonight with sangeetha kannan wont b der and I hav some more household works to b finished . I was very much happy that I can hav something with her tonight, I ran to my frnd gopulal's house he was there for my sake, I just chat with him about sex and love making he told several things like a professor,

i heard all silently. After 6 pm I returned home and took a shower and went to sangeethas house.der she was preparing food as I entered d kitchen she said me to help her, after that we cleaned the kitchen and washed d fish cutting table and went out side to pour the waste water, I heard she calling me I asked what, she said mohan come here plz take my 'sholl '

it is going to dip in d water I hold it and took off and at the same time I playfully hold her breast she did say nothing. After dat we came back to hall. There were a shelf which is decorated by cristel glass plates and bowles and some plastic gifts which she may b got for her marriage,among them I found a boot ball shaped rubber balloon, I took it filled it ,

and threw behind her, she took it and threw back. I asked can we play some time,with the ball she agreed, we started playing, I threw the ball in height so that she hav to jumb to catch it. Frndz I dont say she is an extrem beauty,but in dis situation I feel der is no one sexyier than her, after some time we stop our play.

We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf. She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved her under arms.

I came close to her and asked why she didnt shave those hairs, shaving them will reduce the smell of her sweat . O I dont care that she said. Ok i'm going to wash han her, after some time we stop our play. We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf.

She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved her under arms. I came close to her and asked why she didnt shave those hairs, shaving them will reduce the smell of her sweat . O I dont care that she said. Ok i'm going to wash han her, after some time we stop our play.

We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf. She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved there. I asked why she didnt, and adviced her shaving them will reduce smell of the swetting.

She laughed and, said dont u take bath, I said I had one from home. U are sweat a lot if u dont bath I wont allow u to lie with me. With only that problem I accompanied her to the bathroom to take bath as we entered, she took off her towel, I opened my mouth up to d ground she pushed my jaws and closed my mouth, the opened d shower and asked me to apply soap in her back I did it.

Now my dress is all get soaked with water she said me to remove that. But I stood there helpless. She said mohan this is not good, look even if i'm a girl I did it, I know very well u want to have some fun so just do that. I did it with a ton me shyness in ma face, she was smiling seeing ds .she pulled me to her and took my hand and placed around her waist.

Why I dont know two of my eyes are yet now she noticed it as usual she was laughing, she turned around and gave the soap to me I applied it all over her back. As she turned I saw her eyes is also wet.that I couldnt believe asked what s that. Look mohan i'm doing the most dreadfull mistake that a women can do in her life,

having this type of thing with another one who is not per husband, and even that is a boy a small one, some times like a brother for.... She was not able to complete. I removed her tears and gave ma first kiss on her lips and hugged her. She continued, I want ds mohan else I wll b.... I cant live.... Now i'm have a reason... As kannan do..... Now... I can also....

She uttered meaning lessly.we finished our bath and returned. And had food at that time I also took some, b/s in this time I wll do what all she say. I very much know what all she wore since I was with her that time, she just worn a nighty and She gave me a lungi. She cleaned the bed and lied and asked me to sit. I did d same. Mohan, u love me ? Dont ask silly !

I love u and i.... We dont what we are saying since that was such a situation. She pulled ma kungi and took my small one in her hand. Oh it is very light dont u give him any food, I laughed if u want give him any thing to my astonishment she took it to her mouth and sucked for a while and suddenly took it out. And asked u want me seriously ? I shook my head.

She took off her nighty and gave her breast to my I was helpless, what to do.she lied on d bed and removed my lungi and. Asked me to lie over her I did it and place her breast in my mouth I sucked it now i'm feeling very very happy, I did like a hungry street dog. Now she parted her legs and showed her lilly to me. It was deep red in color and with curly hairs, she placed ma hand over it.

And asked me if u like, u want, or u dont feel bad suck it. Hum I was did she know that I was waiting for such a thing for so many days. I did it honestly for a long time,for not just her pleasure but for my heart to fulfil with joy. She took ma head and pulled me up, now our lips are locked I hug her tightly we lied der like that for a long time I smelled all over her face and through her body.

She told me to sit over her stomach I did it and placed my RAJU between her spongy hills she hold them tight and I shake my rod in it. She allowed me to do this for small period of time, she very much know dat these all are first in ma life and I may b exploded very easily. She said me to turnoff the light I stood and did it,at that time I looked to the clock in the hall it just tending to12 o clock.

I came back. Milky noon helped me with his silver bright to, see her lying on the bed fully naked and parted her fleshy legs apart to a large extand they were smoother than a marble block and whiter than a piano key.i Lied b/n her legs. She her self showed d way to my little hunder to her heavenly valley.it entered to it very easily.

Her under beauty was very much yet and oily. As it entered fully inside her flower. I was mad like a elephant we rolled all over the bed I pushed my raju to the deep and deep I was not able to shake. My tongue was inside her mouth and both of our saliva were dripping. With on time I ejaculated my whole life in side her lilly.

after a moment she took my man out, it was trying to shrink she put it in her mouth and licked I was helpless and cant bear the kickling feeling. Soon after she released me I went to her hidden lotus and licked all around it and deep in side her lilly. And cleaned it from my man milk. I heard she was making some unusual noise. I came we hugged.

I didnt know when, the princess of sleep have ur the boon. For such a deep and pleasing sleep. We woke up very late. As Soon as we wolf up I returned back home. D coming two day were very much bored my penis, sholder, back etc were aching very much we contined these for some more days.

One day as I came back to home after a carrier guidance class I saw a truck with household things was departing from sangeethas house. I ran to mom and asked what s d matter. She said dear I dont know. Kannan says he was going to sell that house, and they r going to stay with sangeethas mother and father.

I was very much sad, any way after 2 3 days I became normal. And joined in a near by college for +2. One day kannan came to our house with his dad and they waited for my papa to come. As he reached. They moved to the balcony. I followed them.der I saw they talking some... I was not able to hear that. I say kannan was crying like a child. D talk continued for about 1 hour.

They returned after having a tea. Mom asked about d matter. He said kannan is going to divorce sangeetha and their case is under the consideration of the court. Mom asked about d reason. He said ' kannan is a poor man he had loved her wife a lot, he even cryied before me, but she was a bitch, papa asked mom ' do u remember one day she told about kannan and an affir he had, it was a lie.

And this was a usual thing that she told this type of thing to many. And her moral side is bad and he had caught many time for dat, even he waited loving her, with the beliefe she wll beame good. But now he was all like all lost, one day she complled kannan s younger brother to have immoral activity. ...... I was shocked with 100000kv volt....

I heard mom saying she may b having some psychological problem, to which my papa also agreed.... This changed all my thought and view I regret to what I had done in that few night. my dear frnd all I have to say is dat, people are of differend kind. If u hav a girl frnd or a boyfrnd hav sex with them only after if u marry him or her.

We are men having indian culture our ancestors studied all those to us.even we.... Try to imitate western culture :... Sex is a sacred thing created by god with millions of years, we must nt destroy its holyness.

Sex is an art played by two personalities by their mind and body. So only hav such one partner in ur life. Sex is more sacred than love... Love... then... marry... then.. Hav both to beame one mind and then one body. Good luck to all of u. plz comment on this.if i'm able to make u think a while i'm satisfied.

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Sadhika and Nakul having hot sex - II

Previously: Sadhika and Nakul having hot sex - II

I felt that he is really very sensitive guy which we hardly see in this brutal world and I could see that sorrow of life have literary crushed him, first was demise of his parents and just after few months of that deceit of his brother made him take this decision that he will live alone through out life.

I knew he was not afraid of anything at least sex, I think he was afraid that after marriage he will also change and will become like his brother. I don’t know what was happening to me, in my free time I use to think about him only and I really started liking that. Truly speaking I never thought about having sex with him in those thoughts,

I just wanted to spend more and more time with him and I was getting plenty of it, but still I hungered for more and more. Instant of going out with him I always preferred sitting at home and chit chatting. Life was moving like that and unexpectedly something happened which bought us further close.

It was raining very heavy and by the time I came back home whole terrace was filled with water, as something choked the drainage pipe and there was water in my room too. I could not think of doing anything except waiting for Nakul to come because it was still raining continuously. After around half an hour he also came home and saw the condition and we immediately

started working on that after changing into pajama and t-shirt. Firstly he tried to clear the passage of drainage pipe but because it was raining heavy and we did not had much recourse to do that so we decided take off water manually, soon we were throwing water from buckets out of terrace straight on the road and that task was really tiring.

Because of water my clothes were stuck to my body and my seductive figure could arouse anybody at that time and that day first time I saw Nakul staring at me, like that, but not much. After around one hour of continues efforts we could see the result as the water level was fallen down and by that time it stopped raining.

Once again he tried to clear the choked drainage and this time he succeeded. Water drained out totally with in 15-20 minutes and he went down and asked me if I can make coffee for him. I said yes off course, I could see that he was dead tired and could not speak properly. I changed and came down, I straight away went to kitchen and made coffee and entered in his room after knocking.

He also changed and was sitting on bed with a double bed blanket wrapped around him. He was shivering from cold and I just got scared to see him like that. I didn’t knew his condition neither he told me, because of change of climate he was already feverish and above that he got this to do. Somehow he had coffee and slept saying that I can awake him for dinner.

After having coffee I felt that he will be able to recover but I was wrong, by the time I came again in his room after making dinner he was suffering from high fever. He was falling, we had thermometer and temperature was more than 101, and it was rising. I looked for medicine in his box, and it was almost empty.

Time was already 9 and market was bit far in which medical shop was there, thought I was willing to go even at that time too but Nakul stopped me saying that it had rained heavy and water will be accumulated on the street and there was also power cut and were on inverter, so roads were also dark.

He just requested me to stay with him for the night which was obvious for me, I could not think of leaving him alone. He had few just few bites as he was not feeling of eating anything and again slept. I packed up kitchen and came to his bedroom beside him and lied there. It was too early for me to sleep and there was no sign of sleep in me, thought I was tired too but still I was awake and thinking.

I saw him sleeping and he was looking very innocent, I caressed his fore head and kissed him there. He was not in sound sleep, he opened his eyes and looked at me and took my hand between his hands and took it closer to his head and tried to sleep, as if he wants to make sure that I am there with him and will not leave him when he will be slept.

I really liked that and I don’t know for how long I just stared at him when he was sleeping. Slowly I moved inside his blanket and tried to came further closer to him, don’t know what feeling made me doing that and in subconscious state Nakul grabbed me from side and wrapped his arm just below my breasts keeping one of his leg on my lower abdomen,

in a way we sleep with our loved ones. I felt good but just after a minute he realized and got up and looked at me in a sleepy state, I just hugged him and tried to make him sleep as he was sleeping while holding me saying, “koi baat nahi, just sleep”, but he was conscious and I could feel that he was alert as he has to be careful, and after few more seconds he spoke,

“aapko bhi infection ho jaayega” I smiled on his excuse and said, “mujhe kuch nahi hoga, you just try to sleep this will make you feel better”. He was in fever and very tired so soon his awareness surrendered and he went into sound sleep in my arms. I was wide awake till very late and really enjoyed having him in my arms;

I just don’t know what was that, love lust affection or anything which cannot be defined through any language. I could feel that his body temperature was getting down as he was sweating and that sweat was helping, though I was bit uncomfortable because fan was off and I was in blanket too but I was ready to tolerate anything for him.

I slept like that and by the morning I got up he was still sleeping tied with me. I got up and did preparation for breakfast and by that time he also got up and seemed very conscious while looking at me and tried to avoid direct eye contact. I did not tried to talk to him about that just to make him feel that nothing is odd and somewhere I was enjoying his blushing gestures.

We had breakfast together, I made lunch for him as he was on leave and I had office. Before leaving I bought Crocin for him and finally took a leave with a promise that I will come early. For the whole day in the office I cherished those moments of physical closeness with him and really enjoyed thinking that again and again.

I recalled from last few years I was struggling and just struggling, for some time in the beginning when I got separated from my husband I yearned for physical love but slowly that desire disappeared into my struggle for the basics and at present when I was having almost everything, like a good reputed job, decent place to live and a wonderful friend like Nakul,

I was craving more and more from life. I wanted more of him, physically and mentally, and this desire was touching heights in me. I was day reaming about getting sexually involved with him and just that thought kept me happy for the whole day. By the time day came to an end my mind was not in my control and desire of getting physical love was rising in me and I was trying to suppress that feeling,

because I could not predict him, he was most innocent creature ever came in my touch. Finally I reached home early in the evening, he opened the door and I greeted him and he responded but I could see that he was still uncomfortable and could not see in my eyes. At that time he was watching television in the other bedroom laying on bed, which was previously of his parents,

because only that bedroom had TV, unless he had one in living room. He was perfectly alright now I went inside kitchen to make some coffee for both of us after talking to him for a while, I came to that bedroom and we sat beside each other and focused on the TV and I could see that couple of times he turned to see me to say something but stopped.

After having coffee he lied on bed on the other side and I was sitting resting my back on back of the bed and we were watching television silently. Repeatedly he looked at me and tried to say something and I think could not gathered courage and finally I spoke and asked him, “what, you want to say something”, he looked at me and spoke with some hesitation

“I am sorry”, “for what” I asked him with a smile, “last night I just did that”, I laughed and teased him, “tumne kahan kuch kiya, you just slept, you haven’t done anything”. He also smiled on my naughty reply and again said, “No I mean, I hugged you like that”, I smiled and caressed his forehead, “there is nothing to say sorry about that”, and further asked him,

“you felt good na?” he blushed and softly said yes without looking into my eyes. I smiled and said “Even I felt good, I felt as if I was sleeping with my loved one” I further added, “I use to sleep with my father like that when I was kid”. He was blushing and tried to look into my eyes and found me smiling, he too smiled in response.

My instinct took me closer to him and I lied beside him and tried to get into his arms once again and he instantly grabbed me and we hugged each other very tight and I could feel his love and affection in that embrace and I too embraced him with my full emotions and we both were delighted with that wonderful feeling of hugging.

We got bit separated after a minute or two of tight hug and again hugged each other after looking into each others eyes, and this time after losing grip on each other we remained like that in each others arms with a closed eyes. When I opened my eyes, his eyes were still closed and I could feel his mind state, he never got closer to any female physically as he was laying

with me and because of that he was conscious. Don’t know what carried me further away my physical need, that is lust or my love for him, I just kissed him on his lips, for a second he trembled in shock, but I continued and soon he was responding to it and we were kissing each other.

I never had that kind of kiss through out my life till now, though technically it was not perfect because he didn’t knew how to kiss and he was trying to make it but the main thing which made that kiss so special was the feeling which we had for each other, and if not that at least the feeling which I had for him because I didn’t knew his feelings for me.

Couple of times we stopped and again started kissing and then again. Finally we hugged and remained in each other arms without looking at each other. We were just feeling each others body and that moment was really indescribable. We were living together from months and gradually came to this stage where two bodies got closer.

Truly speaking when today I recall that period of my life when I got closer to him it seems like my golden period of life to me and I recall every second of that time to pleasure myself. I almost whispered in his ear to ask, “Do you want to have sex”, without any movement he just said, “no”. I was bit amazed with his reply, as I was expecting yes from him but I just remained silent.

We just lied there like that for next few minutes and finally I got up. He remained there in front of television and I went up and changed and came back to work in kitchen. After few minutes he came in kitchen and said, let’s go out for dinner. I turned and asked him, why he said just because I am well now.

I agreed and soon we went out and roamed in a mall for a while and smiled many times while looking into each other’s eyes. Finally we dined in a Chinese cuisine and while having I asked him with a naughty smile that why is he afraid of sex. Once again he said that he is not afraid of anything, I further asked “then why you said no to it, you don’t like me”?

He looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, but cannot marry you” I could see in his eyes that whatever he said it came directly from his heart. I smiled and tried to be casual and humorous and said, “I was not asking for marriage, I asked you for making love; I know we cannot marry, and at this stage marriage has no importance for me, I have already seen that”.

He looked down and said “I am very confused and not mentally prepared for that”. I just smiled reflecting that I am impressed from him and seriously I was impressed with his personality and kind of nature he had. Through out the dinner and even till we reached back that topic never came in our conversation but there were many things which we spoke to each other on this matter through our eyes.

We were just looking at each other and smiling and I could see love in his eyes. I knew whatever he said that he loves me could be his misconception, because I was the only female who came in his life in that way and it is very easy to happen that one gets confused with love and attraction,

but I knew this for sure that I was in love with him and I was not expecting anything from him, neither I was getting crazy to sleep with him, I was just in love with him and I wanted to see him happy. I don’t know what he was thinking but he was very much occupied mentally and very conscious to speak anything and also while looking at me.

Finally we came home and after packing up the kitchen I had a plan to go upstairs to my room to sleep, but he stopped me holding my hand and asked if I can stay for some time. I smiled and asked “why, what will I do here” he said “I just want to be with you for some more time, we will watch television together” I agreed with a smile, as I could understand his mind state.

For next half an hour I was sitting on bed resting my back on the back of bed and he was lying resting his head on one of my thigh and I was caressing his hairs. As such we were not talking much but there was something which we both were suppressing and it was desire to get intimate.

Finally after a certain time where I could not control myself, I leaned on him and tried to kiss him and he responded to my kiss. I think he was at the mental state where he could not decide that whether he should do it or not, he wanted to do it but something was holding him back may be his ethics,

but that particular moment was so strong that it carried all our ethics and principals and soon we were tied in each other’s arms and kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. We were laying sideways and kissing, I could see that he was bit nervous as he was holding my body with some hesitation,

for which I grabbed him completely and pressed my body nicely with his and moved on of my leg between his legs so that my pubic zone can touch his pelvis. This act really excited him and he grabbed me too and we went into long delicate kiss. By the time we stopped kissing I was laying on his top and we both were out of breath.

“Nakul...” “Hmmm…,” he murmured. “Tell me...” “What?” “sex karna hai”, his heart skipped a beat, I could feel that he got nervous, “maine pahle kabhi nahi kiya” he spoke with a pounding heart, I gripped him and embraced him bit more tight and said, “I know, lekin maine kiya hai, aur mujhe tumhare saath karna hai,

I love you and I don’t know any other way to express my love” then there was silence for next few seconds and that silence was breath taking for me, by this time I needed his yes desperately and he was confused, I asked him again “bolo…. And I am not asking for marriage, I am asking just to have sex”,

and with that I got up bit and looked into his eyes and this time our eyes met and he could easily see lust in my eyes. Once again I spoke, “Nakul I love you” he embraced me tight gripping my body against his and I hugged him again while laying on his top finally after few more seconds his gentle voice touched my ears “I love you too, aur mujhe bhi aapke saath karna hai”.

That was the thing I was waiting and after getting his consent I just got unstoppable and once again we both were kissing and eating each other. Don’t know when and in how much time we got naked. We both were on bed wearing nothing at all and Nakul was really very uneasy, for the first time he was naked in front of a female whom he always addressed didi and that female

was also naked in front of him revealing all her secrets and once again our naked bodies got into harmony and our bare skin was touching each other’s bare skin, I took him over me and embraced him and pressed my breasts against his broad shoulders to pleasure myself and him too and as expected he moaned in pleasure.

He was on my top and we were kissing and my hand rolled down to touch his gentile, and as I touched his penis and took it in my hand it pleasured him a lot and I could feel the excitement through which he was going. I was nor the less excited and I adjusted myself spreading my legs wider, touching my love hole with his rod and next moment it just went inside me as he pushed himself.

Wow what a pleasurable moment that was and next few minutes I experienced real heaven while getting seduced by him and soon he buried himself deep inside my love hole and shivered like anything while cumming. He was puffing in excitement and dead tired after that resting on his back and I was laying beside him. As expected he surrendered very early and I was yet not over.

I got up used toilet to clean myself and brought wet towel for him to clean and soon after that we were laying naked in each other arms. “main aapko satisfy nahi kar paya na?” He spoke with bit of disappointment. He knew the fact, “koi baat nahi, I enjoyed a lot” I tried to make him relaxed.

We just remained like that for next few minutes and slowly he moved and came on my top and touched my breast and took one of them in his mouth and started sucking gently. Wow once again it was heaven and I realized what I was missing in last few years. He was sucking my melons like a child and I could see his excitement,

he sucked both of my breasts one by one before I took him under and started loving him to stimulate him more. I kissed allover his face intentionally leaving my saliva and moved down to his bare chest and continued loving him leaving lot of my saliva he was moaning and enjoying my experienced love making.

I moved further down and reaching his waist and licked that portion and I turned him around leaving his pelvis untouched to increase his excitement. Gradually he was turning on as I moved my wet lips on his back and almost licked his whole back and took a bite of flesh of his hips. I was kissing him allover his back and hips in excitement and he was wandering in heaven.

I turned him on his back and looked into his eyes, he was really very excited and to arouse him further I gripped his penis in my hand and jerked it bit after caressing his scrotum and that took him to further erection and in a split of second I took a decision and took his penis in my mouth and sucked it.

This act made him shiver in pain and excitement and he immediately stopped me, and once again took me under his naked body and spreading my legs once again penetrated me and went deep inside my love hole in a moment and immediately started making movements. He was riding on me and I was holding his whole body with my hands and wrapped legs.

I griped him tighter to get him further deep and that really made me feel like heaven on earth and after few more minutes of non stop movements I went through a shattering orgasm and in few more seconds he shivered in pleasure of touching another height of sexual pleasure. That night we slept there only and next morning before getting up from the bed we had another love session.

To my surprise I realized that Nakul is really very romantic man, just after couple of days of love making he asked me if I can take a leave from my office for a week, so we both took a leave from our office after some time and made a trip to one hill station and enjoyed each other’s company mentally and physically.

From that day a new romantic era of our life started, and Nakul showed me exactly what heaven could be on earth and I realized that it’s not money or luxuries of life, it’s only love and just love, and a true love can bring you out of all miseries of life no matter whatever happened with you.

We both needed each other and somehow we just made it, though sometimes I feel that I really don’t deserve him but he really loves me and very much depending on me emotionally. It’s not that we are living hurdle free life, we have certain problems like when his brother came to knew about our relation he criticized him among few of there relatives but Nakul

remained unmoved and never bothered about anybody and just to give me mental peace from all those arguments he asked me couple of times if I want to marry him to get security but the fact is that I am not bothered about marriage, any such ties cannot give me any security, we are somewhat in live in relationship and apart from all controversies,

I am living in heaven and from last couple of months strange desire is raising head in me, I want to give birth to his child but I really don’t know how to talk to him. I am sure he will not say no to it but before that he will marry me and I don’t want to bind him any such ties, I just want to give birth to my love for him.

I know many readers will think that I am very selfish and I am making use of his innocence, it hardly matters to me. I have gone through many miseries of life and after a long time I am happy, satisfied and truly enjoying life and that almighty has given me this after a long lasted punishment.

I have accepted the things to which fate has bounded me, I love him, as my destiny has brought him for me and I am doing it with all my heart. I feel that ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters,

you choose them as your guides, and following them you reach your destiny, I just trying to do that. That’s what all I had to say or write: bye. Write comments if possible and forgive me for my unlimited grammatical mistakes.

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