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Dipin having sex with Aunt

HI folks, This is Dipin from Ranni in Kerala. I am a guy from a village and having good physique. I know my physique is not a matter here, here the matter is my darlings physique. My darling is my Chitta, that is my father’s brothers wife. My aunt (chitta) name is Indhira. She is a beauty queen in al the matters. I am staying nearby house of my aunts.

She have a gorgeous face and luscious body which make any man’s even viswamitrans cock hard. She is 36 years old and looks only 28.her structure is 32-30-36. she has very long black hair up to her waist, firm and beautiful boobs, curved ass covered with hair long hair. I understood many mans looking her whenever she go out. Whenever she walks her ass swaying

And she had little hair in her legs and hands that make her more beautiful. On the time of her marriage I was a child, when I grew my mind set towards her also grew. Always I have a desire to fuck her. But never I tried for that because I think that is a sin. Her hubby (my uncle) working at Australia and she stayed here because she had to look after my grandparents and her kids.

I have a laptop with net connection through which she usually chat with her husband. I finish my Btech IT and searching job. In my laptop there are lot of sex movies in different language and different type. I kept all in a folder with a secret name. one day I saw she was doing something with my laptop after chatting with her hubby.

When I enter the room she shutdown the system and left the room with a smile next day also same thing happen. one day I peep through the window and found that she is watching the sex movies and rub her pussy area. Then I enter the room suddenly and she didn’t get the time to close the movie. So she left the room without close the movie because of shyness.

That day she didn’t gave face to me because of shyness. I thought that is a chance and enter her room and asked how s the video and I will give the laptop to her for night so she can watch video with any interruption. She feel shyness and said no to me. Then I said nothing to worry and it’s a normal thing and I will give u my laptop for u at night.

after my mom came back from office, I said aunt need laptop for chatting at night and bring laptop to the aunts house. and give it to her and returned. She gave a smile with shyness and said thank u for me. I found a chance for me there. Next day after my mother went to the office and chittas kids went to school I went to my chittas house, my grandparents were at their daughters house for two weeks.

My aunt welcome me and said me to take the laptop from her room. Then I said I am not coming for laptop. And I asked her how was last night and my videos. She said videos are wonderful and so last night she has only less sleep. And she went to kitchen for make a tea for me. I followed her and on seeing her swaying ass, my blood become hot.

I went to her back and hug her from back very tightly. she shocked and try to leave from me. But she is not able to escape from me then I smell her long hair and slowly kiss the back of her ear. And bite her ears. Then I took my right hand and put on her boobs and other hand at her stomach. Then she said it’s a sin.

I said we are belonging to opposite sex and god gave cock for me and vagina for her to enjoy and bring her to the bedroom and bolt the door. I said her to undress me she obeyed it and I become full nude infront of her. She become more shy and I took the bottom of her nightie and lift it and remove it then she is on her black bra and blue underskirt.

I said her to sit on bed and I sat on floor and take her feet in my hand and plant a kiss there after that I licked her feet and I pick her up to her thighs and finally untie her skirt. and ask her to standup and remove untied skirt. She removed it and then she was on her brown cotton panties and black bra.

I lick her cunt through the panties and give a bite her finally remove that and lick her hairy pussy. Her pussy seems a forest of hair and this time she remove her bra and black large areola and nipples welcome me to suck that. I do so finally I put my cock and put it into her vagina door and push it she moan loudly with great pleasure.

I cummed on pussy and my cum overflowing from her pussy. we lay nude for sometime. she sweated and a high sweat smell came from her armpit that made me mad and I asked her for a blowjob and handjob. She licked my cock and she did a handjob too. I cummed in her hand and little cum flow at hairy legs she wipe it with a paper.

We both get freshed and I said her that I am leaving. Then she took my purse and take 100rs from that. I asked her why are u took money. She said she had a long term fantasy to fuck for money. Then I take other 100rs and put in the middle of her boobs. And I said her that if she really need someone for money,

I will arrange it, she said no it will become a problem..days passed one day she complained me that one guy calling her every night and said he loves her. I said I will call him on the number from which he called. I called him and said not to call her anymore and we quarrel each other. He again called her and said to her that she was really a beauty goddess and he want to fuck her.

she again said me and I said her that if she is ready we can call him and do a threesome and demand good price. she first refuse and I made her agree. She call him back and said the demand. He agreed for a threesome and agree to pay rs 5000 for a fuck. Very next day he came our house and then I understood that is our relative Santhosh a business man

at that day we both fucked her wildly and fill cum I all her three holes (anal, mouth & pussy) and hand. Finally we both ejaculated at her face and bare breast. And he gave 5000rs and left a after that he bring his some friends and we do foursome five somes and later six men’s fuck her at a cost of 40000.

Now she is a Randi or a prostitute or in Malayalam veshya of me and my co fuckers. So I call her chitta in front of all my family members, call her as my wife when we both are alone there, call her a randi when me and other her boyfriends are there.

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Bloody perverted asshole

Posted by Asawq
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your english is pathetic.

Posted by Nimbus
on: November 13, 2010 5:55 PM | Reply

wat a fantasy!!

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You are realy a mother-fucker

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