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Hi, I dont know who are u but thanks for reading this if u r going to read this... then plz read it completely else dont read it.it is not a command but just a request coming from my heart.any way let me narrate my story.O it may b a stry 4 u but 4 me its a great thng dat had made many change in ma life.it happend abt 4 or 5 years back.

now I m a post graduate stdnt my subjct is maths I like real analss and algebra d most. At dat time I had just fnshd ma 10 stnd and enjoyng ma holidays.at dat time there where no such media like tv dvd mobile with video player etc our only source in sex was friends who had some knowledge from their relatives or frndz, at dat time in our mind there where no such bad thought towards our girlfrndz.

All that had was affection against each other. we played together and touched... But hadnt such thought. And hence my knowledge about sex was very narrow. My father is a govt employee and mother a house wife. At that time I killed ma time just playing myself making some thing etc.

At that time one of the house near by was bought by a family of our same caste.it was a husband and wife newly married.d husbnd his name was kannan worked in a motor repairng workshop in d town named 'kaminandha' not that much far from our place.why I dot know sangeetha and my mother became thick frndz with in no time, days passd with out any notisable things.

One day she came home crying she took ma mother in to the room and said some thing that I was not able to hear.any way days passed I could c she was very unhappy and less vibrant. One day she asked my mother if she could stay in her house bcoz kannan was not der my mom went.

The next day I asked my mom what s d problem with sangeetga she refused to say any thing but my father said all,even mom said no papa said he(me) s a growing up boy and should know what s happenig around him-. And said, kannan now have an affir in his work place and she knew it from one of her frndz working with him.

she I very much worried and some time he didnt come to home at night me also became sad hearing ds. one day I went der to c her and 2 chat,at dat time she was eating something she asked me if I want some which I reduced then I asked what s d problem with kannan she said nothing is der but I compelled at last she said u cant understand those things,

but I said ' what do u think of me I m a grown up one and now i'm a frnd of u, she laughed hearing dat. But I repeated questioning her daily one day she became angry towards me and I reached very near to cry so she just tried to cheer me and passed her beautiful fingers through my head then goosbooms came all over my body she saw that and laughed at me and I became very shy.

suddenly she said kannan now have an affir and he doesnt consider her and his love towards her is redusng,he betrays me she said with pain I tryied to console her but I cant. That day when I was lied for sleeping I thought about men how cruel they are,i slept thinking I would never do such thngs when I got married.

next day I went der as usual and she was reading a magazin and I joined her atlast of dat book there where some advt of panty bra and all those things, she saw d curiosity in my face.and told why i'm looking like dat but playfully I tried to change d topic,she torn that pages and gave to me i'm just astonished seeing ds, that was the first day when I felt something to her.

I just folded d paper and hide it in my underware, from d bathroom I took it out and tried to mustarbate but I feel all the face of the models with sangeetha that day I felt more joy doing like dat. I was trying to tune my old radio at dat time I heard mohan u der.? It was sangeetha calling me I rushed der and asked what I have to do she said plz go to market and buy some for her,

now i'm flying to market and I bought all and just went to visit kannan and d manager said he s not der. I went back home and handed over the material to her,and said her 'i went to d workshope to c kannan but he was not der and I lied dat he gone to some where with his girl frnd.she didnt reply to dat and went to her room and made the bed decorated by herself

I came der and sat no d bed and put my hand over her head, as i'm consoling. She was crying, I said dont worry it is a usual thing in nowadays in town like ds, she looked at me and said ' she had lived in such a remort area and not used to things like dis.at dat time I heard my mom calling me 'mohan where are u,when I tend to depart sangeetha said 'will u come back u are a relief for me.

I said ok I will b back in 2 hours when I reached home mom said me to call sangeetga to stitch some cloths I went back, when just entered her room I heard a noise from her attached bathroom and a light cry I rushed and so her lying on d floor in half nude only with her panty and bra.

i suprised to c her like that and I was not just able to belive that she was that much beautiful with milky white in colour and atomst perfect shape. She was not able to stand, so I helped her for dat. She wasn't considering me dat i'm seeing her hidden beauty I helped her come back and sit on the bed she lied on dat and said i'm alright and just have a little pain in her back and anything serious.

And noting to say to my mom. I said what my mom told me to say,she said I will come in d evening. And hearing dat I returned to home. Evening she came to my home and helped ma mom. Next day I went der to call to come to go to temple with mom.as I entered she was changing her cloth so I waited out side d room,

mohan why u stand der come hear and plz change d cfl bulb I entered d room then she was just with her bottom and bra. I took d bulb and climbed over the stool and tried to fix it but I cant, she said she wll try and I have to hold her and d stool I did the same she early did it. I sat over the bad she opened the cupboard and took some cloth to wear and pull of her bottom

and looked to d cloths which to b worn.i asked why she didnt have any shame to stand half nude in front of me. She laughed and place her hand on my head o u r not at all a man and just a boy . I Closed my eye she said and even if u r a man I dont care since my cruel husband is not at all perfect,

And if I 'm able to do some thing like dat..... what he do... I wll b......she said mohan I have seen many times u looking at my breast when I try to take some thing, and i'm sure that u have done mustarbation thinking me, women can easily understand all these. If u want to touch my breast do it,

I didnt said any thing and ran back to my home when I reached home I saw she coming to me and as she reachad near me and grab my hand and took me to the corner of d sit out and asked would u say any thing to my mom I shook my head meaning no, mohan if u dont like my behavior plz forget dat and dont reveal it 2 anybody, I was not able to say any thing.

She went to d kitchen to c ma mom. evening mom said me mohan u hav to stay tonight with sangeetha kannan wont b der and I hav some more household works to b finished . I was very much happy that I can hav something with her tonight, I ran to my frnd gopulal's house he was there for my sake, I just chat with him about sex and love making he told several things like a professor,

i heard all silently. After 6 pm I returned home and took a shower and went to sangeethas house.der she was preparing food as I entered d kitchen she said me to help her, after that we cleaned the kitchen and washed d fish cutting table and went out side to pour the waste water, I heard she calling me I asked what, she said mohan come here plz take my 'sholl '

it is going to dip in d water I hold it and took off and at the same time I playfully hold her breast she did say nothing. After dat we came back to hall. There were a shelf which is decorated by cristel glass plates and bowles and some plastic gifts which she may b got for her marriage,among them I found a boot ball shaped rubber balloon, I took it filled it ,

and threw behind her, she took it and threw back. I asked can we play some time,with the ball she agreed, we started playing, I threw the ball in height so that she hav to jumb to catch it. Frndz I dont say she is an extrem beauty,but in dis situation I feel der is no one sexyier than her, after some time we stop our play.

We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf. She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved her under arms.

I came close to her and asked why she didnt shave those hairs, shaving them will reduce the smell of her sweat . O I dont care that she said. Ok i'm going to wash han her, after some time we stop our play. We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf.

She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved her under arms. I came close to her and asked why she didnt shave those hairs, shaving them will reduce the smell of her sweat . O I dont care that she said. Ok i'm going to wash han her, after some time we stop our play.

We both were very much sweat.it was her who suggested we may hav a bath, she entered d room,i took d ball and, n removed the air n placed it in d shelf. She came out d room wearing only a towel,she is tying her silky hairs, now I could c her under arms, o she has not shaved there. I asked why she didnt, and adviced her shaving them will reduce smell of the swetting.

She laughed and, said dont u take bath, I said I had one from home. U are sweat a lot if u dont bath I wont allow u to lie with me. With only that problem I accompanied her to the bathroom to take bath as we entered, she took off her towel, I opened my mouth up to d ground she pushed my jaws and closed my mouth, the opened d shower and asked me to apply soap in her back I did it.

Now my dress is all get soaked with water she said me to remove that. But I stood there helpless. She said mohan this is not good, look even if i'm a girl I did it, I know very well u want to have some fun so just do that. I did it with a ton me shyness in ma face, she was smiling seeing ds .she pulled me to her and took my hand and placed around her waist.

Why I dont know two of my eyes are yet now she noticed it as usual she was laughing, she turned around and gave the soap to me I applied it all over her back. As she turned I saw her eyes is also wet.that I couldnt believe asked what s that. Look mohan i'm doing the most dreadfull mistake that a women can do in her life,

having this type of thing with another one who is not per husband, and even that is a boy a small one, some times like a brother for.... She was not able to complete. I removed her tears and gave ma first kiss on her lips and hugged her. She continued, I want ds mohan else I wll b.... I cant live.... Now i'm have a reason... As kannan do..... Now... I can also....

She uttered meaning lessly.we finished our bath and returned. And had food at that time I also took some, b/s in this time I wll do what all she say. I very much know what all she wore since I was with her that time, she just worn a nighty and She gave me a lungi. She cleaned the bed and lied and asked me to sit. I did d same. Mohan, u love me ? Dont ask silly !

I love u and i.... We dont what we are saying since that was such a situation. She pulled ma kungi and took my small one in her hand. Oh it is very light dont u give him any food, I laughed if u want give him any thing to my astonishment she took it to her mouth and sucked for a while and suddenly took it out. And asked u want me seriously ? I shook my head.

She took off her nighty and gave her breast to my I was helpless, what to do.she lied on d bed and removed my lungi and. Asked me to lie over her I did it and place her breast in my mouth I sucked it now i'm feeling very very happy, I did like a hungry street dog. Now she parted her legs and showed her lilly to me. It was deep red in color and with curly hairs, she placed ma hand over it.

And asked me if u like, u want, or u dont feel bad suck it. Hum I was did she know that I was waiting for such a thing for so many days. I did it honestly for a long time,for not just her pleasure but for my heart to fulfil with joy. She took ma head and pulled me up, now our lips are locked I hug her tightly we lied der like that for a long time I smelled all over her face and through her body.

She told me to sit over her stomach I did it and placed my RAJU between her spongy hills she hold them tight and I shake my rod in it. She allowed me to do this for small period of time, she very much know dat these all are first in ma life and I may b exploded very easily. She said me to turnoff the light I stood and did it,at that time I looked to the clock in the hall it just tending to12 o clock.

I came back. Milky noon helped me with his silver bright to, see her lying on the bed fully naked and parted her fleshy legs apart to a large extand they were smoother than a marble block and whiter than a piano key.i Lied b/n her legs. She her self showed d way to my little hunder to her heavenly valley.it entered to it very easily.

Her under beauty was very much yet and oily. As it entered fully inside her flower. I was mad like a elephant we rolled all over the bed I pushed my raju to the deep and deep I was not able to shake. My tongue was inside her mouth and both of our saliva were dripping. With on time I ejaculated my whole life in side her lilly.

after a moment she took my man out, it was trying to shrink she put it in her mouth and licked I was helpless and cant bear the kickling feeling. Soon after she released me I went to her hidden lotus and licked all around it and deep in side her lilly. And cleaned it from my man milk. I heard she was making some unusual noise. I came we hugged.

I didnt know when, the princess of sleep have ur the boon. For such a deep and pleasing sleep. We woke up very late. As Soon as we wolf up I returned back home. D coming two day were very much bored my penis, sholder, back etc were aching very much we contined these for some more days.

One day as I came back to home after a carrier guidance class I saw a truck with household things was departing from sangeethas house. I ran to mom and asked what s d matter. She said dear I dont know. Kannan says he was going to sell that house, and they r going to stay with sangeethas mother and father.

I was very much sad, any way after 2 3 days I became normal. And joined in a near by college for +2. One day kannan came to our house with his dad and they waited for my papa to come. As he reached. They moved to the balcony. I followed them.der I saw they talking some... I was not able to hear that. I say kannan was crying like a child. D talk continued for about 1 hour.

They returned after having a tea. Mom asked about d matter. He said kannan is going to divorce sangeetha and their case is under the consideration of the court. Mom asked about d reason. He said ' kannan is a poor man he had loved her wife a lot, he even cryied before me, but she was a bitch, papa asked mom ' do u remember one day she told about kannan and an affir he had, it was a lie.

And this was a usual thing that she told this type of thing to many. And her moral side is bad and he had caught many time for dat, even he waited loving her, with the beliefe she wll beame good. But now he was all like all lost, one day she complled kannan s younger brother to have immoral activity. ...... I was shocked with 100000kv volt....

I heard mom saying she may b having some psychological problem, to which my papa also agreed.... This changed all my thought and view I regret to what I had done in that few night. my dear frnd all I have to say is dat, people are of differend kind. If u hav a girl frnd or a boyfrnd hav sex with them only after if u marry him or her.

We are men having indian culture our ancestors studied all those to us.even we.... Try to imitate western culture :... Sex is a sacred thing created by god with millions of years, we must nt destroy its holyness.

Sex is an art played by two personalities by their mind and body. So only hav such one partner in ur life. Sex is more sacred than love... Love... then... marry... then.. Hav both to beame one mind and then one body. Good luck to all of u. plz comment on this.if i'm able to make u think a while i'm satisfied.

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Posted by Satyendr
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Well Said. Every Man, Atleast Indian Man should b a One Woman Man.. Same Applies to Women too.. :)

Posted by Ravi Krishna
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Awesome...superbly said...very true!!!

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