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Geetha getting gangbanged by office guys

Hi readers, this episode happened last evening after reading the story of rajesh fucking shilpa didi and sheela didi story. I am the same boss who fuck shashi my secretary day in and out and for the last severall years she is being my fuck mate. Last month one girl geetha joined my company accounts dept, quite ok to look at and all assets moderately sexy enough for any guy to leach on her,

and from the day one I felt like fucking her, and never had a chance to move further till 2 days back, when me and shashi planned out a trick to trap her for our threesome sex. yesterday when I was out purposely out of factory, shashi called geetha to my cabin and showed her the story and giggled and went abt reading it,

as both read shashi made the move to rub herself and told geeth that she is feeling hot and want to play with herself, with that she lowered hey pyjama and panty and started to finger her pussy, geetha was looking in shear shock what shashi did and got aroused, shashi was moaning and whispering sexy word asking geetha to join in the act and pulled her close for which she didnt resist,

shashi slowly pulled her pyjama and panty down and fingered her pussy for which she was blushing, and shashi pulled her hand and guided it to her pussy, in no time both got comfortable sitting on my table and fingering each others pussy and kissing each other, as planned I got into my cabin all of a sudden as planned earlier to see the hot scene and acted I was very angry.

i shouted what the hell was going on and pretended to take photos on my cell phone in their semi nudity and will put on the notice board, for which shashi came running to me to say both got very exited reading the story and went about doing this and to apologise them and knelt down to catch my legs, immediately geetha too joined the act of kneeling down and catching my legs,

now shashi started to plead that both will do anything to keep me happy and not to disclose the secret and started to caresss my thighs over the pant, and moved upwards towards the bulge of my manhood, I was in great pleasure and caught their head close to me and shashi pulled my zipper down and I helped her to take out my fully erect cock out,

front head of my cock was shining with my pre cum and I could feel her mouth engulfing my cock slowly, in slow motion I could feel my cock touch her deep throat and her gaging a bit, in slow rhythm she sucked my cock gently and moved back and looked at geetha in a manner to continue what she was doing and I pulled geethas head towards my cock,

she didnt want to suck it, as I held her head firm shashi guided my cock in to geethas mouth and I couild feel her giving way and opening her mouth, and now I held her head with both my hands and pushed my cock in and out pushing the full length of my dick till her throat, I could feel her getting chocked a couple of times.

now shashi stood up next to me and helped her to lift of her churidhar and eased her balls out of her bra and I my hand went exploring her pussy, she was dripping wet wih her juices spread all over her thighs, I pulled my cock out of geethas mouth and guided her towards shashis pussy, she was hot enough not to refuse and started licking her pussy with all her slurping sound,

I made shashi sit on table getting her pussy sucked by geetha and I moved to geeths back, she bad bend forward to lick and I separated her legs wide and explored her pussy she too was wet and I slowly started to finger fuck her with one finger, as the pressure built up I increased it to 3 fingers and my fingers were dripping with her juices,

I removed my fingers and undressed my self fully to birth suit, and pulled geeth up and removed her cloths fully her small breasts were too tempting for me and I sucked nad bit them hard I could feel her nipples getting hard in my mouth, shashi didnt waste any time other than to kneel down and slurping geethas pussy, my whole cabin was filled with smell of lust and body odour.

i slowly guided geetha to sit and relax on my table and my cock was at the right height to penetrate, her pussy was dry as shashi had licked it clean, I bent forward and sucked her pussy, I dont think she had experienced all this as she held my head tight between her thighs, I bit and chewed her clit and pussy lips hard and left back all my saliva on it and asked shashi

to wet my cock with her saliva for my fuck, as she left all her saliva on my cock I could see the anxiety in geethas face for my entry, slowly I rubbed my cock all over pussy and I could see geetha semi closing her eyes in lust and relax, with one hand I pushed my entire dick with full force into her, it was too tight and I could feel my cock ache a bit and could see that pain on her face,

I stayed there for a while and I could feel her pussy getting adjusted to my presence inside and relax her muscles, with slow and steady strokes I started my in and out motion and shashi went from side and started to kiss her on the lips and massage her breasts, and now my strokes has become firmer and I could feel my testacles banging onto her pussy.

I could hear geethas moning out of pleasure and kept talking all sexy words to excite her more and pounder her pussy vigourously, possibly 5 minutes had passed and I could feel my control going out of hand and loaded her pussy with all semen to the last drop, I stayed deep inside till my cock became little limp and pulled it out,

shashi wasted not time to move her mouth to geethas pussy and licked all my semen and shoved her toung deep into her pussy and collected some more and mouted on geetha mouth to make her taste my cum, she licked all her face with her toung literally smearing my semen all over the face, geetha just lay there with that satifaction of a good fuck on her face,

and I again finger fucked geetha for an another oragsm, she was totally exhausted and sat on the chair, while shashi sucked on my dick and balls to get it hard and now it was shashis turn to get fucked, I made her bend forward and entered her from behind and had a fiercing fuck before discharging my second load of sperms and faithfully she made geetha suck all of it,

by the time it was nearly 8 pm we cleaned our self and made friends to promise that we will keep our sexcapades running forward. i once again thank rajesh for the lovely story which got me a chance of one more new fuck hole to be inaugurated.

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Desi office slut pussy licked and fucked hard on table video 2

Horny Indian office lady getting fucked on table showing juicy tits and dick in pussy Naked Indian lady having shower cleaning her pussy and tits after sex orgasm with lover

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Suman having sex with Anil in train

I and Anil had been friends for several years now, he and his wife Shanti and I, so it wasn't unusual for him to ask if I wanted to accompany him into the city. It was well into the holiday season and we both had shopping to get done. Besides, Shanti had to work that day and he was hoping I could help him pick out a nice gift for her.

Rather than bother with a long drive, followed by the aggravation of trying to find a parking spot, we decided to take the train. The three hour ride into the city was uneventful, spent enjoying the coffee and muffins we had picked up on the way to the station and chatting about our plans for the day, our jobs, people we knew, interspersed with comfortable silences as we watched the scenery go by.

We spent the day going from store to store, getting most of our shopping done and taking a leisurely break for a long lunch. I always enjoy spending time with him. Not only is Anil attractive, although only of average height, he is dark, handsome and very well built. When he talks to you his eyes look right into yours, as if no matter what you are saying,

he can tell what you're really thinking…and that he really cares. In truth I had always been attracted to him, but he was a friend and so was his wife, so in my mind that meant he was off limits. Which is not to say I hadn’t had the occasional fantasy about being with him? It soon became late afternoon and we headed back to the station to catch the evening train home.

After boarding, we found a pair of seats together at the very rear of a car across the aisle from the door. This gave us a modicum of privacy, though I didn't know at the time that I'd be glad of that. It had been an enjoyable, but long day and we were both feeling quite tired and ready for a rest. The seats, however, were not built for comfort. Since we were in the last row, they didn't even recline.

I had pulled out a light blanket I had bought for myself during the day and wrapped it around me, as it was a bit chilly on the train. Although I tried various positions in the seat, I just couldn't get comfortable. Watching my dilemma with increasing amusement, he finally let out a short laugh and said, "Here, wait a minute. Let's try this. Stand up for a second."

So, I stood and watched as he turned sideways, leaned his back against the window and stretched his legs out across the seat. "Aahh, that's better" he said with a sly grin watching me out of the corner of his eye. "Hey" I said, "It's not better for me!" "It's not?" he replied, trying to suppress a small chuckle. "Okay, okay. Just kidding…this'll be better."

With that he raised his left knee up and leaned that leg against the back of the seat and let his right foot sit flat on the floor next to it, his thigh running parallel and a couple of inches above the bench. "There you go," he said, patting the seat between his legs. "You can sit right here and lean back on me. It'll be much more comfortable and we can both get some rest."

I hesitated, thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. "What?" he asked, looking me right in the eye with an expression that said this was the most normal suggestion in the world? Well, maybe I was just being silly and over thinking the situation. I've been known to do that. So, "Nothing" I shrugged and turned around sitting in the 'chair' he had created with his body.

I pulled my legs up and stretched them forward over the edge of the seat's armrest, which put it right under my calves. I smoothed my skirt down over my knees and crossed my legs at the ankles. Then I sat there straight up looking across the aisle and out the window in the door to the passing darkness beyond. "Comfortable Suman?" he asked, a bit sarcastically I thought.

"Not really" was my reply. I heard him let out the kind of sigh that grownups do when children are being foolish and then I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and slide me back up against him. He took my blanket and shook it out, draping it over the top of us both and covering me from my feet up to my shoulders. "Now lean back and relax, for crying out loud.

Let's get some sleep". I did as he said, leaning back against his chest. I still wasn't so sure about this, but as the minutes passed and I realized he was dozing off, I started to relax and fell asleep, too. I don't know how much time passed as I dozed, but I slowly woke into that delicious state where you're half awake yet still half asleep, not yet quite aware of your surroundings.

The movement of the train beneath me confused me at first and it took me a moment to remember where I was. I did know I was feeling quite content and comfortable. I snuggled a little deeper under the blanket and then stopped cold when I felt that hard muscled chest and stomach against my back. Then I remembered where I was and whom I was with.

Slowly turning my head back, I saw that his eyes were closed and could feel his even breathing beneath me. He was still asleep, so I relaxed and was about to decide whether or not to try to go back to sleep myself when I took stock of the rest of my body. To my dismay, I realized that while I had been asleep my skirt had bunched up over my hips and I had drawn my knees up,

flopping to either side and leaving my legs wide open. Thank goodness he had covered us with that blanket. If not, I would have been lying there with nothing but the crotch of my silk panties between me and the rest of the world. Just as I was about to try to readjust myself, I felt him move behind me. I glanced up and saw that he was still sleeping as he gave a little stretch.

Then before I could react, I felt him raise the leg that was against the seat back, stretch it and bring it back down over the inside of my thigh, thus pinning my raised left knee against the seat with his calf. It was at this point that I realized that his right hand had moved off of his own leg and was now resting on my inner thigh.

His large fingers were spread across the tender skin at the uppermost part of my inner thigh and his long thumb was resting right along the edge of my panty line. I suddenly couldn't move. All I could feel was the heat from his hand on my naked skin. I knew I should extricate myself. We were friends, good friends, but allowing this to go any further could ruin that good friendship.

His wife Shanti and I were friends. This had to go beyond her idea of friendship. My head said to get up, but I couldn't get my body to take the hint. I squirmed a bit in my indecision and his hand started to move, freezing me in place. His fingertips began slowly moving against my thigh in small, light, almost tickling circles. They moved lazily.

His thumb still lay motionless on my panty line, but I could feel the heat of it through my panties against the outside of my pussy lips. A pulsing was starting to run up through the middle of my abdomen. Every part of my body was on alert waiting to see what would happen next. My crotch felt like it was homing in on his hand.

I could almost feel my lips leaning in that direction as they waited, willing his thumb to move. When it finally did as he began to stroke the edges of my pussy I could feel the electric waves wash over me. I shuddered and took in a deep gulp of air, as I'd forgotten to keep breathing, so wrapped up as I was in what that hand was doing.

Now he moved his whole hand over my crotch and began to stroke along my slit with the tip of his middle finger. He stroked gently over the silky fabric from the top of my mound all the way down to my anus and back up again. At this point, I knew there was no turning back. I couldn't stop now even if I had wanted to.

Each time he stroked over my hole, I knew he had to be feeling the wetness that was gathering there. Each time he stroked my slit over my clit I felt my hips jump just a bit to try to make contact. I had closed my eyes, but now sensing something different I opened them and glanced to my left to find his face right next to mine, his eyes dark with desire watching my face.

His breath was hot on my cheek and he stared at me with an intensity I hadn't ever seen in him before. This took me aback for a second. "Anil Maybe…"I said, confused as I was in my state. ”I think we should…" He never stopped his stroking, but raised his other hand to my lips and said "Shh…stop thinking Suman. You think entirely too much."

"But Anil…" I tried again. "No" he said with a small smile. "If you must think, then just think about how you feel. Nice?" With that he let his hand drift away from my crotch and was rewarded with a small moan of protest that I realized with humiliation had come from me. He took the top edge of the blanket and gave it a little shake rearranging it over us.

In the process, we were flooded with warm air from under the blanket, ripe with the scent of my arousal, thus ending any thoughts of stopping this now. His left hand moved around behind me, up under my blouse and unhooked my bra. Trailing his fingertips lightly around my side he drew a light line straight up between my breasts,

circling them teasingly and then finally resting his arm across my body and placing his hand onto my right breast. There he stroked and fondled me, flicking and gently tweaking my erect nipple. As I responded, he moved his right hand down working its way under the waistband of my panties.

He lingered, tickling a bit on my mound before sliding between my legs and cupping his hand to rest lightly covering my pussy with his middle finger lying softly along the line of my slit. Every nerve in my body, especially in my crotch waited in anticipation. But, he didn't move that hand. He just let it rest there while continuing to play with my nipples.

I could feel his hot, moist breath on my neck. He was kissing and nibbling under my ear, flicking my earlobe with his tongue. I couldn't stand it any longer and I began to squirm under his hand, trying to push my pussy up to him, aching for more contact. He slid his hips down in the seat behind me pressing his crotch tight up against my butt.

I could feel his hard and swollen cock pushing against my left cheek. As I squirmed under his touch I could feel it growing and getting harder still against me. This only served to increase my arousal and I was beginning to feel desperate for his touch on my clit. I turned to look at him, biting my lower lip as I tried to contain myself.

He lowered his face to mine and began to kiss me, gently at first letting his tongue trace the outline of my lips. Then using his tongue to open my lips, he began to kiss me more urgently exploring every part of my mouth. As my tongue reached to meet his, I felt him apply the slightest bit of pressure on my crotch and his middle finger slipped easily through my wetness to lie between my pussy lips.

The tip of his finger lay just at the entrance to my hole and his upper knuckle had finally made contact with my clit. Shocks of electricity shot through my center, yet still he continued to tease and torture me by not moving that hand. I began to rock my hips forward and back pushing against him, humping his finger and rubbing my butt against his cock.

By this time the juices were running out of me and I was dying for release. “Anil please Stop please!” was all I wanted to blurt out but could not. Slowly he moved his hand back allowing the length of his finger to stroke along my slit from my hole over my tender and throbbing clit until his fingertip just reached the juncture at the top of my pussy lips.

Then suddenly he plunged it back following the same path to let his finger rub against my clit and stab into my hole, but just as far as the first knuckle. Then, he did it again. Stroking and plunging, each time entering my hole just a little further. I was matching his movements with my hips, rocking up against him as he plunged deeper each time and sliding slowly downward as he stroked back up.

The speeding motion of the train helped us considerably. The muscles in my butt, thighs and abdomen were clenched tight trying to maintain some control. In the back of my mind, I was aware that from the feel of his thick rod behind me, he was just as wet as I was. Now grasping my clit he began to roll it between his thumb and finger,

massaging in circular motions first gently then more firmly then gently again. He began to pull it out and in as if pumping it, making me feel like it was being gently sucked. I was moaning and gasping into his mouth now, hoping the noise of the train would cover the sound. Still stroking my clit with his thumb he wound two fingers around each other and dove into my hole,

pushing me hard against his crotch and finger fucking me in and out twisting his fingers with each stroke. I knew I was about to go over the edge and apparently he could sense it, too. He pushed his fingers deep into me stretching up to press on my g-spot, now rubbing furiously on my clit with his thumb.

As he did, he stretched his tongue far back into my mouth and brought the tip up to stroke along the roof of my mouth. That's when I could contain myself no longer. With an uncontrollable shudder that ran along the length of my body I began to cum. As I did, I felt him begin to tremble and then explode holding me tightly against him.

When we were both spent, we collapsed against each other. I was so wet I had to remove my panties and use them to clean myself up, then rolled them up and stuffed them in my purse, thankful I had worn a rather long skirt that day. We had just finished readjusting our clothes when we pulled into our station.

As he drove me home from the station, we were quiet in the car. I was concerned about what this would do to our relationship, but whenever I sneaked a glance at him he seemed quite infuriatingly content, actually humming along to the music on the radio with a little smile on his lips. We got to my house and he walked me to the door.

As we climbed onto the porch and I began unlocking the front door he said, "Sum, There's something I need to tell you." "Uh, oh," I thought. "This is it…now he's going to tell me that we went too far." He saw the look on my face and smiled. Crooking his finger under my chin, he raised my face up to look into his eyes.

Pushing me back against the doorjamb, he leaned his body up against mine and gave me a small kiss on the forehead. Then, leaning over by my ear and as he reached under my skirt and placed his hand onto my panty less crotch, he said, "All I wanted to tell you is that next time I'm going to taste you Suman."

I had to hold onto the doorjamb as he sauntered down the walk to his car. My knees were too weak to hold me and I was getting wet all over again. Next time..?!

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Mumbai taxi driver fucking Parsi matron

I live in Mumbai and drive a taxi for a living. Despite having a good qualification I settled for this job as I do not wish to work under anyone and im the boss of my ownself. Apart from that, I was offered a very meagre salary and I did take up jobs earlier at the age of 20, soon after graduation, as an assistant sales man, got thrown away for not meeting targets, then as a freight forward executive,

but this company got closed in about 6 months and later as a courier company executive, but the salary was a paltry 6,000 rupees which was very difficult to survive for a city like Mumbai. I also worked as an assistant to a marathi actress ( cannot name, for fear of defamation ), but she was so rude, dirty and foul mouthed, I gave up the job and felt good riddance as I cannot compromise my self respect for any amount of pay.

The only advantage to me was, I don’t have to pay house rent as I was the only son of my parents and they had got a 2 bedroom flat from their loans, pf and other benefits. My dad is working Mumbai telephone exchange and my mother was a clerk in Reserve bank of India. I tried getting a jog in government office, but the process and the waiting period is too long.

Having had no more options, a friend of mine suggested to drive around taxi until I get a decent job. Taking up a taxi on rent and saving up all the money helped me buy my own indica a few months back. I make a very decent income everyday and much more than what many executives would be making.

The reason of my success is because, I am a teetotaller and I do not indulge in any vices or socially ill activities. I have never ever touched alcohol. These taxi wallahs or others who make decent money, blow their money on daaru, shabaab, kabaab, biryani and gutkha. So everyday almost 50% of their income goes out wasted, but they have one excuse or the other to hide their guilt.

I am now aged 25 years, a Bihari by birth and im named Prashant. I am 5 feet 10 inches, athletic and wheatish in colour. I also love to dress well and carry myself in a very presentable manner. Due to my suave and soft nature, a girls hostel in the vicinity entrusted me with the job of getting their daily supplies of essential commodities.

Apart from daily requirements which are always constant, any new addition is sms’ed to me by the matron. I was the only male member allowed in the complex apart from the watchman. Despite behaving in a gentlemanly way, I am also a man after all having all my physical needs intact and above all my virginity preserved for my wife.

But never knew things would change so fast and the incident I am going to narrate took place last month. I can also contribute my sexual escapade to the motivation given by the stories of this site. I would read a story or two every night. I got the intention to make love only because I was fired with temptation every night after reading a story.

If I had not developed this habit, I would have let go the opportunity to make love brushing it aside as unethical. But I said, damn to ethics, don’t let this opportunity go out of hand. Well, I spoke about the matron in the earlier paragraph. She is a buxom Parsi lady named Nishath. Let’s call her Nisha. A small intro about her is thus.

She is my fair lady, aged about 35, short statured, around 5.2, must weigh about 48 or 50 kgs, and well endowed with the stuff where required. I never had any bad intentions about her until this fine day. I got a phone call from Nisha asking me to come to Goregaon west ( not very far from my place ). I was there near Grand Sarovar hotel. Nisha had an accident.

She banged her car ( mahindra Bolero ) against a taxi and this taxi guy was demanding more than 20,000 rupees as damages. Being a Sunday, and an early morning, there was very less traffic and no interference from the traffic police as well.This was about 2 months back. After I intercepted, the matter got cooled down, and with the exchange of Rs.3,000/-, the matron and I walked back to her Bolero.

She was writhing in pain, and was limping back. I said, Maam, you sit in the co – drivers seat. I left my taxi in a nearby mall and drove Nisha back to the hostel. I walked her back to her room. I then proceeded to check her wound which was not serious at all. I picked “volini” from the shelf and gave her a nice warm massage.

She was moved by my gesture and thanked me a lot. This incident braught us very closer. I again visited her that evening and this time, I applied volini again as well as a hot water pack massage. She thanked me again and invited me for dinner. They usually have the dinner along with the hostel mates in the dining area. But this day, the dinner was called in to her room for 2 of us.

We became very close after this and within a week we started discussing various topics. She asked me about my family and marital status for the first time. I said I am a bachelor and waiting for the right time to make the move. She checked if I have any girl friends to which I said, that who will befriend a taxi driver. She felt sorry for me and asked if she can get me a job as a clerk in a school known to her.

I declined the offer politely stating that I make atleast about Rs.1,000 everyday and an office job cannot pay me 30,000 a month to begin with. I said I am happy and content with what I am making and wish to remain the same. I also said that I own this taxi and if I save more money I can buy a few more taxis in future and can be a businessman.

I asked her about her marriage or love life. She said, that many years got wasted searching for the right man, and her parents could not find one at the right time and now age is catching up. She sounded quiet frustrated and said that if she does not find anyone no sooner, she must remain a spinster for ever. But, how do you control your urge or physical needs, I queried ?

To which, I just met with a golden silence. But our friendship continued more with frequent visits and outings. We also went to a few movies in the nearby Inorbit mall. But both of us wanted more and we planned a trip over the weekend last month. September 11 and September 12, 2010 to be precise.

She applied for a casual leave and we drove on the evening of Friday to Lonavala. We reached by 7 pm and checked in at Citrus Hotel. This hotel was beyond my reach and budget, but Nisha had booked it in advance online and the check in was quiet easy. We were very tired after a long drive and food was ordered inside the room. After the food we switched on the TV and watched the movie.

We were given 2 twin beds and after the movie, we settled to sleep. I wore my shorts and she went into the bathroom to change into a nighty. I was till now not in the mood of sex as my respect towards her prevented me from thinking of sex with her. We settled down on our respective beds and in no time, I went into slumberland.

I was woken by some soft tingling over my thigh area and opened my eyes to see, Nisha sitting down by my bed and slightly massaging my thigh area. The ticklish feel had a magical effect on me and my penis was slowly growing in size. My shorts were very loose and she slowly inserted her hand from the bottom of the shorts to reach my pillar of strength and manhood.

She slowly touched it with her cold and soft hands. She then called out to me, Prashant, I know you are pretending because your shaft is pointing towards the ceiling and without any feel it may not be erect. I opened my eyes and said, yes, maam, I was checking out what you were upto. What do you think ? she asked.

I said, its time, we bridge the gap, close the space between beds and join them to make it into one. She asked me, both are queen size beds, why not we cuddle up in in one bed rather. I said okay and we both sprang onto one bed. But we just remained silent not knowing what to do. We sat there looking at each other for quiet some time. I did not know how to proceed.

I just asked her, maam are you a virgin ? I told you im unmarried yet, she said. But don’t you have any boy friends, I asked. No was the reply from her. I wondered how a beautiful lady like her, a soft and docile lady could ever be single. But I was slowly counting my lucking stars as she was getting prepared to mingle.

Can I ask you a few personal questions please ? yes, what are they ? asked she. I always wonder why women bleed every month, though I knew this, I wanted to proceed further as Nisha was too shy. She no doubt fondled me, but hoping that I was fast asleep. But to do so in my senses, she was a little apprehensive and I was trying always and means to further open up.

She told me all about menstruation cycle and I gave a patient listening. I asked her, are you going through the menopause now ? To which she replied in the negative. I then asked her what her bra size is and she kept quiet for some time and after a further probe, she told me it is 34 size. Can I see them please ? She remained silent and I slowly probed her chest pressing them from atop her nighty.

Trust me guys, it was awesome as I was touching the boobs for the first time in my life. I never knew what it felt like before and this was amazing. I then touched her lips and brought her closer to me and kissed on her neck. She was breathing hot, the atmosphere was heavily charged and we were both slowly feeling the pain as well as pleasure as it was the first time for both of us.

I can say it was our “First Night”. We then met lips and kissed them hard. I put her hand to my penis and she started pressing them. She said, “ you wanted to see them ( pointing at her boobs ), are you not going to see ? ” I asked her to stand up and removed her nighty to reveal her self in a lingerie.

While I was sitting on the bed, she was standing on it and I was very close to her thigh and crotch area. I started to kiss her thighs and moved on to her crotch. I kissed from over the panty. In one sudden pull, the vagina sprang in front of me, but fully covered with bush. I kissed her there and asked her to lay down.

I could not see her vagina, but I spread her legs and now, the inner layers were seen. I reached the inner with my lips and kissed her while my left hand was fondling her breasts. I got up from the vagina and unhooked her bra. The bosom was revealed and I immediately placed my mouth over it.

I felt it was good catch, fresh lemons, right size, not sagging, erect nipples, small areola pinkish in colour and snow white boobs. They were as soft a sponge, but also as firm as a air tight ballon. I enjoyed pressing them. This was the first time that I am seeing a lady in her birth dress.

I could no longer take it anymore and I removed my shorts. It had pre cum on it. I now wanted to penetrate and spread her legs. I got inbetween them. The pleasure and pain was unbearable and Nisha was also moaning and sighing as this was the first time for both of us. I tried to go in, but the passage was tight. I again tried, but my foreskin was causing me some irritation, maybe due to first time.

She then asked me to apply her “Fair and Lovely” to lubricate, but I did not wish to do so, to spoil the first pleasures oh an intercourse. It had to be natural and real and I slowly started thrusting little by little and my pre cum helped me gain access. I was half way through when she started contrasting her inner muscles and pushing her up wanting more,

I too went in and in, until she left a shriek, and yes, I deflowered her. It was then easy to move in and out, up and down and this continued for a few seconds when something in me was happening, the pressure was building up, something was trying to rush out of my penis, I knew it was sperm and I started moving faster, I was also in ecstasy and shouting,

screaming and in seconds I felt shooting and this shooting continued many times and I sprayed like a gun inside. The climax ended and I still kept put in that position for a few more seconds when y penis lost size and I had to pull out. There was sperm and blood on her vagina and also on the nice crispy white sheets of the hotel.

We were scared, but I asked Nisha to lie on my bed and I washed that part of the bedsheet to remove the blood stain or else the hotel will feel that we checked in only to make love. After washing and also pissing, I again went and layed next to her, now on my bed. I could not keep my hands away and started fondling her breasts. In no time, we were ready again and again and again.

Totally I did her 4 times till 2 am and then we slept of till late morning. After breakfast, we went out for a walk, bought chocolates and chikkies, spent time here and there and came back to room after lunch at about 3PM. Slowly we got ready for action again, but I told her that I would love to see her clean shaved and gave my razor and cream.

She came back from the wash room after 10 minutes, cleanly shaved. The pussy smelled fresh, with pinkish lips and they were voluptuous and this time I wished to eat them and suck them as I see in blue films. But the games we played is a different story altogether and wait for my next and concluding part as we had sex many times and with different experience. Please do write your comments.

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I would like to narrate my sexual experience with my first girlfriend. We broke up a year earlier when I had no plan to be here in USA. There is no only a single particular reason why we broke our sweet relation. I had felt quite uneasy with my own task during those days. She was also busy in her study.

As I recall, I extract some factors which helps to conclude that why our relation broke up. To tell the truth, I have no girl friend at this moment. We came to know each other through a popular yahoo chat. Our first meeting was in front of Kathmandu Mall at Sundhara where we had lunch together and had chat on different issues of our life.

She had completed her plus 2 (certificate level) and was continuously keeping her best efforts to achieve scholarship for MBBS course. We were in regular connection via cell phone. I was really not interested for short term relation. I had always respected her labor for MBBS preparation. And I was being very glad that I have at least met a prospective spouse for my whole life.

Therefore, after a week, I planned to date her in the natural spot so that it could be a memory for our whole life. She accepted my proposal with no doubt. We headed for Godawari Botanical Garden, south of Kathmandu. We remained there whole day. We both had a sweet tongue kiss. Hereby, we initiated our relation. On the way back, she asked, “BJ, why did not you date me in a hotel?”

“Is that vital dear?” Amrita: “Not that but I simply asked whether you have any interest” “I have but I don’t want to hurt our relation. Well, I do have a wish but we can do it someday” “But, when that day would approach?” “Probably, just after marriage!” “Err! I want to marry after I get fully success in my life. Probably after 30! Will you wait for me till then honey?” “Of course”, I said.

“That’s really cool. I love you dear. But you know I want to at least view something special you have for me.” “Well, I will try to exhibit my love everyday for you in different forms”, striding on the way, I replied. “Err! Honey I did not mean to say that! That is emotional part and a way of commitment. I mean to say that have to protect from STD’s.” I got what her thought was.

Oh, you wish to see my instrument? She nodded her head up down in an agreement. Let’s see. Don’t you want to see mine? I was really getting upset when she was being unnecessarily talking these things. But to read her mind, I interrogated her. “Amrita, do you really think that when we go via so called popular date brings up stabilized relation?”

“I don’t know” She suddenly replied unpleasantly. Ok lets be humble but with a limit. We can go up to taste and caressing each other’s. “When shall I hug you for the whole day?” I asked for her “Make a reservation. I am free these days. You know I have no coaching classes. Just self studying and feeling boredom” “I will let u know later on!”

We returned back to our home. After 2 days, I called her late night and to get ready for trip to Dhulikhel. I will be in front Sherpa Mall, Kings Way by 7 AM. She agreed with a sweet kiss over cell phone. For the first time, I was going to feel pussy. I drove my Maruti car towards King’s way.

While turning from the Royal Palace Southern Gate to the King’s way, I saw her on the other side of the trail. She was looking so beautiful in her light blue shirt and white kurtha. She crossed the road and was then walking towards Sherpa Mall. I received her and we drove for Dhulikhel. I had reserved a room at Mirabel Hotel the earlier day.

On the way, we could not caress each other besides having some snacks and chat. There are too many turns on the way to Dhulikhel after we cross Bhaktapur. A little divert can cause serious problem on narrow highways. Finally, we reached to the hotel. We were too much tired. We had breakfast. Other small hills were simply the best when prince and princess were together.

I was internally feeling little tired due to long drive. We slept for a while and I wanted to have a shower. But she could not help me in shower because her hair would simply reflect that she got shower out of the home and her sister may ask several questions related to her date. I did not enforce her. Simply, after shower, I asked for a towel though I had underwear.

“Am I your wife?” I was shocked. “Of course dear! You are my beloved” “Then, why are you hiding over there when we are alone in our bedroom?” I did not like to reply her question since she was blinking her eye inviting me to bed, therefore, walked straightly towards our sweet bed and ride over her. She had covered herself with a blanket.

She planted a sweet kiss on my forehead as I rode over her. I hold her hands out of the blanket and gave a kiss to her hands she closed her eyes and moaning, after that I gave a kiss on her cheeks and after that I proceed to her lips, by the time she also held my body and started co-operating with me and hold my body and I started to kiss her lips for 5 minutes and I removed the blanket.

I put my hands on her boobs and started squeezing her boobs from outside her blue sky shirt and she started to moan heavily and after 15 minutes of kissing I placed her on my thighs urging her to wake up from the bed. I started squeezing her left boobs and was giving kisses to her cheeks. I removed her t-shirt and she was in her red bra.

She rested her hands around my neck and asked me to suck her nipples deeply. I feel little difficult therefore, I straighten my legs and again resettled her on my thighs. We were on head on position. I could kiss her on neck and boobs. I had read in an article if we could bite on ears, it would stimulate partner.

So, I again made her completely lie on bed and I started whispering on her ear. “So wanna move ahead?” “Yap honey! I love you!” “Love you too dear!” Then, I started kissing her earlobes. She was vibrating and her hands were now searching for my piston. She could not feel properly with underwear. She then just turned over me applying gigantic energy. I was surprised.

She was all of a sudden being HOT. She then opened my underwear and started squeezing my piston and kissed my hairy chest. I thought she would allow me to suck her boobs again but she went down and inserted piston into her mouth straightly. And now she started to suck my piston. I was also already hot. But she did not give any sign for my role.

I was feeling wonderful when she encircled her tongue around my glan. She did it for about 10 minutes and I made her into 69’ position. She exclaimed, “Wow, you know this?” I started to put my finger into her pussy and she was moaning please I cannot control honey, please speed up, and after that I started sucking her pussy and my tongue into her pussy.

She used to moan loud when I try to stretch her labia. When she gets normal, she used to extend my piston. While doing so, I used to feel stress on my nerves. Our match was perfect since we together were fit in sixty-nine position. Her white cum dripped from the down one and I fixed that it must be the proper hole. The urinary must be right above it.

We stopped for a while and drank mango juice and began chatting about our feelings and passion. It was 11 30AM. I ordered for the preparation of Chinese lunch. Then I forwarded my hand around her pussy. Amusing! The fluid has solidified and it seems like cream. Awesome! How did it happen? “Hey, aren’t you science student?” “Yap, I am” “It solidifies when a matter cools down, honey.”

“So these are our common matters and we are each other’s love.” I concluded and again I dropped my hot saliva around solidified cream. Cream began to melt and her clit began to rise up with curiosity. I was also curiously examining her pussy. “Any questions you have on its structure?” I said, “Nope” “So you might have already known from your previous girl friend.”

It made me upset all of a sudden. I had already mentioned her many times that she is my first love. With an aim to provoke her, I then triggered my question to her. “I think you may not be a virgin due to earlier consequences.” “I am honey!” “Let me check in baby!” “Boys are boys. Thank God! I have at least brought protective measurement for you!”

“Protective measurement! Have you brought male contraceptive? O my god, how could you guess that I will make sex with you?” “Because, you have mentioned in your first greeting card that you would always fulfill my wish.” She replied with a naughty smile on her face. She then stood up energetically and from her bag, she drew a Kamasutra packet.

I had no plan to make physical intercourse with her. I was gazing at her. She came beside me and rested her head on mine. “Dear honey, it’s my wish, please fulfill my desire. I can’t wait until the age of 30. Can you?” “I may also have wish but what would be the difference in comparison with other rough boys.” “It’s simple, they do it without love and we are doing it for our love promotion.

And some other in their friendship level just to satisfy each other” “You have not seen my sister. She wants to marry and settle her passion quietly but could not because every time, she is cursed, we think so. Nowadays, she also has met a nice friend and keeps herself in it. So why can’t keep it with you. After all you are my hero”

Well, let us toss a coin. I proposed her. Well, let’s do toss but I am pretty much sure I will win the toss. She smiled. “Why is it so?” because nature is on my behalf. Room is filled with hot air and I have already kissed your hand and the coin will fall freely along with the hot air molecules. Hahahaha” We did it and she won the toss. She embraced me and pinched on my back.

I then blew a hot air on her ears which aroused her. We again began to kiss. The kiss would lead to the ejaculation with intense mutual pleasure. My piston stood up and it was quite in an edgy situation for ejaculation. I asked her to suck and ejaculate first cum so that we can play safely. Best Idea! She then slide down and began to suck applying her own technique.

In next ten minutes, I blew all semen into her mouth. She then came up for kiss and we both taste mine cum. It was salty. Then she cleaned my piston and began our foreplay being on standing position. We warmed up each other’s with continuous rubbing. Now I just made her sleep and then started to rub my cock around her labia.

After that, I put my shaft in the entrance of her pussy directed it to the front part of pussy. As her pussy was tight, I felt that it is enclosed totally. As I was entering the shaft, I had put my all attention so that she would not get hurt. But it was uneasy; she dropped few tears as a sign of love. She wiped her tears with a finger and smoothly pasted over my eyes lid. She broke her virginity.

She closed her eyes and me too. We were both moaning slowly with the rhythm, we were in excursion of pleasure. She was little bit thin therefore a strike on her bones added extra sound which made both of horny. We continued it for more than twenty minutes. We both were surprised to know whether I have that much endurance for intercourse.

I grabbed her hips and started moving around and increased the speed little by little as some stress began to develop around my nerves. She was moaning I arched my back in pleasure moved with the rhythm. As she had her orgasm, the hot liquid surrounded my piston and the rhythm stopped all of a sudden. It may be due to smoothies.

And I also released my semen in her wet pussy. We were totally sweating. She had other female contraceptive in her bag The Nilokan White which she took after our lunch. We curled up with sweet kisses and after thirty minutes, we had a shower. After lunch, we went to take fresh air out in the garden and returned back again to the hotel room.

The next session was amazing. The hotel was equipped with Wi-fi and we had to pay extra fee for its application. She opened which her laptop and a website that consists many sexual positions in an animated flash mode. We chose one from them entitled Asian Cowgirl. Amrita was in fact a cool girl and I always miss her.

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I am Raj, from India. I am single. I am telling you today the story that happened sometime back. My S.S.C.(High School graduation) exam was in my cousin brother’s town. So, I wrote a letter to him asking for his permission to stay with him for some months. He agreed and I went there.

I was at of 19 yrs age. About 5-11’ tall and had a muscular built. I was not fat, but the effect of regular exercise was visible through my well shaped body. Now, I was giving company in the house. We, all three of us, (my cousin her wife and me) used to have morning breakfast together. Earlier, after my cousin's leaving for office, bhabhi used to be alone in the house.

Now, I was also there. I used to study sincerely throughout the day. Bhabhi also did not use to disturb me. But, we used to have lunch and afternoon tea (that’s a practice in India) together. After getting up from her siesta (afternoon nap), bhabhi used to come to my room and inquire regarding my preparation. We used to talk about it a bit and I used to ask her for a tea together.

Normally, she was always ready for it. We used to carry on discussion over tea. On that fateful day, bhabhi had a short afternoon nap and she got up early. When bhabhi went to my room as usual, she found the door locked. Inside, I had undressed fully and was standing there absolutely naked. My cock was fully erect.

I had held it in my hand and was playing with it vigorously. I was making some strange voices (may be see got attracted with that). Suddenly, I found that somebody is peeping from the window. It must be bhabhi so I continued. Bhabhi must be enjoying my masturbation with my erect cock in my hand. I found her looking at it so closely with her naked eyes.

Oh, what a scene!!! A young man, in his full youth, and having a muscular body built by regular exercises was standing, ABSOLUTELY NAKED!! Mere my bare chest was enough to kindle sexy feelings in a girl. While here my thighs were also visible. Very well shaped thighs!! Wow!!! And a fully erect cock in between those thighs!!! My God!!!

I thought she will come and scold me but she stood there and went on observing that interesting spectacle. Window was only slightly opened, so she thought I could not spot her. Her full attention was in what I was doing and went doing it with full fervor. Even my face was worth having a look. Extreme desire for sex was clearly visible.

My cock was getting bigger and harder. After some time, I ejected. Bhabhi must be wet that day. After some days my cousin left for 10 days tour. My mind was now stuck on her as she must need sex. My body was eager to fuck her hard. But how do I tell her? It was full of danger. She was a well mannered lady.

She may refuse my offer, and my image in front of my cousin also may get spoiled. I was thinking of some plan and next day onwards I found some changes in the bhabhi dressing. I easily make out this with comparing to her last week’s dressing style when my cousin was there and from old album photos (mainly the old blouses) which she showed to me sometime back.

Indian women wear saree and Blouse. Saree is a long cloth wrapped around to cover body from waist to legs and pallu is its part that covers boobs, Blouse are a sewn fitment that is sewn as per boob size.) Actually, she took out an old low cut blouse. Compared to that, her boob’s size was increased by now. (Probably due to their being squeezed up by my cousin daily!!)

Somehow she managed to wear that blouse, by pressing and pushing her boobs in. It being a low cut blouse, her cleavage was fully visible. And because she had pushed boobs in by force, their visible portion stood up and became eye catcher. I was able to understand this when the old blouse album photo came in my mind while masturbating.

She wore the saree also in such a way that the visible portion of her boobs remained visible. It did not get covered by pallu. She called me for breakfast. I came and started having breakfast, but did not show her that I notice her changes. She had kept all items in my dish in small quantities only. I finished the plate fast and asked for more. She stood up and came near to serve me.

She was on my right and had kept all the items on my left. She stood near my right side and bent to collect items from my left. Obviously, in that position, her boobs were now very near to my face. Now, I saw them...and my gaze just got stuck there. Those fair full bloomed boobs..... and her entire cleavage visible through the low cut blouse......

I just could not stop staring at what I was seeing. I behaved naturally, as if I am not aware of all. She took a deep breath and slowly released it. It resulted in a great sexy movement of her boobs. I was so much lost in them, that I never knew when she served my plate. She told me, pyare devarji (dear brother-in-law), have your breakfast, please.

I got started and changing my attention went on having s breakfast quietly. But, I kept a vigil on her. My eyes and mind was going to her boobs again and again. I was guessing her plan but was not sure what she is going to do. Second day onwards, she daily brought about minor changes in her dressing.

On that second day, she wore a similar low cut blouse, a sleeveless one. Now, her fair and shapely arms were also visible to me. Third day, she wore a very transparent blouse, through which her black bra was clearly visible. Now, I had formed a habit of looking at her boobs regularly, though not directly. I was still guessing her plan.

Fourth day onwards she stopped wearing bra altogether. The blouses continued to be sleeveless, low cut, transparent ones. I was able to make out this as she was trying to give me a message. Fifth day, she wore an altered blouse by cutting them from sides in such a way that now when she wore them, apart from her cleavage, her boobs were visible from sides also.

Throughout all this period, she was still keeping the items on my left, so that while serving me she had to come near me and bend herself. She started bending so much that I used to feel her warm breath and at times she used to bend so much to collect the items that my face used to touch her boobs. Now, the lust was clearly visible in my eyes too.

I was waiting when she will come to me without blouse….. Sixth day she wore the Saree also quiet low, so that her naval portion was also visible more. As usual, I went on stealing gazes to look at her heavy boobs she went on moving them seductively through her breath. She did some setting and while serving the blouse hook broke in front of me.

Her boobs, which she had pressed and pushed inside the smaller size blouse, came out with a spring effect. I had a full view of them. She pretended to be ashamed and went in her bedroom, rectified it and came back. It was worth looking at me now, with my feelings writ large over my face. I had a hard on and was thinking to masturbate…

Same day after lunch, bhabhi slept in the hall instead of her bedroom. When I peeped searching for her I found that she had brought a book, a novel, based upon illicit relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Devar-Bhabhi). It must have contained detailed description of intimate physical relationship between them.

She kept the book on the adjoining table, as if she went to sleep while reading it. The book was kept on the table in half open manner with front and back covers visible in such a way that when anyone lifts the book, those very pages are visible. As if she read up to there and went to sleep. She was lying on sofa, pretending to be sleeping. She had lifted her saree above her left knee.

It was now time for daily afternoon tea. But, she did not get up. After waiting for me for some time, I (acted like) came out of my room to tell her about tea. I came and saw that she is fast asleep. I came near and lifted the book. As I read it, I got horny. I read those titillating pages intentionally left for me and got all charged up.

Now she changed her side in sleep. While changing, she lifted her left leg from knee. Her saree which was up to knee now fell down. Her shapely fair thigh was now clearly visible. I looked from the corner of my eyes. I was in shorts and my cock was bulging under the shorts. I had the book in one hand and I inserted second hand inside my shorts and grabbed my throbbing tool.

I went on reading for some time and also looking at her thigh and boobs. I found bhabhi sleeping so did not dare to do anything but clearly came to know her intentions. I was back in my room thinking of those creamy white thighs. I was masturbating again. She saw as earlier. So, I was wrong and she was not sleeping on sofa and was observing me.

Today, my cock had grown like anything and was enjoying the masturbation. I ejected after some time and got calm. Seventh day morning, bhabhi took her cloths and towel & went to my room. She told me, geyser in her bathroom is not working (later I confirmed that she removed electrical fuse of her room), so, she have to take bath in the bathroom attached to my room. I nodded.

She went in. After some time, she came out with only towel wrapped around her body. At the top end, it just covered her nipples. Half of her boobs were visible. At bottom end, it just covered her pussy. Her legs were visible from thighs onwards. Her head was still wet and water was dripping from her hairs, travelling down over her curves. She was looking very sexy.

I guess she had masturbated while bathing. It was a hot day, so I was standing below fan, wearing only shorts. She looked at me. I had never seen me so much of her flash. I stood there only. Dropping all hesitation, she also dared to look at me continuously. She saw the book on my bed and took the chance to ask me, how did you find the book?

I said, quiet interesting......but such things happen only in stories. Then she told me, but the stories are also derived from society, isn't it.......And Mahendra got Veena, because he dared. (Mahendra and Veena were names of Devar - Bhabhi characters in that novel.) It is the man, who has to take the lead, always.

Even Veena was so much horny, but she took part only when Mahendra started it. I got the clue.......and moved towards her. I understood, at last she was about to get what she longed for. Her weeks long planning had paid. She came near. She lifted both her hands and moved across her wet and spread hair, she put them on her ears and cheeks.

She pressed them and lifted her face using them. I was looking at her with lustful eyes. She bent towards me and planted her lips on my lips. I got thrilled. I allowed her to suck my lips. I did not oppose at all. She gathered more courage and pulled me nearer. I also moved towards her, but before moving, I deftly opened her towel with a smooth movement of hand.

It immediately fell down. Now, she was fully naked and I was only in shorts. I went near and hugged her. I was kissing her lips all the time. I now intensified it, but being new to it, was not doing it properly. So, she also started her work. I responded with the movement of her lips and her tongue. I was a fast learner.

I understood it fast and soon we both were lost in a deep passionate kiss...... Lips met lips and tongue met tongue....aahhhaa... We were just enjoying it. I put my arms in her neck. Her arms were moving on her bare back. I told her, dont just move your arms on her back, use them to press me further towards you. She increased pressure.

Now, her boobs and nipples were pressed hard against my chest. She enjoyed it and increased the pressure further. She started getting pressed hard in my arms. We both were enjoying it more and more. She could not resist saying, " Crush me, I, Crush me". I applied all my strength. Aah....... you literally crushed me Raj.

A young muscular man was at work with all her pant up feelings. Her boobs got so hard pressed; I felt they have become flat. Nipples were also pinching deep. But, it was exhilarating....... aaahahhahaaa... In any case, she liked the feeling of getting crushed very much. I went on crushing her, and licking her lips for some time.

Then, she released me a bit, created some space between us and leaving her lips, and started gliding down. I went on kissing her chins, her neck and then her shoulders. Now, I did not need any guidance. The man inside me was now awake and I knew my work well. I further glided down and started kissing sides of her boobs softly.

I went on playing with her boobs, ohh.... touching them softly, moving her palms over them, pressing them, cupping them, caressing them, sucking them, squeezing them, twisting her nipples,....Then I took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it hard and carried on with squeezing second boob wildly. It was getting real wild.......Ouch.....

She started feeling pain and moaning also. But now I was unstoppable. Even if she stops me, I would not stop. I just ignored her moaning and went on with her wild manners. I squeezed both her boobs with hard and wild movements of her hand in a pumping manner.......aaahhahahahhahhhahaaaaaa....... I was feeling ignited in all her body!!!!!

Her body got real hot and it wanted man in full. Now I went further down, kissing her body all the way, but keeping my hands at work on her boobs. Kissing her stomach, her waist, her thighs, I reached near her pussy. There, I got a bit puzzled and stopped for a while. It was something new for me.

I moved my hand on her boobs with love, spread her legs and placed my lips on her pussy. I started kissing her pussy.... I knew, I should widen her legs more, but that was not possible in standing position. So, after some time, I gestured to her that we now move on the bed. We went on bed maintaining the position. But now, I could widen her legs more.

I continued kissing her pussy. She told me lovingly, Darling, work with your tongue here, not with lips. That much was enough for me. I started my work in right earnest. Started licking her pussy. I opened her pussy lips slightly with my hands and got my tongue inside. I learnt it immediately, removed her hands and again took control in my hands.

Now, I went on licking inside pussy very deftly, licking on internal wall sides. She was already horny earlier, now, she got wild. Her body was dying for me. She wanted me, full...inside her... She wanted my cock...inside her pussy. I was feeling a current in my body...an aching in the entire body. I stretched her body in a hard curvy sexy manner and moved my head from her pussy.

She told me, you have worked hard, it’s now my turn. I got up and removed my shorts. And Wow....... Out came a fully charged, big size, erect cock, jumping with a spring action...... She went to its roots and started kissing it there. A girl was kissing that cock for the first time. I was feeling the fire. Then she licked and kissed on all sides. She went to the tip.

She touched penis tip with her tongue and played for a while, circling her tongue on the tip around my pissing hole. I was now moaning. Then she took my shaft between both her palms and pressed it between them, and started moving her palms in opposite directions, rolling it in between them, the way we make buttermilk.

This treatment gets the cock ready at a great speed..... And here, my horny bhabhi was in a hurry to get fucked !!!! My cock grew fast. She removed the top skin on the tip and put the shining wet pink head in her mouth. She sucked it for a while, tasted my pre-cum and saw that now it does not need a blow job. Rather, if she continues, I may erupt in her mouth.

So, I pushed it down towards her pussy. She again stretched on bed and pulled me over her. I widened her legs and kept my cock on her pussy lips. I pushed it in, in a natural manner, and the cock got in...... Aahhhahhhaaaa..... I had started the whole game for the very moment...... I started fucking her. My cock is quiet huge and hot. I was feeling quiet different inside.

It was so hard and hot that it was paining also and was giving pleasure also, both simultaneously. My speed increased. She started shouting, "Oh Raj, fuck me hard, tear my whole pussy apart..... Fuck, me, Fuck,...... Fuck hard..... " I started hearing such words from her mouth, but then smiled and responded,

"Don't worry, I won't leave you today, You have stolen my sleep for the last one week, I will see to it that I tear apart your whole pussy today." And then I went on fucking her, fucking her, and fucking her. I really fucked very hard and came 3 times in her pussy. We both enjoyed it lot and after the fuck, went to sleep, feeling fully exhausted.

We had three more days thereafter. And now there was no need to seduce me. So, we spent all those days together. We lost count, how many times we had wild sex. By the way, I failed in my exam. But I did not regret it. I was already dreaming of getting a second chance of staying with her under same pretext.

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