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First time sex with Sheetal

Hello readers, sagar (All names are changed to keep secrecy) here from Mumbai. 25 years old not so good looking guy but an average slim guy. The incident which I’m going to post has happen recently in June 2010. I’m writing this incident after taking permission of my partner. I know you guys are more interested in that incident so here how it goes. Her name is Sheetal.

She is my friend since I was in school from 7 std or so. She is fair with average looks, slim with proper curves. We both are good friends and use to share lot of things when either of us had a bad day in school, college or with parents. I never looked at her other than a good friend. Everyone in our friend circle would link us to eachother but we didn’t mind that as we knew we were just good friends.

And one day she droped a bombshell on me and our friends by introducing to her boyfriend. His name was Vicky. Everything was going fine when one day she called me to her place. Her home was hardly 15 minutes walk from my home. She sounded very sad when she called me and said to visit her immediately. It was afternoon time and luckily I taken off from my work, so I went there.

Her dad is working in USA & visit’s them once in 3 months & her mom also works. That time we both were alone at her place. As I arrived she hugged me & started crying. I thought again she had a fight with her bf Vicky. I asked here so you both fought again. She replied yes and this time it was the last time as she had brooked up with him.

So I asked her what happened, she said he was cheating on her and he was caught with another gal. I tried to convince her that she might be just a friend as we both are good friends. Then she said that she had a proof of them in a relation. That time I just thought of hitting Vicky. But she was very hurt and I never saw her like this before.

I gave her some water made her calm down. At evening when her mom came I left her house. Her mom was cool about us meeting alone as she knew me very well. At same night she called me and was again crying about what happen in her life. I tried to calm her down and told her to take rest. Have a nice sleep will meet you tomorrow after my office.

After lots of convincing she kept her phone around 2 am. Cause of that I was late to office. That evening as promised I met her at her place, her mom was at home. I told her to join me for a coffee. She was denied me, I forced her that I’m going home to change and will pick you up in 30 minutes or so. After lot of nakhra we both went to coffee shop.

From that day onwards we became very close to each other. I dropped her home around 9.30 pm. She hugged me and thanked me for coffee. I was happy that slowly she was moving on. Since that day we started talking every night, forwarding messages were doubled than earlier & she was moving on & was normal like before.

So on one fine Sunday we planned for a movie & we went for a movie. It was a bit shocking for me that she sat with holding my hand & she never did that earlier. I didn’t took it seriously & I was enjoying her company as I always do. From that day onwards I say some change in her. She use to msg me even for my lunch and all, taking care of me as I’m her bf.

Whenever we met she use to hug me or hold my hand and walk. After some days sex msg’s were starting to exchange & then we use to talk about it on phone at night. I also never knew when this all started but we were in limit. One day she made a plan to go out on a ride in her car just me and her. I just jokingly said what’s your plan ha.

She laughed and said nothing just wanna enjoy your company. So wee decided on Sunday we will go on a ride. She said okay no problem. So on Sunday she arrived to my home with her car calling me out & as usual I was late as I love sleeping. She came in my room woke me up. After a long lecture we both left towards lonaval for a drive.

The weather was pleasant and we were chit chatting the normal stuff. She was looking beautiful in her jeans and tank top. Suddenly a romantic song started and we both were silent. Looked at each other and don’t know what happened our lips were locked. I didn’t knew what happen. I was feeling like I was flying.

Suddenly I heard horns form other cars and was in my senses again and told her to drive. I was feeling nervous and was not looking at her. We both were silent. You wont believe the whole express way she was just driving and I was looking out of the window. When we reached pune we went in a coffee shop. I was still feeling odd. It was the first time kissing a gal.

She broke the silence by saying what happen why are you acting like this. She said it was an accident forget it. I was thinking in my mind I should tell her all this but she is telling me. We had coffee and we left from there. She asked me to drive as she was not much interested in driving as she was feeling tired.

While I was driving she rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed. Suddenly she started talking. She said thanks for all what you have done for me. You stood by me whenever I needed, you are the best person in my life. I said stop it we are friends & friends are there to help. She kissed my cheek and again slept on my shoulder. The whole journey went like that.

When I parked her car at her home she said this Wednesday is your birthday and I want you to take off from your work and spend the day with me. I don’t know but my head started working what she will do, why she want a whole day. Then before leaving she said that she want to talk about something on that day.

While going back to my home only one thing was going in my mind “ Is she gonna propose me ” That night she was just talking about that kiss and said it was an accident but I liked it. Finally that day came I took a day off. She had already booked two tickets for a movie. She was looking gorgeous that day. She hugged me and wished me.

She bought her car and we left for the movie. She was holding my hand all the time. As movie started she leaned her head on my shoulder and took my hand and wrapped around her. My hand was on her flat belly and my manhood was trying to come out of my jeans by trhe feel of her flat tummy.

Suddenly there came a romantic scene and I didn’t knew when I locked my lips with her with my eyes closed. I was in heaven again. And I didn’t knew when my hands were on her boobs. She put her one hand inside my shirt and started caressing my hairy chest and I was pressing her boobs. It went on for longtime and suddenly we stopped. I was a bit nervous and so was sheetal.

She was breathing heavily and holded my hand tightly. I was worried I asked what happened. She said nothing. After that nothing interesting happened. We came back to her home after movie and there she bought a cake for me and a card. I cut the cake and fed her & then she started playing by applying the cake on my face instead of feeding my the cake.

So I too started applying cake on her face. We were running in her home every where and we reached her bedroom I grabbed her and we lost our balance and both fell on her bed. I was on top of her. We looked into each other’s eyes and started kissing again. Kissing madly. I was feeling her warm body underneath mine. Here boobs were crushed on my chest. Turning me on.

We both were very hot, kissing like there’s no tomorrow. Suddenly she removed my shirt & started caressing my back. I was so turned on that my dick was begging to get out from my jeans. It was poking her tummy. We both broke that kiss and came back to our senses. But this time I needed more. I was burning like hell. We both were standing she gave back my shirt.

I threw it away and hugged her and started kissing her again. She was also responding. I moved my hands through her hair then on her back and slowly moving down on her ass. I grabbed her ass and was massaging her ass. As she gave out a moan. I turned her around and hugged her from back with my dick between her ass crack and my hands on her flat tummy.

I was licking and kissing her neck & she was breathing heavy and giving out soft moan. Then I grabbed her boobs and started pressing both her boobs. We were standing in front of the mirror so I was seeing her facial reactions and it was turning me on. With this pleasure of licking her neck and pressing her boobs she moved her head back a bit and again I started kissing her lips.

She was gone wild as she was sucking my lips. Slowly I removed her t-shirt and her bra. Actually she helped me removing her bra. I saw her boobs which were looking so sexy as I never saw them in real. I saw them only in clips or in xxx movies. I made her lay on her bed, came on top of her grabbed her left erect pink nipple & started rubbing it between my two fingers & was bussy suckin her right nipple.

She was moaning loudly now. She was moving her head from one side to other. And I was doing the same thing with other nipple after sometime. She was just moaning and pressing my head more towards her boobs. Now I grabbed both her boobs, I was pressing them and licking them one by one. I removed her jeans & now she was just in her red panties she was looking like an angel.

Her panty was wet. I removed her wet panty and saw the most beautiful thing in my life. Clean shaved pussy all weet with juices. I just went crazy by looking at it, I just parted her legs and started licking her weet pussy. She grabbed my hair and was moaning loudly and saying yes yes yes yes ahhhhhhhhh.l it was making me mad.

While sucking her pussy I grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them. She was in heaven. Suddenly she crossed her legs around my neck and pushed me towards her pussy. She started shivering and gave out a loud ahhhhhhhhhhh. She was cumming and I was tasting her juices. Hummm it was heaven. It was my turn to get naked as I wanted to fuck her.

As soon as I was naked she grabbed my dick and brought it near her pussy. She guided me towards her heaven and I started pumping it. Her pussy was wet and so was my dick with my pre cum. Her pussy was a bit tight but I was in heaven. I was feeling her hot pussy walls on my dick. As I started fucking her she started moaning again & matching my each stroke by moving her hips.

I again kissed her lips while fucking her. She wrapped her legs around my ass. The fucking went on for sometime as she started shivering again and I came to know that she was cumming. I experienced a load which was trying to push my dick out. I was also about to cum. I moved my dick out and cummed on her belly. And slept on her.

She kissed my and thanked me. We laid there for 15 minutes. She said I wanted this from you. I said her thank you for this wonderful gift. She winked and said anythime. After that we both head for a shower and there again we caressed each other. Didn’t had sex there as my dick was swollen as it was my first time. After that I went home & at night as usual she called me.

She thanked me again & so did i. then I came to know that this was not her first time. It was fine for me & then came a bomb from her side. She reminded me that she wanted to talk about something. I said go on & she said that next month she will be permanently shifting to USA with her dad. I was disappointed to hear that & she was sad too.

But she promised me that she will make up for the mood which she spoiled. I knew what that would be but was sad that I was going to loose her. Anyways guys this was my first encounter of sex with sheetal. We also had some more time with each other on her bed.

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Raj having sex with Shobha aunty

Hi am Raj back, from chandigarh I am a great reader of debonairblog...before also I wrote my many experiences. The stories here are very exciting and for a while I have been wanting to write about a true incident that happened in my life, but I was postponing it as I hate typing for a long time. Anyways I will explain how I lost my virginity.

I was just 7 years old when my uncle(mothers brother)got married. The girl he married was a very nice person by the name Shobha (all names changed).My uncle was around 27 and Shobha aunty was around 24..She was not mind blowing material, but very tall and slender and fair.

Since my uncle was working in London at that time, my aunt Shobha also joined him and was living there. In a year’s time my aunt gave birth to a baby girl. As my uncle was in a good position there, he could afford to send my aunt and her daughter every year to India for a holiday. Whenever she used to come to India, it would be during my summer holidays.

As she used to bring down lots of things for me, I used to look forward to her coming down. I would spend my entire vacation in my mom’s place as my other cousins would also come there. Shobha aunty was a very loving person and everyone used to say how lucky my uncle was to get her as his wife.

As the years went by I came to know that my uncle had become a very busy person and was constantly travelling all over Europe and the other parts of the world for work. By the time my aunt already delivered her second baby by then, decided to come to India and settle down as she was feeling it difficult to manage with two children and also because of the constant travels of my uncle.

As usual for every holiday I would look forward to going to my grandparents place. It was around that time that I started getting sexual fantasies and started masturbation. And surprisingly I used to masturbate thinking about older women. Once when I was spending my vacation in my grandparents place I had to go outside the house at night to collect a shirt which I had left outside.

As I was collecting my shirt I heard the sound of water and I observed that it was coming from the bathroom and the light was on. The bathroom windows slightly and out of curiosity I decided to have a peek. Since it was dark I knew no one would see me. I crept near the window and peeped quietly. The sight that greeted me made me just stand still and watch.

Shobha aunty was stark naked and having her bath. This was the first time I was seeing a women in the nude in real life. I observed every part of her. She had small long breasts with long nipples and dark brown in color. I could feel my penis getting hard. I was admiring her body; it was beautiful with not an inch of unwanted fat.

I watched her soap herself every part of her body, soaping her breasts, her body, her pussy, and her legs. Her thighs were the perfect shape and I thought to myself how lucky my uncle was. I watched for around 10 minutes and I slowly crept back inside the house. This peeping into her bathroom continued whenever I could get the chance.

One day a few more of my cousins, aunts and uncles and aunts had come down to spend a few days there. That night Shobhaaunty told me that I had to sleep in the living room with her and her 2 kids and another 2 of my cousins as she had to arrange the other bedrooms for the guests. I had no bad intentions nor did I even have anything bad in my mind when she told me this.

By the time we were ready to sleep we laid out the mattresses on the floor and the sleeping was in such a way that I would be next to my aunt. As her youngest child was breasts feeding her nighty’s were all stitched with buttons in the front which could be unbuttoned easily. I went to sleep immediately. At around 1.30 am I woke up all of a sudden.

My aunt was sleeping very near to me. I could see her in the dim light. Her upper part of the nighty was unbuttoned and I could see her breasts, especially her nipples as she was not wearing a bra. She was fast asleep. Seeing her in that way my throat became dry and a kind of sensation overtook me.

I gently touched her left nipple, there was no response from me. This made me bolder and I gently pressed it. I felt I was in heaven. First time I was touching a woman so intimately. I slowly kept pressing and rubbing it. I was looking at her face while I was doing this, but there was not a bit of change in her. I wanted to kiss her lips. I moved upward and kissed her lips.

I didn’t know how to take my tongue inside her mouth so I kept kissing her lips. At the same time I was feeling her nipples and I slowly put my leg over her and pressed my penis on her thighs. I wanted her to touch me. I rolled off from her and took out my penis. I took her hand and made her touch my penis, it was getting very hard.

It was quite small, around 5 inches I guess, but it was thick with a nice circumference..I was using her hand and making her press my penis. At the same time I became bold and started kissing her on the lips and all over her face. As I was kissing I felt her hand press my penis without any help from me. She kept pulling my foreskin up and down on my penis.

I looked at her and found she was staring into my eyes with a gentle smile. She pulled me towards her and made me open my mouth and she gently pushed her tongue inside my mouth exploring every nook and corner of my mouth. And then she did the most amazing thing. She lifted up her nighty till her neck, exposing her full breasts, her nipples, her body and legs.

She whispered to me to suck her breasts. I startedsucking and soon milk was coming into my mouth. I started sucking her breast like a hungry baby, sucking away. I could hear soft moans coming out from my aunty. She took my hand and was trying to make me remove her panties. I pulled it down and started feeling her bush and her pussy.

Since it was my first time she guided my fingers into her wet hole. She wanted me to insert my fingers in and feel a small little thing inside her pussy and rub it.Later on she told me it was called the clit. I kept rubbing it, and she kept moaning softly. I was feeling a woman who was older than me. I kept getting more excited.

Finally she took of my hand and pulled me towards her very gently so as not to wake up anyone. She deftly pulled down my shorts and took them off. I never used to wear any under wear at night, so she was immediately able to feel my small erect penis. She kept pressing it and stoking it.

I was pressing her breasts, squeezing her long brown nipples. Milk was coming out and I quickly started picking it up with my tongue. I was going mad with desire and lust to enjoy myaunty. At that moment my aunty just spread her legs gently and started guiding my penis inside her vagina. She was already wet and waiting. My penis went inside smoothly.

I was in 7th seven. Filling up my aunts pussy with my young virgin dick. Instinct got the better of me and I started pumping and going in and out. In between my aunt would observe if anyone were being disturbed. My penis started going in and out of her. She started pushing her hips upwards to meet mine. I fucked her for around ten minutes and I knew I was going to cum.

I whispered to her that I was about to cum. She kept pushing her hips up and down faster to meet my thrusts. Suddenly as I was fucking her she just embraced me and just became still. I could feel water trickling out of her pussy. She had cum. I lay still for a moment and again started fucking her in and out. She started moving again, lifting her hips up fast to meet my thrusts.

I started fucking her harder and faster and this time I just released my entire load into her. She also came at the same time. Kissing each other, we lay still for some time. I gently rolled of her and put on my shorts. She adjusted her nighty and whispered into my ears ‘You are a nice boy, thats why I didn’t object. So please don’t go and tell anyone.

This will be our secret, let’s talk tomorrow. We just slept off after that. Next day morning I was unable to look into her eyes. All I could think of was how I fucked my uncle’s wife. Afternoon she called and told me that she was leaving to her paternal house the next day if I would like to accompany her. I jumped and said yes. I just wanted to be with her.

Next day morning we started the journey to her house. Around evening we reached her house. Her parents had gone to her brother’s house and would be late coming back. We took the key from the servant and opened the house. Her elder daughter was complaining she wanted to sleep and the small baby was already fast asleep.

She told me’ Anil why don’t u have a shower, by that time i’ll put my daughter to sleep’. I went in for my shower and by the time I came out I found that my aunt also had slept off after changing into her nighty. I sat down beside her and started running my fingers over her face. I touched her lips and I bend down and kissed her.

She opened her eyes and whispered to me to go to the other bedroom with her. We entered the other bedroom and my aunt bolted the door from inside and looked at me and smiled. She took me by the hand and made me sit on the bed and sat with me. She told me she was very fond of me and she felt she could trust me.

She told how her husband was neglecting her for the last two years but she kept hoping that he would love her. She told me many men were eying her coz she was living away from her husband. She was trying to be a good faithful housewife but how her feeling overtook her emotions that night when I touched her. She told me she felt very happy with me.

We spoke for some time and then started kissing me and putting her tongue inside my mouth. I also started kissing her mouth the way she was kissing me. While kissing me, she was unbuttoning my shirt and was successful. She took off my pant also and made me lie on the bed. She pulled down my underwear and took it off.

She was touching my penis and gently pulling the foreskin down. She kept stroking me. My little penis was getting harder by every touch of hers. She was amused at the thick circumference of my penis. She gently started stroking my penis up and down. I just wanted to do something and get my semen out.

I was getting the excitement of my life, again gently she bend down and started licking my balls and started sucking them. From my balls sge started working her tongue up my penis. Without even informing me, she started licking my mushroom and started sucking my cock. She was going up and down. It was so beautiful seeing my penis going in and out of her mouth.

When she knew that I was about to lose control, she pulled her mouth away from my penis and getting up swiftly pulled off her nighty. Heavens, she was nude totally. No panty or bra. She lay on the bed beside me and told me’ Anil please suck me down, where you were rubbing me the other night”, She had parted her legs and was rubbing her pussy and opening it out and showing me her clit.

I went down and positioned myself in such a way that I had good access to it. As per her instructions I first started licking it and tried putting my tongue deep as I could. I got hold of her clit with my lips and started sucking it. I could sense that Shobha was going crazy. She started letting out gentle moans which started becoming louder and louder.

I was not releasing her and she didn’t want me to stop either..She encouraged me to go deeper and faster. Continued like that for around 10 minutes..She started making all sorts of sounds and suddenly she pulled me over her and guided my cock inside her. She had spread her legs wide and raised it to the maximum, giving me full access to her vagina.

Once I entered her she started thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts. She was begging me to fuck her as fast as I could. I kept fucking her vagina in and out and in between sucking her long nipples. It came to a stage where I could control it no longer. I told her and Shobha aunty was in no mood to listen, she was a like a hungry tigress thrusting into me with all her force.

We kept going like that for some more time and she told me to just shoot inside her womb as she was also coming. We came together with a big explosion. I could feel my sperm working its way up her womb. I lay down on her kissing her mouth, she was kissing me back. We lay like that for a long time, with me on top of her. After about 15 minutes I rolled of her.

We embraced each other and lay down for another 15 minutes. Later on she took me to the bathroom and we had bath together. My affair with my aunt lasted for a two of years till my uncle took her back to England. By then he had become a more reformed person with a good loving nature..Though she was sad to leave me, we had to part ways.

We still after all these years used to keep in touch. She would tell me that she would never ever find a guy like me, whom she could trust forever. Hope you all enjoyed my experience with my Shobha aunty.

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Padma fucked in front of husband

Me and my wife moved in this apartment a few months back, its closer to work and to the middle of the city, there were shopping malls closeby and my wife was not complaining compared to the previous house where she used to nag me about being far away from anything and everything blah blah.., you know women.

This apartment had about 12 portions. The family right under our apartment used to manage the maintainance and safety of the building as they were the only family who owned their house unlike everyone else who was renting out. They were this mid aged couple that always seemed so polite and helpful with everything.

One night we came home really late and realized we lost our house keys. They had let us sleep on their sofa, breakfast in the morning and till we got the locksmith to create another key the next day. There was something about this family, the husband was always at home and seemed like he had some sort of illness, the wife worked at some school and the two kids were around 10, 12 something.

After the incident of the lock, I noticed he would find occasions to come home and hang out and especially when my wife was not at home. At first I was ok with it, but because my work allowed me to work from home I was getting a little uneasy with him hanging around the house. His name was Satish, he would come over when the wife and kids left and bring me a little part

of what they had cooked for breakfast and sit on the single sofa and watch news all day. I figured he was lonely and needed some company. He would never disturb me if I was busy with something. One day, I asked him why he always stayed at home and not pickup work. He explained that he had this heart problem where if he gets even a little stressed he would go into cardiac arrest.

Very small things such as things dropping in the house to someone knocking at the door would get him an anxiety attack. I empathised with him and that evening I shared it with wife and she was feeling sorry for him as well. Now, me and my wife have been married for 4 years now and have no problems in the bed.

As a matter of fact we love sex and do it atleast twice a week, my wife is not easily orgasmic and it takes about 15 minutes of screwing to get her to cum which I manage to every time we do it. It was this one weekend, Satish came over and invited us to their eldest kid's birthday party. We went down and noticed it was just us and their family.

Kind of awkward but we stayed for the whole party and left. The next day Satish came and hung out with me at my house. He was a little extra inquisitive this time, he kept asking me personal questions like how long we've been married and if I had girlfriends before that, he then said that he and his wife were having problems for the past few years.

I offered him to speak to my friend who was a marriage counsellor but he refused. He then looked at me and said, I hear you and your wife have sex every night. We hear the creaking of the bed and especially when we do it in the bathroom. I could not believe I was hearing this. He quickly then explained that it had been over 8 years since he had had sex with his wife and

was worried that his wife would cheat on him if he did not do anything about it. I did not know what to say, but that I was sorry to hear that. He then said something that dropped my jaw to the floor, he asked me if I will do his wife ? I got up from my chair and yelled - are you crazy ?? he said - I know it sounds wrong but I rather have someone I know screw my wife than someone she gets romantically involved with.

As much as I had a upset face on, I started to imagine doing it with his wife. Satish's wife padma was a normal looking housewife, she seemed to be in decent health. I dont remember looking at her sexually but for some reason a proposal like this had to considered with some thought. Satish then walked away saying think about it and let me know.

As he was walking out, I asked him - does your wife know of this ? He said - I will take care of that, just let me know if you are interested. I had a tough time concentrating on work that day, I kept looking through my window to see if I can see Padma on her way in and see how she really looked.

I did not see her that evening, but I went out late at night after dinner for a walk and passed by his door. It was open and Padma was sitting alone on the sofa and watching something on the TV. I stood at the door and observed her, like I imagined she was not a stunner in looks but had something very plain and village girl look about her.

She seemed to have small boobs and no fat around her belly or waist. She was probably half the size of my wife. She then looked straight at me across the corridor and strained her eyes to see who it was. I guess because she was looking at the TV she was not able to see in the dark. She got up and walked to the door, she saw me and said - oh, aap and smiled.

I was wondering if Satish had already asked her if she was ok with sleeping with me. She asked me if I had had dinner and I said yes, she walked away. There was nothing great to say about her ass as well. I kept thinking about it all night even while banging my wife. There were moments I thought it was not right and slept off.

The next morning, as usual Satish came home and offered some of the lemon rice they made that morning. I said - look Satish, you have a beautiful wife, have you thought of getting her vibrators and dildos. He said he'd thought about them but wanted her to feel a real man, something he could not provide. I asked him, even if I said yes - I would not able to screw her all the time.

He said, thats fine and that he will find someone else if I did not want to do it. That took me back a little bit and I said ok - lets do it. He smiled and said thanks, we watched some TV together and he said he had to make a call. He called and started speaking in Marathi. I could make out that he was talking to his wife.

He got off the phone and turns to me and tells me that she will be leaving half a day. I almost got a hard on thinking about that. I called my wife and made sure she was not coming home anytime soon. Satish left a little later. I went in for a bath, and shortly after Padma came upstairs. She had a smile on her face but seemed calm, I asked her if Satish was coming. She said no.

I asked her if she wanted something to drink, she said no. I asked her if she was fine with what Satish had arranged for her and she smiled and looked away. I walked across her, looked outside my corridor if anyone was peeping and closed the door. I asked her if she wanted to sit down and she sat down. I sat next to her and looked at her.

She had very innocent eyes and seemed to question me with them. I imagined thats how she looked into Satish's eyes when they had their first night. I said she looked real pretty, she smiled in return. I held her chin with my right hand and reached out and kissed her lips very gently. She had her eyes open when I kissed her again.

I kept brushing my lips on hers and in a few seconds she had her lips open for me to suck on. She seemed to melt into the sofa and gave in to anything I was doing. I asked her to get up and sit on my lap, she did that and I leaned her against me and kissed her lips and neck for a few minutes after that. I could feel my dick harden under her thighs.

She was wearing this red sari with a matching blouse. I pulled her sari off her shoulder and squeezed her breasts outside her blouse. I tugged at the blouse and opened it to see a cheap black bra under. I pushed it upwards and it revealed a beautiful pair of titties. They were just enough to cup in my palm, I sucked on her nipples and she reacted with a moan - looked like she had sensitive nipples.

I sneaked a hand under her sari up to her thighs, she had her legs tightly held together. I asked her to stand up and pulled down her sari and took off her blouse. She stood there completely naked in front of me. I pulled down my pants and pointed at my dick and said - dekho apne kya kiya. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw my erect penis standing there and saluting her.

I asked her to come here. I took her hands and wrapped them around my dick. Only the head of my dick was visible now. I kissed her forehead and said - dekh kya rahe ho? chooso. She shook her head, I said it was fine and asked her to suck it like an ice cream. She put her mouth around it and started sucking it but soon took her hands away and started rubbing her mouth

like she had a hair in her mouth of something. I rubbed my dick on her boobs and nipples and asked her to sit on the couch. I said - yeh, dekho and parted her legs. She had a hairy muff, I pushed the hair aside and noticed she did not have any clit visible or pussy lips. Seemed like an unused and well taken care of vagina. I put my mouth on her pussy and she whispered.

A'ge, kya kar rahe ho, I did not pay attention to it and continued sucking her pussy, she started to move all over the sofa and it was getting real hard for me. I pushed her hard to the back of the sofa and squeezed in with her. She was staring my dick in a 69 position while I had my palms clenched around her butt cheeks pushing her pussy to my face and I was sucking on it.

Once in a few minutes I would say - mera lund chooso and she would lick it for sometime and stop. My dick was super hard and she was not helping me. I got out from under her and arched her against the couch and put a condom on my dick and rubbed it against her pussy. She had a scared face as she was looking at my dick slowly enter her pussy.

She moaned a little, she was fucking tight. I pulled out and put two fingers in her and opened her up a little bit. The second time it seemed better, I could move in and out freely. She did not seem like a lady who gave birth to two kids as I kept pumping in and out slowly. After a few minutes she said - dard horaha hai.

I stopped and pulled out. She pulled her legs together and seemed like she was in deep pain. I lost my hardon and got her some ice. She got dressed and left the house a few minutes after that. I was reminded of how my wife also had problems getting used to my penis. Satish came over later and said that she liked it but I had a big penis for her and was explaining how we need to do it more often to get used to it.

I said ok. That night my wife was not in the mood and she did not want to do it. I was dying to get off. Padma did not go to work the next day, Satish asked me to come downstairs this time and asked me if I was fine with him watching. I was kind of hesitant at first but said - yeah, why not. I went downstairs and saw Padma in a light blue nightgown, she was smiling at me.

I said sorry for the other day and she smiled. Satish asked me to do it in the bedroom. I walked in behind them and Padma sat down on the bed. Usually their house would smell of spices and puja stuff but today it smelled like they had used some room freshner. I kissed Padma and looked at Satish, he sat down in one corner with his back to the wall.

I kept kissing her and she seemed more responsive this time. I pulled up her nightie and she was not wearing anything under it. She had shaved her pussy clean. I smiled after looking at it. I sucked her boobs and occasionally looked over her shoulder at Satish. He just sat there with no emotions on his face.

After a little while, I pushed her on the bed and parted her legs in air and sucked on her pussy, she was pushing her ass in my face and was lifting her waist of the bed every few minutes. I got up pulled my dick out and looked at Satish - he smiled at me, I put a condom on and rubbed it on her pussy. I could tell that she was very comfortable and less anxious this time.

She was moving her ass with every thrust of mine, soon she wrapped her legs around me and I kept pumping her faster and faster. She was pushing her ass into the air and I bend forward and put my hands on the bed, she put her arms around my neck and lifted herself up from the bed after every stroke. I easily picked her off the bed and turned and sat down at the edge of the bed.

She was not communicative and I was not able to tell when she was having her orgasms but my legs were dripping of her juices. It was almost as if she as peeing on me. I lay back on the bed and let her do the work - she uncomfortably moved up and down my dick and I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm when she stopped and swallowed a lump of saliva

in her mouth and then opened her mouth and looked up with a long breath. I pushed her off me and rubbed my dick and squirted over her belly. I asked her how she felt, she smiled very shyly and looked at her husband - he was all smiles too. I cleaned the cum from her belly and she got up and went into the bathroom. I nursed my dick for a few seconds and put my pants on.

Satish and me sat in the front room while Padma made us some nice ginger tea. This went on for a few months and whenever I was in the mood for a different pussy - I would just go downstairs and tell Satish and he would arrange for it.

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Chennai wife watching husband fuck

Hi everybody I have been reading human digest since last 3 years. As of now I dint have any stories to write. But recently there was a drastic change in my life. This was a real story and am expecting beautiful happenings like this before. My name is susheela my husband name is yuvi, We live in tambaram in Chennai. He is a athlete with 6 feet height.

We were into love marriage and we are into sex life for past 6 years. Once we married I was pregnant. After I give birth to a child I started feeling bore of my sex life. I was happy with my family life. But my husband is very energetic and he needs sex everyday which I was not able to help him out but being a good husband he dint show anything since he love me a lot.

He doesn’t have any sexual affairs but last year once when he went to Thailand he had lot of sex and he had taken photos and hidden in his laptop. Six months back when I saw his laptop I got shocked but I dint ask anything because I love him very much and it was my mistake to keep him hungry of sex. For one week I was not able to digest this. After that I became normal.

Later in the month of june my husband had to go to Mumbai for a week on business trip. My sister Urmila has accompanied me on his absence who is very very close to me. Her husband has divorced her and she is free to move anywhere. I was very abnormal thinking what he will do there. Will he fuck anyone or not? Urmila found that I am confused and was asking me what the problem is.

Finally I opened up the matter to her. Then she convinced me and we both went to sleep. Next day casually urmila started this topic and explained that being a wife I must not be jealous. If we agree he will inform us on the fucking sessions or else he will hide away these topics from us. Also try some solutions for his sexual desires so that he never go to any prostitute.

Later yuvi came back and urmila left, but I was still confused of all these matters. One final day I called urmila and called her to my place to discuss something important. Once she came I opened up the same topic and said that I need your help. She starred at me and said how can I help you in your personal matter?

Suddenly I informed her that I have a solution wherein my husband will not go to prostitutes and also he will inform everything to me if she agrees for what I want. Urmila was confused and was in someline with me and said “ I would anything for your happiness”. Then I said “ akka your husband has left you one year back and you are also staying alone without anyone help.

Also you are starving for sex. If you agree to have sex with him then we can be in a single house and you both will get the sex what you needed and I will be happy that my husband never hides anything from me” She was completely shocked and shouted at me saying “are you mad or wat” Then I convinced her. But now the big prob is how do I convince yuvi.

Though he is bad he was always true infront of me. But one weak point for yuvi is he cannot control his sexual desires when he drinks.That was our key point. After that day within a weeks time urmila shifted her things and came along with us. everyday we use to talk about this. She was very eager to know about yuvi performance in bed.

Even though I accepted, initially I felt very possessive and angry on her but later thinking of my incapability I convinced myself. Three weeks has gone after urmila came to our home and nothing happened as expected. But meanwhile she use tried to seduce him where she was only 50% succeeded but many times he dint show interest.

One fine day we went to a party where myself and urmila where wearing the same model saree which she had dressed sexy and I was dressed normal like a housewife. One the way to the party yuvi was praising decently about urmila that she is preety in this dress.More than sushi this saree suits urmila a lot. Bla…..bla…….bla…….

Then the party was over and while returning yuvi was drunken so I was driving and he was sitting next to me and urmila behind me. We both had a couple of beer and yuvi had Bacardi on the rocks. Suddenly the entire situation changed in a second in the car. Yuvi got hold of urmilas hand and started praising that if I had seen you before sushi surely I would have married you.

Jealous was running from top of my head to foot. Suddenly I shouted and removed their hands and yuvi felt bad and came normal. Once we reached home urmila called me and told “see sushi it is not very easy to share a husband. It is not possible. This will not happen. See how jealous you felt. So forget those plans and we will lead a normal life” But the drinks inside me made me cruel.

I replied “no my dear sister, I never get jealous on you. We will implement the plan today itself, just wait for some time I ll make him ready and come”. I went inside the room switched a small light on. Yuvi was half asleep on bed. I went near his ears and said wait for 5 mins lets have a beautiful fucking session today and sucked his manhood for 3or4 strokes and left the room.

His whisky has tempted him and he was half asleep and waiting for me without opening his eyes. Meanwhile I set my camcorder in the cupboard without their knowledge and left the room and gave all instructions to urmila. I went for sleep and early in the morning I entered the room and took the cam to see those beautiful scenes. Let me narrate the main story which I have seen in the cam.

As instructed by me urmila went inside the room and started sucking his penis slowly with some hesitation and slowly shaking his penis. Yuvi was moaning with pleasure saying sushi I dint expect you ll feed me. Its awesome you sucking my cock after longtime.I am in the seventh heaven wow…go ahead continue.

suddenly he pulled her upside down and made her lie on him with her pussy on his face and both facing towards the ceiling. She was still in her saree. He just lifted the saree and pushed his face on her vagina and started sucking. Urmila was moaning without opening her mouth so that she should not reveal who she is.

Once the heat started pumping between them he pulled her down to fuck her and he was shocked to see urmila and started saying lots of sorries. I thought it was sushi. he was very nervous. Then my coward sister pulled his penis near her and said hey handsome this was well planned by your wife and we have changed our beds, so without any worries just fucking me my man.

Once he got those confirmation and already he was in his peak he dint bother to verify whether what she said is truth or not. Suddenly he jumped on her and started fucking. He was murmering in her ears which I was not able to hear, but my loyal sister explained what he has said. Yuvi has told her that he is very lucky to fuck urmila. Urmila you are a sex bomb.

I have masturbated many times thinking of you.saying this he is ramming her like a wild lion. You fucking bitch today I have got my dream true. I will tear your pussy.urmila is screaming like how I shouted on my first night. She is nearing her climax and shouting him to fuck.you bastard BIL fuck my tear me……..aaaaaa……….ooooooooo……..

you son of a bitch fuck me deep yes …..yes,,,,,come in my hole …. Finally both got climaxed. They both hugged each other and slept together. But I was left alone in the living room…I will continue the rest in next part.females expecting your dirty comments.

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Nikhil fucking first love Tia - II

Previously: Nikhil fucking first love Tia

Hello dear readers ! I m Nikhil here once again with my concluding part of the story. I am writing this only because of your esteemed and positive response. To elaborate something more about myself and my first love I got few points from Tia herself after she read the draft of the first part.

But I will not be posting all the details lest it starts boring you all. However I will add that she had also mailed me saying that it will be fun reading the reactions of the readers and by remembering all these little things we will never be old at heart.

In good old school days our eyes used to be searching for each other in the morning as soon as we reached school and if we could not see each other then we would search for each other in the break. On seeing each other our faces would glow like a 100 watt bulb with each flashing a broad smile. (just like colgate advertisement.... lol).

In fact now again we both have started feeling those same emotions....like in school. Although we both are happy in our respective lives, its a totally different feeling when we chat. Now coming back to the remaining part of the story.....

Once i came back from Bangalore, I started thinking more and more of her. In between I also used to think that I should not be doing this.... not because there was no love but because I was cheating my wife who trusted me a lot. And I had guilty feelings, but all those vanished as soon I used to chat with her. I had told about my feelings to Tia also and she just changed the topic.

After a few months I suggested to her that why don’t we meet again and she readily agreed. But the problem was where and when. The solution was found out by planning that she would be going to some friend’s marriage and since it was a love marriage there was no marriage invitation as they were getting married secretly.

I again made some excuse for the business trip saying that there was a new client who wanted to know about our products. So we met after two months. I had already told her the address and directions of the hotel in which I was staying so that she could easily reach. This time when she reached she was looking more sexy and had worn a completely see through top

through which her bra was clearly visible but with a shawl on top of it so that people on the way would not get a hard on. As she came inside the room we hugged for a long time (just like the first time we hugged) and were staring in each others eyes wherein we both could see love for each other.

She told me that she has little time as she has told that she was attending an Arya samaj marriage of her friend. Also her husband had requested her to come back as soon as possible since he was going away on a business tour as usual. I was a little sad but decided to make the best use of available time.

After a few minutes in that position I could see the naughtiness and twinkle in her eyes and I got the cue. I slowly kissed her lips still holding her close to me and then that kiss turned into a smooch and then our tongues started playing with each other. She bit my lips and when I tried to bite hers she disengaged herself from me and went towards the bed and sat down...

still smiling at me provocatively. I was determined to get my revenge and so pushed her down on the bed from her sitting position. I lay on top of her and held her hands tight, she was trying to fight me but was also laughing all the way. I said “Tia, who will save you now?” she replied that had she wanted to save herself she wouldn’t have come here.

I then promised that I will not bite her lips so she allowed me to kiss her and then once I had my lips on hers I also bit her slightly. She feigned to be angry and got up. I was just lying on the bed smiling at her. She walked around the bed and then suddenly turned around and came on top of me with legs pressing my arms and her crotch over my face. (69 position).

She opened my zip and took out my tool which had gone down by now. Then she said “Nikhil you just broke your promise, now you will be punished”. I tried to free myself only half heartedly as I wanted her to suck my cock but was not sure whether she will give me that punishment for breaking the promise.

To my luck she just took the flaccid penis in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously and within seconds it was standing. She continued this way even though I requested her that she remove her jean as I also wanted to lick her and smell the divine aroma. She did not pay any heed to my requests and continued sucking it and pumping it.

I was about to cum and requested her to stop. She did so but only for telling me that this was my punishment. Well friends I am sure all males would be more than ready to get such punishment any day and anytime. I could not control and gave her advance warning that I was about to cum but she just kept going at it and soon I erupted my juices into her mouth.

Some of it also fell on her hair and face and some on my clothes. I could not say anything to her as I never expected that we would be starting this way. She then stood up and smiled at me and asked how was it? I just could not say anything and simple gave her a loving smile. When I got up, I asked her whether she had this planned to which she said it was all impromptu.

She needed a wash and I change of clothes. I simply removed every cloth on my body and went to the bathroom where she was washing her face. I caught her from behind and told her that now it was my turn and she just turned around with a question on her face as if asking what I had in my mind. I told her that I would love to fuck her in her other hole.

She was astonished at that request and said that she wouldn’t allow me to do so. I carried her out in my arms and laid her on the bed. We again smooched and I started pressing her boobs which I knew was her weak point. She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. I then complemented on her see through top but said that it had no place at that time on her body.

I proceeded to remove her top and then jeans in which she also assisted me. I started kissing her toes and then sucking them. She could only manage a smile and a moan as it was tickling her and at the same time exciting her. She was lying in front of me in her designer bra and panty which she had purchased for this occasion.

I then slowly licked and kissed my way through her legs and thighs to her now swollen pussy. It was my turn to pleasure her and I was doing a good job, I guess by the way she was moaning loudly now. She said she wanted to feel my lips and tongue on her bare pussy and so she removed her panty. On my request she also removed her bra.

I started kissing and licking the area around her pussy but never touched it. She was going crazy by the minute. Then I straight away went to her luscious melons and kissed and pressed them very hard. She was now out of control and was asking me to fuck her hard. My one hand went to her pussy and found that she was already leaking profusely.

But I had other intentions and after giving complete attention to her boobs went down again near her cleanly shaven pussy. I gave a long and slow stroke of my tongue but again moved away from it. Now she was begging me to fill her with my penis as she couldn’t take it any more. And finally I gave in to her request by putting my tongue inside her vagina.

She shuddered at the touch of my tongue on her wet and juicy pussy. I started fucking her with my tongue and she kept on increasing her moans. My own dick was dying to get into that lovely hole of hers. As soon as I put my index finger in her vagina and the thumb on her clitoris she gave out a loud moan and shuddered and pressed her legs so tight around my mouth that I had difficulty in breathing also.

I could sense her inner muscles contract and juices flow out with full flow. I tried to drink whatever I could but the quantity was huge and it seemed like a never ending orgasm. After that we both took some rest. While doing so we discussed how badly we missed each other and caught up on what was going in our respective lives.

All the while I was playing with her boobs and nipples. We got up to have a beer and some snacks only for lunch which I had kept ready as we didn’t want to waste the precious little time at our disposal. After about 20 mins we were again in each others arms lying side ways with ours hands touching and playing with our partners personal parts.

I had already put my two fingers in her love hole and she was tugging at my tool. I said her that it was time for me fuck her other hole which took her by surprise as she had already forgotten that I had told her the same in the bathroom. She said that she wanted to come on top of me and ride me like a cowboy. I agreed immediately by saying “the pleasure is all mine dear”.

She came over me and first kissed on my nipples and then neck all the while grinding her pussy over my dick. My dick badly wanted to feel the warm and moist inside of her juicy pussy. Her pussy was already wet wit her own juices and to make matters worse was my precum.

She offered me her twin globes and I was more than glad to suck them specially the hard and pointing nipples. She adjusted herself so that my dick could go in now and stopped as soon as it was inside. She said “Nikhil I first want to feel the hard penis inside me so please just lay still”. I consented and was looking at her as she had closed her eyes and was enjoying the feeling.

After a few seconds I started slowly pushing my dick in her and she also responded by beginning her pelvic movements. These slow movements gave us time to imbibe those incredible feelings in us. I once again told her that I wanted to put my penis where my finger was going....but she was not very sure so she said no....lets wait and see.

I said “Tia since you are not granting my request at least suck me for some time” to which she initially hesitated but finally obliged. I wanted her to suck her own juices from my penis as this was one of my unfulfilled fantasies. While she was sucking my dick I was continuously pushing my finger in her ass hole.

We resumed slow rocking movement quickly as she did not like the feeling of sucking her own juices. But I was more than happy as she at least tried to do it. This slow fucking continued for quite some time after which I asked her to lick my finger and then I straight away put in inside her other hole. This ignited something in her and she increased her speed.

I kept my finger at one position only so that when she came down it entered her back side slightly. She started coming down with full force and my finger started going in more and more in her as she got accustomed to it now. While doing so she used to completely go off my penis and engulf it again in her in one stroke while coming down.

In one of these movements I took my finger away and very slightly shifted the position of my penis so that when she lands she will do so with her other hole on my penis. As soon as I did this she shouted initially in pain and then in anger as to why I did so. I simply reminded her that I wanted to fuck her other hole.

She paused for a movement and then said that she has never done this before and it might pain. I told her that she could give it a try and if it pains a lot then she can leave it. She accepted my proposal and started to take my dick in her ass hole. I could see from her expressions that it was causing a lot of pain to her and so I said “ Tia please leave it as it is paining a lot to you”.

She didn’t heed to my advice and continued taking my dick in her very slowly. I was feeling bad as to why I was forcing her to do this. But after a few seconds she was able to take it in completely and then she opened her eyes and said lovingly to me “ Nikhil, I wanted you to be the first person to have sex with me but since that was not possible so I want to do this now”.

“this is the first time I am taking a penis in my other hole” On hearing this I just brought her close to me and gave her a very long kiss and said “I love you Tia”. She also lovingly looked at me and said let us have some nice and fulfilling sex now. I just smiled at her and pushed my dick in some more to show her that I was more than ready.

Now we started fucking each other (she more than me cos of my position) as if there was no tomorrow. I saw her boobs bouncing up and down and just caught hold of both of them and started squeezing them very hard including the nipples with my thumb and index finger. She was now like a tigress and fucking me very ferociously.

My pressing her boobs made her enjoy all the more. Within no time she said that she was going to cum and she wants to feel my pulsating dick and sperms bursting up her other hole. As soon as I heard this, I couldn’t control myself and shot up my load with a loud aaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh and pressing her boobs with all my strength.

She could feel the warm liquid going inside her in bursts and my pulsating dick and this made her cum too with a loud moan. As soon as her orgasm subsided she fell down on me and we lay in that position only till my dick became small and plopped out of her ass. We then got up and took a shower together in the bathroom.

We kissed, hugged, smooched, played with each other and licked the flowing water off each other’s body. This made my tool stand up again and Tia had a surprising and questioning look on her face. I just grinned and said that maybe my dick wanted to feed its juices to the original love hole. She said that it had to be a quick one as time was running out.

This time we did it in the bathroom only with she bending over the washbasin and me fucking her pussy from behind. It took quite a while before I pumped my juices into her hungry pussy. After that she left my room in a hurry and promised me that she would call. Although her husband was going the same evening but she could not come as her kid was alone in the house.

And neither was he so young that I could visit her place for the night. We spoke at length about our days encounter throughout the night. I took my early morning flight and reached back home. And now begins the sad part. I used to think of her whenever I was free and we talked a lot on phone.

But when at home I saw my dutiful, loving and caring wife, I always felt guilty about cheating on her. Tia was also thinking more and more about me. Then one fine day we decided that we should have to put some control on ourselves and restrict our phone and net chats to just two days in a week.

But on the other days I used to be irritated and would howl on my juniors for even small faults of theirs which I had not been doing earlier. I myself realised that this was not correct on my part. I used to be irritated at home also although my wife never complained. I thought that it was time to take stock of situation and set things right.

We both knew that we led a happy married life and it was not possible for us to have each other as life partners, although we would have loved it. Moreover I was more concerned for her, what if her husband finds out about her having an affair with other man. I myself was in no position to support her in that case.

Also if something of this sort happened then we would not only be ruining our lives but also of our life partners for no fault of theirs. Most importantly what about our kids? The society which we live in will not forgive them although they had done nothing wrong. I could not imagine myself living without my kid and neither did I want Tia’s kid to be bereft of her mother’s love for no fault of his.

Hence one fine day I suggested to Tia that although we would love to be with each other for whole life, it was not possible in this lifetime. I proposed to her that we should stop this and can remain as simple friends. She could only say “WHY NOW ? ” to which I replied that its not the first time I have voiced my feelings about our relationship.

She only cried.....and cried.... and cried a lot and since then we are not in contact. Although I check my mail everyday expecting a mail from her, which I know is simple foolishness and then kick myself that I shouldn’t be doing so, and hope that with time we both will get on with our separate lives as TIME IS THE BEST HEALER!

For the info of the readers we broke up just a few days before I posted the first part. Since we had earlier decided that we would post the second part only after seeing the response of the readers, I m posting this conclusive part. Have a happy life!

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