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Rajesh fucking Shilpi and Sheela - II

Previously: Rajesh fucking Shilpi and Sheela - I

I greeted Hemant by saying hello and just looked at Shilpi Bhabhi and she said hello to me with a smile, our eyes got locked for a second and my heart skipped a beat, she was truly looking lovely. ( well friends from here I am will write our conversation which I remember word to word and I remember whole mind state of all of us and on that basis I am writing it in dialog format,

which will be convenient and more arousing I may write Hindi in English words if it will be convenient to me). Our conversation started casually with some formalities of asking that if I would like to have something, anything cold or hot with snacks. I replied formally saying its ok. Finally cold coffee got served with few snacks and after lot of preparation Hemant started,

by saying “whatever happened that day was really very unfortunate, I know it’s not your mistake but everything is just messed up because of that”. I just hummed to say yes and Hemant further continued, “Because it’s you that is why I have called you to talk, if someone else would have seen us doing that then I would have fired him immediately, ….

Anand bhaiya likes you a lot and truly speaking I take you as friend so I request you to keep this secret up to you only”. I was silent and again I hummed to say yes. Both Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant were sitting opposite to me and looking at me and I was looking at them while listening.

Hemant continued “you know Rajesh(myself) whatever is running between me and Shilpi has some reason, she is starved for this because Anand bhaiya is more interested in making money and remains out of town for at least 7-8 days in a month(he was right, I knew this as I was working with them from quite long time) and for rest of the month he gets so tired

by the end of the day that he cannot perform and she gets frustrated”. As Hemant finished that sentence, Shilpi Bhabhi spoke very politely, “Bhaiya body ki kuch zaroorten hoti hain jo puri honi chahiyen, life mein physical love aur sexual satisfaction bahut important hota hai jo mujhe Anand se kabhi nahi mila,…

wo hamesha business ke baare main sochte hain aur meri needs ki bilkul care nahi karte, and I have talked to him about this in past but he never bothered about that, I hope you understand what I am saying”. I could not speak anything, and according to me, neither I was suppose to say anything I was just listening them, that how they were justifying there relation.

Shilpi Bhabhi was talking to me about her sex life without any hesitation and I realized that she is a bold lady. Then again Hemant spoke, “you must be thinking that I am a bad guy who has unacceptable relation with his Bhabhi, but for us it’s simple give and take relation, we just satisfy each other sexually and remain calm,

believe me Rajesh it’s a fact that Anand Bhaiya cannot keep Shilpi happy just by his money, and he is not ready to understand that, so I do the rest, to keep her happy, after all she is also a human and she also has some desires”. I saw Shilpi Bhabhi in between looking at her eyes, environment in that room was very serious and first time from the day I met Hemant, I have seen him talking so seriously.

Resting his back on the couch and after a reasonable pause Hemant started again “Rajesh I don’t want to lose you as a friend and as a well wisher of the company, so don’t think that you will be fired from the job in any case, (again with a pause)…… let’s be frank tell me what we can do for you”?

Both of them were looking into my eyes expecting something from me the thing which I need as compensation to keep my mouth shut and I could not speak, I just said “nothing”. Both of them were sensing my mental state that I am confused, Shilpi Bhabhi spoke, “please Bhaiya I request aap kisi se iss baare mein baat matt kariye ga”.

Shilpi Bhabhi was requesting me not to speak to anybody about her relation with Hemant. Then after a pause she spoke again, “bhaiya hum dono aapko bahut pasand karte hain aur aapko apna friend samjhte hain, aap bhi humen apna friend samjho aur aapko jo chahiye bolo” I said “Bhabhi I promise that I will keep this up to me, aur mujhe usske liye kuch nahi chahiye”.

Shilpi Bhabhi smiled and said, “Bhaiya please don’t think that we are paying you for this, I mean hum aapko chup rahne ke liye bribe nahi karr rahe hain, being a friend hum bass aapko kuch gift karna chaahte hain”. Again I said I don’t want anything with bit relaxed tone as tension of that room was bit released.

Hemant got up from his place and sat beside me and held me in his arm like a friend and casually said, “arre boll na yaar, kyon sarrma raha hai, jo chaahiye boll”. He came to his real state and that was actual Hemant who was now relaxed because I promised that I will keep their secret.

I smiled on his frankness and again said, “nahi bhaiya mujhe kuch nahi chaahiye, I am happy with what I have”. Once again Shilpi Bhabhi tried to know what I want, giving option of better mobile set the one with a camera or new DVD player, but again I refused to accept. Once Hemant insisted if I need anything else which is more expensive and I need that,

but from my side I insisted both not to force me to accept anything, because I don’t like it at all. I saw Shilpi Bhabhi smiled bit more and bit naughtily, and seeing her smiling Hemant also smiled, it seemed bit strange to me though tension was almost over even then I felt something wired, because their smile was not reflecting there tension getting released, they were smiling naughtily.

I looked at Hemant who was sitting beside me with a question “what happened”. Hemant spoke, “you know why Shilpi is smiling, because she has lost the bet”. “Bet” I repeated the word bet with another obvious question, which bet. Hemant started again, “Rajesh we both knew that you will promise that you will not speak to anybody about our relation,

and I was sure that you will not accept anything from us, but Shilpi was thinking just opposite, she was sure that you will ask for something for this favor, so now she has to except that she has lost the bet”. I looked at Shilpi Bhabhi; she was still smiling and looking at me sexily. Hemant spoke “you know bet kyat thi”? “kya” I asked while looking at him,

before Hemant would have said anything, Shilpi Bhabhi smiled a lot and almost laughed while blushing casually covering her face with her hands. Hemant also laughed and started speaking while laughing, “you know we both are very naughty, aur hum dono ko koi nahi sudhar sakta” I smiled bit listening this, because I was expecting something really naughty from him,

but I never expected what he said, he continued in same tone, “according to bet, now she has to seduce you, and this is going to happen right now, in this room, …….I am leaving and I will come after three four hours, tabb tak tum dono yahan rahoge aur ek dusre ko enjoy karoge”. I was shocked and got up while looking into his eyes, and uttered with arbitrary smile,

“kya baat kar rahe ho aap, main jaa raha hoon”. Hemant pulled my hand to make me sit down and said, “Sit down, hum tera rape nahi karenge, darr mat”. I sat again and looked at Shilpi Bhabhi she was smiling very naughtily while looking at me. Hemant looked at Shilpi and said, “see what he is saying, iss se badda idiot hoga koi iss duniya mein”,

I was speechless and could not understand what they exactly want, and Hemant was well aware of my mental state, and spoke, “ Dekh Rajesh don’t think that we are doing any favor, she likes you and that’s why she wants to make love to you,…. she loves your shyness and your innocent gesture,

I know it’s your first time and you are feeling this whole thing very awkward but its true, so I will suggest you as a friend that you should enjoy without thinking much about ethics” and after a long pause Hemant continued, “see mujhe koi problem nahi hai, because we don’t love each other, we just enjoy aur tujhe kya lagta hai main sirf Shilpi ke saath karta hoon,

she knows that I do it with another girl and Shilpi does not have any objection in that, so even I don’t have any objection agar ye kisi aur ke sath karti hai to, rather I am happy that she is doing it with you, one of the finest person I know... tou ab tu shamana chhod aur mard bann, aur dikha de iss nymphomaniac ko ki tu kya kar sakta hai”.

I just went dumb and could not speak and I can’t write what I was feeling at that time, I looked at Shilpi Bhabhi she was looking sexy and I was closer to get her whole treasure with her consent, she wanted to get fucked by me and this thought was driving me crazy. I was hard in my pants and having problem to resist myself from getting further erection.

Shilpi Bhabhi was looking at me sensually and I could not see in her lustful eyes because of my shy nature I was confused and my facial expressions were telling my mental state. Hemant spoke further, “Rajesh mujhe patta hai ki tujhe bhi Shilpi achhi lagti hai, because she has seen you staring at her body,.......

don’t feel ashamed for this iss mein kuch galat nahi hai kyunki isski body achhi hai aur tu ekdum normal hai, aur ye sab jo ho raha hai wo bhi normal hai, life ko enjoy kar aur mast rah, jo hoga dekha jaayega”. I was looking into his eyes and I was amazed with his statements that how lightly he taking all this.

Though I wanted to do this, undoubtedly Shilpi Bhabhi was one of the beautiful ladies ever came in my touch till now, and surely I wanted to fuck her, countless times I masturbated thinking about her in the past, and on that particular instant golden opportunity of fucking her was knocking my door and I was really very nervous I was silent and thinking what to do.

Hemant got up, may be to move out of the room leaving me and Shilpi Bhabhi alone assuming that I am ready to get into bed with Shilpi Bhabhi. I got up along with him and said, “bhaiya mujhse nahi hoga, please let me go”. Hemant smiled sarcastically reading my hesitation and said while making me look at Shilpi Bhabhi “abbey hoga kaise nahi, dekh issko kya cheez hai ye,

iss se achha maal tujhe kahin nahi milega, aur isse bahut experience hai, ye sab handle kar legi” again I looked at Hemant in confusion and he smiled again and again spoke, “ I know you can do it and somewhere you also want to do this, it's normal there is nothing to worry about so just relax and enjoy”

Hemant chapped on my shoulder and moved towards the door and spoke to Shilpi Bhabhi more with his eyes and in words he said “close the door, I will call you after 2-3 hours or you call me whenever you were over, and we will have lunch together, aur mere dost ka achhe se khayal rakhna, make him happy”.

Hemant went out and Shilpi Bhabhi went behind him till the door and looked out and smiled, may be Hemant said something in low voice for which she smiled while looking at him, and finally she bolted the door from inside after hanging the tag of “do not disturb” outside and turned and walked gently towards me and stood closer and said,

“don't get nervous, have a seat let's talk for some time, then we will do whatever we have to do”. I sat and she too on the other couch bit away from me. We both were silent for a minute or so and I was unable to look into her eyes directly but I raised my eyes couple of times to see her beautiful face and sexy gestures.

Shilpi Bhabhi was smiling, while looking at me and asked, “You are afraid of me”? I said, “no, not afraid but I am very nervous”, she smiled, “you like me na”. I said “yes, but I could not believe whatever is happening with me is true, I mean I never thought about you in that way”. Shilpi Bhabhi smiled again and said,

“when one man stares at woman’s body then most of the time he thinks in that way only and I have caught you staring at me many times, so don't lie I know you want to do it”. I blushed but could not speak anything. She was enjoying my shy gestures and smiling continuously and asked further, “OK tell me what you saw that day, I mean when you came there what we were doing”.

I was bit hesitant to speak anything vulgar so I said, “you and Hemant Bhaiya were making love”. Bhabhi replied with a smile, “we don’t love each other; we just satisfy each other physically”. I just hummed to say yes, she asked again “tell me exactly what we were doing, we were doing proper sex or you saw what we were doing before that”.

I was amazed with a kind of conversation Shilpi Bhabhi was doing with me, I said “you were doing sex; I just came there 5 minutes before you saw me”. “Ok…. I think you have missed many things which we do before doing that”. Then after a pause Shilpi Bhabhi asked me again, “I hope you watch blue movies”, I said yes while looking into her eyes, slowly I was getting friendly with a conversation.

“We do those things before doing main act, I hope you understand what I am saying” she spoke while looking into my eyes with a naughty smile. I was uneasy with a thought that soon we will be doing those things with each other, I mean I had to lick her cunt and Bhabhi will suck my cock, before taking it in her fuck hole.

I spoke, “Bhabhi, if you are doing it just because you lost the bet or in return of my promise then please don’t do, and I promise I will not speak to anybody about that”. Shilpi Bhabhi smiled and got up from her place and sat very close to me, completely touching me and turned around to see me putting one her arm around my shoulder and kissed me lightly on my cheek and took my hand in her hand and said,

“no, I am not doing it because I lost the bet, neither as a return of your promise, I like you and from the long time I had a desire to be with you in the bed, and when I saw you staring at me, I spoke to Hemant about this, and I think he tried to ask you couple of times, but you were hesitant even to talk about that,......and we never tried again because it could be dangerous for my reputation”.

“Bhabhi I don't think I will be able to do it, I mean stare karna aur baat hai, aur actually main karna aur baat hai”. She looked into my eyes with arbitrary anger and spoke in same fashion, “Bhaiya you have already spoiled my week, me and Hemant have not done from last Sunday, and reason is you,

I was so tensed because of you that I could not eat properly for three four days and now you are making excuses, I am telling you ki jab tak main aapko seduce nahi kar loongi I will not accept that you are in our team. Tell me aapko itni sharam kyun aa rahi hai........ aapko mere saamne nanga hona padega yehi problem hai na, mujhe bhi to hona padega,

people are dying for this fun and you are making stupid excuses”. Then after a pause Shilpi Bhabhi started again “Tell me aap kab takk aise hi innocent rahna chahte ho, kabhi na kabhi to sex karoge hi, then why not now, if you want to lose your virginity to your wife then you are a fool because you can never be sure that your wife will be virgin when you will marry her,

then why you want to be virgin till your marriage” then with a smile she continued “you know even I was not virgin when I got married, I had a boyfriend in collage who took my virginity”. She paused for few seconds and then spoke again, “you know I am not normal, I feel my sexual urge is bit more than normal female and with that I got somebody like Anand as a husband, so I can’t help it”.

Then again Shilpi Bhabhi started after a pause, “I have suffered for years, before I started doing it with Hemant, and in starting I was very afraid of getting caught while doing it with him but you know Hemant, he is such a bastard, though in the beginning we were just good friends and slowly I shared my problem with him and he made good use of it for himself and for me too,

and because of that anybody can see changes in my overall behavior, believe me I am much better person than what I was, and its just because now I get sexually satisfied”. “Bhabhi if you are happy with him, then why you want to do it with me” I asked her with bit of confidence, she held my jaw, between her thumb and rest of fingers and said, “because I like you,

and you are my sweetheart” I smiled, now I was getting confident, she caressed my hairs and then cheek sensually and brought her lips closer to mine and spoke, “your innocence and hesitation is very arousing and I want that, today I am going to take that from you”, when her lips parted to speak I felt her breath warm and sweet on my lips.

Next moment Shilpi Bhabhi placed her lips on mine and she sucked them nicely for few seconds, I didn’t know what to do, I just remained like that, my heart was pounding very high. She stopped for a while, and looked into my eyes and spoke, “come on love me, today you have to do what Hemant was doing with me that day and I know you want to do it,

so forget about everything and enjoy this moment, just fuck your Shilpi Bhabhi like you want” finally our lips met again in a long delicate kiss. By this time I was well aroused to grab this opportunity and my instinct ordered me to enjoy this moment. She drew her lips over mine and sucked and gently she slid her tongue out between my lips, knocking my mouth,

I parted my lips and her tongue slipped inside my mouth and in a second Shilpi Bhabhi’s tongue roamed inside my mouth thoroughly and in a fraction we started eating each other. Now I was kissing her too by sucking her soft rosy lips, keeping them between my lips and entered my tongue in her lovely mouth and sucked her delicate tongue.

It was first kiss of my life and I didn’t knew how it went so well, may be I just followed Shilpi Bhabhi and she made my first kiss memorable forever. What a female she was, apart from being rich she had wealth of sexual experience. We both were sitting on the couch and loving each other, and I was bearing most of her weight because she was completely over me.

Shilpi Bhabhi was somewhat resting on me by putting one of her leg between my legs and her knee was touching my crouch, Bhabhi was caressing my chest over my shirt while kissing me and her sensual touch was driving me out of my control, she opened few buttons of my shirt and moved her hand inside to touch my bare chest under my inner wear,

while brushing and kissing me on my neck and area closer to ears. I was getting crazy and mad with every passing second and my hesitation was disappearing and finally I got hold of Shilpi Bhabhi’s body from her shoulder and embraced her moving my hand to her back and I too started brushing my lips all over her face and neck.

Heat in our body was rising and we were busy in making love and many times our lips met and then parted again and after kissing here and there they met again to kiss. Our body was so close and tied with each other that my body started emitting the fragrance of her feminine perfume.

I was feeling presence of pendant of her Mangalsutra over her soft luscious breast as her melons were getting pressed nicely with my chest. I could feel marks of her lipstick on my face and around my lips and there was a blend taste of that brand in my mouth along with the taste of Shilpi Bhabhi’s saliva.

Once again Shilpi Bhabhi looked into my eyes and spoke, “let’s go to bed”, I just hummed in puffing fashion and we got up from the couch. Before moving towards bed I moved towards toilet to pee and she spoke from behind, “just wash your thing properly when you were over”. It was so difficult to pee with an erect rod, I was almost fully erect and I could feel the precum on my rod.

I washed my rod after pissing and came out, Shilpi Bhabhi was waiting for me, standing there only, after that she entered in toilet and came back just in 2 minutes and before she would have reached closer to me she took off safety pins from the shoulder and plates of her sari. Shilpi Bhabhi came to me and kissed me lightly on the lips and took my hand and we moved to

bed she took off my shirt with smiling gesture while looking into my eyes and immediately opened my belt to take of my trouser and in a moment I was just in under garments, my undershirt lasted for 2 more seconds as Shilpi Bhabhi took off that too from my body, she took off her sari carefully before getting into bed, wow what was she looking in blouse and petticoat,

just amazing, Everything about her was voluptuous. Her face, her manner, and her juicy melons which were eager to get free, her gold Mangalsutra which was resting on bare skin of her lower neck, was really very arousing, as it was a symbol of commitment and it was driving me more crazy,

her ass mounds were tightly wrapped around the petticoat and were keen to attain there actual width after getting liberated from her petticoat, I could see the amount of flesh she was having on her thighs as her petticoat was tight. As a whole she was looking like a highly explosive sex bomb which was going to explode on my bed.

Finally with in few minutes we were on bed, just wearing blouse and petticoat Shilpi Bhabhi was laying on my top and I was bearing weight of her seductive body while kissing and caressing each other. My hands were moving all over her body and I was feeling all her curves and bends.

Shilpi Bhabhi's skin was so soft, as she was bare from her waist and I was moving one of my hand there to feel the softness of her body, and from other hand I was holding her firm hips over her petticoat. By this time I was well into lust and fucking passion and my hesitation was totally gone. I was enjoying Shilpi Bhabhi's luscious body and she was enjoying mine.

She was sucking and biting my nipples and brushing her lip allover my bare skin, leaving her saliva allover my chest and face. Suddenly I turned around and took her under me and kissed her passionately and murmured, “Bhabhi, I want to see you naked” she just smiled as I was getting free and my innocence was disappearing.

I was puffing in excitement while sitting beside her and opening hooks of her blouse and it took some time to open all of them because I was getting nervous, first time I was taking off clothes of any female and Shilpi Bhabhi was sensing my nervousness. Soon she was lying with an open blouse and somehow her bra was holding her luscious fruits tightly and because of that

her cleavage was deep and very arousing. Next moment Bhabhi got up took off her blouse completely and unhooked her bra and her juicy melons were hanging in front of me, just for me to eat and suck. I was looking at her perfect shaped mounds and now her Mangalsutra was resting on her bare breast, and it was arousing me further.

I was trying hard to conquer my nervousness, holding my nerves; I cupped her swollen mounds and squeezed them nicely. My cock was at his maximum size and couple of times I felt that I will cum in a moment or two. Shilpi Bhabhi’s nipples were not big, neither small, they were just perfect for me.

I pushed her on bed gently and made her lay down on her back again and came on her and immediately started sucking her nipples and tried to take one of her melon completely in my mouth, wow what a moment that was, I was getting crazy in lust and started sucking and pressing her fully ripped fruits one by one vigorously,

Shilpi Bhabhi's tits were really very soft and irresistible, she was enjoying her breast getting sucked like that as she held my scalp and further pressed my mouth into her boobs to get them sucked hard, she hummed and then whispered in pleasurable voice, “suck them bhaiya suck them hard, they are all yours”. She was feeding me like a mother and I was sucking her tits like a child.

Her nipples were good to suck and Shilpi Bhabhi was enjoying getting them chewed by me. By this time she was highly on in lust and as she got up after few minutes of breast play and I could see hell of yearn in her eyes. Shilpi Bhabhi turned and came on me quickly and immediately got up and sat around my waist, now I was on my back and she was sitting around me,

next moment she pulled thread of her petticoat and stood up on the bed around my thighs and drifted her petticoat down to her feet and immediately threw it on the floor. Shilpi Bhabhi was standing just in panty and her fleshy thighs were looking gorgeous. White color panty was wet from the front portion and it was trying to resist heat of her wet fuck hole.

She was looking into my eyes lustfully and smiling and uttered, “bhaiya abb isse aap uttaroge, aur aapko main nanga karoongi”. I sat and finally pulled down Shilpi Bhabhi's last cloth to make her totally naked, holding her panty from both sides. Finally her wet, swollen pussy was exposed to me who lusted to have my cock inside from long time.

Wow what a beautiful fuck hole she had, with no sign of hairs. Shilpi Bbabhi's pussy lips were bit swollen in desire of getting stuffed and fully soaked with her own love juices and seemed very soft like a petal of rose. From the place where I was sitting view was great, it was Shilpi Bhabhi's fucking cunt, most wonderful thing made by God on this earth.

For me it was first time that I was seeing a real pussy, and of the lady whom I always addressed Bhabhi. She was wife of my boss, more or less boss for me and she was with me on the bed and for me it was really hard to believe that with in few minutes I will be fucking her like a whore.

At that time she was just bitch in a heat, who has high sexual urge and who cannot think beyond fucking and just fucking. Shilpi Bhabhi moved her finger on her slit from top to bottom couple of times parting her lips through her finger and spoke in excitement, “Bhaiya dekho this is a real treasure for a man, aur mere pattidev paisa kamane main busy hain,

yahan unki wife doosron ke bistar gharam kar rahi hai” Shilpi Bhabhi was standing in front of me with her exposed cunt and speaking erotic words to arouse me, next moment she pushed me to make me lay on bed on my back and sat around my chest and spoke while moving further, “Bhaiya you have to suck me, please do it, like you see in movies,

just do whatever you want to do with this, open your mouth and suck it hard I am all yours”. By this time her juicy dripping fuck hole was closer to my mouth and without asking me that whether I want to do it or not she pressed her wet love hole over my mouth and started moving in to and fro motion and moaned sexily with every push in my mouth.

I could not think anything, I had to suck, it was really strange feeling in the beginning, her cunt was ozzing out hell of juices and I was gulping all I was not liking it but Shilpi Bhabhi was not bothered about that, some kind of mental fever was driving her and she was getting crazier and crazier with every passing second.

Her moans and words were really arousing and driving me crazy, she spoke again in puffing voice while moving even faster and rubbing her cunt on my lips and tongue, “suck me bhaiya, suck me, main aapke liye yahan aai hoon, just do whatever you want to do with me”.

Finally I griped her wide fleshy ass mounds in my hands and pressed them hard and further pulled them in my mouth to stop her movement and took her whole cunt in my mouth and buried my tongue in her hot fuck hole. I knew bit about clitoris, I don't know knowing or unknowingly I concentrated on that portion and sucked that whole area hard.

Shilpi Bhabhi just went mad, Now she wanted to set herself free but I was holding her tight, and continued sucking her there keeping that portion in my mouth, She leaned further and tried to get away from my mouth, by pushing herself holding pillow, Her moans were getting shriller and sharp,

she wanted to move to and fro but I was holding her tight from her ass mounds squeezing them with my full strength and stopped her movements and sucked her even harder though I was breathing with difficulty, even then I continued because I was getting mad listening Bhabhi's pleasure moans and in a second or two she almost started crying in pleasure and pulled my

hairs to stop me and next moment got out of control and cummed in my mouth with bit of shivering. As I released her buttocks from my grip, she got away quickly and lied down bit away from me on the double bed. Shilpi Bhabhi was puffing and took few seconds to get normal, we both got up and she cleaned her cunt with a hand towel and spoke while looking into my eyes with bit of puffing

“you are mad, Hemant ne bhi kabhi iss tarah se suck nahi kiya, and I have never cummed in his mouth, you just gulped everything came out from there, we don't do that”. I was also breathing bit fast, I spoke while looking into her eyes “Bhabhi you didn't asked me anything, you just pressed your thing over my mouth and I don't know how I did all that, it just happened”.

“I am sorry, I just went mad, generally I make Hemant suck me like this, but I get off before cummimg, but you were holding me so tight that I had to stop you like that(by pulling my hairs)”. She came closer to me and caressed my hairs and told me to get up, I obeyed her and stood on the bed.

Shilpi Bhabhi took my jockey to my feet and now I was standing fully naked in front of her with my semi erect cock in her hands. Bhabhi was moving skin of my rod up and down to make it erect and I started moaning while looking down at her. “She looked up to my face and said, “Now you get ready to scream”.

Next moment my dick was in her mouth and she was holding my rod in her rosy lips. Shilpi Bhabhi moved her head back and forth and I saw my rod appearing and disappearing in her mouth. For the first time in my life I was getting sucked and as a debutante this feeling was really very weird and strange,

I was expecting lot of pleasure than I was getting as I use to see in movies but at that time it was paining. I moaned more in pain than pleasure and spoke, “Bhabhi dard ho raha hai”. Shilpi Bhabhi hummed and stopped for a second and spoke, “just look at me and try to enjoy, pain will disappear”. She was right; I looked at her pretty face.

Wow Shilpi Bhabhi was looking gorgeous while sucking my meat. Foreskin of my cock was off and my rod started gaining hardness as I was getting aroused watching her sucking me like a whore. Bhabhi was using lot of her saliva while sucking and now I was getting pleasure. My rod grew further in her mouth and she rubbed her tongue on my cock head erotically.

I gasped in deep pleasure. Wow what a pleasurable time that was, I was standing naked on the bed my feet were spread apart, I gripped Shilpi Bhabhi's head, grunted and pulled her face deeper into my crotch, pushing my hips at the same time her moist warm mouth was distended with the size of my swollen penis.

Shilpi Bhabhi took my cock deeper in her mouth; her hands were clenching my buttocks, sucking hungrily. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and moist and her tongue was doing magic on my rod. I was very excited and getting mad in pleasure. I stopped her and sat beside her as I wanted to fuck her face properly in comfortable position,

I pushed Shilpi Bhabhi further to make her lay down on her back and sat closer to Bhabhi's mouth and spoke while caressing her cheek, “Bhabhi, it's amazing bahut mazzaa aaraha hai, just make me cum like that, and without waiting for her reply I inserted my rod in her mouth again and she took it again without any hesitation.

Slowly I sat around her face keeping my rod in her mouth and started pumping her face with my meat while holding her head in my hands. What a feeling that was, Shilpi Bhabhi was holding my hips and Now I was moving my hips to and fro and my rod was moving in and out of her mouth with some speed. I could see her face, and that view was really very arousing.

Pressure was building inside me and I moved with bit of more speed and spoke while puffing “Bhabhi mera ho Jayega, and I want to cum in your mouth, Bhabhi please let me cum please take it in your mouth” Shilpi Bhabhi tried to push me, but I kept on pumping in her mouth and spoke again, “Nahi Bhabhi please, please please I am cumming cumming Oh shit, Bhabhi”.

Finally I pressed tip of my rod on Shilpi Bhabhi’s tongue and shivered after squeezing my hips together, and spewed few drops of white cum in her lovely mouth. She immediately got up and ran towards the washroom and spited whatever I injected in her mouth.

I was lying on the bed and looking at her, I could see her standing in front of washbasin facing away from me. Her ass was wide and heavy. She turned and came to the bed walking totally nude.

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