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Mallu guy having sex with neighbourhood aunty

This is Suresh, and I am big fan and regular reader of Human digests and I want share my first sexual experience with my Aunty. I am 20 yrs old. My English is not good, so pls forgive if any were mistakes have. I narrating this story with my aunt’s computer, which she used to chat and call her husband, I am from Kerala and this is not my real Aunty, she is my neighbor.

Sreeja Aunty is 37 yrs old and she has one daughter of 8 yrs old. Her husband is working in Canada. She is very cute and gorgeous, her stats was 34-30-36. I used to visit her home, and any work is there I will do it any she will pay some money and my family they don’t have any doubt or any problem. She was wore modern dress like small skirts, t shirts, dress like college girls wear.

She was born in out of kerala and she study in outside Kearla bcoz her father was a military person so she was in almost all the state. When ever I see her I used to watch her body structure I used to make fantasy and make masturbate as think that I am fucking her. One day she gave me a call and told that she wants to go for a shopping and can I accompany her.

I told okay and I will come there, so she told me to take Ur bike also so we can go in your bike. I thank god that I can make ride with my super Aunty. I reached her home very soon she was dressing in her room. She told me to wait in the hall. After 5 minute she came out. She was in a tight jeans and t shirt. I start my bike aunty sit on my bike we went to the market.

Purposely I put sudden brake I thought so that time her boobs will touch on my body which she realize that and told me Suresh go slowly I don’t want to rush, then I made it slowly. Then aunty keep her hand on my shoulder, I pray God this was I want. Her boobs were touching my body and mine was starting erect.

We reached market, she went to a shop and I was standing outside. After some time she came out and ask me whether I need anything which I told that no need. Then we went to a coffee shop have a coffee and returned to home. On the way rain start, I thought don’t want to stop will go fast. My luck the rain start heavy she told that we will wait some time then will go.

I stop my bike that was a lonely place and I park my bike in tree corner. We were completely wet, aunty was wore a thin t shirt and I can fully see her black bra in that rain mine was start erecting. I was looking that view and aunty realize that and she couldn’t do anything. I told her aunty we will go home this rain will not stop.

She ask me how will go in this rain and the drop is badly hitting me. In my mind start some doubt, bcoz I was looking her body and she don’t have any hesitating. After that rain little slow she told okay we will move. Then I start my bike and come to home this time she catch on my stomach like a husband and wife going.

My doubt increased and I can’t ask anything because I was firing that if I tell like some that she will tell my home. We reach home before I stop my bike she came out and she fell down in the parking place and it was very hard. She was crying, I keep my bike in stand came to help her and I ask her with out asking me why u came out?

I help her to stand I put her hand in my shoulder and take her inside. Her daughter was in the school. We were fully wet and I take her in to the bathroom. She lock the bathroom and remove her all wet dress, that time she came to know that she didn’t take anything to change. I was changing my dress and wore a lungi which was in the hall and I don’t have any shirt.

She calls me and told that pls help to get her cloth from her bedroom. I went to her bedroom and saw that one nighty was lying in the bed. I took that and thought to give this. Then one bra and panty fell down I taken that also and smell it. It was very good smell. She again calls me then I given all that to bathroom.

She opens the bath room little and she gave her hand only out and I given all cloth to her and I went to kitchen to make a tea. She again calls me and told that her knee is paining pls again help her to have a sit in the sofa. I put her hand on my shoulder and take her to the hall. The boobs were badly touching my shoulder. Then I went to kitchen again and bring two teas.

I gave a cup of tea to her and one I drink. She was acting too much that her knee is paining. I ask her that whether we will go to hospital. She ask me again in the rain how we will go and she was crying. After some time she asks me Suresh can put some bam on my knee. I told okay aunty where the bam is. She points me to take the bam. I bring the bam and sit in the floor.

She was sitting on the sofa, I took he leg and keep on my lap and I moved her nighty up to knee and start putting bam. Again mine was start erect when I see her leg up to knee. After some time I ask aunty how it is, she told me it is better and massage little more time. This time she lay on the sofa and making some sound.

I make sure that her legs finger will not touch on my dick. Unfortunately it happened either she knowingly touch or not, I keep little back because I thought if she came to know about my dick is erected do to see her knee she will stop all this. Some time later again I ask how u feel now. This time she went to woke she got muscles in her thigh.

She asks me to massage there also, I told her aunty then you should fold your nighty little more up, which she told me to do and do it fast. I fold her nighty up to the upper thigh, which view again bold in my dick. I was massaging aunt again lied on the sofa. I was massaging and seeing aunts and this time I can see her panty which I smelled before.

Aunt was making some sound which I think by pain she was crying. She was getting excitement while I was massaging. After some time aunt again sit on the sofa and looking at me. I was looking on her and some time I was looking on her panty. This time she came to sit with me in the floor and gave me a kiss in my lips and hug me told pls make a good massage in her full body.

I ask aunt what are u saying. She told me that I know you need me and the way u ride the bike and the way you look Suresh u pls make me happy you know that once uncle left I was dying for this one moment. Then I told her that we will move to ur bed room. She took me in her bedroom and lied in her bed. I start to remove her nighty.

She told me Suresh don’t make in hurry Suchi mol will come at 5.30 and we have more time. I then start kiss from her leg and come to top. I was kissing her full body. Her boobs were big and I suck and bite there. She had perfect figure which we always hide in her dress. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white and pinky nipples.

Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning. I removed her panty also besides her panty was wet with her juice. I remove that and put my tongue and start licking and she was moaning. I put my tongue in to deep and she was loudly moaning. After that I remove my lungi and she took in her plam and start rubbing.

She told me Suresh Ur dick is big and then she opens her mouth and I put in her mouth. She gave me a good blow job. Again I climb on her body and start sucking her boobs and navel. I went down found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices. I started licking the outer area and inner thigh.

She become damm hot, she start pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping cunt. I instated my tongue in to her pussy start licking. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking me to do more and more. Too good lick me hard and suck me ahhhh, good……. Hmmmm.

Then I put my one finger then three and he got pain and cried. I put my tongue again start licking fast which she gave me her first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure. I readily licked face and start kissing her thigh and her hot pussy. She was relaxed. I ordered her to take my toll in to her mouth and make it hard as a rock.

She did the same way and she rolling her tongue over the head as if she is having an ice cream. I was enjoying and my hands were busy to pumping and pressing her breast. She was a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Then I moved to her pussy and I put my dick in to her pussy and it was too tight to insert.

She started pumping and slowly she took my monster inside her. She started moaning with pleasure and I too was enjoying. Her breasts were near my mouth and I didn’t waste any time and took in to mouth and suck them. I ask her to turned so that we can do doggie style which she told Suresh I don’t like that so u want to do what ever u want to not that.

I agree with her and start in 69 positions. Then I continued to fuck and make her enjoy. We continue another 10 minute and I offload in there and on her mouth. What a relief. I felt straight on the bed tried and feeling a short breath. She too kept her head on my shoulder and we slept for an hour in that position. At around 1.30 pm I got up and saw she was lying naked next to me.

Looking at her stunning beauty my tool became more hard and with out she knowing I started licking her pussy again. She started moaning again and she got up and looking my tool is it ready for doing again. She told let we make fresh and have lunch then we will go for another ride. We gone to bathroom together and each other wash out then come to bedroom to put the cloths.

She was going to wear the nighty I told her aunty u put the skirt there u are looking very good. Then she wore a mini skirt and t shirt. We gone to dining hall and have a lunch. After that we come again in the bedroom for a rest we each lied on the bed and give kiss. She told me let us relax 30 minute then will start.

Then we slept for one hour and again we start one more session with all the passion which will narrate that story once I get the feedback of this story. Still I am continue the affair and when ever she need me and when I like to fuck we are having expect when uncle is coming for vacation.

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