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Sadhika and Nakul having hot sex - I

Couple of weeks back by coincidence I found this site and fortunately among hundreds of lustful stories I read few soulful narrations and those lovely narrations inspired me to write this. I don’t know whether my effort will get published on the site or not as I am not sure that blog owner or readers will consider it as a sex story.

This is true incident and I was very hesitant to write my love making session but I have tried to write it down in a way I liked, because for me it was just not sex which I had, it was something else and I don’t know what it was. I am sure many of readers will not feel it worth reading, even then I am writing, just because I want to write.

I am Sadhika, a good looking girl in her mid thirties and the only child of my parents, who is at present all alone in this world because both of my parents have passed away and I got separated from my husband just after few months of their expiry. Now if I get to the point straight away.

I remember it was Monday and I was very disappointed while getting down of a building of a big buying house of NCR. As I said I was separated from my husband from around last three-four years and since then I was struggling financially and tell you truly this financial crunch was taking my life and couple of times I thought about throwing away my ethics and dignity

as many times I got hint from my seniors that being a beautiful woman I can turn many things into my favor, but I have never been convinced by myself that I should do this to get a good job or in my past job to get a raise or job security. More or less I was jobless from last six months and now I was having only couple of denomination of 500 of Indian currency in my wallet.

Rent of two months of my one room flat was due and I was really much tensed, and hope of getting a job in this buying house was also shattered. From last six months I was suffering from almost all the problems of life. I was getting into depression; mainly because I knew that I will be thrown out of the house if I will not clear the dues of my land lord

by the end of this month as he was continuously reminding me for that. There was physical weakness in my body too because I was not eating properly from last two months just to save money because I had limited amount. I was lost in my thoughts while walking out, thinking about any other way out.

I had few friends who were avoiding me these days because they all knew my condition and most of them were assuming that I am seeking financial help from them. As I crossed reception area of the ground floor of the building, a male voice from behind stopped me, “Sadhika didi” I turned, a tall good looking guy with specs was standing with a question on his face that whether I am Sadhika or not.

I said yes, He smiled and said “pahchana nahi” I tried to recall but I could not, after few seconds he said, “Nakul, remember”, I got it, “hi, how are you” I smiled more; he seemed happy to see me and spoke in enthusiasm “I am fine, how are you and how come you are here”. Instead of giving him my actual concern I asked him

“do you work here” he said, “no, they are my company’s customer, we do job work for them, and you”? He asked me further and I lied, “I had a friend, who was working here a year back, so I just wanted to meet her, but she had left the job long time back and now I don’t have her any contact number”.

“How is life” he was really very happy to see me and with a same gesture he asked further, I said, “Good, and what about you, you have changed a lot in these years”. He blushed and asked me to wait on reception because he had some work in office. I gave a thought to this for few seconds and intentionally moved out just to get away from him,

I really did not have courage to face his questions and with in 5-10 minutes, once again I was lost for him in this big world. Nakul was around four-five years younger than me and he was actually younger brother of my tutor and to be more precise, he was younger brother of my first boy friend Rakesh.

At one time Rakesh use to teach me, and I studied from him for five continues years from 11th standard till the end of my graduation. Gradually my relation with his brother improved and one day Rakesh proposed me and I accepted, at that time I was in second year of my graduation and he was around 3-4 years elder to me.

From the beginning Nakul use to address me Didi after my name. And after some time he also came to knew about my relation with his brother because he caught us kissing when he unexpectedly entered in study room when I was studying with his brother. I remember for next few days I remained missing from my tuitions and finally Rakesh talked to Nakul on whatever happened

(that he has seen us kissing), I don’t know what Rakesh said to his brother but Nakul promised that he will keep this up to him only, I continued my tuitions at his house and gradually my relation with Nakul enhanced and I saw he started taking care of me and started respecting me.

Actually this happened long time back and suddenly meeting Nakul after more than a decade, made me realize my first biggest mistake of life and it was my dumping of Rakesh for a better person and that person was Raman, with whom I got married later and finally broke after around 3-4 years of married life.

My husband Raman was actually friend of Rakesh and I was referred by him to Raman for a job in his company after my masters. After working of around 3-4 months Raman proposed me, although he knew that I am girlfriend of his friend and unfortunately I accepted his proposal and decided to dump Rakesh, seeking better,

luxurious and comfortable life with Raman as he belonged to much richer and settled family background as compared to Rakesh. At that time big drama took place on this matter and finally because of me friendship between Rakesh and Raman ended after a proper abusing fight. I got engaged with Raman, later I got married to him.

Reason I got separated from Raman (my husband) was his character. He was not faithful to me from the beginning, as I got married to him and he got me on bed, he was somewhat over with me just after few months and eventually I came to knew that he is having sex very casually with one girl who was working in his office and with couple of more girls which were in his contact someway.

I tried my level best to take Raman on track with whatever I could do but I remained unsuccessful and finally after a big clash I got separated from him and started my life all over again. Well that was something about me, Rakesh and Raman, Nakul did not had any connection with this.

From the very beginning, he was cheerful person who always needed happiness around his life. Nakul was one who always remained in pleasant gesture no matter whatever happens. I knew him from the time when he was just 11 and was in his touch till he entered in his sweet sixteen and also for some more time and considerably it is a time when basic nature of a person

gets into formation and his nature was best among his all family members. He was a kind of a person who always use to seek happiness in others happiness. He always did every task given to him with a smile and among all I was having special place in his mind or heart because he was very much emotionally attached with his elder brother and after one point he knew my relation with his brother,

may be at that time he was expecting that I will be his future Bhabhi and in that period he really cared for me a lot. Well that was really very long time back and at present my life had altogether different priorities and if I get back to the present, after around 30 minutes when I was well away from that place I got a call on my mobile,

it was Nakul again and first thing he asked was that why you went off so quickly. I was bit shocked, I didn’t knew that from where he got my cell number, and before asking that I said that I had to meet somebody that’s why and after that I asked him from where he got my number, he said from your resume, which you handed over to particular person in accounts office.

I was bit embarrassed and wanted to finish the conversation and for that I lied again that I have very less battery in mobile hand set so I cannot talk much, and I will call him later. Our conversation ended and I got very depressed. I came back to my place, as I did not have any place to go.

I remember, not only that day but for next few days I was recalling my past and again and again I was realizing my biggest mistake of life. Couple of times I got lost in day dreaming that how life would have been if I would have married to Rakesh, I was well mixed with his family and many times Rakesh also visited my place to teach me and more over our families also knew each other

casually because we were not living very far from each other, rather in the same area of South Delhi but in different block which was hardly 15-20 minutes walking. Finally I came out from those thoughts with frustration and got further depressed. Few days passed like that, I visited few more places seeking any job but every time I got disappointed and came back to my place dead tired.

Finally the day came from which I was scared. It was beginning of the month and when I reached to my place in the evening my flat was locked with a new lock. My heart started beating fast and when I asked my land lord about this, his wife bluntly said that I had to pay three months rent then only they will allow me living here and before that they will not give my stuff to me even.

For me it was a disaster, I did not have any place to go. Though I had few relatives in town but something was stopping me from seeking any help from them, I remember all my relatives were against my marriage including my parents, gradually my parents surrendered for my happiness but all other relatives always showed reluctant behavior for me,

my husband and for my parents and because of that had few fights with them in those years. It was my ego who was holding me from getting any help from them. I walked out from there and after a long tussle within myself. I decided to call Nakul and asked him if he can come to my place. He instantly said yes with a cheerful voice and in an hour he was there with a smile.

I met him in my colonies park and explained him my condition with a throbbing heart and started crying while talking to him. He stopped me from crying and said, “please don’t get tensed, I am with you”. I looked at him, he was smiling like he use to. He had a car and He took me along to one ATM machine and withdrew cash for three months rent

and we came back to my flat and he told me to pack my stuff. I looked at him with a question, why, for which he said that paying dues of land lord will not solve the problem, because next month he (landlord) will again try to throw me out. Nakul told me that he is having a single room flat on his houses terrace with a separate kitchen and toilet which is at present used as a store room,

so he will make that room livable for me and from today onwards I do not have to worry about rent of the flat. I was hesitant to accept that favor from him and I tried to say no to it, reading by brain he tried convincing me by saying that he will start accepting rent from me whenever I will get a job. I was still biased thinking about his parents and moreover his brother,

who was very possessive as far as I knew, and finally I spoke to him about this confounding mental state. He gently said, that he live alone and his parents are no more in this world, next thing which I spoke was “and your brother”, once again he said, “We don’t live together, I live alone”.

I tried to ask him further for whom he said, that he will explain me everything later and I do not have to worry about anybody and assured me that I will be safe with him. I smiled on his statement of saying that I am safe with him, as I understood what he meant by saying safe, that he will not try anything weird with me.

Finally I accepted his proposal as my instinct assured me that I will be safe with him in every aspect. I packed my stuff and he managed to get a cycle trolley on which bigger stuff can be shifted and finally by night I was sitting in his house. For me it was really a very emotional moment.

It was the same house in which I use to come to study from his brother and in an instant I recalled everything about that house. Everything seemed same to me as it was, except the perspective to look at that house. He showed me whole house with a smile and tried to make me recall few things by saying remember this and remember that.

I was silent while looking at things while roaming in the flat and finally I busted in cry as I saw that study table which was kept there, where it was kept more than 10 years back. Friends I cannot write what I was feeling at that time because it cannot be written in any language, it was something which can only be felt.

After getting normal he showed me the terrace flat which was fully occupied with a junk and for which he said that he will clean this room on week end and till then I can stay in the other bedroom which belonged to his parents in the past and after saying that he added that I can bolt the door from inside in the night.

I understood what he meant by that, he was assuring me again that he will not harm me or to be more precise he will not try to rape me, and if I am feeling any insecurity than I can lock the door from inside. I was already in very emotional state and hearing that I felt like crying again and spoke while crying that please don’t embarrass me saying that again,

I am not afraid of you, that I know you cannot harm me in anyway. He smiled bit, and I saw water floating in his eyes too. I felt like hugging him and I hugged him tight while crying and saying thank you. We came down to the main house and then he took me out for dinner and we had good nutritious food and I remember that day I ate full stomach after a very long time,

as I was eating only junk from last three months to save money. Our conversation during dinner was very casual, like what kind of job I am seeking and exactly what he is doing and what he is getting as a salary and incentive. I wanted to talk to him about his personal life but don’t know why I was hesitating asking him about his brother and other family members.

I was unable to ask him anything through out the meal and finally while entering back in the house he said, “I still remember, you make excellent coffee”. I smiled I knew he was very fond of coffee and at the time he had his first coffee, it was made by me only, in his house during our examination period.

Before that he use to have only milk and his taste was not at all developed for the bitter thing and he was unable to finish even a half mug, but slowly his taste buds grew and he started liking coffee. I went inside the kitchen, he had everything there but I could see that he was hardly using kitchen, as he use to eat outside and mainly kitchen was used to make handy food like eggs,

Maggi, tea or coffee. I came out of kitchen having 2 mugs of coffee and we sat together in a living room, and I asked him that why he do not cook. His reply was that he doesn’t know cooking and he has tried couple of times and spoiled the food. For that I said that from now I will cook.

He smiled and thanked me for that and said that it will be biggest boon for him because he was suffering from many digestion problems because of the food he eat. Our conversation continued and slowly I came to knew everything about his past, which was really heart breaking. Initially he and his brother started business after selling one of there inherited property and

fortunately that clicked and in next five years they made good money and bought big industrial property and continued there work on there own land, as Nakul was very much attached to his brother, so he trusted him and never bothered about legal matters and that was his biggest mistake,

after his brother’s marriage and parents expiry his brother did cheating and simply threw him out of the business with in a year. According to him his brother cheated him because of his Bhabhi and actually she aggravated his brother to do this, and finally after lot of tension he got this house which valued only half of his share, rest 75 percent of total value went into his brother’s pocket.

I still remember when he was telling me his entire life happening, he was really very sad, and I know he was not sad because of monetary loss, I knew this fact that he was emotionally attached with his elder brother, like I have never seen anybody and he was depress because he was cheated by his loving brother.

He was not one who was bothered about money, He was single, having his own house, earning nearly half a lakh, which I think was enough for him, it was his brother’s dishonesty who really killed him and for me everything was really very heart breaking and I never expected this from Rakesh and as I said this to him that

“I am really shocked to hear this, that Rakesh (his brother) cheated you like this”, he innocently said with water floating in his eyes that “if you would have been my Bhabhi then this would have not happened”. Friends I cannot write what I felt at that time, sometimes few moments go beyond description and that moment was one of them,

his words really made me cry and we both started crying while looking at each other. That night we chatted till 2 and I too detailed him my past and finally we went to sleep. I lived there with him and cooked for him and on weekend we both made that single room portion inhabitable and finally I got shifted upstairs.

He tried for my job on his end and finally after around month I got good job and I started giving his money back and after bit of argument he accepted that money. In that period and even after that I was cooking for him and we were using same kitchen, we use to eat together, breakfast and dinner and slowly we started redecorating house.

Gradually and unknowingly we were getting closer and closer. Countless times we went out sometimes for movie and sometimes just to roam and had good time together, he was happy as he has found good friend and like past he really cared for me and this time I too cared for him. In spite of our closeness and frankness I never felt that he stared at me or saw me that way.

Rather I must say that I was bit amazed with his clean and pure nature and because of that I was getting attracted towards him. I was somewhat falling in love with him, it was like a my new birth and it was all because of him, but I never expected same feeling from him for myself, I was not at all deserving that, I was happy and delighted with whatever I got from him, his company,

his affection, his care and whatever he had for me, love and respect.. I was working and earning, living on the terrace flat, he was also working, and more or less we were enjoying life, we both use to go for shopping together and sometimes use to buy gifts for each other. We were living together like this from nearly 4 months and unknowingly bond of our relation was getting stronger and stronger,

though there was no hesitation in our conversation, and once we discussed that incident in which we (I and his brother) were caught kissing red handed by him and he told me that how his brother talked to him about that. Apart from our closeness there was some distance which was unsaid and we both maintained that distance,

we never touched each other except while shaking hands and once when I hugged him on the very first day while crying. I don’t know what he had in his mind because he never reflected any sexual attraction towards me through his gesture and always addressed me Didi(sister in Hindi),

but somewhere I had a desire to touch him and for that I use to look for chances on which I can shake hand with him. It may seem funny to you but it is true that I was getting attracted towards him and I am sure it was just not lust; it was much more than that. I think anybody who has gradually fallen in love with someone can only understand, my that state of mind.

Like that few more weeks passed and we got further closer. Somewhere we both were getting addicted of each other without touching each other and that was the most beautiful part of our relation, we were best friends and I could see myself falling in love. I remember on one fine day in the evening when I was cooking in kitchen and he was sitting on slab eating something while chit chatting,

I asked him that when he is planning to get married. He looked at me and bluntly said “I don’t want to get married” with a gesture as he did not like my question, I pleasantly asked “why” with a smile. He got down from the slab of the kitchen and went out to watch television after saying; “bass nahi karni” means “I just don’t want”.

I continued working and while having meal I asked him the reason behind his decision of not getting married. This time he said that the concept marriage has ruined his life(it was understood that he was talking about his brother), so he just wants to live alone like this only. I smiled on his immature reply and intentionally I teased him naughtily and asked him that

“I think you are afraid of something”, he smiled and said while blushing “no, I am not afraid of anything, I just want to live alone”, I spoke further while looking into his eyes, “you are missing something, which is really beautiful”, he smiled and asked “what..... sex”?

I said “yes, sex and love both” he looked down and focused on his food and said, “Leave it; I don’t want to do it”. Conversation was getting sensitive so I just stopped going further and tried to change the topic and we continued our dinner. To Be Continued...

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Posted by rahul_agarwal
on: October 26, 2010 1:08 PM | Reply

Well I really feel sorry for wht happened with u. Its very hard to live alone or left alone. But I feel that one shld not let go his/her ethics.
Hope u have an exciting and gr8 life ahead

Posted by Ramana
on: October 26, 2010 1:26 PM | Reply

Good Narration........... Sadhika

What a story. Wish to read such stories more.

Posted by Raj
on: October 26, 2010 2:21 PM | Reply

Hi Sadhika...i dont know if its ur real name but 1st of all really very nice nd sweet name...OMG...really Vry touchin story....great narration...its really not a regular story on debonair but pretty awesom...i can feel u Wht u felt while writin this...truly speakin u can write a novel yaar...i dont know how much i engrossed in it...i cant wait further to hear from u...plz editor publish the next part soon....i know many ppl here wont lik this kind of stuff but as a life prospectus it jus someones life who want to share with up...its really very nice to read this story...eagerly waitin for other part or parts...

Posted by BHAI DUTT
on: October 26, 2010 6:32 PM | Reply

Just one word. Excellent. What level of writing man. I am eagerly waiting for the next part. Please write early.

Posted by kamal
on: October 26, 2010 7:06 PM | Reply

Gr8 write-up yaar..! Carry on with ur remaining part. Its really touching after a long time.

Posted by siddharth
on: October 26, 2010 8:12 PM | Reply

very sweet story eagerly waiting 4 next part.......

Posted by piyush
on: October 26, 2010 8:12 PM | Reply

some times i really thnk of writing my own story after reading such good story very well desribed.
i thnk this wud be really a true story

hey sadhika its a very nice story...pls post ur another part...can wait...

Posted by Ravi
on: October 26, 2010 8:35 PM | Reply

hey.....excellent narrration....just upload the real part...of sex

Posted by Sam
on: October 26, 2010 9:00 PM | Reply

Best story ever i read
Actually i should tell its not just sex story but a good novel
Sadhika eagerly waiting for 2nd part of this
And yes i hav read more than 200 stories on net bt this is my first comment on any story

Posted by Kunal
on: October 27, 2010 2:50 AM | Reply

what a selfish slut u are!!...first the elder bro, then his friend and now the younger bro!!! awesome...first u want ur stomach to be full then you desire that ur pussy gets filled too...

Really nice story, if it is real. Very beautifully narrated. Waiting for the next part!! But is it really true? If it is then y r u mentioning the real names? :O

Posted by Srikanth
on: October 27, 2010 8:38 AM | Reply

It was really a touching one...
I liked it very very much..

Posted by Aaa
on: October 27, 2010 9:46 AM | Reply

Fucking story

Posted by Gora
on: October 27, 2010 2:09 PM | Reply

Great narration.Very honest and touching descriptions of a damsel in distress.She could be any one one's next door neighbor.

Posted by abhishek
on: October 27, 2010 4:12 PM | Reply

Best story ever i read. i never read any story like this on any site before this. its really touch me.

Posted by Prasad
on: October 27, 2010 10:11 PM | Reply

Hey sadi really awesome story yaar;-) u r sexy but see wat god has written in ur fate;-) Gud lookin gals doesn't get Gud lyf;-) i'm really sorry for my comments;-) anyhow b happy till ur last breath;-) bye;-) tkcr;-)

Posted by Samey_c
on: October 28, 2010 2:17 AM | Reply

It ws grt story shadika i am sad 2 lisen about u life grt 1 i hv lisen in my life take care alwas shadika and take care of u health frnd post next story i am w8ting ok bye take care ok

Posted by Rahul
on: October 28, 2010 3:22 AM | Reply

Pl. come up with the next part, fast.............. I cant wait

Posted by Akon
on: October 28, 2010 3:45 AM | Reply

Hi all readers,
diamond is a diamond if it's in a jewellry shop or in some garbbage. Garbbage stories never leave fucking their own mother to sisters, in that I have seen few diamonds and looking for more from debonair blog. I have seen one command here mentioned she is moving one to one. Am asking, u peoples always praise mother fuckers & who tells lies and act smart & who r all praising you, & u never adore who reveille the truth. Truth bites but tars real. Iam reallly proud of u sadika to dare to reveille. Respectable women.

Posted by Deep
on: October 28, 2010 3:59 AM | Reply

Hi Sadhika,
Awsome sorry to hear about your life but you are on the correct path.... Carry on forget those old sayings ethics etc... Life never stops so why will you stop... "Zindagi kisi ke liye rukti nehi toh hum kyun ruke apni zindagi mein"...

@Raj I agree with you... Sadhika you can get in touch with a publisher and get a copy of the detailed version printed.

Waiting for the 2nd part...

Posted by Thakur
on: October 28, 2010 5:27 AM | Reply

Every learn with life
what the life gives nobody gives u
life gives u another chance to make u r life perfect
in selfishness u leave ur true love what u got¿ Only pain
if again ur mind go 4 selfishness remember ur past
rather if it is ur imagination so i will give u 6.5/10
because nakul just came in ur life when their is no hope left

Posted by yaar
on: October 28, 2010 5:32 AM | Reply

Excellent... This is exactly why I visit this site. Don't mind sorting out hundred stories to find such one gem.

Posted by raj
on: October 28, 2010 7:07 AM | Reply

Just one word. Excellent. What level of writing man. I am eagerly waiting for the next part. Please write early

Posted by BADAL
on: October 28, 2010 9:13 AM | Reply


randi saali...u had sex vit two men..isn't dat enuff 2 satiate the thirst of ya pussy..u brother fucker..atleast leave that innocent fellow 2 his fate!!

Posted by Karthick
on: October 28, 2010 6:47 PM | Reply

Wow... really superb saadhi!!! Excellent.... everyone will write noly their sex stories here... but U R something different.... Really heart touching... when U were alone and no one is there to support U Nakul is really a wonderful character... Fantabulous story.............

wow really a good one
i have never read such a good story....
this is the best one.

Posted by sahil
on: November 2, 2010 9:46 PM | Reply

I cried,in btwn the narration, yes true.
Sadhika, wana tel u smthng. There's a god above, u betrayed rakesh for money, god punished u and when he made u realise tht u had done a mistake, and after u realised it he sent an angel.
PS: Money is not everything in life.

So all's well ends well.

Posted by Fareed
on: December 10, 2010 12:27 AM | Reply

Awesome story
Waiting for the next episode

Posted by Kartik
on: May 21, 2011 6:09 PM | Reply

Hi Sadhika. First of all your narration was excellent. Forget your past and live in your present. Dont worry everything will be ok.

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