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Sadhika and Nakul having hot sex - II

Previously: Sadhika and Nakul having hot sex - II

I felt that he is really very sensitive guy which we hardly see in this brutal world and I could see that sorrow of life have literary crushed him, first was demise of his parents and just after few months of that deceit of his brother made him take this decision that he will live alone through out life.

I knew he was not afraid of anything at least sex, I think he was afraid that after marriage he will also change and will become like his brother. I don’t know what was happening to me, in my free time I use to think about him only and I really started liking that. Truly speaking I never thought about having sex with him in those thoughts,

I just wanted to spend more and more time with him and I was getting plenty of it, but still I hungered for more and more. Instant of going out with him I always preferred sitting at home and chit chatting. Life was moving like that and unexpectedly something happened which bought us further close.

It was raining very heavy and by the time I came back home whole terrace was filled with water, as something choked the drainage pipe and there was water in my room too. I could not think of doing anything except waiting for Nakul to come because it was still raining continuously. After around half an hour he also came home and saw the condition and we immediately

started working on that after changing into pajama and t-shirt. Firstly he tried to clear the passage of drainage pipe but because it was raining heavy and we did not had much recourse to do that so we decided take off water manually, soon we were throwing water from buckets out of terrace straight on the road and that task was really tiring.

Because of water my clothes were stuck to my body and my seductive figure could arouse anybody at that time and that day first time I saw Nakul staring at me, like that, but not much. After around one hour of continues efforts we could see the result as the water level was fallen down and by that time it stopped raining.

Once again he tried to clear the choked drainage and this time he succeeded. Water drained out totally with in 15-20 minutes and he went down and asked me if I can make coffee for him. I said yes off course, I could see that he was dead tired and could not speak properly. I changed and came down, I straight away went to kitchen and made coffee and entered in his room after knocking.

He also changed and was sitting on bed with a double bed blanket wrapped around him. He was shivering from cold and I just got scared to see him like that. I didn’t knew his condition neither he told me, because of change of climate he was already feverish and above that he got this to do. Somehow he had coffee and slept saying that I can awake him for dinner.

After having coffee I felt that he will be able to recover but I was wrong, by the time I came again in his room after making dinner he was suffering from high fever. He was falling, we had thermometer and temperature was more than 101, and it was rising. I looked for medicine in his box, and it was almost empty.

Time was already 9 and market was bit far in which medical shop was there, thought I was willing to go even at that time too but Nakul stopped me saying that it had rained heavy and water will be accumulated on the street and there was also power cut and were on inverter, so roads were also dark.

He just requested me to stay with him for the night which was obvious for me, I could not think of leaving him alone. He had few just few bites as he was not feeling of eating anything and again slept. I packed up kitchen and came to his bedroom beside him and lied there. It was too early for me to sleep and there was no sign of sleep in me, thought I was tired too but still I was awake and thinking.

I saw him sleeping and he was looking very innocent, I caressed his fore head and kissed him there. He was not in sound sleep, he opened his eyes and looked at me and took my hand between his hands and took it closer to his head and tried to sleep, as if he wants to make sure that I am there with him and will not leave him when he will be slept.

I really liked that and I don’t know for how long I just stared at him when he was sleeping. Slowly I moved inside his blanket and tried to came further closer to him, don’t know what feeling made me doing that and in subconscious state Nakul grabbed me from side and wrapped his arm just below my breasts keeping one of his leg on my lower abdomen,

in a way we sleep with our loved ones. I felt good but just after a minute he realized and got up and looked at me in a sleepy state, I just hugged him and tried to make him sleep as he was sleeping while holding me saying, “koi baat nahi, just sleep”, but he was conscious and I could feel that he was alert as he has to be careful, and after few more seconds he spoke,

“aapko bhi infection ho jaayega” I smiled on his excuse and said, “mujhe kuch nahi hoga, you just try to sleep this will make you feel better”. He was in fever and very tired so soon his awareness surrendered and he went into sound sleep in my arms. I was wide awake till very late and really enjoyed having him in my arms;

I just don’t know what was that, love lust affection or anything which cannot be defined through any language. I could feel that his body temperature was getting down as he was sweating and that sweat was helping, though I was bit uncomfortable because fan was off and I was in blanket too but I was ready to tolerate anything for him.

I slept like that and by the morning I got up he was still sleeping tied with me. I got up and did preparation for breakfast and by that time he also got up and seemed very conscious while looking at me and tried to avoid direct eye contact. I did not tried to talk to him about that just to make him feel that nothing is odd and somewhere I was enjoying his blushing gestures.

We had breakfast together, I made lunch for him as he was on leave and I had office. Before leaving I bought Crocin for him and finally took a leave with a promise that I will come early. For the whole day in the office I cherished those moments of physical closeness with him and really enjoyed thinking that again and again.

I recalled from last few years I was struggling and just struggling, for some time in the beginning when I got separated from my husband I yearned for physical love but slowly that desire disappeared into my struggle for the basics and at present when I was having almost everything, like a good reputed job, decent place to live and a wonderful friend like Nakul,

I was craving more and more from life. I wanted more of him, physically and mentally, and this desire was touching heights in me. I was day reaming about getting sexually involved with him and just that thought kept me happy for the whole day. By the time day came to an end my mind was not in my control and desire of getting physical love was rising in me and I was trying to suppress that feeling,

because I could not predict him, he was most innocent creature ever came in my touch. Finally I reached home early in the evening, he opened the door and I greeted him and he responded but I could see that he was still uncomfortable and could not see in my eyes. At that time he was watching television in the other bedroom laying on bed, which was previously of his parents,

because only that bedroom had TV, unless he had one in living room. He was perfectly alright now I went inside kitchen to make some coffee for both of us after talking to him for a while, I came to that bedroom and we sat beside each other and focused on the TV and I could see that couple of times he turned to see me to say something but stopped.

After having coffee he lied on bed on the other side and I was sitting resting my back on back of the bed and we were watching television silently. Repeatedly he looked at me and tried to say something and I think could not gathered courage and finally I spoke and asked him, “what, you want to say something”, he looked at me and spoke with some hesitation

“I am sorry”, “for what” I asked him with a smile, “last night I just did that”, I laughed and teased him, “tumne kahan kuch kiya, you just slept, you haven’t done anything”. He also smiled on my naughty reply and again said, “No I mean, I hugged you like that”, I smiled and caressed his forehead, “there is nothing to say sorry about that”, and further asked him,

“you felt good na?” he blushed and softly said yes without looking into my eyes. I smiled and said “Even I felt good, I felt as if I was sleeping with my loved one” I further added, “I use to sleep with my father like that when I was kid”. He was blushing and tried to look into my eyes and found me smiling, he too smiled in response.

My instinct took me closer to him and I lied beside him and tried to get into his arms once again and he instantly grabbed me and we hugged each other very tight and I could feel his love and affection in that embrace and I too embraced him with my full emotions and we both were delighted with that wonderful feeling of hugging.

We got bit separated after a minute or two of tight hug and again hugged each other after looking into each others eyes, and this time after losing grip on each other we remained like that in each others arms with a closed eyes. When I opened my eyes, his eyes were still closed and I could feel his mind state, he never got closer to any female physically as he was laying

with me and because of that he was conscious. Don’t know what carried me further away my physical need, that is lust or my love for him, I just kissed him on his lips, for a second he trembled in shock, but I continued and soon he was responding to it and we were kissing each other.

I never had that kind of kiss through out my life till now, though technically it was not perfect because he didn’t knew how to kiss and he was trying to make it but the main thing which made that kiss so special was the feeling which we had for each other, and if not that at least the feeling which I had for him because I didn’t knew his feelings for me.

Couple of times we stopped and again started kissing and then again. Finally we hugged and remained in each other arms without looking at each other. We were just feeling each others body and that moment was really indescribable. We were living together from months and gradually came to this stage where two bodies got closer.

Truly speaking when today I recall that period of my life when I got closer to him it seems like my golden period of life to me and I recall every second of that time to pleasure myself. I almost whispered in his ear to ask, “Do you want to have sex”, without any movement he just said, “no”. I was bit amazed with his reply, as I was expecting yes from him but I just remained silent.

We just lied there like that for next few minutes and finally I got up. He remained there in front of television and I went up and changed and came back to work in kitchen. After few minutes he came in kitchen and said, let’s go out for dinner. I turned and asked him, why he said just because I am well now.

I agreed and soon we went out and roamed in a mall for a while and smiled many times while looking into each other’s eyes. Finally we dined in a Chinese cuisine and while having I asked him with a naughty smile that why is he afraid of sex. Once again he said that he is not afraid of anything, I further asked “then why you said no to it, you don’t like me”?

He looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, but cannot marry you” I could see in his eyes that whatever he said it came directly from his heart. I smiled and tried to be casual and humorous and said, “I was not asking for marriage, I asked you for making love; I know we cannot marry, and at this stage marriage has no importance for me, I have already seen that”.

He looked down and said “I am very confused and not mentally prepared for that”. I just smiled reflecting that I am impressed from him and seriously I was impressed with his personality and kind of nature he had. Through out the dinner and even till we reached back that topic never came in our conversation but there were many things which we spoke to each other on this matter through our eyes.

We were just looking at each other and smiling and I could see love in his eyes. I knew whatever he said that he loves me could be his misconception, because I was the only female who came in his life in that way and it is very easy to happen that one gets confused with love and attraction,

but I knew this for sure that I was in love with him and I was not expecting anything from him, neither I was getting crazy to sleep with him, I was just in love with him and I wanted to see him happy. I don’t know what he was thinking but he was very much occupied mentally and very conscious to speak anything and also while looking at me.

Finally we came home and after packing up the kitchen I had a plan to go upstairs to my room to sleep, but he stopped me holding my hand and asked if I can stay for some time. I smiled and asked “why, what will I do here” he said “I just want to be with you for some more time, we will watch television together” I agreed with a smile, as I could understand his mind state.

For next half an hour I was sitting on bed resting my back on the back of bed and he was lying resting his head on one of my thigh and I was caressing his hairs. As such we were not talking much but there was something which we both were suppressing and it was desire to get intimate.

Finally after a certain time where I could not control myself, I leaned on him and tried to kiss him and he responded to my kiss. I think he was at the mental state where he could not decide that whether he should do it or not, he wanted to do it but something was holding him back may be his ethics,

but that particular moment was so strong that it carried all our ethics and principals and soon we were tied in each other’s arms and kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. We were laying sideways and kissing, I could see that he was bit nervous as he was holding my body with some hesitation,

for which I grabbed him completely and pressed my body nicely with his and moved on of my leg between his legs so that my pubic zone can touch his pelvis. This act really excited him and he grabbed me too and we went into long delicate kiss. By the time we stopped kissing I was laying on his top and we both were out of breath.

“Nakul...” “Hmmm…,” he murmured. “Tell me...” “What?” “sex karna hai”, his heart skipped a beat, I could feel that he got nervous, “maine pahle kabhi nahi kiya” he spoke with a pounding heart, I gripped him and embraced him bit more tight and said, “I know, lekin maine kiya hai, aur mujhe tumhare saath karna hai,

I love you and I don’t know any other way to express my love” then there was silence for next few seconds and that silence was breath taking for me, by this time I needed his yes desperately and he was confused, I asked him again “bolo…. And I am not asking for marriage, I am asking just to have sex”,

and with that I got up bit and looked into his eyes and this time our eyes met and he could easily see lust in my eyes. Once again I spoke, “Nakul I love you” he embraced me tight gripping my body against his and I hugged him again while laying on his top finally after few more seconds his gentle voice touched my ears “I love you too, aur mujhe bhi aapke saath karna hai”.

That was the thing I was waiting and after getting his consent I just got unstoppable and once again we both were kissing and eating each other. Don’t know when and in how much time we got naked. We both were on bed wearing nothing at all and Nakul was really very uneasy, for the first time he was naked in front of a female whom he always addressed didi and that female

was also naked in front of him revealing all her secrets and once again our naked bodies got into harmony and our bare skin was touching each other’s bare skin, I took him over me and embraced him and pressed my breasts against his broad shoulders to pleasure myself and him too and as expected he moaned in pleasure.

He was on my top and we were kissing and my hand rolled down to touch his gentile, and as I touched his penis and took it in my hand it pleasured him a lot and I could feel the excitement through which he was going. I was nor the less excited and I adjusted myself spreading my legs wider, touching my love hole with his rod and next moment it just went inside me as he pushed himself.

Wow what a pleasurable moment that was and next few minutes I experienced real heaven while getting seduced by him and soon he buried himself deep inside my love hole and shivered like anything while cumming. He was puffing in excitement and dead tired after that resting on his back and I was laying beside him. As expected he surrendered very early and I was yet not over.

I got up used toilet to clean myself and brought wet towel for him to clean and soon after that we were laying naked in each other arms. “main aapko satisfy nahi kar paya na?” He spoke with bit of disappointment. He knew the fact, “koi baat nahi, I enjoyed a lot” I tried to make him relaxed.

We just remained like that for next few minutes and slowly he moved and came on my top and touched my breast and took one of them in his mouth and started sucking gently. Wow once again it was heaven and I realized what I was missing in last few years. He was sucking my melons like a child and I could see his excitement,

he sucked both of my breasts one by one before I took him under and started loving him to stimulate him more. I kissed allover his face intentionally leaving my saliva and moved down to his bare chest and continued loving him leaving lot of my saliva he was moaning and enjoying my experienced love making.

I moved further down and reaching his waist and licked that portion and I turned him around leaving his pelvis untouched to increase his excitement. Gradually he was turning on as I moved my wet lips on his back and almost licked his whole back and took a bite of flesh of his hips. I was kissing him allover his back and hips in excitement and he was wandering in heaven.

I turned him on his back and looked into his eyes, he was really very excited and to arouse him further I gripped his penis in my hand and jerked it bit after caressing his scrotum and that took him to further erection and in a split of second I took a decision and took his penis in my mouth and sucked it.

This act made him shiver in pain and excitement and he immediately stopped me, and once again took me under his naked body and spreading my legs once again penetrated me and went deep inside my love hole in a moment and immediately started making movements. He was riding on me and I was holding his whole body with my hands and wrapped legs.

I griped him tighter to get him further deep and that really made me feel like heaven on earth and after few more minutes of non stop movements I went through a shattering orgasm and in few more seconds he shivered in pleasure of touching another height of sexual pleasure. That night we slept there only and next morning before getting up from the bed we had another love session.

To my surprise I realized that Nakul is really very romantic man, just after couple of days of love making he asked me if I can take a leave from my office for a week, so we both took a leave from our office after some time and made a trip to one hill station and enjoyed each other’s company mentally and physically.

From that day a new romantic era of our life started, and Nakul showed me exactly what heaven could be on earth and I realized that it’s not money or luxuries of life, it’s only love and just love, and a true love can bring you out of all miseries of life no matter whatever happened with you.

We both needed each other and somehow we just made it, though sometimes I feel that I really don’t deserve him but he really loves me and very much depending on me emotionally. It’s not that we are living hurdle free life, we have certain problems like when his brother came to knew about our relation he criticized him among few of there relatives but Nakul

remained unmoved and never bothered about anybody and just to give me mental peace from all those arguments he asked me couple of times if I want to marry him to get security but the fact is that I am not bothered about marriage, any such ties cannot give me any security, we are somewhat in live in relationship and apart from all controversies,

I am living in heaven and from last couple of months strange desire is raising head in me, I want to give birth to his child but I really don’t know how to talk to him. I am sure he will not say no to it but before that he will marry me and I don’t want to bind him any such ties, I just want to give birth to my love for him.

I know many readers will think that I am very selfish and I am making use of his innocence, it hardly matters to me. I have gone through many miseries of life and after a long time I am happy, satisfied and truly enjoying life and that almighty has given me this after a long lasted punishment.

I have accepted the things to which fate has bounded me, I love him, as my destiny has brought him for me and I am doing it with all my heart. I feel that ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters,

you choose them as your guides, and following them you reach your destiny, I just trying to do that. That’s what all I had to say or write: bye. Write comments if possible and forgive me for my unlimited grammatical mistakes.

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Comments (54)

Posted by Raj
on: October 27, 2010 2:14 PM | Reply

Its really wonderful whatever u have said. The narration is excellent and brought life to it....

Hope u will find love and solace
All the Best....

Posted by diksha
on: October 27, 2010 4:17 PM | Reply

again an awesome story..
tell us more about what happened next..

Posted by aj
on: October 27, 2010 7:43 PM | Reply

realy very nice story. It was different frm the league. It was not like all the other cheap n vulgur stories. And its my personnel suggestion that if nakul is agreed to marriage then u shud also definetely marry him so that u can give ur child his father's name. But ya its useful only when the story was true!!!

Posted by Bad Boy
on: October 27, 2010 7:45 PM | Reply

nice narration, nice story.., feels like happened in your life. from last two years i am reading stories in this site but i didnt feel real in stories...

u r right....carry on same relation ship

Posted by Mrinal
on: October 27, 2010 8:04 PM | Reply

It was a very heart touching romantic story,i wish i could have such a love in life which is very much trustful.

Posted by Paki_Stud
on: October 27, 2010 8:04 PM | Reply

May U Have A Good Life Ahead...

Posted by MOHAN
on: October 27, 2010 8:11 PM | Reply

Sadhika , Absolutely gripping narration , with feelings that sound so pure & divine !
Well written & all the best to both of you!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic love story.. Please marry him and live happily till the end by giving birth to his child. God bless you dear.

Posted by Tom
on: October 27, 2010 8:17 PM | Reply

very sensitve...... Didi take care of him.

Posted by nayan
on: October 27, 2010 9:28 PM | Reply


All I want to say is God bless you and Nakul. Though my last comment was not published here, I hope this one will not be filtered out by moderators.


Posted by Manu
on: October 27, 2010 9:44 PM | Reply

really a heart touching story. life is not easy for all , many have to strive hard to become successful and be happy

hey sadhika this is the best story i ever read on this site.bye and gud luck.

Posted by manish
on: October 28, 2010 1:43 AM | Reply

sadhika the most important thing in life is love ,i have read lot of stories here but you really discovered the essence of life that is LOVE, people use their bodies just for sheer lust, without realizing that without love we are incomplete, kudos and hats of to you
Keep going almighty will take care of you

Posted by unsatisfied
on: October 28, 2010 2:26 AM | Reply

That was Awesome!!!
u shud marry!!

Posted by kevin
on: October 28, 2010 2:32 AM | Reply

i read many stories in this site, but this story is true and awesome . Nakul the great , no one ll be like him. Ur love towards him is pure .the story is full of lov , not even one percent lust. Pls marry him and live happily

Posted by Ritesh Mohan Idnani
on: October 28, 2010 2:46 AM | Reply

Hi, looks like you are really happy with this guy. You are lucky that you didnt get to interact with me. I seduce women ( mostly married as i am married too!) and trap them in my love net. Basically its a power game for me, rules are simple......just make them feel that i love them deeply and the moment they also say yes and get emotionally attached with me, I ditch them after spending one night with them. My wife is also a total slut so we basically enjoy our lives although not with each other. So if any lady living in the US wants to enjoy, just let me know! Cheers

Posted by prashad
on: October 28, 2010 3:30 AM | Reply

Dear Sadhika,
There is something called "love undefinable".some are blessed with this during the course ones life time.But others live a life of compromises.I really appreciate your boldness & accept that your commitment after all the missreies you have gone through, is amazing.This is possible only when one is committed.Care a hang to what people think or say.In the end of it what matters is "AS to what you & Nakul wants.Either way the world will criticize either way.This sacrifice is possible only by women.A woman become a sister,lover,life partner,wife & a mother too.In various forms & times they encounter in their life time.End of the day the truth is" One can make a HOUSE but not a HOME".This is done by only a woman that is committed to her loved one.SO keep going as long it lasts.Life is short.ENJOY & take good care of NAKUL.if he is not a fictional identity in your write up . GOd bless you both.

Posted by kunal
on: October 28, 2010 4:01 AM | Reply

You know what bitch? your selfish,greedy...and slutty nature drove the elder bro to be money minded.....when he saw that his girl ditched him for a richer guy..he was bound to turn money minded and ignore the younger one...YOU ARE SELFISH....thnx for accepting it...happy fucking nakul....but dont bear a child...that kid wont like to call a slut like you as his mom....the narration actually took me there..good job done there.

Posted by Truefriend
on: October 28, 2010 5:40 AM | Reply

Thats an acceptable story cos one of my friend is facing the same problem u faced earlier (expiry of parents, clash with her hub),n she is searching for love now...N coming to urs, Forget the rest.. Its ur life.. live it like the way u want to.. all the best to u n Mr. Perfect(Nakul).

Posted by jayraj
on: October 28, 2010 5:45 AM | Reply

Really very gr8 narration and experience.
I liked it very much.
Keep on saying regularly...

Posted by Bharath
on: October 28, 2010 7:08 AM | Reply

Hey this is by far the best story I have read. All the best for your future, may the almighty god give you the best in everything.. :-)

All the best...



Posted by Rohit
on: October 28, 2010 7:17 AM | Reply


waoo. its really very erotic story. Why don yu write its 3rd version?


Posted by Chocoboy
on: October 28, 2010 7:17 AM | Reply

Sadhika... i loved ur story... it is more of a romantic story... jst perfect.... may God Bless U...

Posted by hm
on: October 28, 2010 7:43 AM | Reply

Beautifull !!!!!! This word seems small after reading what you have written.
Sorrow !!!!!!! This word too seems small after reading what you had gone through initially.
Enlightenment !!!!! This word meets what you are going through at this time.

Posted by c7dude
on: October 28, 2010 7:57 AM | Reply

Very much nice story... All the best for you both.. get married and be together for ever....

Posted by --------
on: October 28, 2010 8:18 AM | Reply

Hi Sadhika,

I respect your emotions and I agree with whatever you think except for the fact that you should marry him because this shall give him some mental peace too when he faces his brother and other relatives.


If you can then do keep in touch Sadhika,
I want to be a person you can always look for when you need suggestions

Posted by Spartan
on: October 28, 2010 8:18 AM | Reply

Really Wonderful...

Posted by Rajesh Nathan
on: October 28, 2010 8:25 AM | Reply

Your story touched my heart and made me evry emotional, i liked the way you described and no where it seemed like lust, it was just pure love, you have learnt from your past mistakes, but thats how life is and everyone deserves a chance, you too have a chance, remember there are certain relation which you cannot name and thats the beauty of it. God Bless you & Nakul.

storey is good but sex part was not well narra
ted as expected.

Posted by noan clerk
on: October 28, 2010 8:32 AM | Reply

@Sadhika -

First of all nice story. It felt me as real. its been long time I read such lovely touching story.

Secondly: Wish you the best on whatever you take decision.

Lastly: Its just a suggestion, get married to Nakul and start a brand new married life.

Wish you have all the love and passion you are getting now will last forever.

Posted by TROHITZ
on: October 28, 2010 9:37 AM | Reply

the most romantic story I ve read in recent times. Im impressed n rather happy for u that atlast u r happy with life

Posted by satyrolove
on: October 28, 2010 10:25 AM | Reply

nicely written story

Posted by Chandra
on: October 28, 2010 10:27 AM | Reply

Best story ever i read... Its so thrilling :-) first time in my life giving comments for the story

Posted by jahid
on: October 28, 2010 10:29 AM | Reply

its really a nice romantic sex story,please give me more

Posted by KK
on: October 28, 2010 10:38 AM | Reply

Dear, you remembered what Rakesh did with his bro! But why you forget what you did with him?.

pls keep posting further pleasurable moments with Nakul.

Posted by Brar
on: October 28, 2010 11:33 AM | Reply

Sadhika, i advice you to marry nakul. Since your past was dark and the present is healthy, but my dear the future is uncertain. Nakul is undoubtly a good person. Marry him. End your doubts and confusion. Concluding, this story was really one of the good ones i read on this portal. Best wishes for your future. Marry nakul and give birth to atleast two beautiful kids. Have a nice life

Posted by chixx
on: October 28, 2010 11:38 AM | Reply

One of the Big Excellent story

Posted by priya
on: October 28, 2010 12:12 PM | Reply

great experience dear very very emotional...pls go ahead with your desires have a lot of sex n enjoy dont bother abt anyone...all the best

Posted by Aakash
on: October 28, 2010 3:19 PM | Reply

I really enjoyed this story a lot, infact It was the best ever story of any stories I read till today.

I think you are a very good gal even though what you did wrong in your past, but this is called life where we do right things along with wrong things.

Nakul is simply very nice boy and somewhere I think he is just like me very innocent, knows to give respect to other, try to be in his own limts, etc. etc.

I advice you both get marry and live a happy life.
God Bless you..

Posted by abhishek
on: October 28, 2010 7:58 PM | Reply

well Sadhika, i m damn sure ur story is not fake. u have very nice way of writing. My sincere advice is u gv some thought for writing some novel or something.....

Posted by Ansh
on: October 29, 2010 11:12 AM | Reply

One gr8 story and if it is really tru I wish both of you a happy life ahead.......though I loved your story....I wud not want to read anymore of it.......atleast not from the sex angle of it......you have it in you, keep up the good work and pls keep these moments for your self
God Bless

Posted by Yogzmumbai
on: October 29, 2010 11:15 AM | Reply

this story really touched my soul.wat a soul stirring experience u had....infact this is the first story which seemed very true and rare offcourse!!!
It teaches the lesson to the readers that ''wounds on the journey of life is heald by ''

Posted by z
on: October 31, 2010 5:07 PM | Reply

one of the best stories on this site in a very long time

Posted by amberabhi
on: November 1, 2010 7:41 AM | Reply

thanks to debonairblog for such a wonderful story...

Posted by sahil
on: November 2, 2010 10:17 PM | Reply

Again cried after reading part II.
U knw one thing, we in india worship sex i.e. Kaamdevta. So there's nothibg called lust until n unless ur not cheatin n here it was purely love.

Thanks Sadhika for teaching every1 a lesson that mistakes don't go down so easily.there are always two sides of the coin.

Thanks debonair too.

***** star to this.

Best story ever on DB

Posted by gaurav dhiman
on: November 5, 2010 1:17 PM | Reply

best story ever read..
xcellent narration..!!

Posted by Ridha Sharma
on: November 8, 2010 10:46 AM | Reply

Your story really seems to be true one and it really touched my heart. It taught me importance of love over lust in sme one's life.

Posted by Imtiyaz
on: December 1, 2010 6:46 AM | Reply

Sadhika, i hav read many stories on this site but for the frist time felt that ya its a true story. . . Its my advise to marry him just to get protected from social embrassment in future. . . If u marry him, u have a bright future ahead. . . Gud luck . . . God bless u. :-)

Posted by Alpesh kapdi
on: February 20, 2011 12:06 PM | Reply

Sadhika please write a third part:)
god bless you and nakul

Posted by Kartik
on: May 21, 2011 6:41 PM | Reply

Sadhika, one more good story and good narration. My suggestion is marry him and start a new life. Nakul is definitely a good guy. no were u can find a guy like him.

Thnx for posting this story.

Thnx debonair blog.

Posted by jitesh
on: July 13, 2012 11:44 AM | Reply

this is a gem of a story..way better than usual lustful stories...i have come to this site after 1 and half years .. for a story i read back then and i was desparate to read it again..so i went through innumerable stories to find that story...luckily i found this ..but if some one can help me find that story..it goes like this.... a gal likes a man who was after her best frn..but her best frn rejects him..so somehow she proposes to him and they get married..her best frn gets married to an army man who stays on the border for most part of the year...one day and this gal and the army man find that their respective partners are making out..they see it through a window.. they console each other and gradually fall in luv ..... i narrated it in shittiest of ways...but if smbosy can post the link of tis story i will be grateful

wow even I can feel that happiness and pain but really this can't be describe.

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