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Dipto having sex with young Aunt

Hi,all the readers of humandigest.This is Dipto from kolkata.I'm 21yrs old software engineer & got a job in a top multinational company this yr through clg campussing.I have never posted before in this site..so there can be little mistakes,i hope u'll forgive me 4 these mistakes.I think its so far the most secret incident of my life which I hav shared wid only 2 brothers of mine.

But,now I have decided to share this real incident with u.There is nothin fake,no imagination at all..if any1 does think so,i have nothing to do,its totally his personal opinion.Now,lets move to the story. I live in a town very near to kolkata.I was only in class 9 then whn it happened.One of my mothers cousin, named shweta(name changed),moved in to our town wid her family from a more remote place.

She was 22 yrs of old then.she is actully short,(4ft11 in),but has a very fair complexion..she was not beautiful but was sexy because of her figure.Altogether u can say,she was attractive. After their moving in,their(my mothers uncle's) family started to visit us frequently.But shweta aunt visited the most bcoz she had managed to get some students near our home & started to come regularly to our locality.

She was very fond of my mother & often helped my mom in her kitchen & in othr things. She was also very very close to me & we used to chat abt many things.Soon,we started to chat on our love life. I came 2 knw tht she had no bfriend then..i also had no grlfrnd..we were getting closer in each & every passing day.One day in puja vacation,she dressed perfectly & was looking hot.

I complimanted her like"u r looking sexy,aunt".She gave a wink & smile in reply.Slowly & gradually we started to use the term 'sexy'...& soon we strted to talk abt sex. It was totally new expernce to me as I was only 15 then & talking to an elder girl abt sex was simply amazing.By tht time,she strted to spend long time in our home,sometimes for the whole day..in aftrnoon,

i used to sleep in my room but she often joined me later aftr cleaning the dishes & chatting wid my mom..no one had any complain as every1 knew the age dffrnce & the relation betwn us..as my room was not visible frm mothers room,i gained courage sumtimes & hugged her,we used to chit chat abt all things on the aftrnoon times in bed while still I was hugging her all the times..

i could feel the warmth of her body..ths continued for sum 2-3weeks. I really liked her a lot & loved her company.I used to share every snack,chocolates of mine wid her bcoz I knew she liked those..let me inform 1 thing,her family conditions were not good,she had to earn her money herself through tutions..so,often she didn't have any chace to fullfill her needs..

as I liked her,i tried to share as much as possible wid her..even bought her some cosmetics secretly from my savings from tiffin.She noticed my care 4 her & was very amazed & pleased to think tht sum1 cares 4 her.She told me these many times. We used to fight on small things,so physical touch was obvious & many times my hands, my palms brushed her soft breasts,

it was a gr8 feeling.When we got more closer,in afternoon,she often caressed me wid my hairs..moving her hands slowly on my face chest wid a lot of affection..this contineud sumdays & then I started to caress her,on her face at first.aftr sumday I gained courage & caressed her neck,shoulders,arms also..thn the day came atlast...

it was 19th nov,2004..we got so close in 6 months..in tht night,she stayed wid us bcoz the next day there was a functon..my father & mother slept in 1 room.Me,my 9yr old sistr & aunt slept in my room..the door was shut,my sistr slept in betwn us..at late night,we moved position..me & aunt managed to move my sleepy sis in 1 side.thn we hugged 2gether & were chattin,

almost like whispering..slowly she strted 2 caress me & strtd to caress her..she stopped suddenly & closed her eyes..but I continued..i strted frm her face & finished around her neck..she was wearing a low cut nightie,as she was laying down..her cleavege was clearly visible..slowly I moved down & caressin her lower neck & then felt her cleavege..

she reacted nothing but I knew she wasn't sleeping,i got more courage & strted from face to cleavege..each time I was moving down my palm little lower..aftr a minute my hand reached under her nightie felt her bra..we both knew,there was no turning back & my slid my hand under her bra..i got my first touch of life of awomens breast,those were so sft & fumble..

not huge in shape..it was so far the greatest pleasure of my life,i gently strted to press her both boobs though I was very excited..she strted to make some whispering sound,i was carrying on as I knew she must be enjoing this..i squizzed thm for abt 20 mnt.I tried to pull the neck of the nightie down so I can see those boobs & suck them,but I couldn't succedd..

thn I slowly kissed her forehead,cheeks & thn the lips..but aftr sum time,i found tears on her cheeks..i dnt knw wht happend but may be she wasfeeling guilty..i din't proceed further watchin this.Bt I kept my hands on her boobs,hugged her tight & slept..nxt morning was beutiful to me but I couldnt even directly look at her eyes,in aftrnoon,i asked her why she was crying,

but she told on diffrnt issue..she said tht she had a gr8 sleep last night wid a naughty smile.I also told the same & said tht I had a dream also..she askd abt the dream but I denied to tell then..we enjoyed the function tht night. After that day,i understood that our relationship have reached a new level.Her stays in her house getting longer, we were hugging each other more ften,

caressing and even exchanged kisses on cheeks frequently.When there was no1 at home,i kissed her on lips in each occation.It made me horny & bolder.one day,i found a book on 'kamasutra'in my maternal uncle's house & brought it in my house secretly.me & my aunt had read the book together one day when there was no1 in our house as my mom,sister & father went for shopping..

After completion of that thin book,we both became horny..we discussed abt sex more freely.Suddenly she asked me if I maturbate..i was surprised and told that rarely I do..thn I asked her but she refused to tell the trurth.I asked her abt the color of the bra she was wearing.It caught her wid surprise & told in low voice-'black'.

More often,she stayed in our house at night..one morning,shewas abt 2 go in market wid my mom,i noticed tht aunt's bra strap was much exposed outside of her salwar.I told it to her,but she requested me to fix it..i obliged to do so.One thing I strted to notice that after that night, whenever she is wearing nightie in our house,she is avoiding bra & panty underneath, specially at night.

So,whnvr she bends for somethihng to pick or any thing like that,i got a nice view of her small but firm & well shaped boobs,i liked tht view very much & she noticed it.From thereon,she bent more often for any reson & gave me a closer & nice look at her boobs each time.

Actually, the story doesnt end here..it was just the beginning of our 'choti si love' story..it contineud & went very far.. i'll share all those wid u within this week..i hav no hesitation because i'm not telling any lie,so plz wait..thnx a lot debonairblog.com...

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Posted by evaluator
on: November 6, 2010 1:36 PM | Reply

hey dipto i tink ur story is real one...nly u knw tat...if nt u r a very clever guy....every situation in te story has its naturality...keep postin dude...waitin 4 te next story wid ur sweda aunty

Posted by r
on: November 7, 2010 8:32 PM | Reply

kadupethatha.. come to climax

Posted by vick
on: November 9, 2010 8:50 AM | Reply

hey Dipto......this is a nice story because some thing like this i have heard from my friend also. hey it is a nice and erotic story.... pls. keep on posting and let me know how you made your aunty on fours.

Posted by deerghalingam
on: November 11, 2010 12:54 PM | Reply

saale bahut lamba likhne ka mood hai to rehne de.akhiri me to chudai puran hi sunaega to itni bhumika kya baandh raha hai bhosdi k

Posted by Basha
on: November 19, 2010 9:14 AM | Reply

Nice story, i wish i also want one aunty to fuck ass hole.

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