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Hot honeymoon of Jyoti and Jatin - II

Previously: Hot honeymoon of Jyoti and Jatin - I

I know Many of you Must have Really Liked the Story & I Know, Many Must be Telling Us to be Ashamed of Whatever we Did. I will Like to Inform them that human beings come to Earth as All Naked, that is, how Adam & Eve took Birth & Explored Each Other & Gave Birth to This Facinating World.As we Reached Our first Destination of the HONEYMOON,

we Checked into the Hotel and Went Straight to the Room. It was a Beautiful Evening, We Quickly changed Our Clothes & Wore Loosely Fit Comfortable Clothes to Roam Around in the Market for Shopping. We went by Auto to the Market, as I was Tired of Driving. We Enjoyed our Time, immensely, Roamed Around, Purchased A few important things.

JYOTI Purchased A Couple of Sexy Night Gowns & Sexy Longerie, with my Choice. As it was getting Darker, we Planned to Move back to the Hotel. As we were Waiving to the Autos, 6-7 Local Guides Approached us & Offered Their Services for Sight Seeing during Our Stay. They Offered Good Discounts, Also. The Explaination of the Sights, Excited Us, Immensely.

One of them, was Very Soft Spoken, Fair Skin, young Boy of Some 18 years of Age, he was very Active and Smart & had Good Knowledge of the Area. He Spoke Good English, Too. He Told us that he was a Guide Since, he was 11 years of Age. We Took his Visiting Card & Told him to Knock the Door of Our Hotel Room No. 69 on 1st Floor, Next Day, in the Morning.

We Took Auto & Left for Hotel. Once We Reached Hotel Room, we washed hands & Proceeded for Dinner. After Dinner, As Soon as we Entered the Room, JYOTI, wasPleasantly Surprised To See that Room was Beautifully Decorated for Our first Night, As I had Secretly Directed the Hotel Manager to Get It Arranged for me, when we were Away for Shopping.

She Hugged Me & Told me that She Also has a Surprise in Store for me. She Asked me to Wait in the Room, as She went into Washroom to Change to her New Night Gown. I waited for her in the Room. I Also had Surprise for her. I had brought Petals of Rose and Jasmine to be Spread on the Bedsheet.

I Spread the Same on The Bed & As Soon As, She Came to Room with a big Towel Wrapped to her Body, The Room had Developed Wonderfull fragrance due to the Petals. Under The Towel, she was wearing a Short & Transparent Night Dress. She Came Closer to Me & I took her in my Embrace.

I Kissed her Rosey Cheeks, Her Lips were Trembling as she was going to have her First Fuck of the Life, On her first Honeymoon Night. I Put My Lips on her Lips & we were into A Smooch. Our Tongues were Meeting Each Other's Tongues. Our Mouths were Exploring Each Nick & Corner of Each Other's faces. I Kissed her Neck & Then her Shoulders.

She was Getting Too Much aroused. She was Responding to Me in Super Excitement. During this Kiss and Touch Activity, her Towel Dropped to her Feet. The Gown she was Wearing Under the Towel was Too Sexy. It was a Low Neck Dress, which had very Thin, Almost Invisible Straps Upto Shoulders, and was Backless.

The Straps on shoulders were Making a Cross on the back. The Dress was of Light Purple Colour. On the Front, it had a Deep Neck & was deep to Almost to the Naval. The Straps were Tied on the Front to Two Tiny Clothes on the Front, which were Meeting at the waste & had a Velvet belt Loosely Tied on the Waist.

The Joint of Dress at The Naval had a Zipper from Naval till the Thighs. So, Waist Onwards, it had Only 9 Inches of Free Flowing Cloth Like that of Skirt, under which she was wearing a very Smooth Silky Panty with Strings. So, if we Move the Zipper Down, and Pull the Shoulder Straps Down, the Dress will Automatically Fell of the Body.

It was Too Sexy, she was Looking Like a Porn Star,in that Dress.I Started Licking her Body. I was Kissing her Neck, shoulders, while she Started Unbuttoning My shirt & Let it Fall off my Shoulders. My hands were Caressing her Breasts Slowly. Due to Deep Naval & very Small Cloth on Breasts, half of her Round Breasts were Clearly Naked on the Front.

I Placed One of my fingers, on her Cleavage and Start Moving it Slowly to the Navel, Once I Reached the Navel, I went down on My Knees and Opened the Velvet Belt with My Teeth. It Opened Smoothly and fell off. I Kissed her Naval & Moved upto her breasts and Kissed the Naked Portion of her breasts & Starting Licking the nude Breasts.

I Put Two each fingers of My hands under Shoulder Straps and Pulled them down & then kissed on her Shoulders. The front Cloth on her Breasts, fell Aside and Both the Breasts Flunged Out Like the Pigeons out of the Cage. The Breast Clothes were hanging on waist sides, due to the help of front Zipper.

I Caught her by her waist & Pulled her Closer in a tight Embrace and Put My Lips on her's. Then,I Put one of My hands on her breasts and Started Caressing them, after that I Started Squeezing her Nipples, while we were Still into Smooch. We both were getting Aggressive. I Quickly Went down & Grabbed one of the Nipples into My Mouth.

My hands were Caresssing her bare back & I was Teasing her Back Mid-Riff with Tip of my Finger. Then, I Put into Mouth the Other Nipple. So, My Face was Quickly Moving on her Bare Breasts.We both are Top-Less, that is, were Naked on our Upper half. She now had Only Skirt Type 9 inches Cloth around her Hips, below her waist.

Her Beautiful thighs & long Legs were All Naked. I turned her back & Kissed All Over on her Back. Then, I went down & Kissed on her hips, which were Getting More Revealed than being hidden, due to Short Length of the Dress, as her Ass Hills were Quite Round & Heavier, but Shapely & The small skirt was not able to Cover them, fully.

The Line of hips was Clearly Visible from behind. I Kissed her Legs, and Licked the Inside of her thighs. Her Thin Panty was Getting wet as She was feeling Horny. So, It was Dripping Juices from her Cunt. The fragrance of her Juices was making me Mad in My Head. I Stood Up and then, she went down to her Knees,

Opened the Button of Jeans and Pulled down the Zipper and further, Dropped the Jeans to my Ankles. My Penis Bulge was inside the Unddies,but Exact in front of her Eyes. She Put her Palm on the bulgeand Gently Caressed it Over the Cloth. She Tried to Pull it down, Grabbing its Sides, but I caught her Arms and Told her to Wait & Enjoy.

I Told her, that Now we both had One Cloth Each on Our bodies, we shall Remove it for Each Other with Our Mouths. I Grabbed her from waist & she bend herself on her back, swinging her body into my Arms. I Kissed her Naval & then I Caught hold of the Zipper and Pulled it Down, the small Skirt just flew Off from her thighs and Fell on the Floor,

Now, She was reduced to the Purple Panty, which was very small, It was hardly hiding the Pussy. The Centre of Cloth was Clinged to the Pussy's Mid-Line & was wet due to its Juices. The Strings were Losely Tied, So, front of Panty was a Bit Loose & front Cloth was Slightly hanging to the front, giving a Slight view of Upper Portion of hidden Treasure, Inside it.

I went down and Pulled the String from the Side, with My Teeth, So, As a Result the Panty got Loosened and Slid down from her Bare Thighs, Which were as Smooth as Trunk of the Banana Tree. Now, she was Standing All Naked in front of me, in her birth Suit. The Wet Pussy was Gleaming in Room's Light, due to its Juices.

Although, I had Already Seen her Naked, during the Spring Bath Act (Refer to the Story: JYOTI AND JATIN'S HOT HONEYMOON - I), but My Feeling Towards her on this Day were Entirely Different. She was Looking Like a Naked Sex Goddess. I Told her to go on her Knees and do the Same to my Last Cloth.

She did the Same and Grabbed the Underwear with her Teeth from Front Side, while Staring to me, with Eye into Eye, with her Mischievious Looks, As she Pulled it Down, the Erected Penis Hit her Lips and further Nose & her Forehead. The Cloth dropped to my ankles and Now, we both were All Nude for Each Other to Enjoy One Another and to Explore Our bodies, Further.

I Pulled her to me and Took her into Embrace. So, now, my Penis was Touching her Wet Pussy. I Laid her on bed and Kissed her All Over from Head to Toe. After, that She Rode on me and Started Licking Whole of my Body, from Head to Toe. She Kissed my Legs, then Started Licking my Thighs.

She Came to My Balls, Licked them and Grabbed them in her Mouth. She brought Out her Tongue and Licking the complete Length of the Penis, from Its Base to the Tip. She was Licking the Upper Cap of Penis, Slid Down its Cover, Licked the Inner Skin of it and made it Completely Wet. She was Licking the Tip of Penis, with her Tongue. It was Making me Hornier.

Then, She Grabbed half Of Length in her Mouth and started Sucking it with a Force. She was Stroking hard by Moving her Head very fastly. Soon, the Entire Length of Penis had Lost in her Mouth. After that, I Laid her down and we both Got into 69 Position. I Laid on her, Upside down and started kissing her Pussy, while My Penis was Still in her Mouth.

Then, I Opened the Crack of the Pussy and Slid two of My Fingers inside her Pussy. She screamed with Joy, as her being a Virgin, the Pussy was very Tight. I started Stroking it with Fingers very hard, My Fingers were wet with her juices. I brought them Out, bring them Closer to my Nose and Smelled the Fragrance of her Wondefull Cunt Juices.

I went Down & Submerged My Face in her Pussy, I Started Licking it and then, Opened the Mouth of her Clitoris and Slid my Tongue inside her Pussy Hole. She Started screaming with Joy and Increased her Speed on My Shaft in her Mouth. I Also was Moving my Tongue inside her Cunt, very Rapidly, In and Out.

She had her first Orgasm Soon and shed her sperms All over my face and as My Tongue was into her Pussy hole, I also Tasted some of it. I Brought it Out and then we sat on the bed. Then, Our Lips Met Again and she Also had the Feeling of her Cunt Juices from my Face and my Tongue inside her Mouth.

I was sitting on bed and she herself went on her Knees and Started Stroking my Penis Heavily Inside her Mouth. After 10 Minutes of her Sucking of Penis, I Told her that i was about to shed the Sperms, She Told me to Shed it inside her mouth, but, I brought it out and shed it on her face, Neck and it flowed down to her breasts.

I also shed some of it on her Breasts and started Rubbing the Penis on her Tits. She Grabbed the Penis and started Licking the Sperm, which was Spread on the Penis's Skin. She again started Licking the Penis's full Length, from its Base to the Tip. I fell on my back, while She Continued sucking it hard. After 10 minutes of Licking and Sucking, It Got hardened Again and was Ready to Fuck her.

I got up and Pulled her Up and Laid her on her back. Now, My Penis was Ready to Enter her for the first Time, She Clasped her Pussy with both her hands and Told me not to do it, as She wants to Share Something with me. She Told me that She is Virgin, but Still not Purely Virgin. I Told her to Share what She wants to Say, but I Gently Removed her hands from her Cunt.

I Promised her that I will not Enter her Pussy, untill she finish her Talks, I will just Keep Rubbing the Penis on her Vagina, Untill She finishes. She Agreed to that and I Placed the Tip of Penis on her Already Wet Pussy, and Started Rubbing it from Down to Upside. She Started Telling me about the Incidence with the Guard

(Refer to Story:JYOTI AND JATIN'S HOT HONEYMOON-I), that how Guard Aroused her feelings and Touched her Body. How he Rubbed his Penis on her Lips and her Entire face and how he Rubbed the Penis on her Pussy and made it All Wet. How he made her Masturbate himself & Ejected Load on her Naval, thighs and Pussy Area.

She was feeling Sorry to me, as She could not Control her Senses. She further Told me that she was not a Perfectly Virgin Woman. She Told me, as she was from a Village, so, Two years Back, when She was 17 years of Age, she used to go with Village Women to A Pond Outside the Village Area to Wash Clothes with them, as there was Scarcity of Water in the Village.

All Ladies used to Remove their Clothes after Washing Clothes, to Take bath in the Pond, as some of them will take Guard of Clothes and to Check on Strangers Peeping from a Distance. As this was a Deserted Area on a Link Road, So, there was no Traffic on that Side. Ladies used to Move through fields to Reach the Pond, So, Scope of Regular Men Reaching there
was very Less.

One Day, I witnessed that from A Distance there were 3 Boys, who were hiding behind Trees and were watching Women bathing there. On that Day, there were some 6-7 Ladies bathing Naked in Pond, and 3 were Standing Guard to Check any Tresspassing, but they couldn't Notice these Boys.

As I was also One of the Bathing Ladies, I was Rubbing my Body inside the Water, I was Caressing my Own Boobs, My Nipples were Getting Harder. As I Came Out All Nude to Dry Myself, I Moved towards the Place, where I had Placed the Towel and My Clothes, at a Distance behind the Guarding Ladies.

As I went down to Pick the Towel, My Boobs were hanging to the front. I Picked Up the Towel and started drying up my hairs with Towel and then I Took Both My Hand to behind of the Head to Tie them Up. So, My Boobs were Clearly Visible to those Boy's, as they were at Some 30 Feet Distance from there. I Listened to their Whispers.

One of them Said, "Kya Maal Hai Yaar, Is ko toh Jam Kar Chodengey Kisi Din". I Looked on that Side & Got Alerted. I Wrapped My body with Towel and Raised the Alarm. The Ladies also got Alert and Ran towards them. They Also Got alert and Ran Off. I had Recognised One of them, he was One of friends of My Brother, who Also used to come to our Home, Regularly.

I got fearfull of him & didn't Disclose this to Anybody.After that Day, Every Time Going for Washing Clothes, Ladies used to be Extra Alert. One fine Day, My Mother Told me to Come back Early, as to Prepare Food, as there were Some Guests Expected in the Evening. For Last Many Days, we had not Seen any Boy's Around.

That Day, after Bath, I Wore Clothes and Bid Goodbye to All Other Ladies as I had to Leave Early. They Told me to be Alert on the Way, as it was not Safe going through the fields, All Alone. I Started Moving towards the Village, I Passed through the fields, I was fearfull, but I kept on Moving.

On the Way, In One of the Fields, there was a Tube-well & Near to that there was a small Motor Room, which was Closed. As I reached Near Tube-well, I decided to drink Some Water. While having water, I was huming some Music on my Lips. Suddenly, the Door of the Room Opened and Those 3 Boys Came out.

They Came Near to me & They were Heavily Drunk, as they were Consuming Liquor Inside the Room. They were Smiling. I was Trapped Now for them to Actually Rape Me. They Caught Hold of Me & Picked Me Up and threw into the Tube-well. They Also, Entered into the Tube-well and Started Molesting Me, here and There.

As I was from a Typical Village, So, there was no Trend of Wearing Modern Days Brassiers under the Village Choli's, as It was Not Available in Villages. I was Wearing Choli Along with Ghaggra. So, Nipples of My 36" Boobs were Erect and Anybody Could make Out that I was Not wearing Anything Under It. As It was of Thin Material & was of Light Pink Colour.

It Got Totally Drenched due to Water. So, My Nipples were Clearly Visible to them, I Tried to Shout, but One of them, Closed My Mouth with his huge Hand. They Told me to Keep My Mouth Shut, if I wanted to Go Home, Safely. I Tried to Push Them Forcibely, but That Person Also Caught Hold of My hands at the Back, while the 2nd One started Unbuttoning my Choli.

The 3rd Person, Broke the String of My Ghaggra and Pulled it down. As I was not Wearing anything under the Choli, My Boobs flunged Out like Caged Pigeons. One of them said she is the One who Raised Alarm that Day, So, she shall be Taught a Lesson. So, They Tore Off My Choli. Now, I was having just my Nickers on My Body.

They also Tore it Off and made me Naked. As I was having My Periods those Days, So, I had Placed Cotton Pad inside My Nickers. The Cotton had huge amount of Blood on it. I Requested them not to fuck me, due to my Periods Problem. They Pick Me Up in their Arms and Took me inside the Room. They Promised me that they will not fuck me, if I don't make a Noise.

so, All of them, brought Out their Dicks by Removing their Clothes. In Minutes, They Got fully Naked. They Came Near to Me and Started Kissing All Over My Body. One was Caressing my Boobs, Other was Caressing my Hips, 3rd One made me Catch Hold of his Penis and Told me to Jerk it Off. Other One Also Told me to Catch his Penis.

Then, They bend my Back & Brought me to Doggy Style fucking Position. They All came in front of me with Fully Erected Dicks & Started Rubbing it on my face. I was frightened to see such huge dicks, Together, for the first Time in Life. I had never seen even a Single Penis in my Life. One of them put it on My lips and tried to insert it inside my Mouth, as I had Closed My Lips.

I was tight Lipped. He Told me to open the Mouth, Otherwise, he will Slap me hard. I Opened my mouth and he Inserted the huge dick in my mouth. Other Ones were Making me jerk their Dicks,while they were Also Caressing My Boobs with their hands. Now, I started Liking the Fragrance of their huge Dicks and I was Easily Sucking his Dick making it All Wet inside the Mouth.

He Started Stroking the Mouth Heavily. He was about to cum, So, he brought out his Dick & winked Other Person to take his turn inside my Mouth, then he came to the front and inserted the dick inside the mouth. First One, with his Wet Penis with my Saliva, went behind, As I was into Doggy Style, he started Rubbing his Dick on my Asshole.

I got frightened and started Trembeling by even thinking of Ass-hole fucking as the Ass-hole was Too tight to insert Even a Finger into it. I stood up & Told them not do it. They Forcibly Put me again into Doggy Style & Threatened me of Pussy Fuck, even if I had Periods, if I don't Allow them Anal Sex. I was helpless.

He started rubbing Penis on the Ass-hole and started Pushing it inside Gently. In the Meantime, 3rd One Came to the front and inserted his dick into my mouth. The 1st Boy caught Hold of my Hips & made a Solid Jerk & Put in 1/3rd of Dick inside the Ass-hole, I was Screaming with Pain, As a Result, I accidently, bite the Penis of the Boy with My teeth.

He was Into Pain, he brought Out his Dick & Slapped me hard. I was into Tears, then, he started abusing the Ass fucking boy. The Person who was fucking,Told them to wait for their turn, made Another Jerk with force and Put inside the Entire 9" Length of Penis into the Ass-hole, I was Crying with Pain, He stopped for a while, then, started Stroking Gently.

He did this for some time, know I started feeling Comfortable and was Enjoying his gentle strokes. Then, he Increased his Speed and I also Started moving my Hips with Joy. He Told me that he was about to Cum, so, he is going to Ejeculate the Load into my Ass-hole. Then, he Orgasmed & filled the Ass-hole with his Sperms.

Then, the Other Ones started taking their turns One by One, while Other Ones Continued Stroking My Mouth with their Penis. Now, I was Enjoying fully & felt in Mind that they shall Continue Stroking Me harder, as Now, I had Started Enjoying. So, they fucked me 3 times Each. After the Continous fuck, I was Unable to Walk, Also.

As My Dress was Already Torn by them, I Requested them to brought One of my Dresses from the Bucket of washed Clothes from Outside, they Agreed to do So, that Only if I will Promise to come to that Tube Well Room for a Pussy Fuck, whenever My Periods Get Over. Otherwise they will make me Sit in their Jeep, All Naked and will Leave me on Village Road side All Naked.

I was fearfull, So, Agreed to it. They brought the bucket & I Picked One of the wet Ghaggra Choli Dress from the bucket. I Pick Up the Ghaggra and Wore it & Then, Started Wearing the Choli, then, again One of them, Caught hold of My hands from behind and Two Others Started Squeezing my Boobs, very hard. I Told them that I will Come Daily, if they let me Go Early.

So, I tied the hooks and Came out Rapidly with a Promise to them, to Visit them, Regularly. As I Reached home, My Mother asked me that why I was Late, as I was suppose to Reach early. I started Crying & Narrated the Whole incident to her and Also, show the Love Bites on my Neck and Breasts to her.

She Shared this with My father & They Immediately decided to Send me along with my Mamaji to Chandigarh, who used to Live there in City, who was Coming that Day for a Visit. As mamaji Came, Parents Told him that I shall do Further studies in City Environment & Shall live with their daughter to know the Urban Behaviour, as I was suppose to Marry an Urban Boy.

My Mamaji's daughter, My Cousion introduced me to Modern Bra Panties & Sexy Longeries and Gifted me some of them. It was Mamaji Only, who bore the Expenses of My studies and also, Searched the Groom for me & Married me Off to a Modern Urban Boy, That's You. So, This way, I am Virgin, as I have not Got broken My Pussy hymn, but Purely not Virgin,

As Already Experienced the Anal Sex, due to that Rape incident, as she was totally Helpless. She Started Crying that she was not worth for me. So, I shall Desert her and shall not touch her. I went down & Kissed her on her forehead and Thanked her for being So, honest to Me, As No Girl shares her past with her husband Post Marriage.

I Told her that I was not Concerned, even if she had got broken her hymn due to that forcefull Sex, So, she shall not feel bad as she was no way at fault during that incident. Moreover, her parents took a very Wise Step of sending her to City with Mamaji to Avoid any Public Embarassement.

I Put my Lips on her's and Continued Rubbing my Penis on her Cunt and then Seeked her Permission to Enter inside her Cunt. She Noded her head into yes, without Speaking Anything and Sank her head into My Chest. I Slowly inserted the Penis, inside her Pussy and Started stroking it Gently. Her Pussy Hole was Too Tight & I was Feeling difficulty to Enter her.

So, I Raised her Legs and Spread Them Aside, to have More Access to her Pussy Hole. I Placed a Pillow Under her back to Raise the Hips More. Now, I Brought Out the Dick & Made a Strong Thrust inside the Hole. Now, I Started Stroking her Gently, she was Enjoying and was Losing her Senses, So, Put her Lips on Mine.

I Increased the speed of My Shaft and Started Stroking, Forcefully. She was Enjoying the Whole Act & was Making the Noises Like "Come On, My Prince, Fuck Me Hard, I was waiting for Eternity for Somebody to Really fuck Me. She Told me that the Rape Incident 2 years back had made her Horny,

she was Sex Satrved for Last 2 years & Really wanted her husband to Really fuck her hard & Fill her Cunt with Sperms, as she was not Ready to Lose her Virginity to Any Stranger". I was about to Cum & Told her that I will Shed the Sperm inside her Pussy and will Fulfill My Promise to Fill her Cunt with Loads of My Sperm, during our First Fuck during Honeymoon,

on our first Honeymoon Destination (Refer to the Last Line of Story: JYOTI AND JATIN'S HOT HONEYMOON - I). After, I sometime, I came with a force and Ejaculated my Sperms into her Pussy with a force and filled her with my Juices.

She hugged me & we Got Lost into My Arms, for Endless Time. We Don't know when the Sleep Engulfed us & we Slept All Naked into Each other's Arms, for the first Time Ever.

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