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Sex with horny Indu Aunty - II

Previously: Sex with Horny Indu Aunty

Hi readers, I am again here with the second part of my joyous moments with Indu aunty. I have already talked in the first part of the story about the hot session of sex with my Indu aunty from Allahabad, and then the incident of going to washroom together completely naked. After finishing and washing our hands we strode together towards our bedroom.

I was on the top of this world with the long craved satisfaction of finally having sex with Indu aunty after so many long years of fascination for her. She was also visibly satisfied and by now all her inhibitions and guilt feelings had disappeared. When walking towards the bed, I asked aunty whether I should turn on the main light of the bedroom.

She forbade me to do so citing the reasons of it being the sleeping time and the pleasure of dim lighting. While coming towards the bed, I was keeping my right palm on the fleshy buttocks of aunty stroking it gently while walking. Aunty had her hairs completely untied now hanging till her waist. I asked aunty for water and both of us drank water and went onto the bed.

We lay down on our back to sleep. But, amazingly, I did not have any psychological urge to sleep, and I felt that the overpowering excitement of aunty lying naked beside me can keep me awake forever. After a few minutes I turned towards aunty on my left as my aunty was lying on my left side.

I stretched my right arm kept my palm on aunt's soft & smooth belly first, and started playing with her navel with my fingers. Slowly and gradually, I moved my palm to her huge spongy breasts and began stroking it gently. I also brought my lips on aunt's cheek and stretched my tongue to gently lick her cheek.

I was sometimes tweaking aunt's nipples and sometimes kneading and squeezing her soft massive breasts with my palms and fingers. Aunty was also not sleeping and probably was thinking about incidents of the last few hours. She came out of her thoughts, and turning towards me and stroking my face with her left hand gently whispered-

"Neend nahin aa rahee.....kuchh soch rahe ho......kyaa soch rahe.........phir karne ka iraada to nahin hai....?" I said looking towards her eyes in the light of night bulb- "Aunty, aaj kaise neend aayegee, jo sapnon mein aatee thee woh bagal mein letee hai... meree barson ki tamanna puree hui hai....meree aunty aap ka jawab nahin."

Aunty just smiled and kissed first on my cheeks and then on lips, and further we were kissing each other passionately in French style. A woman by nature is intuitive, she understands a man's need before it is spoken. Indeed, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Now, aunty has also turned towards me and she was on her right.

I encircled my aunt's body with my arms hugging her tightly and making our lips meeting for a long passionate kiss. Then, I indulged in talk about her life and specially her sex experiences. A woman craves for the partner who is sharing, who can listen to her for long times, with whom she can share her thoughts.

I was asking few questions and listening a lot to make her mine psychologically and emotively. A woman offers all what she can to a man if she feels that the man cares for her, understands her. I knew that females crave for listening ears and empathizing hearts more than solution providing minds.

She described vividly about the regular and daily doses of sex with the uncle after the marriage, and also how they tried sex games in every possible way known to them and at every place feasible. They had sex even in kitchen once. Expositions of her experiments with sex were scintillating and arousing simultaneously.

She described how once uncle came to the kitchen unexpectedly, when she was standing near the gas stove preparing tea. He came unnoticed to her silently from behind and took her into his arms from behind. He put his palms on her breasts and started squeezing and kneading them feverishly, while his hard rod was trying to get into the middle of her arse cheeks over her nightie.

Uncle was half naked without an inch of cloth below his waist, his throbbing hard rod groping for aunt's hole to get inside. She got perplexed about affix about how to react. Before she could make up her mind to react, he bent down and moved the lowest part of her nightie upward to her lower back from behind and began positioning his penis below her arse cheeks to shove his manly weapon into her cunt.

Uncle was in full cognizance of the fact that there was no panty under her nightie at that point of time, as initial months after the marriage meant sex any time any way and time and again. When she felt that it was difficult for him to push his weapon inside her cunt while she stood straight,

she bent down on her waist after switching off gas burner and moved towards her right side placing her palms on kitchen wall for support. It facilitated the slamming of my uncle's hard penis in her vagina conveniently. My uncle didn't lose any moment and fucked her vigorously in that position to the hilt.

She still rejoiced the feelings of those moments when sexual ecstasy arising from vigorous thrusts of husband's hard shafts undermined the pain of inconvenience caused by standing in bent position for minutes together. Ultimately this kitchen fucking reached its climax and many drops of his penile juice fell on the kitchen ground and on her sandals.

She also shared with me how she learnt to apply hair removing creams like Annie French after the marriage to keep her vaginal area free of pubic hairs ready for attacks of uncle's hard and erect penis multiple times everyday. I also learnt from her that uncle's penis was quite thick and long when hard. She had a lot of bleeding on the first night of marriage.

But, with the passage of time the frequency of sex between them has come down heavily and now it's once or twice in a month due to busy schedule of uncle and psychological involvement with the child. Even during these rare sexual encounters, the hardness of uncle's penis was less than what she had experienced in past and longed for even today.

She also accepted that it was first extramarital encounter for her and I was the second person on the earth to penetrate her. The best part of the talk was that in the past years, she had sometimes guessed my intentions when I looked at her in tempting manner. But she was neither sure about it nor ready as she considered this possibility as unethical.

But my movements with her in the daytime and my gestures made her sure about it. She could she the bulge inside my pant when I deliberately made my body parts rub with her body parts with futile attempt to make it sound these collisions as accidental ones. She thought over and over before concluding in her mind that pragmatism of life lied in living for one's own pleasure.

And, by the evening she was mentally ready to have carnal pleasures with me. She wanted to experience the hardness of a young penis and also wanted to experience the successive fucking sessions one after another in a night as young people like me could get the erection of penis just after an hour or half.

I expressed my gratitude heartily for agreeing to have sex with me by kissing her on lips and cheeks lovingly. I understood that my overtures to fuck her once again now was not unexpected for, rather she wished it. I asked her about experience of our sex. She said that that it was very satisfying to get her vagina rammed by a penis with iron rod hardness

and getting her vagina filled to the brim with such a large volume of thick seminal juice. Now uncle was neither getting such hardness in his penis nor does he offload such a huge amount of juice inside her. She expressed her innermost feelings in no uncertain terms that a woman gets satisfied when her cunt gets up filled up by rod like hard penis and one fucks

for a long time in fast and ferocious manner finally filling the vaginal hole with streams of thick white fluid ejected flowing from the penis. Now, aunty was also gradually becoming actively participative and passionate and her body emanated the vibes of sexual invitation. I moved my right leg to put it over her legs so as to circle it horizontally.

For minutes together, we indulged ourselves in deep passionate kissing, biting and each other's lips as if there was no tomorrow. The passion this time had elements of depth and bonding more than the element of hot sexual fever. I felt that the next sex session will not submerge only one's body organ into another's, rather it will be unification of emotions, unification of existences.

Actually, the real love and bonding deepens only when the sexual urge gets subsided. Before the first time sex between two, a lot of feelings and anxieties about other's probable moves and reactions combined with sexual heat not let the feelings of pure bonding and love flourish and deepen.

After the first sex, anxieties die off and the feelings of uncertainty about other's consent get replaced by feelings of gratitude and affection. Although sex between a mature married lady and a student or between an aunty and niece might be perceived as a game of physical lust only and of feverish sex only,

but in fact my very good relation with aunty and my fantasies around her germinated feelings inside me of love and affection at a deeper level, letting me experience the feelings of deepest love, caring and affection. Now, we separated our lips and breathed deeply to compensate for shallow breathing during passionate kissing moments.

My hands were still around aunt's back loosely circling her back. Aunty whispered in my ear bringing her lips closer to it-"Chodoge phir.....garmaa doon lund....thakaa toh nahin...bolo na...?." I didn't answer instantly and brought my face down to aunt's huge breast and began sucking the nipple of her breast. Gradually I brought my hand back and started fondling aunt's another breast.

I was now taking large portion of one breast in my mouth and squeezing other breast with my hand. Aunty was just enjoying the moments. Then, she again repeated her question-"Bolo naa...phir lenaa hai........chodoge aunty ko...hoon?" She gazed at me all agog to hear my yes. I replied whispering in her ear-

"Haan...meree raanee haan...ek bar aur ho jaye toh mazaa aa jayegaa....hai naaaa...."with sucking and squeezing aunt's breasts. I was again getting aroused and felt my flaccid penis started getting its hardness gradually. My penis was near the point where aunt's pubic hairs started from top. Her clitoris and vagina were a few inches below it.

I wanted aunty to know the stiffening of my penis so that she also starts getting cravingly hungry for sex.The joy of sex multiplies when the partner is also burning with desire to be penetrated. I had no intention of making any move if she was not ready and willing, as the real pleasure of love making is willingness and urge of both the people in love.

I brought my right hand down, hold my penis and turned it slightly downward and pushed my waist very lightly towards aunt's body. Aunty was now fully aware of rising hardness in my penis and sure as well about the next session of intense sex.She brought her hand down, held my penis in hand and said-

"Tera lund toh phir sakht ho gayaa...musal jaisa...ab toh is baar ye meree chooth phad ke chhodegaa...aaj toh meree khair nahin." I could understand the woman's ways of reacting in the moments before getting fucked. And, really these are the experiences which make men craving for the company of women they love.

She started playing with my penis, and the touch of woman's hand made my penis bursting into its full possible length. Aunty was an expert hand with decades of conjugal life experience. She certainly knew techniques to make a penis perfectly ready for royal battle. She started rubbing the tip of my penis with her thumb and index finger.

She moved the foreskin of the penis towards the origin of the penis, and kept thumb on the tip of penis on 90degree and stroking it gently and then began rubbing it with her palm's frontal surface. I was experiencing this pleasure first time, actually it was mind-blowing. I left aunt's breasts, again encircled her back with arms and started kissing her.

Next moment, I withdrew my lips and asked with excitement-"Aunty mazaa aa gayaa...ye aap kyaa kar rahee ho...ooohhhh meree achchhi aunty..." Aunty was prompt in reply-"Main wahee kar rahee hoon, jo tu chhhahta hai.......ab khud to khada karke lund chooth ke upar sata raha hai...chhor doon.... so jaoon....sambhal lega apni lund.....bahanewaj kahin ka....

tere lund ko khada kadake kadak banaa rahee hoon.........hone de aur sakht ise........tu mujhe bin chode sone toh degaa nahin....pichkari mein abhi aur ras hai...chal chod ke khalsh kar le meree chooth mein....ek tu shaitaan...aur upar se tera ye motaa lund....man hi nahin bhartaa.......?"

I embraced her firmly encircling my arms around her and said in requesting style-"Nahin mat rutho aap, ye lund aapke hi liye taiyaar ho raha hai....ek bar aur jam ke chudai karte hain...aapkee chooth bhi abhi aur pyaasee hai....ise aur chudai chahiya....jab motaa musal andar jayega.....isko man bhar raundegaa....toh iski pyaas bhujhegee....

ek baar aur jamkar chudwa lo.......phir so jaana meree bahon mein...meree achchhi aunty". She held my cheek with other hand and said-"Chal chalak ladke....mujhe bachche ki tarah mana raha hai....chal chod le....lund toh khada ho jaane de...banaati hoon isko hathora hila hila ke....phir pel dena chooth mein...aaj chod chod ke sula de...

ab tu mera saiyaan hai na...chodana hai to sharmata kyon hai....main bhi taiyaar hoon.....chod....jitnaa chodegaa...sula de mujhe chod chod ke...chod meree chooth....chod man bhar.." Now aunty was also getting aroused to the hilt once again. She held my hand and putting it on her vagina said-"Chal tuh bhi haath lagaa...ragad isko...garma de...bhatthi jaise..."

I started rubbing aunt's cunt and sometimes inserting finger inside her cunt. Now, aunty was getting excited and her breathing was becoming audible. I thought it as the right time to ask-"Aunty, peechhe se Karen?" She shouted-"......abhi gaadn maroge.....nahin, abhi chooth mein pelo.....garma gayee chooth....phir aag lag gayee...abhi chooth chod le......baad mein...

kal gaadn mar lena jitni marzee....gaadn kahan bhag rahee hai...main abhi Dilli mein hi hoon...marwa ke jaoongee....chooth chodwaaa liyaa toh gaadn bhi marwaoongee....abhi chooth mein kar le..." I was not in hurry to sodomise aunty, as I knew I will fuck her arse next day with her consent and inner craving for the same.

I was leaving no stone unturned to keep aunty happy and let this relationship go on for a long time in future. In non-matrimonial relationship, one wrong move can bring the curtain down in the game of lovemaking being played hidden from the society. I got up halfway on the bed and began moving my mouth towards aunt's cunt.

In order to know more about her likes in sexual act, I questioned her-"Aunty aapko chudai mein kyaa kyaa achchha lagta hai.......aaapki chooth ko chaatoon?" She said-"Karo na teree marzee hai to....mujhe to bas achchha lagta hai mere upar chadhkar koi banka mard mote lund se jor jor se chode....khoob chode...ghanto chode....din raat chode....

chooth ko lund se ragad ragad ke phad de....lund sakht ho to uska thokar dil khush kar deta hai.....aur khoob bol bol ke chodo....galiyaa galiyaa ke chodo.......jitni gandi baaten...chodwaaane mein utnaa mazaa aata hai...tuh to mard hokar auraton jaise sharma raha hai...chal shuroo kar...neeche chooth mein moonh lagaa aur apana lund mere moonh

mein dal de...apni marzee puree kar le... phir chadhkar chod mujhe.....pel de garam hathoda meree chooth mein....chod sari raat meree chooth ko....bana de bua ko randee...palat na jaldi...laa daal apni lund mere moonh mein.......chooswa le lund aunty se......tu chaat meree chooth ko...le le swaad meree chooth ka.. kar jaldi "

I had got the secret of aunt's pleasure and decided to say as much vulgar country words as possible. I also understood that aunty was not very much interested in oral sex, her pleasure lied in forceful thrusts of rod inside her cunt vigorously combined simultaneously with sex talk in country language.

Really, sex is the ultimate passion and it requires total surrender, complete madness to enjoy it to the hilt. Then only, one can taste the blissful state of timelessness and egolessness. I made my way towards aunt's cunt and started licking and sucking it. I had no way to satisfy her desire for vulgar talks as mouths of both of us were performing their supreme duties.

Aunty simultaneously took my penis in her mouth and stated sucking it. She began to lick my shaft from its base till the beginning of the head. Then, she indulged into mouth- fucking, running her lips and tongue up and down the length of my shaft. I also reacted by pushing my penis as much deeper as possible with the movements of my waist.

Once my penis touched eve the tonsil of aunty, when she withdrew her mouth instantly from my penis and yelled at me-"Kyaa kar rahaa hai......Dhakke chooth mein lagaana.....moonh mein aur kyon dhakelta hai...choosne de araam se." On the other end, I had inserted my tongue inside aunt's cunt and was tongue fucking her gently and squeezing her fleshy butts

sometimes inserting my finger inside her anal hole as well. Aunty was now again ready burning with the heat of sexual passion and craving for thrusts of hard rod inside her cunt, the soft tongue was not enough to satiate a lady aroused to the hilt and dying for thrusts of hard rod inside her vagina. And above all, she was not the lady of long mouth-fucking type and semen-gulpers.

She is a typical Indian lady with deep-rooted craving of long and thick shaft to be slammed and pumped in and out of the cunt by a strong male continuously till she loses her consciousness. She said in impatient and passionate tone-"Aaja ab upar aa jaa mere saiyaan raja....ho gayee chusai...ab chadh jaa mere upar....chod mujhe dhoon ke....chooth mein lund pel.....

ban gayaa hathoda....chod jaldi.....chod naa...... ghusa de chhatee tak...chod sara dam lagaa ke.." I followed aunt's command like a disciplined soldier and removed my face from aunt's vagina. I moved my body on the bed to change directions of my legs and head in the opposite directions and took my position sitting in kneeling position with my erected penis in the direction of aunt's vagina.

Aunty lifted her legs and moved them in opposite directions farther to cause maximum opening of her cunt. The whitish fleshy thighs of aunty spread apart and vaginal area in the middle with small pubic hairs were driving me crazy to the hilt. I knew through experience that second time sex just after an hour will last longer than the first session and there will be a lot more pearls of sexual bliss to be explored and experienced.

I moved forward positioning my hot rod on cunt's opening. Aunt's cunt was now visible, wide and tilted upward. Aunt's helping hand came forward in the exactly right moment, she held my shaft with her right palm and fingers and dragged it speedily to her cunt's opening and grunted-"Pel de lund jor se...chod jor se...ghusa de lund chhhatee tak....

kar chudai ab jitni marzee...bua ki chooth phad de mere laal...ab toh tu hi mera saiyaan hai... chod apni ranee ko jor se" I shoved my penis inside her longing cunt fast and forcefully as my aunty was a lady in late thirties fucked uncountable times, not a virgin of 16.These are the facts which makes me crazy of mature ladies far more than girls in their 18s or 20s.

I started making vigorous thrusts pumping my penis in and out of aunt's vagina with my full strength. This time I was psychologically more comfortable and relaxed, and I wanted to make this session as long as I could. I knew that the only way to ensure the continuation of my sexual relationship with Indu aunty was to provide her better satisfaction and excitement than my uncle i.e. her husband.

I wanted to perform like a real macho who can tear apart female' vagina and can make them begging for cessation of sexual session of vigorous rapid thrusts. I tried my best to satisfy her sexual thirst in every possible way. I wanted to give her more than what she wanted and all what she wanted.

I held my aunt's shoulders by positioning my hands below her shoulders and holding her shoulders by my palms. She threw her legs across my loins and gripped me with extremity of firmness as if trying to force my hard shaft still deeper into her hot vaginal hole, simultaneously hugging me closer against her spongy breasts.

My mouth was over the aunt's mouth with a gap of barely a few centimeters. I enjoyed the expressions on her face while she was moaning with sexual pleasure- "Aaaaahhha..........aaaaahhhhhaa........ aaaaahhhhhaa............ aaaaahhhhhaa.......... Aaaaahhhhhaa..........chod bua ko........ aaaaahhhhhaa...... aaaaahhhhhaa

aaaaahhhhhaa.......phad de chooth......."Aunty was arousing me into heights of sexual sensations with her words and moaning. I kept aunt's liking in my mind about sexual talks and asked-"Aunty maza lo chudai ka.....aaj aisa chodunga ki chooth kadaah uthegee.....mitao jalan apne chooth kii........"

She was promptly replying-"Haan chod na pel ke.....bujhaa de meree aag.....main teree dulhan hoon.....de mazaa lund ka....chod meree chooth raja........tang failaye letee hoon......pel andar jor se.......maar thokar chooth mein....aaj sab dharma tod diyaa......teree suhagan ban gayee......kar de mast kar chodkar..........aahhhh.....aaahhhh......uuuuuuuiiiiiii maa.....

ghode jaisa lund kahan chhupaya tha.......chod saari raat....... Aaaaahhhhhaa.............. aaaaahhhhhaa........... aaaaahhhhhaa................. aaaaahhhhhaa........uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii maaaaaa.....chod mere saiyaan......ah..ah...ah...ah...." Aunty was also throwing her hips in excitement, probably an inbuilt mechanism of nature ingrained in females to facilitate complete insertion of penis in vagina.

She was making upward thrusts fiercely with her vagina and her big buttocks were simultaneously bouncing and jumping on the bed making "thak...thak" noise against the bed. I was also pushing my rod fiercely inside her cunt to the hilt. The room was full of sexual sounds, the moaning of aunty and sound of jerks were echoing in the room.

I wanted to indulge her more in sexual talks to fire her libido and screamed-"Lo meree ranee chudwao man bhar...aaj chooth phad doonga...le mere lund ka mazaa meree dulhan.....manaa suhagraat.......chudwa saiyaan se rasdar chooth.....itne saalon se mujhe tadpatee thee......chhupa ke saree petticoat mein......aaj hui nangee toh le mazaa lund kaa.....

loota apni chooth......hai meree raanee..... kitni mast chooth hai........man karta hai raat bhar chodoon...."She was unhesitating now in talks-"Chod na raat bhar.....dikha na apni jawani.....mita de iski jalan......chod apnee dulhan ko..............chod man bhar......jitnaa chod sak....main chooth failaye letee hoon.....pel raat bhar apna lund."

Then I asked-"Kitni bar chodwaaati ho raat mein?"She replied-"Ab kahan.......ab toh kabhi kabhar.....shaadi ke samay to to ek raat mein char char bar choda tha........tera toh naya lund hai khada ho jata hai..... lund toh unka bhi lamba hai......ab itnaa sakht nahin hota.......chod.....chod apni ranee ko.....ab...chalee jaoongi toh phir bar bar wahan kaun chodegaa.......".

I replied-"Aap mauka nikaalana...main wahan bhi chodungaa...." I put my lips on aunt's lips and began kissing in French style while continuing fucking her. Aunty was settling for nothing less than perfect sex.She was shouting-"Lund ko pura nikaalo aur jor se ghusao....tab asal mazaa aayega...chooth ka parwh mat karo...aurat kuan hotee hai......

doosri bar mein jaldi nahin jharega....chudai ka asali mazaa ab aayega mere raja...chooth ka asli mazaa ab milega....pura nikaalkar pelo.....aahhhhha.....aahhh...aaahhhaa....."I just complied and started removing my penis almost fully out and slamming it again fast and ferociously as hammering the thick nail in hard concrete surface of wall.

Aunty was ecstatic-"Wah...wah.....aise hi chodo......pelo.....aur pelooo......aaaaahhhha.............. aaaaaahhhhhaaa....... aaaahhhhha......ban gayee teree ghulam......man bhar gaya kasam se......aaaahhhha.....aaaahhhhha." As I kept on slamming my hard shaft in and out of aunt's cunt,she was maddening with sexual ecstasy--

"Aaaaahhhhhhaaa........aaaahhhhhaa.........aaaahhhhhaaa.........aaaahhhhhaa....uuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaa...mazaa aa gaya...tuh pakka chodakkar......chod mere raja.....phad de meree choooth.....oooohhhhhh.........ooooohhhh......pel lund jor se......phad de chooth.....aaaahhhha........oh mere asli saiayan......."

I was also striking the deal, striking the iron while it is hot, and whispered in her ear-"Aunty main aapko hamesha chodunna chahta hoon."She was moaning and saying-"Ab toh ho gayee tumharee........manaa kaise karoongee......jab kahega.....taang failaa doongee......tum chadh jaana....pel denaa lund......chod lenaa man bhar.....kar diyaa chooth tere hawale........

khulee chooth hai tere liye....jab chaahe chod le....tere lund ki diwanee ho gayee.....ho gayee teree...loot mazaa....chodtaa rah din raat aaaaahhhhaaa....main to ho gayee tumharee.....aaahhhha.... aaahhhhha...... aaaahhha...aaaaahhhhha.....pel jor se..........ooohhhh...oohhhh..."

As I wanted to make the best out of it for the both of us my beloved my dream Indu aunty and myself, I thought of trying other postures known to me and I intended to go for western or doggy style. I beseeched the consent of my beloved aunty with my hard rod pumping rapidly inside her deep vagina-"Aunty....meree ranee...ab doggy style mein chodte hai...bahut mazaa aayega..."

Indu aunty engulfed my head with her palms from behind and said in voice mixed with moaning, screaming, excitement and love-"Uuuuuunnnn...,mujhe kuttee banaa ke chodegaa......tumko man lagta hai......yeh mardon ka bhi man bawala hota hai....chal nikaal lund, main palataee hoon....chod le kuttee banaa ke...."

I slammed my rod inside her cunt ferociously to the hilt 3-4 times and then withdrew it from her hot vagina." My aunty turned on her belly first then raised her body on her arms and legs. I came behind aunt's buttocks with my shaft in my right hand hard and prepared to slam her cunt from behind. I positioned my rod on her cunt's hole by finding the vaginal opening

with my left hand and asked in aunt's favourite language-"Pel doon lund...taiyaar ho.." She reciprocated screamingly-"Pel naa...puchh kyaa rahaa hai.......kuttee jaise chooth failaye baithee hoon....ghuser na apnaa lund....chod apni dulhan ko kutta jaise.....lund to tera ghode jaisa hai....chod raha hai kuttee bana ke....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa...kyaa kyaa

karwayega....chod dam lagaa ke jaldi jaldi....ghusa chooth mein apni lund..." I shoved my hard hot rod inside her burning hole and began humping faster and faster. I talked to my aunty in her language-"Kuttee ban ke ghoda ke lund ka mazaa lo....aapki chooth ko bhi yaad rahegaa....badee pyasee hai...lund khane se man hi nahin bhartaa...lo lund chooth mein...gaya chhatee tak...

phad doon chooth...hai meree ranee...meree janeman...kitni mast ho...mazaa aa gaya...ooohhhh...lo pelta hoon sara lund andar...aapke chooth ki sara jalan mitata hoon....chooth ki khair manaao.." Aunty was on the height of her sexual passion shrilling-"Oooohhhhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.....Chod mere saiyaan..

mere raja...phad meree chooth.....aaj kar de behosh chod chod kar...uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.....aaaaahhhhhaa......aaaaahhhhhaaaa..........aaaaaahhhhhaaa..........aaaaahhhaa....cuuchiyon mein haath lagaao naa...........oooooohhhh mere saiyan mast lund hai.....sakht lund ko taras gayee thee.....mazaa aa gayaa...chod danadan......ragad de chooth meree.....

bana de meree chooth ka bhosra........oooooohhhhh...... aaaaaaahhhhaaa chod mere saiyaan.......chod raat bhar.." And I lost the count of moments and minutes I was just fucking her harder...harder harder trying to dig deeper and deeper in her heavenly hole. I moved my hands from aunt's shoulders to her breasts and my chest and belly were aunt's upper and lower back.

But, I was able to fuck her harder with hands on her shoulders touching it from beneath and palms clasping shoulders tightly. Hence, after some minutes, I again held her shoulders in the previous style realizing that innermost craving of my aunty my new wife was to get fast and forceful thrusts inside her vagina to the hilt which can tear her vagina in her fantasies.

Aunty was screaming-"Aise hi chod jor se..... chodtaa rah...chod meree chooth....aahhhhhha.......aaahhhha.......mera saiyaan......phad mereee choooth.... ooooohhhhh.......oooohhhh......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaa.....nehaal ho gayeee.....oh bhatijaa......mera saiyaan ban jaa......oooohhhhhhh......... After some time, I can't say how many minutes exactly, aunty was tired on her legs and said-

"Thakk gayee.....pair hath dookh gayaa... ab letne de....tu upar se chod.....tu toh jawan hai...main thak jaatee hoon....letne de....mard upar chadhkar chode toh aurat ka man bhartaa hai......chod apni lugai ko chadhkar......uuuuuiiii maaaa....."I was also not in the position of fucking from the top, I needed some rest for my legs and waist as well.

I said-"Aunty...karwat lekar let jao...main bhi doosre karwat se karta hoon." I withdrew my penis from her cunt, and moved my body towards the left of the bed and aunty also lay down on right side opposite me. I held the right leg of aunty by hand and moved it upward to expand vaginal hole. I positioned both my legs between her legs and directed my shaft again towards her cunt.

Aunty put her left hand on my buttocks and pulled me towards herself so that my penis slams into her vagina conveniently. Now, I was making comparatively slower thrusts and took aunt's left breasts in my mouth and started sucking her heavenly breasts in turn one by one.

Aunty was also enjoying relaxed sex and was stroking the back of my head with one hand and my buttocks with another. Indu aunty was moaning loudly now-"Oooooohhhhh.........oooohhhhhhh.............aaaaahhh.........chodta rah mere saiyaan ...mauj karwa di tune.....aaaj chooth mein bade din bad mazaa aayaa....karta rah...aaaahhhhh......aaaaahhhhhha."

Now, I was again feeling pressure inside my penis and seminal juice was ready to come out of it. I warned my aunty in advance like meteorological department making thunder forecasts for fishers on the seashore-"Aunty, ab meraa honewala hai...mujhe jor se pakad lo." She said with satisfaction-

"Achchha meraa bhi ho gaya....ab tu upar aaja....sara ras chooth mein girne de....bhar de meree chooth ko....bahr de chooth ka kona kona.....aajaa mere upar....upar se chodkar giraa....kar sawan ki barsaat meree chooth mein......puraa ghusakar giraa.....aaaahhhh.....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....mar gayee..ooohhhh".

And, she turned slowly to lie on her back with my body on her top ensuring my penis is still inside her cunt.I again held my aunt's shoulders positioning my arms below her armpits, and made final vigorous thrusts inside her vagina. With final thrust inserting my penis to the deepest part of her hole, I let the juice flow inside her deep hole.

She was now stroking my head with her hands keeping my face on her neck and saying lovingly-"Gira de sara ras meree chooth mein......tune aaj chod chodkar nihal kar diyaa....uuuuuuiiiiii maaaaaaaa gaya garam garam rasdhar kar di.....tera lund toh pichkari chhod raha hai....bhar gayee chooth."

I made symbolical effort to come down from her body, but she whispered-"Rahne de andar abhi....nikalne de saraa maal....abhi nikaalega to upar gir jayega....ab bathroom kaun jayega...thak gayee gaadn hila hila ke...jharne de sab chooth mein...lund ko araam karne de meree chooth mein..."

After a few minutes and my penis still inside her vagina and myself on top of her, I asked jokingly-"Isi mein dalkar so jaaon?" She patted on my cheeks saying-"Shaitaan kahin ka...aise koi sota hai.....lund phool jayega...ab nikaal le dheere se aur so ja meree bahon mein....tere hi paas to hoon...kahan bhag rhee hoon...."

I embraced her in my arms both lying opposite to each other on our sides and said-"Achchha aunty good night...so jao...ab soobah jagkar chodenge.."She patted on my back saying- "Achchha...uthaa denaa jaldi mujhe subah... ke abhi so jao..." Next morning, we got up around eight am and had no time for love-making.

We left home early and went to govt. office to drop aunty, and then I rushed for my college. In the cab we kept on gazing at each other with affection and satisfaction. I just once asked aunty whispering in her ear-"Condom lanaa hai?" She almost slapped on my shoulder with grin on her face saying-"Chupp...Koi jaroorat nahin..."

I could not ask more as the cab driver was present on the front seat. I reached my college 15 minutes late. I attended some lectures and case study sessions in the college and left the college at 4pm without wasting any time in cafeteria with friends. I told my friends that I need to go early as my relatives are waiting for me. Aunty was also free by 4.30 pm that day from the govt. office.

I just had to wait for barely 20 minutes when aunty arrived at flat. Aunty was looking really gorgeous in her green saree worn below the deep navel and matching blouse with bulging round heavy breasts inside. When she entered the drawing room, our eyes met and there was mischievous smile on our faces.

I closed the gate hastily and came back towards aunty and held her in my embrace from behind. She was also very happy and said-"Are baba haath munh to dho loon.....main yahin hoon...tumhare paas sari raat."I let aunty keep her purse and bag of files and let her go to wash room. I went to the kitchen to prepare tea.

After ten minutes we both had tea together and I enquired about progress in govt. office. She said that it seems it will not take less than four-five days to get the work done. I said-"Good, 4-5 din to aap rahogee." She started laughing and said-"Tumhen toh mazaa aa gayaa.....4-5 din sunkar,man mein laddoo phut rahen hain aur pant ke andar bhi woh tan gaya hoga.."

Just after finishing the tea, I came close to aunty hugged her and started kissing. At first, I made her sitting on my lap, I had my arms wrapped around her back and chest, and palms over her breasts. I began fondling and squeezing her breasts keeping my palms over her blouse. My penis was slowly and gradually getting hardened exactly below the anal opening of my beloved aunty.

I am sure, she could feel the hardness of my penis below her buttocks in the middle where her anal hole was. I placed my nose into her hair and neck and could smell her body aroma. I slowly whispered in her right ear-"Aap bahut achchhi ho.....raat ka vada toh yaad hai?" She was also prompt in reply-"Haan mere raja yaad hai aur tera lund meree gaadn mein dhakke bhi de raha hai...who bhi pataa hai."

Reading the readiness of my aunty, I started unbuttoning her blouse, and removed her white bra unbuttoning its elastic on aunt's back as well. Now, aunty was half naked from top and she was only in saree and petticoat and panty of course. I was now madly squeezing and kneading aunt's large fleshy breasts.

The experiences of squeezing Indu aunt's spongy breasts are indescribable in words. She was also enjoying and turned her face a couple of times to kiss me. I began to remove the saree from the lower half of her voluptuous body. Aunty stood up and said-"Chalo bed par...yahaan kyaa khade khade gaadn marega...budhuu..."

I put my hand on aunt's waist and led her to the bed. She put her palms on my cheek and tweaking it lovingly and said-"Ab meree saree petticoat kholo.....aur apni ranee ko nangee kar do mere raja......"I began to unwrap her body from the bindings of saree, and then opened the knot of cotton string of her petticoat. Then, I started pulling her panty down her buttocks and legs.

Aunty was gazing at me passionately and then lowered her eyes towards my trousers and finally remarked-"Badi jaldi ho rahi ho gaadn marane ki....pant phaad ke tera lund baahar aanewala hai.....kab se khada hai tera...din bhar yehi soch raha tha.."I said-"Haan meree ranee....lund ne din bhar intezar kiyaa...ab ise jaane do apni gaadn mein..."

I removed her panty as she moved her legs upward in turn to let the panty fall on ground. I just once kissed aunt's vagina and made her turn in opposite direction in standing position to see her arsehole.I put my right palm on her buttocks and made my fingers feel her arsehole, it was hot. Looking at her fleshy buttocks impatiently, I asked-"Aapki ijajat ho to ab iska udghatan karein."

She understood my intentions well. She teased me with the naughtiness of pampered girlfriend-"Iska udghatan tob kab ka ho chukaa....tera lund pehli bar ghusega undar jayega."I said-"Haan meree pyaree ranee mere liye toh pehli baar hai....chalo...ab sabr nahin hota." She replied again instantly-

"Ab kyon der kar raha hai...meree gaadn toh khol dee..ab apne kapde to utaar...apna lund toh nikaal bahar...meree gaadn taiyaar hai...ghusa le apna lund...mar le gaadn" She looked at me with motherly gaze and said-"Tu kitna bada ho gayaa....kal bachcha tha aaj meree gaadn marega...lund bhi badaa ho gaya....chal khol na apni..."

I removed my t-shirt, banyan, trousers and underwear within seconds. Aunty now sitting on the bed with her legs hanging down caught my penis in her right hand and started coiling her fingers around my shaft and flipped back its foreskin. She began gently doing the massage of my penis moving her palm and fingers on it to and fro on its entire length and sometimes fisting around it doing the handjob.

Probably she wanted to ensure hardness of penis before invasion on her arse. An experienced woman always knows that an inadequately hard penis might get into vaginal hole, but it can't penetrate the tight arsehole. My hard penis was getting harder and harder. After a few minutes, she looked at me upward as I was standing-

"Tera lund to bilkul hathora ho gaya...meree gaadn toh ye phad ke chhorega................Tel toh le aao.........kaii saal bad karwa rahee hoon gaadn mein......tumhara motaa bhi kam nahin hai." I said --"Achchha meree ranee, abhi laataa hoon."I brought Vaseline tube instantly. She looked at and said in mocking style-"Vaseline lagaoge....vaseline laga ke pehli bar marbaoongee."

I said-"Aunty, time badal rahaa hai." Aunty was really mood and holding my penis in her hand said-"Lund bhi badal raha hai aur laundaa bhi badal raha hai" I laughed and then kissed my aunty on her cheeks, and moved my palms towards her breasts. She said --"Chalo aa jaao... peechhe se haath badha ke dabate rahanaa." Aunty lay on her belly.

I moved myself on top of her from behind and put some Vaseline on the gate of her anal passage and started rubbing it with my fingers. As it was around 5.30 in he evening and day light still in the room, the scenery of aunt's buttocks with a few hairs near exquisite anal hole was mesmerizing. I had a terrific turn on in my penis, it was stiff and hard like thick steel rod.

Aunty was getting ready for arse fucking and instructed-"Lund par bhi laga lo........gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusana....chooth jaise mat marnaa." I assured aunty saying-"Aap jaise kahoge waise hi karoonga.... ek ek dhakka puchh puchh ke maroonga." She was smiling at my naïve answer. I lubricated my penis and made it quite slippery to ensure smooth anal penetration in my aunt's arsehole.

Similarly, I rubbed Vaseline on her anal opening and adjoining area. I inserted my middle finger around an inch inside her arsehole to check the possibility of smooth penetration. After lubricating both my penis and aunt's arse, I held my hard penis in my hand and looking at aunt's buttocks & arsehole asked -"Ghusaoon aunty, Vaseline toh lagaa diyaa?"

Aunty positioned her palms on respective buttocks with her fingers near her anal hole, and stretched her fleshy buttocks in opposite directions trying to spread it as wider as possible. Now her anal opening was bigger. Aunt's arsehole was clearly visible in its round shape with darkness inside and ready to gulp my hard penis.

She then instructed me-"Ab lund gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusaao......jab bolungee tab jor se pelnaa." I positioned my hard shaft on her inviting hole and started pushing it inside slowly and gradually slowly watching aunt's reaction and expecting bigger resistance with the doubts in my mind about achieving full penetration.

My aunty screamed-"Unnnnhhhhh......unnnnhhhh......dheere ghusaa........uuuuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaaaa.....phad di gaadn.....haan......haan....aise hi ghusne de.......ab lund ka mund to ghus gayaa....ab aaraam se ghus jayega.....dheere ghusao....aaraaam se.....unnnnhhh....unnnhhh......ab to ghus gaya pura.....ab dheere dheere karo..."

And my entire penis was inside her arsehole. Aunt had removed her hands from her buttocks and kept it on bed on her both side. Her arsehole was very tight, and I could feel the warmth inside her arsehole. Now, I positioned my hands on aunt's shoulders with arms below her armpits and palms grapping her shoulders.

I started removing my penis out of her arsehole partly and then shoving it again inside slowly, repeating these motions with slowly increasing speed. Aunty was moaning and screaming continuously now-"Oooohhhh.....ooooohhhh....aahhha.........aaahhhaa.....aise hi ahiste...araam se...ghusate raho....aaahhhhha..."

I again beseeched aunt's permission to accelerate my thrusts as I wanted to enjoy fucking arse of aunty to the hilt-"Meree ranee, ab toh dard nahin hai...peloon jor se?" Aunty was enjoying now-"Ab mar le gaand...ab ghusaa to diyaa apna motaaa lund meree gaadn mein...ab mar gaadn man bhar..... aagey... peecheeyy....kartaa jaa....chhed khultaa jaayegaa...."

I withdrew my penis out of aunt's arsehole only letting upper thicker part of penis inside and then wedged it inside again. Aunty screamed-"Haan....haaaannn.....aise hi kar.....ab maarr maaarrrr aaauuurrr jor se jor see... aaaaahhhhhhhh......aaaaahhhhh.....pel jor se.....hhhaaaannnn......hhhhaaaannnn...aise hiii.........aaaahhhhh..........

man lataka thaa meree gaand mein....ab maar.... maar aaauuurrr jor se jor se... pel jor se...kar lund ko andar bahar...pel bua ki gaadn mein." I started fucking her arse with gradually increasing speed. Aunty was making sexual sounds- "Aahhhaa...........aaaaahhhhh...............oooohhhhhh...........hath neeche la.... chuchiyan masal.......ooohhhhh..........aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.......

phir se gaadn marwane lagee...." I asked-"Aunty ab to mazaa aa rahaa hai." She replied-"Haan bahut aa raha hai....saali office mein bhi rat ki chudai aur teraa lund dimaag mein ghoom rahaa thaa....abhi mar le gaadn....phir raat mein chodana man bhar........ aaaaaahhhhaaaa........ aaaaaahhhaaa....ab jor se pelo......raat ke jaise pura nikaalke ghusero.........

ab dard khatm ho gayaa.....mar meree gaadn jor se.....thok de puraa andar...... aaaaahhhhha....aaaaahhhhha.......aaaaahhhhha.." I complimented Indu aunty saying-"Meree raanee aunty aapka gaadn mast hai...mazaa aa gayaa....chootad dekh ke moonh mein paani aa jaataa hai....hai meree ranee....meree jaan...le mazaa lund ka....pel pel ke phad doonga....ooohhh meree jaan."

Aunty was also on seventh sky with pleasure enjoying my hard rod inside her arsehole and kneading of her breasts. She was shouting with pleasure now-"Oooohhhhh...... ooohhhhhh...oooohhhh.......phad de gaadn ko......tera lund bhi mast hai....ab pel jor se....jaldi jaldi....mar meree gaadn man bhar.....oooohhhh mere saiyaan...ooooohhhh....ooooooohhhh.."

Now after several minutes of intense arsefucking, I was feeling the urge of ejaculation, I said to aunty-"Aunty mera girnewala hai" And I made my grip over aunt's body firmer. She was screaming and saying-"Ho gayaa.....bhar gayaa man....kal se gaadn ke peechhe padaa thaa....ab nikaalega apna maal meree gaadn mein.....

Achchha kar de khalas meree gaadn mein......bhar de gaadn ko...phachphachaa de apna maal meree gaadn mein....oooohhhhh........oooooohhhhhh." And, I started offloading large volume of semen in aunt's arsehole ejecting in continual streams. Aunty was breathing heavily and gradually getting relaxed.

She was whisperingly saying-"ummmmmmmmmmm...........uuummmm...Bhar gayee meree gaadn....garam garam dal diyaa maal....maar lee meree gaadn man bhar.....shaitaan.....aisaa saiyaan nahin dekhaa....doosre hi din biwi ki gaadn bhi maar lee....log to mahinon chooth mein lage rahte hain....uuhhhhhh.....uuuuuhhhhh........... lund abhi mat nikaal....

rahne de abhi gaadn mein......dheela ho jaye lund toh dheere se nikaalna.... uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....phad dee meree gaadn....dard ho gayaa....yeh motaa lund meree gaadn mein aaj hi pelna tha...chal koi baat nahin....teree biwi hoon ab....jaisee mere saiyaan ki marzee...jo kar le...man laga marwane mein...teree bhi ichcha puree huii..."

She further instructed-"Jakar dho le lund saboon se...main yahin letee hoon. Khana yahin mangwa le...main bahar nahin jaoongi....tu toh phir raat ko meree dhunai karega" When I withdrew my flaccid penis slowly from her arsehole, drops of semen also came outside expanding on aunt's buttocks.

Aunt screamed-"Ohhhhh......dheere nikaal...chootad par aa gayaa tera paani...lund hai ki pichkari...pochh de tauliye se..." when the thick tip of the penis was coming out of her arsehole. I washed my penis with Pears soap and wiped Indu aunt's buttocks and arse with towel.

She was half asleep, I kissed her cheeks gently saying-"Meree pyaree aunty...mazaa aa gaya...tum bahut achchhi ho." And she stayed with me for three weeks. We enjoyed sex every night and even on days of weekends in every feasible position. Aunty was looking relatively younger when she left for Allahabad.

I left her at New Delhi Railway station with moist eyes and extreme level of gratitude. Her eyes were also moist and she said in sobbing voice looking at me-"Apnaa khyaal rakhna, tumhare aane ka intezaar karoongee..." I am waiting all agog for my next Allahabad visit and pray to God for her Delhi visits sooner and for longer duration.

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