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Investment banker fucking sons teacher - I

I wont say 'Hi to all readers' or any such stuff.I came across this site(Humandigest) through goolge, just by chance.I read a few of the stories here and found them to be pretty much fake.I decided to submit my story or string of incidents which have occured in my life and made it spicier.Let me tell you, its 100% or rather 500% true.Thats all i can say.

Rest is upto you to believe in its genuineness.The names of people in this story may or may not be true, owing to confidentiality.So, here i begin. My name is Nikhil Oberoi.I am 37 years of age.I am an investment banker with HSBC India,living and working in Mumbai.I am married and have a 8 yr old son(Rohan) and a 5 yr old daughter(Rhea).

My wife is Aleena Oberoi and is also an investment banker, but with ICICI.She is 35 yrs of age.Ours was a love marriage.She is from Delhi and i am from Mumbai itself.We met each other during our MBA programme at London School of Economics(LSE).We both earn handsomely and havent seen any shortage of money or anything till now.

We live in a posh society in Colaba and own 3 cars.Basically, a more than well to do lifestyle ie Upper Society.Our children study in an Upper-class,swish South Mumbai school. Now about my wife and our married life.My wife was one of the hottest females when i met her in London School of Economics.My friends use to call her Demi Moore.

Fair in complexion, 5'8 and 34-30-32 if im not wrong.Perfect boobs and an ass to die for.Something immediately struck off between us.There must have been another 50-60 guys after her, including foreigners, but i was the lucky one.Infact, i myself am blessed with highly handsome looks.I am almost 6'1.

I was a national level squash player in my 20's and represented Maharashtra.I wanted to become a professional player, but economics got the better of me.Thus, till date i have an extremely agile body and have maintained atleast 4 pack abs.We dated for around 1 and a half yrs during MBA and soon after we got married and shifted to Mumbai.

Neither of us were virgins when we started dating and it was fine with both.We had sex many times during our MBA but the real spicy stuff started after marriage.Kinky, roleplay, spanking, watching porn together,reading Cosmopolitan together, trying new sex positions every day,sex in bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom,on dining table,talking dirty,

sending dirty/naughty texts while at work,clubbing.The sex used to be very intense.Shouting, screaming,love bites and much more.We used to dicuss our fantasies, fetishes etc.I have a fetish for a woman's armpits.Shaved ie.Especially while having sex, Aleena used to be sweating, that odour was invigorating.And all this was almost 5 days a week.

Everthing was just amazing.But everything changed after we had our first child and became worse after our second one.Not that she lost her figure or something.She did became a little plump.She is now a yummy mummy and a smoking hot MILF.But i preffered the earlier body.After having children she changed to 36C from 34C(because of breast feeding).

Hers boobs are bigger now but they are sagging. After having children she completely lost interest and the urge for sex.I thought it happens with most of the women after pregnancy and that after sometime she will regain the lost interest, but i was wrong.After starting work again, she had to manage office, children, their studies, house and after all this she neither had the energy nor the time for sex.

Even though we had two full time maids, she had become really busy and this was taking a toll on our relationship.It had become very frustrating for me.I am a Leo male and a Leo male has a very high sex appetite.I wanted sex from her which she could not provide.We used to have many arguements also in this context.

Every time i was in the mood for sex, she used to be either busy with children or was too tired for it.Our daughter,Rhea further created problems.She could not sleep in the childrens' room and had to sleep with her mother only.So she used to sleep in our room and on our bed.Thus, even if i tried having sex, i had to make very less noise or else Rhea would wake up.

Many times it used to so happen that Aleena used to go to sleep with Rhea and then in the middle of the night when i could not control myself, i used to open her night gown/nighty, remove her undergarments and try to suck her tits and make love.She used to continue sleeping and it was almost like making love with a dead body.

Next morning she used to fight with me and say i dint let her sleep.We both were quite disturbed. This thing continued for next few years and our children started growing up.My son, Rohan had reached 1st Standard. Right from Nursery to Lower Kg to Higher Kg and now 1st, both Aleena and I used to attend the schools Open House/Parent Teacher Meetings.

They used to have 3 such meetings every year and we thought both the parents should attend it for the child's benefit.I tried to be as involved in Rohan's studies and school activities as Aleena.Sometimes only one of us would be able to attend depending on whose office work permitted.

Right through Nursery to Higher Kg, Rohan had teachers who were either in their 50s, semi grandmom types or those typical school teachers.Fat, stout and ugly to say the least.But those meetings concentrated on the child's studies, habits, activites etc. rather than teachers' looks.Infact i never really gave a thought to the looks of his teachers until i met his 1st Standard Class teacher.

Her name was Roshini Sahai.My goodness.As soon as we entered the classroom, i just couldnt take my eyes off her.I was shell shocked and dumbfounded to see a woman so beautiful to be a teacher.Infact she was one of the most beautiful women i had ever seen in my life.She was milky white.Not like those blonde types.But a clear smooth milky radiant complexion.

Infact for those of you'll who know the Hollywood actress Deise Richards, she looks 80% like her.A tad more fair.She was wearing a saree specially for the ocassion of Parent Teacher Meeting i suppose.A blue chiffon saree with a tight short black blouse.Her milky arms were quite prominent to everyone in the room.

She had straight smooth light broen coloured hair making her look every more sexy.Aleena, Rohan and I took our seats and were waiting for our turn to meet her.Rohan was busy playing with his friends and Aleena was busy chatting up with other Moms.I noticed some more fathers in the classroom who had also glued their eyes onto the sultry teacher.

But they were the ones with tummys and bald heads and double chins.As i mentioned earlier, because of my sports background i am still, at 37, a muscular strong Leo Male.But because of the catching age, my hair has streaks of gray.But i never dyed my hair.Infact i suppose this gray hair look projects my manliness and makes me more attractive.

An experienced lion ready to take on any lioness.Maybe thats what must have caught Roshini's eye also.After about 15 minutes of waiting it was our turn to have a tete a tete.Aleena and I greeted her and introduced ourselves.I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say to me "Hi am Roshini", and shook first Aleena's hand then mine.

Before us, all the parents were greeted with a 'Good Morning' and no hand shakes. Anyway, i really dint think too much into it and soon we started discussing Rohan's studies and his behaviour etc.She had an American accent and both, Aleena and I were surprised to hear it.My wife eventually asked her about it.

She said she was born in Mumbai but flew away to New Zealand at the age of 6.She completed her studies and graduation there itself.She said she felt that she should come back to India and give something back to this country.And as she was very fond of kids and teaching, she became a teacher.This was her first stint as a school teacher.

She was looking only at my wife and adressing her.After a minute or two i lost track of the conversation and simply drowned myself in her eyes.They were sea blue in colour, complimenting her blue saree and her perfume was driving me crazy.

I suppose she understood after a while that i was staring hopelessly at her because she made a feral noise in her throat and kind of smiled at me in a weird way and then was trying to control that smile.My wife dint really notice this as she was busy yaking about Rohan's homework etc etc etc.After around 8-10 minutes it was time for us to leave.

I was wondering how her figure and assests would be.I couldnt make out as she was sitting.Only her beautiful face was visible and as her saree was very dark in colour nothing could be seen or deciphered.Just then she asked us to wait and got up from her chair and walked to a cupboard at the far end of the class.Woooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Im not exaggerating like other stories, but thats what i thought to myself as she got up.The most babelicious female i had seen.She had the right curves at the exact right places. 36-30-32. The lion inside me was raring to be unleashed and i wanted to grope her then and there.But alas, the civilized society.

She came back with her purse and gave 2 Cadbury Bournvilles to Rohan saying one was for him and one for his sister.I was wondering why she did this because she hadn't given any chocolates to any of the children before us.Anyway, we said thank you and were leaving.My wife and Rohan were ahead of me and just as we were about to exit the class, i turned and looked in her(Roshini's) direction.

She was looking at me and immediately snapped her glance.Rohan went home and Aleena and I went to our offices.I couldnt work the entire day as i was thinking about Roshini Sahai and her looking at me.I couldnt get her figure and her swaggering walk and her blue eyes out of my mind.I was becoming very horny.My 8' inch monster wanted a hole.

That evening while going home from work i bought few flavoured condoms and a 100mg sleeping pill.After dinner i put the sleeping pill in Rhea's milk without Aleena's knowledge.It was sufficient for Rhea to sleep in deep slumber till morning.And as soon as the lights were out i started my work.I grabbed my wife and smoocehed her madly fantasizing about Roshini Sahai.

As usual, Aleena was in no mood for sex and said that Rhea would wake up.I told her that she wouldnt and removed by clothes and stripped her of her nighty as well.She tried to resist and said she had to reach office early in the morning but i wasnt listening.I removed her 36C black bra and panty and flung it.I dint even realize, the bra fell on Rhea's face.

But she continued sleeping.I was thinking only about Roshini Sahai and her body.I put on a strawberry flavoured condom and got into a 69 position.Aleena was cribbing and wanted to sleep but I stuffed my cock into her mouth and at the same time was sucking out all her juices.She dint cooperate and stopped the blowjob.I had to get down to fucking.

For the next half n hour,I fucked her black and blue, squeezed her tits while sniffing her armpits thinking them to be Roshini Sahai's.I forced my tongue into her mouth and smooched her without even letting her breathe.I was unstoppable that time.I increased my pace and went deeper into her cunt.She was in pain and must have been shocked to see this form of me.

She kept saying, "Slow Slow..stop...Ouch its hurting", but the lion in me just fucked and fucked and fucked.I moaned loudly and had a massive climax which filled the condom full.I fell on her and remained there until she pushed me aside.I then washed my dick,flushed the condom,wore my clothes and went off to sleep.Aleena had already worn hers and was sleeping.

Next day i was much more relaxed but i still wanted Roshini Sahai.This was July and the next Parent Teacher Meeting would be 3 months later in October.For the next 3 months i fucked my wife many times fantasizing about Rohan's teacher.

I was using the sleeping pill for Rhea.With each fuck i was getting more desperate for Roshini Sahai. To be frank i was bored of my wife and her body and wanted new exictement and flavours in my life.Little did i know that my dream would turn into a reality.

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Horny college girls drilled at party

Hi boys and girls. Here we go. This is gokila from coimbatore back again with another real incident happened 19 days before. Again it was a group sex, but with known people, that is my friends (college mates). I always imagine about my friends cocks sizes and wanted to see everyone’s cock and wanted to take them in to my throat fully.

I was waiting for the right opportunity to come. I always know, when there is a get together party, there will be some fucking lessons for girls and boys. One of my friend has arranged this party with lots and lots of drinks and other stuffs in his farm house. He invited all of the boys and girls in our department.

The party started by 10 o clock in the morning as everyone was from different areas and wanted to get back before night. We girls all went to the party from my home. We all decided to wear almost same type of dress and we decided to wear t-shirt and jeans. I decided to wear it without wearing any inner wears so that everyone will have their eyes on me.

I surely know that this time there will sex activities in the party. So I prepared to take some condems and some I-Pill tablets with me. I placed those in my handbag. As decided we started by 9 AM and reached the party house by 9.45. Almost everyone was there and the party was about to start.

Cakes, food stuffs, hot drinks, cold drinks, everything was there on the house. I always wanted to taste some alcoholic drinks, but never got a chance to do so. But this time I made my mind that I want to take some alcohol. With me my two other friends also wanted to take alcohol, I asked one of my friend to give some.

He told us Vodka will be the better one for us and we decided to take it. He provided us a three half bottles of Vodka. We exactly dont know how to mix that. I have to say that’s the big mistake we made. We just pored the three bottles in three big glasses and mixed two glasses of water in three big glasses and started to sip it. It was Vodka Apple flavor.

We started to enjoy the drink with lots of non-veg recepies. After 30 minutes we three finished the whole glass. We all started feeling so drowsy as even cant take a step. We felt like the whole world started to rotate very speed. We all felt like vomiting and somehow called up one of my friend. He was none other than my close friend whom I had sex in my last encounter.

I told him that I was feeling very drowsy and feel like vomiting. Then he called up some more boys for help, to carry all three of us to the bathroom to make us vomit comfortably. But before reaching the place, I started vomitting and it was all over my dress now. But they continued to carry me to bathroom. It was full of mess, three boys carried me.

After vomitting in bathroom, they decided to wash me as I was in total mess…There came the mood for boys I have to say. They put me on shower. As I was wearing a yellow t-shirt, after washing my boobs was clearly visible to everyone. My nipple was very hard, everyone can see the erect clearly. I was completely wet. They carried me to a bed from the bathroom, there I saw the surprise.

Already two of my friends were made nude and they are having some cocks in their mouth and enjoying it. This made me horny. In that room, there are 15 to 20 boys standing nude already waiting to fuck three of us. They were all over two of my friends. Let me tell about their figure. One looks very lusty, fair, white color. Huge boobs, everyone will love to fuck her.

The other one I have to say looks like a little blonde. She got perfect pair of boobs, fair in color, weatish color body, she looks like a school girl. We three are not even able to stand in our own legs. But the boys around us are giving balance to us. Then three more boys came closer to me. Watching all of them nude made me so horny.

Then my close friend told everyone, hey guys let me introduce a bitch to you and introduced me and told them about the sex encounter which happened between me and him. They all were surprised to hear that. And then he started to remove my T-shirt, one boy from bottom removed my jeans. Everyone was shocked to see that I was not wearing any inner wears (Bra & Panty).

They all shouted at me “YOU BITCH”. I loved that. Those six boys made me neel down and gave balance from the back. Now three girls are in same position and all the boys around us are nude and are standing in a queue. One by one inserted their cocks in our mouth, I think they had some timings on that, but I can’t calculate it. Then it happened.

Three guys holding us from everyone’s back to give us balance. The remaining guys (approximately 20 of them where there) started to come up in queue and started insterting their cocks inside our mouth. I was loving it, I dont know about the remaining two, but after two days I came to know they also loved this sex experience a lot more.

This process went on for more than 2 hours. In this, my mouth was loaded with 5 guys cums. I swallowed all of it. Some amount were dropping outside my mouth. When I turned around to see my friends, its the same situation for them also. After this all of them decided to fuck us. They all are well prepared.

One guy distributed condems to everybody in that room and all of them started wearing that. As usual one guy from top, one from bottom, one into the mouth started fucking. Even in that drowsy mode, I can feel the pain and the penetration I was getting. Everyone started fucking very hard. We never got a gap in between this sex. As one finished, other one started to proceed.

I was struggling for my breath. All three of us are screaming very loud in pain, but no one can hear it outside as the music from disc has been kept full. After fucked my 8 guys, I was completely gone. There is nothing left in me. I was feeling pain in boobs and pussy. It was very painful. Most of the boys have also bitted my nipples.

I can see some amount of blood was coming out of my pussy and also in my boobs. Then I asked them to stop and said enough is enough. After that everyone stopped fucked, I should say everyone finished fucking us. We three would have reached orgasms almost 8 times in this encounter. It was a 5 hour sex we were in. Started by 12 and finished by 4 o clock.

This is not the end. 5 guys dressed up and went out opening the room and carried food for the remaining in our room. After coming back they again removed all their clothes. We all had our lunch nude. This is the first time I having food nude. After taking food, they all taken some rest. We three girls were not even able to move. We just lied back on the nearby bed together.

But there started the trouble, one of the guys seeing that said to everybody and asked three of us to do some lesbian act together. As there is no other option, we started doing so. Two of my friends laid me down and one taken my boobs in her hands and started sucking it. The other started to insert her hand inside my pussy.

As my pussy hole is very big, she inserted her whole hand inside my pussy. Oh my god, I was screaming in pain very loudly. Then I made the girl who is very lusty, fair, white in color lie down. I always play with her by pressing her boobs in college days as it was huge. This time I had a chance to taste it. I was just bitting it very hard, where after sometime she asked me to stop this.

Then we made the same process for our other friend also. I thought it was the end. We were completely enjoying the lesbian act and when we turned around we saw all the boys were surrounding us and their cocks are back in action. But I said, this is it, we cant take it anymore. One boy replied its ok, you can leave, but before leaving all three of you lie down on the floor for sometime.

As asked we came to the floor and lied down. They all rounded us and started mastrubating watching us. After sometime, one by one started to cum on our bodies and face. After 15 minutes, we were fully covered with cum. It was all stuffy, but I enjoyed it thoroughly as I always wanted my body to be filled with cum. We all three taken a cum bath today.

After that, everyone finished and started to dress up. I then started to woke up, but the pain in my pussy was still on and I was not able to stand on my own legs as so the two others. Then some guys carried us to the bathroom and made us sit on the floor and opened the shower for us. We just taken bath and came to the bed and we slept nude there in the bed for two hours.

When I woke up, the time was 7 PM. No one was in the room, but our dresses and things were there in the room. I woked up my friends and we dressed up and went out of that room. Only three boys were waiting outside including my close friend. They picked us up in their bikes and dropped us in our home. I was totally tired.

After reaching home, I just changed my dress and went to bed immediately, the time will be around 9 PM. Next morning, no, I should say next afternoon only I woke up. Bcoz the time was 1 PM. I was still feeling the pain inside my pussy. I had my lunch and then for a safety I had a I-Pill tablet. Then when the time was around 2 PM, I called up my two other friends.

They were still sleeping. Only after receiving my call, they woke up and they said they are still in some pain and I replied them I too have pain and I asked them to have I-Pill for safety. We felt the pain for almost three days after that encounter. I was on leave for those three days.

It was such a wonderful, very paining sex encounter which we three of us are not going to get it back again. I think my experience will make you cum guys. I’d love to take your cock too… Its my pleasure to do…I Love you all… By your sexy, lovely, FUCKING BITCH…

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Devika fucked by her Papa

“Beti, what we did was wrong. I was intoxicated and so were you and we could not control ourselves. Sorry, but we must stop it. A father cant make love to his daughter. ” Manohar tried to reason with his daughter Devika, a widow of 33 years. Deep in his heart, he did not want to stop it. The forbidden nature of the relationship excited him greatly. He stared at the big erect boobs of his daughter.

“But why Papa? I love you and how can it be wrong to have sex with someone who loves you? Papa, mother is dead and so is my husband. I love you and your cock. Your cock has given the kind os beating that my cunt has never received from anyone else. Just touch my pussy and see how it throbs” Devika was going crazy for her father/lover

“Because you’re my daughter, that’s why. You must not think about what we did, it is sin. It’s incest. Society does not approve of it” “Inter caste marriages were considered wrong Papa, but they are ok today.” “Our religion forbids incest.” “Even the Gods make love where they wanted. God has created only one difference, male and female, cock and cunt”

He didn’t have a good answer, so he kept his mouth shut. ” But I have fathered you. How can I fuck you?” He said lamely. She ignored his objection. ” I’m a grown woman. I can decide for myself who I want to sleep with. And finally, I wasn’t planning to tell the whole world about our private lives. I have already bought a house in Banglore where no one knows us.

We will live there as spouses. Papa, lets be a part of Nature. Have you forgotten when Rock(our dog) made Dolly (our bitch) pregnant(Rock is the baby of Dolly). How much it excited me when Rock was fucking his mother Dolly!” “So you’ve thought about us, Devika? I cant think of my sweet Beti Devika as my partner.”

”Papa, answer me honestly and tell me that you don’t want to fuck me. I will bring an end to our relationship. But do you not want to suck on my tits? Do you not want to touch your daughter’s cunt, her choot?” He looked at her and thought about lying. She must have sensed his weakening resolve, because she unbuckled his belt and placed her hand on his bulging cock.

She ran her hand on the length of his cock over his underwear.” Aaaaaaa….. ooooooh.. noooooooo….beti naaaaaa” The contact sent a jolt of excitement through him, and his cock sprang into life. “Devika, my darling,” he said hoarsely, “we can’t ever repeat what we did last night.” He knew that his voice was not convincing even to himself as he spoke. “Yes, we can.”

He was aware of the heat of her young body, the swell of her breasts, her thighs pressing against his own, her hands on his cock. She said as she realised he could not turn back. “I want to do everything with you.” Manohar darted a glance at her heaving bosom and placed his trembling hand on her flesh.

“Yes, Papa, everything,” she said. “I want to suck you. I want you to eat me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you come inside me.” “Devika!” he croaked, “do you have to use language like that? Do you want to talk dirty with your father? It makes me sound like daughter-fucker” “Nothing can be dirty in love, Papa, can it be?” she asked. Then she said.

“I want to suck on your big cock. I want you to eat your daughter’s cunt, choot as you called it. I want to feel your Lund inside my Choot. I want to feel your jism in my cunt. Is that wrong or dirty, Papa?” He swallowed hard. “I’ll say say and do what you like,” she said. “I’ll say whatever you want, as long as you fuck me.

Her fingers round his erection felt so good, so warm, so… right. He felt a thrill of excitement. Devika saw a change come over her father’s face and she pulled his pants down, making him shed his underwear and his hard-on was in her hands. She stroked him gently. Her hand was warm and soft. With her free hand, she managed to pull off her T shirt, skirts and her panties.

The scene of his naked daughter on the sofa made his mouth water. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He wanted to fuck her, his daughter too seemed to have the same thought, because she didn’t make a move to change positions. Instead, she played with her pussy while she placed her mouth on his cock.

Her face was flushed and he undid her hair. Se looked beautiful. She closed her moistened lips, tasting his wonderful cock. “Mmm,” she breathed. “I like it when you push your lund in my mouth. I can’t wait to feel your hot monster inside my choot.” She teased him. “Is this wonder cock for me?” She ran her hands over his shaft and then fondled his testicles.

Manohar pulled her closer and pulled her bra completely off her lovely breasts, cupping them lovingly. He lifted her mouth to his lips and kissed her. When she finally broke the kiss, she whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you.” She squeezed his dick. Then she gently pushed him on the fofa. When she was done, she pulled his hands to her breasts.

Her nipples grew stiff as he tweaked them. “Oh, that’s nice, Papa” she said. “I like your hands on me.” She closed her eyes and stroked his erection. They lay side by side on teh wide sofa like that for almost a minute. “Do you want to use the bed? The bed you shared with mother? Replace me with mother in bed, Papa. Treat me as you treated mother, your wife!” she said at last.

“OK Beti, lets go to bed. Do you want to fuck me here?” he said. He watched her bare ass as she walked from sofa to his bed. On the bed she lay naked as she was born and his eyes were drawn to her pussy. She reached between her legs and ran a finger along her slit. He was hard. She spread her legs.”Do you want me to lick your choot, beti? I know you love it. I love it too.

But why dont you bend before me on hands and knees, like a bitch? And I suck your cunt like a dog. Think of me as Rock, my Dolly darling!” Devika knelt before her father on the bed and put her hands on the bed rest while he bent like a dobg behind her, his hands on her inner thighs. Her skin was soft and smooth. He inhaled the smell of her wet cunt.

Then he flicked his tongue over her slit and tasted her choot. She gasped and her belly tingled. “Oh, Bhagwan,” she hissed, her hand went back and her fingers combed through his hair. She hissed again, as he licked her satiny cunt. He cupped her ass and kissed her everywhere. He circled her clit with his tongue and she cried out softly.

He licked and sucked until he felt her pussy was weeping with excitement. Then he inserted a finger into his daughter’s cunt. Her hips bucked, but he continued licking. She pushed him away. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me, please. I want to come with your lund inside my choot, Papa.” She lay on her back, her thighs spread and she caught his cock and rubbed the pink head over her cunt.

Then she moved her hips up and his cock was inside her hungry pussy. He was inside his own daughter again! He was fucking her again. “Oh, Bhagwan,” she gasped, “fuck me Papa.” The words rang in his ears. Heat and moisture surrounded his cock. Devika was urging him on and he began thrusting his cock into his daughter’s cunt.

His hips slapped her raised thighs, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Then she lifted her breasts. Her nipples bounced with each thrust. He lowered his lips and captured one. She hissed as he nibbled gently. She pulled his face up and kissed him long and deep, her tongue sparring with his. After a moment she broke the kiss and groaned as he filled her again.

“Fuck me, Mannu” she panted. “Come inside me Mannu. Fill me with come, you bastard.” He was shocked to hear his daughter’s words. His dead wife used to call him “Mannu” and now his daughter was calling him by that name, on “Her Bed”. He pushed himself up and concentrated on fucking her. She begged him to fuck her faster.

He was going as fast as he could ”Harder, Mannu, fuck your wife faster, harder, Zor se chod Mannu(Mannu fuck me hard)”. He felt a rush of heat and moisture as her pussy clenched him. Her eyes rolled back. He kept pounding into her. His own climax was close, and his balls felt tight with the need for release. He groaned.

“Oh, Beti! I am cumming….Ohhhhh God I am cumming inside my Devika, my beti, my wife” He screamed. Her pussy tightened round his shaft. With a final lunge, he buried himself as deep as he could and felt an explosion of pleasure. The sensation spread his entire body. He clamped his eyes shut. Beneath him, his daughter heaved in the final throes of her own orgasm.

His dick went soft in her cunt, and she made a moan as it slipped out. She smiled. “I love you Mannu, my husband, my master!” “I love you too, Devika, my wife!.” They had become married couple. Next day when he returned from work, his daughter was dressed in a red sari, and a matching blouse which clung to her ample boobs.

She had dinner ready, and she’d set two places in the dining room. She even had candles and a bottle of wine. “I thought we should celebrate our marriage, Mannu,” she said as she came into his embrace and kissed him on the lips. “Celebrate what?” he asked as failed to understand the cause of celebration. “We are celebrating our wedding night tonight, husband.

I just want you to fuck me like your new wed wife.” He wanted her to stop this new husband and wife thing and she put him to a stop with “We’re lovers, fuckers, are we not, Papa?” she said. “Yes we are lovers. I mean we fucked.” “I love you. You love me. I want to fuck you. You want to fuck me. That sounds like wife and husband, Papa.”

She began serving their dinner. “Now, let’s eat before it gets cold, Mannu” He ate mechanically. She set her wine glass down and turned to Manohar. “I want you and me to get a little drunk tonight so that you can take me as your wife. I have already dressed like a wife. Wont you fill my Maang with sindoor?(hair parting with vermilon).”

He looked at his daughter confused: “Why?” She smiled. ” I want to make me your wife, thats why, Mannu. We’ll have to be careful till we move to Banglore, but you must treat me as your wife.” He gulped his glass down and went in and brought a plate of sindoor and put some of it in my maang. I bent like a traditional Indian wife and touched his feet.

He made another round of drinks for both of us and said”You want more…? I am goint to celebarte our wedding night the way I did with your mother. She was a godess!” “Mmm hmm. Well your new wife is not a goddess, but she certainly a real bitch in bed. Lets make another drink, you seem to excite me a lot more with wine inside me.

My cunt is all tingling for your cock, lover” she said. Then she drew her wine glass and emptied it while Manohal refilled them. She began to undo her sari as they carried their plates back to the kitchen. Manohar’s erection turned into a full-blown hard-on and there was a bulge in his pants”Oh, God, Mannu, I so can’t wait to fuck you with your cock.

Wine has made me horny for your cock” With that, she pressed her ass against his erection and rubbed his hard-on through his pants. He put his arms round her waist and cupped her ass from over her petticoat as she bent on the sink. ” Ohhh Mannu, I love your hands on my ass. Hey my naughty Papa, whats on your nasty mind.

Dont you fancy assfucking your wife on her wedding night?” She whispered in his ears,” Lets go to our wedding bed, let me show you some thing LOVER.” Once in the bedroom they began kissing deeply, their tongues searching each others’ mouths. Devika was as usual was getting hot, touching his cock. She began whispering, “fuck me HUBBY.”

Manohar was much more aroused due to the forbidden relationship that he had entered with his daughter. “So you like to be Papa’s wife, Devika?” He asked. She whispered, “yes Papa, I want to surrender my whole self to my husband.” “You want to be in my control tonight?” “Oh yes Mannu. You know I’ll do anything for you.”

Tonight she wanted anything and everything from her new husband, her darling Papa to posses her completely. “Tonight you’re going to do everything.” “Like what, Papa?” “Let your husband decide for that. No more questions.” “Oh, come on Papa. Tell me. Tell me please. Your suspense has made me soooooo hooooot. Seee my cunt is weeping for your cock Papa"

He began running fingers lightly over her hair and down her face. He kissed her hard forcing her head back against the wall, driving his tongue deep into her mouth. ” Devika, my wife, it is your duty to surrender yourself to your husband. Do it now. I want your lovely ass as wedding gift. Papa wants to fuck your ass so hard tonight. Papa wants to make you his a dirty little whore.”

“Take me as you want, Husband, please, Devika is Mrs Manohar from today” The father said in a commanding voice “Now get down on the bed and show your lovely ass, my wife.” ” Very sensible, my daughter. Get on your knees, let papa see his wife’s ass!!” “Oh Papa, please, take my ass gently! Please dont hurt me”

Manohar stared right into her eyes when he spoke. “You’ve always liked being my wife, always acting like my wife, taking your mother’s place in her bed. Well tonight you’re going to be treated liek your mother. I’m going to show you how I treated your mother in bed. I own your cunt, your asshole, your mouth, your throat, all of you belongs to me.

And right now… I’m going to fuckyour asshole and thats how I fucked your mother. Thats why we never had the second kid. I loved her ass. Now get down in front of me on your knees.” Devika, under the effect of wine bent as ordered. “Move your knees apart, Beti” he hissed. Now your ass is totally exposed to Papa.”

He grabbed a bottle of lubricant applying it on her ass and started working his finger into her asshole. Then he inserted a second, then a third finger into her anal hole. “Nice and tight, just liek your mother” He commented. Devika was aroused, “oh Papa, what are you going to do to me? Fuck me. Fuckkkkk my ass…..you are teasing your daughter…Take me”

Devika felt her tight little puckered hole being stretched beyond limit but she did not care. Devika wanted to have her father as her husband and she would do anything for her husband. “My God, what a nasty little bitch is my Beti? Your ass is so tight. Do you love Papa’s finger inyour ass, beti?” “Ohhhhh…Papa…Yessss…..do it….fuck my ass…ohhhhh bhagwan….fuck meeeee papa.”

Then he added a third finger in her asshole and moved his hand faster. She cried out, “oh Mannu, that hurts. It is too big for me. Please Papa, stop!” He slapped her ass hard with. “Stop making noise, you little cunt.You agreed to give me your ass, did not you?” Manohar kept fucking her ass with her fingers.

“Oh my God, what are you doing to me, fuck me with your cock you bastard, fuck me,” she moaned in pain and pleasure. Manohar had to obey his anal wife now. He positioned himself behind his daughter’s buttocks. “Now, Beti Devika, Papa knows your ass must be filled. Be for my cock, Papa is going to fuck you now.”

His cock was rock hard and he placed the head of his cock right on his daughter’s asshole and in one swift movement pushed it all completely. His cock ripped into her ass fully entering deep in her ass. “How’s that feel, Devika, my wife? Like Papa’s hard cock up your ass?” He started moving back and forth, fucking her ass.

Sudden assault did not let her utter anything ”God, your ass is tight. Ohhh Beti, I am fucking my wife’s ass again” He was moaning. “I’m going to fuck your ass, you bitch. I’ll show you what assfucking is all about.” He was delirious with passion. By now Devika had begun to enjoy her father’s cock in her ass as his hand touched her pussy. It was wet with juices.

“What a tight fuckin’ cunt you are Devika.” Devika pushed her buttocks backwards at his fucking cock,” Papa, keep touching my cunt too, your daughter loves you cock in her ass and hand on my pussy. Fuck me like you fucked my mother, tell me who is better fucker for you Mannu. Are you happy now yo take my ass?. Bugger me, Papa, fuck my ass”

He continued fucking his daughter’s asshole till he emptied his balls into her ass. She too, tensed as orgasm hit her body. His hands held her hips as he forced his cock into the deepest part of her ass. He pulled out and shoved his cock into her mouth “Suck my dirty cock, Devika Tell me how you like being Papa’s anal wife. C’mon tell Papa”. “Oh Papa, I am yours now.

It doesnt matter if I like or not but I love everything that belongs to you, my FUCKER, my Papa. I’m just a fuckslut. Let me suck your cock clean. Please Papa. I have to taste my husband’s cock.”

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Mallu college girl and boy kissing during sex foreplay

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Rajesh fucking MD - II

Previously: Rajesh fucking MD - I

My MD (Kusum maam) had sex with me 3 times, once in office then whenever I get chance I touch her anywhere … and then came her sister in picture... One day she called me at her place for a nice fuck, when I went there I was surprised to see her sister also, She (kusum) introduced me to her sister as her(Kusum's) PA and told I have come for some work...

Her Sister (Sangeeta) was elder to her by 2 years but looked much younger than Kusum as her husband died only after 2 years of her marriage... may be thats the reason she was looking much younger & Sex starved, She was wearing Black top & Black Capries and was looking nothing less than sameera reddy...

Her Boooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbssssssssss was the best asset of hers.... Both of them greeted me and we sat on the couch, after sometime Kusum told me that she will bring the file I have come for and winked at me then went to her bedroom and bought the files and handed it to me...

Then came Sangeeta with a glass of juice and was about to give me but suddenly kusum forwarded her leg and sangeeta along with the juice fall on me... I was full wet till underneath... Sangeeta studup and appologized and ran to the bathroom and bought a towel and started cleaning the mess on my body but of no use, I was fully drenched with juice....

Kusum told to sangeeta to take me to the bathroom and clean the mess, Sangeeta accepted and next moment we both were in her bedroom attached bathroom, Being with a sexy lady alone in a bathromm started hardening my 10.5" Dick, Sangeeta gave me a towel and told me to clean but was not able to, so she suggested me to take of the cloths so that she can wash it,

I was very happy with the suggestion and started with my shirt then my Baniyan ( gents BRA Hahahahaha) and wore the towel then was out of my trousers also... I was standing there in Towel & Undies underit infront of her... She was feeling a bit shy but cant do anything, Suddenly she asked is ur undies dry ?? I told no... then she told to take off that also and I did it...

Till then my Dick was in full swing... and was noticed by her... I Think so … Then she told me to take bath till then she will was my cloths, I accepted this offer... While I was applying soap on my body... My towel dropped down and she saw my erect dick and her eyes was fixed at my dick only & Mouth wide open....

We were looking still at each other for more than a minute or so... Then an unexpected thing happened.... She came near me and took my tool in her hand and started stroking and told I Have never seen such a big & thick Dick in my dreams also and started licking its head & then followed by sucking.... Now I will tell our conversation in HINDI...

Tumhara Lund tho bahut hi mazzedar hai rajessssshhh... Uffffff Maza aa gaya pichhle 5-6 Saalo se main lund ke liye tadap rahi thi aur aaj tum mile ho aur wo bhi itne bade lund ke saath 5-6 Saal wait karna safal ho gaya mera.... Me: Maam bahar akeli hai agar wo andar aa jayegi tho mujhe naukri se nikal degi Pls aap mujhe chhod do mujhe darr lag raha hai,

Sangeeta: Raj Tum chinta mat karo main kusum se keh kar tumhari promotion bhi karwa dungi bas badle me tum mujhe aaj chod chod ke khush kardo.... Sach me ?? Agar maam nahi mani tho ??? Tho tum Usse bhi chod dena... Tumhara lund dekh ke tho koi bhi tumse chudwalegi... theek hai... Sangeeta aap bhi apne kapde uttardo...

Raj tum khud hi utar do... Mujhe disturb mat karo mujhe tumhare LUND ka Choos ke mazaa lene do... I tried a lot but was unable to take off her top as she was busy in sucking my lund… Ummmmmaaa kya LuNDDDD Hai ahh ahh... Then she started sucking like mad... After sucking for around 10 Minuted I Couldnt control myself and I cummed in her mouth which she readily swallowed and then licked my Dick clean...

Rajjj main tumse chudwana chahti hoon abhi … kaise ??? Maam bbhi yahi hain aur ye (Lund) ab time lagaega khada hone me... Tum uski chinta mat karo, main bahar jaa rahi hoon tum bhi aa jao... When she opened the door she found Kusum standing there... maam told her tum log itni der se andar kya kar rahe the...

She told her all the incident and requested her that she wants my lund in her Chut as she is starving for sex for long long time.... Maam accepted but told she will also join us to which sangeeta told Group karne me aur bhi mazaa aayega.... Lekin pehle main isske saath ek round karma chahti hoon, phir group karenge…

Meri chut gila ho gaya hai aur nal ki tarah beh raha hai dekho… She took maams hand and placed it on her chut… Maam told theek hai …. Phir hum teeno bahar aa gaye, Kusum aur Sangeeta ek dusre ke kapde utarne lagi aur beech beech me kiss bhi kar rahi thi …Oh My GODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! There were Two Sexy Sisters standing infront of my only in BRA / PANTY….

They were like SAMEERA REDDY & Ayesha Takia Standing Naked infront of me…Mera LUND tho ekdum selute marne laga, ye dekh ke Sangeeta boli dekho tumhara khada ho gaya na … and both of them started laughing…. Now Actual SEX : Wo dono mere paas aayi aur mera lund pakadke dono eksaath choosne lagi beech beech me dono smooch bhi kar rahi thi…

I was moaning yeah suck baby suck… u both chudakad Kutia chooso mera lund… Lestening this they went mad and started sucking / biting my Dick like mad…. Both of them were speaking rubishhhh like aaj tho main apne pyase chut ko asli mazaa dungi iske lund se… ahhhhhhhhhhh hmmmm ummmmm kya maal hai iske muto lund….

Raj teri biwi tho bahut khushnaseeb hogi jisko itna bada lund milega… Uska jiwan tho safal ho jayega aur use bahar muuun nahi marna padega…. Wahhhh Now sangeeta told ab mujhse bardasht nahi hota… jaldi se mujhe chodo mera chut Tadap raha hai 6 saal se…Phir sangeeta mera lund pakade pakade bed pe le gayi aur boli aaj meri CHUT ki pyaas bujha do

Pls mujhe radi ki tarah chodo aur chod chod ke mere CHUT ke tukde tukde kar do...Aao raj aao… maine Kusum se kaha maam main sangeeta ko chod raha hun aur aap mera lund aur Apni behen ka chute k saath chatiye.. she said wowwww and started licking her chut… Sangeeta slept on her back with her legs wide open,

Took my lund and placed at the entrence … She was Wet like hell and very very tight like a virgin… Bahut mehnat karne ke baad mera lund uske Chut me pura ghus gaya tha…. Kusum hum dono ka organ maze se chaat rahi thi…I fucked her for 15-16 Minutes and she orgasmed for 3 times… and was tired… I was yet to ejaculate so I started fucking Kusum’s Mouth,

she stoped me and told ye mera muun hai mera bur nahi… Itni jor se chodoge tho mera muun bhi bur ki tarah phat jayega…Maine kaha jaha chudwana hai jaldi chudwao I cant wait I need to ejaculate.. Then I fucked Kusum also and ejaculated in 10 minutes…Three of us were tired and slept for 1 Hour naked on eachother…

When I woke up I saw kusum was sucking my Dick and sangeeta was sucking my balls both at a time… My Dick was hard as iron rod…We had threesome for next 3 Hours.. And I fucked 2 and 3 times respectively…In all this act only both the sisters enjoyed my body to the fullest but I didn’t… as they were more hungry than me…

After this we 3 went to Gangtok and had a mindblowing time with eachother and enjoyed eachotheres body to the fullest… That was the best sex I have ever had… MMMMUUUUAAAHHHH… But I enjoyed there company allot as I came to know how sex starved a women can be without a partner…

One more thing after this incident a believe that Women needs more sex than Men… How was this story ??? I want my fans to write me if they liked it, so that I can write my stories… Specially FOR KOLKATA GIRLS… DON’T YOU FIND MY STPRIES INTERESTING IF NOT THEN WRITE ME SO THAT I CAN IMPROVE MY SEX SKILLS AS WELL AS MY STORIES…

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Rajesh fucking MD - I

Hi Everybody! This is Rajesh from Kolkata. About me – I am 31 yrs, 5′10″ with normal body type with 10.5″ * 4″ Perfect Dick… I will come to the point without taking much of your time. It happened around 2 years back. When I was working with the biggest Stock broker of India where my MD was a married female of around 32 with looks and figure of 25-27 Years.

About her – she was around 32yrs with height 5′6″ approx, very fair, Perfect looks & let me tell you about her Assets. She had 36D Boobs (which I came to know later) and her ASS uff any one would like to fuck hers then and there. It happened like once I was discussing something with my Boss pointing my hands towards the gate which was behind me and suddenly I felt something soft touching my hand,

after say 5-10 Seconds I saw back & there was standing Kusum Maam and my hands was touching her Boobs.. The feeling was great but I apologized her and she told its ok and I went away from the Chamber (my boss didn’t look at all this action as he was looking towards the PC)…

That day I masturbated twice thinking about her boobs touching my hands my goodness! She was so soft over there I wished I had courage to press them hard. After that day I started looking at her sexually and wished to fuck her someday. One day it happened that a had to take her signature on important papers which were suppose to be dispatched urgently

to the clients but she was not in office as she was not well and was at her home taking rest.. When I called her she told to come home for the same. I went at her home which was so very Beautiful (She was Very Rich) her maid opened it and told me to sit on Drawing room. After say about 10-15 Minutes she came from her room wearing a nighty (seemed that she just woke up)

She told me hi and told will be back in 10 Minutes as she has just woke up and told to the maid to serve me juice & Snacks..She came after 12-13 Minutes … Wow she was looking absolutely stunning with only an after bath Robe which was just above her knees… her boobs were jiggling as she was not wearing anything inside Lol…. I missed many of my Breath...

She was looking So Sexy, I couldn’t have imagined about it ever…. She was damn hot and my dick started hardening immediately and was in full motion struggling to come out of my Formal pants but what to do after all she is my MD and could even fire me on any of my action. She came and sat in front of me and started signing the papers there were around 30-35 Signatures…

as she was wearing only a robe, I was able to see her cleavage and some part of her Boobs and some part of her thighs too as her robe was only above her thighs… I think she was watching me through the corner of her eyes the bulge in my pants which I noticed when I saw her eyes. It was getting difficult for me to control my emotions & I wanted to fuck her then and there.

I took her permission and went to bathroom in her bedroom, her all the cloths were lying there I picked her bra and panty and smelled then and jerked off immediately because I was out of control… When I was about to open the bathroom door I hear some sound so in the curiosity I peeped through the key hole and saw that she was collecting her cloths from the wardrobe.

I waited for some time and saw that she started changing Ufff…. my god when she removed for robe I saw her first time full nude, her back was towards me and her Ass was looking perfect… I suddenly slipped in Bathroom and was unable to stand, as she hear the noise she came running towards the door and asked me what happened?

I told her I have fallen and was unable to stand, she told to open the lock and after trying hard I opened the lock and she came in, When I saw her she was only in her black color panties, she helped me standing on my feet and bought me out and told me to sit on her bed. I was staring at her body continuously, she told me to take off my shirt & pants as it was wet,

I did it and also took off underwear as it was also wet and wore a Towel on my west, she asked me where did it heart, I told on my lower back, she told me to lie down and started massaging me on my back with oil… after about 5 Minutes of massage I stood up but fortunately or unfortunately my towel was not on me,

I was started naked and was looking at her body then she suddenly realized she was not wearing anything except her Panty…. She tried to hide herself with whatever she could get beside her but I looked into her eyes with lust as I was with such a sexy lady only in Panty in her Bedroom with me (naked)…

I could not think of anything else and moved my lips on hers and kissed her slowly but to my fortunate she opened her mouth and welcomed me in and we started kissing very passionately, our tongue were playing all the game and while kissing my one hand was behind her head and other one was on her left boobs feeling it…

Her skin was soft as satin, her nipples were hard as nuts, she wrapped her hands around my neck while we were kissing, Slowly I came down to her ears, neck and this time she went crazy and started kissing all over my face, neck chest then I felt her one hand on my 10.5″ fat Dick,

her jaw was dropped as she felt my dick in her hand and was watching with surprise and told what a big one u have my husband is having less than half of it and in excitement she went on her knees started stroking very hard and also started licking the head of it and started sucking very hard ….

She was sounding like hmmmm Whhhhat a dickkkk yeahhhhhh iiii llloveeeeeeeeeee itttttt lettttt me Suckkkkk it realllll harddddddd… Uffff have never seen such a big dick in my whole life …. I asked her how many she has seen till date she told 3-4 apart of her husband but has not seen such a big one…. after 5 – 10 Minutes of fantastic sucking I felt I am going to cum,

when I told her she told to cum in her mouth and I did it… load was so much that she couldn’t accommodate all of it and some fell on her lovely boobs…After such a fantastic sucking I fell of her bed exhausted… she was laughing like hell and telling I wanted to feel you from the day you touched my boobs in office, I told me tooo maaam,

then she scolded me “itna din kyun laga diye ” “maine tho tumhe ek baar muth maarte hue bhi dekha the office me jab sab chale gaye the” ussi din maine decide kar liya the ki I would suck it like hell…After some time I told her ” Main bhi aapko maze dena chahta hoon ” she told why not the she lay on bed … I took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it one by one,

she went mad and started telling chuso mere mumme ko chuso ye itne din se tadap rahe hain ahhhh ahhhh mmmm shhhhhhhh.. then I came down to her naval and sucked, she went mad … and started telling rajjjjjjj Fuck me I can’t wait any more shhhhh ahhhhh come on Pls I can’t wait fuck me hard & tear off my Pussy with such a gigantic Dick…. ahhhh come on…

I opened her juice socked Panty and was surprised to see Saved pussy…. I started licking it and she was telling wow what a choooot licker u rrrr … shhhh ahhhh uuuu aarrrr suchhh a great sucker…. by the time she already had 5-6 Orgasm…. Now time for a great fuck of a fucking bitch….

2-3 times I tried hard to insert my dick in her chooot but was unable to as her Choot was not used to a big one…. then she told to apply some Oil and then try but I told let me apply some ice cream on your choot and lick it 1st then we will fuck, she agreed and we had a wonderful sucking section and then finally we fucked by applying oil….

She started crying as if she was a virgin but she told she had never had such a big one that’s the reason it was paining but after some time it was a pleasure … She was telling all the words as Chodo apni maam ko chodo pls chod chod ke mera burrrr Phaad do… Mera pati bhenchod hain usko apni behen ko chodne se phursat nahi hai isliye tum mere pati ban jao….

Ahhhhh rajjjj fuck me fuck me hard … your wife would be the luckiest one to own such a big Dickkkk yeahh yeahhh fuck me pls Fuck Hard I had never experienced such a great fuck ahhh fuck me … Wow we fucked around 45 Minutes And finally I cum in her and she had around 15-16 Orgasm… I told her next time I will fuck her great ass…

She told me I want you to fuck my sister also as she is a widow and is starving for sex… suddenly we realized that her maid was looking at all our action and rubbing her pussy with one hand and pressing her boobs with other hand…

I panicked but mam told me don’t worry she will not tell anyone as she gets fucked by all her sexual partner and we will involve her also in next session…. That a different story will tell after I receive good response from the readers Specially Females…After this I fucked her sister, her maid also… will tell you some other day.

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