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This is an incident from my college days..I had gone to visit a friend by name Paul.I rang the bell 4 times and there was no response.As I was about to go back the door was opened by a servant.i asked for Paul and he said he has gone out.I asked him who else is there.His mother is there and she is upstairs,he said..she is talking with Paul’s friend right now..I said I’ll go upstairs and check.

As I climbed upstairs I heard noises and moans and groans.A guy was shouting “Pump harder,you bitch” and a lady replying”I’m trying.The door to Paul’s parents bedroom was partially open and I saw Paul’s mother Mini riding on somebody’s cock.she was in a white bra and nothing else and below her was a guy whose face I could not see.

To describe Mini.She was about 5’3” with a 36-26-40 figure and all of Paul’s friends wanted to get inside her petticoat.It was also rumoured that her brother in law was regularly fucking her,although how far it was true I do not know..Seeing this scene my cock rose to the hilt.In the present situation I assumed it was her b-i-l..she went on pumping his cock and his hands were playing with her massive ass cheeks.

After 5 minutes she collapsed off him and slept on her back on the bed and the guy got up. Imagine my shock when I saw that the guy was my other friend Vijay. I never knew for how long Vijay had been humping Mini or when their liaisons started. Vijay got up and went to the toilet.At this point another voice from the back of the room said

”Are you ready for me,Mini”..when this guy came into view I was more shocked to see Vijay’s brother Ravi.He was fully erect with his 6’cock and one of the fattest cocks I had ever seen.He got on to the bed and pounced on Mini.Both brothers were renowned fuckers but I never thought they will be fucking a friend’s mother.

Now Ravi was passionately kissing Mini while assaulting her boobs..He would roll the nipple between his teeth and say that these grapes are sweet..Suddenly he whispered something in her ear and she said no..He went on persisting. With one flip he turned her over and separated her ass cheeks to check her asshole.

Her asshole was pinkish and looked too small to take this fat bastard.He reached for coconut oil on the side table and liberally smeared into her asshole with his fingers.with the rest of the oil he started massaging her back sensuously.After lubricating himself he pounced on her backside and shoved his cock fully into her asshole and was mercilessly pounding her.

His left hand was dragging her hair back and right hand was feeling her boob and he was shouting”You are born for this,you bitch..Do u understand..From today you are our sextoy. Whenever we are in mood you have to arrange to be alone”..we will come whenever our cock needs a cunt.He was abusing her and after ten minutes he discharged into her asshole.

By this time I masturbated and my spunk was all over the wall and floor. He now went and sat with his head towards the wall and asked her to come between his legs and suck him off..At this point Vijay entered the picture and said “Raise you bum,bitch. Let me fuck you Doggy style” she was still sucking on Ravi’s cock when Vijay lifted her up

and shoved his long pencil like monster into her pussy with each thrust of Vijay’s cock her mouth was taking more of Ravi’s cock..Both brothers were struggling for boob play and Vijay was literally pulling her hair back and shouting”You are a bitch in heat,Mini.You will be our bitch in future..You will want us everyday..How do you like this bitch in heat,Ravi.”

“I don’t think your husband fucks you as well as us..your son goes and fucks all whores in town when he has got the biggest whore at home””Shall we get him next time ”he asked..” ”No, No do not involve my husband and son in this please”she said.Now Vijay pulled her hair hard and asked ”Who else has fucked you”

When she did not answer two resounding slaps echoed thru the room..Vijay slapping her ass cheek and Ravi slapping her cheek..”Tell us you bitch”they shouted in unison. “OK,OK I’ll tell you..My brother in law and the servant boy downstairs”,’oh,shall we call him now and watch the show you put on for us.

”No,No please not now “she pleaded.Just then both brothers came simultaneously in her mouth and pussy and she broke into multiple orgasms. Ravi suggested they have a shower together and they went into the bathroom..when they came out Mini went to the bar and poured three glasses of rum and coke and she was sitting between these two nude fellows.

“Listen,you bitch” Vijay was saying.”Henceforth you will fuck only us and nobody else,including your husband..Have I made myself clear.We will call you on phone 4to 5 times a day and talk dirty sex talk”..Incidentally you may not know it but your husband is screwing his secretary in the office..she even accompanies him on tours..Now you will be our sex toy.

Turning her to his side Ravi poured little rum at the top of her boobs and as it flowed towards her nipple he would suck it..”How was this bitch’s asshole,Ravi”Vijay asked…You must take it.It was stupendous.Vijay dragged her to the bed and made her go on all fours.He then positioned himself and thrust with full force into her asshole.

Now Mini was also enjoying it and she was meeting each forward thrust of his with a reverse thrust.Vijay had both hands on both boobs and was really mauling them.He used to lean over to kiss the nape of her neck too.He called Ravi and asked him to insert a plug in her pussy..He increased the tempo of his strokes, longer and faster and when she reached orgasm the plug flew out of her pussy.

Same time Vijay erupted in her asshole..i had come a second time now and just could not control myself. “Since you are our whore now,we may even share you with a few friends if we are in need of cash”Vijay said..”Do not make me such a whore”she pleaded.Ravi now called her to the sofa.His pole was erect and pointing upwards.He asked her to mount him by climbing astride.

She started pumping him and he was exploring his hands all mover her body.He was sucking her boobs like hell and shouting”You are the best bitch I’ve fucked”..By now I came for the third time looking at the going on in the bedroom..My cock was itching to get into Mini’s cunt but I could not risk letting them know about my presence.

When Ravi came she knelt down on the floor and sucked him fully off. More than 3 hours had elapsed and I was getting scared that I may be found out.I slowly crept downstairs..The servant was sitting on the dining table and drinking whisky..“Did you also enjoy her”he asked..i was shocked and said NO..”I arranged for these guys to fuck Madam.

I took Money from them and sent them upstairs where they initially raped her..But Madam is a sex crazy bitch.if she likes a cock then it is for life”he said..“Do you want her.i will arrange a full nite for you..You pay me”“Bastard”I said”this is how you treat the hand that feeds you”.and walked out of the door..

Later I came to know that many of my friends fucked Mini through the contact of the servant boy. Mini had an insatiable sex appetite and she wanted young boys to service her.She was a high society lady outside but a typical whore in the bedroom. I am writing this after a very long time as I came to know last month that Mini passed away in Nov2010.

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Fucking sexy bank teller Sheela

Sheela was a teller in the local branch of our bank where I had an account.I distinctly remember that Saturday when I had gone to the branch to draw some money. I presented my cheque at the counter and was chitchatting with some friends until my token number was called.

When I went to the counter to collect cash a new bundle of notes was thrown at me and I did not bother to count it and just put it in my pocket. After I reached home I got the shock of my life..Instead of 50000 bucks for which I had written the cheque,I was holding a bundle of 1000 Rs notes amounting to a lac.

I immediately called the branch and asked for Sheela..i asked her to come to my house and collect the extra cash before she gets into trouble..she said she will come just after 12 noon when banking hours close and before closing her accounts. At 12.30 the doorbell rang and Sheela was at my door..I called her inside.

Sheela is a tremendous female,about 30 years with a voluptuous 40-26-38 figure and with a height of 5’10” to match..I fired her for her carelessness and said she could have lost her job.i brought the full bundle of notes,gave it to her and said count 50 notes and take it.

As she was counting I went and sat near her and said”you will pay for your mistake” and saying so I placed my hands on her boobs and started squeezing them..she stopped counting in shock and asked me “what are you doing, sir”.

I said”Sheela,you are a very desirable lady and I want to fuck you today”.”Sir,I am married”she said”please do not do this to me”..”Well,in that case you can lose your job” I said and grabbing the bundle of notes I went into the bedroom..She followed me in and said”Please sir,help me.If I lose my job what will I tell my family”.

‘I will help you if you help my cock”I said..She came close to me and put a hand on my bulge..i knew half the battle has been won.”You will stay with me till 9pm tonite and I will drop you after that”I said..’Sir,first let me go to the bank and settle my account and then I’ll come back here” she pleaded..”Please give me the money”.

“OK..Before that let me have a quickie” and saying so I made her lean across the bed and lifted her saree and petticoat and lowered her panty..I took my cock out and blindly entered her pussy while squeezing her huge globes.I started slapping her ass cheeks and shouting”from today,you are my bitch,Sheela,do you understand.”she was nodding her head.

We quickly dressed up and went to the branch to settle her account..”Be quick” I told her..when she was inside for about 45 minutes I picked up some Chinese food from the restaurant opposite. At 2 pm she walked out of the bank with two female colleagues and was shocked to see me parked on the opposite side of the road.

She started walking towards the bus stop with them..I honked twice..After walking 50 yards she told them something and started walking back towards me.As the other ladies turned the corner she got into my car with a broad smile..”clever bitch”I thought. We went home and I said that she can have her lunch only if she eats me first.

I led her into the bedroom and removed her saree and the petticoat.Her boobs were majestic and I squeezed them mercilessly..Removed her blouse and she was looking sexy in her black bra.i left it on for the time being..My cot had a headboard and I sat on it..Jutting my cock out I asked her to suck it.

My hands were going thru her hair and she was doing a wonderful job of sucking my 8”monster. i was holding her by the ears and moving her head.Suddenly I spurted into her mouth and as I was coming I took my cock out and sprayed all over her face and hair. We had a quick bite of the Chinese food with a glass of beer,sitting nude on the bed itself.

Now,she got into the mood..She would wrap the noodles around my cock and then suck it off saying that this is the best Chinese food she has ever had. After lunch I went down on her and started licking her pussy..I had some icecream in my fridge..i inserted a scoop in her pussy and started eating her off.

Initially she said it was too cold but after 10 minutes she was coming copiously and this mixed with the sweetness of the icecream took me to 7th heaven..”Sheela,it was too good” I complimented her.. Now my monster was at full mast and I had no option but to fuck her. Slowly inch by inch I insereted my cock but when I was fully inside I thought she can take more.

”Is your husband larger than me”I asked..She said No..I asked her how come I feel you can take more..she just smiled and did not explain..i started mounting my strokes and must have enjoyed myself for about 20 minutes..while fucking her I inserted a butt plug in her asshole and it really took her to immense pleasure..

We slept for a short while with my cock positioned at her ass crack and my hands doing full justice to her boobs.Her ass was too good..Very firm,shapely and desirable..I asked her if she had been buggered before and her answer was a smile..i slowly started lubricating her ass hole,first with one finger,then two and finally three.

She was quite comfortable and did not complain which led me to wonder whether her husband is a monster. I got her on all fours and inserted my cock..It really slipped in very easily and again I got the feeling that something was amiss..Here was a sex godess and she was taking everything in her stride..”fuck me harder”she screamed while pushing her ass back at my cock.

I was getting a bit drained but this bitch was going great guns.. After I finally came and lay on my back she came and licked all muck off my cock..I cleaned out her pussy hole also with my tongue. We had a hot shower and I fucked her one more time by leaning her against the wall. After it was over,both of us got dressed and I went to drop her at her house.

She stayed 20 kms away..I suggested dinner although it was only 7.30..She said no..I took her to her street corner and dropped her there as she did not want anybody to see us. Next day I was having some beer with a few colleagues when I mentioned”Do you know what happened yesterday..That teller Sheela gave me extra 50 k.

She was lucky it was me as otherwise she would have lost her job”.At this Vinod remarked ”She must have been daydreaming about Ali when she gave you the cash”.”Who is Ali”I asked feeling a little jealous..”Don’t you know..He is the state Ranji player in our bank..Rumour has it that he has a massive 12”cock and most girls in the bank are after him.

This Sheela,her husband is a wimp..Married for 5 years now and still no kids..Ali humps her regularly mostly on Saturdays after his cricket practice” That explained the feeling I had when I fucked her in the pussy and asshole..That was the only encounter I had with Sheela.

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Hot sex affair with Anu

I was at a party of our office on the lawns of a 5 star hotel in Chennai..All the local bank staff were there with their spouses as well as my boss, our CMD..i was staying in the same hotel whereas our CMD was staying with some relatives in town..He was to take the morning 7 am flight back to Bangalore whereas I was to return next evening.

After a couple of drinks, our CMD excused himself on the pretext of an early morning flight and left..The mood immediately became relaxed and people were cracking jokes etc..It was then that a lady caught my attention. She was dressed in a white chiffon(I think) saree and a pink blouse, low cut at both front and back.

She had a tremendous figure maybe 36-26-38(later I came to know it is 38-28-38) and my cock stood at full attention. When I went to collect my third drink at the bar I met Gopal, our Regional Manager at Chennai..”Hi, Pravin sir, I was looking out for you” he said..I exchanged pleasantaries with him..He then said “I’ll introduce my wife to you”.

He took me directly to the lady I had eyed earlier..He introduced me and she introduced herself as Anu and she was headmistress of a very popular school in Chennai.As we were talking Gopal excused himself as he was the host for the party..i continued chatting to Anu and I could make out she was also getting interested.

She had light blue eyes,very fair in complexion and a stunner to look at..After 15 minutes I excused myself but I was always keeping an eye on her..Gopal,I knew was 39 years and so I put her age between 33 and 35 as she said she has a 11 year old son.Gopal was at the DGM level in the bank.

When I went to the bar for my last drink I met Gopal again.Anu was already having dinner as it was close to 9 pm now..i thought I should play my card now. I called Gopal aside and told him”Gopal.you are a DGM..as per norms it will take another 2 years for you to become AGM and another3 years therafter to become GM.

You can by pass the system if I advertise for a GM post and if you are selected.” “I do not understand this,sir,why are you telling me all this”. “Will you understand if I tell you that I am interested in your wife and your shortcut to success depends on how far she is willing to go with me”.” if she does not want to,then you can rot at DGM level for another 10 years”

He was pondering what to do..i gave my room key to him and said”if agreeable to my proposal ask her to go and wait in my room..If not, return the key to me in 10 mts”. With that I went to have dinner..From the corner of my eye I could see Gopal talk to Anu..After 5 minutes they both walked towards the hotel lobby.

I quickly finished my dinner and was having my icecream when I saw Gopal return..He gave me a thumbs up and went to attend to other guests. I quickly wound up there and went up to my room..When I knocked,Anu opened the door and she was smiling.i went in and immediately hugged her and started kissing her. My left hand was on her right boob and right hand was kneading her bum.

“I could smell sex on you”she said..i have been deprived of an active sexlife..Ours was a love marriage.Before marriage Gopal would say he will explore everyhole after marriage..After marriage,he could hardly get it up.after our son was born sex is almost non existent..That is why,the moment I met you I smelt sex but I never thought that you will use my husband to get me.

Anu,relax..Let us make the most of this night,I said..”Do you want some wine”I asked..Initially hesitant,then she agreed..”Let us be comfortable in our birthday suits”I said. She undressed me to my undies and I undressed her to her bra and panties.Her globes were really glistening in the dim lights of the room.

I made her sit on my lap and asked “would you like a sausage”..she giggled and said”I am a vegetarian”..Tonite I’ll make you eat a sausage as well as have a mutton injection ”I told her. More giggles..This is what my husband used to promise she said. I undid her bra and panty and she removed mine..I jerked her off my lap onto the floor and forced my cock into her mouth.

After the initial resistance it accepted it..Still the sucking was not good..”either you suck properly, or I’ll fuck you in the mouth” She just could not suck.I lifted her,threw her on the bed, sat on her chest and mercilessly started fucking her mouth..”I gave you a chance, you bitch, you could not suck..Now,I’ll fuck you in the mouth”.

Now my tip was reaching her throat and she was choking and trying to bite”if you do that I’ll call 10 fellows to fuck you now,I said.that quitened things a bit and the next 15 mts my bum was on her boobs and my cock in her mouth..I was not getting the right angle,so I slept on the bed on my right side and made her lie on her side and really shoved all my prickin her mouth.

I came really copiously in her mouth.’Anu.you are a sweetheart,I screamed..”Pravin,fuck me in my love hole”she replies.. After half hour I went down on her pussy..My God,it was a wonderful pussy.i spotted the clit and was lapping it up when I moved a little inside and was just licking it when she erupted like hell.

My face was covered with all the juices and she was flapping her arms and legs and shouting ”Take me,Pravin..Fast..Take me”. She was totally uncontrollable..i flipped her on her stomach, raised her and entered her doggy style..with each pounding of mine this bitch was pushing her ass back at me and enjoying..i was kneading her boobs also.

After 10 minutes I came copiously into her. We had another wine and slept at midnight..My cock was positioned at her ass crack..At 7 am she got up and woke me up..since she did not have a toothbrush I put toothpaste on my cock and asked her to brush her teeth..this time she was very cooperative and cleaned her teeth with the cleansing agent which I copiously deposited in her mouth.

She was feeling a little constipated and I said I’ll help..Rubbed Vaseline in her asshole and on my cock..with one huge thrust I found myself in her beautiful asshole and I pumped her to glory..within minutes of my coming in her asshole,she rushed to the toilet..Later we had a bath together under the shower..I dropped her home at 11am and promised her that this liaison will continue.

Gopal called me to check on my satisfaction level..i said wonderful..within 3 months he became a GM..i was screwing Anu for the next 5 years whenever I could,either in Chennai or when I used to ask Gopal to send her to Bangalore. Anu went on to become the best principal of any Chennai school and we celebrated with a holiday in Ooty(only both of us).

Thanks to these efforts Gopal rose to Executive Director of this bank before being posted as CMD of another public sector bank. I went for his son’s wedding last year and he took me aside and profusely thanked me for giving him the break in life..I said”Don’t thank me, thank Anu” and I looked at her. She smiled. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away.

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Arun fucking busty babe Subha

Dear Readers, I used to read the human digest stories regularly. I would like to narrate my story with you and this is the first time i'm writing a story in Human digest.com. First I would like to explain about me and then my friend. My name is Arun.Currently i'm located at chennai and my native is south side of Tamilnadu. I'm 5.2 feet taller and athletic body and an easy goer with any one.

My friend is Subha. Her native is from chennai. We came to introduced to each other in our training. Although subha is a black complexion and his 36 c boobs make everyone to fuck her ultimately. Initially I was friendly with her used to speak very jovial touch her hands, pinch her everything was under control sor some moment of time.

I used to go to her home and play some games like chess and computer games in her home.But the thing was happpened with each other on her birthday, As it was her birthday she specially invited me for her home. As it was sunday I went around 10 in the morning itself with a cake box and chocolates. She was very happy to see me and invited me inside her home.

I just was walked in her home.. She was looking very much pretty in rose colour saree and pallu was slightly adjusted which gives me a clear visible of her boobs. I was watching the tv and she was sitting next to me. In the mean time I came to know that her parents were went to function in her near by town.

Sometimes later subha bring me an a apple juice which she made I had a few sips of it and keep in the table suddenly she take the glass and tasted it and said me it tastes very sweet and asked me isn't it. I too replied yeah its nice. In the next moment she put her hand in my thighs and I was out of control and dont know what to do suddenly she hold by penis

and asked what is her birthday gift. I told what ever you want I can give you, With smile she replied I want you in my bed as my pillow. Then she guided me to her bed room. I was just kissing her fore head cheeks and all. Then I pulled her into ther bed and had a french kiss both of us were tasting each other saliva's for more than 5 minutes.

Subha told me that she eager to have sex with me when I joined in the company itself. in the mean time I removed her saree she was in petticoat and blouse. I just removed her blouse and petticoat. She was standing with just a bra and panty. when touched my shirt she said that she will help in removing it. then she started to remove my t Shirt and my pant.

I was in my panty. She too removed it and she some precumming fluids and looked at me in a dare. I was holding her right boobs and out my mouth in left boobs and it was milky taste I was sucking the both boobs for 15 minutes and she accompanying me with the her humping sounds.

Suddenly I got an idea and went to the hall bring the cake and chocolates which I brought her as my birthday gift and placed the chocolate all over her body and boobs. Then I started to taste the chocolated all over her body and sucking her boobs for the chocolates suddenly got up and I was downside she take the cake and pinned that pieces over my chest and my face too.

she was licking my face and chest it got me more tempted she was tasting all over my body Then I changed her downside and I inserted my middle finger and fucking her with my middle finger and then inserted second and third finger. She cant resist the pain since its the first time she s getting fucked.

After few moments she take my penis inserted it inside her pussy id went very easily and fucking her in a missionary position. By the mean hand was caressing her boobs and my lips were busy in tasting her saliva. I cum in her in pussy twice Then we both came to bathroom and each other was helping other in washing their body.

she told she was hungry and we want some food. so I went inside her kitchen found some eggs and I made omlette and gave her, Then again our second session started in the evening which will be narrated in next story.

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This episode relates to the time when my father and father-in-law had expired. In the meanwhile, that is before they expired, I had fucked both my mother and mother-in-law. Time elapsed and then one day, after both my father and FIL had expired, I thought since I have fucked my mother & MIL individually and separately, why not fuck them together.

The problem was how. Well, I knew my MIL was a religious-minded lady and frequently visited places of worship & pilgrimage. So, I said to myself let me begin by asking my MIL to allow me to take her to Nasik & Trimbakeshwar for a dip in the holy river Godavari, 2nd after the Ganga in terms of religious importance.

I went to my MIL's place and when she was alone, put the proposal before her, but she said that it may not look nice if I took her alone there. That's when I planted my real idea to her, that I could request my mother to accompany too. She said that if I could make my mother agree, then she had no problem. So, my next step was to visit my mother and tell her about the programme.

Though my mother was not into all this much, I made her agree with same coersion & pleading, that it would be great and a blessing for a son to take his mother & MIL together on a pilgrimage. After co-ordinating with the two, we fixed a day for an overnight trip.

When, the day arrived I went to my mother's place first to pick her up,in my car, by about 6AM and then proceeded to pick up my MIL. As my mother was already in the front seat with me in my car, my MIL sat in the rear seat. Till that time I had not disclosed to either my mother or my MIL of my affairs with them. So, on the way I told them that I was also having a big surprise for them.

I also told them that being an overnight trip we would halt at a hotel in Igatpuri where I am given a heavy discount, as I stay with them often with my wife, check-in, have some breakfast & proceed to Nasik. Since we are Punjabis, we three converse in Punjabi, but I shall narrate the conversations of this episode in Hindi, so that everyone understands, but in the English script.

After reaching Nasik, we three took dips in the Godavari, visited some temples and left for Trimbakeshwar. There too we bathed in the river, prayed at the temple and left for Igatpuri. We had our lunch at a restaurant on the way and reached our Igatpuri hotel late in the afternoon. After settling into our room (I had booked a double bed room only so that we three could sleep together),

we refreshed ourselves and sat down for a little rest. I suggested that I shall massage them as they might have been tired. They in return said that I too must have been tired as I was also driving the car. I suggested that I shall first massage them and they can then both massage me later. First I asked my mother to lie straight on the bed, while my MIL sat on a chair.

After having massaged my mother I asked my MIL to lie on the bed while my mother sat on the chair. Then, it was my turn. They told me to lie on the bed and both came and sat down on either side of me to massage me, but I told them it was alright and that I could not get myself massaged from my mothers. I went on to tell them that I had a confession to make in front of them both.

They looked perplexed at each other. I ventured, with a lowered head, 'Ma, main sasuma ko bhi chod chuka hoon.' My mother was taken aback & surprised and asked my MIL, ' yeh kya keh raha hai. Muje to laga ki aap to bahut bhagwan ke bhaktaloo hain, aur aise nahi kar paye ge.' My MIL, immediately replied to my mother,

'aap ne suna nahi, inhone kaha,"main susuma ko bhi chod chuka hoon", matlab aap ko bhi chod chuke hain, apni ma ko?' Then I told my mother to narrate to my MIL about our affairs and she informed her that it started with her teaching sex to me. After my mother had told my MIL of everything, I told my MIL to do likewise and she told my mother,

'aap ka beta bahut hi jiddi hai, mere mana karne par bhi veh mere pichhe laga raha aur kisina kisi bahane muje pata liya. Par ek baat manni padegi ki veh bahut hi achhi tahra pyaar karte hai, aur such kahoo to inhone muje aise aise maje diye jo ki main bayan nahi kar sakti'. After both had finished narrating the affairs of each other, both looked at each other and then at me.

My mother asked me to tell them there & then as to who else, besides her, my MIL & my wife, I had fucked. I told them that I shall tell them later. But, both insisted to know immediately, otherwise they would leave me & go. I had no option. So, I told my mother that her elder bahu had seduced me. 'Yeh kab ki baat hai?' she asked. And I narrated them the incident.

My MIL asked me, 'aap upni bhabhi ko kitni baar chod chuke ho?' 'Bahut baar, jaise apko aur ma ko' I replied. She further questioned, 'to kya aap meri beti ko khus rakh pate ho aur kya yeh sab jo aap ne upni bhabhi, ma aur mere saath kiya, use maloom hai?'

I told her, 'sasu maa aap apni beti se poochh sakti hain, main use poora khush rakhta hoon, hum lagbag roz chodte hain aur veh muje kai baar kehti hai ki main to bahut jyada chodu hoon, us se kai baar zyada.'

My MIL asked my mother, 'ab inka kya kiya jaye?' My mother told her,'jo aap tekh sumjo.' My MIL continued, 'mere khayal se inko maaf kiya jaye, kyon ki inhone hame pyar bhi to bahut kiya hai aur hume maje bhi bahut diye hain.' 'Theek hai behanji, par ab hum ise aisi saja denge jo yeh zindagi bhar yaad rakhe ga', my mother continued.

My mother took my MIL in the bathroom and locked themselves in. I was scared as to what they two were up to and what punishment was I going to get. After about 10 minutes I heard the lock of the bathroom door opening. Slowly the door opened and to my utter surprise & glee, both of them were completely naked, advanced towards me hand-in-hand,

stood directly in front of me and ordered me in unison, 'remove your clothes.' I did as demanded. Both uttered simultaneously, 'hamla'. They caught hold of my lulla together and started biting into it. I pleaded, 'dard hota hai.' My mother said, 'yehi to hum chahte hain, tumhe bhi dard dena, jaise tumne hume diya.' ' Maine aap logo ko kya dard diya, maine to aap se pyaar kiya aur maje diye,' I said.

Again they looked at each other and I asked them both, 'kya?' My MIL asked, 'ab kya karna hai, aap hum dono ko to chud chuke hai?' I replied, 'maine ab aap dono ko saath-saath chodna hai.' 'Behanji, aap ka beta keh raha hai ki hum dono ko saath-saath chodna hai', my MIL told my mother and continued asking me, 'kya aap ke paas do lulle hain jo saath-saath hum dono ko chodo gay?'

'Sasuma', I replied, 'mere paas kitne lulle hain aap ko pata hai. Khair batayiye kisse shuroo karoo'. My MIL said, 'apni ma se.' 'Chalo ma aap se hi shuroo karta hoon.' I sat on the bed, asked my mother to stand close to me and started to caress & rub her body. 'Behanji, aap ke mamme mujse bade hain', retorted my MIL. 'Koi zyada farak nahi hoga', my mother replied, 'chalo beta ab apni sasuma ko pyar karo.'

I asked my MIL to come & stand near me and my mother went & sat on the chair naked. I rubbed & caressedmy MIL's body. After this, they both started handling each others mammas to ascertain whose were bigger. I informed them, 'ma aur sasuma aap dono ka size ek hi hai 40, sirf ma ka cup D aur sasuma ka cup C hai, bas itna hi farak hai', ab aap log ijazat de to karyakram shuroo karoo.'

'Beshak', said my MIL, 'pehle behanji se karo, beta.' Again I asked my mother to come near me & my MIL sat on the chair to observe. I stood up, brought my mother's body against my body and put my arms around her & she in turn put her arms around my body. I then kissed her, smooched her, she put her tongue in my mouth & I put mine in hers.

Both the tongues were now feeling each other, licking & sucking, with saliva oozing out of our mouths. I then caught her mammas and squeezed them. I sat myself on the bed and licked & sucked her mammas, first seperately and then together. And my mother started fiddling with my lulla.

Then she went down and licked & sucked my lulla, but did not suck it very hard so that I may not ejaculate as I still had to get my lulla sucked from my MIL. She then lay on the bed and made me lick & suck her fudda till she burst. I swallowed her maal. She got up and told my MIL, 'behanji, aiye ab aap ki bari hai.'

My MIL came near me and we did what my mother & I had done, in that, we two kissed, smooched, I pressed, licked & sucked her mammas, my MIL sucked my lulla, made me lick & suck her fudda till she burst. And I swallowed her maal too. Both seemed relaxed by now. having come to know each other quite well by now and my intentions.

With my MIL still on bed with me, I invited mother to join in. I had two wonderfully beautiful & completely naked mature women on both my sides. I pulled them over and gave a tight squeeze & kiss to both of them. They rolled over to their sides and I had 4 big, soft & shapely mammas on my chest. It was such a treat.

Both of them then crossed their legs on my legs and one held my lulla and the other my balls. They shuffled their hands and it was a treat for me. Mother then rose and mounted me and rubbed her fudda on my lulla and started fucking me. MIL not to be left behind, also rose and thrust her fudda on my mouth, taking care not to put her entire weight on me.

I began licking her fudda and she was enjoying it. In the meantime mother thrust my lulla in her fudda and was riding me. Believe me it was sheer ecstatic to be licking one fudda and fucking another one, and that too of two fantastic ladies. My mother made sure not to let me ejaculate as she wanted that I have the maximum enjoyment.

The two gorgeous ladies switched positions, in that, I was sucking my mother's fudda and my MIL was fucking me. We continued with this treat for quite some time and then straightened up and relaxed a bit, still all three completely naked. By this time it was evening. We washed up & dressed. We went to the retaurant on the ground floor, had some tea and went for a stroll.

I was thoroughly enjoying the company of my mother and MIL, both beautiful, horny & highly excitable ladies. After the stroll, we came back and went to our room. I asked my lovely ladies as to what was the next programme. My MIL replied, 'muje lagta hai ki hum ab thora aaram karen, taki tum ko jyada parishani na ho, kyo ki tumhere paas ab do aurtein hain pyar karne ke liye.

Aap kya kehti hain behanji?' My mother replied with, 'aap jo kehrahi hain, theek hai, nahi to yeh bechara pit jaye ga.' You see, my MIL generally addresses me in the 'aap' in normal times, but when she & I are making love she addressses me as 'tum'. So we whiled some time watching TV. It was soon dinner time. We three went to the restaurant on the ground floor and had a hearty dinner.

After this we went for a stroll in the garden of the hotel. We then went up to our room. I told my ladies,'aisa karte hain ki hum teeno bathroom mein ja kar fresh ho jate hain.' My mother & MIL agreed. I removed my clothes and so did my two lovely ladies. We went into the bathroom and freshened up one another. I wiped my two lovelies dry with a towel and they dried me.

We came back to the room, all three naked and fresh. I asked my ladies,'kya aap log sone se pehle pyaar karna chahegi?' My mother asked my MIL,'kyun behanji aap kya kehti hain?' My MIL replied,'muje to chale ga.' So I went and sat on the bed and asked them both to come near me. I started to lick and suck my mother's and my MIL's mammas alternatively.

They were starting to get horny as both held my lulla. After some time I asked them to go down and suck my lulla alternatively. Then I asked them both to lie on the bed and licked and sucked their fuddas alternatively. By the time I had finished licking & sucking their fuddas, both had their respective orgasms and I duly licked their fuddas clean of all the maal and swallowed the same.

Now it was time to fuck. I went over my mother, raised her legs and began to rub my lulla on her fudda. She began to enjoy it and started wriggling from her hips. My MIL started to press my mother's mammas and then started to suck them. My mother got so aroused & horny that she caught hold of my lulla and thrust it inside her fudda and told me, 'jor jor se chodo muje, maaja aa raha hai.

Aur behanji aap apna fudda mere moo ke pass lao.' My MIL did as requested. I was pumping my mother hard and my mother was sucking my MIL's fudda. She was enjoying as she was wriggling and mumuring. My MIL was helping her while enjoying getting her fudda sucked. With hugh thrusts I burst into my mother's fudda. But, she wanted me to go on fucking her till she burst.

We lay there for some time and my MIL, with a passionate kiss on my mother's lips, came over to me and started kissing me. She then asked me to suck her mammas and said,'teri maa se fudda chatva ke aur tum dono ko chodte dekh kar, muje to bahut chad gayi hai. Jaldi se apna lulla apni maa ke fudda me se nikalo ta ki main use aur tumhari maa ka fudda chaatoo.'

I got up and my MIL first licked all the maal from my mother's fudda clean and then taking my lulla in her mouth, licked it so as not to leave any drop of maal on it. My mother in the meanwhile started fondling my MIL's mammas & fudda. My MIL was hard on and told me,'ab jaldi se muje chodo, muje bahut chadi hui hai.' She lay flat on the bed and I thrust my lulla in her fudda.

Immediately she clung to me and said,'chalo jor jor se chodo muje.' I did as told. My mother then started sucking my MIL's boobs. My MIL was ecstatic. She started wriggling and saying,'aur jor jor se chodo muje.' It took some time for me to release as I had just released in my mother. After I released, it was my mother's turn to lick clean my MIL's fudda and my lulla.

O, God. It was indeed wonderful for all three. We three lay there for some time, talking to each other and soon fell asleep, as we were, naked. By about 6am, I was awake and had my lulla in full blast, as usual. It was hugh, rather a monster. As I was sleeping between my two lovely ladies, I rolled over to my MIL's side and touched my monster to her thigh.

She woke up, saw it, caught hold of it and started shaking it gently. In the slight commotion, my mother too got up and soon realised & saw what we two were up to and why. She too wanting to be a part of the procedure, came over me rubbing her body against mine and pressed it hard, so that I could feel her big mammas.

My MIL ventured, 'behanji, dekha iska lulla kitna bada hai. Andar dalwana hai kya?', to which my mother replied, 'kyon nahi, itne bade ko thodi yuhi chhodna chahiye.' She caught my monster in her hands, sucked it and thrust it in my MIL's fudda. After some romping, my MIL took it out from her fudda, licked it and thrust it in my mother's fudda.

While one was having my monster in her fudda, I was sucking the other's mammas. After the monster had satisfied their fuddas, we went to the bathroom together and freshened up. I called for some tea over the intercom. Before the tea could come we got dressed up. After the tea, we sat down to chat & discuss the previous day's encounters.

I lit a cigarette, had a few puffs and offered the same to my mother. She too had some puffs and passed it to my MIL, who also had a few puffs. It was time to shit. I was the first to go in the toilet. While I was there, my MIL walked in. I asked,'kya hua?' She replied,'kuchh nahi, main tumhe dekhne aee thee.' My mother followed suit. After I finished my MIL sat to shit and then my mother.

While my MIL & my mother were shitting, I too remained there and was either kissing them or fondling or sucking their mammas. After the shits I told my lovelies,'ab kya karyakarm hai?' My MIL ventured,' ab aisa karte hain ki neeche ja kar thodi taji hawa khate hain.' We went to the garden below, roamed for some time, sat & chat and then returned to our room.

My MIL said,'ab aise karte hain ki naha lete hai.' We agreed and I said,'par saath saath, main tum dono ko apne haatho se nahlaoo ga.' They two agreed. We removed our clothes and went in the bathroom. There I had the joy of bathing my two lovely ladies with my hands. It was a sheer pleasure to bathe two such beautiful, full-bodied, hot & sexy ladies. They too bathed me.

We did everything to make love to each other, every other way in the bathroom. After bath, we went to the restaurant and had our breakfast. After breakfast, the question was, what next, both the ladies asked. I told that after some rest we shall have sex once again, before we depart from the hotel. They agreed that it was a good idea.

So, we rested for some 30 minutes or so, during which time we three were actually only lying down and talking to one another. My mother & MIL exchanged the pleasant escapades they had with me, with me intervening some time to make the chats more lively. Finally, I told them that since we had only a few hours to depart, we might as well start our last sexapade.

I removed my clothes and started to remove their clothes too. Soon we three were all naked. It was time for enjoyment. I asked both of them to come on the bed. There I had 2 beautiful, hot, sexy and very very full-bodied ladies with me, completely naked, on the bed. I started by kissing my mother first. She, in no time, was sucking my tongue and we were into a deep passionate kiss.

In the meanwhile my MIL took my lulla in her hands and started rubbing it, moving it up & down and finally taking it in her mouth. I was enjoying the kissing with my mother and having my lulla sucked by my MIL. I then shifted my mouth from my mother's lips to her mammas, big, extremely soft and very shapely mammas. I sucked one, then the other and finally both together.

My mother started fingering her choot, as she was getting horny. Seeing this my MIL removed my lulla from her mouth and started licking & sucking my mother's fudda. My mother was moaning in pleasure, as she was having her mammas and choot sucked. After some excitement she burst and my MIL sucked & licked all her juices.

With this my mother was relaxed, as she had her orgasm and had burst her maal. It was then my MIL's turn to get excited. She brought her mouth near my lips and we were lip-locked. After some deep & passionate tongue licking, she moved my mouth to her mammas. Now, it was by mother's turn to help my MIL reach her orgasm & to burst, as she started to lick & suck my MIL's fudda, after she had sucked my lulla.

I sucked my MIL's mammas in turn & then both together. Her mammas too are big, soft & very shapely, just like my mother's, only they were fairer. Within some time, my MIL burst and my mother licked & sucked all her maal. After keeping a little gap, so that my 2 lovelies could have a breather, as both had burst, I asked my mother to go into the doggy position.

I asked my MIL to put my lulla inside my mother's gaand. She rubbed & squeezed my lulla to make it fat & big and thrust it in my mother's gaand. I started to pound my mother's gaand. My MIL asked my mother, 'kaisa lag raha hey?' My mother replied, 'achha lag raha hey aur maja bhi aa raha hai. Mera beta ek number ka choodu hai.'

While I was pumping my mother in her gaand, my MIL came from the back and started rubbing her mammas on my back. I asked her to go beneath my mother and suck her mammas. My mother was enjoying geting fucked in her gaand by me and having her mammas sucked by my MIL. After having fucked my mother in her gaand, I asked my MIL to let me fuck her in her gaand.

She came forward and immediately went into the doggy position. Without asking, my mother came to help me put my lulla in my MIL's gaand. Once I started pounding her gaand, my mother slid beneath her and started to suck her mammas. My mother asked my MIL, 'aap ko kaise lag raha hai?'

My MIL replied, 'kya kahoon aap ka beta itna badiya choodu hai, ki maja aa hi jata hai. Muje bahut achha lag raha hai.' Having fucked their gaands it was time to have one last fuck in their choots before departing. This time I asked my MIL to start the procedure. She was too willing. She lay on her back and spread her legs and said, 'aa apna lulla apni sasu ki choot mein daal.'

I asked my mother to join in the pleasures. She retorted, 'tu apni sasu ki choot mein apna lulla to daal, main saath ati hoon.' I raised my MIL's legs, rubbed my lulla on the lips of her choot and she was getting aroused. Slowly I thrust it inside and she joined in the motions. In the meanwhile my mother started rubbing my MIL's mammas and then sucking them.

My MIL got so excited that she raised her abdomen high. I too was getting crazy seeing her do that. Within a few minutes I burst in her choot with big thrusts and shudders. She asked me to lay there for some time. She said, ' tera maal to chhut gaya ab muje aur chod taki mera maal bhi chhut jaye.'

I fucked her for some more time and she finally burst and began shouting, 'tu bada badmash hai, apni, sasu ko chodta hai.' After some time she said to me, 'ab tera lulla meri choot mein se nakal de aur behanji aap meri choot ko chaat kar saaf kar dein.' After all this my MIL told my mother. ' maine to maja ley liya, jane se pehle, ab aap bhi maja le lo.'

With that my MIL moved away and my mother came on the bed, lay on her back and raised her legs. I sat in between them and rubbed my lulla on her choot's lips. She was getting excited as she started wriggling and raising her body from her chittar. In no time my mother's chhoot was wet & juicy and my lulla slid in easily.

With my lulla inside my mother's choot, she wrapped her legs around my waist and raised her body, so that she could have a full penetration. My MIL was near my mother, kissing her and sucking her mammas. Within some time I burst into my mother's choot, lay there for some time, pumped her more and then she burst. When I removed my lulla from my mother's choot, my MIL licked it clean.

After 2 successive bursts. I just lay in between my two lovelies and relived the wonderful time I had with them. It may sound a fantasy, but the fact remains that my mother and my MIL were two extremely beautiful, hot & sexy ladies. I have never come across any women better than them. If I have committed a sin, so have my mother & MIL and so be it.

And to fall in love is no sin. All these relationships are man made. If we observe nature, we will learn the truth. I am in no way trying to justify anything. I loved my mother & my MIL and they loved me, period. Long live my mother & MIL and our mutual love for one another.

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