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Deepak fucking sexy Padosan

I live in a city of U.P. which not very big and working a Branch Manager of Public Sector Bank. In spite of very good rank in all the examination I could not succeed for any Govt. Commission and qualified for Bank P.O. and came to nearby Small Township to join the service. After about 4 years of service, I was promoted to the rank of Branch Manager and joined this township which is well developed and advanced too.

Time passed and after one year I married with a beautiful girl both in physique and heart. We are enjoying our married life to maximum extent to which my wife co-operates too. I am very fond of this Debonair Blog Site and when ever get time, I use to surf this wave sight and enjoy. This hobby was not in the knowledge of my wife.

Being a responsible Officer and good husband I never tried to act like the stories of Debonair blog. It was only due to a unknown fear to be caught by others which may defame my social and official life. Hi ! I am Deepak, aged 28 years with 6’1” height 71 Kg weight. I was university player of basket ball and hence you can imagine my sporty body which is still maintained.

While watching the blog I used to be involved in the story or event of the blog very deeply and use to feel myself part and parcel of the story. You all can feel my involvement but I never thought that it will take place in my real life. The experience, I am going to narrate, took place recently (about 2 months back) and I got the courage to narrate before you all now.

I with my wife is residing in a good flat of a big apartment. In each floor there are six flats. When I use to go to office, the ladies of the apartment use to assemble in the flat and gossip. Venue of the meeting is different on each occasion. I never taken care of the events of the ladies but felt that most of the ladies having working husband were friend and known to each other.

After two yours of my marriage I and my wife both planned to bear a child otherwise it will be very late. My wife became pregnant and gave birth to male child about 5 months back. In the birth ceremony, we invited all families of the flat and the function was very successful. Now the real problem started in looking after the child because my wife had inexperience.

Initially my mother came to my place from village and stayed for 2 months but she had to leave our place for some urgent work and unable to continue. We requested our Mother-in-law tocome but she showed her inability due to ill health of father-in-law and suggested to send my wife to her place till the child grows. It was socking to me but there were no ways other than to accept it.

My wife also got worried about my feedings etc but with heavy heart she decided to go to her mother’s house with child. Since the winter season was very near which is very crucial to child, accompanied her to her mother’s place and came back. I started to cook myself any how, which was very difficult for me specially evening tea was giving me pain to be prepared when I use to be very tired.

Life was going on. One day my neighbor, whose husband was an officer in Audit department met me in lift, while I was going to Bank, asked me for my welfare. I conveyed “It’s O.K.” She again asked “what’s about your food”. I cook it my self, I complied. But she offered me that whenever I feel any need, I may go to her house. She offered me for dinner daily but I refused.

She again insisted me to come at least for evening tea which I could not deny. The lady was very co-operative and I saw her several times in my house talking to my wife. She lived in flat in same floor of mine. I remembered her name – she was Shalu. At returning to my flat from Office, she again met me in the lift and took me directly to her flat for tea.

After tea and snakes and a little chit-chat with her, I came to my flat. I was trying to avoid it but she use to knock my door inviting me for evening tea from outside of my flat & I had to accompany her unwillingly. Some times her husband also accompanied us during tea. We use to chat on different topics including our past life. We were becoming more open.

One thing I noticed that she started to be well dressed with light make-up in the evening at the time of my arrival. Within a week we were more open to each other with fewer formalities. As her husband was an auditor, he always used to be out of station for audit purpose. One development I noticed that she was trying to attract me or it may be my thinking only.

As usual I was spending more time with debonair blog; my mind was becoming weaker and weaker by the time. One day she invited me on dinner. Her husband was also present. I felt that she was very conscious about her figure and use to eat accordingly, I could see as sometimes I use to have evening tea with her.

This week-end she asked to help her in marketing as her husband was out. I got a good experience because in the market I noticed that most of the male passing through us were starring at Shalu with greediness in her eyes. Shalu laughed at them and pointed at me that “see that male, how he is starring at me? Sala”. I ignored.

In the canteen, when we were sitting for cup of tea, one person was looking at her in very sexy and greedy mood. He was swallowing saliva continually. Shalu commented to me “see that man, how thirsty he is? if get chance, certainly he will eat me.” “But I never seen such type of thirst in your eyes” she continued. All men are similar except you”.

Spontaneously I replied “Most of the woman takes such attitude of men as compliments to her whom she likes. I should take care of it in future”. My comment brought a big smile on her face. She was not uncomfortable too. We came back to our flat and started thinking about her. I was astonished to think about my self, how I could pass a comment to her against my nature.

But also thought take a chance. On next evening tea, I found that she wore a very colorful dress in which she was looking damn sexy. I passed a comment “Madam, you are looking very beautiful today.” She smiled and paid thanks. After tea, she requested me to stay to pass some more time because her husband was out. She switched on the TV and we started chatting.

After a while the subject of chat changed to sex. She asked me whether I have any girl friend in college life. My reply was negative. Then she started to share her experience of college life. Although she had not any boy friend during college days but her few “saheli” had boy friend and how they were involved in sex.

How she use to buck the boredom classes and flew away to watch the pictures in nearby picture hall. I was listening taking very interest. All on a sudden she asked “have you seen blue film? I was at a fix. She extended “Please do not hide the fact with me, it will not go to your wife, I promise.” I was a bit confused with high palpitation in my heart and replied “Yes”.

“Wow” she expressed “but all the blue films are fabricated which I feel. I asked “How can you say?” “In all films male organs are abnormally large which is unbelievable?” I changed the topic and started to praise the heroines of blue films. She asked “Which part of woman you like most?” My reply was “Boobs, specially of medium large size”.

She smiled and said “Sare mard to isi parwat ke deewane hote hain, app bhi ho, ye koi ascharya ki baat nahi hai.” The chat ended and I returned to my flat. In the night I was thinking about our chit-chatting. It gave me hair erecting feelings to my body. I started to imagine her body. Her height was about 5’6”, Slim with slight fleshy body which I like.

Most attractive part of her body was her buttocks which was similar to the buttock shaped chairs used in film “three idiots” by Aamir Khan. Her boobs were also ideal as per my imagination ie., medium large and erect. In last chat, what was Shalu’s intention, I could not understand, but I could not refrain myself to fantasize about her.

While reading the stories of Humandigest, I was always thinking that narrated event can not take place in the my life but now I felt that it may come true to me. While fantasizing Shalu, I masturbated for the first time on my bed itself. While masturbating my imagination was that I am surfing the cute curves of her naked body. I was holding the weakest mind in that time.

Now my eye was changed towards Shalu, perhaps due to sex starvation in absence of my wife. I was eagerly waiting for next meeting with her. Next day, when I was for evening tea to her place, the environment was quite normal and there was no smell of sex in the environment. While coming back, she invited me for dinner.

I reached to her flat at 8.30 PM and expecting her husband, but he was out. She was wearing a semi-transparent nighty, in which the shapes of boobs were more visible. Smilingly she welcomed me and said sorry that at the time of evening tea she could not chat more due to preparation of dinner. On sofa she sat beside me and asked me for dinner.

We shall have it at 10 Madam. She objected on the word “Madam” and requested to call her as “Shalu”. Same request I made to call me as “Deepak”. We both laughed. I complimented that she is looking very gorgeous today. She said “Kya tumhari wife se vi jyada?” I replied “Wo to pura pura dekhne ke baad hi pata chalega?. She said “Bade chalak ho tum, kya irada hai?”

I replied “Shalu dear, Iraada to nek hai lekin ye kharab bhi ho sakti hai?” She laughed loudly and said “Deepak, aaj bada maza aaya. Is tarah ki baten sun ne ke liye mai taras gayee thi. Mere pati bada hi boaring hai aur dull bhi.” I replied “Jane do Shalu, man khatta mat karo. Ab ham dono achchhe dost hain aur is dosti ka anand lenge.”

She said “Kya baat hai Deepak, Anand kaa matlab kya hai?” I replied boldly “Kuchh khaas nahi, jaise do dost aapas me anand lete hain? She said “You will be beaten by me, you always speak the words with double meaning?” I said “I am waiting for your torture.” We both laughed. She went inside to bring some coffee. During this time my heart beating was very high.

I was in confusion, whether I have conversed something wrong? She may feel bad if she had not similar thinking of seduction, which was running in my mind. I decided, not to take initiative first. She came with coffee and sat beside me on sofa and said that what you were telling yesterday about the body part of woman.

I shyly replied, I can not repeat those words, but what is running in your mine regarding male organ. She replied that she casually told that time but when she saw blue film for the first time about 4 years back, it is running in her mind that she will be lucky if she could be able to see a giant size of manhood with naked eyes.

I smiled and asked that her husband must posses a good size of manhood. She replied negatively “Yar Deepak, yadi uska manhood bada hota to mera sapna pura ho jata.” She also clarified that her husband have a medium size of manhood about 6” but he is very satisfactory on bed.” We finished our coffee. She took the cups to kitchen and returned back.

We both were silent. She started “Deepak, why are you silent, are you thinking any thing”. I said “Shalu, you know, friends are always helpful, but at this stage neither I can help you nor you can help me”. “What are you saying Deepak, there should be no demarcation line between friends. Off course we can help each other” she replied in reflex action.

She pulled my hand towards her and put it on her boob telling “Deepak, I know, you are very fond of boobs. It’s yours now. You can open it, watch it, feel it, rub it and if required suck it.” A current of electricity passed in my body. I hugged her very tightly from front side. Soon I started licking her neck.

She said in funny mood “ Maine tumhe to sirf chuchi chhune ko kaha tha, aur tum neck chaat rahe ho, We laughed at her words and separated. I suddenly put my both of my hand on her both boobs and started squeezing over cloths. She led me to her bed room. I saw that the bed room was well decorated with candles and rose petals were spread on the bed.

I understood that Shalu had already planned for this. My fear was worthless. I lifted her in my hands and put on bed like the boys use to do in honey-moon. Her nighty had front opening tagged with strings, which I opened and parted. I started to surf her entire body from leg to head. Parted nighty, bra and panty was the only wearing on her body.

From leg to upper side, my hands stopped at her boobs, the most fascinated part of the body which I like. My both hand were moving round on her boobs and the pressure was gradually increasing. I saw in candle light that her hands were very eager and waiting for permission. I pulled her hand over my crouch and said, it’s yours, do what ever you like.

Her hand became busy in surfing my manhood over pant. My manhood was already taken the original shape ready to fuck inside my under wear. I turned her back to unhook the bra, she smiled, and taunted upon me that after dedication of her boobs to me I became blind in joy. Bra hook is in front side dear.” I could not resist my self from laughing in slow voice.

Simultaneously I unhooked the Bra, squeezed both the boobs very firmly and said that she is very interesting. Now she is my darling for whole night. “And I am the queen of this manhood kingdom” she reciprocated. She was continually rubbing her hand on my penis over the pant. I saw that the color of her face was changing every moment.

Slowly I removed her panty and other cloths. She was in Eve’s dress. She was busy in unbolting my pant but could not succeed. I pointed her to my shirt which she unbuttoned and removed with my banyan. I removed my pant and stood in front of her. It was my signal to her to remove my under-wear.

She held her heart by one hand, gathered the courage and removed my under-wear at one stretch. My love tool jumped out of the cage like spring. With the jump of my penis, she also jumped on the bed “Wooooooooow it’s my dream toy.” She said. She also expressed that since long, she had curiosity for such fantasy item of a blue film hero.

Today her dream comes true. She put her arm along with my LUND and shouted in joy “Ye mere husband ke lund se doguna lamba aur mota hai, Maza aa gaya” As soon she grabbed my tool, I pushed her on bed and took one of her boobs in my mouth, the nipple of another boob was trapped between two fingers of one hand and remaining hand was in search to find a tunnel between triangles.

She tightens her thigh and I was applying a gentle force. Her hand started to run over the entire length of my penis. I started sounding Aaaah aaaaah with joy. My penis was thirsty since long, after departure of my wife and it was going to be drowned in deep sea of love. She pulled me and came over to take my tool in the first fuck tunnel having teeth.

My wife never took my tool in her mouth. She simply uses to lick it through out its length. It was new thing for me. I was in over joy and humming with my mouth an nose. Though Shalu had to open her mouth to its full stretch she applied her full effort to swallow maximum part of my penis. I was over thrilled and forgot to rub her pussy but holding her one boob in my hand.

My manhood could not hold the sensation for more time and vomited in her mouth. She immediately ran to bath room and cleaned her mouth. We both were smiling. Let us have our dinner, she offered and started to put on the cloths. I snatched the cloths and spoke in ordering voce that the dinner will be served and taken in dream flower invisible suit.

I requested her to take dinner in two parts, lighter one this time and remaining later on. While taking food, she told that she will disclose one fact later on. I requested her but in vain. We again entered to fighting field for remaining battle. I saw that the candles were almost finished. So I put on the entire light fitted in the room. Wow, In candle light, her body was not visible completely.

In full light she was looking like angel. Her skin was giving the effect of marbles, so soft and so bright. She put her head over my chest and started to please my loosened tool. As soon I touched the boobs, my tool started to regain its size. She told that it was her fantasy to see a bare large size of LUND (as seen in blue film) in real out of curiosity only.

It was quite impossible due to Indian women shyness, and she can not depute any body to manage because fear of bad name in society. While attending the birth function of my child, she saw a big size penis of my son. She guessed that child must have inherited giant size of penis from his father. From that time she dared to make effort without thinking, what will be the end result.

Today her dream became true. During confession I inserted one finger in the clean shaven love hole and started movement. I increased the numbers of fingers. Anyhow I inserted three fingers. There was a sign of pain on her face which I diverted by teasing one of her nipple rigorously. Now it was my turn to please her I came over her in 69 position and took her clitoris in my mouth and started chewing slowly.

His body was trembling with each movement of my teeth and tongue. I started to rub the upper most sensitive part of the love opening with my tongue and inserted one of finger from lower side into the blind tunnel. She was humming and sounding to maximum extent but in low voice. Aaaaah, Ooooooh, Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Deepak, Maaar Jaooooongiii reeeeee, thoda dheere karo yaar, Bahut achchha lag raha hai, Iiiiiih.

She could not control and cummed in my mouth. I swallowed the heavenly water. Before leaving her cunt, I spitted a large quantum of saliva inside. I changed the position and pointed my tool towards the mouth having no teeth. She closed her eyes, spread her thigh. The CHOOT was ready to accept my tool. I put the red ball head of my LUND over opening of CHOOT and pushed gently.

Oooooh the CHOOT was very tight. I made a bit more effort to make entry of my tiger into the tunnel. I succeed to enter the head portion but Shalu cried with a bit pain. She encouraged me to make effort but very slowly. Her CHOOT was tight at this age because she give birth of child by operation hence her opening of cunt was intact.

My waist started movement in half pull and full push inch by inch. It took about 5 minutes to take full entry. She cried with pain. The head of my penis was touching last wall of the tunnel. With her pain, I had no courage to pump. But I had no patience to wait, so I was moving my waist very slowly. I saw that now she was relaxed and started to co-operate.

I started full thrust by pulling my penis out and pushing in one stroke emerging full length inside. I started pumping in motion and at end it was running like a piston. She was moaning like any thing Ooooooiiiiii, Aaaaaah, Haaaaannnnnn Chhhoooddddtttteeee Raaahooo Mai Jaanti hoon ki merii CHOOT to fategi hi fategi aaz,

Hiiiiiii, Aahhhhhh, Oooooh, Janeman Deepak, mai tera LUND KAAT kar rakh loongi aur use din bhar chudate rahungi. Aur Chodo Aur Chod…. Jor Se…. Aur Jor Se…….. Due to saliva inside, the way was very smooth. I pumped her fuck hole for more than 10 minutes. With a loud voice she tighten her body, hold the bed sheet by both of her hand, locking the teeth tightly, she was humming with nose.

I understood that it is her end point and I was also near by. Love juce discharged from the both body at a time. During discharge my body was also tightened which created pressure on fuck hole. My palm was always surfing darling boobs during and after entire course of fuck. We took rest for 10 minutes in same position and went for wash one by one.

At the time of dinner, I allowed her to wear cloth below waist only and she allowed me to wear over waist. I stayed whole night with her up to 3.30 A.M. In between I fucked her twice more in different position. I was totally exhausted, came to my flat for rest to my body. Friends, my narration may not be up to mark which is my handicap, but I hope, you all will like my story. Your comment will encourage me to write another exp.

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Posted by pinku saxsena
on: January 22, 2011 3:24 PM | Reply

u r a lucky guy because u have a lovely padoson. i think this story is 100% true. so thanks for the lovely story.

Your english is pathetic for psu bank's manager gaandu jhoothi kahani likhta hai madarchod

Posted by rupam mhukherjee
on: January 23, 2011 11:52 AM | Reply

its so hotty like it such lady if i get me fucked so hard thanks

Posted by Gandu
on: January 23, 2011 12:35 PM | Reply

You can be a clerk at most with this kind of english :p

Posted by karandeep sidhu
on: January 23, 2011 1:17 PM | Reply

good narration yaar..the main purpose of this site is to get erection,and your story served the purpose,,,good one, keep posting.

u scoundrel.....dont u feel shame to cheat your wife....jus giving joy to your body....will u accept ,if your wife do so?????

Posted by rocy
on: January 23, 2011 2:17 PM | Reply

manager my foot....ullu k pathe gaandu saale jhootha hai tu. manager nahi thari hai tu...tu muth maar k khush hota hoga tere dimaag ka dast nikla hai yeh madarchod

Posted, in reply to rupam mhukherjee's comment, by Dipen
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I have same dick like him..would u like it to take it in ur pink pussy..

@ rupam i'll fuck u hard wer do u live ?????

madarchod english aati nahi aur bank manager banne chala jhute bhosadike

Posted by Sharmistha Paul
on: January 23, 2011 8:31 PM | Reply

Exellent Experience

Posted, in reply to 's comment, by Rajesh mall
on: January 24, 2011 8:05 AM | Reply

absolutely. saala jhuti kahani likhta he. very very pathetic english. he isn't a manager rather a peon at a panchayat level bank.

behn k lode saale harami tere bacche la lund dekh kar usne socha tera lund 12 inch ka hoga hahahaha

Posted by Dil Khush
on: January 24, 2011 4:34 PM | Reply

Thats a good narration. Would love to have any padosan in the vicinity.

Posted by makhn
on: January 24, 2011 7:01 PM | Reply

Lagta hain ke tere new born bete ne choda hoga uss ko tab hi tu wo tujse chodwai bhenchood jhoote sale kabhi daikha hain 12 inch ka lund madarchod

Abey mere bette q itna jyada chutiya banane ko deka
thoda kam faekna tha na ab kha gali
sab tere tarah chutiye nai hai jo iss tarah ke story pe believe kare

Posted by suresh
on: April 7, 2011 6:10 PM | Reply

story is realistic and nice...thanks for posting..and try to do it more....suresh

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