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Sex With Mumbai CST Prostitute

I've been to Mumbai for the first time on the purpose of a job. Having got exhausted while waiting for the return journey train, I took a walk across the Mumbai CST Railway Station (Also known as VT station). There I found a cute woman who turned out to be a prostitute.

This was the first time I've had an intercourse in my life so far. She's around 5ft 5inch in height and slim. She has a beauty spot on her left cheek just above the lips. I still don't understand how could I dare to propose her, but I was totally shocked to hear the price.

She proposed 400/- but agreed for 300/- as I didn't have enough money to travel back to my home city. Her beauty is priceless, and 300 rupees is nothing in comparision to her beauty and structure. For that moment, I thought that was the only price I need to pay, and proceeded to accompany her in a taxi. After entering the taxi, she eventually demanded an additional 200 rupees as commission.

Her demand is genuine but I couldn't afford to such an amount. I requested her by touching her feet. She then got sympathy over me, and agreed for whatever amount I paid her till that moment. Even though she didn't allow me to advance in the taxi, I tried to please her by pressing her thighs and feet.

I did this primarily bcoz I saw my lover in her (I would've done good service to my lover had I got married to her). In no time, we reached her place where there was another sex session going on at that moment. I don't know her name even today. I didn't ask her details at that time as I was only worried about catching my train that night.

As soon as we reached her place, she searched me thoroughly to check if there's any ornament or cash available with me, but in vain. She wasted 10 precious minutes since we arrived there. Here starts the actual process...

After confirming that I don't have additional cash/ornaments, she laid on the bed, and lifted her saree up... asking me to hurry up with the process. She pulled down her black-colored plain panty. Then I saw something unique that I thought I'd never see. Her vulva was so awesome that it attracted me to finger deeply. I couldn't believe that I'm fingering a real pussy.

I felt thorough wetness inside her pussy and enjoyed the moist pussy with my finger. I licked my finger and again inserted it back into her pussy that was little wide open so enough that I could see the pink texture. When I pushed my finger upwards, I found a tube-like structure that obstructed further entry of my finger; and when I pushed it downwards(in the direction of her asshole)

I again observed a tube-like opening with an opening of small circumference. I guess it's the fallopian tube that carries sperms into the ovaries and the passage for child-birth. I swear that I've never seen such a gorgeous pussy. It's just 15 mins left for the departure of my train. So, as I was in hurry, I decided to penetrate my penis into her 'love-hole.'

As soon as I entered her, I felt the warmth of her pussy. She was blinking her eyes, but not allowing me to either strip her blouse or to kiss her. She caught hold of me in such a way that I couldn't do anything extra except fucking. Till the previous minute I thought that I could do it, but I eventually did give up as I could manage hardly 10-15 strokes into her.

Then I asked her to move her back so that I could kiss and squeeze her buttocks which were tender. But she gave me permission only to suck her vagina. Without an argument, I rushed to squeeze her pussy and had those precious liquids swallowed into my mouth. It was only then did I realize that the women's love fluids are tastier than lassi.

I felt so much satisfied after sucking great amount of her vaginal juice. But, I didn't stop there... I spotted her urethra, and started squeezing it tightly - it was only then she started screaming. In the process, she urinated all over my face as I didn't care for her urge to pass urine. Wow! Unbelievable... Her urine too tasted pleasant, although not so sweet. She got tense.

Then she pushed me away and pulled up her panties. I masturbated before her as I didn't get to climax during penetration. Finally, she remarked that I'm a king in fucking. At that instance, I felt guilty of losing my virginity. But later I did realize that it was a unique experience though not so pleasant.

Now I'd like to know her name and her phone number bcoz I want to send her some more money as I promised her. Dear readers, please help me in tracing her identity and this is possible if someone resides nearby CST Mumbai and is daring enough to approach her. I'll be really thankful to those who can do this for me. I do love her, hence I want to keep up my promise.

I want to give her 500/- more. Now that I can't marry anyone else, I'd like to spend my days with her in near future. If you can trace her, I'll pay if you want to enjoy with her. You'll get clues if you read the story carefully. I've indicated her identification marks in the beginning of this story. I've never had a thought that I too have a heart that can't accept anyone else in place of her.

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Maya having hot sex with Harish

Hi everyone. I have read several great stories over the years and this inspired me sharing an encounter that happend with me a year ago. When this incident happens I did my final year. My name is Maya(name changed) from Erode. My friend name is Harish(name changed). We both know each other when we join the Engineering college.

We are in same class and he used to get notes from me and began to get closer. We were just friends in the first year of our college. from the second year we got close to each other and we started to chat in mobile until late night and we shared everything.But there is no intention of having sex in both of our mind.

We remained as friends until second year gets over. We studied together at same time. we both cared each other very much. In the third year my classmates started to kidding our relation and his friends had brainwashed him that its not a friendship and it is a love. First he didn't accepted that and finally he too think that its not a friendship and its a love. Then he told to me.

I hadn't accepted his love first and finally I too accepted his love. We kept our love as secret. Other than our close friendss,no one know this. After completing U.G course,he went for job in Chennnai.I have joined P.G course in Chennai. We never went anywhere since I feel afraid whether any known people may see us. He also wont compel me for roaming.

I hadn't went to his home also. I am staying in hostel. He understands me. Until April 2010,We both doesn't have an intention of having sex,even we both doesn't touched each other hands even. On April 10, I got a call from him that he is sick. I rushed to his home. He is in high fever. I took him to hospital and we returned back to his room. He and his friend is staying in his room.

His friends went to his hometown two days back.So he remains alone in home. I stayed with him to take care of him. He was shivering in fever. He felt so chill. He askd me whether he shall hug me so that he can feel somewhat hot. I too accepted that. This is the first time we both are hugging each other. I am in my salwar and he is in his causals.

He hugged me very tightly and whispered in my ears as "Maya I love you". I melted in his hands like ice cream. That is the first touch of him and I lost my sensation completely in his hugging and his words. I kissed in his forehead in return. We remain in that position for some time and we kept on talking some usual things. Suddenly he kissed in my lips.

At initial, I resisted. BUt I cant control my feelings and I started to co-operate with him. We both kissed for more than 10 minutes and both eyes were closed. Hari whispered in my ears again as " I am waiting for this kiss more than one year, Maya. I cant control now."He started to lick my ears. I cant say a single word and I am just laying down and hugging him.

My mind is saying to stop this. But I am not able to stop and enjoying everything happening. Harish licked my shoulders, forehead,nose,hands and murmered as " Maya, I love you de kutti". I cant withstand anymore and I stopped him saying "Harish, its not good for us and we shall stop this". Harish said as "Please Maya, I cant.Please understand me, plzzzzz de.

I want you now very badly in my bed". I cant protest him more and I surrendered to him. We again sis French Kiss for more than 10 minutes and at the same time he played with my hair, ears. I cant control my feelings and co-operated with him. Harish removed his shirt and shorts. He is in his boxers. He startd to remove my top.

Harish got excited by seeing my boobs. My size is 36-30-34. I have big boobs, big tits which makes him to go crazy. Harish said as" Why you hide this cute mangoes from me until these days. I want it now de". Harish teares my bra and licked it and sucked my brown nipples as a hungry dog. He bited my nipples.I shouted like aaacccchhhhhh.

He closed my mouth with his hand and said not to produce sound else neighbours will come. He kept on sucking and biting for 20 minutes. I was fully aroused and my panty becomes wet. I hadn't got organsm like this before. He removed his boxers. I remain in closed eyes. He asked me to open my eyes and see his tool how much it was aroused and how much time it is waiting for me.

When I see his tool, its in 90 degree position. he hold my hand in his 9 inch tool. It was in very big size and its very hot too. I got afraid and removed my hand. Hari whispered as" Please hold my tool ma. Its waiting for your touch.Please give me a blow job". I did as he said and whe both are in heaven and he keeps on sucking my boobs at the same time when I give him blow job.

He then removed my pants and panties at the same time. I hide my pussy with my hands atonce. Harish hold my hand and said" show me da.I want to see it. Wont you show it to ur hubby.". He then removed my hand and kissed in my pussy lips. I shivered like anything and I got my organsm. He asked me whether I was aroused by his activities.I smiled at him.

Harish too smiled and started to lick my pussy. I stared to moan in pleasure and he was aroused vey much in my moan. He separates my legs aside and kept his tool in the entrance of my pussy. Harish kissed my lips and startd to enter in my pussy. It was very painful and I askd him to stop it. Harish said " Please de control it da. It wont pain much.

U will be in heaven with me". I said as I cant and take his penis out of my pussy. Harish said as ok ans remains in that position and started to french kiss me and at the same time he entered into my pussy. I felt like something hit my throat and the tears started to come from my eyes. He locked my lips tightly with his lips so that I cant shout.

He remains in that postion for some time. He cleaned my eyes and said as"Sorry da. Plz dont cry. U will enjoy now. Plz bear this pain for me de. this pain will not be for u again". I stopped crying because of his words and he started moving inside me slowly first. The pain startd to move off from me and I startes to enjoying. He asked me whther I am having pain. I said as no.

He then started to move fastly inside me and he split all his cum inside my pussy for 30 minutes and laid on me. We both lie down motionless. after a minute he asked me" Maya, are u ok???" Lookin in his eyes I said I am in heaven and I kissed in his forehead. He was so happy by my words and started to sleep in the same positon.

After an hour, I waked up and saw him sleeping on me by keeping his mouth in my boobs and his penis inside my pussy. after sometime Harish waked up and cleaned ourself. After that I returned to hostel. Harish messaged me as" Sorry for hurting u chellam. I want this happen to us everynite after our maariage,

I want you to be nude with me always and I want milk from your breast very sooner". I messaged"sure". After that we hadnt did sex again and we both are waiting for our maariage. We both promised not to touch each other again until we get married.Still we are waiting.

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Guy Losing Virginity To Army Officers Wife

Hi There, narrating down the true first experience in my teen age. When I was in class 12th, staying away from home and relocated to an Army Col. hosue which was one of best constructed house in the colony. I use to see a smart lady walking on top floor with her 14-15 years older son. As I had to vacant my current room hence got chance to relocate.

Little background – I was 17 years, 5.10”,little mustache and beard, healthy as red cheeks being fair. I carry myself very well and was pretty social in the area. She was 42, 5.8”, 38size cups and beautiful looking lady. Had seen he youth time pic, she was just model like gurl. Anyway I moved to the new house on same 1st floor in the servant quarter with common open roof.

I used this place for my early morning warm up exercise and 2 hours study. She uses to take morning tea standing on rallying. 6months passed and developed good repo with them; I use to watch Ramayana with them. When she was alone I use to freak in their home, listing to music of my choice, was in love in their record player.

I understood during these days the there were some issue between the coupe but never had any wrong intensions. One day while studying she came in my room and kissed my cheeks and said study well. Her upper button of blouse was open which exposed 30% of her nice breast.

In last 1 month due to head-ache I had given her few time oil head massage and once I got hard on while her head was resting on my lap but it continued as normal. After 2 weeks time one day I bunked my class as was not well so she offered my nice lunch and asked to take rest at her room. It was normal after sometime TV got switched off and we were chitchatting.

She asked my how do I look like Abir. I said – you are one of best looking and smart lady I been interacting. You carry yours nicely and pretty attractive way. You like me? I said – anyone will like your personality. Then I went to fresh room and returned back. She was wearing nightie and lying on the bed. I thought might be thinking to take nap.

But she asked me sleep beside me and let continue. Enquired about my friends/female friends…anyway to cut short I said I had no gurl friend ever. To my surprise she asked – would you fuck your aunty? I said – what? How can I? She said – abuse me and her face was shocked as I declined but she was scared what if I disclose it.

After 20 min perusal I accepted and said – it is my first time so I can be absolutely raw. I could see shine in her eyes. She pulled her nighie to her thighs and said come and signaled to take off my pajama n jockey, whom she helped and I was naked down. Got hold of my manhood and admired it and carsed for a while. Then spread her legs and invited and directed my inside her.

It went easy but was real warm inside. For a while my breathing got frozen, body got still, my eyes were closed to feel the new surprising experience. Anyway, she put her hands on my butts and exposed her breast and gave one in my mouth to lick…I tried doing all in best way as could. Asked me to give her deeper thrust. Also mentioned you have great stuff than I was expecting.

Perhaps after 20 min she can as she body shivered, her legs locked me and hands got firm hold of my shoulders but I continued..continued and realized after another few minutes similar reaction…it happened for 3 time and then I also exploded inside her which she said fuck harder…come baby, go deeper, you better than your uncle.

After exhausting fully we laid down, we both went to wash together and she washed me and then her. Prepared a nice tea for me.kissed me and said – go and focus on study, do not tell anyone. I returned to my room and after some time I slept but forgot to close room. She came show me full in sweat and took me to her room which was pretty cozy and cool.

Again she was in mood, and did from back. She time I found her good – as went little tight. She again came few time and I came very strong now. This was first fuck which I liked really. Such episode kept running for 1.5 year until I left city. I went twice to meet her later and we again enjoyed.

I recall my memories and find that thought loosed my virginity to her but she groomed me how to please a lady to best need. So far I been with 3 ladies and 3 virgin gurls, which I will write about later to you. Now I am relocated to Pune…you may send your feedback in the comments.

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Rahul fucking college friend Neha

I have been following human digest for a couple of years ago. I have read several great stories over the years and this inspired me of sharing an encounter that happened with me a few months ago. The incidence is completely true other than the names which I have changed to conceal the identity. My name is Rahul -30 years old I am 5’6’’ tall and have a slim body and I am based out of Mumbai.

I met Neha at a common friends place at my home town about 12-14 years ago. We became very good friends and applied to various Universities after passing out of school. We got calls from many Universities but ended up joining the same University. Over the next 3 years we studied in the same class and became even closer friends.

Both of us belong to quite conservative families and possibly because of that we never had any sexual intention towards each other. Time passed and we passed out of the University and our paths separated. I went for my post graduation and she too went to a different town for further studies.

We kept in touch with each other through e-mails and yahoo messenger in the initial years but the number of mails reduced over time. A couple of years later I received a wedding card from her and she informed that her wedding has been arranged by her parents and her husband is based in Delhi. I could not go for her wedding as I had moved to Mumbai and it was the first month of my first job.

Time passed and we further lost touch with each other. She got busy with her married life and I too was busy building my career. It’s only a few months ago that I got a call from an unknown number on a Saturday morning. It turned out to be Neha on the other side and she informed me that her husband has gotten transferred to Mumbai.

She invited me to her home in Powai the following day for Lunch and I readily accepted it. I was eager to meet her as it’s been close to 7 years that we last met. Next day on my way to her house I picked up some white lilies for her. I reached her flat and rang the door bell. Neha opened the door and I presented her the bouquet of lilies.

I expecting that as usual she will greet me with a hand shake but she surprised me with a warm hug. Neha had not changed at all in the last seven years. She was wearing a top and a skirt which made her look slender and fit. I asked her about her husband and she said that he had to leave for a workshop in Singapore that morning.

Her husband has a bar at the home and she offered me a choice of drinks. I chose to have Vodka with juice and she picked up a glass of red wine. Neha was wearing a low cut top and her cleavage attracted my glace towards her breasts. She caught me a couple of times peeping at her cleavage.

We sat in her hall and were chatted for about an hour and meanwhile also refilled our glass with the second drink. During our talks I commented on how she has maintained herself and asked her about her regime for the same. She said that she regularly used to hit gym 5 days a week for the last many years, but she was not able to maintain her schedule ever since they have moved to Mumbai.

She said that she went for a long jog in the morning after a month’s gap and her legs are aching a lot. I offered her that I can give her a foot massage. She initially declined and said that she would not like me to touch her feet. But she agreed after I convinced her for a while. I got up and fetched a towel and a bottle of coconut oil from her bathroom.

I asked her to lie down on a floor mat facing up. I too sat down on the mat next to her feet. She again said that she would not like me to touch her feet. I asked her to close her eyes and relax and not to worry about all these things. I placed her feet in my lap over the towel. I started massaging her foot and ankle slowly. I checked with her if she is enjoying the massage.

She did not say anything and just shook her head affirmatively. After massaging her left foot for about 10 minutes I moved on to her right foot. Meanwhile I got up and refilled my glass with a third drink and refilled Neha’s glass with some more wine. After massaging her other foot for 5 minutes I started massaging her leg upto the knee (she was wearing a knee level skirt).

She opened her eyes for a minute when I started massaging her leg but she just took a sip of wine and closed her eyes again. After massaging both her legs for a while I asked her to turn over and lie on her stomach. She took another sip of wine and turned over. While she turned over her skirt moved up a little and half her thigh muscles were exposed.

She did not bother to adjust her skirt and just buried her face in a pillow. I started massaging her calf muscles upto her knee. I continued the massage for another 5 minutes and massaged her calf muscles upto her knee level. I asked her does she like it and should I continue with it or should I stop. She said that she is feeling really good and asked me to continue.

I think it was the influence of alcohol or was it because I had seen thighs for the first time, I took some oil on my and gently applied on her thighs. I was expecting that she would stop me from doing this but I did not hear a word from her. I started to massage her thighs under the skirt without really lifting her skirt up.

After a minute she suddenly stood up and while I was expected that she would get angry, she surprised me by her next step. She stood up, facing away from me and loosened her belt and took off her skirt. She again lied down burying her face in the pillow saying that she does not want her skirt to get stained as it is one of her favorite skirts.

She had a shapely body and with weight at the right areas. Her ass was covered a black panty. I got out of my initial shock and started the massage again. I asked her to spread her legs a little so that I can massage her inner thighs. I sat over her leg but covered her leg with a towel so that my jean does not get stained.

Meanwhile my 6‘’cock stood up seeing Neha in panty and the bulge could have been easily seen over the jeans. I continued with my massage and now even I was enjoying the feel of her soft body under my palms. I was enjoying watching her shapely butt and was itching to touch them but somehow resisted myself from doing so. I massaged her thighs but did not massag her buttocks.

After 5 minutes or so I asked her if she wants a back massage as well. Her face pressed on the pillow, she moved her in affirmation shaking her head slowly, without saying a word. She then took off her top by raising her chest a little. She was wearing a matching black color bra. I slightly lowered her panty so that I could massage her back till the pelvic bone.

She helped me with the same by raising her pelvis. Possibly she was expecting that I would take off her panty completely but I chose not to. I started massaging her lower back using a combination of short and long strokes. As I moved up I was not able to her the long strokes as her bra star was coming in the way. I unhooked her bra strap and I did not see any reaction from her.

I was sitting on her legs and my jeans was getting stained. I got up and took off my jeans and sat on her butt over a towel. However, some part of my bare leg was touching her leg and she would have definitely realized that I too have taken off my trousers. My cock became even harder and was itching to break free out of my underwear. I started my massaging her upper back and shoulders.

I also massaged the side on the sides and felt side of her soft breasts. I got up from her ass and sat at her side. I slid down her panties till her knees not asking for her consent or permission. She momentarily raised her head off the pillow but again dropped back on the pillow. I started massaging her soft ass cheeks.

I took some oil on my fingers and massaged her ass crack and her ass hole. I heard a soft moan from her. After massaging her ass for a few minutes I slid up her panty and asked her to turn over so that I can give her a massage on the front side. She brought her hand under and turned in such a way that her breasts are not exposed and are still covered with the bra (as I had not hooked the strap from the back).

Her bra was just lying on the top of her breasts and covering them just like a piece of handkerchief. She glanced down at her breasts, one her breasts were partially visible under the bra. She raised her hand to adjust her bra but I held her hand and stopped her from adjusting her bra. She smiled and then lay back quietly on the pillow and closed her eyes.

I knew from her smile that she had given me permission to touch and play with her breasts long time ago. This is the first time that I noticed Neha’s breasts. Although I don’t have much idea of breast measurement but I think it must have been easily 34C or 34D. I also realized that her panty is completely gotten wet from her leaking juices. I stated to massage her thighs and inner things.

I noticed that her juices had started leaking from the side of her panty and she was moaning everytime I massaged her inner thighs. I moved on and started to massage her stomach and areas under her breasts. I lifted her bra from top of her breasts and Neha lifted her arm and covered her nipples with the arm without opening her eyes.

I lifted her arm and after a moment’s rebellion the arm went back to cover her eyes leaving the breasts open to me. I started feeling her soft breasts and gently pinched her nipples. I sat next to her and massaged her breasts for a couple of minutes before sliding my hands under the panty all the way to her pussy. I heard a loud moan from her when I touched her pussy.

I decided to slide down her panty and she spreaded her legs and gave me complete access to her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved and I think she must have shaved it only a couple of days ago. I took some oil and applied it on her pussy. I used my fingers to massage her pussy and the nearby area of her inner thighs.

Within minutes she had her first orgasm and her body contracted and she jumped a little. I continued to massage her pussy and she lay on the pillow, her arm still covering her eyes, and her body trembling with every touch of my fingers. Within a couple of minutes she had her second orgasm. She crossed both her legs and asked me to stop.

I got up, not looking at her, and picked up my jeans to get dressed. She asked me that where am I going. I told her that her massage is over and I am going to wash my hands to which she replied that it’s not yet finished and asked me to finish the jobs by massaging the holes which are still remaining. I kept my jeans back and sat down on the mat on my knees.

She pulled my head towards her for our first kiss. While our lips were locked in a kiss I was playing with her breasts with my hand. Neha came on top of me and stripped off my underwear followed by my t-shirt without a word being spoken or without my permission. She started playing with my body, my balls and my cock.

She brought her lips to my cock, giving me a blowjob and her expert hands toying with my balls and giving me a heavenly pleasure in this world. She walked to the other room after giving me a blowjob for a few minutes and I saw her coming back with a pack of condoms kept in her husband’s cupboard.

She opened the pack and took out a condom and hurriedly putting it on my fully erect tool and said that she wants to ride me. She came over me and both of us had a loud moan as my tool entered her pussy. She started off with slow and gently strokes and later increased her pace. I lay back on the pillow, watching her and enjoying every sight of her swaying breasts in motion.

I released my load and grabbed her and she too had another orgasm at the same time. Both of us lay still in each other’s arms for the next 10 minutes. Neha got up and said that she is going for a bath as she was sticky due to all the oil I have applied while giving the massage. She asked me in case I can join her in case I need a shower to which I readily agreed.

Neha switched on the shower and the hot water started falling on us. We stood under the shower for a minute or so. I picked up a bottle of shower gel and started applying on her as I did not want to miss the opportunity to touch her. I applied the shower gel on her entire body and really enjoyed the touch of her soft skin on my hands.

She returned the favor to me by applying the shower gel on me – initially my chest and my back and later on my cock and balls. My cock was fully erect all this while and I noticed that Neha too was fully excited as his nipples were fully erect. We finished our shower and we realized that we have forgotten to bring a towel to dry ourselves.

We walked to the room naked with water dripping from our bodies. Just when Neha was about to pick up a towel to dry herself an idea struck me. I asked me to keep the towel aside and stand still at one place. She moved and kept the towel aside on the table, and rested her ass on the edge of the table.

She looked at me in such a way that she would have accepted anything like a slave that I had to say or do. She moved and rested herself against the edge reached down on the floor and starting licking the water from her legs and then I licked water from all over her body. Neha was moaning loudly when I licked her pussy, ass and breasts.

After I licked each and every drop of water from her body Neha said that she can’t control herself and she wants me inside her once again. I asked her to lie down on the bed and she obeyed me like a slave. She rested on the bed, her body stretched with her arms on her side, her legs apart and her pussy lips ready to swallow my erect cock inside her.

I stood at the corner of the bed wearing a condom and preparing myself to ride the Venus. I rested by body on top of hers, pressing her lips with mine, slowly entering her and pumping her with gentle strokes. We had another round of hot and passionate session and we were completely exhausted aster hot sex and shower.

We slept naked in each other’s arms for about an hour. When I woke up Neha was standing infront dressed up of me with a cup of tea and snacks in a tray. We had tea and snacks and she said that she and her husband had a good sex lives but he never did such crazy things (massage or licking) to her.

She said that her body has never got so much please in many years of marriage and this was possibly her best sex ever but she would not want to continue this relation as it would spoil her marriage. I agreed to what she said and we promised to be good friends.

So dear readers, this was the story I wanted to share with you. Please do write to me in case you liked my story. Ladies in and around Mumbai can write to me in case they want to have a nice massage from me!

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Fucking virgin daughter of maid Shanthi - II

Previously: Fucking virgin daughter of maid Shanthi

Dear readers this is the concluding part of my episode of fucking swathi who is my maid shanthis daughter. after my finger fucking and her heightened oragasm we lay for a while and it was around 6.45 heard the door bell ring and it was shanthi to pick up her daughter, we were still nude and wrapped a towel around me and opened the door and led shanthi in,

swathi was still in bed nude covering a bedsheet, as soon as closed the door I hugged shanthi and french kissed her, shanthi was fast putting her hand inside my towel and grab my cock which was nice and soft and asked how did I enjoy, I told her in short what all I did and told that she is still in bed.

shanthi was turned on by explanation and she knelt down and spread my towel apart and started to suck my limp cock, no doubt she was a good cock sucker and my monster started to get hard as I fucked her mouth, and I saw swathi coming and standing at the back and watch her moms mouth getting fucked by me, I called swathi close and french kissed her as her mother sucked on me,

there was no more inhibitons left between mother and daughter, as I kissed swathi I pulled out her towel and my towel too and both were nude with shanthi voraciously eating my cock, I pulled my cock out andcaught shanthi and lifted her up and my right hand was on shanthis shoulder and left hand was holding swathis ass and we walke to the bed room,

I never wasted any time in making shanthi nude, and I could feel her desperation for a fuck. i made shanthi bend down doggy style and penetrated my cock with one shove in to her pussy, there was a deep sigh of ahhhhhhhhhhhh from shanthi for my cock entry, and in slow rhythm I pumped her, on the corner of bed swathi sat nude seeing her mother getting fucked

and her breast hanging and jiggling for every stroke of mine. I told swathi to finger fuck herself and play with her clit as I had explained to her which she followed, the room was filled with smell of lust and pussy smell, I was ordering swathi to put finger, hold her nipples etc etc which was making shanthi more horny, now I commanded swathi to come under shanthi and suck her nipples,

what a day it was once the same nipples had fed her daughter to grow but today it was getting sucked for pleasure,it must have been 5 mts I loaded shanthis pussy with my last drops of sperm, I waited in the position till my cock got soft and was finger fucking swathis pussy and she milked her moms breasts,

we all got up went to bathroom where mother and daughter gave me a nice bath and I too put my finger in both their pussy and washed them, swathi hesistatingly asked whether one more time I can suck her, I said will do with pleasure and I knelt down in the bath room and made her keep one leg on the english toilet and I burried my face and sucked her not even a minute

I could feel her body shiver with an orgasm and pushed my head away, I stood up washed an dwe all got dressed up. after a couple of days I took shanthi and swathi out shopping nad got her a silver bracelet for toes and lot of good cloths.

ever after that whenever I wnat they are at my service, it may not go on for long as their family is planning to shift to tamilnadu for good as the DMK government is giving lot of facility like free rice TV and all. readers awaiting for your comments.

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