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Bangladeshi model and television presenter Nadira Chaity showing big boobs Bangladeshi model Nadira Chaity riding dick of Enamul Kabir Nirjhar
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Lalitha fucked by Lecturer

Hi this is lalitha.The thing I am going to narrate has happened when I was doing my graduation. I was quite a charming and bubbly girl with a fair complexion and I looked beautiful by what my friends say.The place I went is completly alien to me.I dont know their local language but I pushed myself since I dont get seat in my native state.

I banked on english and also was comfortable with the small community of people of my state.I joined the college and every thing was alright in the first few week but later on as usual the flirts are on.Lots of proposals and disposals.I never really accepted any one.We used to have these hot discussions at our hostel about the guys and couples of our college and further more we also used to discuss a little about sex also.

Generally I used to get aroused by the talk and I used to rub off my clit attimes.Then every one would crack jokes and used to aplaud each others structures and curves and our boy fans who used to stare at us for long time.Every thing was normal I dont know if all this discussion has played at the back of my mind, I have finally fallen for this guy called akshay.

He is also from a near by town of my native.All is well with him, the usual late night calls and class room textings and those romantic looks etc.We even used to even mastrubate over the phone which is common these days.But what is out of the book is the lecturer who is teaching us english.

Initially I didnt realise anything,He used to talk to me very closely and yet times used to call me to staff room about the poor english I used to write in the tests he used to conduct.It was funny feeling that even if I did a blunder he would call me to staff room and he would explain me but he would shout like a mad dog at others in the class room.

Once pinched my cheek in the staff room I felt a little shy but nothing else.Later I told this to akshay and he scolded me claimed that the lecturer is having intentions of sleeping with and thats the reason he is being close to me.Then I got this doubt about him.In one of the following days I caught him staring at my breasts and licking his lips.

He called to staff room and in name of patting my back for performing well in exam he was rubbing my back and was searing for my bra under my top and he reached down and was almost about to touch my buttocks when I resisted.Later we didnt see each other for some time.I cried over the phone telling all this to akshay and he consoled me.

The days passed and once the lecturer saw me and akshay on the road hand in hand and from then on he started to be harsh with me.It went on,the prepation holidays have come for the sem exams.And once I went the staff room for clearing a doubt and then there he was the english guy sitting alone.I was very afraid to go in and turned back and he called my name.

I went in and then he put his proposal infront me.If I want to pass in exam I should obey him,that was the proposal.I nearly wept there itself but controled myself and came back to my room and wept my eyes out.Slept all day all night with out food.No akshay, no parent I thought over it for long.I threatned me not to tell to anyone.

In one of the following days in the morning I was preparing for the exam when his call came.He called me to go join him for lunch.I lied to akshay and reluctantly got ready and went out of the hostel where he picked me up in his car.I was wearing a red chudidar,still remember it very clearly.He took me to the best restaruant in the town.We didnt chat much.

He asked about me, my family etc to which I reluctantly answered.He told that he unmarried at 28.He was a tall chap with heavy athletic physique.We finished our lunch and he has paid the bill.He later took me to his apartment.I was litrally shaking with fear with imagning whats to come.He opened the door and invited me in.The flat is well furnished with couches and tables etc.

He saw me very nervous and gave grin on his face.Came closer to me and kissed me on my forehead and said not to worry and everything will be alright.He made me sit on the couch and went in.Came out after a few minutes,changed his dress.He wore a lungi and a banian.He went to kitchen brought a couple of glasses and a water bottle and another glass bottle on the table infront of the couch.

He smiled at me and asked me whether I would change into some comfortable dress to which I politely said no.I could quite clearly see his hard on under his lungi,i knew its not very far off.The only thing missing then was tears in my eyes.I was really controlling myself.He the came up with some snack and kept it on the table infront.

He switched on the tv and finally came and sat in the couch very next to me,as close as he could rest his head on my shoulder.He lay his hand over my shoulder and asked me do I drink? There was a huge question mark expression on my face to that question.He smiled and said ofcourse you look like you are a good girl.He then said its vodka and poured it into the glasses and mixed it.

He took a glass and handed it over to me.I said I dont and I cant.He insisted me to drink and he took his glass,said cheers and drinked off the whole in one go.He looked at me with the full glass in my hand insisted me again to drink.He took the glass from my hand and made me open my mouth with his other hand ad poured it into my mouth.

It was damn pungent,i felt like a scorpion stinging my throat.He gave me some snacks and finally made me finish my glass.I felt a little dizzy but was very consious.He took another and another and another before I took another one.He the locked my lips with his.I closed my lips tightly but he bore his tongue into my mouth.He sucked my lips wildly.I didnt like it but I was helpless.

I understand that he is a powerful person in my college and he could do anything with my carrier.He was still sucking lips and his hands crept to my breasts and squeezed them quite hardly like I was his private slut.The tears were almost there.His other hand has reached to my back and unhooked my top to reveal my back.

He took my hand with his and helped it over his solid dick over the lungi.There was not a word between us.He made me remove my top off me.There was a bra underneath which could not stop him reach my nipples.He pulled it off in a jiffy.He took my boobs into his mouth and started to suck them like a cone.He bit my nipples quite hardly and I shouted and pushed him off me.

He came back at me said sorry and he lunged to take my nipple into his mouth and I again pushed him and started to weep when my cell rang.He took my phone and saw,it was akshay.He got furious and slaped me and I fell on the couch.He threw the mobile aside and shouted at me that he would fail both us now and reveal my affair with akshay to my parents if I dont let him fuck me.

He then calmed down and hugged me and took me to the bed room.He removed his banian there and he pushed me on to the bed.He untied my lower and pulled it off me.He made me free of my panties also.It was cleanly shaven and he buried his head in to me before I came to know what was happening.I was nude on the bed with my lecturer licking my pussy clean.

His tongue was probing around my clitoris and his hands were mercylessly squeezing my boobs.Though I was meantally suffering he trying to arouse me with all this.Though this is very unintended I was feeling the heat inside me for more of his tongue probe around my pussy.He got up dropped his lungi to the floor and his cock sprung up like a spring door of a rat trap.

I was lying nude infront of him on the bed towards the corner with my legs wide open and hanging to the floor from the bed.My fair complexion,dark nipples and 34 size breast has aroused him more.It was huge and now I was even more afraid by looking at the size of his cock. The precum was oozing, he took it into his hand and stoked twice.

He came near and I closed the eyes tightly.He caught both my hand pulled up to sit at the corner with him standing nude infront of me.He asked me to open my eyes to which I did and saw his dick close up.With him standing infront his dick came about my necks height.He helped my hand to hold his manhood.My palm was actually not enough to hold his penis,it was that huge.

I slowly started to stroke it and he was on cloud nine.He held my head in his hands and opend his mouth while I was stroking and moaned out like a cow..He pushed my head towards his cock to make me suck it.I resisted but the more I resisted the stronger he insisted.He finally over powered me and pushed his cock into my mouth.It was tight in my mouth and there was no room to breath.

He pushed it further and I felt like it touched my troat.For a secound I was chocked to breath. He pulled out and rythymically pushed my head towards his cock to make me suck it. I was really tired but he did not let me off.The beast has only moaned more and more and more made me suck....it was about 15minute I sucked his cock and finally he exploded over my face.

He then pushed me on the bed and fell beside me heavily and laid his heavy arm and lege over me.He was catching his breath as I was also doing the same.I cleaned off my face with bed spread. I couldnot move from under his hand and leg.We laid like that for about some time.I felt it like im here for eternity.

He slowly moved his hand towards thighs and he pinched on the inside of my thighs and I shouted out and before the sound could reach anywhere he closed my lips with his.Tears rolled out of my eyes,but could do nothing about it.He slowly reached my pussy with his middle finger and started playing with my labia.

Slowly the pain has subsided while he continued playing with my pussy, He was a master of this.Now he climbed over me and his mouth has reached my erect nipples.He legs were on either side of me and with one hand he was stoking my pussy and with the other he was playing with my nipple.He slowly progressed to my belly button,he was licking me all over like a snake.

He was making me wet.I slowly started to enjoy to what he was doing to me forgetting everything else. Now then reached furthur down and his tongue once again started probing around my pussy.His lips caught hold of my labia and pulled it gently.This tongue went deep into my hole exploring.I held tight I was geting more and more aroused and finally I blurted out.

I cummed off.The sweat was like pearls over my body,I breathed heavily.The pleasure was short live for me actually.He got up from inbetween my legs and he took my legs and placed on on either side of his shoulder.He positioned his dick infront of my pussy and slowly started to rub it over my clit. I was really nervous and closed my tightly seeing the size of his dick.

He slowly placed it in and with one mighty push he has crushed my pussy with his manhood.I was in hell of a pain and the tears have instantaneously rolled out of my eyes and my mouth was wide open and could not utter a word out of the shocking pain of it.I was like dying with the pain and I dug my nails into the bed.

He slowly pulled out his shaft out of me and it was like hell for me down there.As he pulled out his dick I raised my head to see what has happened and there was blood over his penis and on the bed spread abd leaking over from my pussy and before I could know whats happening he stroked it again into me with his power and the pain is there but less this time.

Slowly he worked out with my pussy,stroking gently.Finally the pain has subsided and his beast of a cock was bringing me pleasure while it was rubbing agaist my pussy walls.He slowly increased the speed of his strokes while I was enjoying his every stoke.He was fucking me hard with power behind every stroke.His balls were hitting my arse with his every stroke.

I started moaining as he stroked away and he too was moaning with me.He pumped me for about 20 minutes and finally spilled his seed into my hole.He lay over me like that for about 5 minutes and we slowly slipped into sleep.

We woke up in the evening and I washed up and got ready.I was not able to walk but I managed. Never in my life I thought that my hymen would be broken by bastard like my english lecturer. He bought me some emergency pills and dropped me off at my hostel.

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Smitha having sex with Brother In Law Pradeep

Hi everyone around.I am smitha and im a 26 year old house wife.I am married to sandeep couple of years ago and im enjoying my life quite well in the metro.The incident I am going to narrate is my sexperience with my brother-in-law,Pradeep.Even though I am not very adventurous desi wife my situation has taken control of to have sex with pradeep.

He is a great flirt even though he just 19 when he fucked me.May be its my voluptuous structure thats making him an even bigger flirt of me.He would never miss a chance to steal a glimse of my milky globes which are more than a fistfull for him.There are a numerous incidents where he tried to rub his limbs to my arse or boobs.

Actually myself and sandeep were staying in an appartment alone and having a great life untill pradeep came in to have some coaching in the city.Now we are having a hell of a great life. Sandeep as he is doing job in an emerging software company he will always have to put that extra effort in the company which means extra pleasure for both of us.

All this seducing episode from pradeep has started very recently.Infact he was a virgin untill he lost it to my pussy where his very own brother lost it.It was monday morning,me and sandeep woke up early.As he is to go to the office by 8 I had to hurry with all the early household work. Pradeep's coaching starts at 10 so he can wake up late so he is still sleeping in his room.

I was wearing a red cotton sarry and a matching blouse and there is nothing inside my faintly transparent blouse which if observerved keenly can make my dark nipples visible over my white tanned boobs.I rushed through most of the work and has sent sandeep to office. The I started to mop the floor.

I was carrying a bucket of water a cloth with my sarry below my belly button exposing navel and with tight blouse which gives a very clear out line of my breasts and loose pallu.I went on to mop the floor of our bedroom and went to the next.Pradeep was still sleeping there on the bed. He was jus just wearing a boxer and was exposing his sensous body.

He had a athletic and strong body.I never had any bad intentions untill then but just for a secound felt that itching between legs.I then started to mop the floor by sitting on my knees and bending forward and most of my clevage is clearly visible from the front with my pallu is loose.

Even though I was busy mopping the floor I constantly kept looking at him,the boxer has not covered more than his thighs and I had a great view of his tight buttocks.He wore no shirt and his body is great to watch.I finished moping on one side and went to other where I was facing him,he was lying side on.

It was almost time and had to wake him up but I thought otherwise to just enjoy looking at him and continued mopping while feeding my eyes.And at one moment when I looked up,he was feeding his eyes on my cleavege while I was bending to mop.i know what he must be thinking, he would love to have my nipples on tongue and my globes squeezed undr his palms.

But when I saw straight at him,he just pretended to sleep.So I thought to play it naughty,with the name of waking him up I kept my cold palm on his naked thigh and pushed him he didnt wake up, i knew he was acting.He simply changed his angle as if sleeping upright. There was a huge tent under his short where he wore nothing underneath.

Next thought is to reach the top of his tent and hold his bulb.In the name of waking him up from sleep I raised my hand and jus when I was about to reach his manhood the clock has struck 8.I came back to consious and I was taken aback.What am I doing? The situation is quite hot in the room I just took the bucket and came out of the room.

I continued with other works and called out pradeep to wake up.He woke up and came into the hall,he still wore nothing on top and could see the tent is still on.He is daring me now I can feel it but I kept my cool.I gave him tea and told him I am going to bath and took the towel and went into the attached bathroom.

The handle lock of the door is broken and it left back a small hole to the bathroom door, as much as a 25paise coin.But I least expected him to take advantage of it.I slowly strated to undress. Took the sarry off and placed it on the hanger and the unhooked my blouse and my boobs have sprung to life like birds released from a cage.

Then I pulled the string of my undergarment below as it dropped to the floor.I placed them all on the hanger.The next thing I did was I reached to my hairy pussy with my right hand and was not surprised its wet.I know it needs some nice trashing.I smelled the hand and them I cupped my boobs with my hand felt proud of my sexy structure. My nipples were hard. i pinched them playfully.

I still had this naughty feeling to have my pussy filled by pradeep but was unable find courage. Out I exitement I slowly bent down stcking my arse in the air and peeped through the hole of the door wanting to watch pradeep.I never expected it but the sexual urge I me wanted to watch him and I got it.

He slowly walked into the room and opened the wardrobe and searched and pulled out my bra from it.He burried his face into it and smelled it like a dog.He then reached for his pole inside the boxer and brought it out with his right hand and placed my white bra over his dick and rubbed it.

At that moment I felt like he is gently stroking his penis in between my boobs while I was holding them together.I was serously getting wet in my pussy.I kept my middle finger deep inside and started to stroke it while watching him play with his penis infront of the dressing mirror. Then he walked forward and started coming towards the bathroom door.

I know what he is going to do next.I immediately moved under the shower and took my position. Opened the shower fully and got hold of the knob with one hand for grip and bent forward sliglty and reached my pussy with another hand.I closed my eyes tightly and was imagining being banded from behind like fucking dog by my pradeep.There was intense urge for sex.

I increased my speed of stroking and was gently touching my clitoris regularly and finally came to climax after sometime.I stayed like a rock for a minute catching my breath.I turned around and peeped thorugh the hole but didnt find him.Guess he has spilled his seed.The I finished my bath and came out in towel, it was just about covering my nipples but revealing my cleavage and hardly covering my knees.

I was really exited with the course of things,i walked to the bed room door as I would generally dress up with the door closed.As I was about reaching the door I saw pradeep sitting straight to door in the hall.The door is half closed and if it is fully open then he would be sitting straight to the dressing table in the bed room.I thought I to give him a nice show,so I opened the door ever soo slowly.

Now he can directly see the dressing mirror.I started to dress up behind the door so he can clearly watch my juicy body through the mirror.I dropped the towel to the floor making myself completely nude.I know he will be watching me.I am expecting him to take chance but he never did.I have dressed up.

I wore the white bra which he rubbed against his dick a few minutes ago and wore a skin colour blowse to arouse him and wore a matching sarry.I made sure I did wore it below my belly button. The blouse was tight and my boobs were pressed up revealing my cleavage. Now I am mentally fixed to have taste of his cock.But I should tempt him to make the move.

I know he is burning with desire to taste my pussy juices.I went out very normally and asked him to get ready,then he replied that he will not go out today.Now I know he too is planning something naughty. I served him the breakfast after he has brushed and I finished all the work. Finally I came and settled infront of the TV.We both sat in the individual chairs.

He still was wearing the short and his cock is throbbing from the side of his boxer I could the buldge quite clearly.He kept some channel and placed the remote on his thigh.I reached for the remote and by the back of the hand touched his cock.There was slight moment in him but still he not getting courage.

I have changed the channel and placed the remote on my lap and kept my hand behind the head giving him a nice view of globes side on.There were rabbits in the rooms beside the tv which we used to pet.Sudden they started to fuck madly and there was that funny sound. He then asked me innocently what are they doing?

I smiled and said they got the age and doing what they have to.Then he reached for the remote in my lap and pressed it against my pussy gently and touched my thigh.I am getting very exited. Then I asked him to go to bath.Then he went and removed his cloths and tied the towel. Then I called to get something from in attic in the kitchen.

He climbed up on the chair while I was holding it.I could have clear view of his manhood from under. He knew why I asked him to climb the attic now,he saw the exitement in me and the way I was watching his dick.He then let the towel to fall to the floor and stood naked on the chair with his dick standing like a beacon.

Ohh he said and before he could get down I caught his penis with my hand and gave a gentle stroke."What is this pradeep" "Sorry Bhabhi"."Its not time to sorry"."You need punishment,give me a massage right now."

As I stood there he hesitantly has removed my sarry and the with both hands started to unhook my bra and with my hand I reached his standing dick and pulled him closer and started to stroke it gently and could see on his face he was enjoying it.As he unhooked me my erect nipples came out and my boobs have sprung to life.

He took them both in his hands like a hungry cat and he started to suck my nipples.I held his face and took him off my boobs and kissed him on his lips.He never kissed anyone like this I knew it the way he is doing it to me.I then made myself nude infront of him completely.Pushed him on to the bed and spread his legs.Took his dick deep into my mouth and started to suck it.

He just gave a shiver.He didnt know what to do.He held the bed spread with his hand and the other was place on my head and he was pushing me on to his cock.I took his balls into my mouth and was playing his penis with my hand and as I was about to increase the speed he just exploded and the cum was sprayed over my face.He innocently said sorry.

Then I said no problem and I sat on the bed and asked him to lick my pussy.He hesitantly went down and brought out his tongue and placed it over my clitoris.I was just over the cloud nine. And as he went on to work out with my hairy pussy I was rubbing my nipple and was swearing out loud.He is really a good licker though he was hesitant in the starting.

He was licking me soo much but I never was at climax but he got back his erection.He was gasping for breath.Then I made him lay down and mounted on cock to ride it.As I sat heavily on it the dick just deep into my pussy.I gently started to ride his cock.As was increasing speed he loved everybit of it.And finally we came together.

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Horny Latha Fucked By Karthick

Hi this is rahul and this story is about my friend fucking my girl friend to prove that she is a slut to me.I was doing my graduation and I am in love with a girl called latha.She is superb figure with milky white skin,round face and great body.She has a 32D boobs and round ass.We are in love for some time and like anyother lovers we had our little quarrels and she threatned me that she is gonna dump me.

I was really worried about it because of the fact that we had a great deal of fucking and I was wondering how could she dump me now.I discussed the matter with one of my close friends karthik and he told me that she is a big slut and she has affairs with other people also. As expeted I didnt believe in him and he challenged me that he will fuck her with in two weeks time given the chance.

I was hesitant but said ok.I gave her number to him and he started talking with her on phone like a stranger.He used to tell me everything he talked to her and some times I used to be in conference listening to their conversation for long hours..In one of the conversations he was really flirting with her.

"Nuvvu chaala andamga untav telusa latha"."Oh nijama? enti nu edo na boy friend I natlu poguduthunnav"."em boy friend ithey ne pogadaala andam gurinchi" "ala kaadu kani,aina nu em chusavoy na andaanni?" "Nuvvu chupisthe kada chudadaniki,eppudu pai paine chupisthav" "Ey debbalupadathai stop it" "Enti sigga,nijam ga nu super untav telusa?" "Nijama?"

"Nijam nenu motham chudale kani.." "Ah Chusthe?" "Chusthe nenento chupistha". "Ey stop it".("Do you know how beautiful latha?" "Oh really? you are flirting as if you are my boyfrien" "Oh why? Is it that only boyfriends should flirt of you beauty?" "Not like that,But you are saying as if you hav seen my beauty" "Only if you show beauty,i hardy get see anything"

"Hey stop it I ll kill you" "Felling shy? Really you have a great figure" "Oh really?" "Really,only I didnt see much.." "If you see???" "Then I ll show what I am" "Hey stop it") After that she cut the call and I went off conference.Then I understood how much itching is she getting between her legs.The following day they went to a movie and they sat side by side and hand in hand.

His hand slowly left her and landed on her sholder.He played with her cheeks and left her cheeks and it crept down to her neck and slowly it found its way into her red top.She never resisted and down it went under the top and touched her right boob and he played with it and finally found her dark hard nipple.He pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

He cupped her right boob with his right hand and his lips linked with her lips and his left hand held her right hand tightly hand sucked her lips a few minutes.They had a nice little romance with him touching and boobs and sucking each others lips.It was late evening and they took a bus to her hostel to drop her off.

But their bus has stopped and in the mid way and she has to take a private vehicle to reach her hostel.He borrowed a bike of his friend and their journey started and so did their little romance,she hugged him tightly with her boobs crushing into his back and her hands playing on his thighs.

He stopped the bike a few hundred meters away from the hostel which is a lonely place from which she has to walk since no should see her coming on a guys bike.But Karthik had other plans he hugged her from behind and caught hold of her nice round boobs and started to knead her like a chapathi flour.

She never resisted and he turned her towards him and lifted her top touching her naked breast with his rough hand and cupped them and sucked them as if a baby sucking for milk.Later he tried to reach for her pussy for which she resisted,he guided her hand towards his 8inch long black hard python.She unzipped him and brought out his dick and started pumping it.

He asked her to suck his dick but she resisted as she dont like it.She never even gave me a blowjob.She rather continued to pump his thick dick with her hand and sucked each others lips and after a few minutes he exploded in her hand.She cleaned off herself and they both said good bye to each other and she paraded back to her room.

Later in the night they both talked over the phone for more than an hour and they had phone sex.They also planned to visit a hotel to quench their lust.On the follwing holiday late cloudy afternoon they went to a lonely beach and sat together with hand in hand and slowly started their romance and their hand in hand became hands on boobs and dick.

There she is too much tempted and asked him to get a room.But karthick said that this place is bad and there will not be any decent enough room.But she is soo very wet that she forced him to take any room and fuck her.Finally he got a room in a small hotel for an hour.

It is an open secret there that only couples come there to fuck and guys to fuck prostitutes and it is very evident that these two are going there to fuck by taking the room for just an hour. Karthick took latha to that hotel and paid Rs.400 for and hour and quickly slipped into the room.

Immediately after entering the room latha quickly took off her top with only a bra underneath and karthick bolted the door she was already nude.Wasting no time karthik took off his shirt and when she was just about to take his pant some one has knocked the door.Frightened she ran into the bathroom like chick with her boobs and ass jumping up and down like a tuning fork.

Karthick went to open the door and it was the hotel boy who came to ask "Sir do you need any condoms" and before karthick could answer his eyes went on to the bra and panty on the floor and dress thrown over the bed.WOnder what was going on in his mind.Karthick with and embrassed face said "No need".

The boy left and he bolted the door and turned back and latha was peeping through half opened bath room door like a real slut with her one eye, half face and right boob visible from the door. Hope the boy didnot see or..She came out when the door is bolted and came near him.

They both linked their lips at the center of the room with his one hand crushing her buttocks and other working on the back.Her boobs were pressed hard to his naked chest.They were hard and they both kissed passionately with her right leg raised in air and rubbing his thigh over the pant with her naked milkey white thigh.

He broke the kiss and bent and held her mellons with her hand and helped her hard nipples into her mouth sucking them.She let out a moaaaan while he naughtily pressed her nipples under his teeth.He then again kissed her and removed his pant and undies at one go with her manhood springing to life like a cobra raising her hood touching latha's belly.

He pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs wide and he smelt her pussy and when his coarse tongue touched her labia "aaaahhhhhhhh karthick" she let out a pleasureful moan.He worked his tongue into her pussy licking it vigoursly. She held his hair and his hands were kneading her sweaty boobs and pinching her nipples.

Aaaaaahhhh The pleasure for her was immense that she held her head tightly between her thighs.Her licked her clitoris and cleaned her wetness with his tongue.She finally cameee moaning ahhhhhhh karthick ahhhhhhh.Its soo nice.He then guided her hand to his penis to stoke it to which she did and asked for a BJ.

She opposed it and he gave a slap and she was shocked,he immediately shut her lips with his and again asked her to do it and she replied"I dont know how to do it" he looked into her eyes sharply and she hesitantly bent down to take his cock in her mouth to avoid further humiliation. She took his cock into her mouth and she slowly started to move her lips up and down his shaft.

He was pushing more and more into her mouth as if fucking her mouth and in no time she turned out to be a pro at sucking cocks.She touched his balls and pumped his dick faster.He showed that sense of urgency and he pulled off his dick and pushed her back on to the bed.He took her legs and rested them on his shoulder and started rubbing his cock round her vagina ever so tempting her.

she gave a naughty smile and took his cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.And he pushed his dick with all energy and one go like a beast.It was a bit tight after all the lubrication, but for his sudden push her jaw has dropped.The expression was like the cock has come out of her mouth. He slowly starting bringing it out and in and out and started pumping her.

Ahhhhhh go deep karthi fuck ahhhhh and her moans made him like a mad bull and his thrusts took pace and power and he started pumping hard and fast.AAAhhhhhhhhh karthi oh fuck... karthi...and they both came and he fell on her like a dead bird.Before he could recover to fuck her secound time some one has banged the door.

They were shocked and before thinking of the worst the voice spoke "Time up sir".Releaved they both dressed up and walked out.The boy was right next to the door and his looks were penetrating inside latha's dress.His eyes were folling her swaying ass and jiggling boobs under her dresss.

Finally they left that sleazy place and she left to her hostel and he came to my room. He proved to me that my girl friend is a slut in just over a week.He even showed me a couple of pictures which he managed to sneak,one while she is nude and other while she is sucking his dick...

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My name is Raul. I am a 28 year old single guy from Dubai basically Indian. I work for a European Company. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, fair, average built and an above average looking guy. I have an average long penis with extra thickness. This is the story of my adventure with a couple in Dubai.

One day I was travelling in the metro train when a gentleman, Indian, came up to me and started talking to me. It started from about the new metro and then it led to a small chat about what you do and where you stay. Before getting down from metro we exchanged our business cards. My business card doesn’t have my mobile number but it has my official email ID.

Next day I got an email from him saying hello and reminding me that we met in metro. I replied generally. Next two three days we chatted a little over the internet and then he invited me for a coffee at Dubai mall. I got a little suspicious so I requested him to come to City centre which he agreed to. We met for the coffee next Monday.

He talked to me as if he is very keen to know about me. The first thought that came into my mind was may be he wants me to get married to his daughter. He didn’t look old enough to have a daughter in her mid 20s so that thought just went off. He asked me about my family, my job, my education and so many things.

Then we exchanged mobile numbers and he went off. That night he called me up and introduced me to his wife. I spoke to his wife and she also asked me many questions. I also enjoyed talking to her. On Tuesday they called me up and invited me for a dinner on Wednesday evening. This time I agreed and we decided to meet in a restaurant in Emirates mall.

They both were elegantly dressed up. She was around 34 and had a figure of 36 30 38. The lady was a beauty. That night we had a dinner and they started talking about other personal things, like girlfriends, virginity etc etc. I got the hint of what they were up to. It was like a jackpot for me. We met for a couple of more times.

Once they came with their kids and introduced me as the husband’s colleague. After about three weeks of meetings they asked me to come to their home on Friday night for dinner. On Friday night they called and asked me to get down at Dubai marina and told me that we would pick me from there.I promised to reach to their house at 8 pm. I reached exactly on time.

The husband came in the car to pick me up. He was wearing a cotton kurta. We reached their home. The lady opened the door. She was wearing a transparent chiffon Saree, which was tied about two inches below her naval. It was orange color plain Saree. Her blouse was same color and a very thin material, thinner from back, a little thicker from the front.

Her white bra was shining beautifully. They had sent their kids to their Uncle’s home in Sharjah. During the dinner the lady was little naughty and playful. We had a nice dinner along with some whiskey. The lady took some beer. After the dinner we sat in the drawing room on the sofa. She came up to me and sat on my lap.

The husband was sitting across the table watching us. I hugged her tight and wrapped one of my hand around her waist. My other hand went behind her neck and we smooched hard. We smooched for another 5 or 10 minutes then I started licking her neck and pressing her boobs over her blouse. She was moaning.

The husband made a gesture to her and she said to me, “ Let’s go to the bedroom.” I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed. I quickly got rid of my clothes and jumped to the bed. One by one I stripped her off completely. Saree, blouse, bra and petticoat. She was completely naked now. I sucked her boobies nicely.

I licked almost every inch of her body and paid extra attention to her beautiful clean shave pussy. By this time the husband was also undressed. I was waiting for him to join us. But he was just watching us. Now I laid on the bed and she started playing with my body. She licked me all over. Sucked my nipples and then sucked my cock.

Then the husband came forward and said to her. “How does it feel ? Another man’s cock.” She didn’t say anything, just smiled at both of us. I was in ecstasy. The husband came closer and they smooched hard. Then he said to her, “Can I also try it ? How it feels ?” We both were a little shocked, but she said with a strange smile on her face,

“Why not ? It will be a pleasure seeing you doing what you made me do for so long. It took long to really start enjoying sucking a cock. Please Raul, don’t mind.” I hesitatingly said, “OK, but nothing more than that. Don’t expect me to suck his cock.” Now both husband and wife started sucking my cock. In between they would smooch with my cock between their lips.

They sucked me nicely. Then the husband laid down and the wife asked me to get on top of his face and fuck his mouth. I followed her instruction. While I was fucking the husband’s mouth wife came behind me and started licking my ass. That was the first experience of my ass being licked. Soon she reached my asshole and started tongue fucking my ass.

Every time her tongue would enter my asshole, my dick would get a strong jerk. This was too much for me and in another 15 minutes I emptied my load in the husband’s mouth. He was happy to take it in his mouth. He drank it all. My dick was limp now. The husband went to the washroom to clean his mouth and the wife sat of my lap.

She held my cock in her hand and started jerking. I asked her to go and clean her mouth. She also went and cleaned her mouth. Both came back. The wife sat on my lap and the husband on the edge of the bed. He asked me, Have you ever done that before.” I said, “No. But it was nice getting sucked by husband in front of the wife.” We all laughed.

Now it was time for me to take control of the situation. The wife was sitting on my lap. I started playing with her body and smooched her nicely. I asked them to suck my cock again which they both happily started doing. My cock was hard again. I asked them to be in the 69 position. The husband laid down and the wife got over him.

She started sucking his cock while he started licking and fingering her pussy. After about 10 minutes, I joined in. I got behind the wife and placed my dick on top of her pussy. Before inserting it in her pussy, I inserted it in the husband’s mouth. It was now wet with his saliva. I held his wife’s waist and with a soft thrust, I inserted the head of my dick in her pussy.

She moaned loudly. Her husband’s penis was longer than mine but mine is much thicker than his. Slowly I was completely inside her and started giving her jerks. The husband was now licking my balls. She was vigorously sucking his cock. I started pumping her harder and harder. In between I would take my penis out of her pussy and put it in the husband’s mouth.

During this I also started fucking her asshole. Now I had three holes in which my cock was going one by one. The wife’s pussy, her asshole and the husband’s mouth. In between the husband came over the wife’s face but they continued to lie in the same position. I fucked all the three holes for another 40 to 45 minutes. Then I ejaculated my load in her asshole.

I took my penis out of her asshole and the husband sucked me dry in the same position. Then I got aside and watched the husband lick my cum off his wife’s asshole. The husband’s mouth was full of my cum and then they both smooched with their cum drenched lips. We took shower, where they both cleaned my penis.

We then got dressed up and they dropped me to my home. On the way they told me that they chose me because I was reliable, decent and well educated. Now I am back home in Kerala and goes to Dubai occasionally as I started my own business there with a partner. We are good friends now and meet whenever I go there and try newer things.

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I am 45 yrs and live in Delhi. It happened when my distant cousin came to our house 4 years back. I was living with my parents as I was separated from my wife. The cousin’s wife Saroj was very attractive and they were married for one year. Cousin came to Delhi for a job and we told him till he collect good amount of money, he can stay with us so that it is easier to find a good house for a rent.

Saroj always helped my mom in household works and was very helpful. Within 15 days I got attracted to her and started thinking of getting her on bed. She never talked to me much as I was elder to her husband and in our culture they are not supposed to talk much with them.

Anyway, few days later I got an idea. I had a one porn booklet of hardly 20 pages with great exciting pictures of fucking. One day I put that booklet in open on my bed so that she can see it while she comes to my room for cleaning and setting. I prayed God that my mom does not come that day.

I went to bath room as soon as I got an Idea that she is coming. I just concentrated the room activities and when I was sure that she has left, I came from toilet. And I was looking for that booklet. It was no where, I searched my room completely but all in vain. I wanted this and next day when I was in my room and Saroj came to set-up my room, I took a courage and asked her that did she see a booklet.

She denied, but then I requested her, that it was not mine, and I have to return it to my friend, If she like that I can give her another one but not that one. She did not say anything and went. Next day in the evening she came to my room and told me that “Bhayiya Ji that book I have kept where it was.”

I was happy that she has seen that book and now I had more courage and waited for next day when she comes to my room. Next morning when I got to know that she is coming to my room, I went to Toilet and did not close the door and was sitting on my western WC. She opened the door and started managing the items in the toilet.

She did every thing without seeing me. I knew that she knows I am there. I did my my stuff and get out of the toilet, And then she again went to toilet to clean the huge mirror in the toilet. This time I gether my full courage and hugged her from behind. She was little shoked and said “ Bhaiya pls mat karo, kisi ko pata chal jayega” With her reply I was now sure that she was only scared and not that she does not wanted.

I took her on my bed and started pressing her boobs. She had small one but they were very firm. I took out her salwar and panty. It was so cute pussy, it was small and had very few hairs on it like a gal of 16 years. This excited me too much. I started sucking her pussy and the juices were flowing like anything.

I could not control myself and took my pants off and put straight my dick in. Ooooooh my god, it went in so smoothly because it was wet or else my 7” dick would not have been easy for her. While fucking I kissed her and she was enjoying it too. She said “Bhaiya aap bahut kharab ho” But I did my fullest exploration and we fucked for 20 minutes and then I came.

And then I saw her fully, her waist was so sexy, slim and slendor. We did few sessions when ever we got time and later they moved. But since than we never had chance. I still remember her marvelous body.

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