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Sexy Office Encounter Of Lovelina

Hello readers my name is Lovelina. I am Just like any other girl from a middle class family. I had a younger brother and my parents to complete my family. For matters of privacy I won't furnish any detail of me. But yes I will definitely tell about how I look. Presently I am 23 and completed my graduation. After my studies I aspired for job and it brought me to Delhi.

I got a job in the Noida area and started working. I had good friends comprising both girls and boys. After few days of my job I realized that my friend (girls) used to wear pretty high standard clothes like jeans and top and come to office. For me belonging to a middle class family I had my roots in wearing only salwar-kamiz. I was left out like the odd one out of them.

And at times I used to feel ashamed when they went in shopping malls and other such places. I had a friend named Neha (name changed) who used to be a bit close with me. I expressed my desire to opt for such clothes and she readily took me to a mall and helped me buy some fancy clothes. One of the dresses was top of bottle green colour and a pair of dark black jeans.

I used to stay with her in the same rented house and one day she coaxed me to wear that dress to office. Reluctantly I agreed as I was not having the confidence to wear that to office.I had in my mind to wear them to some shopping mall or so. But I did and it made all the difference. People now got the chance to imagine the curves of my body.

I found more people gaping at me now. We both took autorickshaw to office and the moment we reached office I saw that right from the clerk of the office to my fellow mates who were boys were stealing glances at me. And why won't they when I have got such an attractive figure. I was blessed with a fair complexion and good height.

My figure is 36-34-38. My breasts were firm tight and pressed hard against the top. It was like as if they will tear out from my top. One could easily make out where my bra strip is inside my top. From that day onwards more boys used to talk with me being good friends. I knew their real intention behind talking with me of getting to see my body closely but I enjoyed their company as they were helping me with my share of work.

I had too much of my work I used to pile it for later time so that someone can help me finish it off. Thus we became good friends. There were two friends named Hiresh and Tarun. Both were very good to me. Hiresh was tall well built but dark in complexion. He was from south. Tarun was from Delhi only and was rather thin and good looking. They often helped me a lot with my work.

Usually on month end we use to have lots of work and I really wanted help. Due to my habit of piling work on a sudden check by my boss I got caught for my such deficit amount of work left and he warned me to finish my work by the month end or else my job will be terminated. So I began working as hard as I can. Soon came the day of the last day of the month.

But still I was left with lots of work to be done and on the next day I have to submit my assignment. My friends got to know about it and agreed to help me out by doing over time. My friend Neha, Tarun and Hiresh stayed back after office time to help me out. It was 5pm and the clerk came to close the office. They told him to stay for few hours and paid him few bucks.

He agreed. At around 8 Neha told me that she will have to leave as she needed to change her pads (she was having her mens at that time). She told that when we will finish our work she will come along with a friend and take me home. I had to agree. Also the boys were doing no harm as we were good friends and we know each other well.

So we continued with our work. It was a very tiring work and so Tarun took a break and went out to get something to eat. At that time I was alone with Hiresh. He was sitting near me. Soon I saw him scratching his groin area. From the corner of my eye I saw him he was looking at my breasts. I tried to divert his attention by asking him something and looked at him.

He started to reply me but then suddenly he started to stare directly at my breasts. That made me very uncomfortable and I went back to my work. He came near me and in the pretext to telling me something about my work he bruised his hand against my breasts. That sent shiver down my spine. I could make it out that it was very intentional.

I looked at him and saw him smiling. I had to smile back at him in a reluctant manner to ease the situation. But he took it as a green signal and caught hold of both my breasts from behind. I was shocked to say the least. I tried to release free from him but to no avail. Then he released my breasts and held me tightly in his arms from behind.

He told me to cooperate with him or else he won't help me with my work. I was in a fix what to do. I told him not to do such thing but lust was at its peak reflecting in his eyes. His black hairy hands holding me, completely over powered me. I could smell his body sweat. He was not good looking at all and never in my dream can I imagine having sex with such a black ugly man.

I told him no I can't have sex with you. Hearing this he got angry and slapped me very hard. I felt the grave seriousness of the situation then. Such is the case that I may be raped by him and ever murdered if I do not comply with him. Also cases of girls being murdered in Delhi came off and on in the news. I felt will I be such a victim. No I can't die, I want to live. I stood there facing him.

He came near and rubbed his hard dick over his pant on my thigh and asked me what I want. Unwillingly I yielded to him. I told him to finish my work and then he can have sex with me. Hearing this he began to smooch me. I stopped him after few minutes and told him to work for me. He readily began working. Then Tarun's phone came that he won't be able to come as his parents want him home.

At around 10 we finished work and he was very happy. He cleared the desk and called me near. I again told him not to do such thing but this infuriated him and he hold me my hair and slapped me again. He began smooching me. I could smell his breath and his moustache on my upper lip. He slid his hand under my top to reach my stomach.

He felt the smoothness of the skin and hurriedly removed the top. Now I was in front of him with my black bra and jeans. His eyes were popping out on seeing this. He removed his shirt and vest and stood half naked like me. His body was very dark and hairy. Gently he pulled the elastic of my bra and exposed my breasts.

He then spit on my chest and rubbed the saliva on my breasts and stomach. It was smelling so dirty. Then he began to lick the bare part of my upper body with his tongue. He was not leaving a single part of my upper body unlicked. As if I was an ice cream and he was eating me. After licking my back, stomach and shoulder he began to concentrate on my breasts.

From my neck he began to slide his tongue towards my right breast.His tongue gradually climbed my breasts and reached my nipples. With his left hand he began to touch my left nipple and with his tongue he was licking my right breast nipple. He was circling his tongue over my nipples in a very comforting manner and it was making my nipples grow hard.

He then bit my nipple gently with his teeth and with by itself my hand took hold of his head and I began to touch his hair. He got the green signal now. Sensing me enjoying his lick he now began to take my soft breast inside his mouth. He was trying to eat it up. His act of lust was making me go mad. Then I heard the front door open and saw the clerk entering the room.

He was smiling and came and stood near. He was chewing paan and his lips were red. Hiresh smiled him winked him and he took no time to come close to me and take my left breast in his arm. Meanwhile Hiresh was eating my right breasts and seeing it the clerk too took a mouthful. His saliva mixed with red paan stick to my soft white breast.

He too licked my left breast and made it red in colour with paan. My nipple was soaked in pieces of paan from his mouth. At the height of my excitement I didn't mind the clerk join in. He had hard and rough hands which were running all over my back. He was in his mid 50s and was from a typical worker class family.

Seeing the paan and his red saliva stick to my breasts Hiresh felt uneasy and told the clerk to go and guard outside and come later when he would finish. But he won't go. He just closed the door from inside and stayed there. While Hiresh was still eating on my breasts like a wild dog the clerk opened his pant zip and took out his hard dick. It was brown colour.

He began to stroke it as if to masturbate. I was looking at his penis and he was enjoying it. He came closer and forwarded his dick towards me. I could not resist. The sexy scene was getting into my mind. I wanted to push him but pulled him to me. I let my hands to touch it. I touched the tip of the penis and it felt so soft. I wanted to plant a kiss on it.

I grabbed the penis by its base and squeezed it as hard as I can. The clerk felt heavenly and began to moan. Meanwhile Hiresh saw that I was enjoying the clerk's penis and this made him angry. He scolded the clerk and told him to go and stay outside and promised him that he will have his chance. This made me little sad as I wanted him also. Reluctantly the clerk went out.

Now Hiresh began to get naked. He opened his pant and just stood in his grey underwear. I could see the bulge in his underwear. Quickly he pulled down my pant. He saw the wet portion of my panty and began to smile. He smelled it and licked over my panty. He now asked me to open his underwear and take his penis out. I knelled down and put my hand on his underwear.

I inserted my slender fingers under the elastic of his underwear and began pulling his underwear down. I first saw his pubic dark hair. The moment his pubic hair got exposed he thrust my face to it and he began to rub it against my cheeks and lips. His penis touched my chin. He held my head against his pubic hair so hardly that I gasped for breath.

The moment I opened my mouth to inhale a portion of his hair got into my mouth. I could smell his body and his pubic hair was wet with his sweat too. My saliva mixed with his sweat and stick to his pubic hairs. Now he himself pulled his underwear down. When he was pulling his underwear I saw how big and thick his penis is compared to the clerk.

It was black with a red tip. The tip had some liquid sticking to it dropping from it. He took a drop of that sperm in his finger and applied on my lips and thrust his finger into my mouth. It smelled so bad at that time. He now told me to suck his penis. I didn't want to touch his black and smelly penis even. I was waiting. Now he began to thrust his penis in to my mouth by pressing against my lips.

I could see he was getting angry and so I opened my mouth. His large penis dug into my mouth. It was salty and tasted weird. I felt like vomiting but his penis was deep into my throat and I could do nothing. His penis was so big that it made my mouth open to its widest size. It was like hell. He began to move his penis to and fro in my mouth.

He took it out once and told me to lick the saliva off it.I had to do it. But he began to slap me now. He ripped my panty off and began to slap my ass too. It was a strange feeling. He took my breasts in both his hands and began to squeeze it as hard as it can. His dark hands were large and somehow cupped my breast. He made it red by rubbing it.

He took a look at them and said, "Those juggs are the most beautiful I have ever seen, they are perfect absolutely firm, big dark brown areole's are awesome. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and the most voluptuous cock hardening babe I have had the pleasure of knowing." I thanked him for the wonderful compliments, and I told him he wasn't so bad either, he was handsome and his cock was bigger.

I was already wet. I started moaning. It felt very good. He licked my pussy from over my panty and squeezed my boobs with his hands. Then he took off my panty and started fingering me. He kept on fingering me and made me wild as hell, I started to cumm and I was moaning more and more now. Soon I came and he licked my drenched pussy.

He was becoming hornier and I could see that in his face. He was moaning too. He took his dick out of my hand and started to rub it on my clit. It felt so good. He said he wanted to put his giant monster in my pussy, I agreed readily, couldn't wait for that beast to come back home deep in my hot wet pussy. He promised to be gentle with me and he would not hurt me.

I wanted him to enter me now. He kept teasing my clit for some more time and then started to push his dick inside me. As I was a virgin, my pussy was very tight and it took a long time before his dick could enter my completely, it hurt a lot but it felt good too. Now he started to move his dick in and out of my pussy slowly while kissing my lips and squeezing my boobs at the same time.

He was such a gentlemen, slowly he started sliding his mammoth 8 inches in my pussy and slower strokes and thrust started becoming harder and faster thrust I tried to keep up with his rhythm, he was an incredible lover the best I ever had, Hiresh plunged his cock deep in me almost pushing his balls deep.

His giant grapefruit like balls were beginning to bounce and slap off my butt, I never moaned like that in my life, I thought he was going to pop through my mouth. It felt like heaven, it felt like there was no one in the world but the two of us. Gradually, he increased his speed and started to pump me harder.

I liked it and asked him to go deeper and harder, he smiled at me and kissed me again. He kept pumping me harder and harder until I was screaming. He kept going for what seemed like a very long time and I kept moaning and saying his name over and over.

Then he suddenly took his dick out and came all over my boobs. We kept kissing and hugging and then went to work in each other's tight embrace. We quickly wore our clothes and he went to his room. I decided not to wear my panty as there were some drops of blood on it. As I was still tired, I went to my home. We made love to each other a couple of times after that until he left for USA.

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First time sex with Isha

My name is ARNAB. This was my first sexual encounter that happened to me when I was just 27. This story is a true one and not one bit concocted. This was my first experience in sex. Until then, I didn't know any thing in sex. I belong to an orthodox wherein even spelling the word sex is prohibited. However, I had some fantasies by listening to my friends. The pleasure I got is with my ISHA. ISHA is my G/F.

Then one day there was a function at my Grandfathers house, so we all were invited for lunch. As my Grandfathers house was situated at a far place, I went with my cousin in his car, as my parents were busy so they couldn't attend the function. Therefore, I had to stay back at my grandfathers house coz getting back to my home late in the night was difficult coz of heavy security due to chief minister staying in our vicinity.

My ISHA who lives a little away from my house also came there to attend that function. I am delighted to see my ISHA there. My ISHA was 24, 5' 8 slim figure, nice hips and 34 curved breasts. Her husband was preparing for a divorce with her coz he was more of a drunkard {he used to drink since the time he woke up and all through the day}

and a notorious vagabond and also some ARNAB problems regarding properties that ISHA was holding, so he was staying at a different place along with their only son so my ISHA was living alone in her apartment. ISHA is really beautiful and sexy, I always had the hots for her, and ISHA knew it. As ISHA has maintained herself, as ISHA was particular about her looks and off course her figure.

Especially I love her boobs. ISHA is fair in color, her statistics are 34-29-36 as her boobs are huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy.

All the males whoever seeing her will definitely dream about meeting her nude in bed and fucking her very hard. No exceptions. As I was watching TV in the bedroom that was upstairs the same afternoon just before the function my ISHA walked into the bedroom and went to have her bath knowing that I was there in the bedroom. After taking bath, ISHA came out.

I was stunned as ISHA came out with only sari. ISHA did not wear any blouse or bra under the sari. As ISHA had bath ISHA was wet and her sari was stuck to her large and erect boobs. Then suddenly as air blew the sari moved of aside I saw her boob so clearly. I felt my eyes were blasted. I still remember it now. Then that night after the function, I went to a movie and returned home.

After having dinner, I was told to sleep upstairs. It was almost 10 at night. When I went upstairs I saw my ISHA there. ISHA was fast asleep as ISHA did a lot of work during daytime wearing a nylon sleeveless gown. In the midst of her sleep, her gown had slipped unto her knees exhibiting a portion of her milky white thighs. Then I went and lied beside her. The scene of her boob was still in my eyes.

I lied watching her boobs for few minutes. Then a feeling arose in me. After lot of courage, I first put my forefinger on her boob and pressed it. I felt that I never touched anything softer than that. I stayed pressing her boob for sometime. Then ISHA suddenly moved and I removed my hand quickly and lied still. ISHA was turning towards me in sleep.

Then I quickly put my hand such that her boobs will rest in my palm. My expectation was exactly right. Her boobs landed in my palm. I felt as if in heaven. The complete boob was pressing against my palm. I lied like that for some time. Then ISHA again slept upright. Then I put just my fingers on hers. ISHA showed no reaction. Then I put my complete palm on her boob.

I was pressing hers. They were superb. I did not leave her even if ISHA turned the other side. I leaned over her and was pressing her breasts all night. As I do not know what to do, further I did not do anything. It was my first time. I was terrified, as I do not know about it. Then I left her, as it was about to be sunrise. The next day I left to my home with this experience stored in my mind.

Moreover, my ISHA left for her home the same evening. As my parents were shifting to Bangalore. They decided to let me stay with my ISHA so that I can pursue further studies and call me over once they settle down there. My parents requested my ISHA and ISHA at once grabbed the opportunity to let me stay with her as long as I study or till the time I go

{as ISHA too knew I had hots for her and my time to win my ISHAs body} to stay with my parents so that ISHA can have a watch on me as both my parents had lot of trust in her. The day had come & my parent's left for the Bangalore. My ISHA was there to take me to her house.

After going there, I remembered every thing and I was frightened whether my ISHA would ask me about my behavior that day. However, ISHA seemed that ISHA does not know about it after couple of days passed. I masturbated regularly when I saw her getting ready to take bath imagining that I was also taking the bath with her & we were having sex with her under the shower.

I imagined ISHA was all wet & her nipples, ass, boobs, clit & everything female shining with the wetness. When I had already stayed a few days in her house I guessed ISHA must have guessed my feelings for her. ISHA started bathing with her bathroom door half open, started dressing in translucent nightgown & many a time hugged & kissed me without reason pressing me to her private parts.

The day had arrived. I was lying about in my ISHAi's bedroom while ISHA had gone inside to take a bath with the door open as usual. I heard her groan in the bathroom but restrained my curiosity just to keep up the respect for her. ISHA called me in for some reason. I had to go inside hesitatingly even though my adrenaline was running like wild.

I went inside to see her dressed in her bra, which was black in color. ISHA had the largest boobs I had ever seen on any woman. Noticing my risen prick, ISHA told me that ISHA couldn't open the bra strap & wanted me to open it for her. ISHA obviously was wearing the panty at that time. I went behind her & opened it quite easily.

The bra fell on the floor I waited in anticipation for what waited me next. ISHA then turned around & faced me all nude in her breast portion showing me her pink apple sized nipples. Now that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want to miss this chance. I hugged her and kissed her on the neck.

I was very much tensed up thinking of having sex with a woman twice my age really got me excited. However, ISHA was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was brief though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Now ISHA held me close to her and rubbing by back, as I was getting nervous. ISHA asked me if I was virgin. I replied positively.

ISHA said do you want to break it. I did not know what to say. My mind was full of confusion. ISHA came forward, as I was shivering and out of control. Again, ISHA kissed on my lips and asked me to relax. Now I was responding properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Moreover, ISHA put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer.

Her big nipples were brushing on my chest and ISHA was pressing her breasts against me. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. ISHA came further closer and started grinding her pussy against my hard shaft. As I could feel the softness of her well shaved pussy holding my shaft gripping in between her thighs and grinding vigorously.

As I could feel the juice oozing out from her pussy leaving wet trails on my shaft engulfed with my own precum oozing out simultaneously. Her body language was making me restless. ISHA started the shower. Water poured down her back. ISHA then guided my hand to her panty and let me slide it down. Her pussy, boobs.ass were all in front of me wet as I had seen in my heavenly dreams.

ISHA then undressed me. My prick stood up tall & thick with a little juice in the front. ISHA rubbed it up & licked it up from her fingers. My cock was brushing against her thighs and pussy. It got stimulated further ISHA then took my hand to her ass & slowly moved it to the front and letting me cup her pussy and gently pressing my palm against her pussy

as I slid my middle finger in between the slit as ISHA was giving me the full treatment. ISHA sat down on the floor and started kissing my cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden ISHA took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. It was feeling great. ISHA started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. ISHA was doing this with great care and taste.

ISHA got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I was feeling her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples. My face was focused on her pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. I felt like I was going to come out. So tried to remove my cock from her mouth.

However, ISHA ordered me please Fill my mouth with your cum. "There was a explosion from my cock Now her mouth was filled with my cum and my juice was sprinkled on her face and her neck. ISHA grinned happily and swallowed my cum. I was exhilarated, grabbed her from the floor, and made her stand as I started licking her from her ear lobe. As we were still standing.

We were entwined in each other's arms and kissing each other hotly and fervently. ISHA was very lively. Then my ISHA told me to take her to bed "….dear ARNAB, let us go to bed….let us enjoy fully……fuck me in the bed…..as I gently lifted her in my arms and ISHA too wrapped her arms around my neck and kept on nibbling my ear lobes while I took her to the bedroom

as we both were drenched being under the shower all the while I made her lie down gently on the bed. As ISHA lay down with a seductive greedy look in her eyes staring deep in my eyes as I couldn't resist that look I placed myself right over her as ISHA wrapped her arms around my back and started sliding her fingers up and down my bare back I came down to the face and kissed her gently

on her tender lips as I licked the inside of her mouth & felt I was in heaven. Her body was responding to my hands. ISHA asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for me. I started squeezing them. ISHA sighed sexily "….oooohhhh my dear ARNAB…..oooohhhh yess…. That's fine…

I like it… I like it very much……go on squeezing my breasts like that …… aaaahhhhh …" ISHA sighed. ISHA continued to say "……uuuufffff……..dear squeeze them hard…..yess squeeze my breasts hard……" That encouraged me. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I could. Moreover, I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. ISHA kept on sighing in

all the while I was kissing and licking up and down her neck, ISHA asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts "….dear please mouth my breasts…..don't you feel like kissing my breasts….oohhh please, suck my nipples also……..you will like it dear…..please kiss and suck my breasts…..come on dear….oohh do it …. I want it dear ….."

ISHA was uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I came down her neck and then gently slid my face over to her breast I mouthed her breasts one by one. I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. ISHA sighed and moaned sexily "aaaaaahhhhhhhh dear… uuufffffffff………yesss…. That's fine……I really like it….."

I sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. The softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts made me more fervent on kissing, licking and sucking her breasts. ISHA was giving all sorts of encouragements. I was enjoying too much. My G/F was moaning and sighing heavily.

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Sex Adventure of Nepali Couple

Hi everyone,after becoming a fan of debonairblog stories,i would like to share my own experience with you all.Mr.EDITOR plz submit my story in the correct format and today itself so I can read the comments and write more.So let me introduce myself I am shiva,29 years age,i am a nepali indian guy and I work in a bank.My wife's name is roshni also nepali.

she is 25 yrs age,height 5''3,slim bt wt big butts and boobs,very fair skin with slit eyes,she looks lik a japanese doll.we have been married for 4 yrs now and satisfied wt each other. This incident happened abt 3 months ago.life ws going on and our sex life ws good too.My wife though very gentle normally is very wild and sexy in bed.while having sex she often pleads with me to be rough with her.

She tells me to slap her hard in her asscheeks till it becomes red,she likes her boobs to be bitten roughly and tells me to pull her hair.In sexual excitement she also tells me to slap her in d face and call her all the dirty names like randi,slut etc....and literally begs me to treat her as harshly and hurt her as mch as possible.

Even I like this play wt her...but I always had a question deep in my hart,i used to think why my gentle,caring wife behaves so wild in bed.so I made a plan to find out d answer. She always used to say tht I ws her frst fucker bt her expertise in bed created doubt in my mind.so I made a plan to get her drunk and know her secrets.As per plan One night I brought beer and we both drank a lot.

Slowly I started asking her about her first lovers,initially she refused,but as she started getting more high she started telling me her life story.And guys her secret were so hot it changed our sex life forever. My wife Roshni Got her first lover when she ws in school n she ws only 16 yrs old.The guy's name ws mahesh(also nepali)and he ws a policeman.He was 24 yrs of age,a stud with pervert minded sex.

He used to beat her often in sex n wud insert his dick in her young pussy without any foreplay so it used to pain her a lot.He ws so rough in sex,widout any love and usd to treat her as a slut but d surprising part ws she used to enjoy all this and it turned her even more.The strange things ws tht ths past of her ws turning me hotter.

After mahesh's relation ws over, she got physical with two more men(both nepali) in her life.The two men were both married and midde aged n used to handle her roughly in sex and used her lik a slut.Aftr those three flings she got married to me.I ws simply shocked and feeling a lot horny.I made her nude,slapped her in d face n kissed her hard.

i turned her over with her huge ass near my face n slappd her ass very hard.without any delay I pushed my entire dick inside her pussy,she ws very hot and climbed on top of me.she ws now riding my dick lik a pro jockey,rubbing her own 34b boobs hard.She shouted,"fuck me U fucker',mero puti fatai de(tear my pussy),hurt my pussy make it pain,lado moto bana(make ur dick thicker).

She ws crazy wt sex,scratching me wth her red painted nails n I was slapping her,fucking her hard.But one thing ws clear she wanted me to hurt her pussy wt my dick lik her previous 3 fuckers used to,i hav a long thick 7 inch dick which girls used to love to fuck when I ws in college.She liked getting hurt in her pussy bcoz of her previous experince.

Even thought my dick ws bigger thn all her 3 previous fuckers bt they fuckd her wen she ws young wt a virgin pussy n so she got it harder,now aftr 4 yrs of marriage no matter hw hard I fucked she cud take it easily.Aftr d fuck session she went to sleep n I ws wondering how to make her pussy get rammed so hard that she enjoys like her first fucking experiences.

I ws thinking and on my laptop surfing yahoo wen suddenly an unknown person calld HOTCPL mssgd me,"couple swap?...i got curious n replied,"what?...n he replied,:hot punjabi husbnd n wife,age:34 n 28 wana swap??..now I hav heard of couples swapping bt never evn imagined it 4 real..so I replied if I can see them on webcam?..they promptly open d webcam but covered their faces.

on d webcam I saw tht the wife ws wearing a nighty,she had a nice figure n white skin,d man ws a sardar without clothes,showing hairy chest n muscled body.now it ws my turn to open d webcam I did so wth a hanky over my face.They got surprised as they saw my eyes n said,:r u nepali?..i said,"yes".

both of them get more excited on hearing this n d sardar opend his wife's nighty 2 shw two big boobs almost 36b..my lund ws now erect n I ws horny again..now it ws my turn to shw so I adjusted d cam toward my wife,roshni who ws sleeping naked aftr d fuck...d sardar got very horny after seeing my wife's ass cheeks tht he started humping his wife on webcam..

i slowly parted roshni's leg n started pumping her in d ass.Now roshni got up too..feeling horny n started riding my dick.i pointed my fingers 2 d webcam n soon roshni realised too wat ws going on..n it turned her more horny.She ws riding my lund n looking at sardar who ws fucking his wife on webcam n enjoying d nude sex show of ours.

Roshni ws literally fucking my dick so hard tht I ws gasping 4 breath..n she ws murmuring in my ears,"tht sardar is so rough..n hairy all over his body n face..i like hairy men..though I hav nevr fuckd a hairy man..i want to""..she whispered in my ears.I ws so hot tht a cummed all inside her pussy n on d webcam d sardar ws done too.

He gave me his cell number..i eventually called him and we decided to meet next day at his house. It ws 7 pm wen we reachd his house,a servant boy abt 19 yrs age opened d door.we went in,it ws a nice house n in d table ws sum wine,food n beer bottles.The sardar shook my hand,his name ws harvinder,he ws a giant,more than 6 feet tall,muscled body n arms,he ws in a t-shrt n shorts.

I introduced roshni my wife,she looked sexy in a tight jeans n white t-shirt.The giant sardar shook her hand,lust in his eyes,his bearded face n hairy body visible.he towered above my slim 5''3 tall wife.The sardar cud nt blive he ws watching a white skinned,slit eyed,nepali-doll in his house n kept staring at her.

Then he introduced me to his wife-jaspreet,she ws a typical punjabi lady wt large eyes,white skin,big boobs 36b waist 30 n 36 ass,abt as tall as I was abt 5''7.We chatted 4 a while drank d wine to feel bolder..n finally d sardar said lets dance.It ws a slow music,i ws dancing wt jaspreet n d sardar ws dancing wt my wife roshni.

jaspreet ws a hot punjabi kudi n I ws slowly moving my hands towards her ass crack.i lookd at my wife she ws dancing in a tight hug wt d giant sardar covering her with his huge arms. It turned me on n I suggested tht we move to d bedroom. Once in d bed I slowly made d sardarni nude,lickd hr pink nipples,fingered her shaved pussy,slappd her ass n told her to ride me while I cud watch d show between my wife n d sardar.

In d bed,d sardar started kissing my wife,his beard all over her face n she ws hot now,he pulled her t-shirt n her boobs plopped out,it ws pink nipple 34 b white melons,d sardar started licking it,roshni shouted,"aur jor se chuso,it turned on d sardar he pulled her jeans n panty n started licking her bushy pussy n big ass cheeks.

My wife ws rubbing her smooth white body on d sardar's hairy chest,c liked it.then c boldly pulled his pants down n held his penis..it ws giant just lik d sardar..9 inch long very fat.Now my slut wife ws out of control she shouted,'"hijra ki tarah chat tah hi rahega ya meri chut marega sardar''

The sardar got shockd bt replied,"saali randi...gori nepalan aaj teri chinki fuddi faar dunga"i ws hot n d sardarni ws pumping her pussy on my dick,we both watching them.My wife shouted, "slap my ass"n d sardar slapped her gand THap THap Thap..it ws red as wine,agaian c said ''mera chut chod de sardar''n he shouted,''le chiki baby le mera lund"n with a GHHUPP all 9 inch went inside her pussy.

both said AHHH uHH AHH n d room ws filled wt our noise.I thought d servant boy ws peeking bt didnt cared.My wife nw on top of d giant sardar ws shaking her booty on his dick n shouting, "aur jor se chod madarchod bas itna hi dum hai hijra chod...ahha ahh..mujhe ass me thappad marr chal chod sardar..

n he said "le nepalan le chinki fuddi ahh ahh n here I ws cumming all over jaspreet's pussy as d sardar cum in my wife's pussy..n d nite went On!!!PLz pass d darkest,filthiest comments..for more.

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Dhruva losing virginity to housewife

Hi friends, my name is Dhruva and I am from the city which is known as the City beautiful, Chandigarh. I am a regular visitor of this site and I have read hundreds of erotic stories at this site. Almost each story is claimed to be true but we all know that at least 50% of them are fake.

Very few stories are excellent, some are good ones, some are average, some are below average and a very little are pathetic too. For the last six months I have also been thinking to share my story but could not get time enough. Just recently I changed my job and that gave me some extra time to spend time on writing this story.

Like every writer I also claim that my story is perfectly true and there is not even a single part in the story which is fake. In which category my story will be rated is all up to the readers. I am just going to make an honest attempt to share my real life experience.

So, a little introduction first. I am 28 years old, an engineer by profession, Currently working as a Construction Manager in a real estate Company. I am not very fair but my features are sharp. Also I have been a national level sportsman in my college days so I am physically fit. My height is 5 feet, 11 inches and built is athletic. All in all I am decent looking guy with good educational background.

Here I would like to share my experience which was responsible for me to get rid of my virginity eight years back in my college days. I was studying in 2nd year of my B. tech at that time. My house was around 100 Kms from my college so I used to stay in the hostel and visit my house on weekends.

If we talk about my relationship with girls at that point of time that I can say that I had a decent number of girl friends. I wasn’t into any serious relationship with anyone of them. It was just like hanging out with girls and no physical relationships beyond kisses and hugs. Even at that time I had made up a frame of mind that I wanted to end up my virginity only with my wife at first night only.

I was a popular guy in college as I was academically topper of my branch and a national level badminton player too. I had many chances to have sex with my ongoing girl friends and end up my virginity with one of them. But somehow I resisted myself and never indulged in any physical relationship. Of course like any other normal guy I used to fantasize sex and masturbating myself for physical satisfaction.

Anyways life was just normal at that time in routine. Attending some classes, bunking a few too and having outings with friends on weekends. I was having a Karizma bike at that time which was considered a luxury eight years back. On weekends whenever I used to visit my house, I used to roam in whole of Chandigarh at my bike.

Also I had been to each and every dating place in Chandigarh with my different girl friends. My favourite dating places were Rock garden, Shanti Kunj, Sukhna lake and Timber trail resort Parwanoo. I still remember the date, it was 16th april, 2003. Me and my girl friend Diksha were coming back from our date from monkey point, Kasauli.

We had lot of hugs and kisses on this date and enjoyed the pleasure of driving on hills too. Around 7 pm I dropped Diksha near to her home in Panchkula (satellite town of Chandigarh) and moved forward towards my home in Chandigarh. These were the days when Cell phones were getting little common in India and I had also bought a new Nokia 3110.

This cell phone and my Vodafone number (hutch at that time) was the thing which started the chain of incidents which eventually ended up in losing my virginity. Just when I was about to reach home, my cell phone started ringing. I thought that it must be Diksha and she must be calling to know that whether I reached my home or not.

So I didn’t picked up the call and let the cell phone rang. When I finally reached home, I checked my cell phone. There were 2 missed calls and both from an unknown number. So I thought that I must give a call back. When I called there was a female voice at the other end. I enquired that I got a missed call from her number,

then she said “ main tan koi hor number milaya si, galti ton tuhada lag geya hona “ means “ I was trying other number, but by mistake it got connected to you ”. I said its fine, she apologized for the mistake and end up the call. After an hour again I got call from the same number, I picked up and the lady replied in Punjabi “ oh ho, ajj ki ho geya is phone nu, bar bar tuhada number lag reha ae.

I am sorry “. I said “ no issues may be some problem with the cell lines, no need to be sorry “. Then she started talking further and asked me about my name and city etc. she also asked my age and about my profession. I was little surprised by this behaviour by a stranger woman but still answered all her questions. Also in reply I asked about her details.

She told me that her name is Sukhjeet Kaur and she is a Sikh by religion and lived in Ropar (Power Colony) Punjab. She was a married woman, 28 yrs of age and mother of two kids. She was a housewife. Her husband was abroad in dubai for his job. So most of the times she was alone at her house after her kids left for school.

While disconnecting the call she said “ aap ke sath baat kar ke bada acha laga, agar aap ko bura na lage to kya main aap se kabhi kabhi baat kar sakti hun “. I said yes formally as I wasn’t thinking so deep at that time. So it started off like that. She used to call me twice or thrice a day and talked just formally for around two weeks.

After some time she started talking casually and started considering me a friend. I also had no problems with that. Here I would like to tell that she used to talk in pure Punjabi but I will try to narrate her wordings in hindi so that most of the readers can understand the crux of the conversations. After a few days she told me that she is the second wife of her husband and her husband is 49 years of age.

She was married to this man at the ageof just 20 yrs when she was too young. Her parents were very poor and that is why they married her to this man after demise of his first wife. She also told me that her husband is not young enough to satisfy her physical needs. Also as he lives in foreign, she is too alone. Whenever he comes to India, he is unable to give her a pleasure fucking.

It was the time when I got hint that may be she is having something in her mind about me. She asked me about my virginity status and relationship with girls. I told her that I was still a virgin but I had many female friends. She was very happy to know that I was a virgin boy. I don’t know but somehow I was getting attracted towards this woman without even seeing her.

Of course we had conversations regarding our looks and we could just imagine each other appearances. I was most attracted towards her Punjabi accent and voice which so much revealed her loneliness. One day she said "dhruva menu tuhade naal pyar ho geya ae te main tuhanu milna chahndi han" means "I am in love with you and I really want to meet you".

She also said that she is not expecting me to love her in return but she just wanted to expresss her feelings. I never said that I love her too but I didn’t disrespected her feelings. Somewhere down the line I was getting attracted towards her physically too. It was a strange feeling that without even seeing her I could imagine her assets and the feeling of seeing her naked was driving me crazy.

Even Diksha and others also started getting a feel that I was ignoring them in those days. Anyways, I will stick to my relationship with Sukhjeet Kaur only in this story. Slowly and gradually we got very casual with each other. One day she said “ Dhruva main bahut akeli hoon aur mera tum se milne ko bahut mann karta hai, kabhi to milne aa jao mujhse.

Main tum ko bahut pyar dungi aur tumare sath sabkuch Karungi jo tum chahoge. Tumara bhi to mann karta hoga kisi ke sath sex karne ko “. At that time I wasn’t sure that whether I really wanted to meet her or not, so I said “ wait for some more time. I will let you know “. During these days we started getting intimated on phone at nights, we used to have phone sex daily which was of course initiated by her.

I swear that she used to give me immense pleasure on phone sex and I was really getting crazy about her day by day. All these incidents took place in course of just two months since I received first phone call. Due to phone sex with each other, there was no shyness between us and I also got prepared to meet her in actual.

It was the month of june, when the summer holidays of school going children starts in north india. Sukhjeet informed me that her kids are gone to their nani’s house in hoshiarpur for holidays along with her brother and she will be all alone for a few weeks. She was desperate to meet me and requested me to come to her place in Ropar.

She assured me that I should not be afraid of anything and she will manage everything at her house. Now I was also prepared to see her and the feeling of loosing my virginity with a married woman was also driving me wild. So I agreed for visiting her place. Ropar is just 50 kms from Chandigarh and on bike it hardly takes one hour to reach there.

Next day in morning around 8 am I started off to Ropar and I was there by 9 am. My heart was also beating fast as I was excited to see the woman whom I was fucking on phone sex for last 1 and half month. I still remember that she was wearing a yellow suit with patiala salwaar when she received me at the gate of her housing colony. She was damn beautiful, fair skin and perfect figure.

Her assets were 34’ 28’ 36’ and by no angle she was looking like a mother of two kids. Her face and features were simply so beautiful like the typical Sikh women. Her age was also not looking like more than 24 yrs. I thanked god at that time that she was much better looking than I expected. Her house was around half km from the main gate of her housing colony.

So she sat behind me at my bike. Her boobs were touching me softly and it was driving me more wilder. When we reached at her house, there was a neighbour hood aunty standing at the adjoining gate. She smiled at Sukhjeet. I got afraid that what will be that aunty thinking about me. So Sukhjeet answered the aunty “ SSA didi. Ye dhruva hai. Mere veer da dost.

Isda ajj interview hai nalagarh. Ae kafi duur ton aya hai tan ethe hi apne interview di taiyari kar ke jayega dopahar nu “. I was so much impressed by her boldness and capability to handle the situation so easily. Finally we entered her house. It was a big 3 BHK house and I loved the ambience. Moreover the perfume of sukhjeet was making it more Romantic.

For the first time in life I was alone in a house with a female. After closing the main door Sukhjeet just looked into my eyes and said “ kaisa laga mera ghar aur kaisi lagi main “ I said “ ghar acha hai but aap bahut jada ache ho “. I just hugged her at that time and kissed her softly on lips. She said “ thoda ruko, tum itni duur se drive kar ke aye ho, have some cold drink “.

After having the cold drink she gave me some breakfast too. I was amazed to see her care towards me. She was really in love with me. Then she said “ chalo bedroom mein chalte hain, pehle tum thoda relax karo, fir hum bahut sara pyar karenge aur main tum ko ache se ladke se mard banaungi “. at that time my rod had really started building up but I didn’t wanted to do anything in hurry.

So we sat together in her bedroom. The bed sheet was very clean and she even decorated the bed sheet with some roses and the perfume was also applied on bed sheet to make it more Romantic. I liked her idea to celebrate our first meeting like a first night which was actually happening on a sunny morning. AC was also switched on and it was very comfortable temperature in the room.

The room was dark due to dark colour of the curtains. All in all it was really nice ambience around us. We were sitting together on bed embracing each other from sides. I was caressing her back softly. After sometime she kissed me near my ears and said softly “ dhruva meri godi mein sir rakh lo aur baki sab mujhe karne do “. I followed her instruction like a good student.

Then she put her lips on my lips softly and we started kissing each other. For around 2 minutes we continued kissing each other like this only. During this whole act she was in controlling position and I was loving being controlled by a woman who was elder than me in age and experience too. By this time I had started feeling the heat quite a lot.

So I also started anticipating more in kisses and our tongues started to mix up the salivas with each other. At the same time I was caressing her back and feeling the straps of her bra over the suit she was wearing. My dick was also building up in size and the bulge was visible clearly. She grabbed my dick very softly over the pants and it was really a heavenly feeling.

She opened up the zip of my pants and slided her hand inside my undies to hold my dick easily. Her first touch at the bare skin of my dick made me to pre cum. She saw the pre cum and cleaned it with her fingers and licked it with her tongue. Then she said “ Your dick is very nice. It is the best suitable size any woman can expect “.

By this time my 8 inches long and 3 inches wide dick was fully grown up. She was slowly masturbating me and also we were kissing and caressing each other at the same time. As all these things were happening with me for the first time, so I couldn’t hold up for long. After two minutes I started feeling the immense pressure and pleasure building inside my dick.

Sukhjeet saw this and asked me to explode freely. It was the best shot I ever had. A few drops touched even the fan running above us. I was feeling tired and little embarrassed too as I couldn’t hold it for long. After some time Sukhjeet said “ dont be embarrassed. Abhi tum naye naye ho isilye aise ho jata hai. Main hun na tumko sab sikhane ke liye “.

We again hugged each other and started kissing each other. Whole room was filled with fragrances of roses around us. Now I really wanted to see her body and I asked her to remove her clothes. She said “ ab ye to tum hi karoge “. She raised her hands and I started removing her clothes. She was wearing a white spaghetti inside the suit and her pink bra was also visible inside the spaghetti.

She was also wearing a gold chain and magalsutra which were hanging on her cleavage. These items were making her look more sexier. I removed her spaghetti and mangalsutra too. now she was wearing only a pink bra and a gold chain. She was looking so damn sexy. I tried to open the hook of her bra but as I wasn’t experienced enough so couldn’t do it properly.

She smiled at my situation unhooked it herself and removed her bra. Now her boobs were naked in front of me and I tell you these were the best pair of boobs one can imagine. Perfectly round in shape with 50 mm wide nipple base in dark coffee colour. The height of her nipples was around 25 mm. I started sucking her left boob like a kid and it was really tasting very nice.

At the same time I was rubbing her right boob with my left hand. She started moaning and said “ dhruva kaato mujhe but dheere se. bahut acha lag rah hai. Aise hi karte raho.“ I continued to suck her boobs for around 5 minutes like this and kept on switching from left to right and right to left. While sucking her boobs I started rubbing her thighs also.

She started moaning loudly at this and asked me to remove her salwaar too. Here I would like to tell that a woman looks sexiest topless with a Patiala salwaar. The plates of patiala salwaar ehances the beauty of legs of a woman considerably highest. Anyways in no time I removed her salwaar too and now she was wearing only a maroon panty.

I rubbed her pussy from top of the panty. She sighed and said “ ab tumari bari. Main tumare sare kapde utarungi ab. “ She removed my shirt, pants and undies in no time and then hugged me tightly. We were caressing each other’s bare backs strongly. Her nails were hurting me a bit but I still loved it. My dick was again in full form and touching her inner thighs.

Then she grabbed my cock in her hands and started stroking it slowly. I was loving it very much and this time I was controlling myself quite comfortably. She said “ sucking karun kya tumari. Phone pe to bahut bar ki hai, aaj sach mein karna chahti hun “. I had no reason to deny. She took my dick’s top in her mouth. Firstly she took only the half dick and started sucking it.

I was moaning at this time and I was really loving the experience of a woman’s tongue and saliva at my dick. Then she took around 6 inches deep inside her throat and gave me the best sucking experience of my life till today even after eight years. After 4 minutes she stopped sucking and said “ ab sex karna hai. Chalo meri panty utaro tum “.

I removed her panty in zero second. I tell you she had beautiful long legs. Her height was 5 feet 7 inches, So you can imagine that how beautiful she will be looking at that time. Her pussy was clean shaven and in best shape like a virgin girl. I don’t know how but I felt the urge to kiss her pussy at that time. So I kissed her pussy lips with my lips. It was dripping wet and tasted a little tangy.

But still I loved it. Now she was out of control and said “ dhruva ab aur mat tadpao, ander daal do jaldi se “ Now I was on top of her in missionary position. She held my dick and guided it to her love hole at entry point. She was saying in Punjabi “ han dhruva hun ghassa maro, vich paa do hun jaldi ton “. I made the first push of my life and it was strange that her pussy was tight enough for my dick.

Nobody can say that she was mother of two kids. Flat tummy, tight pussy and gorgeous assets. My dick was little inside her and I was loving the pain on her face. I was also feeling little pain due to being a first timer and also lack of little experience. She said “ dhruva pura lund vich paa do hun mere “. I made a stronger second push. This time my dick was inside for 6 inches.

“aaaaahhhhhhhhh “ she moaned. “ maar diya tumne dhruva, tumara lund to mere husband se kafi bada aur mota hai. Ab aaram se karo upar neeche “. I started moving up and down slowly. For the first time I came to know that how it feels inside a woman. As she was little wet inside. I could move up and down comfortable after coming over the initial friction.

We both were sweating and breathing heavily. She was moaning and speaking “ dhruva aaj mujhe lag raha hai jaise pehli bar sex kar rahi hun aur meri suhaag raat hai tumare sath. Bahut tadapi hun tumare sath sex karne ke liye. Karte raho karte raho. “ I was loving these sentences and increasing my speed. “ aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh dhruva I love u dhruva, I love u, aur Jor se karo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh “.

i was rubbing her boobs also at the same time. She was looking so beautiful at that time. I was biting all over her neck which increased her moans. She was also biting me and saying “dhruva ajj vargi khushi menu kade ni mili, I love u I love u, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh“. I pumped her in missionary position for around 5 minutes.

Then she said “dhruva thoda ruko, main upar aaungi ab. Tum bahar nikalo ek minute ke liye “. I removed my dick from her pussy. My dick was also dripping wet with her love juices now. I lied on my back. Sukhjeet came on my top. Grabbed my dick in her beautiful hands and then sucked my dick for around 20 seconds. Then she grabbed my dick again in her hands and sit on top of it.

Very slowly she took my dick inside her pussy. Now she was on top and controlling the act. She placed her hands on my chest and I placed my hands on her love handles. She was looking so beautiful. We both started moving slowly again. I could see my dick vanishing up and down in her love hole.

We were moaning “ aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh “ all the time during this act. Suddenly she started moving very fast and her hole body started jerking. She said “dhruva mujhe hone wala hai, mujhe hone wala hai. I love u I love u aaaaaahhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh mar gayi mar gayi, aur tez aur tez “.

She had her first orgasm after a few jerks but I was not done yet. I wanted to come back in missionary position again. We just changed our positions without removing the dick from her cunt hole. This time I wanted to control the whole act. I started pumping up and down very fast. She folded her legs around me. The sound of her anklets in legs were increasing my passion more and more.

Although she already had her orgasm but she wanted to cooperate for my pleasure. We both were moaning. Whole room was filled with mixed fragrances of roses, perfumes, sweat and love juices. Now I was pumping her like a bullet train with complete 8 inches of my dick up and down.

She was moaning “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh dhruva aaj meri life ka sabse pyara din hai, aaj mera sara adhurapan duur ho gaya hai, I love u I love u. Karte raho karte raho “. I continued to pump for another 3 to 4 minutes. Now it was getting difficult for me to hold on. I was also maoning and speaking “ sukhjeet mujhe bhi hone wala hai, hone wala hai, mujhe jor se hold kar lo, I love u, I love u “.

During this act sukhjeet also got aroused again by listening that I love her too. So she also started moving very fast from below and said “ dhruva I love u, I love u dhruva. Karo jaldi se. mere ander hi chhod do, mujhe bhi fir se hone wala hai “. After a few jerks we both had hell of an orgasm together at the same time. “aaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I love u I love u “ was all we both were speaking.

I was so relaxed to have my first orgasm inside her pussy. My dick was completely wet inside her in the slurry of our love juices. Some of my cum was oozing out of her cunt hole as there was not enough space to accommodate the whole quantity. I was lying on top of her in the same position and she was hugging me tightly and caressing my back.

We kissed each other passionately after two minutes and I said “ sukhjeet I don’t know that why for last two months I never said I love u too in reply to your affection and love, but today I really love u and I want to be closer and closer to you even more “. After some time my dick reduced in size and I removed it out of her cunt. We again kissed each other and slept in each other’s arms.

We woke up around 1 pm and had our lunch. After lunch we had a fucking session again and this time in doggy style too. After this session we had a bath together and sucked each other in the bathroom. I left from her home at 3 pm and promised her to be back again after 2 days. During the return journey to Chandigarh I was only thinking about Sukhjeet and our loving moments.

I continued my relationship and fucking sessions with Sukhjeet for around 4 years till she left for Dubai with her husband and kids. I do miss her sometimes oftenly. She was the woman who made me a confident fucker from a rookie. May be in future I will share some another experience with Sukhjeet or with some other partner at this site.

I hope the readers will like my story and I will be waiting for some encouraging comments from the readers. Hope to be back again after a few months. Till then keep posting good and authentic stories here. Cheers guys.

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Pakistani guy fucking sexy bhabhi Aisha

Hello Readers, this is my first sex experience as I was a Virgin before this happened. So first let me describe my self, I am 16 years old and studying in grade 11th and many people complement me on my height and my good looks. I have an older brother named Shazaib (Name is not changed) who is working in a gas company in Karachi (Pakistan).

He earns a handsome salary and is living separately with his sexy wife(My Bhabhi).My bhabhi’s name is Aisha and believe me she’s so seductive that I masturbate fantasying her since my brother got married to her. As far as I know they both lead a happy life and are satisfied with other, physically too.

After 6 months of my brother’s marriage when we (me and my family) went to visit their house and after reaching our destination, we were warmly welcomed by my Bhabhi.She served us drinks and tea. She looked very sexy that day as she wore a low cut kameez and that made her sexy boobs visible to a little extent.

When a hungry beast like me saw the cleavage, I went nuts and stared at her cleavage while she served the drinks. I almost forgot to describe my Bhabhi, she’s in her late 30’s and despite that she looks just great with those curves and weight in the right places. Her boobs can compete with Lisa Ann (The famous Porn star).She has juicy lips and a beautiful face that would I would like to load my cum on.

So let’s get started with the story, this actually took place when I alone had to go to my Brother’s house to give my Bhabhi Achar (Pickles), made by my mom. I reached the house and rang the bell to which my Bhabhi came out and said”hey little man (That’s what she called me) what made u visit me?”I told her that I came to give her the Achar.

She invited me in and asked me sit on the sofa while she made coffee for me and herself. I asked her “Where’s Big brother?” to which she answered that he has a night duty and won’t return before midnight. While drinking we chatted about things and after like 20 minutes, she asked me If I could stay with her till her husband returned.

That question seemed to me as an opportunity to quench my thirst and without hesitating I agreed and then she called my mom to inform her that I would come in the morning. It was already 06:00 pm when we finished our coffee and she stood up telling me that she is going to cook” Butter chicken” specially for me.

This all seemed a bloody dream to me and then I heard my name being called”Haris!!”.I went and there was Bhabhi in the kitchen asking for my help. She asked me if I can get butter from the fridge. I did. At exactly 10:30, we finished our dinner and she informed me that I will have to sleep with her, in her bedroom, on her bed.Y’all can imagine how happy I would be.

Soon we both were ready to sleep and after we were on bed (quite far from each other), we talked on various subject. She asked me if I had any girlfriend in my school, to which I answered no. Then when she turned to my side, I once again got an opportunity to have a peep at her boobs and unfortunately she caught me looking at her chest, but she ignored it and closed her eyes.

After that I too went to sleep when after an hour, I felt my manhood being stroked and to my surprise when I opened my eye, I saw bhabhi stroking my penis.She was literally playing with it and then I pretended that I had been awaked from a long sleep and I sat up looking at the act which my bhabhi performed!

She was not at all surprised to see me and instead began stroking harder and commanded me to lay down and have fun. I said “But bhabhi, this is a sin”. But before she heard me she had got naked and was pinching her hard nipples. She demanded that I suck her clit.I sat there starring at her and suddenly she stood up on the bed and forced my head on her vagina.

Oh god!! What a feeling that was, I found my self sucking her clitoris and then after a long sucking session she wanted me inside her. She guided my penis to her vagina and I put on some pressure to get inside her lovehole.I moaned in ecstasy and so did she. I soon found out that I was fucking my dream girl in missionary position.

“Fuck me Haris! Fuck me till I explode” said Bhabhi Except for saying I just moaned and exploded into her and believe me guys, I cannot explain that feeling to you guys. After I pulled my dick outta her hole, she turned and now her big booty faced me, she asked me put my dick in her ass.

At first I hesitated a bit but I was also a porn watcher and so with confidence I held my dick and guided it into that busty ass.She screamed from pleasure and pain. While fucking her from behind I was continuously pressing her boobs which made us both more horny.Soon we both reached several orgasms but I can tell that mine were the most explosives.

After this we both lay in bed exhausted and tired so we slept for straight 10 hours when I opened my eyes and saw my self alone in bed NAKED. I Quickly put on my Levi’s jeans and Gucci T-shirt and headed for my bhabh.I found her in the kitchen and when she saw me, she smiled and asked “How was last night? Did u have fun?” to which I replied a loud “YES”.

I asked her the reason why se fucked me. She told me that big.b has been lately concentrating on his work and forgot to satisfy her and so she decided to satisfy her self with my help. She warned me that I should not tell anybody about this and if any opportunity arises, we may have sex again.

Then after a hot cup of tea and kissing with bhabhi, I headed home happily thinking that NOW I WAS A MAN. I will be waiting for your comments. And I hope that u like my little experience.

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