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Guy fucking voyeur mother in law

This is my 100% true story there is no lie at all. Hello, I am Hemanth, from kondapur, Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh.I am 27 years,well-built personality and 5’8 taller. This was a story of my mother-in-law.she is very beautiful and sexy figure.My father-in-law he passed away when she has 36.she has very attractive person and a nice breasts and having a nice buttocks.

She has very good figure to see (she still looking 26). She was pretty and good looking. About myself, i am working in a mnc company. I newly married, my wife she is so beautiful.she is also working in mnc company.Me and my wife both of us enjoyed sex life very happily. One day me and my wife doing sex in my bed room. Some one hiding on the door.

So many times I saw, I knew that person is my mother-in-law. I didn’t tell about the incident to my wife(watching mother-in-law every time). I knew that she attracted on me. Every time she used interact more closely, talking happily and sexy lookings on me. Its going on. One day I heard some sounds on my mother-in-law bed room. I think what happened, while I was going to my office.

Another day, I was heard sounds another time. I have an idea on my mind.one day when they were out of the house. I made a small hole on the door that made me clearly viewed to see. It takes some days to see the view. One day my wife she told me they are going to project tour for 4 days on company purpose. I permitted to go. only me and mother-in-law are staying in my house.

This is the time to see what happened in that room,both of us finished dinner at 9.30pm and I went to my bed room. And she also going to their bed room and closed the door, I saw she removing her clothes, and not visible to see clearly, but i am very disappointed.i went to my bed room and not closed my room door(half-opened), when I saw someone watching on me the person is my mother-in-law.

i am very happy about the incident. Then slowly I opended my door,she is going taking bath, at that time I have an idea to my mind to keep the hidden camera on that room. Next day morning we had break –fast together, she is in her sari, she wasn’t wearing any bra, I see her breasts were looking gorgeous, stomach, for long time and see noticed it my eyes locked for a few seconds and neither of us were speaking.

I couldn’t control my self to see this, she also giving good looking sexy expressions for me, at that time my cock became expansion and harder. She also noticed my cock became bigger and expansion. After she went to the kitchen room to clean, I have an idea on my mind to keep the hidden camera on her bed room, while she cleaning the rooms,

she giving sexy expressions and showing beautiful breasts and buttocks to me, after she completed the cleaning section she went to bed room and closed the room. I am eagerly waiting what happened, I heard some sounds aaaaahhhh……, oooohhhh…… for 5 minutes then she going to taking bath.

Then I remove the hidden camera, I saw the video. I am shocked to see firstly she removed her clothes and doing masturbation she squeezing her breasts and keep the finger into her pussy and rubbing the pussy for a long time and having good awesome play. But I knew that she was hungry on sex with me.

After a few odd hours she finished her kitchen work, I watching t.v she sitting infront of me and watching T.V I am shy to see her. She wearing light transparent saree and blouse, I could see the breasts under her blouse while see giving sexy looks for me. She cooked me lunch and both of us having lunch, while she touches my leg with her foot and giving sexy expressions,

I went to my bed, reading a book, I could not concentrate as the image of my mother-in-law keep creeping in my mind. After an hour, slowly I went to her room to see, while she stitches her red blouse,she also knew that i am watching or not, after a few minutes she changes her red blouse I see the side view her breasts are good in shape,

my cock became harder and longer to see the view, suddenly she appear in front of me, I have no idea, I suddenly ask I have a book in our room while she replies come and take it. I took the book I went to my bed room, after for long odd hours. She always creeping in my mind and full of tensions I decided I want to see her nude, I keep the hidden camera in bath room, after she completed “HOME’’ cleaning is over. She taking bath.

I see the video, she entered into the bath room she closes the door, and she removes saree, redblouse and underskirt, she has a good figure nice breasts and having well shaped buttocks, she rubbing the soap all over the body, its takes 10 minutes to finish the bath. It’s a beautiful video I never seen while she was bathing.

At last both of us finished dinner, she again doing her to rub my legs with her feet and giving sexy expressions for me, I knew this is the time to proceed. At that time suddenly power has gone. There is no light at all. She says I will bring match box, candle, i am said no need, she replies ok. Both of us sit side by side in sofa. This Is the time to proceed,firstly I touch her body with my hand.

No Response, I moved my both hands to touching her whole body, they response positively then I proceed then I started hugging and kissing her cheeks, I also started to kiss her lips passionately, I drive my right hand down to her boobs and started pressing it, then she replied no please! Don’t do it. This is not good for us, suddenly power came she hurrily went to her bed room.

Then I went to her bedroom, without wasting another moment, I grabbed her body, I started kissing her cheeks, lips, forehead, ear, neck, then her body became hotter, she was very existed had sex for over years and she was dying it, and finally I do my work she wasn’t wearing any bra, as I removed her blouse, her boobs came out, I pressed heavily,

I started sucking her boobs and she started moaning oooohhhh…….., aaaahhhh………….., still I sucking her boobs nipples become hard, and she moaning a lot, it made my cock become expansion and harder. And then I remove sari, blouse, underskirt and then pressing her buttocks and touching, kissing, her body top to bottom pressing her boobs heavily, for long time,

I see her pussy full of hair, I was sucking her pussy by my toungue,she was mooning louder, she said faster and faster,she was very impressed too am doing like that and she takes my huge cock affectionately started sucking for a long time,

then my huge cock pushed into her virgina and started fucking and I give huge strokes,she moaning aaaaaaa…………….., hhhhhhhhhhhhhh…aoo….aaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,Oooooooo………, my strokes become longer and faster I was relishing each stroke into her.

My resistance power just made me fuck her harder and harder she mooning heavily aaaaaaaaaa…ush.ush.ush……….. Finally I began pumping her ass and increased my speed I was on all over in her ass. We enjoyed sex very much. Lastly She said i am full of satisfy for a long time.

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Posted by Salute
on: May 13, 2011 5:42 PM | Reply

Improve your English my boy!

Posted by pc saab
on: May 14, 2011 9:13 AM | Reply

you are moderchod , hahahhahah,

please send VDO of yr mother in law,


Posted by Ronnie
on: May 14, 2011 11:41 PM | Reply

motherfucker get your English right first and then write a story! Stupid ass!!

Posted by
on: May 15, 2011 3:43 PM | Reply

are you really working for an mnc? who hired you ?

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