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Karishma and Nisha lesbian smooch from Best Partner masala video

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Foursome sex to spice up life - II

Previously: Foursome sex to spice up life - I

She agreed with me and the topic went back to our husbands. She said,” what will happen if they ever come to know about it”. I said Jassi will be happy if he finds out as he will take it as a positive step. She turned and asked,” What positive way?” I then told her about everything my husband has been thinking lately. She said,” well, he is hornier than he already looks”

I said you don’t know him what he actually is. He is a monster and not a cute guy like Negi. “Only if you knew about his cuteness in bed” she replied and we laughed. Then she said Negi talks about you even in bed and you think he is cute. I said,”all men do yaar, they can never get satisfied with one” “Does Jassi also talks about me in bed”, she asked.

I said,” don’t start something new now”. She said she is not starting anything new. I replied,” I have known you enough in last one hour to fall for something drastic all over again” and we both laughed. Then she said okay I would tell you one honest thing. Actually, I had developed hots for you last week and it kept on increasing. I asked her how.

She said she and Negi were having tea in the evening in the back balcony and suddenly the towel slipped due to wind and lo, your undies were putting up an excellent show for both of us. Negi said,” Wow Nitu” and as we are quite frank, I also replied that the gal who fits in them is also equally wow. He said,” hmmmmm yaar, kash dekhne ko mil jaati” and we laughed upon it.

In the night, while we were having sex, I asked him,” tumhe Nalini chahiye kya” he was taken aback but after much cajoling he confessed that he fantasizes you when we are having sex. It was demeaning at first but then I understood his situation. When even I find you sexy then he is a male who is supposed to move around with a dick in front of them. Therefore, I said I would try.

Actually, I wanted to come close to you in the pretext. I simply said,” hmmm, yaar yeh sab mard ek jaise hote hain. Mere hote hue bhi kai baar Jassi tumhaari baatein karta hai bed mein but I am not interested” Nitu then said we could swap with each other and see what happens. I refused straight away but she kept on asking while we were having tea also.

Ultimately, to get away from the situation I said I would think about it as I am not comfortable with it. She said achcha ek kaam karte hain lets just give each other’s husband some privacy with us and talk with them. I said I am not getting what she is saying. She said,” yaar, its soft swapping, and you may not be aware most of the guys and gals nowadays have started a culture of ‘office hubby’.

They are the partners they can talk anything in the world without the inhibitions of married life as no strings are attached to them and at times it leads to sex also but that’s secondary”. I liked the idea but said I am not sure what she has in mind. Nitu said,” okay, now both our husbands will not mind swapping and in fact not doing it because of our disinclinations.

Let us make an effort and see what happens. I am not asking you to jump in bed with my husband but let’s play a game and see where it leads us” I asked,” what new game does you have in your mind now?” She said,” Tonight when our husbands will go off to sleep we will open our doors of balcony and sneak into each others room” I was shocked at the proposal but it was kinky and exciting.

She was not letting me leave so I just said,” let’s see and now let me go. I have to prepare food for him” I was sure that the idea, although seems nice, but will not happen. Jassi came late and we had dinner, a round of fuck and went off to sleep. Suddenly at around two in the night, I woke up when I heard some noise at the back door.

Again, there was a soft knock at the door and now I was wide-awake. The idea, which had sounded kinky in the morning, struck me like harsh reality. Again, a knock came at the door, louder this time. I was afraid that it will wake up Jassi and our little secret will be out in the open. I was up to give a good shut up this idiot gal knocking at my door in the pitch of the night.

The slowly opened the door and she pulled me out by the hand. I got afraid but she kissed me on my lips and now I was still getting used to these foreign lips pouncing on mine repeatedly. This time she inserted the tongue and licked my underside. I was all relaxed when she suddenly broke up and asked,” mazaa aaya, lesbo gal” before I could respond,

she slipped through the door in my room and said,” I knew you will drag you feet back so I had put an alarm of 2’o clock”. With this she closed the door of my room of my face leaving me out in the cold. It annoyed me no limits that I could hardly do anything about the whole situation. I tried to look inside the room through the window at the edge of the balcony and after adjusting my eyes to the darkness inside,

I saw Nitu sitting in one corner of the bed and Jassi sleeping with his face away from her. She was smiling at me and I realised that she can clearly see me in the moonlight. Then teasingly, she spread herself on my side of the bed still looking at me. I thought she is just playing the ‘dare’ game and soon will come out of the room. I took a step back looked again at the closed door.

Suddenly, my eyes turned towards her room whose door was wide open and I realised I should pull out a chair in the balcony till the time this idiot gal comes back to her senses and opens the door. I slowly went inside her room but as luck would have it my leg struck the chair and Negi shouted in his sleep,” Why don’t you go to sleep, stupid”

Out of fear of being caught, I decided to play the charade; I sat down on the bed waiting for Nitu. After sometime Negi took a turn towards me and said,” baitthi kyon hai baby, lait jaa” I immediately lied down on the bed stiff like a log. I dunno when I dozed off when Negi put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him in sleep.

I heard some faint noises coming from the other room where Nitu is sleeping with my husband. Negi started snuggling closer to my boob in his sleep and I let out a cry of frustration. This woke Negi up and sensing some trouble, he switched on the bed lamp. As soon as he saw me, he jumped to the far side of the bed and looked at me in shock.

I was upto my neck by this time and immediately told him the whole story of what happened and where his wife exactly is at that moment. He sat down on the bed in disbelief and held his head in his hands. I said I want to go to my room and end this fiasco right now. He said okay and we went to the balcony.

As I was about to knock on the door, he suddenly held my hand as we heard a loud moan coming out of the room. He then pointed towards the window, peeped inside, and kept on looking for 2-3 minutes. I was getting restless so I pushed him gently and peeped inside. What I saw inside shocked me to the bones.

Nitu was totally nude and spread on the poster bed whereas Jassi was between her legs in his most favoured place. I was fixed to the window when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and it made me guilty that I am denying this man even of baby touches while my husband is slurping his wife’s pussy like a bowl of oatmeal breakfast.

I didn’t move and let his hands remain where they were. He then whispered in my ear that lets go to our room and talk. With this, he turned me with his hands and guided me to his room. He made me sit on the edge of the bed and sat beside me. “I think we have already lost a chance of salvaging the situation”, he said and I started crying.

He put an arm around me to console me and pulled me closer to his chest. I wilfully hid my face in his chest and started sobbing. He started rubbing my back to make me feel better. I felt good and honestly, after what I had through out the day, I needed this touch. I lifted my right hand and held his left hand by upper arm. By now, I had stopped sobbing but neither of us had moved.

Soon his rubbing on my back became laboured and he was caressing my lower back. Suddenly his hand stopped moving and rested on the gap between my two-piece nightgown. It was not a natural place to rest but the hand was stuck like old clock pendulum in cheap horror movies, which stops at an awkward angle. I now knew what he has in mind but I was willing him to go ahead.

We both remained in the same position for quite some time and then his hand became more relaxed, however very slowly entering my night pyjamas. The pace he was moving was so slow that it would have taken days for it to move where it wanted to move. My face was still buried in his chest and I could hear his heartbeat moving at the speed of running train making all kind of noises.

I was glad he cannot hear my heartbeat but that was not going to be the case very soon. Just to give him a positive signal, I arched my back ever so lightly so that his hand can have more way through which it promptly did. It slid easily down my slim and waxed spine and rested at my tailbone. I then lifted my face and saw him in the eyes.

Our lips were only an inch away and his nostrils were letting out hot breathe on my sensitive lips. It is one aroma, no perfume in the world has been able to capture till date. The aroma of anticipation, of vulnerability, and of body heats which comes out during such close proximity. I let my face remain in the same place and slowly closed my eyes in the ultimate act of submissiveness.

I waited there for him to take charge thereon. For him to prove that he is a man and he knows how to handle women, any women. For him to prove that vulnerability is not always a bad thing. For him to prove that being gentle is only one side of his personality, and he has more to offer than gentleness. I waited there with my lips slightly open and ultimately it happened.

I did not feel any other muscle in his body move but his lips gently landed on mine and remained there for a fraction. I was still waiting for him to initiate things. Then they started moving over my lips, first gently and then with authority. They were the third pair of lips touching mine in a single day and they were equally sensational.

Anyone who said,” lemons and oranges can’t be compared” was right. He started sticking out his tongue, still uncertain about it. The wetness his tongue was bringing out was enough for me to take control hereon. I also stuck out my tongue and touched his for the first time. I brought my head slowly up as his hand started sliding further down.

Slowly I pushed him on the bed while still in the same position. I was inclining over him giving him more room to explore. I had decided I would not be taken for granted anymore by anyone. If this is what my husband has agreed to, so be it. I was determined to emerge out a winner at least this time.

I explored his mouth with my tongue touching each contour all around in his mouth while he started rubbing his fingers over my pussy. Then I slid my tongue underneath his tongue, which is my favourite hunting zone in a mouth. He started pushing my pyjamas down to get more excess to my hairless pussy.

I do not have to remove his shirt, as he was not wearing one so I also lifted my legs one by one and he peeled off my pyjamas and undies. Then he started roughing me out of my top and as I do not wear bra sleeping, I was totally nude within a flash. He let out his mouth for fresh air so I attacked his nipples.

I think he has never been bitten on the nipples so he let out a sigh of pain and pleasure and buried two fingers deep in my pussy, which was leaking juices like a broken barrage. He then took out one well-slicked finger from my pussy and entered it in my asshole. I squirmed in pain and he started moving his fingers in and out of me to return the pain I was unleashing on his nipples.

I then whispered in his ears,” pussy time dear”. He asked me,” what” I smiled in reply and moved ahead over his body so that my nipples were now at his face. He started licking them but I did not let him enjoy there as I moved further ahead. Now he was confused but started licking me all over my flat tummy and bell button.

Before he starts settling down, I moved further ahead and climbed his face so that his nose now lay buried in my pussy. I again held his face in my hand and repeated,” I told you pussy time means pussy time. So star licking it and return me the favour my husband is doing to your wife” he held my ass with both hands to steady me and started lapping my cunt.

Then he said,” how come it’s so salty” I replied from top that your wife didn’t allow me to wash it after my fuck session with my husband so the extra saltiness is because of his juices which had dried onto my pussy. Now, can you lick me or not. He started licking me without any further question.

Slowly I arched backwards and Negi held both my hands behind my back with left hand while he started rubbing both of my small and round boobs with his right hand. I can feel he was getting excited and dangerous with his hands and it may turn out to be painful for me but that is exactly how I wanted it to be.

He has started pinching my tits and turning them violently in between his thumb and fore finger as if trying to set frequency of an old radio. The pain he was inflicting was too much to bear and was sending current throughout my body. In between the licks, he was rubbing his stubble onto my inner thighs and on top of my pussy giving me that extra kick I was looking for right now.

Then he left my hands and brought his left hand towards my pussy. I arched further backwards and rested my hands on top of his thighs while lifting my pussy just a little bit giving him that extra space he was looking for. He inserted one finger in my soaking pussy while still licking at my clitoris. This provided the extra depth of penetration I was looking for.

He started touching me at the top inner walls of the pussy where I believe my g-spot is located. It is the only area as far as I know in my pussy, which has a texture similar to that of a tongue. The small buds I feel there rose to the occasion and started shaking me violently. I never realised that now I was shouting on top of my voice.

I decided I had enough of one-way pleasure and now I should show him what I am capable of doing. I lifted my body on my knees and looked down. Negi was looking at me gleefully and his face was all smothered in saliva and cum. White stains of cum were visible on his stubble. I smiled back at him and gave him a light slap on his smothered face.

Then I lifted my right leg and dismounted him. I said,” Stick out your tongue baby, mama will feed you corn syrup” He opened his face wide and stuck his long tongue out. I came close to his face and licked his stubble clean. I then deposited all I had accumulated on my tongue at his tongue. I was careful not to allow it to turn it into another smooch.

Then, I rubbed everything all over his tongue while I inserted my left hand in his boxers. Our tongues were rubbing like two grinding stones, as we were still not turning it into a smooch. Below, I can feel his dick oozing out another drop of pre-cum. While still rubbing tongues together, I collected his pre-cum on my fingertip and brought it near his face.

He was not sure what I was doing but he was sure hungry to eat me off if given a chance. Then I deposited his precum on my tongue and again stuck it out to him. He got my hint and rubbed his tongue over mine while my hand travelled back to his dick slipping all the way from his stomach. He could not take it anymore and hugged me tightly while smooching me all over.

After some time I said,” pussy time is not over baby but your mouth seems to be so dry” he said yes, he has never met anything like me. I said,” Okay, so open your mouth again” I cleared my throat and brought spit on my tongue and hovered over him while still looking in his eyes. He went stiff with anticipation and closed his eyes.

May be because of ecstasy or may be because of unwillingness to face the situation. I lowered my tongue on his lips and made a nice paste all over his lips and tongue. He still had his eyes closed when I said,” yeah, now you are ready for the next gear” with this, I turned around and crossed over him again. I licked his navel and slid both my hands in his shorts.

He opened his eyes to see my pussy again smiling at him with its open lips. I lowered his shorts to unwrap my gift. His dick was normal in size but the pride of being close to such a female was making it stick like a rod. I closed both my hand around it and saw another drop of pre-cum on its tip. I was careful not to lower my pussy on his face, as I wanted him to take his time and collect his thoughts.

Then, I simply licked his pre-cum from the tip and instantly I felt his face burying into my pussy with all force. I bent his dick to a side and took his balls in my mouth one by one. They were quite a mouthful and the trappings of the shorts for so long had made them messy. I snuggled into his curly pubic hairs that were smelling of sweat, cum and piss.

May be he had gone to the loo after wearing shorts and as usual some drops always get collected on the dick and in the pubic hairs. My husband has developed a new habit recently that he doesn’t shake his dick after pissing and comes to me and says,” clean it baby” and I lick it clean. Initially I felt awkward but then I have realised that none of the body waste is actually harmful for us.

We just have to develop a taste for them. The smell emanating from his genitals was intoxicating and I was savouring and inhaling it as much as possible before I mess around with it. He, in the meanwhile, was licking me vigorously like a calf who keeps giving jerk to a cow’s mammary glands to squeeze as much milk as possible.

I then slowly took his dick in my mouth and kept it that way for a moment. I can feel the nerves all over it pulsing in my mouth as if his heart has stopped sending blood anywhere else in his body but concentrating all the flows to the dick. Then, I started circling my tongue all around his dick while it still lays buried deep in my mouth.

His ass started trembling with excitement and he inserted two fingers in my pussy while he started licking my asshole. It was a welcome move for me and I took half his dick out of the mouth and with my tongue, I started pressing at the back of his bulbous dickhead where the foreskin remains attaches.

My husband once told me that this is the most sensuous part of a dick and it is not without a reason. Negi, who was lying below me until now held me tightly at the hips and took a swift turn like two alligators on heat. In a moment, the tables were turned. Now he was on top of me in the same position.

It was better for both of us as he had better command over his thrusts in my mouth and at the same time, his head can move more freely all over my pussy and asshole. He then lifted both my legs and I scissored them around his waist. He parted my nether lips with both hands to get better access to my pussy.

Then he stuck his tongue out started licking me at greater depths of my pussy. Suddenly, he lifted his dick out of my mouth and moaned,” aaahhhh”. I whispered,” What happened baby, did I hurt you?” He said,” nooo bachche, I am about to cumm”. I said,” SO?” and then I lifted my head a little to bury his dick back in my mouth. Its bulbous head was touching the back of my throat.

I started moving my tongue again around it and Negi got the clue. He lifted his head from my pussy and started thrusting his dick in my mouth. The jerks he was giving started hurting me and I had tears in my eyes but I was determined to give him the best after what he has done for me.

After almost a minute, his body convulsed and his hips went stiff under my palms, his thighs straightened and dick remained where it was, dangerously close to tearing my throat walls. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then his hot cum spurted out and hit me straight in the throat.

I can feel the big seed of semen which hit my throat along with the cum, then he spurted out again, and again, and again. He kept on coming for at least ten seconds and then his body relaxed and for the first time, a deep grugrus sigh emanated from his mouth,” aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” and he let himself loose on my body.

His dick was still pulsing and panting inside my mouth making a slush of all the cum it has deposited. It resembled a gladiator who has just killed his enemy and catching his breath. Then I can feel the blood flow receding like water during low tide and the dick went limp and mushy. I was still holding all the cum in my mouth and now I started playing with his limp dick smothering it all the cum it has recently ejected.

Negi must be loving what I was doing because he let out one more soft moan and said,” thanks a lot bachche, that was the best one I have had till date and I am sure this one will remain at the top till I am alive”. He then turned side ways and let his dick slip out of my mouth. We had not realised how badly we were sweating even with the fan on.

I then swirled his cum one last time and then gulped it down clean. Negi took a turn, came beside me, and hugged me lightly while looking at my face. Then he put his fingers in my hair and started giving me a soft massage. “I never knew you are so skilled in bed bachche”, he said smiling. “Abhi tumne dekha hi kya hai baby”, I laughed at him and he smiled with me.

His right hand was resting on my boobs as he was facing me. I in turn held his slick dick with my right hand. I gave me a kiss on my lips and I opened my mouth to let him taste his own cum. I snuggled close to his ears and said,” tchch tchch tchch what have I done to your Negi junior. Earlier it was looking like a pole and now its looking like a tadpole”.

We both laughed at it and he retorted back,” let me catch some fresh air and stir back to life and I will show you what a pole can do to your hole”. I said,” hmmm are you threatening me or promising me a good time” “Both”, he replied.

We were still snuggling with each other when we heard laugh at the door and were shocked to see Jassi and Nitu entering the door. They were totally naked and Jassi’s left hand was resting on Nitu’s lower back as he was ushering her in the room.

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Sexy aunty stripping off blouse and petticoat to show tits and gaand MMS

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Foursome sex to spice up life - I

Hello friends, my name is Nalini and this is my story. My husband and me am a great fan of this porn site and have been reading a lot of stories but at times the stories written here are a poor representations of normal sexual fantasies and so I thought I should post some real encounter I had instead of reading cheap fantasies.

My husbands name is Jaswinder and he is from Punjab. We have been married for last five years and we are actually interested in our married life especially with sex as a huge incentive. We have known each other since college days when I used to be the sweetest gal in the class. He now works as a software engineer in Delhi.

He got transferred last year and we rented a two room flat in one of those concrete jungles in the city. The flat which we have is small and nice with one balcony in the front which can used as a porch. It also has a common balcony in the back between two flats which opens into the second room of the flat. This is generally used for drying cloths.

We share this balcony with neighbours from Dehradun. They are Mr and Mrs Rahul Negi. Husband Rahul works in a finance company while wife Nitu has taken a sabbatical like me after marriage. They have shifted to our neighbourhood just six months back but in this short time, have become quite close friends.

The main reason is that they are both cheerful and decent and belongs to the same age group like us. We have even gone for movies together and Nitu and I often go out for shopping. It is in fact comfortable to have someone to talk to in this big city. Our closeness is, however, restricted to social levels and we do not interfere within each other’s household matters nor do we discuss such things.

From hereon I will call them Negi and Nitu. Negi is a cute person with a disarming smile and Nitu is from Punjab like my husband. Theirs is also a love marriage like us. While I am petite in shape and size, which my husband compares with Bose speakers, small in size but of extremely high quality when in bed, and emits surround sounds.

Nitu is one athletic lady of 5’ 6” with 38 bust and everything downwards equally proportioned. Negi and Jassi are almost 5’ 10“with Jassi slightly more on the muscular side. I belong to Delhi and Negi is from Almorah. Our sex life is rocking and we both take extra efforts to make it special for both. We keep looking for opportunities to spice it up and in the process; we have explored every nook and corner of the house.

However, when I got married to Jassi, I was naive and innocent while Jassi used to remain in an excited state like a rabbit on heat. This brought a lot of mismatch in bed but Jassi, a loving man as he is, was patient with me and inducted me slowly to the wonderful world of uninhibited sex. In last three years, we have tried everything possible in bed.

Whether its 69, cum guzzling, anal licking in addition to all the normal positions. Recently, however, Jassi told me he wants to bring in another angle to our sex life before we start a family. I asked him what he has in mind. “I wanna try out soft swapping like sitting with exchanged partners in same movie hall or same room sex or may be threesome or foursome if everything goes out well”, Jassi said.

We talk dirty while we engage in the act and it charges me to the edge and so we are quite open to each other. I have realized that we only have one life to enjoy and it is the intimacy of two naked bodies on heat in a switched off room which brings out the best human being you have inside.

The way we both see it the aroma of a sex-filled room mixed with sweat and cum is the best therapy to relax a soul and it can cure you off any kind of tensions and brings a glow to your face. However, the idea of swapping didn’t appeal to me much and I told jassi frankly that I am not ready for anyone else in our sacred bedroom when we are in the act.

Jassi has been patient with me and said,” I can understand the apprehensions you have in mind. You can take your time and I will wait for you to decide”. Nevertheless, he keeps bringing the issue jokingly asking me whether I have taken a decision or not. I once told him,” Jassi, I can understand what you have in mind but I cannot shed cloths in front of anyone else.

However, if you are keen than you can go ahead and have a threesome experience with some other willing couple and see what it takes” He said,” sorry baby, its not possible for me to do it with two strangers without you. It’s not the act which turns me on but its you in the act which is pivot to all my sexual longings. The way you satisfy me, I know no one else can even start scoring against you.

If you are not comfortable we will leave it at this but don’t ever mention that I should go ahead without you” I felt sorry for him and must admit that the fantasy and idea excites me but the fear of unknown takes over the excitement and I never said yes to it. However, the guilt of not cooperating again with him again has taken over my deeds.

It is because, during college days, even after being in a relationship for five years, I had not allowed him for sex. Now seeing his level of excitement, I feel I had denied him a great pleasure of sex for so long. Once when I asked him about any fling during our courtship, he simply said,” I can wait but I can’t compromise and I wanted it to start with you only so that it remains a fond memory throughout my life”.

I was really glad to have such a nice guy as my husband and even I started thinking of fulfilling his desire of swapping but I couldn’t comprehend myself in such a situation. Nevertheless, to charge him more I started bringing out the topic of me getting fucked by someone else while he is looking. This; I used to do when his dick is turning me in marshmallows.

The topic never failed to give him boost and we often had amazing sex, painting such fantasies. Being close to Negis and talking to them often made them the other willing partner in our fantasies. However, once we had done with the sex part, I was careful not to discuss the issue with him otherwise he will start on this track again.

Things however took a sudden turn lately and I had no control over the events, although I feel its good it has happened the way it has happened. For some time I had noticed that, Nitu has started acting funny around me. She will stand closer than usual and laugh at everything thing I say. I could not figure out the reason but I found her extra sweet with me.

I negated such thoughts thinking I am unnecessary getting suspicious. Moreover, she is a nice and polished gal and I also enjoyed her company. Last week when I went to hang my cloths for drying in the balcony, I saw Nitu’s undergarments hanging there already. They were plain white normal undergarments of large sizes to accommodate her ample assets.

I shifted them aside on the wire and started hanging my undergarments on the wire. I always buy well fitting, bright coloured, lace and net under garments from enamour. Jassi says a married gal should always buy high quality undergarments and keep husbands guessing what his wife is wearing today as it keeps him interested in sex.

However, to keep only my husbands and not everybody in the colony interested in me, I put a towel over my under garments when I put them for drying. This day, as I was about to put towel over my garments, suddenly side door opens up and I was taken by surprise. I turned and saw Nitu coming out of the door and I was relieved.

She said” arre mere kapde sookhe nahin abhi tak” with this she came and started checking her garments which were still wet. Then she asked me,” aur kya kar rahi hai Nalini, chal chai peete hain”. While saying this she noticed my garments and said “ kya baat hai, dubaara honeymoon ka iraada hai kya”. I simply laughed and said aisa kuchh nahii hai yeh mere normal garments hain.

She came closer and touched my maroon lacy bra and asked,” waah, itna kharcha chaddiyon par iss se to ek jeans aa jaati” I laughed and gave him Jassi’s logic about garments and said,” Jassi khud jaata hai mere saath jab undergarments khareedne hote hain, jeans khareedna ho to nahi jaata”

She also started laughing and said that’s a good logic but you also have a figure like a model and he has a right to spend so much on you because the returns must be extremely handsome for him. I simply gave a twinkle to him and said “yea you can say that” With this she started complaining “meri jaisi moti par kaun khacha karega, yeh dekh whole sale ki chaddiyan pehan rahi huun.

I asked Negi one day ki kuch achche garments dila do to hansne lagaa ki naazuk cheezon mein tera gadraaya badan samaa nahii sakta. Inhe dhakne ke liye yahii kaam aa sakte hain”. Saying this we both started laughing and I said, “you are just exaggerating, you have nice and ripe body and Negi should be thankful ki uske jaise bande ko Punjabi dal makhani khane ko mil rahi hai”.

She laughed a lot at my comments and said,” thanx yaar, aaj hi mein Negi ko bolti huun, but who kehta hai ki agar who shaadi na karta to mein aajtak kunwari rehti. Koi ladka mujhe ghas bhi nahii daalta” At this, I blurted out “no, he is wrong and in fact Jassi himself says many times that Nitu has a ripe and sexy body”.

I realized my mistake as soon as I said it and was about to say sorry when Nitu said,” what r you saying, in fact Negi always praises you for the firmness you have maintained and says that had he married a highlander, he would have got a female exactly like you. 5’ 2” in height, bright face and lean body, only thing missing would have been your bright eyes”.

We both laughed at the comments and became bitchy about our husbands. I said.” Arre yaar, it is these good sets of undergarments which are making me look slim and petite otherwise Jassi has molested me so much in these 5 years that if I remove my undergarments then my assets will simply fall on the ground”. Nitu said” no you are joking and I am sure you have sexy figure like a doll.

Each curve of your body is nicely in place and very well outlined”. We were still laughing when Nitu asked me,” the one you are wearing is also maroon in colour?” I said,” no, its black in colour” Nitu surprised me with her next question,” can I see them”. I was taken aback and said,” okay, I will show them tomorrow” to which she said,” please if you permit me then I want to see them while they are still on you.

Actually, I also want to buy such undergarments but am not sure how they will look on me. It is such an intimate thing that one can’t go and try it out in the shop and the models which wear them on the packs are so good looking that everything fits them. In actual, garments never look the same when we wear them in real”.

I admit what she was saying was true and is a problem with many of us because we do not shop for under garments the way we shop for normal cloths. We can spend hours in a shop trying to buy a saree, which we may wear once in a month, but we are mostly in a hurry to come out of the shop when we have to buy under garments.

It is the way we women in india are brought up, anything related to our private parts is a sin till we get married and then overnight, we are supposed to know all and fulfil all the desires of our husbands from the wedding night onwards. However, I was still lost in all these thoughts when Nitu requested me again by holding my hands,” plz Nalini, can you permit me seeing your under garments”

I was still dazed and didn’t know what to say but still shook my head in positive. With this Nitu pulled my hand towards her door and happily said,” plz show me and then I will make tea for both of us” once we were in her house she pushed the door closed and turned to face me and said,” SHOW”. I found this offending and intrusion in my privacy but I had already agreed upon on doing it and can’t turn back.

The closing of the door had added to the creepiness of the situation. I was still looking blank when Nitu caught the bottom of my kurta and said again,” show naa, its just a normal thing which we gals have to share from time to time so that we don’t have to ask the outsiders”. I decided what the hack,

it’s not going to change my sexual preferences if I show my bra to a friend and at least my intensions are not pervasive in any manner. I slowly took charge from where her hands have already lifted my kurta and lifted just one side of the kurta. She took a step back and started looking without saying anything.

I was expecting some reaction from her when she said,” How will I see its fitting if you don’t give me a full frontal view”. I saw traces of double meaning in her words but her face gave away nothing. I then lifted kurta from the front and gave her a full view but the kurta, being loose, was adding to my clumsiness.

”nice, its really good fitting and the way its resting nicely on the sides is beautiful as its not digging into your … “ Nitu said ” I mean its not leaving any marks on your beautiful body” and then her hands reached for my cups of my bra feeling the material of it. I was however feeling the heat emanating from her palms.

She inserted two fingers each in my cups and pulled it outwards saying’” bahut achcha material hai yaar, ekdum top quality” and before I say anything, she said,” TURN”. This was another shock to me and I said,” what?”. Nitu said,” arre baba, how will I see the fitting at the back if you don’t turn around” I was too exausted even to react and simply turned.

I had started feeling butterflies in my stomach the way I have never experienced before with anyone in private, not even with my husband. I am sure I was not getting charged but this whole situation was suddenly making me feel hungry as if I had nothing my stomach and butterflies were free to fly from bottom of my boobs to top of my pussy.

I felt cold air from the fan hitting my lower back when suddenly Nitu lifted my kurta from back to see the ‘fitting’ of my bra. I felt like a trapped animal that gets used to foreign hands trying to touch them while they can do nothing about it. Suddenly, Nitu pulled the kurta above my head and said,” arre this bloody kurta is not letting me have a clear view.

Just remove this damn thing for a minute naa”. I had nothing else to do but to lift my hands in the air and she swiftly pulled my kurta off before I change my mind. Nitu now touched me at the back of my bra straps and I stiffened. I was sure it has gone a way too far where I would have liked it. She then inserted three fingers between my skin and bra straps and said cheeringly,”

wow, this this has three pairs of hooks to keep it from sagging from the sides and the quality of the hooks is really good. They will not catch junk like the one others do after few washes. Let me see them properly and she unhooked my bra in one go not even seeking my permission. My bra flung open leaving my back exposed to Nitu’s gaze.

Her hand was now sweeping across my waxed bare back and you have an amazingly sexy back and her hands were now roaming freely over my bare shoulders and following the contours of my hands; her hands came to rest around my waist. My tits surprisingly, were reacting to this uninvited intrusion in my privacy.

The bra cups were resting loosely over my now erect tits and I placed both my hands on the wall in front of me to arrest me from wobbling. She then touched my waist from the sides and said,” it’s a beautiful waist you have” Only expression I could manage was a ‘Hmmmm…’, as I found all this bra showing a bad idea. “Okay Nalini, you can turn again if you want” Nitu said and I turned in a jiffy.

My bra which was barely hiding my tits slippers down to my elbows as a result of my turning swiftly and nitu caught hold of it. “Wow let me the texture on the inner side” she said paying no attention to my tits as she startedstudying the cups of my bra.”nice, it seems this bra is tailor mad efor your tits” with this she looked up at my boobs and said,” arre, I will show you my garments as they fit me.

They look pathetic and even I don’t get charged seeing myself, leave Negi” and started laughing.
I was relieved that she is not asking me to do anything anymore and I was okay as long as its not me who is putting on a strip show. Nitu lifted her loose t-shirt she was wearing and peeled it off her body and said,” SEE”.

I had nothing else to do but see at the boobs, which were trapped in a white bra at a foot distance from my face. Her bra was the conical one thus highlighting her already ample boobs even further. Half of each boob was jutting out of her bra tops like two pigeons trying to escape at the same time from a broken cage. Nitu was turning sideways to give more than enough of the outlines of her bra.

while I was thinking that is the end of bra showing. she unhooked her own bra and in one swift motion, her bra was in my hands and she said,”can I try yours just for a while if you don’t mind”, and before I can say I will mind she had already placed cup of my bra on her meaty boobs.

By now, I was getting turned on seeing another gal standing so close to me in a semi nude state and nitu is an eye turner in her own rights. Whatever anyone says but every women, if given a chance and security, will always like to see and feel the lovely body of another women. A male body doesn’t have this kind of openings and curves as a female body has.

I noticed that her assets are not that bad and if cased properly, she will give lot of heartaches on the road. I mentioned this to her to divert both our minds. “Nitu, you complain unnecessarily. You have good figure and you have the right size what 90% of Indian males are obsessed with”. “Really, what are you saying. Does Jassi also likes big boobs” she asked laughingly.

I smiled nervously at her. Then she said,” arre I will show you my undies also if you are okay with it” while I was about to say I am not okay with it, she had already unbuckled her belt and fiddling with her jeans buttons. My eyes were still fixed in shock at her jeans when it went down showing similar white colour panties. Her jet-black pussy hair was jutting out from the sides of her panties.

The whole thing was looking beautiful like careless strokes on an MF Hussain painting. I had nothing to say about the whole thing. However, I saw she has good meaty figure and assumed that her bust must have been 36D, waist 30 and butts were for sure 38. This figure looks very good in Indian cloths however, in jeans and t-shirt it boomerangs at times bringing down your morale and that is what has happened with her also.

I commented that she has nice figure and can easily find good branded garments for her but she should prefer wearing salwar kurta to jeans and see the effect it has on Negi. She replied,” Really, you think I have good body” I replied affirmatively. Then she said,” achcha show me yours”. I asked her,”show what?”

She replied,” arre, you did not say anything when I was lowering my jeans and you don’t wanna show me your beautiful undies. Last I read undergarments consist of two pieces, bra and panties” with this, she started laughing at her own joke, which I was not finding funny. While I was fidgeting with my pyjama chords,

I thought I have already done lot of things amoral today and this one was not going to make any difference so I lowered my pyjamas in frustrations and said,” see, take a good look”.
She said,” hmmm, it is no doubt a good look”. Then asked me to turn back so that he can see from back. I turned back and let myself loose. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my waist and I came to attention.

“Nice curves, why will anybody not spend money on such a good investment. I was in too compromising a position even to react and put my hands again on the wall in front of me. Her hands were now moving freely over my waist and and then loosely held me from behind, her boobs pressing into my back.she then kissed me on my neck and I thought “enough” and turned to face her.

She was however oblivious to my anger and she lifted my hands and put them on her shoulders and took a step forward. She was just half a feet away from me with her jeans hanging at her knees and my pyjama already dropping at my feet. Then she brought her hands around my waist and held me. I was still looking perplexed as she took one-step further towards me.

Because of my short height, her boobs were daring me for a touch and hot breathe from my nostrils was being cooled by the fan in between her boobs. This was bringing goose pimples on her boobs and sending hair-raising sensations to her hands and legs. Everything was happening in such a flurry that I was losing further in the lost battle.

She moved further and I turned my head before her boobs hit me squarely on the face. They landed up on my left cheek pressing my face against the wall. However, now I was facing a new problem that was more arresting than the tingling of her boobs. Her hands have started tightening around my waist and our under garments have started touching.

Slowly, the goose pimples have started entering my body and I had suddenly started feeling cold. Involuntarily, my hands around her head started tightening further pressing her face near my ear. She entered her hands at the top of my stretchable undies and pressed my round ass lightly.

I was already regretting the tightening of my hands but still moved myself ahead so that our pussies were rubbing against each other. I was used to hard and thick rod of Jassi pinning into me in such a situation however, the rubbing of our flatness against each other was sensational in its own right. It was like striking two flat pieces of amber, which an expert woodman uses to produce fire.

I must say that fire was indeed been produced at the place where I wanted to deny it at any cost. My self-control was fast receding like sand from the hand and I wanted it to stop but I was aware I had no control in starting and have no control in stopping it. It is at this moment that Nitu breathe out in my ear and I melted in her embrace.

She then stuck out her wet tongue and licked my ear from top. I held her face tightly and pressed it against my ear. Then I moved my hands down, pulled my panties down to my knees, and did the same to her panties. Her furry pussy hair sprung into action and I started rubbing my hand over them.

Nitu moaned and whispered in my ear,” Ohhh, so here is the switch I was looking for so desperately. This is the place which turns you into an apple pie” I felt the first drops of juices lubricating my moist pussy. For the first time, I turned my face and looked her in the eyes. She was looking hot and her lips were wet.

This closeness of her lips was urging me to taste them, feel them, lick them from edge to edge and may be suck them. Nitu gave a little smile and kissed me full on my nose with her open mouth. I pulled her hips closer to feel the bareness of her cunt over mine. This energised her for more and then she gave me a kiss full on my lips. My thick set off lips responded well to the onslaught.

I pushed my tongue in her mouth and felt the underside of her tongue. This is an expertise taught by Jassi that underside of the tongue is the most sensuous part of the mouth. He says it is easily reachable, silky unlike the top, and has a no. of nerves flowing through it, which carries warm blood increasing the sensuousness of the area.

In response, Nitu pushed her hands far below and reached my pussy from behind which I feel is most comfortable if you are hugging, as it does not hamper the closeness of the bodies in any manner. Now I held her tightly, pressed her boob from top, and started licking her left boob in circles. She lost control over herself maybe for the first time and she inserted a finger in my throbbing cunt.

We kept on pouncing upon each other in the same standing position until we were completely exhausted. After about twenty minutes, we were both warm and nicely doughed that we realised that she has not even removed her jeans. We both looked down and then at each other and laughed at the situation.

I told her,” Nitu, naughty gal, don’t try and turn me into a lesbo” to which she said she has no such plans and it all was not planned but happened. She said come to kitchen and we will talk while making some tea.

I said,” Now, I am afraid even going to a public park with” and we both laughed heartily. We went to kitchen and she said she is sorry if I regret anything we have done. I said what we have done is not normal but it is one beautiful experience I will not like to repeat.

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How Shiraz fucked his Aunt

HI ALL Readers,this is SHiraz 21 m 5 feet 5 in from HYDERABAD ANDHRA PRADESH.This story is About Me and my aunt named Neha (name changed). I was very Naughty from my child hood.I use to watch dirty posters of movies in papers and actress from my child hood.As sexual hunger was there in me from my child hood from 2nd class only hehe.

When I was in class 7 there was a friend of mine called varun he used to watch porn pics on net.he used to talk about sex and at that time I came to know the word fuck.One day he gave me some nude pics of girls in a floppy disk,and later some sex scenes which grow the lust in me.

Coming to my Aunt now she was my mothers younger sister.She was Not very fair in colour but wheatish 5-3 in height and figure was awesome I dont know numbers amnot writing.When I was in class IX I went to my aunts home as I usually did to play with my cousin. I didnt use to look my aunt with that view any time.

But one day in the midnite wen I went to drink water I heard some noise coming from my aunties room.I bought a ladder and peeped through the ventilator,to my surprise my uncle and aunty were nude,and my uncle was on my aunty kissing her and moving back and front ah what a sight it was.From that day I used to look my aunt in a different way.with an evil eye.

I used to watch her breasts and ass when she was near.And it was the first time I saw Porn XX on tv on ZMGM that made me more horny.I use to watch and use to mastrabute in the morning or night thinking of my aunty in the bathroom.When we use to have lunch or dinner I used to sit beside her so that I can mistakenly touch her feet or feel her legs.

But she use to move her legs and behave normaly cause she didnt had any thing like that for me,but she liked me very much.She use to kiss my forhead and even hug me some times ah wat a feeling it was I could feel her breast but till that time she didnt noticed any thing in me.

And after 9th I went 2 hostel from 9-12.in these period never got chance jus used to have eye contacts with her which showed that the way in which she looked had changed.I Saw some lust in her eyes. And when I cmpleted 12 my uncle had gone to UAE and my aunt was there at my home oh I forgot to tell she had a son who was 12 yrs old that time.

So they shifted to our home cause they had to stay alone at their home.so they were sleeping on my bed.Wen I came I used to sleep in the corner in between my cousin bro and in the other corner my aunt.So one day all of a sudden I woke up in the night I saw my aunt sleeping ah my dick got erection and I was out of control.

I slowly took my feet and putted it on her feet ah I was feeling so nice ah I massaged it slightly and I think she felt it and she moved.Again I did the same thing but this time she didnt moved this showed a positve sign to me so I kept it for much longer time and in the excite ment dont knw when I slept.

Next morning I woke up evry thing was normal except the view with which my aunt saw me was more changed she started looking at me more often and smile at me,and look at my crouch area which gave me positive sign. So the next night I got more courage I woke up again som how dont know how and again my dick was erect this time I got lil more courage,

i planted a soft kiss on her lips first but before kissing I touched her lips and saw whether she was awake or felt asleep she didnt move so I planted one and again same foot massage.And same thing.But the next night dont know how my brother wanted to sleep in my place and told my aunty but my aunt said no but when he asked me I said yes and we slept.

when in night I woke up again my dick was rock hard I was very close to my aunty infact my dick was touching her ass and my legs wer on her legs I jus wnted to be in that position for hours and I did kkept my self there for abt half an hr but wen I started moving through and fro my aunt moved. so I also moved and slept fearing she would get up and thrash me.

So the very next day again same eye contacts and nauhgty smiles but this day in the night she was cooking food and suddenly the light went off and I stepped in the kitchen and I touched her ass with my dick and was more horny she didnt said anything it gave me more courage and this time I kissed her neck and held her from back she was moaning aaah

and suddenly my bro camed from back to spoil our love but he didnt saw us as it was dark so it ended up there. That Nite was the nite I was waiting for I thought I should hav said my aunt before that I want to fuck her tonight but I couldnt,so when we were on bed my bro was in middle and aunt in the corner wat I did I slowly made him move,and the door was open so I slowly closed the door.

And we where in blanket,i placed another blanket on my cousin and I slowly crept in the blanket and some how got courage and slowly climbed on my aunt and this time my dick was touching her pelvic area and I started kissing slowly first I touched her lips with my tongue I was on the cloud 9 and slowly kissed her and this time for long and to my surprise

she was co operating lil bit with me and she opened her eyes I started kissing her madly this time and even she I kissed her all around starting from four head to toe and more on her neck and lips and slowly removed her shirt first she resisted but later on I removed her bra and sucked her huge breasts like a wild beast for 10 to 15 mins

and now it was time for huge action so I removed her salwar forcingly and used my XXX experience placed my dick in the vagina by rubbing the vagina lips and sliding it wasnt going in that easily so I used my spit and she held my cock with her hand and guided it in and she moaned aaaah and I was very eager to fuck her but I started slowly and then started to

stroke forcingly but she started moaning loudly so I stopped and fucked her slowly it gave me fun and was sucking her lips and breast simultaneously while stroking she was also kissing me back and after 15 mins I cummed inside her so I cleaned my dick and washed it and made her suck and we did 69 position for few more mins and later after some time I took her down

on the floor and there was a bed ther again we fucked for few more mins this time I fucked her hard with hard strokes and to stop her moaning loud I kept my mouth on her and was sucking her tongue and fucked her for more 20 mins

I suppose then I fucked her big ass it was more fun fucking her on the ground and again cummed inside her gaand. And this is all what happend and we had many more fucking sessions like this but until she left UAE we had fun now am left alone.i miss u Neha Aunty.

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Hi Readers, I'm Pujit here from Ludhiana. Jyotsana lives in Model Town in Ludhiana. Still I remember the date. Anyways, days passed by and we often used to meet at PVR in evening and lovely feeling when we were together was simply eternal. We used to kiss each other, used to hug and walk together.

I was madly in love with her and there was no way that I was going to leave her or dump her. Mostly at weekends when my parents wasn’t home, I used to tell her if we could spend alone time with each other at my place but there was no compulsion from my side that she had to come otherwise I would be angry and all, if she wasn’t comfortable, we could go for a movie or some restaurant or some public place.

She used to agree sometimes to come at my place and we used to do the same thing she used to tease me and I used to love that. We used to play with each other while making love. She used to cover her tits with her arms and said that you won’t kiss them now and give me a naughty wink. She used to hit me with her leg or pillow.

But I was more naughty than her, I used to hold both of her hands, separate them and hold them while I was playing with her tits and she was like laughing and moaning. Once she told me that she had revealed about ourselves to some of her friends and one of his friend who was getting married to a girl without the consent of parents, invited me and Jyotsana to his place.

He used to put up at saket. He married his better half in arya samaj mandir in the presence of me and Jyotsana and some of his friends. I didn’t let my Parents know about Jyotsana for the time being but I knew she was suspecting. Somehow while talking with my bhabhi, i told her that my friend married a girl in court and all and my bhabhi told my Parents.

My mother got anxious and worried and she asked me if I had a girlfriend. My mother is my best friend and she said if I have a girl then I should tell her but don’t marry her in court or something like that. I told my mom about Jyotsana and she wanted to meet her. My birthday was nearby and it was on 26th June 2007,

I brought Jyotsana to my place as per the permission of my mom (for the first time in the presence of my mom). Though my girl was nervous and hesitant but my mom relaxed her and they had nice time together. When I was dropping her back home, she told me that she doesn’t want to go home. That was the best thing I could ever expect her to say.

Now at the weekends, we mostly used to spend time at my place with my Bhabhi or Mom. One evening my parents went out for meet some our relatives, That day me n my Bhabhi at home. So I called Jyotsana. She came in half an hour. Me, Jyotsana and Bhabhi used to sit in my room and watched tv, had food and all other conversations.

As Ludhiana is really hot in June and my room AC was normally on, she used to feel cold and we both used to be in one bed sheet and my Bhabhi in other. While watching TV, I used to rub my hands on her thighs, used to slide my hand in her top and rubbing her back, her tummy, touching her navel and even bringing my hand to her bra when my Bhabhi had a nap or was really busy watching TV.

I used to smile as she couldn’t react or moan because of my Bhabhi’s presence but she used to sms me that she is going crazy and all and I used to love that. Whenever doorbell rang or phone rang, Bhabhi used to go out leaving both of us alone and then we used to kiss each other madly but obviously with a fear.

Once my bro n dad go out of city for week for a bussiness. At home me, my bhabhi & my mom, In these days Jyotsana had a great fight at her place and she was really upset and frustrated and was even ready to leave her place. She had family problem as her dad used to drink a lot and thereby losing his control. She was upset about that and I was worried about her.

So I made my mom talk to her and my mom said that you won’t go anywhere, stay back at your place. It’s a part of life but if you really want to divert your mood then come to my place and stay here for a night or so. She said that she won’t be able to come that night as it was already late but she might come next day. I was really happy and next day I went to pick her up from Model Town.

We both came to my place, she was really nervous about staying at my place. She was scared if her parents came to know about this but I relaxed her. She forgot about conclusions and spend time with my mom & n Bhabhi, she helped my Bhabhi with dinner and we all had it together. She slept with my Bhabhi that night and I slept in my room.

Next morning I got up by some voice and I saw whether Jyotsana is sleeping or what. She was sleeping but my Bhabhi wasn’t there. She was in shower so stepped forward towards my Bhabhi’s room and sat beside Jyotsana. She was looking like an angel and few of her hair strands were kissing her eye. She was looking really innocent that I can’t describe in words.

I began to caress her hairs and kissed her forehead. She opened her eye and smiled. She asked where is Bhabhi & Mom,i said Bhabhi is in shower & mom in Kitchen. Then I kissed her lips, kissed all over her face, Kissed her neck and she was moaning. She then told me to leave as mom or Bhabhi could come at any moment.

The same afternoon, my Massi called mom and said that bhua from Chandigarh had come to see them. So my mom went to their place leaving me, her and my Bhabhi. After having lunch, she slept as nothing could happen because of my Bhabhi. Luckily she slept and we had a chance. I hugged her and laid there with her. She kissed me and I was busy finding her tongue.

We kissed for more than 15 minutes. Then I licked all over her face, made her face wet. Then I came on top of her and started licking her neck. I began to come down kissing all over her top. Then I adjusted her top a little upwards and I could see her navel. I started licking her navel with full force and tummy as well. She was now moaning and enjoying it.

I shifted her top up a bit more till her neck. I could see her white bra. I planted a kiss on both of her boobs and on her breast line. I was biting her nipple through bra. She then pinched my arm. I shifted her bra up with the help of my tongue and was licking her boobs and nipple. I licked her underarms as well. Suddenly an idea struck my mind and I told her to stay in that position.

I went out of the room and brought melt chocolate with myself. She gave me a naughty wink and I poured some chocolate on both of her nipples, her breast line and her navel and I started eating that chocolate. Damn I never thought that chocolate could be so tasty. She was enjoying it a lot.

I poured some chocolate on her armpits as well and licked it too. The taste of chocolate mixed with the taste of her fragrance and a bit of sweat made me crazy. Again we didn’t have ultimate thing. Anyways August passed like this and July welcomed us. I heard great news from my mom that my cousin was going to get married on 12th August and the wedding was going to take place at Chandigarh.

I was filled with joy and told this to Jyotsana that there won’t be anybody at my place on 12th Aug. She said that it’s not good to avoid relations because of her. I replied that I am more concerned to her and want to spend some nice time with her rather than registering my presence at mean relatives place.

She was hesitant for one or two days but somehow I convinced her and she too agreed. I made an excuse to my parents that my college internals are approaching and I won’t be able to join in. So they left early morning leaving me alone. She came at my place by Kinetic. She wanted to eat something as she didn’t have breakfast that morning.

She cooked omelets for me and herself and we both had it together. I kissed her and she laid on my chest and we were watching TV. It was about 12 pm in noon and I told her that I want to have a shower and she said that she was having headache and wanted to sleep a bit. I gave her bed sheet and headed forward for my shower. When I was done, I came back and found her sleeping.

I didn’t want to disturb her so I left my room and opened my laptop in other room. After sometime I heard her calling me. I went to my room and she was awake. I kissed her and asked if she wanted something. She said that her back is aching. I asked if I could give her message. She agreed for that as she was really in pain. I brought reli spray and asked her to turn upside down.

She was wearing sleeveless Pink Top and black Jeans. I shifted her Top up till the backside of her neck. I could see her bare back obviously with a bra. I sprayed and then started to massage. She was enjoying it. I said that I am not comfortable with her Top as it was coming down and I had to shift it again and again.

She permitted to me to remove it and I asked if I could remove her bra as well to massage her properly. She smiled and said ok. Damn it was the nicest of view I had ever seen. For the first time I noticed her ass but covered with Jeans. I gave her good massage. I used to tickle her in between and slid my hand underneath her boobs and squeezed them too.

After 15 minutes of massage, she said that it’s enough. She got up and started wearing her clothes but before she could wear it, I hugged her and kissed her passionately. I told her to take shower as I won’t be loving her with that oily texture of her body and unavoidable smell of spray. She smiled and said that she doesn’t want to bath alone.

I understood and said that don’t worry, I will be joining you. She smiled and said that she won’t be giving me such an easy chance. I kissed her and bit her lips and said that whatever you say now, I don’t care as I will join you any how. She went to bathroom and asked me to give her towel. I gave her my towel and asked her not to lock the door as I was coming.

She said that you won’t come. I went to my room, removed my jeans, wore lower and went to bathroom. I checked whether it was closed or what but it was just shut and not bolted. I opened it and I was astonished to see the view. When I gave my towel to her, she asked me to give her any cloth as she can’t risk of wetting her clothes and she can’t bath naked with me.

I searched for something and then gave her dupatta of my mom and as you guys know that dupatta is made of very thin fabric and you can dream of somebody covering her body with that. Soon I opened the door, she was facing the wall and shower was on and her body was covered with dupatta which was wet by now and nothing else.

I quickly had a hard on as her ass was clearly visible through dupatta. My eyes were wide open and I had never seen such an ass in my life. I went in and shut the door. I saw her clothes and her panty hanging on the backside of her door. I hugged her from behind and smelled her hairs which were wet by now and really had a very nice smell,

I licked her wet shoulders and tasted every drop of water which was there on her skin. Then I made her turn towards me and I hugged her. Shower was on and we both were kissing each other like mad. Whenever we used to open mouth to play with each other’s tongue, water ran into our mouths and it was an unforgettable experience.

Then I made her lean against the wall obviously facing me. I held her hands and raised them. I could see her armpits which really made me horny. Armpit is my fetish. I licked her neck, licked all of her arms and bit her armpits, kissed her there. I was trying to taste every droplet sticking to her body. I was kissing her neckline and collarbone.

Then I came down and squeezed both of her tits through dupatta and kissed her boobs. My dick was swinging at 90 degree as I wasn’t wearing any underwear and she must have noticed it as my dick was touching her belly. I was going crazy and so was she. She held my head and pushed it right there between her boobs. I shifted that cloth down so that I could lick her boobs.

I ate them like anything. Bit them, made circles with my tongue, sucked them like a baby. She was moaning and saying ki kuch ho raha hai. Now I will describe a bit in Hindi as well. I said ki hone do and I kept on licking them and my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I suddenly saw that the knot of dupatta was loosened and her dupatta could fall at any moment.

Had she removed herself from the wall, I was sure it would have fallen down but it was the friction between tiles and dupatta which was protecting that cloth from falling down. She said ki ab hato. I stepped backwards and she tightened that knot again but this time not covering her boobs. Then I applied soap on her body except lower torso and asked her to apply on me as well.

Again we had a shower and lost in each other’s lips. She then asked me to leave. Maybe she wanted to clean down there because of wetness she might have got. Anyways it was sensuous. We had lunch together and post lunch I was talking to her and I was in her laps. She was caressing my hairs. I closed my eyes and she placed her head on my head.

Fragrance of her hairs made me crazy but still I managed to keep my eyes close. She got up and placed her fingers on my lips and started rubbing it, then she placed her right hand on my chest and trying to squeeze my nipple and then pinched it very hard. I shouted and said ki kya irada hai. She came to me and with full force kissed my lips and bit my lower lip very hard.

I was yelling her for help ki choro plz, as I couldn’t speak properly because she had my lower lips in her mouth. I was helpless. She bit it so hard that tears started to flow out of my eyes. She noticed it and moved backwards. I got up and checked my lower lip and it was full of blood. I said ki ye dekho tumne kya kiya hai.

She came to me and first scooped my tears with her tongue and then held my lower lip, stretched it outwards but with lesser force this time and then cleaned that blood with her tongue. Damn, I never imagined her to do that. I held her arms and said ki ab tum dekhna mai kya karta hu. You will be punished for your deed. I pushed her on bed and came on top of her.

I kissed her lips with full force and bit her upper lip but not that hard but with more intensity. Then I licked her neck and came to her ear. I licked her earlobe and inside ear as well. This thing made her really crazy. I bit her earlobe hard. She said ki itni zor se mat kato. Then I removed her kurti and bra in the same fashion the way I used to do earlier.

Licked her armpits and all and you know the rest about upper torso. Now I wasn’t in any mood of stopping so I started licking her nipple furiously and with more intensity. I could see her moaning heavily and her moans were increasing with my increasing force, so I kept on increasing my force. She then stopped me and asked ki akshay mujhe kuch ho raha hai,tum sex karna chahte ho kya.

Though I wanted to say yes but I kept quiet. I kept on licking her nipples and she couldnt control and pushed me backwards and asked me ki mujhe batao ki aise kyu kar rahe ho. Tumko sex karna hai. I said yes. She said ki we don’t have protection,agar kuch ho gaya to. I said kuch nahi hoga, I will leak outside. She was scared.

She said ki rahne do,mujhe dar lag raha hai. I said ki kuch nahi hoga, don’t worry and I held her head and kissed her forehead. She said ki you can do virtually. I asked won’t do you mean by virtually. She said ki rub your thing on my thing. She never used to call it dick and I never used to call it pussy. I did that and god it was sensuous. I could feel my dick rubbing her pussy.

I couldn’t control and rubbed it really hard. She couldn’t control too and bit my shoulder. I came down and tried to remove her pajami. She said ki ruko. She got up and in a sec removed her pajami with her panty. I said ki ye kya,mujhe utarne deti. I couldn’t see her pussy as we were making love without lights. Now I was rubbing my dick on her naked pussy.

Then she unbuttoned my jeans and tried to remove it with her feet. I helped her she then removed my underwear and for the first time my dick was touching her pussy and I can’t describe that feeling in words. Her pussy was hairy but not that much. I said ki ise pakdo. She held my dick and shagged it slowly. Then I placed my dick at the entrance of her hole and in one go moved inside.

She was really tight, so couldn’t go in full. But with 2-3 more strokes I was able to go in. She was moaning like aaahh.. dard ho raha hai. I took out my dick and touched her pussy for the first time to check if she had bled. There was some fluid but I wasn’t able to make out whether it was blood or pussy juice. Well she told me that she was virgin that’s why I was keen to see that blood.

Anyways I asked her to come on my top. She did that and held my dick and made it to enter her pussy. She was now riding me but yelling too because of pain. She then withdrew and said ki mujhse nahi ho raha,bahut dard ho raha hai. I didn’t say anything. She was wearing her panty and saw some stain on her panty. I asked if that was blood.

She checked it and said ki nahi ye gili hai. I wore my clothes and brought water for both of us. I hugged her and said ki you are not virgin na. She became angry and said ki tumko jitna bhi de do,but tumhe koi farak nahi padta. I said ki I was kidding. I didn’t mean that and hugged her again and kissed her. I had a doubt in my mind that she wasn’t virgin.

When she reached her home, she called me and said ki she is feeling shy about it and feeling good as well. She said that she checked herself and saw some blood coming out. I was like ok 13th sep passed and 14th came. My dad had to leave for Jaipur as he works there. So he wanted to take mom with her and brother as well. So they all went to Jaipur leaving me alone for 2 days.

I was like flying in air. I told her and moreover 15th and 16th was Saturday and Sunday. So I was sure of something more. On 15th September 2007 which was Saturday, she came to my place again. We had a usual talk, normal kissing, and had food together. This time I was ready with condom but I didn’t tell her initially. AC was on and we both were in bed sheet and watching TV.

Then I switched off that idiot thing and asked her to love me. She was loving me sensuously now. She was kissing me slowly. Licking just with the tip of tongue and releasing her hot breathe. It was a turn on. I got up and came on top of her in bed sheet only and in same fashion did all those things with her upper torso, removed her top and kissed her everywhere.

She said ki I am getting high and I said ki mai bhi. Then I came near her jeans, unbuttoned it and removed it. Then I asked her to remove my jeans. She did that. Then I removed her panty and asked her to remove my underwear. Now first I kissed her lips and then was coming downwards kissing tits, tummy, navel and all.

I reached her pubic hairs and instantly withdrew my head from there, rather I shifted to her legs. I licked her leg first, her thighs, her inner thighs and purposefully not kissing her pussy. She asked me ki karo jo karna hai,mujhse control nahi ho raha. Then I came near her pussy. It had a strange smell but without noticing it I licked her. It was salty and was wet with her juices.

I licked her there for 15 minutes and she was like aahhhh uuuhhh and suddenly her nerves got tensed and she released her fluid on my face. I asked ki ye kya kiya. She laughed and wiped my face with my underwear. Then I asked her to love me. She pushed me on bed and came on my top and started kissing me furiously. She bit my nipples, infact my nipples were her fetish.

She used to lick my tummy from the sides and it always tickled me. It all happened in bedsheet. I then asked her to suck me. She said ki nahi,mujhe abhi nahi karna. I asked her the reason. She said ki bas nahi karna. She said ki mujhe control nahi ho raha, Insert me. I wore condom and inserted in her and after few minutes she withdrew because of pain.

She didn’t do it further. I was in dilemma whether I wasn’t doing it properly or something wrong with her. Till now I hadn’t cum in/on her. Next day on 16th September, first we went to pacific mall for some shopping and then I brought her back to my place. We had lunch together and after that were watching TV in bed sheet. I said ki band kar do TV ko she did that but to my surprise she turned her face other side.

I was numb and after sometime asked her ki kya hua. She said ki mujhe sona hai. I didn’t say anything or laid there with her after 10 minutes, she turned her face towards me and asked ki kya hua. I said kuch nahi. She said,pyar karna hai. I said ki tumhe neend aa rahi hai na. She said ki baad me so jaungi but ye chance pata nahi fir kab milega as my mom was coming next day.

Soon she said this she came near me and kissed me we were like kissing each other for half an hour. I became horny and came on her top and did all the same things with her upper torso. Now I came down and laid there on her left side. She was kissing my earlobes and I was going crazy. She removed my shirt and was kissing my nipples.

Then I slid my left hand down to her navel and then abdomen. Then I moved down further and moved my hand in her jeans and then in her panty. I t was all wet. I was rubbing her pussy now and she was moaning so heavily but I was covering her mouth with mine, so she was choking. Then she placed her right hand on my abdomen and moved it down.

She went inside my jeans and then in my underwear. She was squeezing my dick now and pressing my balls. I was out of control. She was squeezing it really hard. Then I said ki mujhe sex karna hai,ab control nahi ho raha. She said ok and I removed all of her clothes and she removed mine. I wore condom and in one push inserted her.

Again she was like aaa.. dard ho rahi hai.. plz plz.. stop.. dard ho rahi hai.. But this time I didn’t let her speak as my mouth was covering her mouth. But she shouted so loudly, ”rukoooooo”. I had to stop and asked her ki kya hua. She said ki mujhe dard ho raha hai. Then I rested myself and hugged her. She was resting on my chest.

Then I dont know what happened to her,she removed bedsheet from me only but not from her. I felt shy and said ki kya kar rahi ho. Bedsheet dalo upar. She said ki mujhe baby akshay dekhna hai. I said ki nahi upar dalo ya fir mujhe bhi tumhare upar se utarne do. She said ki nahi you wont do it. She was holding it and playing with it.

My eyes were closed and suddenly I felt something soft on my dick and when I saw, she was kissing my dick very slowly. She was just touching my dickhead with the tip of her tongue. Now I was moaning. She asked how are you feeling. I said don’t stop. She then held my dick and started sucking it. She sucked it for 10 minutes and I was about to cum but I managed to hold.

She licked my balls as well. Then I made her to stop and stay in bed sheet for 2 mins. I went out of the room and brought an ice cube with myself. I held that ice cube in my lips and started rubbing on her face. Soon I reached her neck, she started moaning. Then I rub it on her earlobes, her arms, armpits. She was going crazy and saying ki nahi,gudgudi ho rahi hai.

I didn’t stop and started rubbing on her breast line, her boobs, her nipples, her tummy, her navel. Then I took out that ice cube to check whether it melted or what. It was already half melted. Then I again took it in my lips and rubbed it on her abdomen, reached her inner thighs and rubbed it there and then started licking her pussy like that.

She was enjoying that and moaning really heavily. She got up and asked me to give her another ice cube. I obeyed and gave her one. She did the same which I did to her. She rubbed it on my chest, my nipples and to my surprise, she held my dick in her hand and started rubbing that cube on my dickhead. You won’t believe how it feels when ice cube touches your dickhead.

She rubbed it on my balls and inner thighs. I wasn’t able to control and asked her to lay down. She had already thrown my condom away before sucking it and while sucking me she removed my skin. She laid down in spoon position and I was fucking her from back and touching her pussy with my right hand. We continued in this position for 15 minutes.

She was like dard ho raha hai and all that but I didn’t listen and kept on doing. Finally when I was at verge of shooting, I withdrew my dick and shot right on her ass. We than relaxed for half an hour. We were really tired. She wore her bra and panty and I was naked and we both relaxed in each other’s arms.

In no time we slept and I regained my sensed when I found her hand again in my underwear. She was giving me handjob. She was moving it so fast that I came in 5 minutes. This is how we started our sex life. In the month of October we didn’t have sex but whenever we had time we used to do oral sex. Some heated arguments happened during this month.

But somehow that month passed. November 2007 came and I remember it correctly that it was 17th Nov 2007. She went to trade fare with her office colleagues and we had an argument because of me being with my college mate. She was pissed of by this and later that day in evening we had a ferocious fight.

She was abusing me and I was like saying sorry to her without my mistake. In fact my college mate used to like me and she didn’t like this fact. She was with me as she asked me to drop her home. I was doing that with no wrong intentions but roseleen couldn’t understand. I was crying and kept saying sorry but she wasn’t ready to listen.

Suddenly she said that you don’t know full truth about me. I asked what. She knew that she had said something which she shouldn’t have said and stayed silent for a minute. I asked you weren’t virgin na when we had sex. She said yes I wasn’t virgin. I had it with my previous boyfriend. I was like damn angry and told her that I knew this but I was blaming myself of not performing well.

I even cut my wrist that night though I really scare of these things. I never wanted to cut my hand but something gave me courage that day. Now she was crying as well and kept on saying sorry. She said ki mai tumhe lose nahi karna chahti. I said ki mujhe koi problem nahi thi if you weren’t virgin but you should have told me initially, I told you everything truth about me and I expected the same from you.

She said ki mai tumko khona nahi chahti thi. I said to ab kyu bataya. She was sorry and was crying. I am weak at heart and melted down easily as I couldn’t see her crying and forgave her. Few days later she had some problem with her job and she was made to leave her job which changed her totally.

Due to her family problem and money shortage, she was more interested in looking for a job rather than me. I fully supported her and gave her some money whenever she needed. Whenever she wanted to buy something, I used to buy her without caring for my pocket. We had sex on 2nd December 2007 again and 3-4 days later we had a major fight.

I almost lost her but somehow my mom convinced her to talk to me. She found a new job for herself at religare, but wasn’t happy there. Nothing was like before now. We never used to kiss now and whenever I asked she said ki give me some time. I gave her time but I never knew that I wont come.

I went to Jaipur in January 2008 to divert my mind but nothing could stop me talking to her or thinking about her. I returned to Delhi on 27th January and the very next day we both met. We met normally and kissed but a small peck this time. I liked it. On 29th January we had a fight again as she was in bad mood because of her family problem and didn’t want to meet me.

I said ki ok aaj mat milo,kal mil sakte hai kya? She said ki you are mad and all, you wont understand my problem and started abusing. I again started crying and asked why she was doing this. She was crying too and everybody at her place came to know about me except her dad and brother. Her dadi had a word with me and said ki forget her.

You can’t get her anyways. I didn’t eat anything for 4 days and 4 days later her dadi talked to me again and said ki don’t punish yourself, she is yours, complete your study and get her. I was like filled with joy. February passed in such cold meetings. Now the frequency of meeting was very less and she used to call me and I wasn’t allowed to call her.

In March 2008, we had a final fight and from there we broke up. Though I tried a lot to apologies even without my mistake but she didn’t listen. I am not saying I never committed any mistake. There must be some. We didn’t talk for many days and then finally I thought to give a try on 21st April 2008. This time I proposing her as it was our first anniversary that day.

I didn’t call her that night but messaged her. I didn’t get any response. Next day when I was leaving for my college, she called me and said that its too late now, her parents had started looking for a guy for her and in fact a guy came to their place to see her. I said that you are lying and you have a boyfriend now. I said that I loved you a lot but you ruined my life.

I was weeping on bike itself and wasn’t caring about signals or traffic. I was about to faint. She became angry and started abusing and said that yes I have a guy and I want you to meet him. I said no that I don’t want to meet him and hanged up. Since then I hadn’t heard from her. I wanted to marry her and she was my first true love and I guess it has happened.

Its December 2009 now and it has been 1 and half years since we broke up but I can’t remember a single night when I didn’t think about her. I really miss her and still love her. I got 2 girls in between. I tried to settle with them but couldn’t as I wasn’t able to forget roseleen. I could easily have physical relations with them but I backed off as I didn’t want to ruin their life.

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Hi friends, this site has some kind of magnetism in it. I have read some good stories here which have fascinated me to put up one of my incidence. Lemme tell u about myself, I m a Kashmiri guy of 25 yrs as, my height being 5'11. And obviously Kashmiri's have fair complexion. I don't believe in athletics or yoga, so my body is neither athletic nor chubby, a posses a decent one.

I believe in respecting the other gender and not to misuse of their openness shown towards you. Well this happened somewhere near july 2005, it was my second year in Engineering. Now I am an Engineer working for a reputed firm in north India. My college is situated in south west Maharashtra (can't give exact identity).

And this part of India has the best climate at this period of time(july-August); it rains all over the day, lush green grass all over. The temperature is cool and the place looks very magical. One can compare its beauty to the grassland of Switzerland just the snow part is missing. It is so good that people from haryana come here to grow their body mass and etc etc..

Okies so the new session in my college had already started and I joined in mid of July. I was quite recognized in my college and had a good reputation with both teachers and students. It had a simple reason that we were outsiders and had to go through a tough period of ragging in first year of Engineering.

The whole first year outsider students could be seen wearing similar clothes and even the hair style would be the same... I guess if Ghajni had been released at that time by Mr. Aamir khan we could have marketed his movie in whole of the city, it would have been like 20 ghajnis moving together. Anyways the first year was over and the second year had started.

The first year had ended up on the term that I had proposed a local girl from a different department in my college. My department was Mechanical and hers was computers but it didn't work out due to ego problems of both of us, so ultimately she broke with me just one day before my birthday. It felt bad as things could have been winded up a bit more smoothly and that too after my birthday.

I could do nothing about it then being sad, my roommate tried to console me but all in vain. I knew that had ended up so but still I needed some period of time to come over it. So next day on my birthday I started receiving birthday messages and wishes from my friends. Now here's how it all started, I had one of my friends belonging from Mumbai she wished me happy birthday and asked me for a treat.

Her name was Pooja, she belonged to a Gujrati family, very nice and good girl. As I was already heart broken and also didnt have any plans for the day so agreed to treat her with a movie. When we reached the multiplex we could not get the tickets for the movie we wanted so we had to settle down for some other one (virrudh).

The movie wasn't so good so we began to talk, slowy slowy she slid her head on my right shoulder, I kinda liked it and held her hand. It was totally a friendly gesture which I appreciated and also she helped me to overcome my breakup. She talked to me and got me out of the stage of mind I was in, it was very soothing for me at that very point.

Well the movie finished and we went to parking to drive out of the multiplex. Suddenly she asked me that did I love her. I did not expect any of this coming my way, neither a clue nor a hint, I was shocked and dint know how to answer that, I instantly shook my head and said

'pagal wagal ho gayi hai kya. Tujhe pata hai ki maine jaldbaazi mai kisko propose kiya aur yeh haal ho gaya so y u asking me such stupid things'. She was not ready for what I said, probably she thought that this was the right moment but I dint had any of such thing in mind so could not say yes to this.

She became sad but anyways she still dropped me home on her Honda activa as my bike was with my roommate. The asshole had to go college for assignment submission which I never did...The very next day I when I went college she did not meet me in any of the break time. I also ignored and moved on for a couple of days until I started to feel bad for her probably I should have told her after taking some time,

so that day I searched her in the campus and finally located her in library. I asked her out for dinner the same night, and we straight away went to a good Chinese restaurant after college. The restaurant had beautifully crafted interiors, the walls were painted florescent red with small golden dragons painted on it. The light was not too bright which added up to the specifics of the place.

The lampshades were of typical Chinese shapes with multicolored textures. The place had a lovely aroma going around and with a bit of vinegar smell mixed with it. I still remember we ordered dry Babycorn Manchurian along with Schezwan noodles dipped in tangy Schezwan sauce. The restaurant was not costly at all as all those things matter when you are in college I mean student life.

Until food arrived we began to talk and I asked her why did she ask me such a thing, what's going through her mind. She said she had a crush on me for the past 6 months but she did not give it a thought until last month. But now she was thinking of going forward with it so she was again stood up on the same point that did I love her.

But my answer from my heart was no and this time I took a moment and thought about it. And very frankly what I thought was “ yaar hai to ladki he, kya farak padta hai, wahin se offer maar rahi hai to haan kar deta hu, ab itna bhi bhav khana accha nahi hota ek chance to liya he ja sakta hai' so I said ok and smiled.

Now we began to meet regularly in college, bunk classes and sit in library, go movies, go out regularly in the evenings and hang out together. I haven't described her yet, Pooja was fair height would be 5'2, slimly built but with nice curves and assets. I had not taken her on the wrong way but she was one of the hotties of our college.

Certainly not the best chick in our college but one could die for her too. I started to like her company and accepted the fact that we both are going out. One evening we were in an isolated place by NH4 and the weather was beautiful it was raining. We were sitting by a bus stop with my bike parked right next to it,

the weather created a magical environment and I slowly moved closed to her and put my arm round her waist and grabbed her towards me. She smiled at me and gave me a killing sensational look while brushing her lips on my lips. It was so tacky, every time some motor passed by we would swing away and when it was gone pass we would come close again.

This happened a lot that evening, we kissed we hugged for at least for an hour. I was not so much towards physical relation, I gave importance to hanging out together and spend quality time, and eventually did not care for all the body needs. At the same time Ganpati festival was about to start in Maharashtra.

A week before some heated argument took place among us due to extra possessive nature of mine. She needed her space and all that stuff, finally things went bad and we seldom talked. The college closed for some days for Ganpati holidays and she went back home (Mumbai) for the period.

My cousin brother used to study in Mumbay in Sardar Patel college Of Engg, he was of the same age as mine, so I also decided to go Mumbai for few days and hoped that things would settle down bit between me and Pooja. On 8th day of Ganpati I and my brother took local from Dadar to Churchgate. Pooja used to live in a posh area of Colaba and was very rich.

Her family was into diamond business and had their business based in Mumbai and Surat. We met and all of us three went to gateway of India. We enjoyed the boat ride, roamed all over enjoyed the crowd. My brother also became acquaintance with Pooja and liked her company. There is a system in The Taj Hotel that they go on for a buffet system after midnight.

The food is served according to per plate and is very reasonable even being one of the finest hotels in the country. My brother told us about it and we happily went and enjoyed the food and the luxurious hotel. Finally after so many days we had had such a lovely day spent together but I did not know what was coming next.

Suddenly Pooja told me that she wanted to talk to me very urgently, we got to a corner and she told me that She wants us to be friends for some time, I was astonished to hear this from her. She was the one who wanted to be in a relationship, she was the one who asked me and now she is again the one who is starting to back out.

I said its alright that if she wants to be friends for sometime maybe that will help in building the relationship between us. Things slowed down between us and no physical acts like hugs kisses stopped between us, we properly began to behave as just friends. A couple of months passed by and I thought that probably it was over without saying anything.

Even though she used to come in my room, we would sit around hours alone together but nothing would happen. Our house was a separate house owned by a professor in the end of the lane. The professor had got a job in other city so he had rented the house to me and my roommate, there were no restrictions and as it was aside of the colony so no on ever visited or bothered what was happening here.

We had had many booze parties over there, even Pooja and her roommate had slept many a times in the other room while unit tests were going on. Her roommate and my roommate tried to give enough space to both of us to let things happen but nothing ever happened. So I had all those things on my mind and thought that we might be friends forever.

It was nearly Diwali time and I had to go my home (mussorie) to celebrate it along with my parents. I had my flight from Mumbai to Delhi on 13th Nov 2005 by Deccan Airways flight No DN 665( I still possess that ticket). The flight was in the morning 7.00 Am so I had to reach Santacruz domestic airport by morning 5.30 as the check in has to be in by 6.00 am.

The college was closing for three days and I was leaving two days before the college was closing. Pooja also had plans to go to home for Diwali celebrations. Her family was in Surat at their ancestral house, as the Gujrati families usually celebrate the festivals together and Diwali is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

She told me that she will go along with me to Mumbai as she would have a company. She further had to go Surat, as there was no direct bus or train service to Surat from our city to Surat. We started the journey in the morning, broke journey in Pune. We took Neeta Volvo bookings from Pune to Mumbai.

Bus did not show any movie but instead the guy took some remix songs CD that were very hit at that point of time, like kaanta laga, chadti jawani etc… It was good and journey was passing by smoothly, I felt Pooja's hand on my chest, she was fallen asleep her head was resting on my shoulder. She began to play with my hair on the chest in her subconscious, I was feeling the warmth of her body.

I could listen to the sound of her breath in my ear. I had not felt her touch in like two months and this was the first time it was in this way even though we had been alone in my room many many times before. It ended when she woke and quietly adjusted to her seat. We reached Dadar by 8.30 Pm, I asked her that how she will go further as I will leave for the airport and will spend the night over there only.

My brother had already gone home so I did not have the privilege to stay in his hostel room. Pooja said that she would leave for Surat in the morning and it was no fun going now and also she was feeling tired. Then suddenly she hugged me and told me that I should come as soon as possible from home as she was already missing me.

I was like the girl is gotta be crazy or something, she definitely had emotional imbalance. Anyhow I told her that I ll be leaving now, she told me that it is better that if I stayed at her place at night and she would get a cab early in the morning that will drop her at the bus stand and as well as me at the airport.

It was a good idea as it was better to sleep at bed then rather be sitting on chair the whole night in waiting hall of the airport. I agreed and moved towards her place, we finally reached her place at Colaba. The apartments I tell you were fabulous, it was no less then some luxurious resorts, her apartment was on the third floor.

She had the key of the apartment with her, I was just lost in the architectural beauty of the tower, and the lift had mirrors in which I could see both of us together full body. We made a good pair, I complimented her on her beauty and the way she carried herself to which she complimented back.

Finally we were in the apartment, it was a spectacularly built apartment with white walls and teak wood finish. It was a 3BHK, and that was a lot in the posh area like Colaba. I freshened up and asked Pooja to tell me where I should sleep, she took me to her bedroom and asked to rest there. The room had light purple walls and pink color combination, there were paintings on the wall and a nice photo frame of Pooja.

We had already eaten in the way from Subway so didn't feel hungry anymore. I confirmed with Pooja that if she had put the alarm and made arrangement for the cab, she assured me by nodding her head. She had a habit of brushing her teeth before sleeping, while she was brushing her teeth I was feeling great by being in her bedroom.

The other two bed room belonged to her parents and her grandmother. I looked here and there and found her photo album of her, she came and showed and briefed me about the pictures. It was a nice feeling, finally I went under the covers and slept, and she wished me good night and went to her parent's room to sleep.

It's a thing with me that I feel horny before I sleep and this has been the case with me from many many years. The touch in the bus recurred to me and it added up to the pace, I decided to go to bathroom and satisfy myself. As the attached bathroom was in the master bedroom of the flat I mean her parents room and the grandmothers.

I had to use the other one so I went out in bathroom and was about to start the process until my phone rang, I attended the call it was from my home, my mom had called me to ask whether I had reached Mumbai safely and was ready for flight. I told mom that I am at the dormitory of the airport and will board the flight at morning, and will call after I reach Delhi.

I was about to enter bathroom again as I heard Pooja saying from behind in a joking playful voice” Kyun mummy ko yeh kehne mai sharam aati hai ki raat ek ladki ke saath bita raha hu”. I ran towards her and said “Pooja ki baachi ruk,”. She ran in her room and I ran after her I caught hold of her and threw her softly on the bed.

I said “tujhe sharam nahi aati na toh tu he call karke bata de aapni mummy ko ki mai ghar pe kiske saath hu”. On that she replied ki meri maa ko tumhare bare mai sab pata hai, jao khud pooch lo and with this she threw water on me which was lying in a glass nearby the bed. I tried to catch her but she ran away and slipped on the water she had spilled on me.

I caught her immediately and said “ ab. Bacchooo kahan jayegi”. She said in a laughing painful voice “mujhe lagi mujhe lagi”. I was not in a mood of leaving her for the water treatment she had done to me, so I licked on her cheek. She tried to get free but I was strong enough to hold her, she tried to bite me and I continued to lick her on the cheek and also said” tune mujhe gila kiya le ab mai tujhe geela karta hu”.

While I tried to lick her again she moved aside and my tongue brushed her lips, the bulge already in my Bermuda went up. She also seized the moment for one second, I tried to cut the tension again my doing the same but she did not move and looked in my eyes directly. I could not stay away from the feeling as already I was feeling horny and was going bathroom to satisfy myself.

The thought in my mind that if I could manage some kind of dry humping or brushing of my dick against her that could solve my problem. I started to kiss her on the ear lobe and to avoide any issue from her, I said very calmly ki 'i m shakti kapoor baach paao toh baach jao'. she perhaps knew that I wanted to touch her so she also dint tighten things up,

as I turned her up on me and was kissing on back of her ear, she suddenly stood up and looked tense. She took a deep breath and asked me to think what did I just do, I knew I was screwed. I could say nothing and was just hoping that if I could roll back things. But what was coming next even I didn't know, what flashed in my mind what happened to me was all in a moment.

Neither preplan nor a fake story. I instead of saying sorry, caught her in my arms and lifted her up by grabbing up her ass with my hands, before she could understand anything or say anything I pressed my dick hard against her thighs, her boobs were pressing against my chest. She gave me a disgusting look and she wanted to say something but I planted my tongue in her mouth.

I kept on pressing her ass so hard that my fingers started to pain. I withdrew my tongue from her mouth, her saliva was dripping off my tongue. Before she could say anything I said to her that 'she had been playing with my emotions from such a long time, she had discussed about me and her with her family.

She was crazy for being in a relationship and then denying it, these all things were unacceptable to me'. I kept on yelling on her double minded behavior towards me, and I was feeling hot too as I still had her ass grabbed by my both hands. My fingers were trembling and my dick was already up, I angrily put my dick against her thigh and started pressing it hard.

She certainly did not expect this that I would behave like this by grabbing her ass and planting my dick against her thighs. Her eyes were full of tears but I didn't stop I continued to explore her ass and press hard against her thigh. The pleasure was inevitable, I could not resist anymore and I released some cum like that only.

You might wonder that what a loser the guy is but I tell you to be in the emotional condition and physical posture I was, it is more sensual than putting your dick in pussy. I slowly released her but still had held her by her waist. She looked in my eyes and punched me hard in the chest, it was a solid punch it made me lose my grip on her.

She did not run away from me but instead she yelled at me that why did not I ever assure her that I love her, she said she always thought that her proposing to me had created an picture like it is a one sided love. Also she thought that I might use her for my physical needs and then never look to her again, also she continued to blame me that my possessiveness was only to get her into bed and take her virginity.

I felt myself compared to some cheap guy who was tricking her for sex. I could not take anymore of this shit and I slapped her hard and said that if I wanted only to sleep with her I could have fucked her like hundred times in my apartment. Feelings of shattering my manhood were prevailing in my mind. I thought to go for the kill without thinking if it would be right or wrong.

I took Pooja in my arms she was crying and started kissing her madly in true lust, I wanted to teach her a lesson as she thought I was involved with her for only sex, so I said let it be so. She was not trying to move or support probably she was wondering about the whole incidence. I slid to her neck and started kissing there,

she immediately caught my head by my hair and pulled it away from her so that she could look in my eyes. Her eyes apologized and she planted her lips on mine, I cannot tell you how much of heat and emotional drama was going on there. I have read stories of people telling of sucking and licking in the first encounter but those who have real sex will know that it is very very much impossible in most of the cases as there is a lot of shyness,

excitement, heat, lack of experience. Coming back to story, things had smoothened up between me and Pooja. I started to explore under her bra, I had not seen or felt any girl's boobs this close before. Slowly and calmly I got to the nipples and started playing with it, Pooja started to feel the heat she pushed her body up creating a bow shape.

I was feeling sweaty and the fragrance of her bra kicked in my mind, I went rough and started sucking her lips. Even though she was participating but she still had some resistance deep inside her, perhaps she still was not sure. I managed to open the top she was wearing, inside it was one of the most beautiful pair of boobs wrapped inside a black bra.

It took me several attempts to open and have a look of the big round assets she had been carrying with her, the areola was pinkish in color neither too light nor too dark. I fondled her boobs and began to suck them without even caring how far had I went and what would be the consequences of it.

I slowly rose my head and looked in her eyes to get an idea of what she thought of the same, she gave me a sweet innocent look which I can never forget my entire life and with this Pooja grabbed my head and pushed me up towards her and hugged me tightly saying I love you, I am so sorry. I have been a passive thinker that is why could not understand you, and for the first time I realized I too loved her.

We hugged and stayed in each other arms for some time. I thought that it would be wrong if I forced her now, so I handed over the top to her. As she wore the top and stood up, she turned towards me and said ' jab khola tha toh pehnaya kyu'. Then without loosing any time she let the upper half of the body expose to me.

I took her in my arms and let my bermuda drop to the floor, she was shy to see me in my underwear. As I already said I had dry humped so there were strains of semen on my underwear, it was a big wet spot. Pooja looked it with curiosity and said 'he he he mission incomplete'.

It created a good sense of humor and a naughty environment, I slid my undies down and gave her the first show of major general. I would not say it was a huge one but of average Indian size. I touched my dick over her pajamas and grab her boobs. Pooja said 'aaram se, mujhe bus yahin pyaar karo, agey aur kuch mat karna' by it she meant intercourse.

I fondled her boobs and started licking the areola meanwhile my hands were all over her back moving from shoulder to ass. I knew I had a limited access to the upper part only so I wanted to capture all of that. I turned her back towards me and started kissing on the neck. Slowly I licked her all over the back, her gorgeous body was trembling with sensation she looked liked an topless angel.

I was in flow of moment and did not realize that my hand had gone in her pajamas and started exploring her butt crack. I slid my finger in the depth of her crack, she too was hot and was responding great even though she had not permitted me to enter her lower half. While exploring ass with one hand I was still playing with the nipple with my other hand.

My right hand which was near ass touched something wet and believe me people I had never thought until that moment that a girls pussy is just so close to ass. It was always in the mind that pussy is front hole and ass is the back hole. Stunned and amazed as I was, I asked Pooja that was it the right hole which I was touching, she shyly nodded yes and pulled my hand back and placed it on her boobs.

I pulled her to bed and made her sit on my lap, my dick was touching her ass over the pajamas. I within a flash removed her pajamas along with her panty up to her knees, this made my dick and her ass come in contact for the first time. She shouted 'oye pagal hai kya, yeh nahi', but the pleasure of contact of skin was so intense that I lost my senses.

I began to jerk myself against her ass, I overturned her and before she could say anything I blocked her lips. My both hands were holding her hands and I started to suck her tongue. I could not control my feelings anymore and decide to touch her pussy lips with my dick. I pulled my right leg up and put it on her pajamas n panty which was near her knees.

With force I removed it to foot and after some more struggle completely. Omg! She was nude totally, but I could see her nude body completely from that positionl. Pooja was breathing heavy and she started crying as she knew what was coming next. I searched for her pussy, opened her legs with a lot of force.

Took my right hand and with it placed my major over her lady general, my hand touched her crotch. There was soft public hair surrounding the lovehole as if it was to keep hidden from the world. It was sweaty, even though it was forceful sex yet this foreplay had made her pussy wet and well lubricated. I started applying pressure and pulled my head up to see it, the hole was damn tight.

Pooja yelled 'behanchod saale, tu karle ab jo bhi karna hai per I wont spare u for this '. The words did not matter to me but her abuse created a hell of sensation in me to tear her apart. I applied more force by arching my back and in a few seconds entered her completely. The hymen collapsed, a little amount of blood came out and she was no longer a teen now,

it was painful for both of us so things slowed down, her resistance had finished. I could see the pain in her eyes, tears were flowing down her eyes. I was feeling hot and did not want to lose my heat so started pumping in again.. The inside of the pussy was very wet and it was feeling warm and moist in there.

The brushing of the top of my dick against the walls of her pussy was truly amazing, it felt warm and moist. Pooja had started breathing heavy she knew she had been fucked even though she had planned it after her engagement or marriage but it was her lover boy who was pumping her in her love hole The heat had begun to build up in me and I pressed hard against her crotch my balls kissing the end of her vagina.

Pooja was going 'ahhhhh…ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh screw u …. Wish I could fuck u and show u how much it pains'. I kissed at her ear lobe and without caring about her I begin to molest her breasts. I pressed them as hard as I could and fondled the nipples, Pooja was crying in pain.

This added to my fucking and I started to pump her more rapidly and deep shouting 'fuck u .. fuck u Pooja .. oohh my god .. fuck u sweetheart'. She was enjoying it too otherwise she would have lifted me over her anytime but she didn't show it to me, still she pushed a little here n there every now and then.

I looked in her eyes but she turned her face away from me and did nt not want to look at me, the emotions were mixed with shyness and anger. Shyness as she was lying naked in bed in front of me and me pumping her pussy and she was helpless in cover her and angry coz she wanted to stay virgin much longer.

I had pumped her to about 4-5 mins and I knew I ll last no more than 4-5 mins more. So I overturned her. With boobs cupped in my hand and my chest sticking to her bare back, I removed my T-Shirt and made her feel the heat. My dick was inside her from the back side and her ass was touching my lower belly.

My thighs were pounding against her and I was in total ecstasy, she was breathing very heavy and her hands were pressing against the bed were trying to grab it. She shouted “ behanchod chod dala re.. tujhe ehsaas nahi hota kya.. fati padi hai meri..behanchod kahin ka'. I decided not to lose the things now and to my end as I spoke “I love U”, she loosened up.

She realized the feeling and knew that she had been fucked and fucked by the right guy and with that she reached her ecstasy, That was her orgasm I guess as it was very difficult to say very precisely and I also felt my balls tightening up. With a sensation of bursting I squirted out heavily in her pussy, deep inside her.

The cum was floating inside her pussy and some of it was dripping out of her pussy too.I let my body rest upon her back, both of us were exhausted and were sweating very badly. My dick had softened up and it still had some semen dripping off it like at the end when the tap has been closed. It had stuck to her thigh and her ass.

I was feeling really horny by that feeling, I faced her to my side and began to kiss her lips and at the neck. Her eyes were full of endless number of questions, but she had a satisfied feeling of whatever had happened. I continued to suck her boobs and rub my dick against her for sometime until I was relaxed.

That night we resulted in having rough sex again a couple of times until I left in the morning for home. I had ejaculated in her pussy and we were afraid of being pregnant, so we searched in internet and friends and found that pill 72 is there as a contraceptive after unprotected sex, today we have lot of options for the same. As on date we are still engaged and have a beautiful sex life and are waiting for each other to settle down with each other..

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