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Rahul fucking Malayalee Maid

Previously: Intimate Encounter with Beautiful Air Hostess

It was August 2011, where I had to stay at my Cousin Brother's house for a couple of weeks as my brother's family went to India.. My Brother's kid (14yrs old) and I were living along with this maid as she was brought here for an year's contract for cooking and other house hold stuff... Her name's Fatima... she's 34yrs old and married... She just look very normal...

My brother's kid usually come from his school @ 6:30 - 7PM dueto his Basket ball practice sessions....I never used to pay attention to Maid's unless needed..and more over she's not working for me and I do not want to invite any problems just for nothing... One day it was a severe hot summer day of more than 45 degrees temperature and suddenly felt drowsy n dizzy in office and I came back home...

I inquired fatima about my brother's kid and she told me that he has not yetcome back. I asked her to fetch me some fresh pomagranate juice from the fridge. It was more than 10mins since I told her but I don't know for wat reason she didn't respond... So I went into the kitchen and I took a glass and filled some fresh juice.... She was near the gas stove turning backwards...

I felt a difference in her behaviour... I went very close to her and asked her whether she was alright... she just smiled and said she's just fine... While I was going back from her I spilled out some juice and I took a tissue paper immediately and wiped there and when getting up my shoulder completely brushed her ass strongly...

I immediately apologized her for which she just smiled in a wierd way... I got a complete hint but was a lil spectacle... I was watching TV, completed my juice and went back to kitchen to place the glass in the Sink... wantedly I brushed my cock(ofcourse with my office pant on) on her ass with lot of courage and held back there...

she was just smiling and just have seen absolutely no signs of resistance from her... immediately I wonder which god gave me that courage.. I even forgot I was sick... I just planted my lips on her neck n just made my tongue roll on it for a sec... immediately I get "ssshhhh" sound... n I saw her closing her eyes...

I made her to stand near the fridge and I lifted her nighty completely and removed her underwear that she was wearing and saw her love hole...i was completely startled seeing her pussy as it was completely shaved and I felt it was completely clean...without any hesitation I licked her pussy completely and ordered her to come to my room.

She just said "Abhee Nahee... Raat Ko" I did not accept. However, I removed my pant and placed my cock infront of her and she was just staring at it... I sighed her to suck my cock...1st she again said "raat koo" but I told " Abheee chahiye... Karo na".. She sat down and put her lips on my cock and I got a sensual blowjob from her for almost 10mins...

I did not cumm on her face... I went inside the washroom and immediately masturbated and released all my pressure and was sitting in shock for quite some time and was thinking what the fuck has just happen... it was all just in a matter of some moments...

I had my dinner and my brother's kid was busy playing his PS3 in his room. I went to kitchen and told her to take a shower and get ready for the fuck... she told me to come to her room by 10:30pm... Was waiting for the time and I heard a knock @ 10:20pm on my room door and I opened it.. I saw her and she sighed me to come up.

I made sure that my brother's kid is still playing and I went up (but definitely in shock and fear as this guy is still awake) to her room. She immediately locked the door and removed my night pant and started sucking the cock like a hungry bitch.... and she was licking my balls also... I felt she's a thorough professional...

I made her to sleep on her bed and I applied some saliva and I inserted my cock into her pussy without even sucking it... I wanted to have a quickie first (as the kid is still awake) and I started fucking her hard in missionary position... her pussy was loose and my cock effortlessly went inside and I was fucking her hard...

I made her to suck my cock thoroughly and fucked her again for some more time... my legs were trembling in fear and with that fear I suddenly removed my cock and ejaculated all my load on her navel and tummmy... I picked my sperm with one finger and kept it in her tongue.. she licked it... then she took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean.

I immediately wore my dress and ran downstairs and saw that situation was under control... time was 11:45 and my brother's kid was sleeping in his room. I immediately went to her room and told her to come to my room. I locked the door and just undressed her n made her sleep on the bed and fucked her all the night till 4:30AM...

Then I told her to sleep in her room. we both dozed off in our respective room.... In my case I know she's safe as she had her medical examinations done very recently and she got her Maid visa...However, if suddenly coz of the circumstances if you had sex without condom then make sure you consume CIFRAN tablets with in 24 hours for avoiding any STDs...

Make sure you consume it for 4days twice a day after the food. Hope u folkz enjoyed my story... My next write up will continue with my intimate encounters with the airhostess... Love you all... Play Safe - Rahul Sharma...

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Sirish taking virginity of Amruta

Hi friends, my name is Sirish (name Changed) I am 25 year old. Please pardon me if any mistakes. This incident took place on my Junior’s b'day. Her name is Amruta (Name changed) she is very beautiful 5’5 having round eyes; her figure is 30-28-30. She stays in Sirsi and on her b'day she came to meet me in my Native.

As soon as I Saw her I met her hugged her and planted a lovely smooch on her lips slowly pused my hands on her ass and pressed it gently. We broke up that smooch and then I took her to a hotel room which I had already booked it. As soon as we reached there she wanted to get freshen up. So she had her shower and came out in towel.

As soon as I saw her in towel I lost my control I went to her and gave her a long smooch. While smooching her I also had slided my hand from beneath her towel towards her vagina and was moving hands and fingers gently on her Vagina she was completely wet down there. She just kept getting wild and started biting my lips.

I slowly pulled the towel off and she was just standing completely nude in front of me. I started pressing her boobs and was kissing her all over. While kissing her I was pressing her boobs and also pinching her nipples. She kept moaning. I got more aroused on hearing that moaning sound and increased my speed of kissing and pressing her nipples.

Now she removed my T shirt and opened my pant button and slowly pulled it off. She removed my underware. My penis was rock hard and standing in her honour. My penis is 6.5 inched She have me a slow hand job then started giving a blow job. She was doing that for the first time but she was doing it in a fantastic way.

I was just about to cum in 15 mins and so I stopped her I lifted her and put her on bed I went over her and started kissing her boobs then slowly I came down kissed her on her stomach and then naval as I kissed her naval she gave out a moan aaaahhhh I just became mad and what I could see was just her pink vagina. I started licking and sucking it wildly.

She got wild and gave out very loud moans. Please jaan Come on faster faster she was just about to cum and I drank all her juices. Since it was her first time she was feeling very strange but I kept on licking. After some time I was teasing her by touching my penis on her vagina and she was very scared as she was a virgin and she feared it will hurt her I convinced her planted a lovely smooch and asked her to trust me.

I licked her vagina also I put some cream and applied it slowly. After that I slowly slided 1 finger inside her vagina and was moving in and out she was moaning like crazy. Slowly I put my penis inside her and pushed she screamed loudly as her hymen was broken and my penis was fully inside her.

Some tears gatheredon her eyes I just kissed her and wiped her tears. I gave her my hand took her off the bed she went to the washroom poured some water on vagina and washed the blood. She came towards me I hugged her put her on bed lied above her and fucked her for around 20 minutes. She was enjoying. I was also giving her kiss on neck her boobs and also on lips.

I was about to cum so I asked her she said ill have I pill you can cum inside me. I cum inside her. We relaxed for 10 minutes and I asked her to give me a BJ as soon as she gave me a BJ my penis was rock hard once again. I asked her to press her boobs against each other and I slid my penis between her breasts and fucked her breast. She was enjoying that a lot.

I planted a kiss on her lips and slowly came down towards vagina and was again licking her vagina. I slowly went towards her ears and said you want top try anal and she just agreed I turned her and applied a lot of vasline in her ass hole. I slowly rubbed vasline towards all 4 side of her ass hole and was finger fucking her ass very gently and lightly.

I slowly pused my finger inside her it was hurting her but since I had applied lot of vasline and was slow and gentle pain was less slowly slowly I kept doing that. She was moaning ahhhh ahh god yaaaaaa I was getting excited but I was still slow very gently I pushed my penis inside her she dint felt much pain and she started to enjoy I cummed insider her ass and all my juices were flowing outside her ass.

She went to bathroom had shower again and cleaned herself. I said I want to dress her so I dressed her I made her ware her bra, panties jeans and top and then she gave me a smooch I replied back and pressed her boobs from above dress and also touched her vagina she left with beautiful memories, Now when ever she comes to Me we have sex and we also have phone sex. Hope you all liked the story. Please post your reactions in the comments. Thanks.

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Horny divorcee fucking Namitha

My name is Raghuram. I am 40 years and live alone in Bangalore, after divorcing my wife. The incident which I am sharing here happed about 9 months back. After working for 15 years, I started my business and I am able to provide employment for about 15 people in my company. One day in the evening, I was surfing a social network site and came across a profile named Namitha.

I just sent a message “Hi”. After a few minutes, I got reply “hi”. I replied immediately and she also replied. Like this, we exchanged the messages. The internet was very slow and I sent a message that internet is slow, can we chat in Gmail. After a few minutes, I got a reply with a mobile # and asked me to provide my mobile # and also to send a message and that she would reply.

I replied to her that my mobile SIM is lost and provide the mobile # after taking a duplicate SIM. Next day I had to travel to Chennai on some urgent work and could not send message her. fter I came back, I bought a prepaid SIM and sent my mobile # to her and was busy with my work. I got a call in the afternoon from Namitha, she asked me why I was not online for 4-5 days;

I told her that I was travelling and did not have time to surf internet. She asked about me and my work, after telling my details, I asked her details about her family, work etc and came to know that she was working in a private company and she was very young, 25 years. I told her that you are 15 years younger to me, she said, fine, age is not important.

From then onwards, we used to speak at least 4-5 times a day. I ran out of topic for discussing with her, I casually asked about her interesting topic, for which she said, any topic, I asked; is hot chat ok with you; she answered, what is hot, then slowly I told her if she is ok with sex chat. Initially she said no and slowly started showing interest.

First, I asked her about her size, she said 38 (her boobs size) then reluctantly asked me about my penny size for which I said 6 inches. Like this, every day we used to chat at least 4-5 times a day and make her pussy wet completely.

One day she sent me message that she will be on leave for three days and asked me to not call on her mobile #. I was curious to know why she was on leave and finally after three days, she called me and told that her marriage has been fixed with a boy, though she did not like the boy, due to compulsion from her parents she had to accept and agree for the marriage.

I asked her whether she would continue friendship with me after marriage for which she said that she wants to continue friendship with me and asked me not to break the friendship for which I agreed. During the conversation, I asked what “presentation” she wants for her marriage, she said, she will think over and tell me.

After some time, she called me and that told me that she wants a presentation which should be remembered throughout her life and it should not get destroyed. I kept on thinking about what could be the presentation and finally told her that I cannot make out and asked her what the presentation was.

She agreed to tell me about the presentation on condition that I should not mind, should not get angry, and should not reveal to anybody, I agreed for all her conditions. She told me that she wants a baby from me, I was shocked to hear this, I asked her, are you sure, she said yes and she needs only this presentation and nothing else.

I did not say anything and told her that I will think over and tell you in the evening. When I called her in the evening, she asked about the presentation, I said I am ok to give “that” presentation. She was very happy and started kissing me several times over the phone. I asked her when we can meet, she said that she can meet me only during week days and it is not possible during weekends.

We fixed the time for meeting and told my office staff that I am going out to meet a new client and will not be available on the phone for 3-4 hours and left the office. I reached the pre-decided place and waited for her, she came immediately and got into the car. I drove straight to a restaurant. After having breakfast, we went to a theatre nearby to watch morning shown.

Since it was a working days, not many people were in the theatre, we selected a corner seat so that there is no disturbance. Once movie started, we started speaking in low tone and asked her ; is she serious about having a baby from me for which she said yes and kissed my hand. I took her hand and started pressing gently, after some time, I kept my hand on her novel and then started pressing her boobs.

She adjusted her saree pallu so that I can press her boobs without being noticed by anybody. She started pressing my cock and took it in her hand and stared stroking while I was pressing her both her big boobs. Since there was no light, I gently kissed her lips and asked if we can have sex. She said that she will have sex with me after marriage.

After the movie, I dropped her to her office and returned to my office. In the evening, she told that she cannot speak to me every day as her fiancée is dropping her and picking her up every day. She asked me send message before calling, every time I wanted to speak to her, I used to send a message and then call.

She got married after three months. Her calls stopped all of a sudden. I thought she is no more interested in continuing my friendship and I too stopped calling her. After two months, she called me and asked me to meet. We met a Coffee shop and asked about her marriage and first night. She expressed her unhappiness and told that she is free whole day and can have sex with me.

Since I stay alone, there was absolutely no problem in having sex. We came to her flat and went straight to bed room and started kissing each other. She hugged me and starting kissing my lips vigorously. After few minutes I removed her dress except bra and panty and removed my dress except underwear.

Again we started kissing, slowly I removed her bra and panty and took her boobs in my hands and started pressing and kissing. She removed my underwear and took my cock in her hand and started stroking and sucking. After a few minutes, both were ready for sex, I made her to sleep on the bed and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy.

Her pussy was wet and my cock went inside without problem and slowly started fucking her. I gradually increased the speed and fucked for almost 15 minutes cummed inside her pussy. Her pussy filled with my hot cum. We hugged and slept for some time. After two hours again I fucked her. She left for her house at 6 pm.

After that I was neither able to speak to her nor meet her and I was very busy with my office work. We used to exchange messages once or twice in a month. After two months, she sent me message that she missed her periods and confirm her pregnancy after going to the doctor. I was very eagerly awaiting her message, in the evening,

she messaged me that she is pregnant for 8 weeks and will tell further details tomorrow personally. When we met next day, she told me that she became pregnant only from me and that her husband is neither capable of making her pregnant nor giving full satisfaction. After 9 months, she delivered a beautiful baby girl. Her husband has no clue about our relationship and thinks that he is his real father.

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Vinay fucking office lady Sonali

Hi friends this is Vinay from Kolkata. You guys must have read my earlier story Sex in Car. It was quite a long time back, since then I have had several experiences but did not share because did not find anyone that interesting. Anyways first let me tell you something about me in brief. I am 36 years old married guy, working in a private organization at senior position.

I am 5 ft 9 in tall and good looking (as my friends says) This incident happened about six months back with a lady named Sonali working in the same organization but in different department. We used to see each other and exchanged usual pleasantries but nothing more since she is in different department.

I understood she wants to talk to me but not being able to as I am his senior and she was afraid. So I took the first step and one day asked for her number which she readily gave me and I gave her mine too. Then we started to talk over phone but the conversation was a more formal one about ours lives and workplace but nothing more than that.

In office our place of meeting and exchanging smile was the toilet area. The ladies toilet is located close to the gents toilet and that area is a bit secluded one. One day as usual when we met she was wearing a black salwar suit to which I complimented her but said that she looks much better in saree.

OK first let me tell you something about her. She is 35 years old, 5 ft. 5 in. tall, fair and has a lovely body. She is damn sexy and got ample flesh and curves at required places. Her figure is 36 28 38. Her ass is the most beautiful part of her body which sways around sexily when she walks and can make any man go mad.

Anyways after I told her that day that she looks far better in saree and as I was expecting, the next day she was in red colour saree to which I complimented her but again said that she looks damn gorgeous and beautiful in black saree. And again as expected the next day she was in black saree and when we met I said her that you should not come in front of me today

otherwise I would end up doing something which you might not like to which she said what? I replied that you want to hear that here and like this. All this conversation was happening nearby toilet area but we were careful so that no one can overhear us. After hearing this she went to the ladies toilet, opened the door and was standing there looking at me with inviting eyes.

I understood what she wants and went near by her and pushed her inside the toilet and latched the door. Once inside she asked me looking lustfully in my eyes now say what I would end up doing. I did not say anything but kept on looking in her sexy eyes and hold her sexy and fair waist by my right hand and brought her closer to me, then took my lips closer to hers but did not touch or kiss them yet.

She kept her arms on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I slowly rolled my tongue over her lips and then plant a kiss on her lips to which she started breathing heavily. I stopped there and was watching her face with closed eyes…she was looking damn beautiful. Then she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes but we did not say a single word to each other.

While all this I was holding her waist and her sexy boobs were very close to my chest. Then I took my lips closer to hers and took her upper lips between my lips and started sucking them lightly to which she went mad. However I stopped there she again opened her eyes and now she brought her lips closer to me and started smooching me and biting my lips hungrily.

I wanted this only I wanted her to go mad and I too started sucking her lips. Then I insert my tongue in her mouth started exploring her mouth and then our tongues met and we started sucking each other tongues. In the meanwhile I moved my right hand from her waist to her ass which I was dying to touch and fondle.

I started fondling them and pressing them over her saree and by my kiss and fondling of ass she went mad and arched her body backwards in pleasure. I then removed my right hand from her ass and brought it to her left boobs and started feeling them over the blouse and started kissing her neckline while holding her waist from my left hand.

She started moaning but I got worried that somebody might hear us so I lifted her head and started kissing her. We kissed and sucked liked that for almost 5 min. Then I covered the toilet (western style) seat and sat on it and made her sit on my laps in a manner that I was holding her from her waist with my left hand and she was facing sideways to me.

We again looked into each others eyes and then our lips met and we started sucking and biting each other. I moved my right hand to her left boobs and started fondling it over her blouse, slowly I opened the first two hooks of her blouse and first time felt her bare boobs. I swear my friends her skin was as smooth as silk and was making me crazy.

I insert my hand inside her blouse and held her boobs by moving her bra to one side. I started caressing it and fondling it. I was kneading it and simultaneously kissing her. I kept on doing this for a while and then took her sexy brownish nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched them and started rotating it to which she broke the kiss and leaned her body backwards and moaned.

I unbuttoned her blouse completely and freed her boob completely from her bra while she was still wearing it. First time I saw her fair milky boobs and must be the best of the lot which I have seen till now. I went mad and started kneading it mercilessly. Then I brought my mouth closer to her boobs and took it in my mouth and started sucking it hungrily and biting it and

slowly moved my right hand which was free now towards her legs and lifted her saree up till her fleshy and silky thighs. I slowly brought my hand to her left thigh and caress it lovingly and slowly slowly moved my hand further up till it reached to her innerwear. I felt her pussy from outside over her panty. It was all wet.

I moved her panty to a side and touched her pussy lips and she started breathing heavily and moaning though in a low voice. I was moving my finger on her pussy lips and exploring it. Then I insert my one finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her. While all this I continue to suck and bite her boobs.

This went on for sometime after which she told me her first words during all this period. She told me in a hushed voice, Vinay Fuck Me…..these words made me mad. I made her stand and rest her hand on the flush, came behind her and lifted her saree up and first time saw her sexy ass which I was craving for.

I grabbed them and caressed them for a while and kissed them and gave love bites there. I was completely dressed till now. I unbuttoned my trousers and got rid off my underwear and there my 7 inches long and 5 inches thick cock which was dying to be freed sprang up. I went near to her she got amazed to see my penis which was now rock hard and hold it in her hand and played a little while was plating with her ass.

Both of us now were finding it difficult to control anymore. I again came back to her and hold her waist from my both hands and placed my penis on her pussy lips and moved it up and down to which she reacted by saying, Vinay please don't tease me anymore and tear apart my pussy (I wanted to hear this from her that's why teasing her by moving my penis on her pussy lips).

As soon as she said this I insert my penis with full force in her vagina and she screamed in ecstasy. I wait there for few seconds and then started moving my penis in and out slowly and removed my right hand from her waist and placed it on her right boobs and started fondling them.

Gradually I increased my speed and now I was humping her with full force and with each thrust I could hear her moaning in low voice. Suddenly she contracted her pussy muscles and she got her orgasm which forced me stop for a while. After a while I continued fucking her now with more pace and after about 10 minutes when I was also about to cum, I asked her where to cum,

she told me to cum inside only as she is in safe period. After few seconds I also came and loaded my cum inside her vagina and fell on her by holding her from her waist. Both of us got exhausted. Somehow we collect our energy and hurriedly dressed up. She then kissed me and we both carefully came out of the toilet.

First she then I followed when she gave me green signal that nobody is there. After a while I got a message from her saying, Love you and missing you. After this we met several times and had sex in our office in my chamber, at her place and in my flat too which I will share with you later on. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Please post your comments.

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Sohail fucking beggar girl

Dear friends, its sohail from islamabad. I am a frequent reader of this site and enjoy reading stories a lot. Today I will share my best experience of life which encountered only a week ago. First, let me tell you about myself. I am married, 5,6" inch tall with 6" of horny dick, always looking for some girl but I myself avoid it due to social problems.

Any how my family left for Lahore for one month to visit their parents and I was alone at home. A maid visit every weekend to clean the house but I was not interested in her, rather I want to hunt some fresh flesh.

A few days back I thought, "Kiyun na kisi khubusart mangne wali ko phansaia jai". The very next day it happened. When I come back from office at 5'o clock and preparing to change, the door bell rang, I went to the door and saw a girl of 15-16 years with average body and good boobs. She was asking for help.

Suddenly my mind works and I asked her to come in so that I shall give her money as soon as I changed the clothes. She very innocently entered the house and I locked the main door. I asked her to move in the bed room. She hesistently entered the bedroom and immediately I griped her hand and said, "you thief, tum chori ki koshish kar rahi ho? Let me call the police".

She was terrified and started begging that I let her go and she will never come back but I had made my mind so I asked her "aik shart pe", she asked "kia". I said, "tum sirf chup rehna awaz nikali tu police ko bula loonga" and immediately I moved up her qameez and gripped her both strong boobs tightly and planted a strong kiss on her lips since I was thrusty for many days.

She said "please mujhe jane dein" I ignored her and started sucking her left boob like there will be no tomorrow. She seems real virgin as she was feeling much discomfort and enjoying a very little. During the boob suck I bite on her right boob and she just screamed. I put hand on her mouth tightly and bit on the left boob. This time she screamed more louder.

I again threatened her from police and she calm down. After sucking her boobs I became so horny that I immediately open the knots of her shalwar and removed it. She try to resist but I pushed her back on the bed and WAO friends, her pussy had just started with pubic hairs. I pulled her towards myself and put a finger on her clitoris and started massaging her fast.

She started enjoying and immediately discharged her water. Now I remove my shalwar and qameez and put much coconut oil on my dick. She said " ye kia cheeze hai", I said "abhi pata chal jai ga" I made her lie on the bed again and mount her legs on her chest. I placed my dick on her pusy and with a single strong thrust I was in her.

She just screamed with pain, I felt a little bit pain too as she was really very very tight. She had started weeping but I do not care. I just pulled my dick slowly and again put a very strong thrust inside her, she again cried but her cries were making me more horny. I started pumping her hard and she was doing nothing just crying.

After a few minutes I draw my hard dick from her pussy, my all dick was red from her virginity blood. There was much blood on the bed sheet too and looks like someone have slaughter a chicken on the bed sheet. This makes me more horny and I planted a very strong kiss on her lips while squeezing her breasts hard. Now she started begging again to leave but I had different plan.

I make her lie up side down and put some oil on her ass hole. I placed my dick on her ass hole and started to push hard. Her ass hole was very tight and it took a bit more effort than her pussy. Now her screams are cires were much louder but I did not care and kept on pumping her hard.

After five or six minutes I discharged my load in to her ass and squeezed her breast again with full power. She was crying a lot. I go to wash room and clean myself then ask her to go and clean herself. She was unable to walk so I took her in my hands and make her clean in the bathroom.

On return my emotions were now under control so I started a loving kiss on her lips and started making soft kisses on her body. She was still terrified so she again requested me to let her go. I said "theek hai chali jao lakin pehle mera lun chooso". She wants to go so she immediately took some part of my lun in her mouth and started sucking it. My lun again became in action.

I again make her lie on the bed, this time she resisted but I put her down and again put a full thrust of my dick in her pussy. She screamed but now the voice was lower. I started pumping her hard. Since it was second time I took about ten minutes to discharge. I took my lun out and spray my semens on her face and breast.

This time my lun was agian stuffed with her pussy blood and a few stains of blood on the sheet. I again took her to bathroom and we both washed. I came out of room boiled a glass of milk and asked her to drink it. After about 15 minutes she was able to walk. It was 7’o clock, I gave her 1000 rupees and said thanks.

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