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Intimate Encounter with Beautiful Air Hostess

Dear Hornie n Hott folkzz of HD, I've been reading all the stories published here though they are fantasies or realities...I am making an attempt to write my recent encounter. If there are any mistakes please excuse me for that as I am not a prominent writer...

Now coming to my encounter. I am Rahul Sharma, 27yrs old Indian... a qualified project manager from GULF. I am not as tall and as muscular as many of us write for many reasons. I am just 5"6 and I am not muscular. I have lil tummy and a very good manhood which satisfies any gal with my intimate loving.

Basically I hail from one of the most beautiful and ultra modern cities in the Globe which is Hyderabad. People who work in GULF know that usually many employees will be given 22working days as their annual vacation and I usually split my vacation and travel to my mother land for personal reasons...

Last January 2011 I was travelling to Hyderabad for Pongal in one of the famous airlines and the moment I entered the plane I got a warm welcome from a male n female cabin crew members of the plane... the female air hostess with an artificial but yet a pleasant smile guided me to my seat and I was given an Aisle seat due to my personal preferences.

We all sat in and the plane took off. After some time the Seat belt sign was turned off and there came some beautiful female cabin crew members in which 1 was very tall and the other was a lil lesser than my height...The taller one was from Russia name Cassandra (I came to know from her name) and the smaller from Lebanon... Her name's Lina...

I guess no special description is needed about Russian and Lebaneese ladies... they always are on par with our Indian sub continent ladies... I turned on my IPad 2 and started watching a Movie. Both of them were serving some hot and cold beverages and accidentally my elbow got pressed on Cassandra unknowingly and I apologized for that for which she said "that's alright and smiled at me"...

Later Lina asked me what I want to have and I requested for a Black Coffee and I unknowingly touched her hands which were quite tender n soft n made my manhood turned on suddenly. Lina has a killer looks n a sensual smile. More than any thing else I really get turned on with girls lips when they are wet with some lip gloss.. casually I inquired

"What's your nationality???" she replied "Lebanon" then I said " wow... I just want to complement you that ENTEY MARRAH HALAWAH [Arabic] (U r very beautiful) " she with a lil shy face said... "Really... wow... Shukran Habeebi (Thank u very much dear)". She left from there...Whenever she passes near me I am wantedly made sure that I would touch either with my elbow or hand along with a smile.

I used to talk to her several times in this pretext... Finally I asked "How old are you?" She told "guess!!" I told "18" then with a killing smile she said.. "U R absolutely wrong"... then I told "22 Max" she said "No 28".. I questioned " r u serious? you look so young and how come you are 28???". she just smiling and replied "Compliments given by people like you make me look younger day by day"....

I smiled and I asked her is there any place vacant back side so that we can talk....then she told " give me some time and I will get back to you"... I thought she will never come back... but after 20mins she comes back and says "please come" she took me to "Last but 1 seat at the back side" and there I thanked her.

We started conversing on various issues like Hinduism, Islam, Vegetarianism and many more n nothing about Sex... finally we exchanged numbers and emails and FB profiles and she told that she wants to see Hyderabad but she hardly gets any time. I requested her I will take care of her if she wants to come to Hyderabad for a visit.

She told she's in Hyderabad for only half a day as there is a return flight back... Then finally I convinced her to stay back in Hyderabad and she said she has to take permission and also she's not sure about visa. Finally I got down @ Hyderabad and collected my baggage and met my parents who were waiting for me...

I was so happy to meet them and at the same time soo sad that I lost LINA and I thought she would never call me as many woman say so and never do. After 3 hrs I get a call saying that " Hey how r u Rahul? Its me Lina.... Hope u remember me?? " I was like "How can I forget a gorgeous lady like u?" she smiled and said that her flight due to some technical reasons got delayed and she will fly @ Early morning 3:30...

I asked her where she's staying and she said we have got our accomodations near airport in NOVOTEL Hotel and she told if I could meet her that would be great. I just told her that I am starting right away and Without wasting any time I told my parents that I have something very important and left to NOVOTEL Hotel and went near the reception and inquired about her.

I got to know the room number but as a gentleman I requested her to come to the coffee shop as I badly wanted to have a coffee. As she was in her room she wore a Tight black top which are revealing her creamie assets(36 I guess) and a blue denim jean pant... She was looking like an angel and I was completely aroused and I immediately told her that

"U r the most beautiful and gorgeous woman on the planet I ever met" and I gave her the fresh red roses I brought along with me....She was very shy and was completely blushing and said "oh really!!!Thank you.. You made my day" and we ordered coffee and had a casual talk and I just kept my hand on her fleshy thigh and rubbed it for which I saw a blank reaction in her face.

Then we were sipping the coffee and asked her "won't u show your room" and she said "Y not??" then I paid the cash n we headed towards her room. The room was asusual good like any other star hotels with business class shades in it....

Without wasting any time I just hugged her from back side and started licking her neck for which she said... "Habeebi!! What r u doing?" I said " I have no creamer in my coffee and I want to taste your cream" saying that I immediately licked her neck and placed my hands n started squeezing her creamie assets...

then immediately I started kissing her glossy n juicy lips and inserted my tongue into hers and started exchanging saliva... I did not make an attempt to lift her in my arms but I hugged her and gently pushed her on to the bed and started kissing her and tasting her saliva...she was breathing heavily and slowly I made her to sit and removed her top and in this process she removed my t-shirt too...

she applied her tongue on chest, started licking my nipples and gave me a small bite... at the same time I as squeezing her Mangoes and inserted my hand into her bra.... She was wearing a black colored bra and the moment I touched them my manhood just woke up like a snake... the best sensation any man can have is when he touches the soft boobs n explores the juicy pussy of a female by tasting her lips n tongue...

I slowly removed her trouser also and she undid mine too... she was wearing Black panty... I praised her body and believe me folkzz shez just as creamy as Tammannah Bhatia...just a milky white body with some beautiful moles on her creamy body... I really considered myself as a lucky bastard to taste her...

I have this sensual way of loving galz with creamz n honey n strawberries n choclates n also some alcoholic beverages... As she's an airhostess I inquired if she has some choclates with her and she got me her personal favorite choclate n I applied it on her lips and started exchanging our choclate filled salivas.

She was enjoying it completely and then we both undid our undergarments and she took charge of me now by applying choclate on my chest and she started licking it and then she made me to taste my own chest choclate mixed with her saliva... then I applied and I sucked her boobs like a crazeee kid whoz hungry for milk.

I sucked her boobs for about 15-20mins and sametime I was teasing her that "I will suck your boobs until milk comes out of them"... then we took 69 position and licked eachother's pvt parts... She applied choclate on my manhood and started sucking it as a lollipop and I started eating her pussy as if I am starving without food since ages...

in 4 minutes she left my cock and stiffend her body as I was licking her pussy... then she moaned... "Ahhh Lick my Kissk (Pussy) ahh habeebi... ahhh...oh god ahh ahh" and she started jerking her body very violently and she flooded my mouth with her magical lebaneese cream.....and I tasted it... she moved away from me and closed her eyes...

I went to her and hugged her and said... "Ya Galbi (My Heart) Thank you for giving me your Labna (Labna is a milk extract which is like cheese... its usually applied on bread and will be eaten along with honey.. which is generaly called Labna-Honey. very healthy breakfast). I complemented her that "For the 1st time I loved only labna without honey" and saying that I entered her love hole by rubbing my 13-14cms manhood...

1st it slipped out then she smiled and placed her hand by guiding my manhood into her love hole... I just gave 1 push and my cock slipped deep into her labaneese pussy....both of us were really in a state of sexcitement and she hugged me tightly while I was stroking her gently.... and I whispered in her ear "Ahh Hebbaq Habeebi (love u darling)

Ah Hebbaq Shahd (Love u honey).. wallahee Entey Marrah Halawah (swear to god... u r very beautiful)" she just smiled and said..." mee too" and she immediately inserted her tongue into mine and started exchanging salivas again.... I took both her legs with my hands and I made them spread wide n entered my cock in missionary position and started the real love game...

ususally I neither fuck aggressively nor gently... but I prefer a mix of both as any female on this planet would certainly enjoy that play and personally as a male one can hold their sperms for a longer time...I fucked her hard in this position for sometime n I removed my cock n licked her pussy n ass....she got completely turned on with this act and said..

"eyyy baby... what r u doing??? u r making me very very hottt n mad for u" i immediately inserted my fingers in her mouth n started licking her pussy... after some time she took my cock and tasted her own pussy and then I asked her to be in doggy style. The moment she turned back I started licking her pussy again for 5mins and when she started shivering I inserted my cock inside and started fucking her...

this made her scream heard n she reached her orgasm in no time... my cock suddenly became very very slippary and I was fucking her slowly.... in the mean time I inserted one finger into her ass also while fucking her...she became crazeee and said..."Oh my god! what r u doing? ahh ahh"... then I told... "darling!!!

Imagine I have two cocks or imagine there are 2 guys whoz fucking u" she laughed and she said "u r very funny and sexy"... then I fucked her for a goood time and I was loosing my grip coz her fluids were just making my cock very slippary and making me to loose my control... then I started fucking her hard for sometime and I am about to cum then she said

"Ahhh baby... do it inside" this encouraged me and without any hesitation " I exploded all my thick desi fluid inside her cock.... we slept in the same posture like dead bodies for a moment then I slowly removed my cock and got up.. I went to her and she licked my cock clean and said... "ummm Indian cum is Yummy n spicy"....

I blushed and said "not as yummy as your Labna baby"..... we hugged very hard and slept naked for some time and we both took our bath together in the naughtiest ever way possible without having sex..

We ordered for lunch and some vodka for both of us... after having lunch n vodka... we had two more creamy intimate sessions....finally I got a call from my parents and I had to leave with a happy but rather a disappointing note that I would miss her so much... we hugged soo hard and smooched for 10more mins and I said I would miss her a lot...

she smiled and said she's very happy and she came 2 my ears and whispered "Love you so much... Wallah (swear on god).. we will be in touch".... I felt very happy and finally left... Later I met her in Dubai and Bahrain which I would explain you later in my coming write ups...

Hope you folkz had your pants wet reading my intimate encounter... your comments will be my energizers n inspiration for my future write-ups... Please comment. Love you all - Rahul Sharma.

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Comments (12)

Posted by Raj
on: July 16, 2011 11:01 AM | Reply

I enjoyed it a lit as if I'm fucking the air hostess. Wow simply awesome. You are a good writer too my dear friend

Posted by sandeep
on: July 16, 2011 7:13 PM | Reply

simply super

Posted by Rohan
on: July 17, 2011 7:19 PM | Reply

Awesome narration but a true fake story. Specially i couldnt understand this line "" I exploded all my thick desi fluid inside her cock"... U are too gud a bluffmaster with ur all lies....

Posted by sam
on: July 21, 2011 7:54 PM | Reply

Hi, I am not a regular visitor on HD, but, whenever get time, do take some time out for reading stories. I really liked the way you narrated the story and found it to be really true. Will look forwards to your post in the future. Take Care

Posted by Dave
on: July 28, 2011 8:24 PM | Reply

dumb story never raised my polly a bit , you think a middle east air hostess will love your dick which is not circumcised ?? , do you think the air hostesses won't know how to behave ? Novotel will give you perm.... to meet her ?? all bundle fake story emptied ur load in her cock , go fuck a sex toy man.....

Posted by vikki
on: August 14, 2011 1:37 PM | Reply

excellent narration... i feel its a real one...
Dave!!! what do u knoe about Novotel Hotel? any 5 star hotel guests are alowed if the room owner want to allow to his /her room...
i have seen a real story of Novotel, hyd in NTV ... all these are common in hi fi hotels...
waiting for ur other part Rahul...
Keep Postingdude...

Posted by Bibhash
on: August 28, 2011 11:46 AM | Reply

@ rahul : wow ! Wat a sexy fake story !

Posted by lol
on: September 1, 2011 5:27 PM | Reply

dude sankranthi in andhra n pongal in tamil
u have ur connections messed

Posted by parvez leh
on: September 4, 2011 4:54 AM | Reply

agar tera/lund/itna bada hai toh ladki ke kya zaroorat fold karke apne gand me leh lo.

Posted by raj
on: September 26, 2012 8:47 AM | Reply

i also fucked my padma aunty in novotel where i had sex for 3 days with my aunty licking all her pussy and fucking hard she is my bitch

Posted by Akash
on: April 28, 2016 9:21 AM | Reply

Simply a fake story..... make story wch feels lyk real....add some possible circumstances.... nt fake one

Posted by T haokip.
on: November 15, 2016 2:49 PM | Reply

I like ur story man,keep it up,fuck more.

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