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Meena getting fucked by Biology professor

Hi, I am tutor & I teach junior college students. I have different batches for girls & boys. The incident which I going to share with you happened in last year. A girl named Meena took admission in my biology class. She was just 20 yrs old. And what a beauty she was! She had perfect curves at the right places.

Her nice little shaped breasts always pointing up and usually she would wear tight jeans in which the curves of her ass would be clearly visible. She was quite fair & her eyes were remarkable. As she was my student I used to treat her as a kid but there was an uncontrollable temptation & desire for her that I wanted to see her naked.

She got late admission in my biology class & so she was not able to understand the concepts. So one day after my class she came to me & asked if I could take extra class for her.I saw my chance & readily agreed. I gave her the class time at 5:00 AM in the morning as everyone is asleep. Moreover no other time was available. She too agreed & started coming from the next day.

Feeling of having alone with her made me crazy about her. Seeing her early in the morning made me fresh. One day I was waiting for her then suddenly heavy rain started. Just then as I thought she won't come, she arrived fully wet. She was wearing a frock that day. As I took her in, My heart began to race faster because her body was quite visible in her wet dress.

As I looked closely iwas shocked to see that she was not wearing bra and her boobs were quite visible. Her pink hard nipples made my mouth go dry. Suddenly she realized that something was wrong & she covered it with her scarf. I gave her a towel & told her to get dried in the next room. As she went inside, I couldn't control my temptation & peeped through the keyhole.

I saw her taking off her dress & what a beauty she was! She made me hard & also wet this time. Her white slim legs made me sick. But she didn't took off her panty & I regretted to miss it. After sometime she came out & sat for the class. I started teaching her about "sexual reproduction in humans". She was feeling uncomfortable when I was explaining her about the sexual intercourse.

I told her to feel free to ask questions. She asked various questions on sex. I was surprised to know that she didn't know anything about sex & now she was having fun to know more about it. She asked if it would be fun to have a practical on it. This gave my heart skip a beat. I went near her & said smilingly that it would be fun & u must try at least for once to get thorough knowledge.

She smiled at me & said that she wanted to see male reproductive organs. She stood up & locked the door and said to me, "Sir, can u show me reproductive organs". My heart was beating faster. I nodded to her & took off my clothes. She was quite amused to see my cock. She asked me if she can touch it & I said yes. She took it in her hand & watched it closely.

The warm feeling of her soft hand made my cock go hard & it got erected. I said, "Look u have made it hard now & if u want to do it practically u can do it". She readily agreed & took off her clothes. Seeing her hairy pussy I lost my control & grabbed her started kissing her. She didn't hesitate & soon we were lip-locked. We started playing with our tongues.

My hand reached her boobs & I squeezed them gently& we kissed more passionately. I holded her in my arms & laid her on the floor & started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard & quite longer. I sucked them & bit them & my hands reached inside her panty. Her pussy was already wet. She started moaning "aaahhh aaaaahhh ooohhhhhhhhhh aaaahhh" as I gently fingered her.

I took my finger out & gave her & she licked the pre-cum of hers from my fingers. I started going down kissing her. I kissed her navel & tickled her belly button with my tongue. She enjoyed it. I moved down further and pulled off the panty.Her pussy was fresh,tight & bushy.With my finger I moved the bush so that I could see her pussy clearly.

I kissed the lips of her pussy. Her lips were quite outward and mucus was continuously coming out. I played with her lips. Fingered them hard. When it was wet enough, I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips & inserted my tongue inside & wriggled it faster. She was moaning loudly

"aaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh ssssssssssssssshhhhhh ooooohhhh sir slowly please aaaaaaahhhhh ohhh sir please aah ssssshhhhh". My mouth was full of her mucus & I gave her by kissing. She hurriedly licked all my mouth. Now I took her both legs & spread them apart. My cock already very wet & hard was raring to go inside her.

I put my cock over her pussy & first rubbed over it with the tip. I knew had to be gentle first as her pussy was very tight because she was a virgin. I gently put my cock inside her. It was very hard to go inside but I managed & as it was in halfway I felt the Hymen, the wall. She told me that she was ready. This time I gave a harder thrust but it was going difficult.

I gathered my strength & gave a powerful blow in her pussy & there she was cried loudly as I broked the seal. I felt the blood coming out but I knew I had to move on & I started fucking gently. I felt the inside heat of hers. She was hot as hell. "Oh Mina, ooooohhhhhhh yeaahhhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhh ooooohhhhh".

"aaaaahhhhhh oh sir ! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhh". "oohhhhhhhhhh Yes baby come on! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oohhhh". She was sweating & moaning loudly. " aaaaaaaahhh aaaahhhhhhhooooooohhhhhhh Fuck me harder!!!!!! Yaaahhhhhhhhh".

I started deep thrusting & did it harder. She was enjoying a lot. After some time I told her to change the position. I told her to bend over so that we could do doggy style. As she bended the view of her cute little ass made me more hard. I slapped her ass & spread her legs & started banging hard from behind. Her boobs were juggling to and fro.

I holded her boobs & fucked her harder & much faster. It was raining outside& we both were sweating inside. Then she decided to take charge. I laid down on the floor & she came & sat over me. First she rubbed her wet pussy with my cock & when it was wet enough then she gently inserted my cock inside her & started riding me.

She started riding fast, up & down up & down just like professional. My cock very hard & now much longer got deep inside her pussy such that I felt touching erectile parts of inside her. I was panting. "ohhhhh yaah baby ooohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaahhhhhhh do it baby ooooooooohhh".

"yes sir aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ooohhhh ohhhhhhhhh". I holded her tiny cone shaped boobs & squeezed them harder & so she was going faster & harder making my climax come nearer. "ooooohhhhhhh Meena baby yeaaaaaaahhhh ohhhh u bitch do it". It went deeper & deeper inside her.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh oh my god! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhh sssssssssshhh oh sir mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaah".
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh". I screamed. Just then I realized climax is nearer so I took her off & gave my cock to her to suck.

She hurriedly started sucking & giving it deep throat. The warmth of her mouth got me going & suddenly I realized the climax point & took out it out & blew the cum all over her body. Her face, boobs & navel were wet my cum. She then licked all the cum of my cock & cleaned my cock.

Then she got cleaned & dressed herself & kissed me again & told me that she had understood everything in sexual reproduction. Then she left. It was the best experience of my life of fucking a young girl & that too my student. After exams results were declared & she got the highest marks in that subject. I was glad that I taught her well. That was all I wanted, to be a good tutor of her.

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Hi readers I am Mani from hyderabad. I am telling my real incident happened 8mths back with aunt.i like to hide her real name bcz she is married. let us say she is jyothi. One day bymistake I have sent a wrong sms to a no. I got a reply from that who is this. Our conversation goes to personal chat while her husband is in school. her husband is school teacher. she just had 8 mths old baby boy.

As I have knowledge in ayurvedic, homeopathy, she ask for medicines. As she is not getting milk. So I precribed proper medicines to her so our conversation turns to hot chat. She ask about her sister. as she didnt conceive even after 2years of her marriage. I precribed tips and medicine. I asked her to meet her. She told her husband will go to school at 9 o clock.

she gave direction to home. she stands near door. I previously requested her to wear black bra,panty nighty. I stunned to see such a beauty. immediately I took inside her room and start kissing her. pressing her whole body to door.

pressing her boobs. she is like namitha. I put one hand on her pusy over her nighty. start fingering. she was leeking her juices. I looked the door. again I press her to wall from back side. her big boobs are pressing by walls. I hugged her from back side I press her round bid buts from backside. my 7inch cock raised in my pants.

I touched it on her ass crack and kissing her back. she is moaning loudly. I kiss her neck. bite her ear.started lip kissing from backside. I pressed her boobs and playing with nipple. till now we didnt talk even one word. while playing with nipples. she told dont tease meeee please take me to bedroom. while kissing her hands by lowering her nights over her arms.

there I saw black bra straps. I mood got doubled and start bitting I remove nighty she is in bra and panty I started kissing her whole body. she is in standing position and dancing for my kisses..saying yeeeeeeeey yeeeeeeeey I kissed over her panty and bra. she took me to her bedroom.

I pushed her on bed and I climbed in her start kissing her like any thing she hold me tightly and massage me where I massage her. if I message her back she is massaging my back. if I move my hand on her buts. she put hands on my buts. I insert my hand on her panty. she is removing my zip and inserted her hand on my jockey. I feed hot.

she touched my thick rod and says it might pain her. she told her husbands rod is not this much thicker. we came nude in minutes and start 69 position. my cock went deep in her mouth I felt warm. I put my fingers in her hairy pussy. rubbed her clitoris where thousand nerves of body met. it is highly sensitive part. I put my tongue deep to her pussy.

juices r ozzing from her pussy walls. I drank them. I leaked my sperm in her throat she drank. we slowly start rubbing, massage for some time. she got into mood and asking me to fuck her. she is afraid to get pregnant. I told I brought a medical oil which kills sperm (so she cant conceive or get pregnant ) and wont get std diseases each other.

it kills bacteria and fungus that carries diseases. and also works as lubricant. I applied on her pussy start rubbing in her holes to tease her pussy and ass hole. she is moaning lime anything....aaaaaaaah comeonnnnnnnnn fuck me........i diverted her that I am rubbing her ass hole suddenly I pushed in her pussy. she is having tight pussy.

I ramped her while biting her boobs neck. kissing..arms. she took my head and start lip kissing and put her stretched legs on my back and pushing towards her. I put my hands under her buts to pull towards me. she start moving her ass.both leaked at once, mine is deep inside touched her nerve. I keep inside for a while and we slept for 30 min and I fucked her again in reverse spoon angle.

there after I left her home I fucked her for 24 days in all angles. each day we tried 4 angles in 24 days we have done all angles. when her husband in school. She really trilled about these many angles to fuck. After that her sister also interested to taste, that is different story will discuss u later.

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Sexy encounter with Neha

Dear Friends Like you all I have also been reading lots of stories posted in this site which range from reality to fantasy.Friends I am a senior level banker and would like to recall some incidents which happened in my life. The names have been changed to respect the privacy of the individuals.

This incident happened more than 3 years ago.I was working with a leading bank and based out of Delhi. I was in Pune on some official work and had logged into yahoo to check my mails.Since I had some free time between meetings so I was randomly searching for some chatting frens and after 20 mins got a reply from a girl who introduced herself as Neha.

She was also from Delhi 25 years young cos women never want to grow old. Well we started talking and she told me that works for a company in Gurgaon and she seemed like a pretty bold girl by her conversation. I left after some time and we decided to restart the conversation in the evening. In the evening she was online and we started talking.

After talking in general for some time she told me that she has a cam. Needless to say that I was excited and wanted to see her and surprisingly she switched on her cam.She was a beautiful girl with fair complexion and lovely assets. She was wearing a long gown and just generally she was showing me some of her outfits and I requested her to put on a black gown knee length.

She was hesitant in the beginning but relented after my requests and after 10 mins she was on cam wearing that gown.The gown and the black colour further enhanced her beauty.Her boobs were milky white and were every man's dream to hold on to. I got an instant hard on seeing her and thanked my stars that night.

We exchanged our numbers and started talking regularly for a couple of hours. Next week I returned to Delhi and we decided to meet up.Our first meeting was in a mall in Gurgaon where we had coffee and did some general chit chat. I could notice that she was also attracted to me. In our meeting she confessed that she was actually married and wasnt happy with her marriage and her husband.

I comforted her and we planned to go for drinks on Saturday. She told me to pick her up from Dwarka close to her residence. I put on my best clothes that Saturday and went to pick her in my car with my driver.We reached at around 5 and after waiting for 15 mins Neha emerged out of her building complex dressed in a Black mini skirt and a black top.

I wish I could describe in words how sexy and seductive she was looking in that dress. I asked her how come noone in her house objected to her going out in that dress alone to which she said her husband and her in laws are out of town and she is alone with her granny who is too old to protest.Her milky white thighs and shapely legs were glowing and could make any man die on her feet lusting.

When she entered the car I was spellbound by her seductive body and couldnt believe what I was seeing.She giggled and asked me whats the matter and I said you are looking damn sexy to which she just blushed. Her top had a deep cut and her cleavage was clearly visible.She had 36 size breasts and I was getting a hard on in my pants just by their sight.

We went to Taj Man Singh and I ordered for a large bacardi and the waiter asked her what she would prefer.She ordered for Sex on the Beach seductively and the crossed her legs to give a sight of those sexy thighs to the waiter as well. We started chatting up and after a couple of drinks she became emotional recounting the problems she had in her marital life and how her husband treats her.

I comforted her with my hands caressing her sexy thighs. We had eight-nine rounds of drinks and I was deliberately drinking less and encouraging her. Finally at 8.30 we decided to leave. We sat in our car and I could sense that she was also desperate now. I started caressing her legs and slowly moved my hands up towards her pussy.

She was wearing a white panty and I slowly started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning softly and this further turned me on. I placed my other hand on her shoulder and slowly inserted my hands in her black top. I could feel the bra string and gently nudged it down. She had amazing boobs and they were so soft and so big that my hand was in seventh heaven.

She was also equally turned on by now and she started rubbing my penis over my pants. I slowly unzipped my pants so that her hand could reach for my penish.She pulled down my jockey and her first bare touch gave a tingling sensation throughout my body.She slowly started massaging my penis and I softly whispered in her ears that I want to eat her pussy.

She smiled and said in some time. Meanwhile I had unhooked her bra and my hands were massaging her bare breasts. Her nipples were pink and they turned me even more. I slowly started encirclining around her nipples with my fingers and I could see her nipples were getting erect. All this was happening while my driver was driving us through lonely bylanes where we had our own privacy.

I kept on playing with her nipples which made her wild. With my other hand I had removed her panty was was fingering her vagina which was already wet with precum. In the meantime she was enjoying with my long thick penis which she complimented for its size and length.When she couldnt control anymore she dragged me close to her and whipered in my ears "I want to eat you".

I held her close and started licking her earlobes which further turned her on. I asked the driver to stop in some place for some soft drinks. My driver was also very clever he stopped near a desolate place in Dwarka. I gave him 500 rupees and asked him to be in and around and keep a watch on the car from some distance.He smiled and nodded and went away.

I got inside the car and checked out if there was anyone around.After checking out I smiled at her and said "Now lets eat each other". She smiled and spread her legs wide.I bent down and with my mouth removed her panty.She had shaved her pussy and it was wet and hot. I slowly started licking her legs and softly giving love bites and reaching up.

She was moaning loudly as with my other hand I was massaging her erect nipples.My tongue moved up slowly to her thighs and she had milky white thunder thighs, I dig my teeth softly for a love bite and she moaned.I went further up to her vagina and started tickling the area around her vagina with my wet tongue.She was now on fire and I could sense it from her body.

I slowly started licking her vagina and inserted my tongue deep.She was screaming with ecstasy and I started sucking her juices.She tasted good and I continued for 15 mins and made her climax twice.

Now I lay back and opened my pants and told her "Now its ur turn honey". She started licking my balls and it was the best blowjob I have had ever.She was a pro thanks to her marital experience and she kept on softly nibbling and licking my balls.She then move to my penis and started sucking my penis.

My penis being long and thick she wasnt able to get it fully in her mouth but still she was damn good at her job.She sucked me for 10 mins after which I loaded my cum in her mouth.After this she got up and spread her legs. I slowly started to insert my penis in her vagina.She had quite a tight pussy considering that she was married.

My penis finally entered with a deep thrust and she screamed in ecstasy. I was pumping her and with my hands I was massaging those wonderul breasts. Her boobs were jiggling which further turned me on and I kept on pinching and kneading them with both hands. We continued for 10 minutes after which I removed my penis and asked her to drink my cum.

She gladly opened her mouth and drank it.We lay their in each others arms for another 15 mins post which I got a missed call from my driver. I called him and asked him to come. I dropped Neha at her place at around 10.30 at night and then went home. After this I had many such encounters with Neha for another year, will post the same next time. Would love your feedback on this.

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Kumar fucking wifes cousin

Hi,to everyone of this sexy site. I'm kumar again come with 2nd part of my sexy life. This part with my wife's cousin named tikina. My wifes name is kousalya. Now she is praignent with 5months. Come to the fact. Mere bare main to aap sabko pata hai. My wifes cousins name TIKINA. She is 24 year and 1year elder to me. My flat is a small having 2room.

One bed room and a drawing room. Doc said to sleep at diff place. Thats the problem. After a lot of discussion we decided that my wife sleep at drawing room and her cousin sleep with me in the bed room. When we sleep, there is no problem till 7days. She wears saree at home. After 7 day one night, I woke up at 2am.

And I saw her saree fall down and her big milk boob are at 90 degree to the roof. I surprised those are much big than my aunt means wife. I cant control myself and give a kiss on these melons. I didnt find any reaction on that. I'm aroused and open my shirt and sleep with only pant. I sleep putting a hand on the boob till mng. In mng I woke up early but act like that i'm in sleep.

She woke up and does not react at this and go out side giving a naughty smile. I'm aroused and mastubarate by pressing my lund to the bed. Next night I decided to feel more and dont wear any underwear, I sleep only in pant. That night she sleeps more closer to me, that is only 1fit away from me. I feel more comfortable. After 1hour of sleep I put my hand on her and then my leg on her thigh.

I feel heat on her thigh and I roll one round that coule I can smell her. Then she sleep facing me. I can read her mind and I came more closer to her that shoule my chest touch her boob. After some time she put a hand on me and I dont control my self and huge her immedietly. And plant a kiss on her shoulder. Immedietly she responded to me and gavd a kiss on my lip and I also respond her.

we kiss each other for 15min. Inbetween those 15min she unzip my pant ane hold my lund in her hand and press it. Immedietly my lund became hard. Then she made me nude and I also made her nude. We slept huging each other nakedly without speaking a word. Next morning she came to give cofee and saw me nude and fefl shy.

At that time I grab her hand and pull her towards me. And give a kiss, then she became bold and gave me a blowjob saying good morning and take my all cum into her mouth and mix her saliva with it and gave me a kiss for 15min and go back. That night we take our dinner early at 8.30pm and go to our room and we take a shower together and goes to bed nakedly.

Then immedietly she gave me a blowjob and told me F U C K M E. I surprised and gaue a kiss tn her and start to suck her boob and she started to moan loudly like AAAAAHHHHH UUHHUUHHUUHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU... She started to say dirty languages like MUJHE CHOD FUCK ME AND INBETWEEN THESE WORDS SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE WANTS TO MARRY ME.

I kiss every part of her body and lastly go to her pussy which was full with small hair. I suck her pussy and fuck with tongue and then with finger. Then she moan loudly, to cover her sound I kiss her on her lip. Then I put my lund to her pussy and rub her pussy with the tip of my lund for 10 minute.

Then she got a strong orgasm io my hand, I drank all the cum which taste much better than my aunt means my wife. Then I enter my lund into her vagina which was very tight and with another push I enter half of my lund into her vagina and her hymen ruptured. At that time I came to know that she is virgin.

That fact gave her a lot of pain and we rest for 15 minute and then we started our fucking session. I fuck her for 20 minute and she got another strong orgasm and then I fuck her for another 15 minute and I told her that I am cumming, she told me to cum inside her mouth and I came inside her mouth and she drank all my cum. Then we rest for one hour.

And then go the bathroom and wash each other. And then we slept huging each other hole night. The next day night I went to fuck her she started to crying. I ask him whats the reason. She told me that I LOVE YOU. I want to marry you. I surprised and told that I marry your sister.

She said no problem, I will manage it. Then after 7 days all family member of her came to my house, I was afraid. Then all member made some disscusion my wife ask me that will you marry my sister tikina . I mumbled and dont say anything for some time. Then said that yes.

Then after 2days I marry tikina in court in presence of all menber. Now I enjoy with tikina frankly. I already planed my future sex life with 2 wife. Please post your comment and then i'll tell my future plan to all of you.

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A warm hello to all the readers of this unique site.Unique in its own place as it lets us know the different experiences we all have as human beings, not only emotionally but physically as well.I like to read up stories here which indeed sound genuine.And as for the stories which talk about a guys with 1km long dicks fucking milfs with 42D or whatever, I pity those writers.Anyway, to each his own. I better get on with it.

So, here I am, Sia, aged 23, pursuing my BA.LLb from by far the best Law School of India. I better not get into the details now. Basically, im about to narrate my sexual encounter with a professor of my University.How he, despite being 19 years elder to me, got me in his bed.How despite I having a very lovable boyfriend, developed lust for this man and the intense pleasure that still comes through when with him.

How one of the hottest chics of the university(not my doing) fell for a very average looking married Indian man and the dirty little secrets of this affair. Let me give a brief picture of the happenings of this story.I am a student of law, the duration of which is 5 years.Presently, I am in my 4th year and will graduate in 2012.Early this year, a professor who taught us left the college for some job.

In his place came this new Prof, Suresh Sharma(name changed), from Delhi University.At first sight he doesnt look like a prof of law.Rather a bouncer or something.42 yrs of age, 6'1,balding head, a little dark complexion and a bulky and heavy body.He wasnt fat but had wide arms and a big chest and the height only made him look very huge in general.

But what impressed me about him was his teaching and style of talking.He is an extremely good teacher of law with a very good command over language and the law itself.He is a glib talker who attracts the attention of the audience with some ease.He always remained in control of the lecture and is consedered as one of the best faculty on campus.

I was highly impressed by him, not physically but intellectually.This was about him.Now il tell u something about me. I am 5'8, a milky white complexion, 36C, 30, 32. An hourglass figure as 'Men' would call it(thanks to my mum :P).I have been in a relationship with a guy since my second yr of college and we are already two years into it.

By bf is envied by a large population, in and outside the college as well.For pretty obvious reasons.Now to the gist of the story.My law school, like all others is a residential University. But Sharma Sir had a family and children and thus had his own house in the city unlike some other teachers who stayed in the campus itself.

Almost the entire college, including the teachers knew about my relationship with Harsh(my bf).We used to sit next to each other in the class as well and it was pretty evident by our conduct that we were seeing each other.Our teachers, just as the classic university teachers are, were not even bothered about any such things in the class as they were only concerned with wrapping up the lecture and 'moving ahead'.

Couples in the class continued their gossip and cuddling.But this Sir was a little different.The way he looked at me in class was weird and at times uncomfortable.He never objected to anything but used to noticed me with a keen eye.I was a good student in his subject and thus while speaking to each other everything seemed very normal.

While talking to me in the class or outside or in his cabin, he used to act just like a teacher would, but while looking at me from far away I could notice him scanning me carefully.I dint speak about this to anyone including Harsh.I just let ignored it and tried to act my usual self. But soon then something happened which I took me completely by surprise.

I got a back in his subject.This was the first time in 4 yrs I had got a back in that subject.I had no clue why or how this came about to be but had to appear for the improvement paper nonetheless.There were only 5 people from my section who had to appear again. On that day I had worn a pink top and blue jeans shorts.

After all the lectures were over, Sir came in with the papers and asked us to settle down.He looked at me and smiled.I was sitting on the second last bench and smiled at him as well.He then started giving out the papers and when he came to my desk he just froze in front of me.I could see him looking at my legs with all his concentration.Suddenly he realized his doing and moved away.

Just as we were about to start writing our papers, he asked me to get up and come and sit on the first bench.I could'nt question him and did the same.None of the other 4 people gave this much thought and started writing the paper.As I was writing, I happened to glance at Sir.To my shock, he was staring at my bare waxed legs and was not even bothered to see if I was writing or not.

I crossed my legs and made a slight feral noise from my throat.He looked at me and instead of feeling ashamed he gave me a dirty looking grin.All others were busy in their papers.I thought he would stop staring after that, but he only continued with ever more concentration. I tried to feign ignorance and continued writing.

As I was feeling a little discomfort because of the heat I decided to tie my hair into a bun.I kept my pen down and started tying my hair.As I was doing that I saw him shift his glance from my legs to my boobs and armpits.I could feel his eyes all over me.I tied them quickly and started writing again.He then got up and came right in front of me and stood there.I continued writing.

After a minute or two I looked up and saw him.He had his eyes glued at my boobs and as I had bent a little maybe some cleavage of mine was visible.He again grinned at me.He then moved away and started walking in the clas with his cellphone.As he was turning I noticed a bulge in his pants.Looking at that I felt a little excited and the thought that he got an erection looking at me made me feeling a little high.

By now I knew what he was upto.Still I decided to leave it alone and continue.Just then I received a sms on my cell.I took it out from my bag and discretely and read it.It was an unknown number.It read, 'I know ur liking it.Arent u? Uve got some amazing assets. Come to my cabin after the paper at 3.Dont worry ;) Suresh Sharma'.

It took me a minute or two to actually realize what had happened.I couldnt even complete the paper and he came to collect it.I wasnt making any eye contact with him and as he came up to collect my paper he rubbed his hand against my palm.It was a soft yet firm hand and while I was worrying about the sms and the things to come, this touch just made me forget all of that.

To put it simply, I felt good down there.If given a chance most men would like to have me in their bed, but im not a whore to like that.It was only this time that even I suddenly had the hots for this man, 19 years older to me.The paper got over and we started leaving the class.As I told you, this entire situation had put me in a fix and my senses had become slow.

I was the last one to leave the class.As I was going out, Sir in a very faint tone whispered my name, 'Sia'.I looked around and saw him do something shocking again.He slowly put his middle finger of his right hand in his mouth and took it out making a sound of sucking and winked at me.I dint respond and just left the class.As I stepped out, this thing started making me wet inside.

The thought of an elder married man having sex with me was highly enticing.Half an hour later he had called me in his cabin.I went straight to my room.I sat there alone for the next half n hour till 3 and thought about it.I was getting horny.I changed my clothes into something more revealing.I wore a red tank top and a knee length skirt.I put some rose perfume under my armpits and neck.

I wore my heels and at 3 I reached his cabin.I knocked at his door to which he replied 'come in Sia'.I opened the door and asked him, 'Sir how did you know it was me?'.He said he knew for sure that I would me coming and looked at me from top to bottomThe room was really cold by the AC.He dint say anything after that.He gestured to me to sit on the sofa and went near the door.

He latched the door.As soon as he did that I got a little scared even though my intentions were cruel as well.I thought he would come next to me or something.But he did something totally different.He went to his chair and sat down.He then said,'Im not even going to touch you.'I was wodering what did he mean by that.He then unhooked his belt und unzipped his pants.

I was feeling awakward sitting there and watching my sir do this.He stood up and removed his pants and threw it on the floor.He had hairy legs and a big bulge in his undies.He sat again and in one shot took out his monster cock.It was dark and huge.He had lot of pubic hair.He was looking straight into my eyes and started stroking his cock.I was also staring into his eyes sitting motionless.

His 8 inch dick(the biggest ive seen) was wet with pre-cum.He then rubbed his fingers over his cock and sniffed them and moaned.That really aroused me.I could control and just let out a soft 'aaah'.My juices had begun flowing now.I wanted him to fuck me now.He could see that by my expresssions.He then removed his underwear wiped his pre-cum and flinged it on me.

It fell on my lap.He said, 'Bitch, smell it.'I felt humiliated but I felt horny.It was like im his slave and he's ordering.I waited for 5-10 secs and then picked it up and sniffed it.It had a pungent cum odour which made me evn more wet.Now I couldnt control any longer.I got up and went upto him and sat in his lap facing him.His erect monster almost tore my panties as I sat.

He grabbed me and pressed my ass very hard and pulled me further ahead.He bit my left boob from over the top itself.I let out a deep moan.He then ran his hands over my bare arms and lifted them up.He first smelled my clean shaved armpits and then licked the left one.He became even more horny after doing that.

He removed my top in one go and squeazed my boobs extremely hard over my black coloured bra.He unzipped my skirt and threw it away.I was now in my lingerie only.He then asked me to remove his shirt which I did.He had a very hairy and broad chest.I felt like a small child in his overwhelming arms and the tight grip that he had.I had never felt like this earlier.

My boyfriend was no match to this person who was about to take me to paradise.He looked and me, caught my face and pulled it swiftly towards his face.My Goodness.That was the best smooch ever.Our salivas were mixing well and his tongue was playing with mine.But the intensity with which he was kissing me was exhilirating.

Then all of a sudden he stopped and in a jerk, he caught my bra from the cups and tore it apart and threw it on the ground.Before I could react, he had my tongue in the mouth again.He then took each of my pink nipples in his warm mouth and played with them like a dog for 5-6 minutes.At one point he almost bit me on my right nipple and when I said 'Ouch', he lifted me and got up.

He then with one hand pushed all the files and books from his table and lay me on it.I felt very cold on it for a second.He was about to warm me.He then said, 'You slutty bitch, im going to eat you up today.'Saying that he slid down my wet panties and sniffed it deeply.He then bent down and started doing what a woman wants.He first rolled his tongue over my pussy and then started sucking it.

Even my bf has done it once or twice but not even remotely close to this.As my moans started increasing and I began going out of control, I expected him to stop doing it.I started pushing away his head, but the animal that he was, he dint stop.Instead he pinned my hand to the table and kept eating me.I had tears in my eyes and was moaning uncontrollably.

I then came with a flowing river on his face which he licked and drank merrily.He then got up with the same dirty grin and said now,'Now ur turn.What happened after that I will put up in the next part of the story. Sia.

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