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Deepa fucked by father in law - I

This story belongs to one Deepa Patil as per what she chatted with me. I like it as it's a first insect story that I liked, I hope you too will like the same. Next morning, my cunt was sore. I felt a little discomfort while walking. However, as the day progressed the pain was replaced by a gentle tenderness.

Even after the painful experience of last night, I eagerly waited for the next night. I was longing to go through that experience again, wanted to feel my Dinkar's cock sloshing in my tender pussy and then ejaculating his seeds inside my depth. As I waited eagerly, I sensed a wetness seeping between my pussy lips. It was very strange; I had never felt like that before. I was dying to get laid again. I felt ashamed of my lustful thoughts.

That night, I took the entire length of his cock inside my pussy. My cunt was still sore from the previous day's adventure, but I didn't stop Dinkar. He continued ramming his cock into me and after some effort it was completely buried in my hungry depths. Dinkar fucked me in a slow rhythm until he erupted inside my cunt, like a hot lave filling it with his hot seed. I rather liked the feeling of his hard cock jerking and erupting inside me.

After that day, for a just 2-3 weeks we fucked almost daily. But his work and late hours has already tired him as after a month it was once a week hardly he felt like touching me. He gets into bed and goes in to deep slumber even before I enter the bedroom. It was almost after 6 months I noticed one day Sunitha our maid going as usual to meet my stepfather in law.

I was thinking of sex and was curious to know what was going. I tip toed and went to the terrace hiding myself and was near the window to peep what was going inside. We were on the first floor but our terrace was covered with Asbestos cover. I just peeped in to see and was mad seeing Sambhaji my father in law seated in a big single sofa couch with his lungi opened

on either side or Sunitha our maid was on her knees on the soft fur carpet sucking of my father in law's prick, while he was playing with her huge tits. The sight of my father in law's prick, greatly excited me. It was so big and thick and so proudly standing at attention as the maid tried to take as much of it in her mouth.

I never thought in my wildest dream that men have such kind of penis. Before my marriage I thought seeing young kids prick and feeling Dinkar's prick which was just half of what his father was having. I could not believe cock is something that you take in our mouth to pleasure a man. The maid was sucking him furiously. I was wet like anything. I could see my father in law gripping her hair and making her suck it fully.

Within 5 min he yelled "ahhhh chuutttdddd leeee ahhhhh". I could see his prick spitting of cum in her mouth face and he kept on cumming for a half a min or so and then again she sucked him off dry licking his balls and cock for another 5 min. I rushed back to my room and was in my bathroom straightaway. I finger fucked for the first time in my life.

For the next 2 weeks I began to notice changes in my step father-in-law's behavior. I don't know why I began to notice the way my stepfather in law looked at me. I caught him, a number of times, staring at me in a peculiar way. He began to seek excuses to visit the kitchen every now and then. I normally spent most of my time in the kitchen or in my bedroom.

Often, I found him coming to the kitchen on one pretext or another and trying to talk to me. At times, I found him staring at my bosom with a lecherous look in his eyes. There were certain occasions when I felt his eyes boring into my cleavage. Sometimes, when I passed near him, I had a strange feeling that he had been ogling my buttocks.

He started talking which in the beginning were just with respect to some work now days he was talking about me my family my sisters and all that stuff. I was afraid and got suspicious what made him change.

One day as I was working in the kitchen I tripped and fell because of the access water on the floor. My father in law was next to me immediately. I was sitting on the floor and my buttocks were hurting as I feel slam on it. I felt his hands came from behind and gripping me by chest he lifted me. I immediately tried to free myself telling him, "babuji I am ok".

But he didn't let me go and immediately his hands were underneath my legs and he lifted me so coolly and took me to my bedroom. I always taught in my dreams that Dinkar could be lifting me in the same way and making love to me. He tried to press my legs I immediately pulled my legs telling him that I am ok.

After that day father-in-law often use to call me to play cards with me in his room. He would purposely touch my hand; arm while playing and I could feel his glimpses were on my breasts thru my nighty. I could see a erection between his legs. After seeing his cock get sucked by Sunitha our maid I always started getting wet sitting in front of him.

The third week after the incident things changed more rapidly, as it was a holi. Poor Dinkar left for his work at his petrol pump, Father in law too had gone out. Some of our neighbor came to our house and made me wet and colored me with all the colors in their hand. They were all women's and at the same time I saw father in law climbing up the stairs and he too was drenched in color. Seeing him I went in. I was in a nightie and that was wet.

I was about to go in to my bathroom for a change he called me, and started applying color to me. He hugged me and I could feel his hugging a bit tight and for the first time I could feel his hard-on on my stomach and squashing my heavy breasts in the hug. He then kissed my forehead. I was wet instantly and could not control. I just excused and rushed back to my room. That was the first incident I literally felt his huge manly body.

It was a hug I ached from Dinkar for a long time. My stepfather in law was getting close to me every now and then on some pretax or the other. There was an invitation from my father's place that my second sister was going to get engaged. It was an instant engagement.

As usual Dinkar gave his lame excuse of work as his manager too was on leave and I was surprised to come to know that father in law said that he would accompany as it doesn't looks good to send me alone. We left immediately with my stepfather in law the driver and me. I was bit relaxed as he was sitting in front. My father was happy to see Sambhaji and they went out for something.

There were lot of relatives and so I forget about my father in law till late night. With the function going on I was dead tired with the long journey, so I went to sleep in my bedroom, back where I left almost half year back. We had separate beds for all 3 sisters. I didn't cared about others or even my father in law. I just need a deep sleep.

Even before I could have come out of my slumber, I felt hands all over me cupping, fondling and caressing me intimately. I was surprise and shocked it was my father in law lying beside me on my bed "Babuji kay kar rahe ho pleaseeee". I hissed, fighting to free myself from his embrace but he was too strong for me and somehow my inner strength was not there.

The sudden impact of my craving lust was just too much for me handle at that instant. But somehow I managed to bring my hands to his chest and pushed with all my strength, but again of no avail. I think that he realized that it was a comprising situation for me I can't do anything right now but just to murmur for him to stop. I didn't want to do any kind of drama and that too in my own house with so many relatives around knowing that my father in law was mauling me.

He looked into my eyes as he slid his arms around my waist and tried to pull me close to him, but I managed to put my backside to him. I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I could visualize the same cock when Sunitha our maid was sucking it. I knew it was big but didn't know it was rock solid as a hot iron rod.

As I tried to pull away from him, he reached up and gripped my hair and pulled my head back and kissed my lips as I struggled against him. He slid his tongue into my mouth as I tried to turn my head away but he held my head in place as chewed me on my lower lip. As he broke off the kiss to look into my eyes, I was filled with lust but controlled the same and said to him,

"Babuji Pls Aap kya kar rahe ho? Bhagwan ke liye aisa mat karo! Please stop." Mein apke beta ka patni hoon hoon." But he was like an animal at that time. He pulled my head back and gripped one of my arms and held it behind my back and said to me. Kay karu jab tere maa aur pitane mujhe is kamre sone bola mujhe kay pata tu yeh pe yeh.

Aur teri nangi tange dekhe mera lund ne mujhe baichan kar diya abhe tu hi bol" Saying the same he leaned over and kissed me hard and slid his tongue into my mouth. He then broke off the kiss and turned me on my back and got over me with out warning and while I was facing him, kissed me hard on the lips for the next 10 minutes.

As I was gasping for breadth, I tried to take away my face from his hold, he quickly put all his weight on me pinned my arms over my head and continued the kiss. I was suddenly drowning into the world of desires, desires that were never full by my husband, but I was also feeling shame as after all he was just like my father, who was twice my age.

Suddenly he stopped kissing me but kissed down my body from my blouse, over my nipples and to my navel. This was breaking all my limit and I again pleaded him babuji please yeh kya kar rahen ho aap". But more than half of me wanted this more than anything else as he kissed and licked my navel. He then kissed me down on the outside of my left leg to my toes, moving slowly up and down my leg kissing and licking my leg.

I forgot I was married to his step son and was trying to tell me that its just harmless and after all he has done so much for my family, what's the harm if just wants to kiss and lick me. But at the same time I just couldn't believe what was happening. His hands were on my buttocks, feeling them, squeezing them as he was actually caressing me back there! I didn't know what to do. Till now I had though that I was in control.

Should I order him to stop, or should I just ignore it? If I would have got angry and shouted the whole house will come down there. Then, I was in two minds and said to myself I am no slut and couldn't stand it no longer, it was now or never or else he will not let me even sit in the house when we come back to Pune as if I am all alone most of the time. "Please babuji stop, nahi to maine chilaungi" I said breathing heavily.

I could only stare in horrified amazement at his grinning face in the dark. "Please babuji" I said in a bit harsh tone of quiet command, but he only edged forward, and then suddenly, grabbed me by the wrist, pulling me close to him. His other arm closed tightly around me, and I was paralyzed with lust for the hug I always wanted. "Cahlo chilao aur jor se chilao call everyone aur sabkho dekhne de mein tere sath kay kar raha huw"

He taunted. "Mein teri pati ko achi tarha se janta huw, teri jaise sexy ladki ke liye vo chutad to bana hi nahi. Aur tune to mera lund dekha hi" I said "kay". He said "Deepa abh ban mat, maine to ghat ghat ka pani pe chuko huw, kuch hafte pahele tu meri khidki ke bhar kay kar rahi ti I knew my stupidity and I couldn't believe that he knows about my husband and me very well what is our weakness.

Hearing no words from me after humiliating me his hand slip down along the curve of my waist and once more pressed my buttock, squeezing it intimately in a lustful gesture. I felt totally devoid of control over my own body and mind. I realized that's no point in making him afraid as in fact he was the one who was dominating me completely.

I was barely aware of his hand caressing my tummy, insinuating itself into my navel, inching slowly towards the folds of my sari. I was feeling so much shame and also his fingers were really tickling me so much on my tummy that I just let my head burry in his naked chest and my eyes were closed. I could feel his erect cock touching my stomach over my sari.

I again felt his wandering hand press against the softness of my belly and move downwards toward my sari folds. My sari's folds were getting undone and I was in no position to put them back on. Then he pulled on my sari and pushed it to my thighs. I thought wildly, really aware for the first time that someone was taking off my sari, not even my husband had done this for me.

His hand was actually inside my petticoat now and was edging upwards towards my now trembling wet cunt. I was taken aback by this and I said to him mumbling weekly, "Babuji, please yeh sabh mat karo Babuji, koi a jayega," He ignored my please, "itne rat mein kaun ayega, aur darwaza andhar se mein teekh tarah se band kiya hai, tu us bat ka chinta mat kar".

He raised both my hands above my head and pinned them firmly with one hand. With his other hand, he pulled on my sari till it was just a pile of cloth at my feet. Now, I was lying there in my thin blouse and petticoat. I was so ashamed my stepfather in law taking advantage of me, but there was nothing I could do.

Then he pulled on the strings holding my petticoat. Pretty soon, my petticoat was also on my thighs. "Oh, babuji mat pleaseee ruk jao" I again hissed, struggling wildly. My startling thoughts had thrown me off balance, putting me off guard, and now, this revolting man was trying to fondle me down. "Chinta mat kar Deepa beta, tunhe to mera lund dekh hi liye, is andhere mein main dekh to nahi sakhta magar sung to sakhta huw

He took advantage of my immobility and eased his hand inside the flimsy nylon protection of my panties and slipped down to the soft, hair-covered vagina. The fingers hesitated there for a moment before slipping inward and teasing slowly into the warm moist furrow of my pussy. A shudder coursed through me as I felt his hard insistent fingers down between my thighs on my naked genitals. I felt powerless to move.

He had forced his hand inside my panties as I had allowed things to get this far as and now, there was nothing I could do about it! I felt broken, but my mind was telling me that I am just a victim of events because it's all the fault of my husband who was just not a man enough to satisfy me. On top of that this is the first time someone else was cajoling my vagina so gently.

His fingers probed and searched in my cunt folds, exploring the smooth, slightly pulsating lips, teasing them. I was surprised at my own reaction to another man's hand between my legs, but couldn't deny that the strange fingers didn't feel bad down there. No, it can't be! My mind screamed, it couldn't be happening to me. But there was no doubt about it as I couldn't deny it.

I was beginning to Enjoy his fingers in my pussy, and in spite of my mind's horror, my traitorous body was beginning to undulate gently in time to his insistent fingers between my thighs. My stepfather in law felt a surge of triumph on sensing my submission to him. There was no denying that I was beginning to like it as he could feel sensuous flexing beginning inside my trembling vagina,

and my whole body was beginning to shiver in anticipatory pleasure. Tiny moans of pleasure began to erupt from my lips and I leaned more into him. I was being subjugated by the betrayal in my body, my will to resist curbed by the greater mastery of desire. His other hand was working for the first time on my firm rounded breast, squeezing and tweaking the hard turgid nipple through me blouse.

Then, with a sudden upward movement between my legs, he ground his fingers hard into the wetly throbbing opening of my cuntal passage and wormed their stubby tips far up inside me. "Oohhhhh I moaned, jolted by the searing entry of his hard fingers. His fingers continued their wild rotator plundering inside me, and I felt weird new sensations flow through my body.

Oh this is better than when I did it myself as I thought helplessly in the daze of my passion, as I pressed my now hungrily pulsating clitoral bud down on the relieving hardness of his hand. And suddenly, I was there, in that unreachable nest, gliding down into a feather soft resting place.

"Oooohhhhh I chanted by pressing my mouth on his hairy sweaty chest, I'm cumming babujiiii ohhhhh my hips were jerking in a heated rhythm, and I was smashing my vagina down onto his tiring hand in ceaseless motion, and my hotly seeping pussy juices simmered down onto his fingers and lubricated them completely as they continued to instigate new and exciting pleasure inside me.

Then, finally, when the heated sensations of passion had subsided and my body was reduced to convulsive twitching, a blanketing peace came over me. My body was telling me that I deserve to be loved. After all I never what was a orgasm it was just because of my stepfather in law who gave me my first orgasm but at the same time my mind was just not ready to go down to such level,

that too getting a orgasm being nude with my husband's father as I knew it was real trouble once I am back in Pune. Before I could come to my senses I could see in the dark as he started removing his clothes. I was lying on my back with my leg slightly bent at the knee. He then lied close to me started to kiss my neck, ears and nipples over my blouse.

I was not aware of it when he eased on me. I realized this was not over when he lifted my hips, and started pulling my panties down and over my hips and slid down my legs. Slowly, father in law parted my thighs apart, bending and raising the right knee to give him even easier access to my sweet young un-fucked pussy by a real man.

Then, with quickening breath, he knelt between my ankles and stared with hungry eyes at my soft pubic hair and my cunt. I felt as if my cunt called out, begged to be touched, to be kissed, and to be eaten. The hardness of his throbbing bare prick rubbed against my ankles and I thought my! Its certainly is so hot and hard. I could feel the warmth of his palms on my inner thighs as his hands pushed them even further apart.

It was not until my smooth young legs were completely widespread that I began to regain some semblance of consciousness, and even then I was incapable of evaluating completely what was happening to me. I knew my naked body has surrendered to my husband's father, and my legs were spread wide apart, that warm hands were stroking the insides of my thighs. Everything felt wonderful.

He paused a moment, waiting for some protest, then felt my momentarily stiffened legs relax and fall limply open again. He grinned and licked his lips as if I either knew or I didn't know what he was about to do. Either way, I was permitting him to go ahead. He stroked my inner thighs gently but didn't say anything in my response.

He only knelt above me now, his face twisted in hungry passion. My eyes first time trailed down his broad chest and flat stomach to his erect penis that stood out like a pole from his dark curly path of pubic hairs. His hand began to stroke his cock,Ab meri bari yeh, meri jaaan, Father in law said, watching my face with distress.

"I'm going to fuck you, aur jab mera lund puri tarah teri choot ki andhar jayega tujhe satva asman ke kushi meh sus hogi, His obscene words both frightened and excited me. I was shocked when he took my both hands and placed it on his cock. Oh gawd it was such a hot monstrous rod just by feeling it, he parted my legs further and told me, "Chal ise apni chut ki darshan karwa de"

I was terrified just hold it and said "Oh, no babuji no Please maine nahin kar sakthi" "Do it, jaldi" he said, softly but firmly. I started to protest, but when I encountered his hot throbbing rod I just felt like leaving it, "Ohhhhh Gawdddd, I moaned, as my fingers tightened around the thick fleshy hardness "Go on Deepaaa," he whispered, lowering his hips between my widespread thighs. Jis tar se dalna chati yeh us tarah se dal de teri choot mein."

I didn't think any more about what was happening as I guided the fleshy shaft to the drenched mouth of my wet pussy. The thick, bulbous head surged between my cunt lips, then pressed slightly inward, causing shivers of new unwanted pleasure to surge through my abdomen. I didn't move as I felt the pressure increase and my small, wet cunt opening starting to stretch.

Perhaps the sensation I felt could be called pain, but it was pain with an indescribably sweetness, so gooooood, not really pain, but killing pain with pleasure. Oooohhhh, Deepaaa you're so tight," Father in law breathed. "Dinkar ne abh talak tumhare sath kuch kiya ki nahin, He pushed again, and the ponderous head slowly pressed into my wet, hot opening. I was so well lubricated from his finger fucking and on my own that he knew it would be good for me too.

It was wonderful as I felt the full length of his hardness scraping at every hidden spot of delight within my pussy, and felt his cock head hammering at the portals of my untouched little womb. Slowly he thrust into me, inch by inch, until he just jerked his hips forward in one final thrust and his hard hot cock roared into previously untouched territories of my most sacred;

treasure what my religious mother had always called my most precious sanctuary which was going to be just for my husband. Aaaahhhh, I moaned loudly, as the lust-hardened pole of father in law surged deeper into me than I could have imagined. My father-in-law led me almost to the bursting point and I could actually feel every muscular edges of his cock through the hot moistened walls of my vagina,

while I could hardly feel anything when his own son's cock was in me. He lay still for a moment as my passage became accustomed to his barbaric rod, the whimpers of pain and protest gradually changed to little chants of pleasure. Father in law started rotating his hips, grinding his cock against my vagina until the mushroomed head was beating relentlessly against my hot pulsing cervix.

He rocked above me, thrusting with long, smooth motions, rising and falling, rising and falling. I had begun moving my hips in unison with his simultaneous harmony. Already I felt tremendous jolts of pleasure arcing throughout my abdomen. Already my body was feeling more than I had ever dreamt possible. My mouth opened and closed in wordless moans.

My neck tendons swelled, then grew taut, with the hoarse panting of carnal joy. His giant throbbing cock buried deep inside my pulsating cunt. No longer did I think of anything, of my husband, my parents who were under the same floor my sister who was going to get engaged in the morning or any morals or anything.

I just loved his cock moving in and out of my cunt which my body reacted and greedily sought more and more pleasure, and the obscene words boiled out of my, ohhh babujiii ahhh. I found my knees clenching and unclenching around his muscular buttocks with each powerful thrust of his wonderful cock.

He reached down and wrapped his arm under my head and pushing his sweating face down toward mine, and his tongue shot deep into my mouth, in a wild semblance of oral tongue flickering. He jammed me with ever increasing force as my tightly locked young vagina continued to pour out hot lubricant, lengthening his stroke, drawing his huge rod almost out of the fleshy,

moisture drenched sheath, and then plunging downward in quickening strokes as my cunt hungrily devoured it aaaaaggghhhhhhhh," I moaned as his cock slammed into and brushed past the cervix, gasping and coughing with each inhalation into my tortured lungs. The wildly fucking Babuji's sperm inflated balls slapped hard down against the nakedness of my anus.

He began ramming me with increasing fury, wanting to bring me to orgasm before he himself, came. I screwed my tongue into his throat in unison with each new thrust that buried his burning cock deeper. I pulled my legs back even higher, offering him more and more of my greedy little cunt. I was uttered surprised when his hand slipped down beneath my buttocks and teased at the flexing hole of my tiny puckered anus.

"Aaaaggghhhh oh, yes! I just couldn't believe till that time if that too was that pleasurable for men's. I have heard when I was in school about double cassette player but knew that you can play both side of the cassette that gives you pleasure. I rotated my ass down hungrily against his finger as it surged inside my asshole, which was a totally new pleasure for me.

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Comments (17)

Posted by azzu
on: September 20, 2011 7:32 PM | Reply

Too good narration.....one of the best story telling...pls continue

Posted by Raj Aaryan
on: September 20, 2011 7:35 PM | Reply

For one this is not 'insect' it's 'INCEST'

AND sex with father in law does not come under incest.

Incest is with blood relations like brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunty.

The story is good though, carry on narrations and make a slut out of Deepa ;-)

Posted by ganesh
on: September 21, 2011 6:21 AM | Reply

oh my good ness!

how sensually narrated!!

its tooooo hot!

Posted by shashank
on: September 21, 2011 10:55 AM | Reply

Very gud narration . Keep on posting .

Posted by Sunny
on: September 21, 2011 11:53 AM | Reply

I dont care about incest or not... but I like Deepa the slut.... she is sooooo sexy, hot, inviting,, really wanna fuck her..

Posted by Ajay
on: September 21, 2011 3:38 PM | Reply

WONDERFUL STORY, IF TRUE. Could not stop myself from reading this beautiful-juicy story in one go. Carry on writing & fighting. CONGRATS. If possible give me a chance.

Posted by Neha
on: September 22, 2011 9:59 AM | Reply


One of the best for year 2011.

Posted by anand
on: September 22, 2011 12:00 PM | Reply

what a narration 5 star rating 1 of the best stories keep on the good work

Posted by ashhu
on: September 22, 2011 4:16 PM | Reply

really its a very good dick raising story.. keep on

Posted by lionking
on: September 23, 2011 3:59 AM | Reply

Deepa absolutly funtasic very hot and exciting way of describing the fucking...i loved girl...

Posted by ravi
on: September 23, 2011 7:14 AM | Reply

Omg that was hot hot Hawwwwwwwwt

Posted by Simon
on: January 17, 2014 3:10 AM | Reply

Best story of a lustful

nice, i too fucked my sis-in-law when she was studing in masters staying with us, i use 2 wear her panty, suck her pussy @ night 2.00 when my is n deep sleep. Still day i suck her pussy & save her pubic heirs with my saving blade. I drink her urine, she is deepa

Posted by Deepa Patil
on: November 10, 2014 5:49 AM | Reply

Thank you guyz a lot 4 READING My True story. I hope you guyz liked it a lot ... Kindly give me few more days as my Father-in-Law is comin to visit us on da 12th of this month & will for sure let ma Fans Knw bout the next "UP COMING SESSION" with ma most adorable,loving & kind hearted father-in-law who understands ME more than any 1 in this whole wide FUCKING WORLD..... :*



& Neha darling i would like to have 1 Wonderful Xperience with you as well ... if you r inteststed, lets get in touch .

even that would be a dream come TRUE ...... :*

LUV U ....

Posted by AJUMAL
on: December 7, 2014 3:14 PM | Reply

i havae been always writing you are the best narrator of this king of story but i still love your stories of tripti bhabhi keep it up brother

Posted by manish
on: July 24, 2015 6:17 PM | Reply

Deepa nice story. even my father and my friends fucks my wife. Many times in front ofme

Posted by Gangadhar
on: March 10, 2017 11:00 AM | Reply

Deepa Its very nice and true story, i liked so much. In your story what really happen u had written in this story good. Deepa i fan of this web site from last 6 years.Good i appricates you much.

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