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Horny wife fucked by husbands cousin

Since the day I was married at a tender age of eighteen everybody at my in laws place was looking forward for me to get pregnant and deliver a baby. My father in law passed away with the unfulfilled dream in his eyes of seeing his grandson. My mother in law also started getting impatient when even after two years of marriage, I did not get pregnant. I did also not know what was wrong.

Even though my husband frequently used to kiss me on my lips I was not getting pregnant. Till that time I as well as my poor twenty one years old husband were under the impression that if a boy kisses a girl on her lips she gets pregnant. Though we were husband and wife, we never had sex. Truly speaking we were not even aware that there exists any relationship like sex.

As more and more days passed by people indirectly started taunting me that I am baanzh (in fertile). That started worrying me a lot. My husband's cousin brother who was of my age only, was then studying medicine at Mumbai and was a student of final year. Once during his visit to our place, I got opportunity to talk to him and explain to him about my problem.

Although, I was feeling little shy I told him clearly that even though your brother frequently kisses me, I am not getting pregnant. I could understand from his face that after listening to me he is totally shocked and seriously thinking something. Then he smiled and said very convincingly,

"Bhabhi (respectful way of calling elder brother's wife) why don't you come to my friends clinic tomorrow (he gave me the address and directions how to reach there). I will thoroughly examine you and then we can start treatment if some problem is there."

When my husband came to know about this he also agreed that I should go ahead with the diagnosis and said that the clinic is on his way to office, he will drop me there to- morrow. Next day early in the morning my husband dropped me at the clinic and went to office. Other than Mithu jee (pet name of my husband's cousin brother) nobody else was there at that time.

Mithu jee told me that his friend has gone out on vacation so his clinic is closed till the time he returns back next week. He had duplicate keys and he had opened the clinic only to examine me. We went inside. He closed the door and asked me to lie down on the examination table. It was a huge clinic with various apparatus fixed here and there. The scene was somewhat scary.

Mithu jee came near the table with stethoscope in his hands. Then asked me to lift my kurti (the upper part of the traditional Indian dress) up to my shoulders. I did what I was asked for. He put the stethoscope around my left breast and said very politely, bhabhi if you don't mind will you please remove your kurti completely." I was feeling little shy but knew it was essential for thorough check up.

I completely removed my kurti and put it on the chair near the examination table. Mithu jee said, ya! that's fine. But you will have to remove that also," he was meaning my bra. I was little hesitant when he himself came forward and helped me in unhooking and removing it.

He put my bra very gently on the chair just above my kurti. Now the upper part of my body was nakedly exposed before him. Mithu jee first examined my breasts and surrounding area with the stethoscope and then asked bhabhi, do you get milk in your breasts?" I said, "no very surprising you should have been getting milk there. Let me check and ensure that no milk is formed in your breasts."

By telling this he put his mouth near one of my breasts and before I could say something my pink nipple was inside his mouth and pressed in between his soft and warm lips. Strange but a very pleasant sensation that I had never experienced before, ran all through my body. He started sucking it and caressing it with wonderful movements of his tongue around it.

While sucking he put his hand on my other breast and started caressing and pinching this nipple very gently with his thumb and forefinger. The movement of his fingers and tongue on my nipples was feeling so nice that I cannot explain in words. I felt like he should go on continuing like that till eternity. Truly speaking, I never suspected any foul play.

I was under the impression that as a student of medicine, Mithu jee is trying to diagnose the reason for my infertility. After about ten minutes he removed his mouth from my breast and said, "Babhi, there do not seem to be any problem. Let me examine your other body parts also."

Then he asked, "Do you know where is your womb (the place where babies are formed inside a woman's body) and the passage from which babies come out?" Truly, speaking I was not knowing anything so I replied in the negative. Then he explained the position of womb and asked me to remove my salwar (the lower part of the traditional Indian dress) also to enable him to check that area.

Somewhere in the back of my head now I have got the feeling that my problem would be solved by Mithu jee and definitely I will get pregnant in the near future. Despite the feminine shyness I untied the knot of my salwar and removed it. Now except for panty there was no other piece of cloth left on my entire body. Mithu jee checked the area around my naval first with the stethoscope and then by caressing it with his warm hands.

It was totally unbelievable for me when I came to know that babies formed inside womb come out from a woman's vagina. All through I was under the impression that this passage is meant only to pass urine and body waste during menses. Now Mithu jee had to examine this passage also that whether any obstruction is there and that is causing all problem. So he very gently removed my panty. Now I was lying totally naked in front of him.

He took his thick middle finger towards upper opening of my vagina and started stroking and caressing that area. Something small and spongy was protruding out, that I had never paid any attention before. When he touched and started caressing this thing with his finger strange waves of pleasure started generating all through my body. Later on I came to know that this sensitive part of a girl's body is called clitoris.

It contains the same number of nerve endings as the tip of a boy's penis has and its only function is to give pleasure. While giving a gentle massage to my clitoris Mithu jee put one of his thick fingers on the opening of my vagina and pressed it inside. I don't know how my inside had become wet and slippery. His finger smoothly glided inside to some distance and stopped. It seemed as if something was there that was preventing its further advancement.

Mithu jee triumphantly shouted, I have found the problem there is some obstruction. Let me remove it. Bhabhi, it may be painful, initially, but please bear the pain. You will be completely cured." In the meantime he was carefully massaging my clitoris which was giving me such immense pleasure that I cannot explain in words. He pressed his finger hard when something ruptured inside me and thereafter, it moved smoothly deep inside my slippery cunt.

It seemed as if I am torn apart. Advancement of his finger was painful. When Mithu jee told me, "Bhabhi, just bear the pain for few minutes, everything will be alright soon. Let me apply some ointment and massage your inside." By telling this he put some vaseline type of ointment on the tip of his finger and again inserted it inside my vagina.

Though I was feeling pain, there was no obstruction this time. He vigorously started moving his finger up and down inside my tight hole. Very soon the pain subsided and some very strange good feeling started setting deep inside my vagina. After few minutes of that pleasant massage there was no pain left only the divine wonderful feeling remained.

It seemed to me that my entire body is floating. With each movement of his finger, the good feeling was increasing. First it was felt only inside my vagina. Now it was spreading to my breasts and slowly to my entire body. Such divine sensations I had never experienced in my life.

It seemed as if something very pleasant is going to explode within me when he stopped rubbing my clitoris and also removed the finger that was deliciously massaging my tight cunt walls. I did not like it. I was feeling that he should continue it for some more time. Now Mithu jee told me, Bhabhi, the ointment needs to be applied to your womb also.

But unfortunately human fingers are small and they cannot reach there. I will have to use some bigger and longer apparatus. You may be scared to see the thing that I would be using, so please close your eyes and don't open it till the time I ask you. This is essential for your complete cure. And don't worry; this is not going to hurt you."

Then he added for proper effect and permanent cure of your problem it is needed that while ointment is being applied to your womb simultaneously the passage for milk is also cleared, so that when baby is born you will not have any problem in feeding. For this I will have to manually suck your nipples. So just close your eyes and please don't put any question till the time final treatment is over.

So like an obedient child I closed my eyes. From his warm breath I could guess that now Mithu jee has moved his mouth around my breast. Then I could feel his warm and soft lips on my left nipple. While he was sucking it, his naughty tongue was caressing it with amazing movements. It was feeling very nice. Then he moved his mouth to another nipple and repeated the same process.

While he was doing this I could feel his hand moving down then I heard the sound of something being unzipped. Then I heard him saying, bhabhi, since the clinic is closed, I don't have any helper to-day. Alone I will have to manage two tasks massaging and applying ointment on your womb and clearing the blockage of your milk passage simultaneously. For this I will have to mount on you. Please don't take it otherwise.

By telling this he mounted on me and started vigorously sucking my breast one after another. While the movement of his mouth and tongue was creating amazing sensations all through me, the touch of his muscular and hairy male body on my naked skin was simply multiplying that good feeling. He put his hands down and directed something very hard, warm and smooth on the opening of my vagina.

He put little pressure and that enormous thing smoothly glided deep inside my wet and slippery cunt. Now Mithu jee tightly clasped me and started doing something, that I could not guess that time, which started making that warm and enormous thing to move up and down inside my vagina. Its movement inside me started giving such fantastic massage to my tight vagina walls that is beyond words to explain.

The amazing sensations that I was getting now was so pleasant, so divine that slowly I started forgetting everything else in the world. Now the only thing that I knew was the pleasure, the wonderful sensations that I was getting from the movement of that strange thing inside me.

Pressure of his soft and warm mouth on my breasts and movement of his tongue on my sensitive nipples, was simply multiplying that pleasure. I totally forgot what for I am here, with whom I am here. I don't remember how long he continued like that. That enormous thing went on moving up and down inside me.

With every next movement of that thing the pleasure that I was getting was increasing, the good feeling that I was getting was increasing. It seemed as if I am slowly moving towards peak of some unknown, undefined pleasure. Just by female intuition I contracted my tight vagina walls, inner cunt lips and external vulva to tightly clasp that warm, smooth and huge thing.

Now it was so tightly pressed that I thought it will not move even a fraction of a millimeter. But to my surprise even after that tight clasp it glided deep inside me smoothly without any difficulty just like a hot knife enters inside butter. Due to that tight clasp now its movement inside me was more sensuously felt.

It's stretching pressure on my slippery cunt walls, my tight inner lips, and small opening of vulva was more pleasant and more blissful now. Now that delightful and blissful, heavenly pleasure reached the optimum point, anything more than that was not possible for my body to bear. My body started quivering and I felt something very pleasant and divine has exploded deep inside my vagina.

Only later on I learnt that this climax or peak of pleasure is called orgasm. In the mean time that enormous thing was continuously gliding up and down inside me giving a delicious massage to my very sensitive inner private parts. Again I felt that good blissful feeling is building and now it was not felt only in my vagina but all around my body. Around my breasts, my nipples, my naval and everywhere and again I exploded.

A very bright and intense orgasm this time then I started getting orgasm after orgasm. After every five to six strokes I was getting one orgasm. And each orgasm was more intense and more pleasurable than the previous one. I did not know how much of pleasure is hidden inside my body.

Then after sometime I felt that huge thing is further swelling inside me and forcing my cunt walls and vulva to stretch more. Its stretching pressure was also deliciously pleasant. Then it contracted forcing my tight cunt lips which were firmly holding it to contract. In this fashion it expanded and contracted six to seven times forcing my vagina also to expand and contract in the same rhythm.

Each time it was expanding and contracting something warm was sprayed inside me. Impact of all these sweet actions of that strange thing brought me once again to the brightest, sweetest and the most intense orgasm the best and the nicest of the numerous, ones that I had experienced during the entire session. Mithu jee was also breathing heavily.

Though I was totally exhausted, the feel of his warm breath on my face was feeling good. It seemed in his efforts Mithu jee was also utterly tired. He stopped all his movements and silently lied down over me, with his head resting on the soft pillow of my firm breasts.He remained like that for few minutes and then lifted his buttocks up when that strange thing came completely out of my tight hole.

But while it was being pulled out I felt it is no harder and is not exerting any pressure on my vagina walls. What it could be? I was still wondering. After some time Mithu jee got up. Cleaned me with something like a soft tissue it would have been the excess ointment that would have spilled out while being applied I thought.

Still my eyes were closed. As instructed by Mithu jee, all through I had kept it closed fearing that opening may affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Mithu jee told me that treatment for the day is over and now I can open my eyes. My panty was lying below the examination table. He himself searched for it and put it on me. I got up and dressed myself.

My whole body was feeling so light and so relaxed and everything seemed so blissful that I cannot explain. I never knew before that even a medical check up and diagnosis can be so pleasant. Next week Mithujee was supposed to go to Delhi and join All India Institute of Medical Sciences to complete his internship.

So he advised me to get the treatment completed and come to clinic continuously for the next seven days. Who would like to miss such delightful medical treatment? I religiously followed his advice. The same treatment continued for the next seven days. Every day in the morning my more than enthusiastic husband used to drop me at the clinic on his way to office.

The final day when Mithu jee was leaving for Delhi, he told me that my treatment is almost over, but if Bhaiya (my husband) is willing he may go ahead with it for some more time. He gave me a new tube of the ointment to be applied on my womb. The name of the ointment was KY jelly. Only later on I learnt that it was not an ointment for any medication.

It was only a lubricating fluid for dry vagina and was not at all needed for me, who always remains wet. When I enquired about the medical instrument with which he used to massage my private parts and apply ointment deep inside my womb he smiled, I don't have spare one, but I suppose bhaiya must definitely be having one. I will teach him how to use it.

I was surprised because my husband had never told me that he possesses such medical instruments also. And indeed Mithujee kept his promise. Before leaving he privately talked for about half an hour with my husband. That night I was really feeling shy, when my husband asked me to undress to enable him to apply the ointment at the right place.

Being naked before a doctor was something else, but before husband it was really very difficult. I was feeling so shy I cannot explain. Anyway, the treatment was to be continued. I had to remove my nighty, my bra and also the panty. My husband put some ointment that was given by Mithujee on his index finger. Then inserted the finger inside my vagina and started applying it in a novice way.

Not bad. For the first time I felt proud of my Husband. He was not a doctor but even then his massage was comparable to the massage given by experienced hands of a doctor. Then after sometime I felt that it's not only mine but even my husband's breathing has increased. He removed his fingers from my cunt stood up opened the buttons of his night shirt, pulled it out and threw it on the floor.

What are you doing? Have you gone mad?" I shouted as I could not understand his strange behaviour. But he did not listen to me. Even pulled his pyjama out and now he was standing stark naked in front of me. He was not wearing under wear. When I noticed his huge penis, I thought I would faint.

Although, I was experiencing a huge penis for the last one week, I had never seen a fully erect one from my eyes ever before. In my knowledge, the "thing" of the boys was something flaccid and small. My husband mounted on me. I was so shocked at the scene that I remained motionless. He applied the same ointment on the tip of his large glans penis, whose pink colour was glistening in the bright light of the room.

Put it on my vulva and pressed it in with the downward movement of his buttocks. Looking at its enormous size, I would not have even thought in my dreams that it will fit inside my tight hole. But to my surprise it smoothly glided in. Its touch, its texture, everything was feeling exactly similar to the medical apparatus that Mithu jee was using at his clinic for massaging and applying ointment on my womb.

It was probably his male instinct that my husband started moving his buttocks up and down making his enormous tool move up and down inside my vagina. And suddenly, I realized everything. It got very clear to me what that instrument that Mithu jee was using was. But now was not the time to remember all those things.

I had to concentrate only on the divine pleasure that was being imparted by the movement of that enormous tool of my sweet husband inside my tight hole now his buttock movements were controlled by his own passions. Sometimes fast, then very fast then slow then again fast making his penis to move inside me and massage my juicy and slippery cunt walls, tight labia minora and very sensitive vulva in the same rhythm.

Immediately after I got my first orgasm, he also exploded within me. Considering his first venture it was not a bad performance. Little training and he will definitely be more exciting than that crooked Mithu jee. Anyway, I should not use such words for him. Had he not been there, for the rest of our lives we would have remained only kissing each other and expecting a baby to form in my womb.

And believe me, I can bet now its only three months since we had first intercourse as husband and wife, my husband has become one of the best fuckers in the world. He is fully aware of all the techniques to give maximum pleasure to a woman. And I don't know where from he gets such innovative and new ideas everyday to give me immense pleasure in an entirely new and different way each day.

I will definitely let you know about those magnificent ideas and such amazing techniques in my next article. Exactly after nine months from the date I first started treatment with Mithu jee, I delivered a lovely healthy boy. People say that my son has the same family features, his nose, eyes and even hairs are much like that of his uncle, Mithu jee. And why it should not be after all they are blood relations nephew and uncle.

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Comments (10)

Posted by Prakash
on: September 27, 2011 2:59 AM | Reply

Marvellous imagination. Can't believe this that one does not know the prelims of sex. Even a 12 year old girl starts fingering her twat and enjoys herself. And a man who does not know anything other then kissing........
Try something more convincing next time .....
good luck.

Posted by Renu
on: September 27, 2011 7:52 AM | Reply

This is something like, as if eve is writing her experience with Adam,where they were unaware of the thing sex, come on grow up.

Posted by Ankita rand
on: September 27, 2011 8:25 AM | Reply

Saali rand apne devar s chudti h aur tera pati to madharchod h bahut bada

Posted by jj
on: September 27, 2011 2:02 PM | Reply

kya chutiya story hai.

Posted by aakash
on: September 28, 2011 4:07 AM | Reply

kya aise bhi fuddu log duniya mein hote hain..ya readers ko fuddu bana rahe hain?

Posted by sharma
on: September 30, 2011 4:42 PM | Reply

where is my comment? Previously i also commented on two stories but they are not published.

Posted by kk
on: October 31, 2011 4:43 PM | Reply

One of the best for year 2011.Can't believe this that one does not know the prelims of sex. Mithu jee very lucky

Posted by Murthy
on: December 27, 2011 5:26 AM | Reply

I agree with Prakash. Great narration, though it is beyond imagination that at the age of 18 and 21, the pair didnot know about intercourse. I enjoyed reading.

Posted by shallyy
on: January 10, 2014 9:07 PM | Reply

bullshit can't believe it go n take lessons from school kids

Posted by AJIT
on: January 14, 2014 2:52 PM | Reply

Sali sach bol rahi ya jhoot ek chance hame bi. deh

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