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Horny Joint Family - III

Horny Joint Family - I
Horny Joint Family - II

Chapter 7: Mother-in-law and son-in-law

One afternoon I just finished my fucking session with my husband and slept with his cock still in my cunt. After some time he had a telephone call when he removed his cock, dressed up and left home. I was still fast asleep, naked with wide spread legs. After some time I dreamt that someone was licking my cunt and I became horny.

The dream continued with someone kissing me passionately and sucking my boobs. Being half asleep I thought it was my husband and hugged him hard, when I realised that it was actually my son-in-law. He immediately got up and said. “Auntijee, I am very sorry for having done this. Please pardon me and do not tell this to anyone’. He almost was on tears and touched my feet.

At that time I saw his cock which is more than 2 inch thick and I had never seen such a fat cock before. I thought that having fucked the normal cock of my husband and the monster cock of my son, why not fuck this fat cock? I pulled my son-in-law on to me and said ‘Don’t worry. Having started a job, you must finish it. You have ignited fire in me and you should put it out’.

I gave him a passionate kiss and started sucking his lips and played dandia with my tongue against his tongue. He got emboldened by this and started sucking and squeezing my boobs. He rubbed his fat cock on to my clit and slowly inserted it. True, it is so fat that it fit tightly into my cunt despite it being already very wet. He slowly pushed it inside and it rubbed my clit very hard, which gave me a lot of pleasure.

I said, “Yes my boy, your fat cock really pulls my clit along with it and crushes it. It gives a lot of pleasure. Fuck me faster and rub away my clit harder and harder’. He fucked me for 20 minutes and we cummed at the same time. He licked my cunt clean and I licked his cock clean.

When asked how he landed up on me, he said, ‘Auntijee, when I was passing by your door which was half open, I saw your naked body and through your wide spread legs, your clean shaven cunt was clearly seen. You are so young and fresh, and look more like a sister to my wife.

And you looked like an angel in that pose. I forgot myself and could not resist licking your cunt. As you were still asleep I took the liberty of kissing you and sucking your boobs. Then you woke up and I really got scared’. I laughed and said that as long as he satisfied my daughter fully, I did not mind his fucking me now and then.

Chapter 8: Father-in-law and daughter-in-law

One day when Kishore has gone out for some work, Akash and Meghna were busy fucking in one room, leaving Trishna alone in her room. When she peeped into their room and saw their fucking action she became horny. As per the understanding between the four, whenever any two of the four are fucking, the others shall not disturb them.

If necessary the other two can enjoy themselves in fucking. But that day since Kishore was not available, Trishna sat alone in her room fingering her cunt and watching herself half naked in front of her mirror. My husband who was passing by, saw her in that position. Since I had already narrated to him how I seduced the son-in-law, he too was awaiting for an opportunity to seduce the daughter-in-law.

He entered Trishna’s room and enquired ‘My child, what is the matter and why are you looking lost and so sad?’. She explained that as per the understanding between the two couples, any two can have free sex and the others shall not interfere. Now Akash being busy with Meghna, she was waiting for Kishore, but as he was not at home she did not know what to do.

My husband said ‘Don’t worry my child. I will take the place of Kishore and cool you off and I assure you that you will derive maximum pleasure by having sex with me’. She was surprised to hear this from her father-in-law, but as she was very horny, she did not say no. She thought that having been fucked by two males of the house why can’t she try the third.

Her silence was taken as ‘Mounam Arthangeekaram’ and my husband embraced her warmly and hard. She responded by leaning her face against his chest. He gave her a passionate kiss and after some tongue playing, he took out her boob and sucked hard. She responded by guiding his hands on to the other boob for squeezing.

He slowly removed her dresses one by one and she too undressed him. He made her lie on the edge of the bed and cupped his lips around her naval and explored her naval with his tongue. When he started sucking her cunt and did tongue fucking, she went into a frenzy and put her legs around his shoulders.

She said ‘Unclejee, I like your sucking my cunt very much. Suck my clit harder and faster. Break it into pieces. Ooh, I am cumming, I am cumming, I am cumm… and she released a jet of juices on to his face. He licked her cunt clean and she, his face. She then knelt before him and started sucking his cock simultaneously playing with his balls.

He liked her handling his balls gently without causing any pain and he started moaning with pleasure. She then shifted her mouth to the balls, took both the balls into her mouth and started sucking them gently while simultaneously masturbating his cock. He liked it since no one had sucked his balls like this before.

He kept passing his fingers through her hair and said, ‘My child, this sort of sucking the balls is so funny and I enjoy it. No one had done like this to me, not even your mother-in-law, who otherwise is very horny. Where did you learn it from?’ ‘Unclejee, Kishore taught me this and then I had learnt it myself how to suck the balls without causing any pain.

I enjoy very much doing this because it has given so much of pleasure not only to Kishore but to my husband also, who always enjoys in getting his balls sucked before my sucking his cock. He is so happy that he even told his sister that I am a specialist in this gentle ball sucking and asked her to learn this art from me.’

Seeing that he is about to cumm, she shifted her mouth back to his cock and started sucking it fast simultaneously playing with his balls. This made his cumm in her mouth in a short time. She swallowed the whole thing and licked his cock clean. My husband laid himself on the bed and pulled his daughter-in-law over him.

He gave her a passionate kiss and inserted his cock into her cunt. She pressed her cunt hard against his cock so that it went deep inside her. He held her hips by hands and pushed them up and down. She too responded by moving and smashing her cunt against his cock. She fucked him at least for 15 minutes and on their reaching climax,

she held her cunt firmly against his cock so that he could cumm deep inside her womb. After lying on him for some time with his cock still inside her, she again started the up and down motion to make his cock hard and continue the fucking for another 20 minutes.

Chapter 9: Group sex by the Horny Joint Family:

The understanding of free sex between the four youngsters of our family has now been extended to all six of us. We decided to have a daily change of sex partners. On Mondays and Thursdays the three men would fuck their respective wives. That is, my husband would fuck me, my son would fuck his wife and my son-in-law would fuck my daughter.

On Tuesdays and Fridays my husband would fuck his daughter, my son would fuck me and my son-in-law would fuck my daughter-in-law. On Wednesdays and Saturdays my husband would fuck his daughter-in-law, my son would fuck his sister and my son-in-law would fuck me. On Sundays we will take a break from sex and spend time in going for picnics or other sightseeing.

Since this free sex had provided a variety in sex partners for each of us, we all derived maximum pleasure out of this arrangement. After some time we thought why can’t we engage ourselves in group sex. My daughter-in-law suggested a novel plan for the 69 position for six of us. We all laid on the bed in a hexagonal chain with the males lying on their backs and the females lying on their bellies.

I would suck the cock of my son, my son would lick the cunt of his sister, she would suck the cock of her father, he would lick the cunt of his daughter-in-law, she would suck the cock of the son-in-law, and finally my son-in-law would lick my cunt. This was a highly ecstatic experience. We split into two groups for group sex, me with the two boys in one group and my husband with the two girls in the second group.

I took the two boys into my bedroom and we all undressed. My son laid himself on the bed and pulled me on to him. He gave me a deep passionate kiss and we sucked and played with the others’ lips and tongues. Then he held my boobs and started sucking and squeezing them hard. In the meantime my son-in-law went under my groin and was licking my cunt.

After enjoying this sucking and licking for some time, I mounted on my son and he fucked my cunt from below. At the same time my son-in-law fucked my ass from above. Two pillows were put under my son’s hips, so that my groin was at a higher position to assist my son-in-law inserting his cock into my ass.

Thus I was simultaneously fucked both in the cunt as well as in the ass by my son and son-in-law. After 15 minutes we all cummed together and both men vied to lick my cunt. After some time they both changed the position, that is I was mounting on my son-in-law to be fucked by him in my cunt while my son was fucking my ass.

After cumming together we again changed positions. This time my son-in-law was fucking me while my son lay across me with his cock over my mouth so that I could suck his cock. After some time they again changed the places so that my son was fucking me and I was sucking my son-in-law’s cock. Thus we had sex in four different positions.

In another bedroom my husband mounted on his daughter and fucked her cunt. His daughter-in-law laid herself with her cunt under his mouth so that he could lick her cunt and finger her ass while continuing to fuck his daughter. At the same time the daughter-in-law was squeezing my daughter’s boobs with one hand and her own boob with the other hand.

All the three cummed together and he licked both the cunts. Then the daughter and daughter-in-law changed places with him fucking the cunt of his daughter-in-law, while licking the cunt of his daughter and fingering her ass. After cumming and cunt licking they tried a third position.

My husband and his daughter went for 69 position while the daughter-in-law sucked and squeezed the boobs of the daughter. In the fourth position the daughter and daughter-in-law changed places with my husband in 69 position with his daughter-in-law while his daughter was sucking the boobs of her sister-in-law. Then they tried a fifth position.

While the two girls were engaged in passionate kissing and squeezing of the other’s boobs, he was licking the cunts and sucking the clits of both his daughter and is daughter-in-law one after the other.

Chapter 10: Epilogue:

Well, that is the story. I am sure you must have not only enjoyed the story, but also masturbated your cock if you are a boy or fingered your cunt if you are a girl, ejaculating several times while reading the story. However I would like to repeat my earlier caution not to think of, or dream to think of, viewing your parents or siblings or children erotically under the influence of this story.

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Posted by sukhi
on: November 18, 2011 7:23 PM | Reply

bahut aache, main tum logon ko gali bhi nahin de sakta kyun ki tum logon ke liye gali abhi tak bani nahin hai. sab condom phone ka natija ho.......

Posted by VT
on: November 19, 2011 10:24 AM | Reply

can u plz shut this fucking story up.......hopeless.....ridiculous...

Posted by Sahil
on: November 19, 2011 11:03 AM | Reply

This is the ultimate fake story I ve ever read... Such a looser is the writer..kitna ghatia story age se kabhi mat likhna..

Posted by Anmol
on: November 20, 2011 5:20 AM | Reply

The story was good, engaging and it had a nice flow of anticipation to it, good work!

dude in the father in law daughterin law part..u say the daughter i law is fingering herself and she is naked...later u say the father i law undresses her...from what???se when u write shit like this.....

madarchod, koi kaam nahin bacha hai, ghar mein hee kotha khol lo.

Posted by Suji
on: December 15, 2011 6:53 PM | Reply

Though interesting imaginative story, but fake and un-natural

Posted by chrish
on: June 15, 2012 2:47 PM | Reply

nice to hear some different story

awaited to read more like them

Posted by srinivas
on: October 31, 2013 1:43 PM | Reply

one of my friend narrated this story when I was in vishakapatnam ,My name is Kanaka im 25 years old andfrom yela manchali Andhra Pradesh after reading the story of another housewife I am encouraged to share my experience. I think almost 70% of housewives are unfaithful to their husbands on some pretext or the other and mostly thsese things happen during noon since that is the time when the boredom really sets.Well I am tall and fair with a well shaped body,my breasts are slightly oversized.
I’m a pretty lady with fair skin and long jet black hair. I’ve maintained myself so well by regular work-outs that I don’t look even a year older than 20. I’ve been proud of my well-toned body and perfectly glowing skin. My stats are 36-30-38 and my height is 5”7. I have a broad forehead, long nose, chubby cheeks, puffy lips and big eyes. I have a slender neck and my tits are so big that when I walk, they tend to bounce out of my bra a little. I have a slight pouch on my tummy. My navel is deep & round. My muscular thighs are well-shaped and silky smooth. My ass too is in a perfect round shape.I was married to a Farmer in Yelamanchi , My marraige took place four years back.
We were leading a happy life with our small family..i have no children, we had floods in our village and we were very badly effected and had a big loss.oneday my elder sister came to my house and saw our life and asked my husband if he is interested in working in vishakapatnam.he asked for two days time , after that me and my husband dicussed, he was not interestd to work with relatives,I told him lie that it is not with my brother in law. Then he accepted and went to vishakapatnam.
My brother in law is very handsome tall and very fair looks like sanjay manjrekar, my sister and my brother in law stay in Hyderabad and my brother in law is doing business in hyderabad and he is having a branch in vishakapatnam.
My sister asked my hubby to work in Vishakapatnam ,my hubby was thinking that he is going to do job with outsider but not relative and went to vishakapatnam and joined the job and started staying there. My Bil had big three bedroom Duplex house in vishakapatanam ,and hubby stayed in the same house my bil has given him one bed room and it was very lavish.he started staying there and started working in short time my hubby has become so close and my bil has handed over entire vishakapatnam operations to my hubby and used to come for ten to twelvedays a month
One Fine day My bil has asked my hubby to shift from our village to vishakapatnam and my hubby accepted for that and asked me to shift , and after a big urguement I started to vishakapatnam, But he didnt know that he was setting the cat among the pigeons.
We were in vishakapatnam with myhusband one day my Bil came to vishakapatnam, he was staying with us and he usally stays in vishakapatnam for few days but know he started staying for twenty day a month.when he used to stay in our house when I was working in the house , Since i wear extreme low cut blouse he was seeing my assets.he was rolling my ass and could sense him ogling at it. In this way he started making me desperate to the highest extent that my bil who is decent started rubbing against me very often andTake lot of interest in me.
My hubby was becoming so close and oneday my hubby called me and said my bil want to have the traditional head having oil massage and my hubby asked me to give the massage and give my bil bath,.finally i accepted for giving bath,

For my BIL this felt like what a hungry, starving voyager lost in a desert would feel when he finds an Oasis. His acts became bolder. He gave stares which were obvious. He sat in his shorts; I entered the bathroom, I was wearing a cotton saree. HE asked me to give him a oil message for head before head bath, I stood in front of hom and started appling the oil on his head , he started staring my assets and touched my boobs with his tongue and started enjoying then, I turned on the shower and though I took precautions not to get wet, I couldn’t, I got wet partially. I was applying shampoo to him, standing in front of him. His face was straight in front of my breasts. My saree got wet and my blouse was clearly visible along with the contents inside it. He could trace the shape of my breasts, size and the location of the nipples. I tied my saree to a side, in such a way that my navel
area was exposed. I was sure it was a feast for him, but I continued
I was rubbing his head applying shampoo. It was moving to and fro in such a way that it almost touched my breasts in that process. It was steaming hot in the bathroom and I was wet partly due the water and partly due to my sweat. He could feel the aroma emanating from me. I got carried away and I was moving his head more and more into me, I was letting his face touch my breasts. It was a see-saw movement, his face was kissing my breasts, I was literally crushing his face into my breasts. He must have felt the softness of my boobs. He laid his face buried in them, almost restless and just my hands were moving. Few minutes later I regained my senses and moved away from him. I finished the cleaning work soon. I got a towel and I was wiping his head. Again his face was pushed into my breasts while I dried his hair with a towel. I was applying force to dry so he had to hold me for support. He laid his hands on my stomach, above my hips and caught me. He was laying both hands on me, taking full support from his hand grip on my tummy area. He was pressing me hard. I was dumb struck for a few moments, But I was enjoying the touch he was giving me on my shoulder which calmed me down to a great deal. I finished that work soon, before it went too far.I have enjoyed the feel of My Bil.
After my Bil is caresing me lot for every thing in my life and becoming close to me and when ever he finds the opertunity he used to enjoy my feast.
One day my Bil Invited for a Small drink with him and my hubby could not refuse and accepted for his invitation. It was about 9.30 pm in the night and they started drinking and i went to my bed room. Suddenly my hubby called me for some snacks to be served for them. When i went there My BIL asked me sit with them in the sofa, i told i will prepare some snacks for them and dinner.My hubby said brother is asking you to come and sit so get snacks and sit here and honor him.
As my hubby told i should not disobey him so i brought some snacks and sat infront of them,
My BIL was watching my assets which were bouncing from my low neck silk nighty.Suddenly he was asking my Hubby “Nanaji what is the reason your couple for not having children is there any problem with your couple are you are following the family planning.
My hubby felt shy for that question and kept silent for few seconds then my Bil started getting closer to him asked dear brother i am finding something wrong so iwant to help you.he started asking my hubby if i help in solving your problem in having children will you not be happy.”
After few seconds he saw towards me as if he was waiting for my permission, I kept silent bcoz i was having lot sex in me and sexual desire was errupting like volcano in me if some body explodes my sexual volcano it will errupt like anything and spill out lava from my desires, and it is not me who is in trouble.He understood my feelings and glaring at me.
Then my BIL started pouching him saying Nanaji (My Hubby) i think you are not feeling i am your brother and well wisher, i have stood besides you and your wife and give you so much of support and made you the branch manager and gave so much of respect in this society, and you are hisitating to tell me if so dont tell me.
I thought My hubby will avoid telling him , but after few minites he looked at me and said China Papa for me i dont have any body in my family who supports me and when really i was drowned and could not cleared my debts Srinvas Anna has supported me and he gave a small job initially and today he gave me every thing in my life.with all tresures and passions which we are enjoying i have lot of gratitude for that and i dont know how i will repay for that.
And many times i felt to discuss with him our problem of not having children , today brother has asked me.Let me tell about us , then i felt little shy and i told i will prepare the dinner for us and left to kitchen and kept the rice in cooker and came back and started hearing what my hubby was telling regarding our married life.
I heard my hubby telling Anna my wife has sacrificed every thing for me i gave her everthing and making her happy but i am not able to make her happy in her sexual desire she is very much fond of having sex in different passions and make me happy and me the heaven of sex and she tried many times, and altimately she started masterbating herself to make her sexual satisfaction.
God has given me such beautiful wife with an extra ordinary structure and beauty, and he had made me an impotent.My cock is only 4 inches normally and if my wife foreply it will be 5.5 inches and no semen or wet coming out my cock.
I asked my wife to go for test tubebaby but she says she wants only from having physical sex and she should touch the heaven and semen should give the birth which is not possible with me and she knows and she kept quit.
Anna If your really my wellwisher you suggest me what is the solution for this. My hubby kept quit for some time and started telling to my hubby , see iwill help you but you should not feel bad or think bad about me or feel i am taking undue advantage from from if you accept i will tell you, and started telling that Nanaji i had sexual desire on your wife when i saw first time when she entered the house and even i have wittnessed her tight breasts feasting me.If you say yes both of us will look after her and Me and China Papa will make You Father, in the society, and Chinna Papa will take care of my sexual life, In society and in your family everybody feel great about you.
Then hubby said will my wife agree for this and My bill said You tell ur wife ,If I am In vizag she should take care of me from early morning coffee till i go for bed and she look after my wardrobe and extra and send her later i will take care of all other things.
Next day morning my hubby called me to My BILs bed room and told me to take care of him from that day from bed coffee to dinner till My BIL go for bed.Now BIL has become bolder and started attacking me and i was hesitating to surrender before him.
One My BIL told my Hubby to come and sleep in his bed room as our bed room will be renovated and it will take atleast for a week.
Finally the day has come the the cat eats pigeon, on that day me my hubby and My BIL had dinner and we went to My BIL bedroom and my hubby was sleeping one side on one bed and i was sleeping on other bed.My BIL was working on internet and it was about 11.30pm and my husband was infast in sleep.and i was pretending i was in fast sleep and awaiting when MyBIL will sleep.
Atlast My BIL has switched off all lights including the bed lamp and came to bed and made me sleep in middle of My Hubby and My BIL. In the middle of my sleep I felt someone touch me. I woke up, but didn’t open my eyes fully. I could feel My BILs hand on my tummy. I opened my eyes and saw him. He was deep asleep, the hand wasn’t moving. I thought it was accidental and it happened in sleep. I closed my eyes and resumed sleeping. Few minutes later, the hand started moving! He was feeling my stomach, its softness and started to press it gently. Later, his hand started to move upwards! His hand was now lying on my breasts. He put it there motionless for few minutes. Then he started gripping one of my breasts with his palm. He began to assess the shape and size of it. He could feel its softness in his hands. It started to become stiff and firm. He began to gently squeeze my breast, the way an auto/bus driver blows the horn. He was now getting bolder and was squeezing it much harder.
I moved slightly and a let out a feeble moan but I continued to act as if I were amidst a deep sleep. Then he located my nipple and started to draw circles around it, along the aureole. That act was miraculous, sending shivers throughout my body. He took a nipple between his thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at first, later a little harder than earlier. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I had to break free. I acted as if I woke up just then. His hand was inside my saree palloo, right on top of my blouse, fingers almost catching my nipple. He shut his eyes but kept his hand there itself. I acted as if I was shocked to see his hand there and I took it off away from me. He was now sleeping very close to me, his breath was almost felt by me on my face. I turned to the other side, facing away from him. I closed my eyes but I was still thinking of
his acts. It was not late before he laid his hand again on my stomach, now he was catching it from backside. He moved close to me almost grinding his groin into my ass. I could feel his erect member touch my ass. His hand was feeling my tummy and its softness. I slipped a knowing smile as I was turning away and he couldn’t see my face anyway. He began to feel my soft boobs once again.
It was thrilling for me to be touched by My BIL in that way. I felt strange but I liked it. He moved his face closer to mine. He was breathing my aroma due to my sweat. Feeling my hair and seeing the smell of it. Then his nose was touching the bare skin on my back which is in the blouse cut area in the back just below my neck. He planted a gentle kiss there. His hands now come down feeling me all the way, actually they moved a lot down now. Almost about to
enter my panty area, no one knows how I feel when someone touches me in that area below my navel. His hand was trying to enter my saree hold above my panty area. His slipped his hand inside finally and viola! He was touching my pubes! I think everyone of us must have experienced an electric shock at some point of time in our life. I was experiencing it then. His touch was like an electric shock to me. I had to instinctively move my groin backwards, digging my ass much deeper into his groin.
He must be aware by now that I was awake and conscious of all his acts. He continued exploring deeper. He must be surprised when I felt me wet there. I was almost giggling now with shivers passing through my body. He was rubbing my clit and was feeling my wet pussy. He was
manipulating me well. I was in heaven.
Then he started to slowly unbuttoned my blouse He said “I love you Chinna Papa”. I did not respond. I was too much into the act. He completely removed my blouse and my hand went to his manhood worth out my knowledge. And it was Huge. Could be around10”. My husband’s would be hardly 5.5”. I said “it is so big”. He said “it is for you only my darling”
I removed his lungi and he was without underwear. I started to stroke his dick. It was growing in diameter and was very far too. I went down on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. It probably was a very long time that he felt something so warm on his dick and for me too, it was quite a long time since I did a blowjob. In fact, I rarely used to do blowjobs for my husband and the very fact, in the very first instance of me getting into blowjob with my BIL made myself bit dumbfounded!
His pre cum was oozing out and I licked everything and started giving him a blowjob.

He said “Wow! That feels so goodChinna Papa. Please don’t stop”. After about 8-10 minutes, he blew his cum. I drank all of it and he then started to eat my pussy. Since I was already all wet there, it did not take long for me to shoot out my cum and he was feasting on it. He lifted me in his arms and took me to the Carpet on floor.
His monster was ready again and he tried to insert his huge dick into my pussy. He was finding it difficult to enter my pussy. Hmm… it’s been not used since she got entered her married life and hence he he found it difficult. He started applying pressure and started entering inch by inch. I was shouting with pain. I said “you bastard, it is so big. You will tear me apart or what. Please stop”. I guess he was a little surprised with my language as he removed his tool completely but at the same time he pushed his dick into me with so much force that I shouted with pain.
At this moment, he put his mouth on mine and we started kissing. It was very painful but at the same time I was also enjoying the pain as i never had that enjoyment in my four years of my marriedlife.. Now he was pushing his dick completely inside me and was moving with slow pace. I was moaning with pleasure “aaaahhaaa aaaa aaaaa”. My BIL was fucking me without any mercy. We fucked for about an hour and I shot my cum and he also did a little while later. He said “your pussy is very tight ChinnaPapa. This is the most incredible fuck” I just smiled and said “
Yes,Your brother didn’t use it till nowin this four years Bawa. So you should thank your brother for that”. “Yes my darling. I should thank him only. But now I shall thank this” He said and lowered his lips and kissed my pussy. We went to take a shower and I was nude in front of my BIL and I was not feeling shy about it. I had never thought I would do anything of this sort just a day before.
Now My Bil directly started fucking me for ten days when we were in my Bils bed room and one day He has advised my Hubby to visit delhi for conference for ten days.
The movement my Hubby left for delhi My Bil asked me to get ready to winess a movie and hetook me and he showed me the passion of life and while returning he took me to Five star hotel and we had Dinner and returned by10.30pm.When we reached home, I was both excited and scared as to what is going to happen. I changed into a nighty (which again was a pretty low cut) and went to the living room where my BIL also changed into his lungi and was watching a movie on the couch. I went and sat in the single seater sofa when he asked me to join in the 3 seater sofa with him. I went and sat in a corner and he came very close to me and was holding me around my waist. I said “bawa, please do not do this”.
Nanaji is not here China Papa. I know how terribly you are missing me all the time ater i fucked you first time in ur life.”. He said in a funny tone “and hence I am doing this my darling”. I was surprised by his language. But I was enjoying the massage he was giving me on my shoulder which calmed me down to a great deal. He seemed to be a master in this art. He slowly put his palm in between my boobs and my arm. He was caressing my boobs and also pressing my waist once in a while. I was enjoying the feel of sexyman. My BIL has shown me heaven in my life and we use to have sex minimum fifteendays a month, when My BIL assigns My Hubby On tour.
My first impression was again of that same sweet pleasure pain as I felt his finger sink into my rectal passage and begin moving in and out in time with the thrusts of his penis. The pain became pleasure, pure pleasure.
I began grinding up and down on impaling instruments, my toes flexed and splayed out, my full firm breasts heaving beneath him. Then my eyes opened wide in disbelief as I felt the first beginnings of the First orgasm of my life.MYBIL grunted and hammered even deeper as he felt the walls of my vagina seeping the warm, sticky fluid of my climax. Then I was screaming, "Yes oooohhhh yyyesssss."
I convulsed beneath him, my mouth and cunt both sucking furiously, my panting rasping breath breaking into great gasping sobs, my pussy clenching and actually milking him and my asshole expanding and contracting against his already deeply imbedded finger. Father in law was caught unaware of my sudden climax, and he thrust deeper into my vagina and anus, forcing my tortured crotch even wider.
He fucked into me wildly now, as if ready to explode at any second. Then, blessed relief. He gasped as I felt the sudden surging waves of his boiling sperm shoot like a hot lave bursting from his penis, and he was instantly lost as powerful surges of his semen spewed deep into the hot dark heart of my womb, contracting my little belly to the bursting point.
The walls of my vagina continued to suck his penis milking, squeezing, massaging, clasping and unclasping to drain out every drop of his hotly cascading semen. My wildly fucked young body suddenly fell back on to the bed, my belly still rippling from the aftermath of upheaval. Never had such blissful experienced that too by my own father-in-law who led completely from start to end making me a woman finally.
… the atmosphere was so tense and sexy… finally i felt my BILs dick getting tensed… he screamed China Papa take my seed NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….. and he pumped a load of hot cum inside me… i could feel them sowed deep inside me… he took his long cock out held both my legs and held it up… and said… “U are my wife now, i wantr ,my son in you”,… i said anything for you Bawa…. Never had such blissful experienced that too by my own MY BIL who led completely from start to end making me a woman finally
Today I am the most luckest women in this world i have two hubbys and one gives me love and give the status in the society and another who gives me my sexual life and daman love.
Im now mother of my BILS son… my husband has become Father for MYBIls children… and we named our kid Rakesh.… i love my BIL and waiting for him to give me a girl child soon….

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