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Kiyara fucking stranger on train

Hey friends ds z Kiyara from Delhi... I hv read some very amazing stories on ds blog nd jst thot to write smthng about my own self dt I hv experienced wd a total stranger... First as everyone do lemme describe my ownself... M 5'6 tall with a measurment of 38-32-38.. A lil on d plumpy side.. But all u guys ur dickk will definately rise once ull c me... I hv.

Milky fair complexion wd crisp features nd as my friends complements I hv beautiful eyes... So let's start wd d story..Ds happend in d train during my journey from delhi to hoobly... I went dere to visit my aunt wd my bro-in-law as my sisiter ws already dere for d holidays.... As v moved to our compartment we saw dt we had 3 young Guys sharing d same compartment nd we all belonged to d same oringin so we 5 got gelled easily..

As if was a long journey so v needed people to who v can tok... D jurney started at 9 in d night nd v had two nights in d train... On d first night v simply had our food nd slept... I ws sleeping on d middle birth... On d lower birth dere was raj sleeping nd my bro-in-law was sleeping on d upper birth in d same row... Wen I openend my eyes in d morning I ws stunned as I saw raj staring at my face wdout a blink of eye...

After 5 mins I asked him what happend so he jst told me dt I looked beautiful while sleeping.. I smiled a lil n came down.. Den in d afternoon as we were very much comfortable wd each other we xchanged our contact numbers.... For d whole day I observed raj admiring me n my body either by expressions or indirectly by words... Nd I dint mind it at all as I ws also getting attracted towards him...

He ws tall wd 6" height a muscular body nd complexion same as mine....Den came d final time... We all had our dinner nd went on d respective Berths a lil early as our train wld hv been reaching to d destination early in d morning... Same ways I ws in d middle raj beneath me nd jiju on d top berth... As everyone slept I saw raj getting up from his berth...

I ws listening songs as I wsnt feeling much sleepy... He came near my face nd took d earphn out of my ear nd suddenly kissed my ear lobe... I ws jst speech less for few seconds... Nd widin d nxt minute he brought his lips near mine n locked his lips wd mine... Since I ws also fantisisng bot him I dnt spoke a word nd in response kissed him back...

He came near to my ear nd said " come to the toilet".. Nd he went out... Wdout giving ne 2 thought I did what he said... I went nd knocked on d door... He opened it nd I went in... He suddenly grabbed me wd full force nd locked the door... As it ws a toilet in train it ws very small.. Hardly ne place to stand... We hugged each odr nd starting exploring each oders mouth....

His hande went inside my t- shirt nd he opend d hoks of my bra... It loosens up nd he got hold of my huge boobs... Started squeezing dem wd his hands nd ws kissing me passionately... I ws loving ds foreplay nd moaned a lil... He got d indication pulled my hands up nd took of my top nd bra in a min... He started sucking my big pink nipples..... What a feeling it ws...

I ws moaning in enjoyment... Aaaahhhhhhh oh yeah... Cmon raj... Aaaahhhhhhh... Nd den My hand went inside his pyjamas nd under his underwear... His cock ws almost 6"... Nd ws huge... I took it in my hand as it ws already erected nd started stroking his dick hard... He sucked my nipples harder... As we dint had much time...

He pulled down my pyjamas nd panty together nd I pulled down his pyjamas nd underwear... Now we both were naked rubbing each oders body... I took his erected hard cock in my hand nd bent a lil to gv him a good suck... As I sucked his cock I tasted his pre cum... Now none of us had patience...

I rubbed his hard dick on my clean shaved pussy nd as I did he gave a hard thrust and his dick went inside me giving a huge pain...as I wsnt a virgin n my pussy ws already oozing out love juices his dick went easily inside my chut..My chut went numb for a second nd he started giving thrust.. he started fucking me like a mad dog... Nd I started moaning....

"Oh raj !!! Aaaahhhhhhh yeah cmon u bastard!! Fuck me hard.. Harder.. U fucker asshole... Fuck out d bitch inside my... Oh yarah...... Cmon raj... " He fucked me as hard as he could.... He said... " u slut.. I hv not seen such hot boobs before... U r a sex goddess... Ne guy will fuck d bitch out of u... " I ws getting aroused by his language nd told him to fuck me more harder....

Nd den I felt my clit inside joining in bck... I realized he ws also reaching peak.. Yeah baby cum inside me... Oh yeah... Aaaahhhhhhh yeah cmon... Leave ur hot juice in my pussy... Oh yeah cmon raj cmon... Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh:.... Nd we both climaxed together... Den he hugged me tightly nd we smooched... We cleaned ourself nd went back to our berths one by one...Nd to our luck everyone ws deep asleep... V r still in contact nd had many adventures after ds trip... Dt I'll post later...

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Sexual fantasy for brother-in-law

I suddenly woke up gasping for breath and looked around in panic for what was happening and it took me a minute in realizing that it was just a dream. I shrugged and breathed easy. Rubbing my eyes I tried to look at the clock, it was quite dark in the room and was hard to make out anything.

I managed to switch on the bed lamp some how, which is just beside and made out that it was 2 in the midnight. It seemed like I slept very deeply. I was in total mess, the bed spread was all over the place and the strap of my knee length long silk night gown was hanging loosely off my shoulder and my left boob drooped out of my dress and my nipple out perking out.

I pushed it back in and pulled the strap back on. My husband was sleeping like a rock, unmoved even when I put on the light. I grabbed the bottle and had the last sip of water remaining and threw it back on the table. Only then I realized that my bladder was bursting and as I stepped down on the floor it was damn cold, I had a pee and quickly leapt back and jumped on to the bed after adjusting the bed spread.

I laid back and extended his arm out sidewards and rested my head on his bicep and started to rub his chest heartily. My husbands sturdy, muscular body was shining under the bed light as he wore no shirt. I turned towards him in the same position laying my left arm over his bare chest and I raised my left leg and placed it over his thighs.

I planted a kiss on his cheek and closed my eyes hugging him tightly. Suddenly the dream has started to flash back into my eyes and that was it, I lost the sleep completely. To avoid those awkward dreams flashing in my head I kept my eyes open looking at my hot husband, I twirled my finger around his nipple and started to play with it.

And observed that he is having goosebumps over his skin and this has encouraged me with more naughty things to do. I raised my head and took his nipple into my mouth and started to suck it and swirled the tip of the tongue around and played with him. His manhood has started to respond to my tongue by erecting up from under his pants.

I lowered my leg off his thighs and carefully guided my left hand underneath his pants and cupped his ball gently. He reacted and gave a jerk but didn't open his eyes, I caught his cock and started to stroke it gently while I kissed on his ear lobes and started to lick his upper body with my wet tongue. I have never done this before, luring my husband to take care of my curvy body while he was asleep.

His cock has gained its full size as I lowered his pant and brought his tool out into the cold air, but he was still sleeping(or pretending to be sleeping). I was damn aroused by the whole prospect that my pussy has totally dampened in my panty. I sat up and slid off the straps on my shoulder and let my night gown slip down till my waist exposing out my hot boobs.

As I touched my dark nipples they were erect and were dying to be nibbled and sucked. I laid back on his shoulder rubbing my boobs over his strong body and continued to lick him while my hand kept gently stroking his monster and cupping his balls. He raised his hip as if he want me to continue and the desire kept burning me down to take his monster into my wet pussy.

I tweaked his nipple as he hissed like a snake and continued to stroke his shaft and went up kissing ear lobe, I softly moaned "mmmmmh baby come on". And out came the word "I'm too tired sweety" as he pushed my hand off his dick and turned other-side rejecting my seditious body playing with him. I was leaking my juices and feeling really hot and the arousal was almost unbearable in between my legs.

But I did not want to touch it with my fingers, I wanted my husband's tongues and his cock to squeeze the love juices out of my hole. I placed a pillow in between my legs to control my hunger and started to squeeze it and rubbed my semi nude body on the bed like crazy. It was as if I was turning very vulnerable for sex and would accept anybody to fuck each my hole.

I was mad at my husband for not caring for me, but I didn't want to disturb him. I slept on my belly rubbing my thighs against each and hugged a pillow tightly, pressing my breasts and occasionally raising my hips and started to imagine getting fucked by celebrities hard, as though it would happen in stories and porn movies.

I closed my eyes and started to imagine my self being played upon like a bitch, forcing me, fucking me, moaning to be fucked. Hard and wild was I imagining, that I was being banged by hard in my pussy by a group and started to shiver as my imaginations went on and the pleasure of being filled by a rowdy gang and was awesome and I heard my husband growling "Turn that light off" and changing his position.

Suddenly my pure state of ecstasy had turned into rage as I heard him say that. I felt like "There is beautiful wife with one of the most sexy body lying nude with her pussy dripping with love juice and rubbing and pressing her boobs hard and you are sleeping like a stone". I turned towards the table and cursed myself and future enraged when I found the water bottle empty.

I got off the bed almost cursing my helplessness and pulled up my gown and strapped on. I switched off the light and took the bottle in hand and started to walk like a cat making sure he doesn't wake up. I slowly unbolted the door and sneaked out of the bedroom, it was very dark and I couldn't see much. I some how took a few steps blindly and entered the hall and switched on the little night lamp.

I was almost stuck in disbelief when I saw what was happening there. Its my brother-in-law, he was in one of the most entranced state. His eyes were tightly closed and his mouth was wide open with huffing and puffing. He was wearing nothing above his waist exposing his tight body, almost matching his brother and his night pant was down at his ankles and his right hand was stroking his humongous monster of a penis,

with his left hand he was groping and rubbing his body with one of my pantie which I kept for washing. I stood there motionless, and started to watch him. He took that pantie and kept in his mouth and stated to sop up my love scent off it with his tongue and made it wet with his saliva. He took a look powerful breath off the pantie while he was still busy pumping his shaft which was gleaming.

He chewed my pantie crazily and watching him only escalated my problem. I was feeling aroused by his acts and unknowing I was rubbing my thighs against each other watching him play with my wet pantie while my finger were touching my belly and exploring my navel over my dress. When he smelled and licked my panty I felt like I was being licked and sucked by my brother-in-law.

He paused and took my panty to his right hand and wrapped it around his hardon and started to stroke it gently. I was getting restless watching this happen, I was concerned actually thinking of it as sin but I was really enjoying my role as a sexual fantasy for my brother-in-law.

He increased his pace and started to stroke really fast and hard making a characteristic sound, he continued as his huffing went up, longer and longer and he held his breath and moaned and with a few more strokes he erupted like a volcano shooting his cum into the air and a couple more strokes and he blurted out another burst of his hot liquid and then he open his eyes,

raising his head and looking at his willy he squeezed the last drops of his juice with my panty. Noticing that the show was over I quicky gained my senses and leapt back to my bedroom silently, unnoticed with a lot of thirst. My husband is unmoved, I went and slept beside him facing the ceiling and started to think about what I saw, breathing heavily.

I pulled my gown up untill my waist exposing naughty pussy out, I moved up and leaned up against a couple of pillows and made myself cozy. I gently touched my groin and took a swab of my juices from my pussy lips and sucked those finger. I felt dizzy and nice, I spread my legs wide and parted my pussy with my finger and inserted my middle finger into it.

It was the touch of the heaven, I touched my erect clitoris and rubbed it with my index finger. It was exquisite pleasure, I closed my eyes tightly as I rubbed my pussy biting my lower lip under my teeth. Inexplicably keeping my husband be side me I was masturbating thinking of my brother-in-law.

As I closed my eyes I imagined his tongue licking my pussy dry and cupping and squeezing my naked boobs in his hands like dough. With my left hand I explored my erect nipples and navel while my middle finger of the right hand rubbed my cunt with a lot of burning passion.

There were flashes of him locking my pussy lips with his mouth and pushing his tongue into my cunt and strumming my clitoris while his hands groped my boobs and armpits. There was intense pleasure building in me and I gasped for breath, I tightened my muscles and held my breath and a little husky moan and I quivered and squirted out my love juices in huge amount.

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Sam having hot sex with chat friend Renuka

This is Sam. My desire for sex with women’s is very high. I feel sex is to be experienced in every manner/quarters. Sam (33 Yrs) from Delhi (basically from south). 5.9 Height, 90 Kgs, dark, tall, and a small tummy. Looking out for ladies (who are 30+), who are unsatisfied b’cause of any reason.

This incident happened to me once I was chatting in delhi room of yahoo. I received a message from a lady named Renuka. Unknowingly I had started chatting with her. Later I came to know that she had lost her hubby sometime back. Sensed her as if she misses something in her personal life. Asked her “how she feels about sex”, and I was very right, she was very sexy & romantic.

But missed everything in toto. She was bit too shy on this subject. We had ended our chat on the first day. Some more days had gone, I got her again, as I had added. We both introduced once again to each other. What happened to this day, don’t know she asked me, if I can help her relieve her tension. I asked her “how come”. She asked me if we can meet in person privately.

I was the first person to say a big Yes. She asked for my phone number. I was very much hesitant, hence asked to reveal her number. She revealed, and I asked her that I would call her after an hour. An hour later I had spoken to her. She was very soft spoken, after an initial greet, I slowly asked about the prospective meeting, she started to laugh and laugh.

I know both of us where novice in this matter, hence have to be cautious. Any how, ultimately we shared each other’s number. And I told her that I can be available to her only in Day time. For that she also agreed. And later decide to meet on the next day at an market close to her residence. We met finally.

She was also Just like me little plum, approx 34 36 34 (this was my assessment through my scanning eyes.) Renuka and me then shopped some snacks and cold drinks and left for the residence. For the confidentiality reason she expected me to reach after her. As planned I had reached her home and rang the bell. She greeted me to inside, it was a nice 2 room set, well managed and clean.

I was made to sit on the Hall, we were both mum, but at the same time very happy and excited. She brought the cold drink from the kitchen and gave it to me. After Drinking the same, I felt like urinating hence looked the toilet. She helped me to locate it. I came back, and was feeling very relieved. Later I took hold of her hands, and told her to sit close to me.

Let me describe something about Renuka. She was a middle aged, fair, with a decently dressed (salwar), and thick & long hair. We were just caressing our hands. I said Renuka you are very sweet and kissed her on her forehead. I smooched her all over her face, her earlobes and neck. She was getting excited too. Renuka told me, lets go inside.

All the windows were covered with curtains and a dim light of Zero Vault was on. The room was smelling very erotic with smell and the dim light. We were standing next to the bed and I hold her up and was kissing all over. Started from the forehead started to sense Renuka from top to bottom. From Neck to the bottom when my face reached and crossed, it was awesome.

Renuka’s every curves I was feeling from my face. She was holding my face altogether with her two sweet hands. Dug my head over her breast and the pussy hole over her clothes. She later told me to stand. She told me to undress. I was now only on my underpants, and she started rolling her sweet hands all over me from head to toe. As she reached my undo’s she started to feel and mouth over my Dick.

She took my 5.5 inch long dick to her sweet mouth. I was just feeling her head with my hands, and she was busy with dick. She looked very excited as she got a tool after a long long time. She was ardently playing with her mouth on it, playing with testicles and my long and strong legs. This went on for almost 15-20 minutes. I was in heaven dear readers.

I told her to undress herself. She did the way I said. Her Salwaar Kurta was down by now. And she moved to Bed. And I also reached near to her. Smooched her face and dragged my mouth to her neck and started feeling renuka’s boobs. It was soft and smooth. Nice and firm one indeed. Rolled my hands over her Bra and teased the nipples over her.

My mouth and my hands were very busy feeling her every curves. She was now started to moan a bit. When my mouth rolled over her panty pit, she suddenly wanted to stand forward, but my both hands forced her to go back. Now I was pumping renuka’s breast with my hands strongly and at the same time my mouth & nose was dug in the clit hole.

Just was very much liking my foreplays. Now I requested her to remove her bra and panty. She did, and I groped over her boobs, and started to tongue and tease the nipples. And my hands were onto her clit. First dug one finger and there after continued till my three fingers reached in. I was jerking her and she was in heaven surely. By now she might have come twice atleast.

She told me reach to her head and she bent down. She took hold of my dick and started to tease with tongue. She was using her both hands and her mouth on my sweet dick. My dick was on its full expansion. I was loving all the plays that the renuka was playing. It continued for sometime. There after I told her to sit on me and ride. She did the way I said.

Started very slowly and there after I heard her moan little more loudly and jerking faster. She was oozing and oozing. The ride had gone for 10-12 minutes. And there after she told me she wants to go down and let the riding be done by me. I said a very big OK. I pulled her down and placed her both legs apart and felt her choot with my hands.

Now with a little assistance from my single hand I placed my Dick on the right hole (cunt hole). Pulled my dick back as I felt very much of oozing. I told her to clean her hole with any clothe. She did, and I felt it was ok and much dry. Placed my Dick inside and pumped her in nor fast and nor slow manner altogether. It went for another 10 minutes or so, later I asked her to change her position to doggy style.

She was trying for the first time hence advised her to place her legs in the right manner, and from behind I placed my dick and forced it in. At the same time my both hands were cupping renuka’s breast and caressing it. The force in similar position for 12-14 minutes. And my sperm came out and I placed on to her ass.

Me and Renuka had enjoyed this session very much and there after on the same day tried once again, she gave some money as promised mutually, before bidding farewell, SAM.

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Riya early morning fuck with cousin

Hi frnds I m riyaa from ahmedabad...i m regular reader of sex stories. By reading stories I feel that I should share my story of losing my virginity by my cousin. He felt me more heat in early morning at summer Lets starts story......

I m hot and cute looking girl with fair skeen anh with well shaped body..34-26-32. Last summer I went to my uncle's house for 15 days because of my exams for reading purpose to get company of my cousin...He has muscular body... Because of summer my uncle,aunty,rohit(my cousin) and me used to sleep on the terrace...

Rohit always stared at me..when I bent down he always looked at my breast.. Many times I caught him and time I gave him smile after 2-3 days he became very frank with me...we often talked abt our personal lyf...i came 2 know that he had fucked many girls...some his gf nd other call girls.

One night at 2 o'clock we were sleeping on our terrace..rohit is sleeping besides me...i was wearing t-shirt and capreee. Suddenly I felt something on my legs...it was rohit,touching my legs...he had in mind that, I was in deep sleep...i didnt move..he came upward towards my flat tummy nd than to my boobs.

He slowly moves his hand on my boobs...i felt good...i have nothing in my mind to have sex bt now I made my mind to lose my virginity.....I suddenly open my eyes,he was shocked and told me sorry..but I smiled at him..then he also smiled. Then the duty starts..he was pressing my boobs hardly and our lips were locked...he put his hands under my capreee and started fingering in my pussy,which was wery wet.

Then I put my hands under his pant....this touching process continue for 2 hours...during that time I cummed twice by fingering. We cant speak too loud because my aunty was sleeping left side me I said,"i want 2 see his dick "he kissed me and said," but I want to fuck u " okk I said Then he woke up and told my aunty that we were going for reading...aunty said okay.

We went down and went into the house at 4 oclock.we wash our mouth and then we went to the reading room...he put his hands on my butts and grabed it hardly.... We started kissing each other wildly for 10 minutes..he started to undressed me..i was standing nude against him..he started to sucking my boobs..wow wat a feeling it was then he kissed on my pussy lips and sucking it.

i move slightly upward by the joy..he sucked it hard and hard and hard..oohhhhh...ohhh ...dear I m cumming ...yeahhhh and I cummed..he drunk all of my juices.....i also undressed him...wow wat a lund(dick)it was 7" and so hard..ut was first time I had seen a cock and takes his cock in my hand and started to blowjob with hands....he open my mouth and put the rod in it...i sucked it until he cummed in my mouth..i drunk all the cum....wat a taste....

Again we started to play with each other's body...after 20 minutes his lund was ready...he put it on my pussy and insert top of it in my unfucked vagina...... Aahhhh...its paining.. ahhh..stop..stop..i said He put his lips on my lips After 2-3minutes I said," its ok fuck me" He said"today I gonna crush u...phad dunga teri chut sali randi"

Phad de meri chutor banja bhenchod..jo karna he wo kar.i m all urs He jerked hard and half lund went to the my pussy..i yelled..stop..but was in no mood to stop..he slapped me and one more hard jerk and its all in.....tears came from my eyes...He continue 2 jerking me hard and hard..ohhh my god its very painful....after I was enjoying it....he stops for a while.....bhenchod ruk kyu gaya chod na muje I said....

He started moving....ohh my god......wat a feeling aaahhhhh..i moaned louldy....he slapped me again....sali bhosdiki raand awaaz mat kar he said.....Sale randibaaz tera loda itna mast he ki meetha meetha dard ho ho raha he ..aahhhhh..ooooyyeeeehhh Sale jaldi dakke maar me pani 6odne wali hu aaaahhhhhh,i said Me bhi nikalne wala hu, he said

Ohhh..baby..come on..come on..ahhh..ohhhh..ooaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i was in the heaven or mene pani 6od diya....usne bhi meri chut me jaad diya.....meri chut mere or uske paani se bhar gai.....mene uska muh meri chut me daba diya.....Or hamne woh mix juice pee liyaa...Ohhh thats the real test of india.....

I slept on him 4 half hour.....we dressed up at 6 in the morning....because my aunty wakes up at 6:15 everydy......i.lost my virginity For next 10-12 days we used to play this game everydyyy......in diff style..we also had anal sexxx.....Ohh wat a day it was 4 me when rohit fucked me.....every girl should take their brother's cock....and brothers fuck your sister....its a real joy.

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Pakistani wife from Rawalpindi showing juicy tits during oral sex foreplay with husband

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Malav fucking college babe Samantha

Hi readers! After reading hundreds of amazing sex stories, I am finally sharing my true story that happened with me during my college days. I am Malav, a 23 yr old young man living in mumbai. For my graduate college I went to one of the reputed colleges in Bangalore. Coming to the story, within few days after joining college I became popular amongst everyone and earned a reputation of outgoing, fun loving charmer.

To give a brief about myself, I am 5'8 with atheletic body (thanks to my football madness), little on the darker side but with very good features. The incident that I am going to tell you about is one of the cutest girl from our batch. Her name was samantha. 5'4 in height, fair and a figure that suited her perfectly. she had the most shaped body I had ever seen and her skin used to glow like no other.

During the first year we became good friends and hung out alot in groups. We all used to go clubbing and after clubbing hangout in my apartment. The way she used to move she could make anyone love and lust for her within minutes. Thanks to god, I danced pretty well myself. And on a lot of occassions we had a close dances and grooved together.

During our summer holidays, I stayed back in bangalore for an internship and all my close friends went back to their respective places. As luck had it me n samantha both applied for the same internship and both got selected. The work was long but fun. We had our office on MG road, which is very near to a range of pubs and clubs.

I always felt she had a soft corner for me which I became sure of days later. On saturday we finished work and were standing outside the building smoking a ciggerette. Samantha said to me " Its such a boring saturday, I wish all of our friends were here and we could go clubbing". Sending a opportunity to grind with her alone in a club gave me an instant hard on.

I offered that we can go, just both of us. She said " but where will I stay? I cant go back home late night". As we were good friends and all my roomates were out of town, she accepeted to stay at my place. We left from work and went to my apartment to change and relax a bit before hitting the club.

We went to Nyx, which is a very famous roof top club amongst students. After reaching the club we had few drinks, mingled a bit with few common faces and hit the floor. Once we hit the floor the alcohol started doing its work. We both were high and dancing very closely. I was holding her from the back and she was grinding on me.

After few minutes I got a hard on and caring less for consequences I pulled her closer by the waist. I could feel her ass pressed on my erect dick. She continued to dance and grind against me. I got the signal and pulled her even closer and kissed her on the neck. She left out a soft moan "ahhh". I was sure that tonight will be the night when I fuck this beauty.

For a while this continued and my hands were all over her waist and stomach. Slowly and steadily I was moving my hands up. My hands reached her breasts and I just poked once. She left out another moan and moved her hair from the side of her neck. I knew she wanted me. I started kissing her shoulder, neck, ear and reached her cheeks. she slowly turnes around and we had out first kiss. It was magical.

She had soft pink lips and that was the most sensous kiss I ever had. We kept kissing for 30 minutes and all the while I kept pressing her ass and inner thighs. I coudn't control it any longer and had to get out of there. I offered to go out for a smoke to which she readily accepted. Both were dizzy on drinks and decided to head home. As soon as we reached my apartment, I pulled her close to me and we were kissing very passionately.

I pulled the zip of her dress and pushed my hand inside her bra. And she started to moan in pleasure. God, what beautiful breasts she had. Her figure was 34-26-34. She had light pink nipples. Looking at them I coudnt control and started sucking them madly. She kept pushing me further towards her breasts and was scratching me all over.

I removed her dress and opened my shirt and was on top of her. She started rubbing my cock over my jeans and driving me mad. "Samantha I so wanted to love you ever isnce I saw you" She gave me a nughty smile and said "I wanted you to do that ever since we danced together for the first time" I continued licking her all over.

Suddenly Samantha pushed me and came on top of me. She pulled out my belt and took off my jeans. I was in heaven. She pulled my cock out of underwear and started smiling. I asked her "why you smiling?" She said " you know all the girls call you the choclate boy and I heard from some girl that you have a very thick dick, which is true" I smiled and pushed her down to suck me. She sucked intensely and very fast.

I couldn't control and exploded in her mouth. And she drank it all. I wanted to fuck her so badly, I got an erection within two minutes and came on top of her. She was only in her panty and I tore it apart. She had a clean shaven pussy. I rubbed my dick on the pussy and entered in one go. She screamed loudly in pain but I didnt stop. She started to scratch me and dug her nails on my back.

She was screaming " fuck me hard aaahhh! fuck me love! I am all yours from today! all this was driving me crazy and I started to fuck her fast and with big thuds! I was sucking her breasts at the same time! aahhh!! ah! harder! harder! She kept on screaming. The smell of booze, cigg and cum was so intoxicating. We both felt like this night should never end.

I pulled my dick out and asked her to get on her four legs in doggy style. As soon she turned around, I thrusted my dick in her pussy in one hard stroke. She screamed loudly. aaaaaa!! I was fucking her like a machine, with hard and fast strokes! and pinching her nipples and spanking her at the same time! we fucked for half an hour and I came inside her with a loud moan. It felt like eternity.

We both slumped on the bed, gasping for breath. After few minutes we both got up, smoked a cigg and had another fuck session in the balcony. Which I will post in my next story. Me n Samantha got into a relationship after that till college ended and I got back to mumbai. We fucked in many different locations and had a lot of sex adventures, which I will share with my fellow readers in next few days. Hope you all enjoyed the story. love, Malav.

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