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Akshay fucking horny cousin sister Monica

Hi frnds this is Akshay(name changed).I live in Delhi. This is the 100% true story that how I fucked my sexy and horny cousin sister(masi ki ladki). Her name is monica(name changed) she is around 30yrs old. She is very fair and have a well maintained body. I just completed my 10th class board exam and got 3months holidays.

Monica di invited me stay for some days to her home in vacations. So I went to Gurgaon where she lives. She was married and was blessed with a girl of around 4yrs her name is Palak and my jiju worked in a automoblie company. On first day everything was normal Palak went to her school and jiju went to his company.

She was playing san andreas game on her laptop while lying on bed so I went near her and lied around her quite near to her body I could see her big breast was pressed in bed and she was singing. I said that I also want to play she said ok and went to take a bath. I minimized the game starting checking her laptop and found some nude wallpapers of pornstars hidden.

I searched some porn movies and got around 15 movies. Then I noticed that there was a nude wallpaper of monica di might be clicked by jiju. At 7:30 jiju came and told he will be going to japan for 15days for launching of a new car and some project work. I thought this is nice chance to fuck her. He went to IGI airport next day.

After coming back she went to take bath I noticed that there was a nice keyhole an tried to watch her through it she was removing her bra at that time my cock became hard, what a awesome pair of boobs she have they were not hanging they were sticked to her breast and were as big as a semi football.

Then she undid her panty her cunt was covered with some hairs but she shaved them after shaving she started shower, wow what a scene it was every drop of water flowing through her body was making my 6inch cock harder I started to masturbate while watching her in this process my hand knocked on door she looked at door for a sec and then started bathin.

I came in my hands and washed them after a min she asked for towel she forgotten on bed I thought I might see her body this time but she didnt opend the door much but I touched her wet arm. She locked the door again and I started watching her she was smiling while rubbing her body with towel. I went away from room.

At night her daughter slept early at 8pm I was watching a english movie it was around 10pm she came and sat next to me very close and smiling quite differently I asked her wats the matter I why are u smiling she said nothing. She asked me about my girlfriends and all I said I had one but now I have brk up 1 week ago I said truth b'coz we were vry friendly.

She asked me whether I have kissed her I said I have kissed and smooched her. She was surprised and said "tu to bht bada ho gaya agar tum dono akele kisi room m hote to tu uske sath sex bhi karta??" I am quite surprised by her question and kept quite after some time she asked me straightly that whether I liked her body while bathing.

I thought she saw me and now I cant lie so I said soor and asked I will not do it in future. She said its ok. She said let me show something you on laptop she opened it while laying on bed she showed me her nude pic which I ad alredy seen and thought that it is right moment I can fuck her. I said di I want to say something she said "kya hua pic achi nhi h?"

I said "nhi it very beautiful" I waited for some seconds to gather courage and said " di I love u I want u" I hugged her tight and tried to kiss her she said "mujhe pta h tu mujhe bht pyar karta h lekin.." I said what lekin tell me I will anything for u she said "u have to fuck me every day " as ur jiju only fucks me once a week I said I will you many times and kissed her hard and pressed

her big boobs she started moaning while kissing her boobs were moving up and down as she was breathing heavily. I broke the kiss and started licking her neck and kissing it as I knew kissing neck or rubbing waist and kissing navel makes girls hornier. I moans were becoming loud she asked me to lock door so that voice didnt reach to palak I locked the door and took off my t-shirt and vest.

I also took off her t-shirt and bra. What a scene I was I was stunned for a min and started sucking them very hardly she said "aur zor se daba aur zor se akshay aj tu mujhe kha ja" she breathing really heavy. While sucking her boobs I was also making some noises like sniffing. I pressed her left boob while sucking right one.

She tried to open my jeans so I gave her access she took off my jeans and underwear my 6inch long and 2.5inch thick cock popped out with lot of pre cum on in said asked me kya m ise chus lu. I said ha isme puchne ki kya bat h lagta h jiju apna lund apse chuswate nhi h..She said tu shi keh rha h aur na hi wo meri chut chat te h. I was confused what a foolish man he is.

She was giving her 1st blowjob and was doing it in a nice manner I hold her head and started stroking it rapidly I realised will cum soon so I stopped her and undid her capri and panty as I placed my finger on her clit she gave out a loud moan she started leaking her juices in volume I was licking her madly and pressing her boobs she hold my head and pressed it really hard

inside her cunt then after that she reached her 1st orgasm and moaned very loudly. I drank her juices it was quite salty but very tasty. She said mujhe aur mat tadpa akshay mujhe chod de dal de apna lund meri choot m. I obeyed her I adjusted into reverse spoon position and tilted her a bit so that full lenght can go inside her. we both moaned when I inserted my cock in her pussy.

She was very wet and there was no problem in entering her I started fucking her very hard without condom I started taking heavy breathe to last long then I started fucking her in doggy style and whole room was filled with her loud moans sounds of "thap thap thak thap" and my heavy breathe. I was in heaven.

After some min I saw she was about to reach her 2nd orgasm and after a min I also came in her pussy. I felt like a volano eruption in my cock and fell on bed without moving. She lied over me and she it was her best fuck ever she kissed very lovingly. Friends a kiss with emotions gives more pleasure than a kiss of lust.

we cleaned ourselves with some warm water then I asked her to take a contraceptive pill she said she will take it tommorrow we slept on bed naked hugging each other with a common bed sheet covered on our body. I stayed her home till jiju came and fucked her in her asshole,while bathing,in kitchen,and in many other positions. I also made a video of our fucking with a handycam on a stand.So this was my story hope u liked it.

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Comments (17)

Posted by Thaman
on: December 17, 2011 11:38 AM | Reply

Nice and horny.i itself mastrubt on imagining ur story.plz post tat video u hav taken!

Posted by D Jain
on: December 17, 2011 1:33 PM | Reply

agar video banaya he to Debonairblogs me upload kar.. dekhte he tu kitna sach bol raha he.. aur kaise choda apni di ko..

Posted by Aarav
on: December 17, 2011 1:40 PM | Reply

if u made a video than Post it here yaar.. I want to see ur Game.. Post it Soon


Posted by kamal
on: December 17, 2011 6:10 PM | Reply

Chutiya saala.. kya ullu bana raha hai.. abe gadhe fantasy dekhna chhod de..

Posted by sidharth
on: December 17, 2011 6:32 PM | Reply

abe bhen de lode, despo dehliwale gandu. fir kabhi koi story galati se bhi post na kariyo. full on fek raha hai gandustani, maha bakchod.

Posted by cuntsucker
on: December 17, 2011 6:34 PM | Reply

Arousing.. But totally fake!!

Akshay ur such a characterless person, if u'v commited this incest...

Apni bandi ke saath toh kuch kar nahi paya... Auntyyon ki marne chala hai...

Posted by rehan
on: December 17, 2011 6:52 PM | Reply

where is the video uploaded ?

"she asked for towel she forgotten on bed"

This is all too common line!

Randiya, behanchhod, chutiya

Posted by raj
on: February 10, 2012 7:09 AM | Reply

Good one akshay
I think its real story
The people who r saying fake may having lust on their sis but not succissed to get them to we can understand them so ignore them keep it up
Best luck

kabhi bhi bathroom ke darwaje me keyhole nahi hota fake story

Posted by
on: May 24, 2012 5:34 PM | Reply

Bhenchood kub choda apni behna ko ass hole bi nahi choda gand pada di apni behan ka

Posted by
on: April 15, 2013 9:19 PM | Reply

Bandal baaaz sale aur koi jooot nahi

Posted by
on: July 11, 2013 7:50 AM | Reply

Gandu agar fir se fake story post ki to tujhe aur teri di ko ek sath chodunga maderchod

sale teri didi nanga karke itna chodunga ki wo mar jiyagi u fake story teller

Posted by manish
on: December 5, 2014 7:06 AM | Reply

Lovely story keep it I also fuck my diverse didi every day

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