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As I have read so manny storry on Human disest all of them r good...as now want to post my incedence which is real tru one.please forgive me as my english is not so good. it was the time when I went Chennai for my college or gradution..as my Mama's family live their..My self name change..Anil...

I uncle have two daughter one is of my age and other was 4 year younger then me..Her name is megha(name change)...i was new to city as I went their from U.P...as my education is from english medium...CBSE board so I have no problem to convocate pepole in crowd..But still local language is necessarry.

come to the story...i was having no intention about sex or anything with my two cousions...we enjoy our lifes we used to share or college rutine..masti and all kind of stuff of enjoyment with both of my cousions...i started liking Megha as decently a cousion sister..but at time we dont have any intention of wroung..

we all use to sleep in one room I megha and her elder sister and my grand mother...i use to talk to megha about day rutine wht I had done in college..and what she had done in school....At that time her boobs have started to grow and her matriculation period also started...In month once when this started her stomach get painning very much..

i used to ask her y her stomach is painning she tell about diffrent excuses..but not tell the right execuse...this happens for four month...same routine..we used to come more closer in talks...and one day when her period started again..on the same night I ask her again..then on that day she told me about her period..

you can understand that one girl when told bout her period to other boy then she can say him any thing...so after that we became more closer...and without any intention we started touching each other hear and their in night without occationally. one day she tell me about her friends affair..and ask me that ki I have any affair with any body till now..i told her no..

after that we start talking about wht happens in affars...all stuff...and sex talk also..then we started our close ness about talking how boys get arose for sex and she tells about girls...still this we have no intention of sex at all..then whi;e talking we started feeling good if we touch each other at night..and even in day time if get chance..

one day she told me to hug her as she wants to feel my hands..so I hug her tight as my whole body touch her parts..my pennis also become tight which touch her as she must have feel that..after that when ever we get chance we start huging each other tightter..and this started kissing and carrying each other over the clothes.

After all this we both liking each other as for sex and carrying of our needs too..i care for her and she care for me..one day I said her to kiss me on lips for which se oppose...but on my insisting she just kiss on my lips and went...not smootch...this made be feel bad..so I behave like I dint like.

so after some time she came and kiss me again and this time we literrary smooch with our toungh and sliva exchaging..this make her feel good and me too..and our body started heatting and my penis was also hard and was in between her legs..she tightly round her legs on my pennish as with clother my pennis was in her vergina..

after that we started this when ever we get chanse...one day I insis her to show her pussy..she said no..but after some time she come to me and told me to come to terrace...as our house have a seperate way to go to terrace...first she went over their..and after some time aeapping from eyes of family member I also started way o terrace...when I was climbing the steps..

she came in between and hug me tightly...and sit infront of me two steps up and pull down her panty as she had wear maxi type of frok only and up her maxi frok and sprea her legs...i started seeing her pussy..it had some wht small hair..and smell was really good..i sit their and bring my face nea to her pussy and smell their..she became hot...

as I put my mouth on her pussy and started kissing it...she put her one hand on my head and press it to her pussy..i keep on kissing and gone inside her pussy wall and drunk all her wetness...i think she must have her organ which I drank full...and she took my face off from it and kiss me on my lips..and said she felt very nice...

then we leave for that day..now its our routine that when ever we get time we use do do this thing..i make her fully satisfy every time and we started the same in night also and fingering her too...but I was not getting time to have full sex..

once we had a function at our house..so we had book dharam sala..so we have to moov to dharmasala..and our house get empty...i used to do all the work of function...and my uncle dosent have son..se I doo all the work of purchasinga nd helping her in his office too..on this occation..our house was empty and our guest wea also shifted to Dharmsala...

a function place..As we forget some things to bring from house..so my unt tell me to take megha to house she knowa the thing where it has kept and I will drive her to house so we can come fast..we both felt good and very fastly we come to house and unlock the main door and came inside the house..she went for the thing which we have to take back..

and I close the main door from inside...then I came to her where she was searching the thing...she got the thing...so we kept the thing in plastic and ready to go..i look at her..and also look at me..we hug each other and started kissing..each other...i pullede her to the bed...i dind turn on the fan...i took her salwar out and kurta of salwa alo out as became half nede from top and down..

i started kissing all over her...and pull down her panty..and started kisssing her over their..with all my toungh in it and presing her boobs which were not so big but good enough to suck...i took her bra out and make her full nude and take the boobs in my mouth and started kissing it and suckking it...she said me to get my clothes off..i said that u make me off clothes..

so she in nudity position maked me nude..we now first time she other as in nude position...we hug each other and started kissing all over...i againn kiss her in her pussy which make her sperm came out...then I said her please kiss my pennis..to which she became readdy..as she took hold of my dick and I was standing and she was on bed..

she took slowelly sloweelly my dick in her mouth and started kissing as she was succking loolypot..and went to seven heave..wht was the experiance for me that was...she tok some skin off of my dick and put her toungh on it..and started sucking...iwith in five minute I was tottally loaded I said her that my sperm is comming she said let it come iwill swallow it..

as u have swallon so manny of mine..so I load all my come in her mouth...after that she took all of my cum from my dick and make it wet..then I said her kya ye samaye hame phir milega..she said..pata nahie..so I said we should do that also(means sex)..she said yes..then I took my tool and rub her pussy walls...she became hot and hug me tight...

as I was new to it so I started to puss my dick..but it was not going..and comming out..as she also make try to get it in..but we did not..then I came near to her pussy and spread her walls of pusy and with one my hand push the dick in..only one inch get in..this make her shout..as uuuuuffffffffffff..i said her kya huaa..she said dard ho raha hai..

then I said ki I should take it out..but she said no..then with one more puse I make it half in as my dik is 6.5 inch it gone half in..she again shouted and press her leg on my back with full force and again I puss her it..my whole dick was in her pussy and she shouted with pain...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...after that I make started slowlly up and down..

and with same she also make movement and from her eyes watter was flowing..that was of sex experiance..we started in and out more fasterer...and she said..i love u.....fuck me..harder..and pyar karo mughe aur..aur aaur...with this five minute she explore all her cum in it...i was also hard..and itoo was literrary to cum..

and took out my dick and epolid it on her pussy outter walls and stomach..and hug her and smootch her.....what was the experriance that was...as after five minute when we got sence we stand up...as on bed sheet their was blood with sperm...we took the bed sheet to wash and put another bed sheet and clean our selfes in bathroom..and their too kiss our selves with more passionatelly....

after that we dress our selves and went to function...after this we had many occastion and we tried all type of things...but after two year she started egnooring me...but I was in full love with her..i thought to marry her...but she refuse and starting eggnorring me...but still five year I had sended her 4000/- p.m. as her pocket money insted of eggnoring her...

buts one day she said me some thing so erase words which broke my heart...after that I stop talking to her...as I am now well build with economy and financial position...but still never forgive her for her ignoring nature...please comment your comments...thanks.

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Hi friends and dear readers of Human digest…I just started to read human digest and had read a lot of the stories…some were truly appreciating and erotic…So here I am to share my experiences with u all.I am Heer 21 years of age,belongs from a very wealthy family from Delhi.I have always been brought up with utmost pamperings and no doubt big restrictions.I always wanted to enjoy my life with full independence and with my kinda style.

To start let me give my description to you all…I was like a little princess,with very fair complexion,silky hairs and a face,that guys will die for and buttering my face and adding more advantage to it is my figure 34C 26 34…so guys u can understand wat kinda a bombshell I was…I was in an international school and had a pretty good time…had less female friends because they were annoyed coz of my looks and coz guys paid more attention to me than to any one else…

I had a childhood friend,who was my school mate and he was my papa’s business partner’s son.From childhood we use to b together,we played around and had lots of fun with each other.We use to go for long trips aboard for family vacations…in short all in all he was only the FRIEND I have in my life.With whom I shared evrything.

Karan and I oftenly use to spend time in each others home.And with him I never did got such restrictions from family,bcoz my mum papa had a lot of trust in his family and there were chances that we tie a knot in future. Now let me describe u about Karan he was a perfect guy,very intelligent in studies,great in sports and a face nd figure to die for.

And all girls from our school was crazzy behind him.But he was mine only mine and that s why the gals hated me. It was the last day of our school,not very sad for me to leave it…coz I wont miss any one..i have my bestie wd me….Days passed,our family was deciding about which college we were to be sent.

I heard that Karan’s family decided to send him aboard for his higher studies and my mum papa was against me goin aboard(may be this is where my mum papa restriction on me came in to view).I was admitted to very reputed college in Delhi and he was goin all the way to New York State University for his courses.I was upset over it, bcoz he is the only friend of mine.

The day came we went to see him off at the airport…n I was literally in tears,except the feeling that I am gonna miss a friend,something else was creeping inside me…I was feeling that I am losing the person without whom I cant live wdout…bt it was too late…to tell him…nd yes I was left back with tears in my eyes,with a warm embrace from him..nd love in my heart for him…Yes I love karan…my childhood bestie…bt have no 1 to share it…

My college life started,got few bunch of friends but still I miss karan,the person I love and I realised it when he left India,he use to call me evryday,shared his experiences and said how happy he was and said he misses me,..one day I received a mail from him which contained a pic of his hugging a girl…and it stated heer do u like her,she is my gf nd she wants to speak to u…

I was shocked,the person I luv is in love with some 1 else…nd tears ran down my cheeks, suddenly my phone started ringing “karan calling” ….he made me to speak to his gf nd said they are dating each other for quite a long time…nd they already are very close to each other… I dropped down the phone…nd started crying.

His phone calls became irregular nd I was taken to solitary…my parents decided to have an outing to New york with karan’s family to attend his convocation.He didn’t turn up to INDIA for the last three years…and m goin to c my luv after three years…as I landed there..my heart was pounding and no doubt NY changed my life after that…karan was there to pick up us to our apartment that both of our papa’s jointly brought.

he came nd hugged every1 and even me…he said… “heer u turned out to b so beautiful nd I m v happy to c u after so long”.we went to out apartment freshned up…I was in my room when karan knocked my door and asked for permission to get in…I was in a sphagetti nd a demin shorts…with my hairs tied in a knot…he came and hugged me and asked whether I am willing to go for a city ride…

I was hesitant …bt then agreed…we went for long ride and yes my bestie was with me he said he is sorry for suddenly breaking the contact with me as he was going through some tough times…I asked him wat…he ignored…we went back home had a family dine…and the next day was his convocation…we went to his college saw the function…I even saw the his gf…

I went up by myself and talked to her…c ignored and said she dnt kno ne1 of us…she took me to starlt…Same day evening karan threw a party to his friends and with due permission from my mum dad,we went for the party…he threw d party on a luxurios yachts, we were on the mids of Hudson bay…nd the party was super chilling,some of his friends and their grl friends…

he introduced me to my surprise as his fiancee…nd I was taken a back…we danced around,he boozed a lil…nd later on a bit late at night…evry1 got tired and went to rooms with their gfs…me nd karan was standing on d deck…and as it is I hid the matter that I met his gf in the mornin…I asked him…whats the matter, whre is his gf…nd y did he introduced me to all frnds as his fiancee…

he suddenly broke into tears…nd said that he was really sorry…his gf ditched him nd used him for money…nd later on he realised how much lonely he has bcum….nd all of sudden…when I was hearing all ths…he knelt down…nd proposed me…nd said he alwaz knew that he loved me…bt realised it v lately….nd to my joy…I acptd it…nd told that I also feel the same…

we hugged each other…nd to my senses we kissed for the first time…it was a v long smooch…full of passion…nd love…he picked me up…and headed towards our room…it was romantically decorated…with dim lights nd fragrance of roses everywhre…he made me sat on the bed…nd kissed me again..I was fully with love and the feelings which I kept hideen it for so long, was bursting out…

I kissed back him…our kissing session continued for near about 10 mins…I was wearing a shoulder less one piece dress,whose length jst stretch two inch down my hips…he started kissing me on my neck…nd slided down his fingers to my shoulders…nd was caressing me…and no doubt I was on the top of theworld…njoying myslf to the most…

he made me stood up..hugged me once again…tightly…nd I could feel that he was pulling down the zip of my dress….nd he kept on kissing and licking my neck nd shoulder…I was gtng high…so do he…I tightly embraced him…and I could feel his cock hitting me…over my dress…he let my dress go off…nd I was standing infront of him…in bra nd panty…

I was looking down…my heart was beating fast…he removed his shirt…nd for the first tym I felt his bare body embracing in my half naked conditions…he was now fidling wd my body…nd I cud feel him…to unhook my bra…nd pulled open the strings of my panty…nd I was now totally nude infront of him…he looked at me..nd said…I look more beautiful in my birth day dress….

he made me lie down on the bed…nd he came over me…we both smooched passionaltely…in the meanwhile…I was getting totally wet down there…nd my body was in such pleasure…He started squeezing my boobs…nd caressing it…nd I was slightly moaning in njoyment….he licked it nd was started sucking my boobs…my nipples was getting harder…it was erect..

he was sucking it very hard…nd I was njoying nd moaning with excitement…he kept on sucking my boobs…for nearly 10 mins…I was in heaven..making love with the person I alwazzz loved…after playing with my tits…he started goin down by licking my stomach….nd then he reached to my pink cleanly shaved pussey…nd gave me one light lick…which was enough for me to turn me crazzy…

I shouted in joy…he then moved up nd kissed…nd he told me to open help him open his pants…I sat up…nd was caressing his body…nd licking him all over….bite his nipples…whch turned on him…reached upto his ears nd bite it…nd he was high…he pulled his pants nd his jockey…his dick was erect…it was almost 6.5’ long…nd quite thick…he pushed me to the bed again….

and started kissing me…while his one hand playing with my pussey and the other filding my left boob nipple…he was slighty making a travel around the paths of my pussey…nd making me high…nd to make me to crave for him inside me...He slowly went down…didn’t kno…wat was in store for me….bt deep behind my mind I was thinking nd praying to god..

that this night must not end…he went down to my pussey…gave it a deep warm sigh…the warm air made my pussey more hungry…he started licking my wet pussey….i started moaning with xcitement…aahhhhhh….uhhhh…mmmmmmmmmm…..he sucked it….nd tasted all my juices…I was njoying…was getting crazzzy by his job…he inserted his tongue deep inside my pussey…I was shouting with xcitement… ahhhhhhhhhh….mmmmmm….mmmmuuuuu…..ummmmmmmmmmmm….love u karannnnnnn…..mmmmm olllll urssssssssssssss…..plzzzzzzz make me urs………he was gtng more xcited by hearing this…he was giving me great tongue twister…nd was fondling with my boobs…squeezing my boobs as hard as could he…I was shouting with pleasure,…

then he went up…gt down the bed….i was amazed wat he is upto now….he bought a bottle of red wine…nd to my surprise he poured it in my pussey…nd started licking nd sucking it…wine mixed with my cum….he was sucking hard my pussey…with xcitement I wanted to stop him…bt again wanted him to go on and on…his head was stuck to my pussey area…

and for wanting that feeling not to stop…I held his head tighly with my tighs …he was making me mad…I was moaning with pleasure.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………mre….moroooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

karan……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….dont stop….keeepppppppppppp sucking my pussey……………this went for around 20 mins nd finally I reached my climax…nd came in his mouth…he tasted it…nd said he loves me lot…now I was all xcited….i took his dick in my hand…nd started jerking it….i looked at his eyes…nd said I love u karan…

I ll gv u all d pleasure…nd took his dick insde my mouth….nd started giving him a good blow….he was moving my head to and fro…nd I was hearing him moan with pleasure… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh…harder heer…..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………harder…..i was tasting his precum…..he was now fondling with my boobs…

and suddenly…he again laid me down…nd we got into the 69 position….i was buzz sucking his cock…nd playing with his balls….nd in the mean time…he was fingering my pussey….he first did it with 1 finger…I was gtng bit of pain….bt I kept ngaged myslf in sucking his cock…he increased his finger no from 1 to 2 to 3 nd he thrusting it inside…with xcitement I even bite his cock…we both were moaning in xcitement nd kept on clng each oda s name…..

After all this session…it was time for us to go inside each oda…nd make out love complete…he placed two cushions under my hips….nd made me wide open my thighs….nd placed his cock infrnt of my pussey…nd was teasing it….I was unable to control my xcitement….i shouted fuck me karan…..dont do this to me…

he kissed me on my forehead…nd slowly thrusted his cock inside me….omg………….i cried out in pain nd pleasure….i bleeded too…he was smooching me to deviate my mind from the pain…nd he was slowly nd steadily doin to nd fro movements…now I was njoying….i was on the top of the world…he was increasing his speed

nd was sucking my boobs nd biting my nipples at the same time…nd driving me crazzzzzieeeeee…..i was wanting for more…he kept on nd on…more smoothly nd very fast…I was up with all xcitement…shouting ……more honeyyy……he continued his cock ride on me….for 30 mins…I was njoying….we were kissing widly……

He was about to cum…he pulled his cock…nd spread his semens on my naval….i felt his hot semens…nd he fell over my me…by embracing me….we kissed for some more time…it was 6 in the morning…we don’t kno…when we went to sleep…by hugging each oda….

The morning was greetd with glory…there was blush in both of our face…nd a spark in our eyes…we got ready nd headed back to our apartments….we were in immense love and the next 1 week stay at NY was filled with love and love making….bt nothing is so special apart from our first sex encounter….we mean to lot to each oda….

After 1 year…we expressed our views to our parents that we are in love nd wanna get tied in a knot…. I am now married to karan…nd is an Asst.Managing Director…in my family business and karan is an executive director in a leading MNC …currently both staying in London…nd married for 6 months…nd happy with each other….our love making is alwazzz wd great passion nd not with lust…I am here to share more stories..if at all ….every1 likes it…

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Hot bus journey from Bangalore to Udupi

Hi Everyone ! I have been reading stories in this blog for a long time now and I always wanted to post my own experience. Today I decided I will finally do it. This is my first attempt in writing and I hope it goes good.

My name is Nishant, I live in Bangalore. I am a tall, skinny, fair and good looking guy. I work in a very well known IT Company.This incident happened when I was traveling in a KSRTC Bus from Bangalore to my hometown near Udupi.

I was to go to my Hometown for Diwali and during that time, all bus tickets are booked in advance. I had booked my ticket a week and a half ago. I was traveling in the night after finishing the day's work.

When I got into the bus, I had the window seat to the left and the seat next to me was empty. I wondered if a beautiful girl would sit next to me, I knew it was a dream because in KSRTC as far as I have seen, you never get such chances. Ladies traveling alone will be seated next to other ladies traveling alone almost all the time and men with men.

Only tickets that are booked together will sit together and I have seen this all the time during my journeys to my hometown. And it happened that day again, a middle-aged man sat next to me after sometime and within minutes the bus started and we were off the bus stand. The man sitting next to me seemed to be very familiar with the bus conductor and the driver, he went to the drivers cabin and was talking to them. I went asleep.

I woke up after half an hour or so, it was a bus-stop and some more passengers were getting in. There was some discussions going on and the man who was to supposed to sit next to me was still not there, I looked out of the window to see what it is. There was a couple who had not booked tickets but wanted to check if there were seats available.

The conductor said there is just one seat and both of them cannot go, the man who was sitting next to me offered that he can sit in the drivers cabin and give his seat to one of them. The husband agreed to this and they got in. There was one sit in the very end of the bus and another next to me.

I saw the wife, she was around 35 to 40 years old, fair, a bit on the plump side, I could not get a good look since she had wrapped a shawl all over her, a scarf to cover her head and ears. She was not fair but was not dark either and quite good looking. She looked at me and turned, she then told her husband she cannot sit in the back since she will feel like vomiting if she sits there.

The husband said he will go there and asked her to sit in the seat that was next to me. The bus started again and I fell asleep again. I woke up after another half an hour to notice that the lady was resting on my shoulder. I dont know why but I felt she was not asleep. I had not taken any special interest in her anyways, but I did not want to ask her to sit properly.

I adjusted my seat so that her head rests against my seat and not my shoulder, I fell asleep again. When I woke up this time, the bus had stopped in front of a Hotel and many passengers were out eating or drinking tea. The lady next to me had also gone out. I did not have mood to drink tea, I just kept looking out of the window and I saw her talking to her husband in a distance.

She had removed her shawl and scarf as well, she was in a Selwar Kamiz and the first thing which hit me was the size and shape of her bust and ass ! When I had just seen her face earlier (Eyes, Nose and Mouth to be honest) I had not developed any interest towards her, but now I saw her ! Her hair were wavy and almost touched her ass.

She was about 5' 6 and I thought her figure was 34-30-36, She had tummy and her waist was not as small as it would have pleased me, but the shape of her breasts were breath taking ! The driver horned and everyone started getting back into the bus, I saw her running towards the bus juggling her assets. I saw her coming towards her seat and she really looked a beauty this time, she saw me looking towards her and did not react, pretended that she did not see me.

The bus started again, this time I could not sleep. I decided I would adjust the seat back to where it was so that she may rest on me again and who knows what may happen next ! I was excited. I adjusted the seat, I also folded the armrest that was in between us and she ignored it. I could make out that she pretended to be sleeping and in another 10 minutes, she was resting on my shoulder again !

I knew she was not sleeping, I thought I should make a move. I have always been a very shy guy, never spoke to girls in college. I was always ashamed of my skinny body, I was very smart otherwise but I lacked a muscular body. How much ever I tried to exercise, eat etc.. I was just the same. I thought that was always the reason I was not able to have adventures with girls.

But this time, I wanted to make a move. I was afraid that she might create a scene, but something told me that she was resting on me knowingly and maybe she would not mind. Even if she does, there were more chances of her just reacting negatively and finishing the adventure there instead of creating a scene. I decided I will pretend to be asleep and slowly move my right hand to the right, to try and touch her.

I did, in sometime the little finger of my right hand was touching her left thigh. The bus braked all of a sudden and jumped and my whole palm went on her left thigh !! This was the moment she had to react, she had woken up with the jolt and she could definitely sense that my hand was on her thigh and as I had thought, she ignored it and continued resting on my shoulder. It was my time now !!

I started rubbing my palm on her left thigh slowly, I separated her top from her bottom and massaged her ! knee till waist I caressed her left thigh nicely. She pretended to be asleep. I ran my palm through her left thigh, I wanted to have a go at her pussy but I felt it was too early and maybe she would not like it.

I adjusted my seat to go even backwards so that I can put my right arm around her, I did and she still pretended to be asleep. I pressed her shoulder with my right hand, felt her arm till her wrist and came back, caressed her back, felt the start of her butts and I was dying to cup her boobs. I was afraid, but at that moment, I felt I would risk everything to feel her boobs just once, I planted a passionate kiss on her left ear.

If she was asleep, she should have woken up with this but she did not. I got my final confirmation and moved my right hand to cup her right boob and GOD, SHE WAS BUSTY !!! more than the size, it was the shape that gave me a hard on, she had pointy boobs.

I started caressing her right boob with my right palm and enjoyed every second of it, she still pretending to be asleep adjusted her sitting posture in a way that it became more easier for me to do what I was doing. I slowly moved my left hand to her left boob and started rubbing them, I pressed them, I squeezed them and I felt that was the best time I had in my life so far !!

I do not have a girl friend and I was a 24 year old virgin !! I had watched porn movies, I had seen sexy girls walk around but this was the first time I was enjoying one !! a hot, sexy MILF whose husband was sitting in the same bus !! Everything inside the bus was pitch dark and there was no reason to worry about others watching us, I had to be careful about towns and cities we would pass on the way which would have street lights on.. but as of now, I was enjoying.

I had moved my one hand inside her selwar and had rubbed every part of her upper body and my woman was still asleep ! I wanted some action from her, I decided to get her to react. I planted a kiss on her forehead, nothing changed. A kiss on her nose nothing changed, a kiss on her lips ! My first experience, I loved it and still visit that moment back in my memory !!!

but nothing changed for her. I slip my hand into her bra and touched her nipple, cupped her naked boob and it was then she left out a moan in whisper, I kissed her lips again immediately and she kissed me back, and then she started smooching me.. I was so excited that I started squeezing her boobs like there was no tomorrow and at one point she stopped me, she spoke !

and I realized I was enjoying a woman who I had never spoken to, I did not know who she was, her name or anything !! all she said was "You are hurting me !", I whispered in her ear that I am sorry and kissed her again. She took my right hand around her shoulder and said "Enough now, it has been too long".

I was worried that she will stop me, I was beginning to enjoy her lips and wanted to kiss them again and again.. I then realized what she was up-to, she whispered "I liked it when you were caressing my thighs, do it again", she kissed me on my lips and the said "and don't feel shy to touch my pussy", she kissed me again.

I started caressing her thighs again while smooching her, this time I ran my hands through her pussy, she had spread her legs to make it easier for me and I was liking the moans she left out in whispers near my ear whenever I touched her pussy. I wanted to put my hand into her pants but she opposed it, she kissed me again and said to me "You dont know how to handle a woman", I told her that I was a virgin and she was my first one.

She then started asking me questions, where I live, what I do, where was I going to etc etc and I answered them all promptly like student to teacher. I did not ask any questions to her though, all I was interested in was her sexy body ! She started to run my penis, I was wearing a track pant for the journey and she could feel my tool very well.

She said "You are so soft ! huh ", I told her that it has been more than two hours and I have gone though the process of getting hard, going soft and getting hard again. She kissed me and said "Let me get you hard again then !" She kissed my lips once more and asked me "Tell me why you did not react when I first leaned against you and how did you become so brave after the stop at the hotel",

I told her what happened and how I lost her mind after looking at her boobs and butt, she smooched me again and said "You are sweet !, tell me how you felt afterwards and what you enjoyed the most", I described her features and told her how great I felt while playing with her body, I knew she was turned on.

She asked "What would you do if you had a chance to do anything to me?", I said I wanted to make love to her as many times as I can and she agrees. She said "I said right now ? What would you do right now?", I told her I wanted to kiss her boobs and suck her nipples. I always used 'Breasts', 'Buttocks' in my conversation and this was the first time I said 'Boobs' and 'Nipples', and she loved it.

I was hard thinking of all that and she noticed it since my dick was in her hand ! She said the second one is impossible but she will let me kiss her boobs, I bent and kissed her boobs and kissed her lips again, she said she will compensate for not letting me suck her nipples, she leaned over and slept on my lap and started kissing my dick, I felt in heaven, I started caressing her body while she did that.

And suddenly the lights glared from outside the window and she came back to her normal position with a shock, I felt like shit. We had entered a town and the lights inside the bus were also on in a moment. We came to a bus stop and a few passengers got down. Her husband came to us and told her that a few seats had emptied in the back and they can sit together.

She had to go and my dream had ended. I thought i'l finally get some sleep, but I was not able to, I kept thinking about what happened, fantasizing her and ejaculated in my pants. She came to me after sometime, told me that she came telling her husband that she has misplaced her water bottle somewhere and she wanted to look for it, she planted a kiss on my lips and said "Thank you", she asked me my phone number, I gave it to her.

She said "I have to go" and left. I thought of the probabilities of her calling me one day and inviting me to make love to her and masturbated for weeks and weeks, and she did call. After two months !

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Fucking horny Mallu nurse Nancy

“Do you think you could give me private lessons, sir?” I looked up from the textbook and saw a 20 something girl gazing at me with desperation in her eyes. She had joined my batch the previous week to prepare for an English test. My immediate response was to shake the head – as a rule, I never gave private tuitions.

However, her vulnerable face made me reconsider my decision even before she had uttered a word in support of her request. I had wound up for the day and was about to leave the classroom when she approached me. All the students had filtered out by then and so, I decided to have a chat. Half an hour later, I agreed to help Nancy prepare for the test.

As it was an unprecedented move, I still had to find answers to the When, Where and How long. Hence, we swapped numbers and I promised to text her the details within a day. The venue had to be my house as I couldn’t think of any other place. It was decided that I’d teach her in the mornings as I had to be at work only by late afternoon.

I soon learned that Nancy was not only married, but also the mother of a seven year old girl. That came as a shocker as she seemed quite young and curvaceous. She had smooth, caramel skin – a distinct feature I love about lasses from Kerala. Add to this her shoulder-length hair, a pointed nose, eloquent eyes and broad lips, and it came as no surprise that the males in her batch, though few in number, lavished their attention on her.

In short, she certainly was easy on the eye. Yet, what made her stand out was the way she carried herself. Nancy was surprisingly well groomed and polished for a nurse, apart from being fashionable. Later, I found out that she’d spent a considerable amount of time in the Far East, which proved to be a watershed in her life.

A couple of weeks went by since we commenced training and Nancy began making progress. I also found myself counselling her in a bid to boost her morale as she seemed to be in a perpetual state of fear and despair. She was under a great deal of pressure from her husband and in-laws as they viewed her as a passport to a better life overseas.

Having trained a number of nurses in my career, there was nothing novel about this and so, I focused my efforts on boosting Nancy’s confidence. One day, I was forced to tell her off as she hadn’t completed her homework. This prompted an unexpected response from her – eyes brimming with tears, Nancy began sobbing softly.

I froze on seeing this but soon regained composure and tried to pacify her. I went up to her, drew her close to my chest and tried to comfort her. This worked as Nancy soon stopped weeping and wiped her eyes dry. Later, we continued the lesson as if nothing had happened. What transpired on that day, nevertheless, completely altered our relationship forever.

For the first time since beginning the private sessions, I began fantasising about Nancy. This led to me observing her keenly during our interactions. I was positive that she had feelings for me but both were bound by our respective marital status. I ached to feel her shapely body and taste her luscious, wide lips. The opportunity to do so presented itself when she playful pinched me once.

By then, we were pretty comfortable with each other and I often sat with my body pressed against hers. I started pinching her every time she made an error. Initially, I used to pinch her forearm and slowly progressed to her midriff. Since she never resisted, I mustered enough courage and pinch the flesh above her ribcage on that eventful day.

I knew I was tantalizingly close to her breasts as I could feel the contour of her brassiere. Now, Nancy always teamed a pair of jeans or trousers with a formal shirt, often close-fitting. That day, she was wearing a pair of blue jeans and an olive green shirt. On feeling my fingers over her undergarment, she shot a stern look at me.

I knew it was then or never – my sexual desire got the better of me and I slowly moved my hand an inch forward, cupping the lower part of her left boob. Before she could react, I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers. Within a second, I was all over her, my erect penis right between her legs. I moved my lips away from hers and started working on her ear.

Signs of resistance came to a complete stand-still and she started moaning, encouraging the beast in me. I knew I had worn down the resistant part in her and decided to take my time exploring her petite body. Before long, we started snogging full-on and I let my hands wander. I had never kissed anyone with such fervor since my university days and I couldn’t get enough of her lissome body and kept pressing my crotch against her vagina.

Both of us were on fire and there was no stopping us. I unbutton her shirt to reveal her dark blue brassiere. It was soft and lacy and added to her sensuality. Within seconds, our shirts lay on the floor and I began running my lips over her boobs, while my hands began stroking her back. I used my teeth to bite the elastic on her bra and raised it, releasing her right tit from captivity.

It wasn’t enormous in size. But just like I had imagined, it was the shape of a mango and her nipple was fairly thick. I spent the next few minutes lavishing my attention on her boobs and sucking them alternatively. Nancy had her eyes closed and back arched, experiencing waves of pleasure sweeping up her body. I could take it no longer and wanted to penetrate her.

So, I stopped sucking and looked at her groin longingly. She opened her beautiful eyes, smiled and said, “What are you waiting for? I don’t want you to stop now.” I began frantically looking around for the pack of condoms we stored in the bedroom. As if she’d read my mind, she drew close and whispered in my ears, “Sir, forget protection. Remember, I’m a nurse and I know my body pretty well.”

No sooner had she spoken these words, I lifted her nubile body, unbuttoned the jeans and pulled it down. And boy, was I in for a surprise or what! I was greeted by the sight of a skimpy pair of black panties with red polka dots on them. A tiny, white bow decorated the elastic on top, sitting pretty beneath her belly button. I was like a man possessed and stuck my head between her legs within no time.

I could smell her vaginal fluid and it increased my desire to penetrate her by several folds. I peeled off her panties and began licking her pussy like a glutton. It drove her wild and she began digging her nails into my body. I stopped, turned around to be in the 69 position and continued sucking her vagina. In a short while, I felt the warmth of her mouth around my penis.

She had such a wide mouth that she was able to swallow my entire dick. Nancy certainly knew what she was doing and in the span of a few minutes, I ejaculated in her mouth. The sight of her licking fluid off my semi-erect tool will remain with me eternally. I began eating her pussy, taking in generous potions of her love fluid. Soon, I was ready to go.

I turned around and sat of the floor with my feet stretched wide. Then, I made her come on top, placed my penis above her vagina and pulled her towards me. She was so excited by then that her vagina was well lubricated and my tool slipped into it like a slippery eel. We took it slow and focused on hitting a rhythm. I enjoyed every inch of her sinfully sensuous body.

Having tasted blood, the animal inside me wasn’t willing to stop. Consequently, we made love on several mornings, sometimes even combining it with studies. Mistakes no longer resulted in Nancy getting pinched. Why pinch when you can suck such pert breasts as hers. She would give me a job blow on days when we couldn’t have sex.

This arrangement carried on for three months, at the end of which Nancy sat the test and got the required score. And how I was rewarded! In fact, it’s a story in itself. She lives in the UK these days and we still keep in touch. Quite bizarrely, I still long for her body and can’t wait to make love to her.

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Hello, after experiencing real couple swapping in same room fun I am writing a exciting threesome with one of my friend's bro-in-law with whom my wife Mina wants madly. Let introduces this guy,Indranil who fondly refer me as Jiju ( he is bro-in -law of my friend).He is handsome,having athletic body, aged 35 years and married to his girl friend.

He is very closed to me and liked my company because I always listen his problems mainly of his wife and some time I solve their fighting, so he used to come regularly my home,some-time with his family, some time alone to share drinks with me. We used to discuss lot of things like career, jobs, business friend circles, sex life etc.

But of late; we have started talking about new trends of socialites like swapping of wives/threesome, swinging clubs etc...So once we started this topics, we always discuss and I often start showing the social networking sites where the couples/singles advertises about their willingness to swap /join in threesome etc..I observed that he deeply watching all these with great interests and excitement.

One day while taking drinks he disclosed that he gets aroused about couple swapping and often fantasizes that his wife is getting screwed by one of his close friend and vice versa,,,.He asked my opinion if it is okay to fantasies,,I asked him whether he has disclosed his fantasies to his wife ? What was her reaction?

He said initially, she used to get aroused after hearing fantasies, but now-a-days she doesn't like to listen and warned him to shed all these fantasy.She even stopped him doing sex often. So his sex life is now miserable and he desperately wants good sex with some body's wife.I was amused to know this because I too had this curiosity long back, till,

after many days, we have turned our fantasy to into real by inviting cyber friend Sanjay and we had terrific sessions and after that my wife Mina started talking about Indranil and wants him in our session though he refer her as Didi. I too started fantasizing him in our threesome sessions and awaiting right moment to reveal him about our feeling.

So the days passed and after few hiccups, I finally hinted him about our fantasies.Also,I wanted to know about his tastes etc because he always talked about gorgeous and glamour women and his wife too is glamorous and has ultra-modern looks and on the contrary,Mina is elder, average looking women. His reaction suggested that he likes it and waiting to breaking of ice.

I too wanted to happen step by step,so waiting for the right oppurtunity and right moment was an only options for us. Mina started wearing sexy gowns etc whenever he comes to our house and some time she shows her cleavages to teases him. On that night we used to have fiery sex again fantasizing him.

We were not having enough courage to open revelation of our desires to him because of social status,secondly,he is relative to my close friend. But finally decided to do this in coming weekends.So we send our children to their Grand Mother house which is little far from my place.

Mina has prepared herself by waxing all hairy stuffs, and in the afternoon,as per planning,I told Indranil to come to my home as I was free and we will have drinks. Normally, he never question, but on that day he said “ Jiju,is there any Party or special program ?? I mischeively said "come and you will be surprised!!!

Mean while, I told Mina to participate in our drinks session and starts enquiring about his wife's health,sex life etc..In this way he will be relaxed and shall be easy to shed his feelings..Mina said to me that I should handle and should take initiatives..As I did in earlier. My alder nine was running high and first time our swinger's activity will be revealed with a known person, that too friend's bro-in-law!

After some time the door bell rang and as guessed, Indranil was there with smiling !! He straight way came to our terrace where my mini-bar is situated and relaxed in familiar manner. The house was salient's, he asked me whether, I am alone ?? I said,no she is inside the bedroom and children are gone their Nanny's house.

He gulped few pegs and again we started talking about same stories...he revealed that in Face book that he is in touch with Mumbai based couple and they are interested to go ahead..I said haven't you find any couples from in our city?? He said there is no broad minded couple in our city and moreover, he didn't try. I said if a couple in our age is interested then, will you go ahead ?

He suddenly became excited and asked who are they? What is the age of women, how she looks etc...I smiled and said about appearances is just like your didi, my wife!! His eyes were sparkled and his body language suggested that he likes her...My heart beat increases...so I took excuses,,and went to bed room where my wife was relaxing and awaiting the happenings.

She was wearing see through gown and hair were opened...I asked " are you ready,, shall I call him ?? She gives me a naughty smile and said, why the time is wasted?? I was aroused to hear this also desperately wanted to break the ice...After coming to terrace, I said to Indranil, let go inside the bedroom (it is air-conditioned) because it is too hot here'' saying this I took my glass and went inside again..

My wife adjusted herself again and when Indranil followed inside, he stared my wife sexy out- fit and stunned to see her in this dress...She gave smile to him and acted to cover her body with duppata on gown.He sat on the cushioned sofa and started sipping..I too engrossed with some talks on cell phones, meanwhile Mina sat beside me and enquired about his children and his wife.

He said,they have gone to Kolkata and shall come back after two days. She said, very good, you must be enjoying with freedom and why don't you stay here if it is okay?? He grinned. In the meantime I finished my conversation on phone and switched it off. I also amused to know that he is alone, so I pressed him to stay here for tonight.

After, that Mina went to bathroom, he again enquired about the couple which I hinted him earlier. I said to wait and pegged down some drinks..Then, I called Mina to sit with us...which she did it obediently. All these happenings were new to Indranil and he was unable to understand, but kept quite...I asked straight way to Mina about miserable sex life of Indranil and said whether she can help him...

Hearing this Indranil became nervous and kept his head down shyingly,but simulteneasly, surprised about this opening of topics. Perhaps, he got hints about the whole set-up and situations planned by us. In the mean time, Mina also became bold and dropped the duppata from body,her fleshy arms, as well as transparent gown with two piece undergarments clearly visible.

She said to Indranil in husky voices “why about bad sex life?? He couldn't said anything immediately, but later said in sad tone that Nisha (his wife) may not like him anymore, he is not fit for her etc, with this,my wife stood up and sat next to him, consoled him and said " you are such good person, have such sexy body,, no fooling wife will ever dislikes you" saying this she pulled him and put his head into her breast and began to smooch him.

Indranil too embraced her tightly. I finally felt that that ice has broken and said...come Indranil, this is the woman I was talking and lets go ahead....He swung into action after hearing this, stood up with picking hands of Mina, disrobe her gown and pushed her in sofa again, bent down and buried his face between her two thigh and started licking there.

Mina too disrobed his t shirts, pants and embraced her like her husband. All the barrier was broken.I was enjoying the scene and feeling the fantasies becoming realties. I dimmed the light and asked Indranil to pour whisky on her boobs which he did it.After this, we both lick her whole body.Indranil took one boob and myself another one.Both started sucking it...she moans immensely and said screw me...

Then I sat on sofa and rested Mina's back on my lap,, Indranil changes his positions and licks the boobs like child. Mina disrobed his brief and took the long thicken pennies in her hand started fondling it. She slid down the foreskin of his cock and lick the circumcised area...and after some moment she pleaded him to take ride on her.

So she went to bed and spread her legs to allow complete arrest by Indranil. He shoved his cocked inside her vagina and started stroking vigoursily.After some time they came into 69 positions.He was passionately sucking her genitals and his massive cock was inside her mouth....both were indulged in such manner that my presence was forgotten, but I was enjoying the scene and waited for next round.

Meanwhile, again they change the positions and she tops on him with his cock still inside her cunts.She then pulled me and I pushed my cock inside her mouth's all three of us in action and all were moaning..Then I licked her pussy which was filled with hot juices due to high excitement besides, the fantasy becoming in real.

By then Indranil was mounting on her with deep kissing and below I was licking her pussy, it was unique scene and all three of us had shed our shyness and Indranil was fully engrossed with Mina and she too reciprocating his movement. The sound of kisses,smooches,moans were coming and she moans in husks voice to squeeze her boobs,sucks my cunts,push push...!!

Now she starts telling she is coming,,means she is going to explode with multiple orgasm, so I quit and directed Indranil to insert his massive cock taking control of her entire body,, both Mina & Indranil lip locked and juggling over bed. Indranil made deep thrust and she lifted her waist to maximum penetration.

Then I felt tremor type of movement of their body and both were reached orgasm,she moaned and suddenly with heavy breathing kept quite...Indranil too discharges his cums and I sprayed cums in her body..After few minutes, she took rest in between us...Indranil went to bath room when returned,he sat near me and whispered,,she is very sexy than she appeared to be.

I said have some sound sleep, we will repeat in the late night. When I woke up in the evening, I found Mina is now wearing saree without blouse and petticoat and she brimming. In the evening we had again round of drinks and Indranil started praising of Mina's body and he had never imagined that she will be such hot in the bed...

Mina, meanwhile came to bedroom just wearing a transparent gown without bra & panty, she whispered that she is ready with eye on Indranil,he immediately stoods up and again hugged her in tight and started smooching her lips,necks etc,I was too joined them by coming in behind her and she was sandwiched between two male.

I was licking her back and Indranil was busy in licking frontal,she too busy with her lips licking over Indranil body..we all were naked and I could feel Indranil cock was crossed between thighs and touching to mines..we made positions,,he pushed her inside her cunts and I too shoved my cock inside her cunts...

we were all in standing position and pushing cocks inside her cunts simulteneasouly,, she was screaming in joy,,..then after changing in several positions like doggy,69 etc, finally, I laid her on the bed and mounted on top and stroked complete in force,,Indranil was speactator and he came near to her face and shoved his cock again inside her mouth.

In this way we all again climaxed and took rest for while.After that we all had supper and, Indranil was again praising her.But he was feeling shy to call her as Didi,but said,come on, behave as of same,,and whenever,we will have chance we will enjoy the threesome.

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