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Amit fucking Rashmi during marriage ceremony

A very warm salute to you all humandigest fans. Its been over 6 years that I have been a regular visitor to debonairblog & humandigest. Hv been reading & following the comment threads usually associated with the posts made here on HD since long. I wont make you wait for my share of story.

I’m AMIT from Delhi & I run a manufacturing business in a satellite industrial estate near delhi. Am 25,wheatish complexion guy living with my parents. I have a close knit friend circle of some 7-8 guys who all are very happy living souls just like me. It all started when one of my best friend decided to walk down the aisle.

Since it was 1st such occasion in my friend circle so as expected everyone including me, the groom & others were extremely excited & enthu about this ceremony. I put my best foot forward & did lot of shopping to look THE best. On my friend’s ROKA ceremony I saw this girl, RASHMI, for the first time.

Although we didn’t greet each other, neither there took any formal or informal introduction thing nor any conversation. But I found her checking out my group with some serious intentions. Both of exchanged glances plenty of times & she was no ways shy to be caught up staring me or my friends, consequently our eyes started the process of melting the ice.

By the time ceremony reached its climax, me n rashmi had already talked at length through our eyes. I couldn’t ask for her cell no. as she was a also a guest accompanied by her younger sister & one friend. So this “ nain mataka” ended on a frustratiing note for me. But I was obviously looking upto the future ceremonies.

Time passed by & the band baaja baraat function came, n like before, I left no stone unturned to prepare for the function, bought impressive perfumes,& after shave to leave a mark on my dream girl. Finally I saw her at the wedding wrapped up in an orange shade seductively clad saaree. Her blouse & petticoat had enough of the gap to show her milky white skin & those tempting love handles.

I decided to extend dis EYES acquaintance to a more comfortable level. While dancing in front of the ghodi, I decided to stay as close as possible to my prey. She was also anticipating & welcoming me in her close proximity, & in the name of dancing we were finally touching n smiling to the touches.

Her constant reception to my gentle touch gave me a lot of confidence n she was all the time looking in my eyes whenever I felt her skin. In between I introduced myself to her, to which she said “ I know, I have seen you on that roka function & in the photographs later ”. I was given another push by her initiative n I too complimented her for a great show on both the functions.

This continued for some time & the baraat entered the marriage hall & the dancing troupe was now relieved of all the expectations. By that time I had made up my mind to do smthing more than introduction n touching thing,so I decided to not to let the gal go from my sight.

I invited her for a conversation sm distance from the crowd, exchanged pleasantries n finally asked her if she would like to have sm vodka or stuff to which she denied bt insisted me to meet my “requirements”, I got some hint from this double meaning dialogue. And asked her to accompany me with a breezer.

I took her to my Fortuner car,switched on the blower n put on sm nice n soft enigma tracks,just perfect to ignite the mood. Both of us sitting on the back seat of the car were chit chatting casually when I tossed up a bouncer to put an end to my impatient lust. I asked her bout her VIRGIN status & she was literally reacted to be embarrassed but she also got opened up.

She said technically she’s a virgin, & started to narrate her sexperiences dat she has kissed,smooched,hugged,got naked,sucked,licked,& fingered bt no penetration. I was on cloud nine to see such an overwhelming response from Rashmi. I straight forwardly asked her “ how u liked my touch while dancing,when I was kinda rubbing against ur ass,touching ur waist n those beautiful melons”

to which she smiled n said “I was liking it offcourse otherwise I wouldn’t have let you trespass with my HOT body”. Gossssh she was a confident n lil arrogant bout her body n why she shouldn’t be. Afterall she had a nice 34 D boobs to a waist of 28 carved on a base of 35 inches with a glowing milk tone. I dared to pull her towards me n gave her a wet kiss all over her face.

She too had been turned on by the heat of the moment n started reciprocating in an equally cooperating manner. I almost drenched her face,neck,ear lobes n her arm pits in her sleeveless blouse with my saliva. Making no use of my canines,just rolling my tongue to make a gentle n polite effect. Bit over her blouse, n located her nipples from the surface f her blouse.

She was enjoying being loved n was no ways a hurdle to my advances. I hurriedly started unbuttoning her blouse while lip locking. Threw her blouse on the last row f seats f my car & tore her bra apart just to spice up the mood & to make it a wild experience after enough of gentle love making.

Seeing her bra torn into pieces she too became violent n started unbuttoning my trousers & in a flash, trying to do the same fate to my undies but to no success. Seeing her charged I pulled her by her pony n made her suck my dick. She was doing it perfectly fine, blowing my dick with her hot saliva besides simultaneously giving me a hand job.

I removed my shirt n vests n playing with her melons rigorously. Adjsted the front conductor seat to tilt max and asked her to lay in the front seat. With just a Petticoat and possibly a panty underneath on her body, she laid in the seat n den I sat in between her legs on the floor of the car and lifted her petticoat to find a cleanly shaven & dripping pussy.

I was surprised to see no underpants to which she told me that she had plans to FUCK one guy or the other tonite, whoever will make advances she will let her access. So dats why she didn’t wear any panties to avoid the time in case of a quickie. I started from her calves to reach her upper thighs n finally her treasury. I started licking n biting her pussy & she started moaning loudly n craving for my dick.

I asked her to crave in hindi only as it turns me on n she did exactly the same. Statred shouting amit chod de ab,bohot chaat li meri chyut,ab iski dignity loot le,,,,,mera balatkar kar de,bina condom k chhodna mujhe,n blah blah. I was enjoying all this craving as it was no ways a fake expression.

Finally I asked her to lay upside down on the front seat n spread her legs so that I can also stand in between her legs,applied saliva to my dick n started knocking on her pussy. I asked her if there any chances she will bleed to which she denied n said dat she aint a virgin. I didn’t mind her lie n finally made a strong jerk with my dick to enter her hot cunt n she was like njoying dis pose n place like never before.

Patted her butts just to convey me the instruction to do the same n I tied her hands with my tie on her back n now I started beating her butts with a more cruel heart n firm hands. She was luving this game of power n being dominated by me, shaking her butts in synchro with my dick and my patting hands.

After 5 mins of fucking in the same pose, we decided to go to the back seat where she decided to ride me on top. I accepted her request n she placed her flooded cunt on my dick,n finally accepted me in her jet of hot fluids. Gosh she was making crazy sounds n riding with full heart n patience, she was no more interested in band baja baraat or the fotography sessions going on inside.

Her circular movements mixing with up n down motion was making it a great fuck session for me s well. We were kissing cuddling n fondling her breasts with great passion. Finally I made her lay in missionary position to fuck n to see her boobs making waves. She had great deal of mounts,lesser chest bone, just the flesh which were making great waves while I stroked her in missionary posture.

Finally I ejaculated inside her n fell on her body. Both of us were drenched in sweat n dat body aroma was just making it extremely sensuous. I was hard again within a couple of minutes but we decided to get dressed up so that no body draws any sort of suspicion on both of us missing at the same time. We walked down the car n decided not to go inside together.

N decided to meet up again if any of us will want to do it again. This much for my first writing, will narrate you my return journey with rashmi. Hope to see you guys more often in future. Bye, tc.

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Shruti fucked by childhood friend Rahul - III

Previously: Shruti fucked by childhood friend Rahul - II

Well here I could easily guess Shruti’s mind state and more or less I was in the same mind frame, I will say that whatever I was doing at my end was wrong but whatever she was doing was not wrong, she was attracted towards me physically and just because we were old friends it was happening between us, moreover it’s a human nature and demand of every body, no matter it’s a man or woman.

For me it was sin, I didn’t had any doubt about it, even then I wanted to do that, and seriously as I mentioned earlier I was doing this because, it was Shruti my first love. Anyway I calmly came out of my room and saw my parents in sound sleep, time was around 11:30, I locked my room from inside and jumped out of window and came out through balcony with my set of keys and finally landed on the street, and walked towards her house.

She was waiting for me on the door, in the same outfit which she was wearing when we were roaming out, maroon color kurta with black tight lycra pajami, with lot of folds on the feet, known as Chuddidar pajami. At that time she was not having duppta over her shoulder to cover her breasts which was there in the morning. Anyway I entered in the living room and we smiled as our eyes met.

Leaving me in living room she went inside kitchen and started preparing coffee. Her baby boy was sleeping on the deewan of drawing room and tv was on in a mute mode, some music channel. Though I knew this even then I asked her while standing on the door of kitchen, if her mom is sleeping and she said yes to it.

After around 5-10 minutes she came out of kitchen with coffee and gave me my mug. We sat on opposite couches and chatted casually and detailed each other whatever we did after coming back. Couple of times or may be more I tried to look into her eyes and she smiled every time I saw her that way.

The time in which we had our coffee and chatted, many times I looked at the size of her breasts, as her kurta was in nice fitting and again and again I was recalling last night when she was naked in front of me and I was feeling her breasts, at that time again I was realizing that last night everything happened so fast that I did not got enough time to play with her body and with that I had this thing in my mind that this time I have to do it slowly.

Apart from her eyes and breasts many times my sight went to her thighs, she was sitting keeping one leg over another and I was getting side view of that, because of tightness of her pajami I could see thickness of her legs and thighs, and because of all this my desire of getting intimate with her again was rising, I wanted to play with her body thoroughly and calmly,

wanted to kiss and lick every part of her body and suddenly I recalled, whatever I have fantasized about her before last nights incident that I am giving her oral pleasure and she is enjoying and because of these thoughts, things started going out of my control. But I had to control myself, and wanted her to take first step.

Finally our coffee ended and as I said at that time we were sitting on opposite couches. She wanted to speak, wanted to go ahead but she was still short of potential to ask straight away, again and again she was looking at me and looking down, truly speaking I could read her face and mind state like a book that she too wanted to get intimate with me again, and at her end it was obvious especially after last nights incident.

Coffee was already over and just to see her reaction I spoke while putting my mug on central table, “so, should I go now, you must be tired” she stared at me for long, words were on her tongue but she was still silent, unable to gather courage to ask for sex again. Finally I took first step and got up from my place and sat beside her, and spoke again, “I think you are out of your guilt feeling now?”

She continued staring in my eyes without uttering a word. “hmmmmm……” I hummed and ask her again same question. She looked down and said yes in a low voice with a movement of her head in a way we say yes. “Now tell me, if you want me to stay and….. you know what I mean” she looked up into my eyes for a fraction and then again her sight went down.

“Tell me”….. “or should I leave?” once again she looked up, still no words, I spoke again, “just say whatever is running in your mind,……don’t hesitate….don’t think I am going to mind anything” I finished my sentence with 3-4 pauses. She looked into my eyes and finally uttered “I am sorry” “for what” I asked her with bit of smile.

“I am provoking you again and again for…….I mean” …… “Because of me you have cheated your wife” leaving first sentence in between she continued and spoke other one. “I don’t have any regrets on what I did last night, aur aage bhi nahi hoga, just because I have done this with you”

I replied, she stared into my eyes, and remained silent, “now tell me, I have to stay or should I leave” once again I asked her after bit long silence, she looked up and spoke “stay” in a very low voice. “ok” I spoke, and then spoke again, “and one thing, it will remain just between me and you, no matter whatever happens in future….ok” she said ok moving her head while looking into my eyes.

“now stop thinking about anything and enjoy this time, we have maximum one more night after this, so live the way you want to live”…. “just assume that you are married to me” I spoke again and with that I grabbed her calmly from her shoulders and pulled her lightly to ask her for a hug and she came closer and once again we were hugging, and the way she was griping me I could feel the intensity of her love or infatuation whatever she had for me.

It was a moment which is really very difficult to write, it was a moment in which I did not wanted to realize that I am already married and I am cheating my wife, neither she wanted to realize this, for us only we two were existing in this whole world. As I said earlier she was wearing a simple chuddidar and kurta outfit of pure cotton, which was clung to her curves like film.

My hands slid up from her waist to her breasts, and I separated her from hugging and stared into her eyes and she too saw me in same fashion without blinking her eye lids as if she knows what she is doing. Her lips parted slightly. I bent my head to hers and felt her warm breath on my face, finally our lips met, we brushed each other’s lips once and then lips met again in a long delicate kiss.

I was holding her from the portion just below her breast and while kissing I felt her body flushing with excitement. She got up a bit and sat down on my lap herself and by now her arms were around my shoulders and fingers were tangling in my hairs. Her body smelled musky with the sweat of the day, and it was arousing me, provoking me to lick her body to taste her sweat.

We kissed deeply and hungrily, and she inserted her tongue deep into my mouth and licked inner walls of my cheeks. I found the taste of coffee in her saliva and it was extraordinarily erotic. Excitement was rising and we both were in same state, I squeezed her breasts bit hard first in excitement and she moaned a bit and then I began to undo her kurta’s hooks; They went down low, below her breast.

I pulled it bit wide, Shruti’s breasts were perfect, I could see them clearly in white light, one again it was white color bra making lovely cleavage because of its fitting. Once again her Mangalsutra took my attention and further provoked me to love her. I went down and brushed my lips over her breasts and she arched her head in pleasure.

I was licking her face, neck and half covered breasts in passion along with black and golden beads of her Mangalsutra and apart from this my hands were exploring softness of her thighs and her bottom. We both were gradually leaving everything behind while making love and suddenly something bought us back in reality, suddenly her baby boy broke his sleep and took our attention.

She got up and took him in her arms and looked at me and moved towards her bedroom and once again looked at me while getting into room. I too moved there and by the time I reached there, Shruti was about to start feeding her baby laying facing away from door. As I entered I saw Shruti’s ass mounds fitted in tight pajami, as she was laying sideways facing away from me and her kurta was bit off from her bottom.

I sat there on the bed only behind her for a while and soon her son went into deep sleep again. She got up after placing her son at the safe corner, and adjusted her bra and silently went out to switch of all lights and came back and bolted the door of the bedroom from inside. I got up and took her in my arms at the door only and kissed her again and started loving her and she too continued making love to me.

While standing there when we were about to move on bed she switched off the main light, but I turned it on again and spoke while looking into her eyes, “no, I want to see every part of your body” and with that I took off her kurta and then and there, she was standing with a white color bra on top and a tight pajami at bottom.

And once again Shruti was looking stunning with those symbols which were showing that she is married, small bindi, sindoor at the edge of her forehead and obviously her Mangalsutra were adding uncontrollable sex appeal to her body. We moved towards the bed and she started undoing buttons of my shirt before going to bed and took it off and then took off my undershirt too in continuation,

caressed my bare chest with her hands and brushed her lips on my torso in bit of passion and then hugged me tight. I moved my hand to her back and unhooked her bra and slowly took it off from her shoulder and leaned a bit to suck her milky breasts and she hissed in pleasure and grabbed my head tight in excitement.

My hands were moving on her back while sucking her luscious breast and I went further down and took her whole bottom in my hands and squeezed them together and moved them up while crushing them hard, wow what a feeling that was, I was overjoyed to get her nice fleshy hips in my hands and she was delighted with my act and moaned nicely and grabbed me further tight.

I sat down on my knees in front of her to take off her chuddidar pajami and brought it down by holding it’s elastic from her waist, she lifted her legs one by one while holding me from my shoulders, so that I can take it off from her legs. Pajami was off and it took me one more second to take off her panty too and finally Shruti was stark naked in front of me in the white light.

As I saw her clean shaven cunt, it tempted me to suck it then and there somehow I held my nerves, but somewhere in the corner of my lustful mind I decided that I am going to eat her from there like anything. I got up and took off my lower and then my underwear, we both were standing naked opposite to each other and holding her from her waist I took her to bed and next moment we were laying on bed and I was on her top and she was on top of sexual ecstasy by my love making,

as I was kissing and licking her with my wet lips and tongue as much as possible, and gradually was I was moving doing after spending reasonably good time on her face and neck. I took her breast in my mouth as much as possible and then focused on sucking her nipples one by one and she started moaning in controlled voice.

I moved further down and licked her belly button and continued brushing my lips and tongue till her belly and then to her crotch and then moved further to her thighs. She trembled in fever as I kissed, licked and then sucked her flesh of inner thighs and held my scalp to stop me going further down to her wet cunt.

Aroma of her juices were already spread in the room and by that time it was impossible for her to stop me going further, I continued going down against her wish, she tried one more time and just uttered “please” in puffing tone. I parted her legs forcefully and kissed her wet fuckhole, she trembled and puffed strangely and tried to stop me once again holding my scalp and finally spoke while sitting,

“no, please Rahul don’t do that” I looked up, Shruti was sitting, I too got up and pushed her a bit and she lied back, I came over her again and kissed her and spoke, “please let me do, you will definitely enjoy and just let the things happen, don’t stop me” and once again I went down and starched her legs wide and buried my face into her crotch immediately, as it was really difficult for me to control myself,

Shruti hissed as my hot breath seared into her cunt, and then whimpered and gasped with lot of control as my tongue followed, flickering her pussy petals apart, She was already wet in sexual excitement, I further flicked her clitoris with my tongue while licking her vertical slit from down to up and pressed her clitoris between my lips and then sucked it hard.

Shruti gasped softly and arched her back in pleasure. My tongue rippled down to her sodden cunt-lips again, her juices were streaming freely now and I was that lucky one for whom she was releasing that endless stream of nectar and next moment I sucked her lovehole with my full strength to take out maximum of her juices.

She jerked her head hard, tried to get up and then banged herself back on bed in pleasure and gasped with lust. She was moaning and puffing in low voice and with lot of control, she knew this that her mother is sleeping in the opposite room, moreover her son was sleeping on the same bed on which I was enjoying his mother sexually.

It felt Wonderful to me when I saw Shruti making lust laden sounds and the way she was trembling in pleasure, I was pleasuring my best friend, she had a special place in my heart from my childhood I was assuming myself lucky that I got opportunity to satisfy her. As far as Shruti was concerned, she was on the top of the world.

As I continued sucking her cunt Shruti further widened her legs a bit and, gripped my head in her crotch, raised her hips bit high in enthusiasm and hissed again "Ohhhh uhh yeh... ohh god….please stop” My head was moving between her fleshy thighs. Her cunt streamed further with love-juice and I sucked it hungrily.

I further flicked her clitoris with my finger and she moaned bit louder, I was griping her legs around my head with one hand so that she cannot get away and as I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb again her hips started lurching. I stopped and rose and bent over her and kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue into her mouth again.

My hand went down to her crotch again and she held my wrist as I forced two fingers into her cunt and began to masturbate her. She groaned heavily, her hips heaved and jerked out of her control. I bent my head and sucked hard on her breasts and over her rigid nipples while fucking her down there with my fingers and this time she gasped loudly and tried stooped me by squeezing my hand between her thighs and cried with a request to stop saying,

"Ohhhhh Rahul please…..please stop ohhh god” and finally shivered in shattering orgasm and trembled like anything in pleasure. Sort of electric current flowed through her body and pinwheels exploded in her head and keeping her eyes closed, she kept on squeezing her cunt between her fleshy thighs and griped the sheet tight in one hand and my arm in other.

My hand was still stuck between her thighs and fingers were inside her cunt and as I tried moved my fingers to rub her cunt again she shivered again with a jerk and held my wrist tight to say no and took my hand out of her griping thighs. Shruti was spent like never before and from her gesture I could see that she was never played like this sexually in her entire married life.

Though she was spent but now I was charged and fully erect and I desperately needed to penetrate her soft cunt and for that I got up again a bit and started kissing to arouse her again and soon Shruti started responding as she was recovered from the orgasm.

I was resting on my elbow and fondling her breast with my one hand while kissing her and gradually my hand went down again and I parted her thighs bit apart and tried to come further over her, but she stopped me and tried to get up and asked me for some cloth. I gave her my undershirt, and she cleaned herself from her thighs and fuckhole as everything was sticky up to max.

After a while she lied down again and folding her legs she made space for me to lie between her spread legs. I further lied over her on my elbow and covered her whole body with mine and holding my rod straight rubbed my rod on her opening and she moaned in pleasure, I too went mad in that and finally with a single thrust I parted her pussy lips with my hard cock to enter into her flesh and like last night I buried my penis till the root of it in her cave in one go,

further with in few seconds I began to move in her love hole, and stroked my rod smoothly in and out of her cunt for hardly one minute while caressing her fore head and looking into her eyes, and with in couple of minutes I was running myself back and forward greedily in and out of her flesh.

Shruti gasped as my speed rose, I was looking at Shruti’s gestures and everything was so arousing at that time, the way she was looking at me while moaning, the way her breast were jiggling with my strokes and her Mangalsutra which was dancing on her naked breasts because of my deep and fast thrusts and with in one more minute I was rocking back and forth and I could sense that things were getting out of my control.

finally after couple of fast deep strokes I lost control and drove myself deep into Shruti with a rasping cry and buried my rod deep into her cunt flesh, I came helplessly deep inside her and Shruti moaned as she felt my pulsations deep in her flesh like last night and finally I felt myself releasing sharp string of jizz in her cunt-flesh and sank into her arms.

She grabbed me with lot of affection and kissed my on my cheek to express her love. We lied there for a while and slowly I eased out of her and got aside. She came closer to me and rested her head on my arm and spoke, “I think ab tujhe jana chahiye, kahin uncle aunty ko pata na chal jaaye”. “ kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega, I have locked my room from inside and came out of window”,

she was worried what if my parents will come to know that I am missing from house, but I assured her that it will not happen, “what about your mom” I asked her this time about the chance of getting up of her mom in the mid night. “She will not get up before 6”… “If you want I can stay for some more time, hmmmm….”

I asked her in a way, she griped me tight from side and moved her one leg over mine and spoke, “then stay” “hmmm…..” I hummed to say yes. After couple of minutes I tried to get up as I wanted to pee. That room had an attached bathroom with another door opening into living room.

As I came out Shruti went inside to use it and by the time she came out I was laying where I was and slowly she took her previous place in my arm and kissed me on my lips and came over me and spoke thanks while looking into my eyes. Though I knew even then I asked “for what” “for loving me so nicely”….by that time she was laying on my top and her head was resting on my bare chest.

I moved my hand on her back till her ass mounds and adjusted her to my comfort and she supported and lied over me comfortably and once again her pubic zone was resting on my crotch and I could feel the softness of her sweet love hole just above my rod. She got up a bit and looked into my eyes and spoke again, “I have never experienced this sort of pleasure, Deepa is so lucky”

I smiled “more or less she thinks like your husband, ….. for her I am nympho” she too smiled on that and spoke “Idiot…. nympho is used just for females” “whatever” I replied. We remained silent and I could feel her hot breath on my chest and I was enjoying that, Shruti was enjoying my manly touch over her body as in between I was moving my hand on her bare back till her bottom.

After some time she spoke “kya soch raha hai?” (means what are thinking), “nothing much, about you only” I replied, “what” she asked back, “I was thinking about your husband actually,….. I mean there must be some reason behind his ignorance” I replied, and my actual words were,

“actually main tere husband ke baare mein soch raha tha, koi to reason hoga isko ignore karne ka” “tell me, what could be the reason” she asked back, “are you sure that he is not having any affair” I replied, hearing this she got up a bit and looked at me and replied, “don’t scare me yaar”, “no I mean it, it is possible” I replied back, and then spoke again,

“just make sure this first, I wish aisa na ho” “and if it’s not the reason then just try to find out some solution of this problem on your own” “kaise(how)” means she asked back while putting her chin on my chest and looking at me casually with a smile. “Try new things to arouse him” I replied in the same fashion as she was asking, with bit of smile,

“jaise ki (like how)” she asked back, “do something new to him, try oral sex or something like that” I spoke in suggestive tone, “I have tried almost everything, and I have tried oral long time back and what you are saying ki uska koi affair hai, it’s not that I am 100 percent sure”…… “he is like this from the beginning, initially when we got married I never realized this but slowly he totally stopped doing and I mean …

now what should I say, I have done many things, and it’s a medical problem and I am sure this problem can be solved with medication, but he is not ready to accept, that he needs a treatment” she was up on me looking into my eyes while replying “don’t get hyper, just relax and forget everything” “I am sorry I started this topic” Finally I surrendered as I wanted her to enjoy these moment.

She lied back on my chest as she was, “so you have tried oral” I asked just after few seconds, “hmmmmm….” She just hummed to say yes. “ok, then show me, that how you do it, may be you were doing it in wrong way” Hearing this she got up to look at me, and smiled and spoke, “I knew it, ki you are going to ask for that” “no seriously, I can suggest you few things and tell you whether I am enjoying or not” I replied with lot of smile, rather with a giggle.

She got up and lied beside me came in my arm and took my rod in her hand and started jerking slowly, moving skin of my nearly erect cock up and down. I started getting pleasure and wow came out of my mouth. “Deepa nahi karti na ye?” she asked me, “nahi, I have asked her for this many times but she simply say no to it” I replied, “aur tu karta hai?”

she asked back “hmmm… sometimes forcefully, assuming ki wo bhi shayad kar de mere saath” I replied, Shruti was jerking my rod while talking to me, “so you want me to do that” she asked me while getting on her elbow. “I am not forcing you, if you are ok with it”, “you know it’s a total mismatch, I really like all these naughty acts, and Rishi is just...

Forget it…” she stopped in between realizing that she does not want to think about anything like that right now, and just then I spoke, “just do that, we can discuss all that later” and hearing that she got up and moved on my lower half and now I was expecting her hot breath on my penis any moment, and it happened.

Next moment my rod was in her mouth and she was holding my rod in her rosy lips. Shruti moved her head back and forth and raising my head I saw my rod appearing and disappearing in her mouth. For the first time in my life I was getting sucked and feeling was really very weird and strange, I was expecting lot of pleasure than I was getting as I use to see in movies but at that time it was paining a bit.

I moaned more in pain than pleasure and spoke, “Shruti dheere dard ho raha hai”. Shruti hummed and stopped for a second and spoke, “wait for some time”. I looked at her pretty face. Wow Shruti was looking gorgeous while sucking my meat, my fantasy was reality now. Foreskin of my cock was off and my rod started gaining more hardness as I was getting aroused watching her sucking me with love and care.

Shruti took out more of her saliva while sucking and now I was getting pleasure. “Ohhhh God” I moaned my rod grew further in her mouth and she rubbed her tongue on my cock head erotically. I gasped in deep pleasure “ahhhh”. Wow what a pleasurable time that was, I was moaning and I think my moans were keeping Shruti’s tempo high Shruti took my cock deeper in her mouth; Ohhh God what was that, I was dying in strange pleasure.

Her one hand was clenching my thighs, and she was sucking hungrily to give me pleasure. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and moist and her tongue was doing magic on my rod. I was getting very excited and getting mad in pleasure. The view I was getting raising my head was really erotic,

her sweet face was swollen because of size of my cock and the way her breasts were hanging and the way pendent of gold and black beaded Mangalsutra was moving along with her facial movements was looking electrically erotic, and with in couple of minutes or may me more I started reaching to my pleasure peak,

I tried to control myself but could not and finally I stopped her holding her scalp as things were going beyond my command and with in one more minute I would have cummed in her mouth. I was highly charged and I knew it if I will start fucking her now then I will cum very early.

Holding her from her bare waist I tried to pull over myself and she understood that I want her on top and tried to sat on my pelvis expecting that I will penetrate her keeping her on top and holding my erect rod she directed it to her hole while looking down to her opening, but I further pulled her lightly to say what I want. “what”, “come, let me suck you first” Shruti asked in bit of excited tone, and I replied in even more excitement.

“Dobara” means “again”, “Hmmmm…… jaldi aaja” and she moved forward around my waist slowly and finally reached to my mouth, I gripped her ass mounds from behind and further pulled her towards my mouth and started sucking her slowly, and parted her pussy lips with my tongue like before and she moaned lightly,

I continued and slowly her pleasure moans were rising and my lick over her vertical slit was getting passionate, I was fucking her cunt with my tongue and in between sucking her clit and slowly she started lurching her bottom slowly in rhythm and continued enjoying whatever I was doing with her private part.

Soon she started releasing her nectar and I started gulping, after couple of minutes when I realized that Shruti is well aroused, I stopped and spoke, “hmmmmm….. Now sit on me” Shruti got up from my face and moved back. Straddling around my pelvis and kneeling across my lap, She took my cock in her hand and, guiding it between her thighs,

Wow what was she looking while doing that, the way she was looking down to aim my rod into her hole, and the way her milky jugs were hanging it was really very arousing. Shruti eased her cunt gently down on me and rubbed my cock tip on her wet opening with a soft sigh of pure pleasure.

“Wow” what was that, I moaned again and she went further down and took my rod in her hole till the root of it and looked up into my eyes and then closed them in pleasure and moved ahead on my pelvis to get pleasure. I moved my hands up to her lovely, curved body till her breasts and cupped them nicely and fondled them, She opened her eyes and smiled it bit while looking at me,

I too smiled in the same fashion as I could see that now Shruti was not feeling shy at all and fully enjoying this moment. Lifting her hands she collected her hairs, bending her neck she coiled them deftly into a knot high on her head. It was a lovely, sensuous gesture and She was looking gorgeous and sexy with that “Judda” knot of hairs, I felt my erection has gone double watching her doing that,

I grew hard in her love hole, and just then she leaned forward on her arms, and I pulled her on me to kiss, we kissed nicely for a minute and then she got up and started making proper fucking strokes. Shruti started riding me up and down initially in a slow pace and continued like that for couple of minutes, I was in Heaven, holding her waist I too started responding and lifting my bottom in the rhythm.

My cock was moving in and out of her pleasure hole and it was a differently feeling, I knew this that in this position I will not cum, it was my experience with my wife. Soon Shruti held me tight from my chest and increased her speed a bit and started moving and swirling her hips in tight, erotic circles on my lap and asked me after few seconds “mazza aa raha hai?”

(Means feeling good?) "Wonderful," I replied, "Keep on fucking me... like this” I spoke again, “Deepa ko bol de ki thode din aur wahin rahe, I will fuck you everyday hmmmm…..” Shruti replied while making to and fro movements, “Hmmmmmm…..” I hissed in pleasure, I was moving my hips slowly and rhythmically up and down under her.

She rocked back and forth and to and fro on her hands and knees and once again saw her cunt running up and down on the length of my swollen cock; her buttocks were bobbing off on my thighs. Once again I pulled Shruti down and gave her a kiss on her lips. She pushed back immediately as she was getting excited and started riding faster.

I could feel my dick in bit of pain and her grip on my dick with her pussy was getting tighter with every stroke. It was getting faster and faster and Shruti and I were going mad in ecstasy. Soon she got tired and fell over me. I hugged her tight and kissed her nicely and pushed her a bit to change the position and she got up from me and sat aside.

“ab kaunsi position mein karna hai?” I asked her while getting up, “whatever you say” she replied while cleaning her hole with my undershirt. “Doggy style karen?” she asked again as she wanted to do in this doggy position, but I had something else in my mind, and I asked that and just said, “69” “Ok” she agreed, “do din mein sab try kar lenge” she spoke again with bit of smile. “hmmm…” I hummed to say yes.

With in one more minutes I and Shruti were in 69, and sucking each other. Initially we both were lying sideways and started pleasuring each other slowly but soon I took her on my top and buried my face in her thick healthy thighs and now I was sucking her pussy with bit of passion, she to started sucking me hard and we both were excited in sexual lust.

We started enjoying weird way of making love. The more Shruti squeezed my dick in her mouth to suck hard the more force I used to suck the juices out of her pussy. She was rubbing my cock on her tongue, and I was holding her nice healthy ass cheeks, my face was buried between her lovely thighs, and I was trying to take out every single drop of her nectar from her love pot.

We lay there in 69 positions for couple of more minutes and then, she got up and spoke “let’s do it” and before getting into doggy position she spoke again “Rahul fuck me hard”. Shruti turned on her hands and knees before me. I knelt behind her on my knees, holding her waist, I pulled her cunt toward my rod. She backed herself onto my hard penis while looking down.

I too bent my head and watched her opening in fascination as her cunt inched towards my hard cock. As she moved back toward my cock, I gasped as my thick cock was touching her fuck hole opening; I was on the doorway of Shruti’s wet cunt again. I rubbed my cock on her opening, she moaned nicely in uncontrollable pleasure; her cunt was twitching to get stuffed again I could feel it on my cock head.

I held her from her shoulder with one hand and kept my cock straight with other and tried to pull her further towards me, she eased herself further towards me. Her moan changed into a sharp gasp as my hard cock entered into her narrow tunnel, stretching all her virginal muscles up to maximum. I grunted at the tight, hot clamp of Shruti’s cunt on my cock.

I impaled myself even deeper, and her face twisted in joy as the huge, hard length of my penis was squeezed into her tight channel in one go. I sank my shaft completely in her cave and waited. She moaned, as I was touching deepest corner of her love tunnel, which was I think never explored before. I pulled bit of my rod slowly from her fuckhole, and pushed back deep inside.

She moaned in enormous pleasure. I did that again "OHHHhhh" She moaned in intense pleasure. I moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth, my childhood friend was on her hands and knees, I was on my knees, pulsating and vibrating inside her from behind. Soon she slid herself in and out on my cock in that rhythm.

I murmured in pleasure as she tightened her legs to hold my thick hard cock strongly in her fuckhole, her tight cunt squeezed and contracted on my cock. With every thrust of my cock deep in her fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. At last, I moved with some speed, and began pumping my hips in a steady rhythm, driving my penis in and out of her cunt with control.

Gradually, my speed increased I was going faster and faster. I dug my hands into her buttocks, held her hips and began to rock her back and forth, jerking Shruti’s cunt back and forward on my shaft. I was drilling and pumping her from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts, Suddenly I paused for a second, "Ahhhh…..!" she trembled with a gasp.

"Rahul please…. don’t stop” she cried in pleasure. I continued “Ohhhhh god” Shruti moaned sexily. Suddenly I began to ram-fuck her savagely with rapid thrusts. And soon I was closer to my burst. My buttocks and hips were swinging furiously back and forth and suddenly she tightened her legs and clamped my rod in her fuck hole, I think she wanted to stop me because of some reason.

Ohhhhhuhhh Shit" I gasped as it was unexpected for me, "ohhh god !" She too cried, I think she was trying to control her orgasm. I took my hand under her belly and fingered her clitoris very fast. Oh my god she just went crazy that was unexpected for her and she moaned loudly, Shruti went through a violent orgasm.

I kept my hand on her mouth, so that she cannot scream; her body got racked by heaving sobs as the dams burst. Her fingers were clawing the sheet and She was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of her pubic area with sudden jolts. Shruti collapsed on bed with in a fraction on her front and I too fell on her,

I was still inside her, also very close to my peak and watching her in bursting state my own orgasm became uncontainable now, I pushed myself deep inside her just one more time and exploded and jerked out my white cum deep inside her tunnel. We both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted. Shruti was still puffing and I was laying on her top.

I got up a after a minute after kissing her back and spoke, “I think I should go now”. She was still laying on her stomach. I turned her and lied on her top again to kiss her and we kissed for few seconds before getting up. Shruti asked while wearing her clothes, “ hum kal bhi karenge na?” “Definitely” I replied, “come little early, I want to do some shopping” “Ok” She spoke again and I replied.

“Next time, baby ke liye apne husband ko matt bolna,….. sirf India ka trip banna lena” I spoke while wearing my lower. “Are you crazy?” she smiled on that, “no I am serious” she smiled on that again and spoke again, “thanks” “it’s ok” I replied, “I wish Deepa aur do teen din baad aati” she spoke again, “Kitna sex karegi yaar?” I teased her, “it’s just not sex, I want to be with you”

“ok….. I will leave very early from my office, and we will have lunch together somewhere, and then we will do your shopping” Shruti smiled in happiness, “thanks” and thanked me again. “I think I should go now……aur kal raat ko kya kya, kaise kaise karna hai ye soch ke rakhna” She smiled again on my naughty statement and went out to see if passage is clear.

I took roof route to go back as I knew that someone may see me while going from main street. Next day once again after spending nearly whole day together while shopping I was with Shruti in the night and we made love 3 times and by that time Shruti was free in talking to me, she fully enjoyed me sexually as she desired and told me to suck her 3-4 times and I sucked her up to her satisfaction and once I made her cum in my mouth,

I too asked her to give me sucking pleasure without any hesitation and she did that with happiness, but warned me not to cum in her mouth, saying, “Rahul mere munh mein mat release karna”, I agreed, and sat beside her as I wanted to fuck her face properly in comfortable position, I inserted my rod in Shruti’s mouth and she took it in.

Slowly I sat around her face keeping my rod in her mouth and started pumping her face with my meat while holding her head in my hands. What a feeling that was, Shruti was holding my hips and I could see her face, my hard penis was moving in and out of her mouth slowly and that view was really very arousing.

One the very first time out of three I fucked her keeping her legs high on my shoulder and went deep in her love hole several times till we both cummed, Seconds time we started with 69 and made love in missionary position, our that love session lasted long and we both were up with it at that time only, but finally while getting up Shruti asked if we can take shower together,

I agreed and we kissed in flowing water for few minutes and rubbed each other’s sexual organs to arouse each other and then Sucked each other for few minutes while sitting before each other on knees and finally in that session I started with fucking her from behind in standing position, that position did not lasted for long as it was very uncomfortable and finally I penetrated Shruti’s fuckhole from front in the standing position.

She raised her one leg to give better access of her hole, while holding the taps behind, I hugged her and guided my rod into her hole, and she wrapped her that raised leg around me later after getting penetrated and I fucked her till I cummed again. I tried my best to satisfy her as much as possible; she was delighted after spending total three nights with me as my wife, and thanked me many times to give her sexual pleasure for which she is starved.

I won’t say that I did sex with her just to satisfy her, I too had a desire to make love to her as she was my first love and I don’t have any regrets for that. Next day on Tuesday afternoon Deepa came back and things went to normal. Shruti lived there for one more week at her mom’s house and then went to her in-laws for one week and came back couple of days before flying to states.

Though after Deepa’s arrival we never got any chance to get intimate again, but we spent good time as friends in each other’s company in that time. Finally me and Deepa dropped her to airport, at the time when she was finally leaving, she got a chance to talk to me as Deepa was bit far from there, and what she said was, “waise tera Idea bura nahi hai” “kaunsa Idea” I asked her,

“Next time I will come to India to get Pregnant,…. tu bass Deepa ko usski mummy ke pass bhej dena” I laughed on that, and spoke, “I was joking”…. “I know but I am serious…… I want to be a mother of your child, after all you are my best friend” she spoke all this while looking into my eyes and with that she moved ahead the point where I could not go and waved hand while looking back at me with a big smile and then waved to Deepa also.

I don’t know she was joking or she was really serious. Reader’s comments are important for me and for Shruti too, as she knows that I’ve posted whole incident to this wonderful blog.

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Shruti fucked by childhood friend Rahul - II

Previously: Shruti fucked by childhood friend Rahul - I

I remember time was bit passed to 11 when I logged in into facebook and found Shruti online, she was already there and before I would have thought of writing anything she wrote, “kya kar raha hai” means what are you doing, “nothing, going to sleep in 10-15 minutes” I wrote back, “coffee?” she asked me for coffee at that time.

“ok, be my guest” I replied, “no, come to your terrace in 15 minutes” I was really surprised with that, “you come here” I asked back, “no just do what I am saying” she wrote back and immediately wrote “bye, see you in 10 mins” and got disconnected. I came out of my room, my parents were already sleeping sound, and when I reached on my terrace she was already waiting for me, I could see two mugs kept on the boundary wall which was nearly 4 feet.

“now what” I asked her from my terrace, “come here” she replied, “are you crazy, main neeche se aata hoon” ( I will came from downstairs) “no just jump kya problem hai?” she replied from there. As such there was no problem for me to go to her terrace from my terrace I use to go there like this casually long time back when we both were not married,

all houses in are colony are joined sideways and there was only one house between my house and her house and finally I climbed that 4 feet wall and crossed that in between house’s roof and then landed on her terrace. She smiled a bit and gave me my mug of coffee and stood there only for a while and had coffee.

As such conversation between us was casual like she asked “have you called Deepa after reaching and all, and I asked about her son and she told me that he is sleeping sound with nani(shruti’s mother) and she was surfing Facebook and watching TV as she could not sleep. I was little tired because of long drive so I sat down on the floor only after some time as it was clean and tiled terrace, and like me she too sat down.

There was very less light there and after some time when we both kept our respective mugs a side, she continued staring into my eyes for a while, “what” “nothing” I asked and she replied, I smiled and spoke again, “bol de jo bolna hai, I am your best friend” (say whatever you want to say I am your best friend) she moved her head in no and then said no in a very low voice.

“kiss karna hai” I asked her with a teasing smile, just to make her laugh of giggle but she turned away and tried to get up to go away and I don’t know how it happened, I held her wrist and pulled her back on me, it was mere my reflex and she fell on me and I griped her body. Suddenly I realized that she too was griping me and we were hugging each other.

Everything happened so suddenly and for me it is really very difficult to write that moment in words, rather I will say for me it was a surprise, Though from last two days I was fantasizing about her, but not for a fraction I believed that I will be doing anything with her, not even a hug, and at that time we were hugging each other.

She held my body for couple of minutes (or may be more) tenderly continued caressing my head and back, her fingertips were contouring my physique and her breasts were pressed against my chest, my arms were wrapped around her back and waist, holding her firm. She was almost sitting on my lap.

I parted her a bit from hugging position and caressed her hairs from her cheek with soft hands, her eyes were closed and I could see that few tears were already passed down from her eyes. Though her eyes were closed, even then I could sense that she is inviting me to kiss her through her gesture, as her lips were moving a bit in desire to get kissed and I just did that,

I sucked her lips for a second and tried to see her face if she opens her eyes, but her eyes remained closed, I kissed her again and for bit long time, even then she did not responded to my kiss but neither she tried to stop me, third time when I kissed her she held my head with both of her hands and then opened her lips and accepted my kiss and we started kissing properly,

she took my tongue in her mouth and sucked it, I too tried to explore her whole mouth and she welcomed me and then I tried to pull her tongue in my mouth and she invaded her tongue into my mouth and explored my mouth nicely. I was going out of my senses and could not think about right and wrong, rather we both were getting carried away and don’t know how many times we stopped and kissed each other.

Shruti was sitting on my lap and I was holding her and don’t know after how long I realized that I was exploring her body with my hands, her breasts, her back and then rolled my hands down to her bottom and then rubbed her thigh while kissing, and repeated all this couple of more times.

We both were breathing heavy and lust started rising, her hands were exploring my chest and in between kissing my lips she was kissing my whole face. All this continued for a while and when we stopped it was really difficult for us to control our self up to that only. Though she was hesitant to look into my eyes and she was trying to avoid direct eye contact and opposite to that I was looking into her eyes, I was trying to read her brain.

As I said earlier from the day one I was physically attracted towards her and I was fantasizing about her from last few days while fucking my wife, apart from all this I was really very hesitant to go further into this and obviously Shruti was also very uneasy to ask directly. Shruti was still sitting partially on my lap sideways, by now I was resting my back on the boundary wall.

Finally after few more seconds we looked into each other’s eyes and did not uttered a word for next few more seconds, I could see that she wanted to go ahead but I think she was waiting for me to ask first. Finally I broke the silence and asked her, “what” she continued looking into my eyes and spoke “no” after knobbing her head.

I gave a thought to it and spoke again, “tell me, what is the matter” she remained silent, I asked her again while caressing her cheek tenderly, “come on tell me… you are not happy with your husband?” I asked her calmly. She remained silent, once again I asked her, “tell me, Shruti” “no, he is ok, I don’t know, why I am attracted towards you” she spoke in a soft voice in confusion,

“because we are best friends, and tell you frankly I am also attracted towards you” I accepted “the way you are” I continued after a pause and my words were in Hindi (aur ussi tarah se jaise tu hai), she looked up into my eyes, and kept on staring in it as she was trying to read my brain.

Then again she looked down after few seconds, finally I asked her for which we both were waiting, “sex karna hai?” she looked up again for a while to look into my eyes and without replying continued looking down. “come on tell me” she looked up again and our eyes met again and finally she said yes in a very low voice while moving her head slightly in a way we say yes.

Finally Shruti accepted that she wants to have sex with me, and I was at the mind state that I lost myself as a man and took decision in a fraction that I have to love her. I grabbed her again from her waist and pulled her lightly and she came closer and we started kissing again. I drew her lip between mine and sucked and gently she slid her tongue out between my lips, probing my mouth and I welcomed her.

Apart from exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues, we were touching each other’s body nicely over the cloth and by now I was playing with her breasts very well and could hear her moans while brushing my lips around her neck as she was enjoying my touch over her breasts, thighs and bottom. She slightly moved her hand into my shirt after undoing couple of buttons and touched my bare chest to feel my skin and I went through strange sensation.

I squeezed her breast in reply bit hard and she moaned and I felt her breast swell and grow hot in my hands. I kept on squeezing them gently rolling her fleshy mounds in my hands and tried to find her nipples through my fingers over the t-shirt, and they just popped out hard in a fraction through the thin cloth.

I realized that she is really starved, don’t know how, in her words her life was ok, but her gestures during my foreplay gave me hint that she is lying. At that time I didn’t gave much thought to this and continued playing with Shruti’s body as I wanted to enjoy this moment, I use to fantasize her from the day I saw her few days back and now I was making love to her, as a man I just grabbed this moment which was in my favor.

Anyway our foreplay kept on going and slowly we both were getting passionate in that. We both were kissing, licking each other’s face, in between she went down on my chest and kissed and brushed her lips over my nipples and over my exposed torso as by now all the buttons of my shirt were opened and all of them were undone by Shruti only.

I flipped to open her t-shirt and inserted my hand into it and touched her bare skin from her waist and moved up till her breasts, and cupped them over the bra and Shruti moaned heavily. I went further and took off her t-shirt from her neck and she was nearly naked from her top wearing just white color bra and tight slacks on lower half.

As such there was very less light there but I could see her beautiful face and body. She was having almost complete makeup of a married girl mentioned in the beginning, small color red dot in the center of forehead, (Bindi) and that red color mark made from sindoor stick. She was wearing small pearl eardrops and a gold bangle on one wrist.

Going further I got a glint of her Mangalsutra which excited me further. I grabbed her again from the portion just below her breasts and tried to bring her bit closer to make further love and kissed over deep line of her cleavage. Her breasts were perfect: bit larger than medium size breasts and firm, caged in a tight bra, with a nice thrust and slope and a good cleavage.

I slid my both hands together under her bra and held soft flesh of her milky breasts and squeezed them gently one more time while looking at her facial expressions and she arched her head, her eyes went fluttering shut, Shruti gasped softly as my fingers caressed her nipples.

She came further close to my body and keeping her chin on my shoulder hugged me nicely giving me hint that she is enjoying and I have to continue and I continued playing with her nipples and squeezing her breasts gently as I knew that they are filled with milk. Further I brushed my lips on her neck and near her ears and whispered “Shruti kahan karna hai yahin pe?”

(Means “Where to do, here only?”) “no, let’s go in my bedroom” she replied, “what if your mom will get up” I asked her, “she will not get up, I know” “what about your parents?” she asked me back, “they are sleeping sound” “same with my mom” “let’s go down” she spoke while looking into my eyes and I could see that like me she too was really desperate to make love now.

“no” I looked around while saying that and found few clothes at the corner of the terrace on the rope hanged after washing to dry up remaining water. I got up to get them, fortunately apart from other clothes there were two single bed sheets, I took all the clothes to the hut which is built over the stare case and I found that portion more than enough for us to make love.

It was sort of room, fully covered with one window and a door opening into terrace, having sufficient space to put a bed behind the stares and generally it is given to domestic servants or drivers. Apart from all this luckily I found one small rolled carpet kept in the corner and I just took out that and rolled that carpet to open and just then Shruti followed me there after wearing her t-shirt again.

With in no time we were laying on carpet and kissing each other after putting up two sheets over that carpet and rolling rest of the clothes together to make pillow, I was laying on her top and she was enjoying getting crushed under me. It may seem really very surprising that after being together for so many years, we never did this, when we never lacked chances of being alone at house and at the time we were having sex, we both were married.

Once again I lifter her t-shirt and took off my shirt and undershirt and came over her, kissed her again and caressed her breasts while brushing my lips on her neck and took her earlobes in mouth and sucked them, Shruti just went mad in pleasure and arched her head and moaned in excitement.

Somehow I unhooked her bra by sliding my hand behind her and then took off her bra from her shoulders and then got up to take off her slacks. Slowly I pulled it down, Shruti was just in panty and I could see that slowly her excitement was rising, I could see that she was much more desperate than me,

she was bit shaky may be because of fear and as I moved further to take off her panty her shivering increased and when I drifted her panty down to take it off from her legs she trembled like fish for few seconds. I took off my lower and got naked and once again sat beside her, for a fraction Shruti looked at my naked lower half when I was taking off my lower while standing beside her.

I paused to admire the delectable curve of her naked body as she laying naked on her back before me, her slender legs were spread a bit, her face was straight on the pillow of dried clothes, eyes were closed, hands were hugging that pillow which was under her head and she was breathing really very heavy. Her silken hairs were awry now.

Once again I saw that she was wearing a Mangalsutra, it reminded me that she is married! And it aroused me even further. I bent my face and kissed her belly button and she shivered in delight and as my tongue slid down further over her naked body, her shivering increased and moans got heavier.

Unintentionally I approached slowly and tenderly, I dragged my tongue down to her belly, through her navel, nuzzling her pubis, then to her thighs, sliding down to her legs till her knees and then moved up again and went between her thighs. Shruti hissed as I tried to part her legs further holding her thighs, I cupped her cunt in my palm somehow,

it was neatly trimmed and I found her already wet and sticky with excitement and as I moved my finger over her slit Shruti trembled in a sudden jolt and held my wrist as she was about to cum. “Ohhhh…Rahul please don’t do all that, just penetrate” I parted her legs further and she folded them to make sufficient space for me to sit between her legs,

Holding my erect penis in my hand, I slowly squeezed my hard cock-head into her. She gasped, raised her bottom to get me fully inside her. Inserting my rod inch by inch I skewered Shruti’s cunt slowly again and again, thrusting my cock slowly in and out of her, my rod was appearing and disappearing into my best friend’s love hole, making her shudder and moan in sheer pleasure.

As I continued fucking Shruti in steady pace for hardly couple of minutes she started reaching to her climax and her body movements were telling her state, her head arched as I touched some sensitive part of her inner cunt wall with my rod and she tried to pull me over her. I lied over her between her spread legs and our crouch met,

I was totally inside Shruti till the root of my cock and we kissed again for a while and continued churning her cunt and clitoris with my huge pestle and gradually increased my speed. Shruti lifted and wrapped her legs around my waist and started griping me tighter between her arms and legs and from that I could sense that she is at the verge of her orgasm.

Finally, I began to move, sliding my hips back and forth in a heavy, steady, demanding rhythm, forcing my penis as deep as possible into her cunt as I was also feeling myself going towards my peak. Shruti moaned deliriously just after few seconds and orgasmed, puffed and cried out in a strange tone, and further tightened her grip around me and clench her nails in my back while cumming.

I could feel her pulsations on my rod rising from the depth of her lovehole and she was puffing with broken breath as those pulsations were generating some sort of current and she was shivering with sudden jerks. I was yet to cum and very close to my peak and just then, once again I started moving inside her.

At that time she was at very sensitive state and as I started fucking her again she gasped weirdly and I got up a bit and bent her thighs up, and hooked her knees over my shoulder and went into Shruti smoothly once again till the end of her tunnel in a single thrust. Shruti cried out in pleasure and pain, her body was folded up in half.

Once again I was pumping her fuck hole and this time I was fucking her bit harder as I was reaching to my peak, my buttocks were rising and falling continuously sliding my rod deep into Shruti’s fuckhole every time. “Ohhhh god ohhhh” She cried, “God ohhhh god ohhhhh yeh ohhhh uhhh” I responded.

Shruti’s head jerked from side to side and breasts jiggled and bounced under my thrusts. She came again with a loud moan; her cunt was shuddered frantically on my penis. I groaned and somehow plunged deep into her one more time and arched my body. Shruti squeezed my buttocks, forcing my cock deeper into her, clamping her cunt tight on my cock and I gasped and exploded, shooting thick hot shower of white cream deep into her flesh.

I was still leaning over her and totally spent. We both were puffing heavily while looking in each other’s eyes, as such we didn’t had any regret over our act at that time, she seemed satisfied to me, finally it happened, I fucked Shruti, my childhood friend, about whom I was thinking from last few days, rather now we were just not friends.

She closed her eyes for a while and I sank into her arms, and laid there for couple of minutes and we remained silent. Finally I broke the silence by saying “let’s go” she just hummed to say yes and we both got up and wore our clothes while looking at each other without uttering a single word and came out on the terrace again and before climbing the boundary wall I called her closer and kissed her on lips and just spoke,

“now go and sleep” she was still looking into my eyes and she spoke ok from her gesture and finally I came back in my room after crossing two walls and one roof. I was thinking about whatever happened just now when my phone rang, it was none other than Shruti calling from her LAN line, I answered saying,

“hello” she responded with “hello” but could not uttered a single word after that, I spoke again, “bolo Shruti, is everything alright” she just said “yes” “now please sleep and don’t think much about whatever happened hmmmm..” “ok” she uttered just ok after that. After that I too tried to sleep and finally slept after some time.

Unlike other days through out night I could not sleep sound and I was awake very early in the morning around five without any alarm and once again I was thinking about whatever happened, I could not believe whatever happened, I won’t say that I was dying in guilty, but I had bit of this feeling that I have done something wrong,

but more than that I was getting strange pleasure when I was recalling last night’s sexual intercourse with my best friend and I don’t know when I started moving to and fro on the bed while fantasizing Shruti and started rubbing tip of my rod on the bed under the clothes and finally ended releasing more of white liquid from my rod.

As it was Sunday and as such I had nothing to do so I remained on the bed for very long time with lot of thoughts, and got bit uneasy when I realized what will happen if Shruti will take this incident very seriously and if she will start feeling guilty. Just to know her state I got up and got ready and called at her LAN line, unfortunately her mom picked up phone and casually asked me the matter.

At that time I asked Aunty about her program, telling her that “Shruti wanted to visit our school, at what time she would like to go there” as expected her mom asked her and she replied that she will call whenever she will get ready. After around one hour Shruti called me and told me that she will be ready by 12.

By 12 I was waiting for her in my car, in between I talked to Deepa (my wife) asked her about our child (whether she is eating properly or not) and explained her my program and for that she smiled while saying, “achha main nahi hoon to aap Shruti ke saath ghumne jaa rahe ho” she spoke this in joking fashion and tried to tease me a bit reflecting arbitrary anger and I responded cheerfully as I use to saying, “aur kya, tum raho apni mummy ke pass tumhe kya”.

Anyway initially when Shruti arrived with her son she looked into my eyes while sitting in the car, and then went silent. I started and nearly for 10-15 minutes we both spoke not even a single word. Finally while standing on a traffic signal I broke the silence by calling her name, “Shruti”, she looked at me and just hummed to say yes.

“talk to me” “what” she replied in soft voice with one word, “whatever you are thinking” I replied, “I am sorry” she spoke while looking down, “for what” I asked back “whatever we did last night” she replied in a low voice, “tell you frankly, I am not sorry about that”, “I don’t know why” I replied in two parts after a pause.

“Don’t you think that we have done anything wrong” she asked back while looking at me, “I don’t know”, “you know, why I did?” “Just because it was you and you are my first love, if it would have been someone else then there would be no chance from my side” I made long statement in Hindi with lot of pauses and she kept on staring me for a while after that.

“Now you say” I asked back, “what” “whatever you think about last night’s incident” I asked again, “nothing,…. I am feeling guilty that I have cheated my husband” she replied. “Now what?” I asked back “don’t know” she replied while looking out of window. I was on the way to my school and it was hardly 2-3 Km away now.

“Should I ask you something?” I asked her, “she looked at me to listen my question, “Is everything alright at your end,….I mean are you happy with your marriage in all accepts” I asked her while looking at her, for a fraction she started into my eyes and then hummed to say yes “hmmm….” while looking down.

“Shruti please don’t mind asking me all this” I spoke again, “see…. we are best friends Isn’t it?” I asked her and waited for her to reply and once again she hummed to say yes, “see…as far as I know, and I can understand, something is missing in your married life” she looked into my eyes for a fraction and then again looked down and did not replied. “tell me what is the matter” I asked her,

she continued looking down and remained silent, “you don’t want to talk to me about this” I asked her if she does not want to talk to me about that. Once again she raised her eyes and stared at me, I was staring at her as I was standing on the last traffic signal which was just before our school.

“As such nothing is wrong, just what I told you earlier, that he does not get much time to spend with me”. Shruti spoke without making an eye contact with me, “come on tell me, I know it’s just not that” once again my this statement raised her eyes to look at me, we stared in each other’s eyes for couple of seconds, “tell me” once again she was just looking down without uttering a word.

“Do you get proper physical love from your husband?” Finally I spoke what I was thinking and I knew this that she will not at mind my question, just because I knew that we were best friends. Once again she raised her eyes to look at me when I asked that, and by that time I was standing in front of my school gate.

Car was stopped at the destination, I asked her again, “tell me, what I am asking” she was looking down and finally she moved her head in “No” as she knew that I am waiting for her reply. I got down from the car and spoke to guard, he did not allowed me to enter my car in the campus but some how I convinced him to let us enter and we both walked in to see the principal, (fortunately at that time principal was in her office for some work).

Anyway we met present principal of the school and chit chatted with her for a while and asked her if we can see and roam around the whole school and Principal not only agreed but she walked with us for a while and after nearly 30-40 minutes or may be hour of moving around the school once again we met Principal to thank her and took leave.

I wanted to talk to her and for that I took her to one known food chain outlet of Delhi which was nearest to that place. Through out the way from school till that restaurant we talked just our school and changed things in the campus. Finally after placing order, we were waiting for food to get served, I spoke again on the same subject and asked her,

“ tell me exactly what is the problem” “nothing” she spoke while looking down to her boy, as she was sitting at the corner close to the wall and feeding her baby. “tell me Shruti, or with whom you will share your problem I am your best friend” (I have translated this into English, and my exact words were, “mujhe nahi bataogi to kisse bataogi, I am your best friend”)

“tell me, what is his(her husband) problem” I asked her again, finally she spoke after few seconds “don’t know, he is not ready to talk to me about that” “tell me from the beginning” I asked her and then asked her again, “is he losing interest in sex because of workload?” “no, he is like that from the beginning, and he is not ready to accept that,”

“unless we would have done some treatment, ….but his ego comes between and he shouts on me whenever I try convince him to look for some appointment with a doctor” I remained silent as I wanted her to speak, and she continued, “in last five years I don’t remember when I was fully satisfied, I mean initially when we got married everything was Ok Ok but…..”

she stopped that statement in between and continued with a new one “sometimes I feel that I am nympho, the way I beg him for sex,…… rather he has said this couple of times” “what” I asked her “that I am nymphomaniac” I smiled a bit, though I tried to control even that she could see that I am in smiling gesture, she too smiled in response and spoke while laughing,

“only I know, how I have conceived him (her baby boy)” “my in laws were thinking that I am,…… what do you call who cannot produce a child…… baanj” I laughed on that and she too laughed for a while. Shruti explained what comments she was getting from her in-law for not giving a child to their family, and everybody was blaming her and thinking that she is not medically fit,

where the fact was totally opposite to that, actually her husband has very less desire for this. “You know I am also facing this problem, even Deepa has less desire for sex, though it’s not that serious, and some times I insist her to do and she allows me” I spoke after bit long while sipping my coke. “You are male, you can do anything” she replied.

“You know me very well; do you think that I am that egoistic?” I asked her, “no” she replied, and then spoke again, “I am sure if you would have on Rishi’s place then you would have thought about my needs” “any day….” Then I spoke again, “I am little surprised with his behavior, I mean what is wrong in consulting a doctor”.

She remained silent, for a while and then spoke again, “he has a problem, even if I will work, what else I can say, ……he is a most egoistic creature ever came in my life” she spoke in bit of frustration, “easy, try to find out the way” I spoke to comfort her, and then spoke again, “and as far as last night’s incident is concerned, don’t think much about it, ab ho gaya to ho gaya we can’t do anything now,

if he would have given you proper love then you would have not done that,…… right?” I turned my statement into a question in the end and she hummed to say yes. “so basically it’s his mistake” I continued, and then I spoke again after a pause, “as far as I am concern, I don’t know what I am thinking, I just did that because it was you,

something was buried from years inside me and it just came out, I am ok with it, no regrets”. I completed, in a way and then spoke again, “and don’t ever tell this to anyone, and stop feeling guilty or you will admit everything in front of your husband, ok…., agar tune aisa kiya to tere saath saath, mera bhi divorce ho jaayega”

She laughed on that a bit and spoke naughtily after few seconds, “then we will marry” “hmmmm… good Idea” I focused on my food while replying. We got up from there and finally moved to home, I took a very long route to go home (rather it was not at a route to our home) so that we can talk as much as possible, and finally landed home after 2 hours of additional drive, we stopped at couple of places,

once to have coffee and once to buy gift for each other. Finally I stopped car in front of her house, time was almost five. She remained in the car and spoke while looking into my eyes, “thanks” “for what” I asked, “for being a wonderful friend” she replied, I smiled on that and spoke, “we are friends nearly from last thirty years, aur tu aaj thanks kar rahi hai” “aaj hum aur close ho gaye hain” she replied, which means,

“now we are more close” “aaj nahi hue, kal raat ko hue the, remember?” I made fun out of her statement. She too smiled on that and took that light. “Anyway jokes apart, it was most wonderful day of my life” I spoke while looking into her eyes, “mera bhi” she smiled and spoke. “Most wonderful night was last night” I continued, and giggled again.

She got down and invited me for coffee saying, “aaja coffee pilati hun”. “no, have to prepare for tomorrow, office work” I replied, “ok”, she moved towards her house, I called her again calling her name, “Shruti” She turned and came back to the car to listen, “just take care, we have not used any protection last night” I spoke in low voice, “I know” she replied with a gesture as if she is already conscious.

I moved and parked my car in campus and entered in my house, after spending almost whole day with Shruti, I spoke to my wife and detailed our visit to school and nostalgic feeling about my school days. Somehow I spent whole evening keeping myself busy in work, but tell you frankly for even a fraction I could not stop thinking about Shruti and While working I was recalling me last night’s sexual encounter with her,

again and again I was visualizing her naked and having sex with me and regretting that I have done everything very fast, and thinking that it would have been better if would have enjoyed those lovely moments slowly, and truly speaking somewhere I had a gut feeling that it is going to happen again and because of this feeling my desire to get intimate with her again was getting intense.

Couple of times I thought about calling her here at my place for dinner but stopped myself, and finally in the night after talking to my wife for a while I came to bed and started one movie on my laptop to watch and continued watching till around 11:00 or may be bit more, when my phone rang, it was none other than Shruti, and as I picked up she asked me, “sleeping?” “nahi, I was watching movie”

I replied, “kaunsi?” she asked next question, “Independence day” I replied, “I was waiting for you on FB(facebook)” “ok” I replied, and then spoke again, “abhi log in karta hun” “no, it’s ok, I have logged out” then there was no words for few seconds, I was waiting for her to speak, and may be she was waiting for me to utter finally she spoke, “coffee piyega”

I smiled a bit at my end and said “ok”. “Come” she spoke, “kahan terrace pe?” I asked her with bit of giggle, “nahi just come from the front door, I am waiting” then again she asked, “I hope uncle aunty are sleeping” “ya” I replied “ok come soon” “ok” I replied.

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That day Shruti was looking really very cute, at around 10 in the night when me and my wife entered in her house she was in the dress in which she was suppose to go to bed, long t-shirt and a tight slacks type lower. Most interesting thing which really appealed me in her appearance at that time was her makeup, that day for the first time I saw her in the makeup of married woman,

maroon color bindi, a colored dot in the middle of the forehead and red color mark made from sindoor, red color holy powder on the upper edge where hairs start as a symbol of marriage was looking astonishing, and gold and black beaded Mangalsutra around her neck. She greeted me with a smile, saying Hi, Rahul (me) Hi, Deepa (my wife).

Me and Shruti were childhood friends and after marriage she was living in States with her husband, I was living where I was living from my childhood, in next to next house from where she use to live with her mother before marriage( father was not alive, passed away nearly 10 years back).

We were getting face to face nearly after 5 years, first time after her marriage, neither I was present in her marriage as I was on my tour to South India which I tried to avoid at that time but failed nor she attended my marriage as for her it was really difficult to fly back to India just to attend one marriage occasion.

Anyway I could see that she was not moved much even after one issue, and apart from physical appearance, nature wise she was as she use to be long time back, very talkative, open hearted and very down to earth (at least with me). That day around 10 we all were sitting in their living room and chit chatting and we both were really very happy to see each other,

as it could be seen on our faces, because we both were smiling while looking at each other again and again. I don’t know if my wife would have noticed that too, because I was not bothered about anything, after a long long time I was meeting my best friend, with whom I use to go to school and with whom I use to play in the evening from the time I can recall my childhood.

Moreover my wife knew about Shruti(that she is my childhood friend), as we were in touch through facebook and she was in our friends list, she could see (my wife ) every thing going between me and Shruti. As such we did not have much in the past of that type, except once when we tried kissing on her terrace after lot of hesitation.

I still remember we both were really very confused and when we were about to start kissing she warned me saying, “Rahul agar tune kiss karte hue mujhe kahin haath lagaya to maar khayega” means I was not suppose to touch her while kissing. That day we kissed 5-6 times and I knew that she really felt good doing that, though she never accepted this at that time.

I knew she liked it because she agreed to do it one more time without saying “no” even once when I asked her for one more kiss and then one more and then one more, we kissed and explored each other’s mouth completely till we heard some voice of footsteps coming from stairs, as if someone is rising to terrace.

Well it was long time back, and now we both were married and we both were parents too, my baby girl was nearly one year elder than her child and at that time both of them were playing in front of our eyes. Her boy was scrolling on floor and my daughter was walking here and there around him with a toy truck.

Anyway that day we chit chatted for more than one hour about our past and childhood, (not about that kissing on terrace) and finally we came back to our house to sleep. I don’t know what was happening to me, I was again and again thinking about Shruti, her cute face was floating in front of my eyes and I admit that I was getting sexually attracted towards her.

Once my wife teased me after reaching home saying “kya baat hai, Shruti se milkar bahut chahak rahe ho” (means you seem happy after meeting Shruti) I responded with a smile and spoke, “haan, after all she is my childhood friend, we have studied together in a same school rather in same class till our high school” Deepa, my wife smiled back on that as she could not see anything wrong in this.

Only I knew that what was going on in my mind, I was again and again recalling Shruti in my mind, her smiling face and her physical appearance, moreover her married girl’s makeup which was really very arousing. Her luscious body with nice and bit fleshy thighs and medium sized boobs, which were I think bit heavier then what she had before marriage, and nice and arousing ass mounds which were bit wider now as compared to what she had before marriage.

I recalled, around half an hour back when I was sitting there couple of times Shruti’s bit of cleavage appeared to me whenever she tried to pick her son up from the floor as she was having a large neck of that t-shirt which she was wearing as a night suit and also couple of times I got glance of the thickness of her thighs, at that time recalling of past one hour was enough for me to arouse and as excepted,

my wife failed to convince me that it’s too late to have sex now. I fucked Deepa that night in missionary position while fantasizing Shruti in my mind and finally sank in my wives arms after cumming heavily in her fuckhole with in two minutes. After that Deepa slept sound but I was really very uneasy, I really don’t know what was happening to me,

it was not that I was not happy with my wife or my marriage, though there was difference in level of sexual desire between me and my wife even then I can say that, me and Deepa were like made for each other and on the other hand as far as I knew Shruti was also happy with her married life.

Anyway that night I could not resist and started fantasizing again about Shruti and may be because it was my unfulfilled desire to have oral sex with my wife, that is why I started fantasizing myself having oral sex with Shruti, and as expected after some time I got up and used toilet to shagged my load one more time while jerking and thinking about can say my first love Shruti.

Next day in the morning during daily courses before going to work I was regretting over my last nights mind state, I was having bit of guilt but it did not lasted for long because like everyday I got very busy and finally came in senses around 4- 4:30 when Shruti called me on my cell from her residence number straight away asking,

“kahan hai?” means where are you “office mein” I replied, “your best friend is here after 5 years, aur tu office mein kaam karr raha hai, very bad, tu shadi ke baad bahut change ho gaya hai” (means your best friend is here after 5 years, and you are working in office, very bad, you are changed after marriage) Shruti complained fluently like before without any hesitation.

“I am coming, leaving right now” that’s what I had to say after that, “better; I am making espresso, it will take 15 minutes, you better be here by then” It was really very frank and straight forward warning, like childhood friends give to each other. I reached there in bit more time given to me and had coffee with her. Deepa was yet to come home from her work place, so now we chit chatted bit freely.

I could see that Shruti was talking to me liberally in Deepa’s absence, as such there was no such topic but there was big difference in her gesture. After some time she spoke what I could see on her face from long time, “I am here just for few days, so I want you to come little early everyday, so that we can talk freely, I think Deepa will not mind that” there was a question with bit of doubt after an order.

I smiled on that and replied casually, “she will not mind as long as you will not try to seduce me”. With a word “bastard” she threw a cushion to hit me. Our chit chatting continued for more than an hour and she discussed almost whole five years of her married life and I too did that.

Couple of times she asked me one question in different words, “tu khush hai na Deepa ke saath?” (means, are you happy with Deepa) as if she had a doubt or she wanted to hear no from me but I said yes every time. I too asked her whether she is happy with her husband, and she accepted that she is happy.

After more than an hour I called my wife to come straight to Shruti’s house to have evening tea and as she has a schedule to pick up our child from the playschool she came and we further had good time together. By the time we got up to go, once again I was in same mental state as I was in last night, rather I could feel that my internal condition was even worse.

I was going crazy for Shruti, I wanted to sit for some more time but I could not. I invited Shruti at my place for Dinner and just then Deepa stared at me with surprise, not for any other reason except, that she did not had any preparations for dinner, especially of the type on which we can invite someone to dine.

But as we know words cannot be taken back, moreover Shruti accepted invitation readily saying, “yes I would love too have food cooked by Deepa”. Apart from this reason I think she too wanted to spend time with me, I am not sure if at that time she was in the same kind of mind state as I was in, or she just needed my company to spend next 10 days, as long as she was here at her mother’s place.

Finally after some more chit chatting at my place while having dinner, day ended with an obvious promise that I will be at her place for a coffee next day too, at that time Deepa was not with us as we, Shruti and me were coming out of the house. That night too I made love to my wife and I think this time Deepa could sense that I am not normal,

though she did not spoke anything about this but she could see that I am heavily aroused and need her and she made love to me to fulfill my urge and we slept almost naked in each other’s arms. Next day till I started thinking about moving out of the office to have coffee with her, I was mobbed by Shruti’s thoughts. Later once again I and Shruti were having tea and this time on the terrace.

After some casual conversation I asked her with bit of smile while pointing at particular corner, exactly where we kissed each other, “Do you remember this place” “Hmmm… I knew it, ki tu bina bole nahi rahega” I laughed on that and replied, “that means you remember” “yes off course, it was my first kiss” “and mine too” I replied in the end before going further, and spoke again, “by the way, you never told me, you liked it or not?”

Shruti blushed as I was looking into her eyes while asking her. “don’t feel shy, just say tujhe achha lagga tha ya nahi” I asked her again while looking at her face, “hmmm….. obviously……… that’s why I did that again” Shruti replied in very soft words, I was smiling, “I really miss those days” I spoke casually while sipping my tea, “me too” she replied in the same fashion.

“you know we could have gone further” once again I spoke while looking at her face, just to see her expressions, “chup karja ab” (means shut up) she replied with bit of smile, “come on, tell me” I asked her, “what?” she asked back looking at me face, “you wanted me to go further, isn’t it?” Shruti remained silent but smiled on that without looking at me.

“Tell me” I forced her to answer, she just moved her head to say yes while sipping, without looking at me. “Then why you told me not to touch you”, Shruti looked at me, and spoke after few seconds in a very soft voice, “I was really very scared”, I laughed a bit on that and continued looking into her eyes, she was blushing and I was enjoying her state.

“tu bhi to darra hua tha, unless you would have tried going further” ( means you were also scared ) Shruti spoke in the teasing tone “I did not had Condoms at that time, unless I would have gone further” I replied instantly using my wit. “you mean you would have done that?” she asked me in bit arbitrary anger while smiling gesture, “yes why not?” I continued teasing her in the same fashion, “here, on the terrace?”

she asked back in the same fashion, “yes, there is enough space” I replied while pointing my hand on the big terrace, “I would have killed you” she spoke while smiling, “after that, no problem, jo karna tha wo to kar leta ek baar” Shruti did not had anything to reply that and she continued looking at me as she has not seen me being this much naughty ever while talking.

“fir tujhe mujse shaadi karni padti” means “then you had to marry me” Shruti spoke after thinking for few seconds, “any day with pleasure” I replied instantly, “you are not happy with Deepa?” Shruti asked me old question while looking at me, “I never said that,….. I am happy” “then why are you saying that” Shruti asked back, “just joking yaar, why you get serious every time”

Shruti continued looking at my face as if she is trying to read my brain, “tell me” she asked back, “what” I spoke, “were you interested in me?” she asked me in soft voice, as if she already knew the reply, “Hmmmm,,,yes…” I replied and then spoke again, “I mean, I never realized this for long time and then your marriage got fixed I never dared to talk to you after that” “why?” she asked back and then spoke again,

“We were so close, you would have told me”, “because you needed a rich guy” I replied while making fun of her, as she use to tell me sometimes what type of guy she need. “So you are happy with Deepa?” once again she asked same question, “oh God not again” this time I spoke in sarcastic tone. “I think you are not happy with your marriage”

I spoke casually just to tease her, though I knew that she is fine “no it’s not that, I am just little jealous” she replied freely like a friend, “jealous?” it was an obvious question from my side, “hmmm…. you two spend lot of time together” “Rishi always remains busy” Shruti completed her sentence in two parts casually. “I hope….you are not starved! I mean tum log sex to karte ho na?”

I spoke whatever came in my mouth and it really went bad, I immediately got reply from her hand as Shruti slapped me hard on my shoulder and spoke just one word in response, “bastard” “what?” I cried in pain, “I didn’t mean that” “then, what” I asked back, “he comes very late, and you know me, I can’t live without talking, I get bored” Shruti replied bit angrily (arbitrary),

“Thank God, you don’t have that problem, unless as a best friend I had to help you out” I replied quickly, and as a response she just smiled a and looked at me as if she is warning me to stop teasing her. Anyway all in all I had good time that evening too and by the end when Deepa my wife was suppose to come we came down to the hall and Shruti casually told me to make a out station trip around Delhi, same day up down sort of trip.

As such I had only one choice, that is Agra, I was well aware of that city because it was my wife’s home town and a good tourist spot too. Though Shruti had seen TAJ earlier, but she said ok to it, and rest of the planning got fixed as Deepa came back home. Leaving a day in between, we (me, my wife Deepa and Shruti with our kids )

moved on Saturday very early in the morning, around 5:00, had breakfast on the way and reached there, visited one of the seven wonders and by 2 we were at my In-laws place and had lunch. As such in presence of Deepa our conversation was casual but we did not stopped teasing each other on one or the other matter, exactly like friends do.

As such I did not had anything in my mind at that time and we had a plan to move back in max 2 hours. But things changed a bit and my mother in law forced us to stay there only, for the night, as next day was Sunday. It would have been possible if just me and my wife would have came, as Shruti was with us so it seemed impossible,

I argued for that and finally my mother in law asked me if Deepa can stay for couple of days, as my father-in-law was suppose to come to Delhi on Tuesday, and Deepa can come back along with him. As such I did not had any problem with that and I left final decision on Deepa, if she is ok with it. Truly speaking till that time or even after that I did not had anything in my mind.

I knew this that now I will be alone with Shruti till Delhi for at least 4-5 hours and not even for a fraction I thought about this that I will be doing anything with her. As such in the past or even in present we never lacked opportunities to get alone, so it was very casual. Anyway soon we were rushing towards home, just me and Shruti with her baby boy.

After some time till I got out of city’s traffic we started chatting again. Well friends here I will say that our conversation on the way to Delhi is integral part and reason of whatever happened between me and Shruti and I must tell you that most of our conversation on the road was in Hindi and I have tried my best to translate it to English, so I may make mistake in writing them as I am little weak in English.

Anyway if I will get back to the incident then I will say, once again we were chit chatting and once again I could see that Shruti was feeling free in Deepa’s absence, and finally after some time I talked to her about this casually saying that “why you get conscious while talking to me in Deepa’s presence” “nahi to” she replied in NO and the tone was as if she is caught, “come on, speak up” I insisted her casually.

“Is it very prominent” she asked back, “yes” I replied with one word. “No, as such there is nothing like this” she replied, trying to avoid the matter. “Come on, why are you getting conscious now, she is not here”. Shruti smiled on that and finally uttered “I don’t know why, whenever she is there, tujhse baat karte hue thoda sa hesitation hota hai, I hope she don’t mind whatever I say”

I could see that whatever she said was true. “no no, don’t worry, tune abhi tak mujhe seduce karne ki koshish kahan ki hai” (means you have not tried to seduce me till now) I replied partially in Hindi and English. “Stop it” she responded initially with it and then spoke, “by the way, you also change in her presence” “is it?” I asked back, “clearly, you never speak all this in her presence” she replied.

“Obviously, I cannot” I replied casually. “Does she know that thing?” Shruti asked back with a smile, “what?” “That kiss and all” she rephrased her question, “no, are you nuts?” I replied, “waise does your husband knows that” I asked her in continuation, “what? kiss?” “hmmm…” “no, waise bhi it was just a kiss, nothing much to talk about,

at least with Rishi (her husband) ”, “ok, you mean if we would have gone further then you would have talked to him about it” I spoke as if I am making fun of her statement, “No I didn’t mean that” she spoke again after a pause, “mera matlab tha ki kissing is a tiny thing, I mean before marriage kiss to almost har koi kar leta hai, rather few of my friends were like, doing everything before marriage with there boy friends”.

“And now they are married to the same person, I mean to their boy friends” I asked back while looking at her face. “None of them” she replied with little more than a smile. “If I would have done that with you, then I would have married you” I replied in Hindi, saying, “agar main tera saath waisa kuch karta to tujhse hi shaadi karta” “shut up” she smiled while saying that though I could see that she didn’t mind that,

“no, seriously I mean it” I replied confidently. “I know, this is a difference between you and those guys” then again she spoke, “that is why I like you, you are so down to earth, I mean you don’t keep anything in your heart, you just speak up” She replied rather praised frankness of my nature, and truly speaking friends for same thing I always praised Shruti among my other friends,

as she too was very down to earth and may be because of this we were best friends. Anyway I smiled on her statement and thanked her for compliment and then spoke again in teasing tone, “waise I am not that down to earth” then again I spoke, “I hide my feelings from people, and from you too” “what” “I mean what feelings” Shruti asked back in two parts, “nothing, don’t take it seriously”

I tried to avoid going further, though I knew that she will not leave the matter, “tell me” “what?” I asked back, “whatever you are hiding from me” “I mean whatever feeling you are hiding from me?” she spoke in insisting tone. I further tried to avoid but she continued insisting and finally I uttered, “yehi ki I wanted to make love to you before marriage” “that’s it” she asked as if she is asking is it all.

“yes” I replied, “you know what?” she spoke and after a small pause she spoke again when I looked at her, “even I wanted to do that with you” “especially after kissing, but I was so scared” Shruti replied in a soft voice and tone was like when we admit something. “then” I asked back with bit of smile, “then what?” she asked back that what I mean by “then”.

“I mean what you use to do it for that” I tried to ask her again and rephrased my question, even then she was unable to understand what I wanted to ask and she asked again, “what are you saying, I am not getting you” and one more time I rephrased my question and this time it was clears, as it was totally in Hindi and words were, “I mean jab tera man mere saath wo karne ka karta tha to tu kya karti thi”

(I mean what you use to do whenever you use to feel like doing it with me) as I said all words were in Hindi and they were this time she understood what I meant as she smiled a lot and finally spoke in the same gesture “nothing” “don’t lie,… I know what you use to do” I replied and tried further pulling the matter, “what” she asked back in same smiling gesture,

“same thing which I use to do it, for you” I replied without using any such words, Shruti further smiled and could not control her laugh and asked, “tell me what you use to do it” “same which you use to do it for me” I tried to make fun of the talk while moving around the matter without saying any such word till then. “Shut up, I never use to do it” Shruti replied immediately,

“then how do you know what I am saying” “I know what you are saying,….. aur wo har koi karta hai, there is nothing to feel shame in this, it’s normal” “Ok,….. so you admit that you use to do it, while thinking about me” I continued and this time question was very clear and straight forward, and for those readers who still cannot understand what we were talking about was Masturbation,

from last few minutes our conversation was moving round and round about our tendency to Masturbate while thinking about each other. Anyway when I asked her does she admit that she use to do it while thinking about me, she replied with her favorite sentence, “just shut up” “come on tell me, yes or no? There is nothing to feel shame in this, it’s normal”

I teased her using her own statement, and insisted her one more time, finally she spoke while controlling her laugh “yes I use to do it, now just shut up” “ok” I replied with one word and busted in a laugh and she too started laughing without any hesitation. “Seriously I really miss those days” I spoke after a minute or so when we were over with a giggle.

“Me too” Shruti replied. “Sometimes I feel ki somehow if we cane go back in the time” she spoke in continuation. “In that case I will not miss any opportunity” I replied confidently with in fraction, Shruti smiled silently while looking into my eyes as I turned towards her while driving and then spoke in a soft voice, “this time even I will not stop you” and her words in Hindi were “main bhi tujhe manna nahi karungi” I just laughed casually on that.

Truly speaking even till that time I could not think of doing anything like that with her, everything was going so casual. Anyway continued talking like that and our subject of conversation got changed for a while on Shruti’s daily schedule. I was driving reasonably fast and we were expecting that with this speed in couple of hours or may be more, we will be home,

and at my end I was not at all in hurry, I wanted to enjoy this casual conversation with my best friend as long as possible and I think Shruti too wanted same and just after a minute she told me to stop the car to have tea and as she said I stopped at one dhaba and we had tea. In between I talked to Deepa for a while and Shruti called at her home.

By the end when we both were almost over with our tea, Shruti spoke “I don’t want to go home”. “kya matlab”, means “what do you mean” I spoke, “then where do you want to go” I asked back in Hindi and words were “fir kahan jana hai”. She smiled a bit while looking into my eyes and the spoke after few more seconds, “In my past”.

“Not possible, it’s a simple car not a time machine” I spoke while giving empty cups to the hotel boy along with whatever money he said. “Believe me its possible” she replied. “Then tell me how it is possible” I asked back while reversing the car and looked into her eyes for couple of seconds before picking up the speed on the highway. “think about it” she replied again.

“ok” I replied with just one word and then remained silent, she too was silent, after may be 2-3 minutes she spoke again, just one word “what happened” “I am thinking” I replied with a smile and this reply made her laugh and she slapped me lightly on my shoulder and again spoke just one word, “Idiot”. “What” this time I asked back after getting a note Idiot.

“aur kya” Shruti, replied with bit of smile, “ok you tell me, how it is possible” I asked her and looked at her face after saying this, she blushed a bit and then spoke, “forget it”. “Ok” I replied, “what Ok” she asked back just then, “u said forget, I forgot” I replied and once again she busted in laugh and slapped me again on my shoulder and then spoke after few seconds,

“let’s go to our school tomorrow” “ok” I replied and then she said, “we can meet our other school friends, whoever is in touch like Shewta, Anu and Reena, all three are in Delhi” “ok” once again I replied with just one word, Shruti spoke again “who else is in your touch?” “Rohit, Prakash and Harsh” I replied. “I don’t want to meet them, bahut line marte the ladkiyon pe”

she replied recalling past school life, “wo to aaj bhi maarte hain” I spoke with smile, “how come you have friendship with them you are so different from them” “I don’t think, I am just one of them,….. I use keep things up to me and never tried anything and they kept on trying, this is the only difference” I completed my statement with couple of pauses “well it’s a big difference” “whatever” I replied,

then there was no words for a while and after few seconds, Shruti spoke again, “By the way I want to tell you something” after a small pause she spoke again “ I thinks there is no harm in telling you this now” “What” “do you remember Sheetal” she asked me “hmmmm…ya Sheetal Malhotra” I recalled her surname, “yes” Shruti confirmed her and then spoke,

“she use to like you” “what” I was little surprised, “how do you know” I asked her back, “she wanted to communicate this through me” she smiled while saying that. “Then why didn’t you tell me?” I spoke in Hindi and words were “to tune mujhe bataya kyun nahi?” “bas nahi bataya” “but why” I insisted her to speak and reflected myself bit excited after knowing this fact that one of her friend had a crush on me.

“Do you ever liked her?” Shruti asked back, “no….but uski fantasy to karta hi tha” I replied in excitement “Tu Sheetal ki bhi fantasy karta tha?” she asked back in surprise, “then what, main almost sabki fantasy karta tha, including you” I replied instantly, without thinking much. And result was almost same like before, once again I got slapped on my shoulder.

“what,….. tu bhi to karti thi” ( even you use to do it) I cried in pain before saying that. “main sirf teri karti thi” “kya” I asked back immediately, and she spoke in continuation, “fantasy” “Okkkeeee” I replied with one long ok with a big smile and my tone of saying ok was like as if I am teasing her. “What” she asked me with one word why I am teasing her.

“So this was the reason you never told me anything about Sheetal” “yes….. now stop it” then again she spoke to herself after a very small interval, “it was my mistake why I told you that?” I laughed a bit on that and spoke, “you are angry just because I use to fantasize about other girls also” “just forget it, I don’t want to talk you about that”

Shruti seemed not much but bit angry this time, “come on speak up, yes or no” I asked again, “yes….” After a small pause Shruti continued “all men are alike” “I told you, I am just one of them, you were not ready to accept” I spoke casually. She did not uttered a word this time, spoke again, “come on, what is wrong with you”

“I mean it’s over now that was past, aur ye sab har koi karta hai, there is nothing to feel bad about this, it’s normal” I repeated almost her whole statement again. And then again spoke and my exact words were, “aur fir fantasy mein to variety kar hi leni chahiye, actual life mein to uski possibility bahut kam hoti hai”.

Hearing this statement Shruti turned and laughed a bit on this which I think she was controlling from last few minutes and her laugh showed that she was not that angry or upset with my statement, and I spoke again, “You know many times I use to think about two at a time, sometimes Anu and Sheetal and if you remember Pushpa, and her friend Jyoti.

And before I would have gone further in this I heard “Just shut up” from her, once again Shruti tried to stop me going further while laughing. “Come on, this the only way we can go back into time, just take out whatever you had in your mind at that time, I promise I will not mind” I tried to motivate her to speak instead of saying “shut up” again and again.

After couple of seconds I spoke again, “tell me” “kya?” she asked back, “whatever you had in your mind at that time” I rephrased my question “I have already accepted that” “what” I tried to make her speak in clear words. She stared at me as she could sense what I am trying, “just open up yaar, why are you feeling shy, just speak freely”

I motivated her again “main hamesha apne saath teri fantasy karti thi, sirf teri and no one else” Shruti spoke after few seconds and by the end her tone changed into complaining, when she said that she only use to fantasize me and just me. “come on relax, why are you getting upset, with that” (knowing the fact that apart from her I use to fantasize other girls also)

then again I spoke, “maine apne life ki first kiss to tujhe hi ki thi na? And I cannot forget that kiss through out my life” (means it was you I kissed first time in my life). She smiled a bit and spoke “even I cannot forget that moment”. “By the way, I have very interesting idea to get back into our past” I spoke, and again spoke just after a second, “provided you don’t mind that”.

“What?” Shruti replied while looking at me and I could see that she was smiling rather it was much more than a smile. “I think you’ve understood” I replied while looking at her. “I knew it, ki tu ye bolega”…. “how dare you?” she spoke with a pause between two and tried to reflect anger but could not control her smile. “what? I haven’t said anything till now”

I tried to find escape from my statement, though I could see that she has understood what I was about to say. “I know what you want to say” she replied while pointing finger and could not control her laugh. “tell me… how do you know, I have not uttered a single word?” I continued arguing and defending myself.

“I know, because I know you very well” she replied, “no…you know because we think alike” I replied instantly, “whatever” she ended with that. “Then think like me, why are you saying no to it” I replied with a laugh on very next second, and Shruti reacted with, “shut up” and this time her gesture was little serious, so I remained silent. After that there was no conversation for a while, and she started looking out from the glass.

Friends here I would like to explain matter of the conversation to those readers who could not understand whatever we talked in last couple of minutes, I was about to ask her if we can kiss again at the same place, as a way to get into our past. And Shruti understood that instantly without any confusion.

Anyway after may be couple of minutes of silence, I started again, “come on, why are you getting angry?” she looked at me and spoke in soft voice “I am not angry” “Ok then tell me” I asked back, “what”, “your decision, yes or no?” she smiled on that and uttered “you are a bastard” “Thanks for the compliment” I took the bow in a way and then asked again, “yes or no” “are you crazy?”

she tried to get angry but she was still smiling, moreover I was not at in the mood of getting dominated, though at that time I was not at all serious, I was just trying to make fun, or you can say just wanted to tease her or pull her leg of her thought of getting into our past. “Ya that’s true, I am crazy” I replied instantly, then asked her again, “tell me, yes or no?” “obviously no” Shruti replied, “Ok no problem”

I spoke casually as if it doesn’t matter to me and then spoke again, “it was just an idea to live in our past one more time, that’s it” my tone was very casual as if I have not done anything wrong in asking her for a kiss even after her marriage. “Moreover this time we can correct our previous mistakes…….. I mean now we both know how to make a proper kiss and...

We can also go ahead for something for which we regret now” I spoke just in continuation without thinking much and later realized that indirectly I have asked her for having sex with me, in which we failed few years back when we kissed before our marriage. But truly speaking friends whatever I spoke it was pure reflexes and I really didn’t mean that, it just came out of my mouth.

Rather I think I must mention that, on the way to home apart from packed baby food many times she fed breast milk to her child and for that she lifted her dress but I did not tried to see at her at that time.

Anyway hearing that indirect proposal of having sex with me, Shruti looked at me and she was trying really hard to control her laugh which I could easily see. “Will you please shut up” she tried to get angry, but I laughed in reply. As I said I could see that she was trying to control her laugh and as I started she too started laughing.

“Please yaar just stop all this….. you are disturbing me” she spoke after a long giggle. “just relax yaar, you know I am joking, iss mein disturb hone wali kya baat hai?” I replied, “I know you are joking ……still” she replied “what” “forget it yaar, you won’t understand” she replied without looking at me.

I gave a thought to it for a fraction and asked her again, “tell me, what is the matter” “nothing serious, I told you that day” ….. “I get so bored there” ……..“I wish I would have settled here, in the same city” Shruti replied in two three parts. “Tell me how I am disturbing you” I asked what I wanted to know. “Nothing” she tried to avoid. “tell me na”. I insisted her to speak.

“Nothing, yaar,……” and then after a big pause, Shruti started again, “sometimes I just feel it would have been better for me if I would have married you” “you are a perfect husband” “you spend good time with Deepa( my wife) and you give importance to her career also, and Rishi (her husband) is just opposite to you” Shruti kept on saying and I continued listening as I was the only one to whom she could share her life.

And next few minutes she explained her husband’s mentality, his daily schedule and it was really very busy, moreover he never allowed Shruti to work also and that’s not for any other reason except a male’s ego that he is earning very high and he does not need any money earned by his wife. Certainly her husband was earning really good, nearly triple than mine.

Anyway Shruti explained her life for couple of minutes and then went silent, I looked at her, bit of water was floating in her eyes, I just wanted to ease the environment and wanted to relax instead of continuing same subject and for that once again I spoke, made statement on old subject of going back into past,

“hmmm… abhi bhi soch le, raat ko terrace par milte hain, tere liye thoda change ho jaayega aur tere bahane main bhi apne past mein ghoom aaunga?” (means, think about it, we will meet on terrace in the night, it will be a change for you and because of you even I will get a ride into my past).

Unexpectedly it hardly made any change into her mood and she turned her face to see out of window, neither she laughed nor she reflected any anger on that like before, her reaction was just nil to my statement. After that I too remained silent and after few minutes I switched on the stereo and continued going to home.

More or less after that we reached home and as such we did not had much conversation after that, as she tried to sleep for some time. By the time we reached home time was just more than 9:30 and we both were tired. Shruti invited me for dinner but I gave her an excuse that I am not hungry.

I could see that she was little upset and what I could do best to her to leave her alone for some time because I have tendency make joke out of everything and because of my jokes she was getting disturbed. I came back home, my parents were already up with their dinner, I had one bread sandwich with bit of packed juice and called my wife to chit chat for a while and finally landed on my bed with a laptop.

I was in very strange mind state, mixed up with lust and love, once again desire of getting intimate with Shruti was rising in my mind and I could feel the changes in my body because of that, slowly I was getting aroused and started getting hard, as I was continuously thinking about Shruti only.

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Pinky told me that bhabhi cornered her as soon as I left with bhai. Bhabhi stood on high moral ground and lectured Pinky. She went to the extent of asking wether I raped her. Pinky denied and said she opposed initially but when the way I caressed her boobs, massaged her vagina and sucked her nipples caused ripples of pleasure wave and she too then participated.

Pinky told she had reached point of no return and anybody in her place would have done the same. Pinky also told bhabhi that all this situation arose because both of us were wide awake and witnessed hot, steamy sex session of bhai and bhabhi. Bhabhi told me that she was shocked to learn about it. Bhabhi was further shocked when Pinky told her that in hotel also we had sex.

She told bhabhi the root of our relationship had been bhai's sex. Bhabhi cursed her for blaming her for our misdeed. Pinky calmly said when the desire for sex reaches a threshold nobody can stop and that she would continue having sex with me till I refuse.

Bhabhi was shocked and there ensued a long debate with bhabhi on morals and finally Pinky challenged bhabhi saying there is hell lot of difference between what she is preaching and in practice. Pinky said bhabhi was perplexed at Pinky's audacity when she said if bhabhi allows us to have sex with she being a mute spectator and then she if is able to control herself to my sexual advances then only she would agree with bhabhi.

Bhabhi said she has gone mad but Pinky was adamant and promised that she would never ever show her face to her. Bhabhi said Pinky I will not accept any such proposition because she knows she is correct. Pinky provoked bhabhi by saying it is easy to stand on high moral ground without testing oneself and that she is speaking all these things because maybe she did'nt get any opportunity.

Bhabhi told me that it somehow bruised her ego and after a while she bit the bait ( though today she has no regrets ). Bhabhi said that she would demonstrate self control. Pinky agreed to it and said bhabhi you will not act sternly with Nayan till the matter is resolved. She then asked bhabhi if she has night gown.

Actually both of them had forgot that and Pinky called me and said Nayan we have forgot to bring nightie so pls buy two, one for me and one for bhabhi. When I queried about her choice she said for me bring as per your liking and handed over the mobile to bhabhi. Bhabhi also gave no specific instruction. Somehow, I got haunch of events to unfold and became nervous.

For Pinky I chose frock type which as per image of model would be upto her thighs and for bhabhi little longer longer upto her knees. I got nervous at the very thought of what Pinky had suggested this afternoon ( about bhabhi ). Thinking of bhabhi and the thoughts of possibility of fucking her started doing tricks on my lund. I had never had regular sex leave aside threesome.

I started thinking what if I fail to get erection. My mind raced to all sorts of anti climax and I decided that I should take aphoridisac. I reached a medicine shop and payed a hefty amount for the medicine. I gulped a capsule and kept the remaining in car. When I reached hotel I saw Pinky and bhabhi waiting for me in lobby.

They were hungry and we had dinner in hotel only. Bhabhi was normal but her voice seemed to be strained. We returned back to room. Once inside the room Pinky surveyed the nightie and gave it to bhabhi so that she can select one. Bhabhi went to bathroom to change. At that time Pinky told me about the challenge.

Fear gripped me and I said Pinky if you are proved wrong then both of us will be in big trouble. Pinky laughed at my nervousness and winked at me and said atleast that gives us one more opportunity to enjoy. I kissed her and said by god I want to marry you. She passionately kissed me and whispered into my ears Nayan sab tere upar hai ( nayan everything depends on you ).

I was still very tense and the kiss did'nt cause any upward movement of my lund. Bhabhi came out of the bathroom and looked sexy in her gown while Pinky went to bathroom to change. Her boobs were held loosely by the cups of the gown and the pinkish glow of the skin was glowing. Bhabhi didnt say anything and turned towards the mirror.

The gown was having deep cut from back side and her smooth skin was visible. Bhabhi combed her hairs and I kept on looking at her trying to initiate a conservation but could'nt. Then she raised her hands to tie her hairs in a bun and in mirror I saw her smooth arm pits. Bhabhi came to the extra bed and swithched on the T.V. I said bhabhi you sleep here I will manage there.

She said no that is for both of you quite sarcastically. Pinky saved the me as she came out from the bathroom. I quickly entered the bathroom and undressed and went to shower. I felt relaxed under that lukewarm water. Bhabhi came to my mind and I jerked. It responded and I came out of shower realising I dont have anything to wear for the night.

I wrapped the bathroom gown provided by the hotel and came out. The lights had been switched off and both of them were watching t.v. I joined Pinky on the bed. After some time bhabhi pretended to sleep and Pinky tuned in FTV. Pinky put on blanket and both of us were watching t.v. I put my hands on her waist and drew her nearer to me.

She then swithced off t.v and turned to my side and we kissed and while I sucked her lips slurping sound filled the room, soon our tongues were fighting it out for supremacy. My hands roamed around her body feeling her curves. I could feel the erection of her nipples as I gently massaged her chuchi (boobs).

As I was kissing her neck Pinky whispered nayan jitna aawaz kar sakta hai kar aur mera gown utar kar har jagah kiss kar aur phir dekh bbhabhi tujhse kaise karwati hai ( nayan make all sort of erotic sounds and then see how bhabhi falls on to your lap ). I whispered back Pinky tu hi kaafi hai bhabhi ko chod (Pinky you are good enough and lets forget bhabhi).

My hands slipped under her gown and I caressed her ass. She was not wearing panty. Slowly I started to pull up her gown and then finally removed it. Pinky moaned ohh nayan it feeels sooooooo goood hummmmm pleaseeeee tweakkkkkk my nippleeeees ahhhhh yessssss loud enough to be heard by bhabhi. Our kissing was noisy and to tell you the truth my lund was not even half erect.

The thrill was missing and I was still a bit tense knowing bhabhi is watching us made me feel like an porn actor. I sucked Pinky's nipples and did all sort of things but the pleasure I got from her in morning and afternoon was missing. She touched my tool and must have felt my feelings. She started licking my ears and whispered nayan I understand now let us enjoy and to do hell with bhabhi.

She went down and she started nibbling my nipples. A strange pleasure wave travelled across my body, Pinky kept on moving down and opened my bath gown and kissed my lund from top of my undies . She gradually pulled it down and started licking my lund. The hot saliva of her tongue circling around my toppa of lund sent ripples after ripples.

My lund responded and started gaining strength and was fully erect in no time. I grabbed Pinky and pulled her up and licked her and went down licking her boobs, navel and then finally vagina. As I licked it she spread her legs and I sucked her. She moaned uuuuunggghhhhh aaaah aaaeeeeeeessssssss oooooohhhhhh hmmmmmm.

She twisted her body and I stopped sucking her and as I climbed up her body she turned and I started kissing her entire back. My erect lund poked her ass as I reached her neck and she laughed mildly hu hum hu hum when I tingled her neck with my tongue. She again came on top of me and tingled my nipples with her wet tongue. As she did it I arched my ass upwards in natural reaction to enter her.

From the dim light coming from bathroom I could see naughtiness in her eyes and she whispered phir kosish kar (try again). She again sucked this time harder and I again tried but failed. I grabbed her head and and pulled her down and kissed her. We played with each other with full passion.

Pinky would allow me to suck, kiss, lick all her curvaceous body and as I would try to enter her she would naughtily manage to get out. This was driving me crazy and now my lund which was hot and hard demanded immediate attention of pussy walls. During this play we took up 69 position and I was from top sucking her wet choot and my lund pointing towards her mouth was licked by her and it was towards bhabhi's bed.

Amidst our moans I heard heavy breathing. I turned and looked at bhabhi, pinky craned her neck to have a look too. Pinky then glided herself on bed and came near me and whispered nayan bhabhi is perhaps hot and she is going to bathroom and asked me to try my luck with bhabhi. Before I could react she was in bathroom.

The condition of my lund was so hot that it could have fucked even babli. I stood up with my erect lund. Pinky was there inside bathroom with bathroom door wide open. This increased illumination in room. I could see bhabhi looking at my lund breathing heavily. I took few steps to reach her bed. Bhabhi closed her eyes as I sat on her bed. I slowly pulled the blanket from her legs.

I saw her gown was up and her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. Bhabhi had removed her hands from her choot. She was still breathing heavily as I totally removed her blanket. Her chuchi was moving up and down. The movement of her firm chuchi and the erection of her nipples creating an impression on thin cotton gown were driving me crazy and my lund became hot with desire of fucking her.

I bent myself and kissed her toes which gradually turned into wet licks. I was unmindful as to when Pinky sneaked in swithched on tv and the room was filled with music. As I saw her she went to bathroom and closed the door. Bhabhi momentarily opened her eyes and may be looked for perhaps Pinky and closed her eyes once again. I licked her both toes with eyes on her chuchi.

My mind worked overtime to find most pleasurable path upto her chuchi which were heavily moving up and down. My licks kept on moving upwards till I reached her thighs. I gently parted her thighs to expose her choot. I buried my face there and licked her inner thighs without touching her choot while my hands sneaked inside her gown.

I gently massaged her navel and finally reached her firm chuchi. I felt her nipples and gently tweaked them. Bhabhi shuddered in pleasure and twisted her ass so as to position her choot over my tongue. I felt her choot walking down to my tongue which lapped up the opportunity and kissed and then started sucking. For the first time she moaned aaaahhhh and thrust her choot on my face.

My hands got busy removing her gown and she wriggled on bed to help me and finally from the corner of my eyes I saw she herself pulled out her gown. As I dug my tongue into her choot she started to thrust her ass more rapidly. I felt steady flow of juices and could feel her body getting stiff. I stopped sucking her picked her up and came to double bed.

I took her swollen nipples in my mouth and licked it with mouth ful of saliva and wetting it. Bhabhi arched up and moaned in pleasure aaagggghhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh ummmmnnnnnnnnn. She still kept her eyes closed and her face expressed the pleasure she was having.

I then sucked and nibbled her nipples and with one hand played with her nipple and the other hand was caressing her navel and going gradually to her choot. As my hand reached her chute the fully wet chute welcomed my fingers and my fingers entering her chute and my sucking her lips were well coordinated.

Bhabhi wet lips welcomed me and she too started kissing me uuuunnnmm uuuuunnnmm aah huuuuuuummmmmnnnnn. For a brief moment I left her choot and held her hands and put it on my lund. She opened her eyes on feeling hot lund. She measured the thickness with two fingers encircling the girth and the depth it will penetrate with her palms.

Our eyes met and I saw she was now driven by lust. After kissing my tongue went near her ears and licked her earlobes and I whispered bhabhi tainu roop ka khazana ho (bhabhi you are treasure of beauty ).

As I licked her earlobes she rubbed her cheeks with my cheeks and kept on moaning softly huuuuunmmm uuooonnnnggghhh aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh hhhhmmmm uuuuuuoooooogghhhhhh ahah hannnaaaaa and I whispered into her ears bhabhi I first had a glimpse of your cleavage when the maid did'nt turn up and your pallu slipped while mopping the floor, I was so hot that I had to go to toilet to masterbate.

Bhabhi spread her legs wide and put one leg over mine and rubbed her legs with mine as I dug deep into her choot and massaged the walls of her choot. Bhabhi took both her hands over her head and I quickly licked her armpits. She half moaned and half giggled hhun hun aaaaaaauuuuungggggghhhh. She arched upwards her lower part of the body.

She wanted my lund desperately and mumbled pppleeeaseeee nayan ab pleeasse ohhhhhhhh abbbbb nahiiii rahaaaaa jaaataaaa hummmghhhhhh ppppppplease daal deeeeeeee naaa masallllll de mujheeeee pleaseeeee nayan she was violently jerking and twisting and I came on top of her. She guided my lund at the entrance and moaned puurrrrrra ghusssssaaaa de.

She was so wet that my first shot glided all the way to boundry. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Pinky's tongue oner my back and rubbing her chuchi on my back. As I stopped to enjoy Pinky's nudges bhabhi desperately almost begged pleeeaseee nayan zorrr se kaarrrr na. I started pumping her furiously.

Pinky came in front and sucked bhabhi's nipple while I fully concentrated in pumping her. Bhabhi was now almost mad with pleasure. I took her legs on my shoulder held her legs and grinded her choot making thap thap thap rythmic sound and bhabhi's moan haann uummmghh haann ummaaahh. Pinky kissed bhabhi and then both took out their tongues and played.

Pinky asked bhabhi bataoo na mazzaa aa raha hai (bhabhi tell us wether you are having fun ). Bhabhi replied haaaaaaaannnnn piiiinnnkyyyyyy baaaahuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt ohhhh nayaaaannnn. Pinky greedily said bhabhi mujhe bhi mazzaa do naa and said nayan tu peeche se kar bhabhi mera choot suck karegi (bhabhi I also want some fun pls suck my pussy).

I took out my lund bhabhi was in great hurry. She quickly turned and buried her face in Pinkys choot. I entered her from rear spreading her legs wide apart. Bhabhi's ass perfectly fitted in my crotch and once again I pumped her. She was nearing her orgasm and within minutes she came oozing gallons. I quickly withdrew and asked Pinky to come.

Bhabhi rolled away and I positioned in pinky's choot and continued to fire at rapid pace. I grabbed her chuchi and fucked her hard. Both of us were moaning and challenging each other. I was mumbling ye le ye le pinkyyyy ye aur le hhhmmm (take this pinky take this ) and pinky saying thodddaa aurrrr thodaaaa aurrrrrr hummmm busssssss ittttnaaaaa hiiii dummmm haiiiiiii (give more give more, is this all you got ).

I withdrew from her choot and positioned the toppa at her annus opening and jerked my ass forward. My lund was so soaked with both of them juices that about half of my 6 incher slided in. I felt pinky shuddering and she became standstill. Then with another jerk I was fully inside her asshole and I gave one powerpacked thrust by pulling almost full lund out and then putting it back in depths at lightening speed.

Pinky pleaded nayaaan pls thoda dheere. I again gave her similar power packed stroke and said now pinky feel my power. She kept mum and I increased the time interval between strokes but the intensity remained the same. By 6 or 7 stroke I felt Pinky grinding her ass on my crotch when I am deep inside her. It gave me amazing pleasure.

I then started to give circular motion to my hips going in. Pinky moaned uuummmmmmmmm aiseeeee heee karrrrrrrr ummmmmm . I started ding it with all my energy when I felt tension building up in my lund. I moaned and asked bhabhi to finger Pinky. Bhabhi obliged pinky and she fingered and I screwed her with all my might. Pinky was surfing pleasure waves expertly.

She was moaning ooogghhhh haaan bhaaaabhi, nayaaaan karteeee oissssshhhhh huuummmghhhh thissssss hmmmmppphhhh issssssssss heeeavennnnnn. I reached my peak and started to cum and once again gave her power packed strokes. After I was drained I was panting lying near her and she kissed me, bhabhi continued to finger her.

I sucked her chuchi hard and took over from bhabhi in fingering her. She came after quite some time and was panting. She slumped beside me. I then came in between both the ladies. I put my arms around them and held their chuchi. While pinky closed her eyes bhabhi tried to get up.

I did'nt let her go and said comomn bhabhi lets take rest like this only. I gently kept on caressing her chuchi. Bhabhi turned towards me and put her leg on my leg that I felt her juices. She put her arms on my stomach and soon all three of us were sleeping.

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