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Shrinandan fucking hot saali Sangeetha

Hii all, this is Shrinandan from Bangalore. I have been a regular reader of Human Digest for the past 3 years or so and I have read many a wonderful sexperiences and was wondering if I would ever post one of mine, and here it is.

I am a happily married man with one girl child who is 2 years of age and I have a really beautiful wife who is caring and we love each other. We have been married for the last 8 years. Since my wife conceived 3 years back in May 2006, I have not had sex with my wife nor with any other woman till I happened to have it with my sister-in-law (who is my wife’s cousin) who is called Sangeetha.

She is married and has a son, but unfortunately, her husband ditched her 4 years ago. She lives with her parents and her younger brother who is now married. Let me first describe Sangeetha. She is 27 years old, well built, fair complexioned, and her height is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Actually, she is much more beautiful than my wife who is equally beautiful except for the fact that she is obese and shorter than her sister..Sangeetha has long hair which I like.

A couple of months ago, sometime in September of 2008, when Sangeetha’s brother was getting married, she had come down to invite us for the marriage with her parents and that day, she was wearing a white saree with some flower designs on it in and a matching blouse to go with the saree in which she looked gorgeous. In fact, I had a hard-on when I saw her in a saree.

Her youthfulness was much more highlighted in her saree. After the invitation, as they were leaving, I was carrying my daughter, who was 1-year-old at that time and was seeing off the guests. As they left, Sangeetha came up to my daughter, of whom she was very fond of and even my daughter was fond of her, and started to kiss her on her cheeks.

As she came to me, she pressed her soft breasts into my hand and started kissing my daughter and talking to her. I had a difficult time controlling myself from giving her boobs a nice squeeze. The cuddling and fondling of my daughter by Sangeetha went on for about 5 minutes and all along, her soft boobs were pressed against my hand and I could not do anything about it, as I was carrying my child.

On the day of her brother’s wedding, the same thing happened again. This time, she was in a golden colored silk saree with zari work on it all along the pallu and a matching golden colored blouse. As she was going round the marriage hall, inadvertently, my eyes followed her, filling her beauty in my eyes to my hearts content and then, after going back home, I shagged myself and I came twice, but I just could not erase Sangeetha from my mind.

A couple of days after her brother’s marriage, I and my wife were asked to go their house ( her parent’s house as she was staying with them) as they had gone out of station on some work and her brother and sister-in-law were on their honeymoon trip to Switzerland.

We were asked to stay there for a week and as it happened to be nearer to my office which was in Koramangala, I too agreed to stay there along with my wife and daughter to accompany Sangeetha and her son.

The first day was uneventful and we had a good time enjoying the pranks of both the children and ate whatever we wanted. ( of course veggie as we are strictly pure veggies except for an occasional egg). In fact, Sangeetha is a very good cook of North Indian dishes and my wife cooks South Indian dishes very well. So, it was a combination of both.

The second day night, as usual after I returned from my work ( I was in the second shift which is from 2 pm to 10 pm), Sangeetha was waiting for me to serve me dinner and after serving me, she went to her room to sleep which was in the ground floor. I went to the first floor where my wife and daughter were sleeping and I just laid on the bed provided to me and tried to get some sleep.

After some tossing and turning around, I could not sleep and I thought I will go down and have some water. As I went down, I had to pass Sangeetha’s bedroom and I felt I heard some faint sound coming from her room. I thought I will first have a sip of water and then come back and look at it and as I came back from the kitchen, I stood outside of Sangeetha’s bedroom and tried to figure out what was it.

I could not make out a thing as the sound was very faint and I slowly opened the door of the room and tried to get used to the darkness in her room as the bedlight was not turned on. There, on the bed, Sangeetha was tossing and twisting, as if writhing in pain and it was her moaning that was the sound that I heard. I went up to her bed and called out “Sangeetha, what is happening?”

There was no reply and I moved a little further closer and sat on the bed and again called her out. As I touched her and stroked her head, she gave a violent jerk of her hips and started shuddering and shaking. Then I knew what was happening to her. My hands without my knowledge went down to my boxer shorts to stroke my hard on.

All this while, her son was in a deep sleep beside her and he was not seemed to be disturbed by her moaning. I bent down and kissed her forehead and the top of her head and I held her face with both my hands and started kissing her eyes, her cheek and then I kissed her lips. Now, she got up all of a sudden from her bed and pressed me close to her and kissed me back more passionately.

Now, I thought I have a real chance to have sex with a beautiful girl who has not had sex for a long time and that I had not had sex for almost 2 years now, started kissing her and my tongue sought out her tongue and I hugged her to my heart and crushed her soft boobs to my chest.

We kissed each other for about 5 minutes and then my hands moved all along her back and moved over to the front and held her soft boobs on top of her nightie and a thin bra that she was wearing. She gasped for breath as I did that and I pushed her back on the bed and started kissing the rest of her body on top of her clothes till the tip of her toes and on the way back up, moving her clothes up her knees and kissed her up to her thighs.

She started shaking and moaning and pulled my head closer to her body and shoved it towards her hidden treasure. I continued to kiss her all along her body up to her lips and kissed her on her lips again. Now, she was real horny by this time and she started to run her hands all along her body and squeezed her breasts on top of her nightie and pulled me towards her and gave me a bear-like hug.

I made her stand up and very slowly undressed her all the while kissing her lips. As her nightie fell to the floor, she pushed me back and she herself removed her bra and my God, her breasts were the best I had ever seen (my wife’s breasts sag quite a bit) and here, the most beautiful breasts with the tits hard and ready demanding to be attended to.

I bent down and cupped her breasts and kissed them one after the other. She pressed my head to her breasts and shoved her breasts towards my face as if she wanted me to devour them in one go. I ran my hands all along her upper body and cupped her breasts and without any hint, I mouthed her right njpple and she gave a loud moan as my lips surrounded her nipple.

I sucked hard at them as if my very life depended on it while the left breast was given attention with my fingers twitching her nipple and giving it a little squeeze. She gave out a loud moan and I was wondering if her moaning would awaken her son who was sleeping, but it appeared that he was in a very deep sleep and nothing would disturb his sleep.

Encouraged by this, I started sucking at her nipples and nibbled at her titties and gave her breasts a nice squeeze. How they longed to be squeezed!!!!. I started to kiss her once again all over her body beginning from her forehead. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her ear lobes and nibbled at her ear lobes and she seemed to enjoy it.

I kissed her neck and when I came to her juicy lips, she was quivering with excitement and I kissed her on her lips and bit her gently on her lower lip and sought out her tongue and we kissed each other once again for atleast 5 minutes. After that, I came down to her neckline and kissed her neck, her Grand Canyon between her breasts, and as I came down,

I kissed her tummy which was flat and her belly button which was at least an inch and half deep and went down to her thighs. I drew imaginary circles on her soft thighs with the tip of my fingers and she clenched her thighs tight unable to control her desire.

I slowly hooked my right forefinger on to her panty and pulled down her panty which was wet all over with her hot juices of love as she was completely soaked and her pussy was shining in the dim moonlight that entered her room. Her pussy was neatly shaved and her skin there was real baby soft and as I kissed her there, she threw her head back and gave out a real loud AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bent down to the task of clearing up the place with my tongue and first, I kissed her all over her pubic area and then kissed on and around her vulva and slowly but steadily started licking her vagina. I gradually licked her from her anal canal upto her pussy and Sangeetha had a difficult time controlling herself and her moans increased and her thighs held me in a vice-like grip,

nowhere to go not allowing me to even lift up my head to breath as I was finding it difficult to breath because of her vice-like grip. She buckled her hips up towards my face and shoved her clit into my mouth urging me to eat more of her. As I pushed up my tongue into her hot canal, I felt like I had put my tongue in a bottle of honey as she tasted so sweet and I tongue-fucked her.

She pulled at my hair and pushed my head down between her thighs and she also lifted up her hips and shoved her clit into my mouth as she seemed to enjoy it giving loud moans of “ssssssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh’ I went on to lick up her hot juices of love and the more I licked and ate her, the more juices she seemed to produce. It seemed like a never-ending process.

By now, my tool had become rock hard and wanted to be a part of the action. By this time, Sangeetha stiffened up all of a sudden and had a gigantic orgasm where she squirted her load into my mouth. Her hot juice of love was really honey-like and sweet tasting. I licked and lapped up all her juice from her pussy and around her clit and her pussy was now gleaming and shining in the moonlight.

I now brought my cock to her pussy and rubbed around her wet pussy with my cock which was already slippery with the precum and she could not control her desire to be fucked and begged me to fuck her in a very sensual voice. Slowly I parted her pussy lips and inserted my cock which was also dripping with precum into her slippery vagina which made her give out a loud “Aaaahhhhhh” and slowly millimeter by millimeter,

I entered her hot and wet pussy and bent down to the glorious task of lovemaking to the prettiest girl in my life (of course after my wife). I started to give her slow but steady strokes. Sangeetha lifted up both her long legs and crossed them around my hip and locked her ankles and pressed me into her begging me to fuck her faster.

I slowly but rhythmically started to fuck her harder andthe sound of my balls slapping against her body was quite loud but lost in her “Ahhhhhhs” and ooooooooohhhhhhh’s” I felt her pussy contract against my cock and I knew she was going to have an orgasm and I fucked her faster and with my right thumb, I rubbed her vagina helping her have a mammoth release.

Within seconds, she gave out a loud cry and came in torrents. I continued my glorious task and I was nearing my moment of glory. I finally came like a volcano erupting and filled her pussy with my load. I waited till I had completely unloaded and then I pulled out my tool and bent down to kiss her vagina and lap up the mixture of our juices and then

I went back and kissed her and she licked the juices that were around my lips and hugged me tightly and gave a long and a passionate kiss saying that this was the best fuck that she had ever had. I gave her a warm but passionate embrace and bid her goodnight for the wonderful time that

I had and went to the washroom and washed myself and went back to my bed and had a wonderful sleep. I felt like I was in heaven after my “dream fantasy came true.” During the rest of my stay there, we had a jolly good time each night.

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Kavya hot encounter with Manan - III

Kavya hot encounter with Manan - I
Kavya hot encounter with Manan - II

Hello Again to Everyone. I would like to request some of the readers to please dont write your comments against my relationship. I need not your perceptions that my relationship will not last for long or he is just using me,blah blah blah.

And if You find this boring,better Stick to yourself (I am not inviting You to read this).I am writing this story for those who wanna know my whole experience.My beautiful relationship with Manan(now my Husband) is going very smooth.And don't test my patience or force me to use abusive language as I DONT WANNA GET UPTO YOUR CHEAP LEVELS.fUCK OFF.

and THANKS to all those who liked it and were waiting for this part.People who are concerned about me I really appreciate that but believe me Manan is not like others boys and really loves me.He is not using me to fulfill his sexual urge which you will come to know later itself.We are moving towards the 4th Year of our Love-Relationship.

I am Lucky to have a Lover like him. He Loves Me more than any thing else in this world and So do I.WE both share a beautiful and strong bond of Love with each other. :) Now moving forward to the story-:

He sucked my both Melons one by one for 10 min and then he took out 2 packets of chocolates which had already melt and spread that melted chocolate on my lips, neck, cheeks, aeroles, breast and nipples,my belly button,tummy and everywhere he could.Now he started licking that melted chocolate on my body very gently.

His toungue was moving all over my Body and I was moaning softly.He again started sucking my Melons hard and it that was really painful for me.I dont what he was doing but the pain was unbearable for me(i think he was creating vacuum onto my soft pink nipples).I started screaming Loud in pain....and was saying...

Stop it JAANU..plzz what r u..its painin me like hell... uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..please get away from me.. plz plz..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... ouuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
stopi it.... na please... I beg u Jaanu,Shona please....

ooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh.... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. aaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...

I was not holding his hairs very tightly and I tried to remove his head from my melons.. but was not successful..May be because A HUNGRY LION HAS GOT DELICIOUS FLESH TO EAT AFTER A LONG TIME-PERIOD.He said " please dont shout,if you do so then people passing by may think that I am harrassing You physically....

He removed his Shirt and I was amazed to see his Muscular body.Perfect biceps,chest,etc.
I said"ok" and I took my mobile from my bag and played Romantic Songs on that so that my voice could not be heard from outside.It added more spice to our Love-making.

Now again Manan started kissing my Lips.He was so aroused that he started biting my Upper Lips.He then inserted his chocolaty tongue in my mouth and I was enjoying it.i Too started kissing him wildly and I bite his lower lips.Now my hands were moving all around his hairs to shoulders,back and then to his chest.His hands were busy pinching my nipples and squeezing my nipples.

My moans were increasing more and more.I could feel something really Hot dripping out of my pussy.My translucent pink panty was wet with my hot orgasms.I cant remember how many times I had orgasms that day.Now, Manan was really getting wild and he was biting my all over my neck.My neck,shoulders,part above Melons, was full of his LOVE BITES.

On every Love bite I was crying out of pain.Now gotup and removed and my Salwar.He was amazed to see my sexy panty.And planted a kiss on it.He himself removed his Jeans.He was wearing a very sexy Frenchie which was making me Horny.His tool was half out from his frenchie.I could feel that his Tool(Penis) was fully erect.

He came closer to me and now he started rubbing his chest to my Melons and started moving to and fro and was also kissing me all over my body.He was liking it when his Chest's Nipples were rubbing my Breast's Nipples. Moreover,I could feel his Hard-On Tool on my pussy,As if his Lolipop is dying to penetrate my pussy.I was also liking this rubbing and pushing of our bodies.

It was like some SPARK was coming out of our bodies.We both were Loving it.I now rolled my Legs on his back.After some time I Started caressing his legs with my Feet.I Was giving foot massage to his legs,from his toes to knees.I was now pointing my Thumb nails of feet on his both legs.We both were getting too horny with this kind of Love-Making.

I was moaning-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh He was saying continuosly- Baby, I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh... He too was moaning slightly.

He slided his one hand inside my panty and started exploring it.He tried to insert his one finger inside my vagina but was not successful as my vagina walls were very tight at that time.I dont even knew the meaning of masturbation at that time and never practised that also.When he started forcefully inserting his finger,it was paining like hell to me.

So He started kissing me so that I can bear that pain.He inserted his half finger and started moving it to and fro. I was throbbing due to intense pain.Now he inserted hiss full finger inside my pussy and started moving it to and fro.Intially it was paining but after few minutes I started enjoying it too.Now my screams changed again into Moans.He removed my panty and his underwear too.

He started kissing my Pussy.But I did not let him to suck it.He had seen a pussy for the first time in reality so he was examing it.Now he asked me " Baby, if You like,May I insert this into Your pussy. I was so aroused with this Love-act that I only said"hmmmmm (yes)". He asked me to widen my legs.I did so.Now he came in between my legs.

He placed his Penis in between my pussy(Lovehole).He tried really hard to insert his tool, but was not successful,his dick slipped evrytime.He again put his tool on the right place and pushed it inside my pussy but it was giving me intense pain at that time and I refused to Do Sex.I said" ke abi Tumhara Loha(Penis) andar gaya nhi to itna dard de raha h,jab jayega to mera kya haal hoga..mujhe nhi karna ye sab."

(that its not inside me even then its hurting me what will happen to me if its whole inside my vagina,i will die out of severe pain). But he was trying it forcefully to insert his 8 inches long erect dick inside my tight vagina.It may have gone half inch only inside my pussy and it was so painful that I started crying and saying "Leave me please".

Seeing that I m going through pain and sheding tears, He changed his mind and just Hugged me very tightly.And said sorry to me.He hugged me like this only for nearly 10 minutes and was wiping my tears.He made me calm down and said again that from now onwards he won't force me for having sex with me.We will just do foreplay but not practice sex,unless and untill I will be willing to have sex.

Two days later (as we decided), we got married to each other in an Arya Samaj Mandir.He applied vermilion(Sindur/Suhag ki nishani) on my forehead and He told me that from now onwards WE are TWO BODIES AND ONE SOUL and WE WILL BECOME as ONE BODY-ONE SOUL that day when His Penis will be inside My Vagina. :)

After that day we just did everything except sex.(all kinds of foreplay games and oral-sex, etc.) Like this days passed and we completed our B.Tech and that day also came when he was going to some other city to persue M.tech.We both now far away from each other but were dying each and every moment to meet each other,kiss and touch each other.

There was a big gap of 4 months.Our sexual urge was growing every day remembering those sexy and lovely moments spent together.His birthday was coming and I decided to gift him something special.I decided to gift him my Virginty on his coming Birthday.I asked him when is he coming to our city.He told me and I said to him that I have somthing special for him.

I asked him to come soon so that we can be One Body-One Soul.He understood my intension. These days I searched on internet about many topics like " How to have sex for the first time, what to do inorder to bear less pain,Foreplay games involved during sex,Poses which Boys Love,etc. etc.".

I also read some chapters of KAMASUTRA inorder to gain knowledge about sex and different sex-poses mentioned in it. He too gained knowledge from his friends who have been fucking unnumerable girls. The day came when it was his Birthday and he came to our city.He asked to met me at the same place.We both went to our favourite place.

I was wearing Pink Top and Blur jeans that day.We met each other,hugged each other and I wished him" Happy Birthady Sweetheart!!" He said "Thank You". He asked "where's my gift" I said" I am all Yours MY Love, Do whatever You want, I won't stop You on this special day".He smiled took me in his arms and threw me on Bed.

He was really horny and did not want to waste a single second as we both have met after a long gap.He immediately started kissing me like mad on my Lips,Neck,earlobs.He kissed me so wildly on my Lips that my lower lips and upper lips both were paining.He started sucking my Lips badly which made a mark of his teeths above my upper Lips.I was too getting wild.

He removed my Top after that opened the hook of My Lacy Bra.He laid me down straight on bed and removed my Jeans.He removed his Shirt and Jeans too.Now we both were in Our Panty nad Frenchie.without wasting a single second,He Started sucking My soft Melons.He was pressing and squeezing my another melon with one hand.

Now he started Biting all over my neck,above breasts, on breasts and giving me Red Love-Marks of his teeth all over my Baby-soft skin.I could feel his Dick was erect and was hurting my pussy under my panty.I started moaning loud in Pleasure.He was sucking my Melons again and I was not able to able to control myself and getting unconscious.

My vagina was dripping Love-juices one after another.He started rubbing his chest to my Melons and started moving to and fro and was also kissing me all over my body. Now,he started biting my Tummy and near my belly-button.Which was giving me immense pleasure.My whole upper body part was full of Love-Marks and Love-Bites.

Then he moved a bit down and put hold my Lacy panty with his teeth and slipping it down.He was removing my panty not with his hands but with the help of his teeth.I was liking his each and every way of giving me pleasure.He removed his Underwear.Oh my God, He was looking damn handsome.

He took our mustard oil and applied it on his dick a little bit and on my pussy by sliding his 1 finger inside my vagina, then Two fingers to make my vagina wide enough for his Dick.Now he took my one leg on his shoulder and widen my other leg apart.He then placed his dick right on my Love-hole and tried to penetarte it.It Moved easily upto 3 inches due to the lubricant and I feel severe pain.

I scream loudly "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I felt that something is broken inside my vagina.Yes, My Hymen was broken and blood was oozing out of it. He then again penetrated his Pole inside my Hole,which moved now to 5 inches.In third attempt his Dick was whole inside my Love-Hole.He was now looking at me with Lust mixed with Love.

He started kissing me wildy and started stroking really fast.He was moving his waist To and Fro.He was taking his Penis completely out of my Vagina and penetrated it again whole inside my Vagina in one go, which was giving me severe pain.I was screaming loudly with every stoke...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aah aaaahh hmm hmm uuuummmmmm

He too started moaning and was saying..........Ultimate, Ultimate.. YEah Yeah.....
harder.. harder..................................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm He came closer to me and now I was biting his shoulders and I planted my teeth on his shoulders and was biting him hardly.

He was as if getting enery from that and he started stroking really fast.He was at his full pace.I was feeling pain with every stoke of his Pole(Dick).But was loving that Sweet Pain given me by my Lover.Now he was at his climax and He started scracting my body with his nails.I too was moving my hands on held his arms tightly.

He was staring at me but I was not getting that much courage to look into his eyes.I was my head either left or right side while this Love-Process was goin on.He squirted his hot, sticky, viscous liquid called as Semen into my Vagina.He laid on me for 5 minutes and now I was caressing his hairs very gently. We both were Panting(hanf rhe the hum dono).

Sweat was coming out of our bodies and the when the cool air touched our bodies, it was just too good. We both gotup after 10 minutes and he helped me to go to bathroom. He cleaned his penis which was almost red from my Blood and he also helped me to clean my pussy. We both came and laid down on bed hugging each other tightly.He was smiling and was looking at me.

I asked him"That now We are One body-One soul right?" He said "Yes,My Beautiful Wife".We both smiled and were now kissing each other.He got up and gave me contraceptive pill so that I might not get pregnant.After eating the medicine blood again started to come from inside my vagina and flowed to the bedsheet.Now we both gotup and cleaned the bedsheet.

After sometime and was getting myself ready to go home.He helped me to wear my Clothes. We had a kiss and hugged each other again.I was covering my mouth with a stole as I had to hide those love-marks which were all over my neck and above my upper-Lips.when I reached home I applied Foundation matching to my skin so that it may hide those Love-bites upto some extent.

We met for four more days and had lots of fun.This was just the beggining.Till now we had tried 15-20 different sex-poses and each and every sexy and hot encounters of Ours.My search for knowledge of more and more sexposes has still not end.We try every time new poses and foreplay games which add Flavours to Our Lovely Relationship.

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Sunil having sex with sweet Saali

Hi readers ! I am Sunil a regular reader of HD for last two years. One of my colegue introduced it to me. There after I became a regular reader of this site and enjoying it a lot. I am also inspired by many stories to lay mine. I hav good sex experiences from my childhood ;even from a age of 14 yrs. I enjoyed sex experiences.

But after marriage I hav a wide range of experiences with many women along with relatives also. As and when I will be free I will lay my stories on this site. But this is my first attempt to put stories on HD though this one is not my first sex experience.I am going to tell the real story with my Sister-in -Law.

I got marry to a girl in my locality after love with her which was very much eye atching of people in my village as well as her village. But after marriage we settled better and live comfotably which became a matter of discussion in locality. we got settled in nearby town to my village and so many of my realtive far & near came to me seeking my help when they are in somekind of need.

My born nature is not to say no to anyone for which few selfish relatives started exploit me taking help frequently. In this connection,once my wife's causin sister came to visit our place and interested to stay with us for few days to help us. My wife co-ordially accepted her offer and as she was around 16 yrs old I hav also no objection for her stay.

During her stay she put her hand in all type of domestic work of my wife and she was very happy with that. She also doing certain service to me as well as to her sister like messaging oil on my feet and to her sister also. Mean while I felt that after two weeks she became very open with our family as well as we found her very talkative ;for which my wife likes her very much.

Simultaneously I found that day by day while messaging oil on my feet she raised her hand upto my thigh which was giving me very pleasure though I did not hav anything in my mind due to her younger age and looks like growing kid. One night she was messaging my feet while I am going to sleep and my wife was sleeping beside me; due to heavy cold we were puting blanket upon us and she was messaging me puting her hand inside blanket.

After 10-15 minutes of messaging I felt she was raising her hand above my thigh area and in a very slow move.I became very excited. I looked to my wife's face and found her sleeping firm, hence I became a little more excited and put my eye closed as I am going to sleep, soon her hand touch my crotch area and due to very excitement my penis strated growing and formed tent like posture in blanket which was very visible to my sister-in -law.

She was also clear that I am enjoying her move.She moved a step ahead and while messaging she took her palm upto my upper thigh and while lowering her message she message my erected penis and acted as she done it mistakley. I put a strong control upon my reaction and didn't move nor I shown my reaction; then after two to three minute latter she again put her hand on my pennis and move her palm with a little slow move.

This time keeping my eyes closed I stretched my hand inside the blanket and very slowly put my palm over her while she messaging upon my half pennis and half of my upper thigh. She took back her hand and for few second did not act anythigh; so I opened my eyes and saw that she was putting the oil bottle lid closed to end her messaging job.

When she tried to wake up from my bed I slowly touched her thigh and then my eye contact with her directly and she gave me a smile with double meaning as she inviting me further. I will narrate rest part of my experiences with my Sali in my next submission.Awaiting for urs valuable comments.

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College babe Diya fucked by Antony

Hi readers. I’m a Student and I’m writing here about my sexperience with my junior. I’m basically a south Indian and I did my undergraduate in well reputed college in my village. And I thought of having my master degree in nearest city around my village. And I got a seat in a good college as per I wish.

Here I revel my details, I’m name Antony (name changed) myself looks like some wheatesh color and 5’7” tall and slim body. I was staying with my friends in a room which we rented. Later as my college starts I was seeing one of my ug junior girls from my college. She is also seeing with a smile day to day. I thought of seducing her when I saw her for the first time.

She is also a girl from south India and her name was diya (name changed). She is 5’4” tall and when I saw her 1st her size was 28-26-32. She is very fair, thin, looks very homely and she just beautiful when she was smiling at me. Let’s come to the story and sry if I made any grammatical errors.

As time passed for six months, one of my friend become friend with diya and he is having her number and teasing me with that. When I was in my hometown he called my phone and told that “diya is always asking about your details and I thing she is interested with you”. I was really happy and asked her number. Suddenly while talking with my friend I heard a girl saying the number.

I was really surprised and it was diya in conference call. I talked with her that night from 10pm to 4am and it was a usual talk. She was staying in a ladies hostel nearby to our college. She become very close to me and she used say all the things happened day to day in college and will say all her secrets to me.

She used to say mostly about her family and relatives and she told there are lots of boys in their relatives who have relationship of marrying her (Mama). Meanwhile I also used to talk dirty things to her like “how she will get arouse and which makes her horny?”. By the time she was telling her one of her secret thing that when she joined to my college she was staying in her mom’s elder brother’s home.

In that family diya mom’s elder brother and her wife with two boys karthi and suresh who almost is going to finish their studies and ages between 22-24 and diya aged 19. Diya was describing like this on that day, diya was used to sleep in a separate room in their home and her mom’s elder brother and his wife will sleep in separate room and their sons in separate room.

Usually karthi and suresh trying to talk dirty talks and used to touch diya’s sexual parts. One night Karthi came to diya room while she was sleeping and he kissed her in cheeks, lips and touching her boobs with cloths were on. When she woke up by this event was going on, she insist and try to force his away but she fails to do so. And gradually she is also enjoying him doing her.

Diya said to me that she was half nude and karthi tried to remove my pants she forced him away and she regained control over her and told karthi to go to his room. Later on that night itself suresh also came to diya room and trying to seduce her. When suresh is opened the door she was fully aware of suresh coming inside and acting that she is sleeping.

She told me that suresh also did the same thing what karthi did. Suresh kissed diya and she was still acting as if she is sleeping and he unbuttoned her night dress and sucked her breast. And when he going to remove her pants she pushed him too and told to go away. When I heard this from diya I was really shocked and had an image of fucking her in my mind.

I insisted her to continue with her experience in her relative home. She later told that on next night while she was trying to sleep in her room karthi came to her room and sat next to diya. She woke up and asked him why you’re here? He told that himself and his brother suresh having so much of lust towards diya and they both love diya truly.

While karthi is talking with diya, Suresh also entered to diya room and start to talk dirty talks about last night. They were asking whether diya is enjoyed or not by both of them sucking those breast and which one of them where made diya more pleasure. By the time both of them trying to kiss and forcefully grabbed diya hand to feel their cocks.

She told that she tried to escape from that room but failed and karthi was trying to remove her upper dress and suresh was kissing her lips locked. And she told that both of them made her lie in bed and suresh hold both of the diya hand and kissing her lips, cheeks and neck while karthi playing with her boobs. She was unable to do anything except enjoying those boys doing to her.

She told that karthi slowly inserted his hand to her pant and playing with her pussy above her inners. And suresh now started to squeeze her boobs and sucking it. Both of them sucking and squeezing her one of the boobs and suresh asked her whether she is enjoying herself. I suddenly asked to diya “what you said for that?” I don’t know what she felt and went angry on me and cut the call.

I somehow convinced her and called her, she pick the phone and said “are you making fun of me?” I thought of replying yes but didn’t. I convinced her and came to the topic where we left. She continued like this, “I simply nodded her with joy” that time I was really thought of fucking her soon and simply continued to listen her.

Later she said karthi was nude and trying to place his cock over her mouth to suck the cock and suresh was squeezing and trying to remove her pants and he succeeds. She was lying with her inners alone and both the boys are totally nude hanging there balls down and cocks up.

She started to suck karthi’s cock and he was guiding her how to suck his cock and suresh was playing with her pussy with one hand and kissing her thighs and squeezing her boobs with another hand. Then she said like “suresh came up with his cock with pre-cum on it! I really surprised his cock was bigger and thinker than karthi” with that I really thought what a slut she is?

And continued to listen she told tat suresh made me to neildown n bed and karthi and suresh were standing and told to suck both the cocks. She hesitated a bit to do and then suresh forced his cock and ridded her mouth and with another hand holding karthi cock. Then sucking their cocks for some time karthi went down to remove diya panty.

That time she told me what karthi said like”hey diya, your enjoying now na? I can feel this by your panty is wet by your pussy juice?” I suddenly asked her “how is your panty now? Thinking of that and getting wet again? My cock is also full of pre-cum! Want to taste mine?” with that I had a beep sound showing that call was disconnected.

I called her again and again but she simply cut the call and got a message shows “I never think you will ask me like tat” I just thought I also never thought you will be get fucked by two guys at 1st time! And I tried to convince her again. She later picked my call after some time and I asked her to continue with the experience.

She told that karthi started to suck her clut and suresh was still busy with her mouth. She was enjoying in karthi’s tongue is playing with her pussy lips. And slowly suresh also made her to sleep and joined with karthi to lick her pussy. She was holding her pillow and enjoying both of them licking her thigh virgin pussy. She said like “I don’t know between both of them.

When someone trying to insert his finger in her pussy I just had a severe pain and I cried at the moment and stopped them before they going to fuck me” she continued like “I forced both of them away from my bed and covered my body with bed sheet told them to go to their rooms. But they came and removed the bed sheet and started licking my pussy.”

I was imaging the incident and playing with my cock which already rock hard. She said that again when they try to insert the finger I was feeling the pain and I can’t control it to do it further and cried to them to stop inserting it and resisting them. Both of them understand it and again made her to neildown and inserting their cock to my mouth.

I will state in the direct way how she continued here from. diya said like “when I was sucking both of them cock one at a time, suddenly suresh removed my hand from his cock and started shaking his cock fast by his hand and karthi forced me suck his cock and I was seeing suresh action. In a minute suresh forcefully inserted his cock to my mouth and felt some creamy thing in my tongue and I spited in bed itself and vomited.

Mean while karthi also did the same thing started to jerk his cock fast and placed his cum all over my face. I was feeling like vomiting at the time and both of them suddenly fall on my bed and I was sleeping over two of them in my single bed cart”. I just can’t imagine that one and I was also ejaculated by the time while I was hearing this from diya.

With that I ended up the call and having a real nasty and naughty thoughts about her playing with me in bed. The next day when she diya in college I was really getting horny and my dick become very hard by seeing her every time. Then we usually started to talk dirty and sexy things and I will sometimes tell that I want to fuck you and always say friends can’t do this here in India.

I just waited for days and asked her for a film. As per the plan I have started to initiate my move towards her where I booked two corner seats in theatre and it was our 1st outing. As film started within half an hour I started to place my hand towards her shoulder and which touches boobies.

Whenever there was romantic scenes in the film I used to see her and try to go near her cheeks and blowing a small air from my mouth which makes most of the girls horny which makes my move easy and she placed her head towards my shoulder and I slowly started to touch her boobs. At the time she is slap my hand and throws my hand away from her boobs.

I was getting angry on this action but girls are girls at the starting all will be like this. I was slowly again moved towards and started kissing her cheeks and she loved it. Again slowly I moved my hand towards her boobs and started to kiss her in lips and squeezing her boobs. She resisted 1st and slowly enjoyed my action. Some of the boys’ gang behind my seat was enjoying by seeing us.

I planted a sweet hot kiss towards her lips gently and she too enjoyed it and placed my hand inside her chudi to touch her boobs. Oh Man! What a shape it was? She had perfect boobs to her age. She was slowly moaning in pleasure and I was enjoying it too… but in theatre we can suppose to do anything other than this.

As days passed I was just waited for a find day to seduce her! And the day just came. There was no one in my room because semester exam was over so all of my friends went to their home town. I said to my friends that I have to purchase something tomorrow so I can’t leave today to my home town. They didn’t doubt me and all went away.

At evening 4 I called diya and she planned to leave to her hometown from hostel at 9pm. I said to diya “No one in my room today 9t and I’m all alone to sleep. And I’m feeling afraid to sleep alone. Will you come to my room today?” she said”are you crazy Antony? I’m going my home town and said to my parents that I’m leaving from Chennai today!”

I insisted her later somehow I convinced on one condition which I can’t agree with. She told “I will come but on one condition” I asked what was it. For that she said “I will sleep in one room and you have to sleep in another room. If it is okay for you I will come!” I laughed and said okay for it. She sensed my reaction and said”I’m serious about it.

If you promise me I will come else I can’t” then I promised her and she later came to my room about 10pm. I had already brought two quarter bottles of vodka and I had made many preparations like 1st night. With that I will post the other parts of story with your comments and review.

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Hot encounter with office girl Sandy - II

Previously: Hot encounter with office girl Sandy

After our little adventure in the car I was really getting restless for Sandy…I wanted to devour her body completely.. due to the space constrain in the car I could taste entire body.. which I wanted to do badly.. I jerked off so many times thinking about her…… I next day was a Saturday and I had some pending work in office, as my wife had gone to her mother’s place I decided to head to office.

When I reached office I saw sandy was also there with some of her colleagues… being a weekend there would be hardly any people on the floor.. I just sent msg on the Messenger.. Guess whose back in office today …. She replied back say “ what a pleasant surprise jeet, what u doing office today.,.,

I said I had some pending work and asked her to come to my desk… since we all use laptops she had no problems.. within ten mins she was on my floor… and came near… I said “ my my someone is really looking different and nice “… she said “ oh Jeet how come U r here today… oh by the way I don’t look nice on other days is it ??” she had that grin on her face …“

I meant on other days u look nice but today ur looking really nice “.. we both started to laugh and she said “ I was about to call in sometime.. I have this reunion from college today and wanted to leave like 2 hours early “…she was sitting diagonally opposite to me and I had her legs crossed.. I could see how smooth and shining her legs were.

Man wish I could pour some wine on those legs and lick them till eternity… I was lost in my own world and again I heard her voice “ Jeet u wanna have some food, I packed something from home “… I said sure why not.. the entire floor was isolated and hardly anyone whom I can find… she came near my desk and sat on the table.. she gave me some nice veg biryani and chicken curry..

“ don make fun of me if its not nice ok “… I said it looks delicious and she patted hard on my shoulders and said “ it taste delicious too first have it and den comment “…I took the first bite and I my say it was really nice.. “ wow Sandy I dint know u cook so well or else I would have asked u to pack me food daily “… we both finished the food and I asked her out for a smoke..

she came along and to my surprise she borrowed a smoke from me… “ U never used to smoke when ur with me.?.. she said “ there r lot of things U don know about me” and she had that little cute naughtiness in eyes. So I generally asked her about her guy she said that her guy is gone on a project to Delhi from past six months and it will take another 3-4 month for him to return …

then she asked about my plans for the weekend … I said that my wife is gone to her in laws place and will return only after ten days.. she said “ in that case Y don’t u come along with me to the reunion”.. I was like “ its all ur college friends and I might feel out of place Sandy “… she said “ hey everyone is coming along with their partners so its okI felt nice when she said that work partner and raised my eye brow and asked

“ U mean boyfriend or husband right.. I am just ur office colleague “ she just hit me again said “ high hopes Jeet “… after an hour so she went to the rest room and came back … my god her hair was open, red lipsticks, figure hugging top which was like alter neck.. she was holding the jacket in her hand… “ Man u look really stunning.. don’t know how many men will get killed tonight “…

She said “ even now u don wanna come with me” and her eyes were glittering… I dint need a second invitation and said “ lets go gorgeous,, u can add me in d list of dying men “… we both started to laugh and she said “ R u hitting on me Jeet ??... “ we both R sweety lets go and not waste time in office”.. it was around 8:30 and we left office in my car…

The place was about 15 mins drive from my office and we reached the venue… all her friends were already there and that usual girl hugs and hush hush words were happening.. I went to pick up some drinks and while coming back I heard Sandy say “ hey no yaar he is colleague not my guy “… I started to slow down and hear them talk

“ hmmm but u guys looked so good together.. so I that means I can hit on him … “ her friend said… Sandy got little angry and said “ he came with me and will also leave me don worry he is taken care off “… I just smiled and thought even after 5 years of marriage still the charm is there..

and headed towards the ladies.. just after the formal introduction and all that.. I was little charged up and started to crack my smart ass jokes… the girls were liking it and was just telling them some office humour… Sandy said “ let’s go to dance floor Jeet “.. and she pulled me to dance floor.. I am not a great dancer but can move my foot to rhythm..

she had taken off her jacket and when we hit d dance floor.. once in while I used touch her back, her waist and shoulder.. and when she responded back.. we started to dance really close and I was getting a hard on being so close to her…She was a good dancer and we were having some shots in between the dance..

soon we both started to share the same cigarette and drink from the same glass.. and she let herself loose around me… I was holding her waist and she was perfect match for my height… I could smell her hair, her perfume, her lipsticks her moves all this was making me really hard and I am sure she was aware of my state.

She started to dance in front me and I held her by her waist she pulled me closed close and dick just landed in between in ass crack over her skirt… she was grinding her ass on my crotch and it was little too much to handle.. I pulled her top a little top and held her bare skin and touched her naval.. she just arched her back and my dick pressed her ass hard.. we both were enjoying the feeling now..

I kept caressing her waist and she turned around and hugged me tightly… now my dick was directly placed at her crotch and I put both my hands on ass and pushed her towards me… “ oh Jeet...” and she hugged me even more tighter.. it was already 11 and disc in Bangalore close by 11:30.. we came back to our seats and asked for the check.

While the time we cleared the checks Sandy was leaning her head over my shoulders and breathing heavily… we were holding each others hands… we both knew we needed each other for that night.. but her friends had already planned to jam up at her place after the party… she could not do anything because it was already decided…

Sandy just hugged me said.. “ wil call u once I reach home “ all the four girls boarded the car and left the place.. even I reached home and received a msg from Sandy “ Thank U so much Jeet.. I really had a nice time “ I replied back “ D hardness is all mine.. oops d pleasure is all mine “… she immediately called me she knew that my was not around …

“ Hey Jeet… even d hardness was nice… “ I said “ its all because of u Sandy u wont believe I am still hard “… she said “ oh I like it that way… but cant help it now “… I said so u coming to office 2 moro ??”… she said “ if ur coming I am coming too “… “ oh Sandy I want to make u come right now “….she started to breath heavy and I knew the drinks, our dance,

our bodies touching each other has made her hot I slowly started to describe what all I would have done if I had chance to stay with her tonight… she just kept listening and I could sense that she is all in heat… “ oh Jeet plz stop it… I cant take it any more … I want u to right now”… I said “ baby u know what I am doing … she said what ???...”

I have pulled out my dick and stoking it … oh Sandy.. wish I could make u see it, touch it, lick oh baby “… she let out a gasp and said “ oh Jeet actually even my finger are buried in between my legs… wish u wr sucking my cunt… make me come again n again.. again n again… hmmmm “… one of her friend came looking for her.. and she said she had to go and will let me know what time she is reaching office and hung up..

That night I could not sleep at all.. I was only thinking about her.. she had made me go mad and jerked off thrice that night thinking about her … next day I was all excited as I knew today is my day… I had to finish off some household work and went out and got some stuff which might useful in the night.. I picked some beer, some chicken, Vodka and soft drinks… I cleaned my house as my wife was not around…

The time was around 5 PM and received a call from Sandy … “ hey Jeet I am leaving my place now and will be in office in about 45 mins “… I said “ ok Hon.. ill be dr before u reach.. C Ya”… I reached office in half hour and was just surfing the net…again being a Sunday the office floor was isolated…

Suddenly I could feel some fresh aroma around me and I knew I was Sandy…. I turned back and Sandy was walking towards me… I could see that mischievous smile in her eyes… she was wearing a Red salwar, black leggings and a tiny black jacket….. when she came close to me she said “ I thought I will never wear this Salwar to work “…. and she bent a bit on my chair and opened her zipper slowly… oh my god what a sight it was..

Her salwar had a very deep cut and I could see through her cleavage clearly… she had worn a netted blue designer bra… I was mesmerized by that sight… before I could say anything she just pulled her zipper up and said “ Now be good boy and don’t disturb be till next one hour “… I said “ I cant promise u but ill try “… she smiled and went and sat on her system…

I kept quite for while and started to send her msgs on messenger… “ Hi Sandy would U like to meet someone who is desperately trying to say shake hands with U ( I meant my dick by the way ) “.. she replied back.. “ oh I would love to not only shake hands but also give him a little kiss or more “… hearing this my dick was about to burst open my jeans…

I replied back saying “ by the way d twin towers look amazingly delicious with the cherry “…. She said “ hmmm hang on Jeetmy boy dr is more ur way today “… She just stood up from her system and went near the d door… I kept looking at her.. when she opened the door.. she just winked and went outside.. like a dog on heat I just followed her…

Sandy had taken d stairs and was standing near one the passage between floors… I went behind her and held her waist..She pushed herself back and my dick got placed right between her ass cheeks… I slid my hand around her waist and started to feel her navel, I wanted to put my hand inside her leggings and she tucked her stomach inside giving me free access…

I just touched her panty and moved further… I reached her love net and she was already wet…. I started to rub her labia in circular motion.. I slowly blowed hot air in her ears and bit her ears… she pushed herself back and started to grind her ass over my dick..She tapped on my hand n said “ take it easy my boy.. I am almost done with work and V have dis entire night“…

I dint want to take my hand back but still being office and d risk of getting caught was always dr and just let of her that point of time.. and v both returned to our desks.. she went to her system and shut it down.. even I packed up Laptop and v both headed towards the lift.. once the lift closed again I just pulled her closed and gave her a hard kiss.. she pushed me away and said “ oh gosh.. ur such a impatient lover “… I kept smiling..

The time was around 7:30 PM and we reached my apartment by 8.. I dint want to rush as I knew that d entire night is ours… I asked her to get comfortable I went to d kitchen to get d Vodka and snacks… in the mean time Sandy had already taken off her leggings and jacket.. she was only in her Salwar top.. when I saw her she said “ u asked me to get comfortable right “…

I kept the drinks aside and went near her… held her by her waist and started to kiss her… “ oh Sandy u made me go mad yestesday I am gonna make u pay for that today “.. I kept nibbling on her neck her shoulder… her thighs were free to access and moved all over her body… she just pushed again “ don’t u wanna change into something which easy to access ???”… I got her point and asked her make d drinks for us..

I went to the bathroom and wore my boxer shorts and sleeveless t-shirt and got little freshened and came out.. meanwhile d drinks were ready and snacks was served pretty well on the table.. I pulled out my XXL bean bag and placed it right in the middle of the living room… I turned on some light music and sat on d bean bag… I pulled Sandy and made her sit sideways on me..

her ass was right on my dick.. we started to drink and slowly d mood was setting right..
Every passing minute by dick was rubbing against her ass… her scanned my upper body completely and mover her hands all over muscular chest and flat abs… I think she liked me physique.. she made my remove my t-shirt and started to bite my nipples.. dis sent some strange sensational feeling throughout my body…

she licked my chest and kept going lower.. once she reached my boxer she looked directly in face.. I still remember d glaze in those eyes… I lifted my hips little higher so that she can remove my boxer.. with one single move she removed both my undies and boxers… my dick just sprang out in front of her eyes… “ hmmm enough of dis feeling game,, I want to hv d realy thing now “..

my pre come started to ooze out.. she jerked me little with her hand.. and put her mouth on d head of my dick.. I just jumped back a little.. she was moving her tongue just on the tip my dick and started to lick my shaft d side ways… her red lipsticks her loose hair.. her wildness all this was turning me on like hell..

she lowered herself completely and bit my balls in a way that it does not hurt me… she was holding me dick with her hand chewing my balls slowly… man dis women knew how treat a man..she kept looking my me and I was moaning “ oh Sandy.. suck me harder.. oh I like it baby.. keep going.

Keep going don ever stop “… she came back to the tip of shaft and started to suck as if she trying to sip out some juice out of dick.. her hands were constantly working on balls.. dis gave immense pleasure and after 8 mins of this amazing blow job I yelled “ oh Sandy I cant hold it any longer.. I am coominnggg commingg…” hearing dis she pulled my shaft out of her mouth and started to give me hand job.. within seconds I came all over d bean bag…

she took a tissue and cleaned and again sat on me n said “ now Jeet my boy tell me how was it “… I was still breathing hard.. I just pulled her close and gave a deep kiss and said “ now its my turn to taste ur nectar baby “.. I pulled her completely on me and remover her salwar…dr u go she was only in her blue netted bra and matching panty…. She love juice was flowing in her inner thighs…

I went completely back on the bean bag and pulled pussy close to my mouth… she was in a squatting position now.. she ass was on my chest and pussy was just inches away from my mouth…. I just slid her panty to d side and started to lick her over d material.. she held my hair and started to push me more towards her love hole… I could mouth her completely she quickly got up and pulled her panty down and again sat in the Same position…

I was slowly moving her ass over my chest and pushing her pussy more towards my mouth… as I was licking her I started to rub is upper clit with my fingers and this was driving her crazy…. She started to fuck my mouth fast.. she did not care if I could breath or not.... I moved my hand from her clit and pushed her bra aside and started to tweek those ripe nipples… her nipples were sharp and pointed..

She was just riding and I was licking every drop of juice flowing from that pussy… “ Oh Jeet I have never done something like dis in my entire life…. I don care even if u don fuck me,,, just eat me baby… ur tongue is magical… oh god… faster baby faste ooohhhhh fasssstttt pllzzzzzz don stop… “… her legs started to shake and I knew she is building her orgasm..

In another 5-6 strokes she just closed her legs on my face and yelled “ awwww oh fuck…. God ill die with dis pleasure… awwwwwwws fuckc “ and she came really hard… her orgasm was so intense she almost collapsed on me.. she was breathing really hard and said “ oh Jeet that was d best orgasm in my whole life.. “… and started to kiss me… I was tired by d way she rode me…

I said “ d pleasure is all mine Sandy “… v both got up… she just put on her salwar top and I just put on my Jockey.. I went d bathroom and cleaned my self and even she did d Same.. I came back and fixed up another drink for us… even Sandy came back and sat next to me and said “ I ever knew one can suck like that in that position… my husband never likes to try out these stuff”…

I said “ Same here baby even my wife does not like it “… she said “ in that case we have to treat each other with dis kind of adventure” we both started to laugh..Again after one more drink.. I started to get hard again.. I said “ Sandy I think its time for d real action and showed her my bulge….”… she started to rub my dick over my boxers and and I pulled her top..

we both were completely nude… I asked “ do I need to wear a condom ??... she said “ I am in safe period as my chums got over just 2 days back remember “… she quickly pulled my dick out… gave it 4-5 sucks and placed my dick right in her pussy opening… without any trouble with on jerk and entered her fully…. “ oh god.. that feels so nice… and she pushed herself fully on me…

I was lying on my bean bag and she was riding me now… d bean bag was so comfortable that it took our body shape… I started to press her boobs and she put her head back and was riding like dr is no tommorro…. My body sweat was making our bodies shine… she kept ramming over my dick “.. oh Jeet.. I need dis daily… I cant live without u baby…

I love u “… oh baby fuck me hard… fuck me hard…. “.. I pulled over me and started to kiss her and she worked on my dick…We were so slippery that my dick pulled out of her hole once or twice… I switched d position and made on lie down on the bean bag… and came in front of her.. I placed her legs over my shoulders and entered her again…

I held her ass in air and started to fuck her… “ harder Jeet harder… please keep fucking me baby… oh dis feels so good “…. Come on honey don stop plzzzz “… I let go of her legs and she clutched her legs around my butt… I held both her boobs and started to squeeze them hard… with each stroke she pulled me closer…

I stopped for while and started to suck her pointed nipples… she kept pulling my hair in pleasure and was feeding me her breasts one by one…. I started to give her love bites all over her boobs and neck…she again indicated that she needs to be fucked and I started d my thrusts again..

This way it helps me control and orgasm and fuck her for long…. After about 20 mins she clutched me really hard and dug her nails all over my shoulders… and got her second orgasm… I kept fucking her and she kept coming one after another… finally she pushed my away…. “ oh Jeet how much will u make me come baby…. Please come inside and let me catch some air. “…

I made her bend in doggy style and she placed her hands on the bean bag… I came behind her and entered her again… oh her ass looked so sexy in that position… I kept slapping her ass as I fucked her… she started to match my rhythm and moved her hips backwards to take my shaft completely inside her… after about 5-6 mins I grunted… oh Sandy..

I am going to explode… “ come inside me baby.. I want to feel ur seed inside… shoot it hard”…. Oh god I am cominnnnggg baby… awwww jeezzz…. Comingggg “… I unloaded my cum fully inside her…And collapsed next to her on the floor… we both were breathing heavy and sweating like pigs…. I got up and fell on the sofa..

Sandy came next to me and slept on my chest…We both were fully satisfied and exhausted... later that night.. again we made love but that is for the next time…… Cya until next time…

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