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Fucking Smiti on terrace

Previously: Office girl Smiti fucked nicely

Hi All, it was a delight to read all your comments on my earlier story when I made love with Smiti in office. I guess I also told you how she has a boyfriend in Mumbai whom she intend to marry. There was some trouble between Smiti and her boyfriend. For two months she stopped coming to office won’t pick up a call. She totally vanished from my life.

I was feeling restless, I could feel more then sex there was an intense feeling which was just pulling me towards her. I couldn’t go to her house would raise a lot of unnecessary questions and I just didn’t want to screw up her life. I lied low focusing on my work trying to work on things in the personal and professional front but thinking about her in the side line. Then suddenly one Saturday I got a call from a land line number.

I picked up the call, it was Smiti. She was kind of nervous could barely control her breathe. I asked her whatz the matter she said she is fine right now in Pune got a transfer after a lot of discussion with the higher management. I was out of words I asked why, she said her boy friend wanted him to stay close and the nearest place to Mumbai was Pune.

She also said that her boy friend being a lot more possessive didn’t like her going out on weekends with unknown people be it girl or boy. She also said that her boyfriend have given him a postpaid number and that the bill and the incoming numbers will be scrutinized and so she is calling from a PCO. She was like crying her voice breaking down.

I said Smiti don’t cry am here for you, I also said that I wanted to meet her that I can come to Pune. She said she will call me back on Sunday and disconnected. I was out of my mind just wondering what to do. That night I could barely sleep her beautiful face was what was coming in my mind. Next day at 9 o clock I got a call from a land line number again.

Smiti was on the other end. She said that her boyfriend was there and will be expecting her in another half an hour as she came out on the pretext of buying some vegetables. She asked me to bring a pen and paper and note down her address, I noted it down in my I Pad. I asked her what is the plan – she said “come this Saturday by flight you will reach here by 4 in the afternoon, come to my place but you can’t stay,

my boyfriend will be coming from Mumbai and will reach here by 10 o clock so you will have to leave before that also please don’t call me or message me I will be waiting for you by 4PM” and then she disconnected the phone. I work in a MNC and then it’s not possible for me to take a leave anytime I want but then again this was Smiti, have not seen her for more than 2 months now and I was going restless.

I called up my immediate manager and told him that I will be taking a leave this Saturday and then called up my office travel desk and booked a to and return flight for Pune. The whole week I was wondering what might have happened to her that she shifted to Pune. Then came Saturday, I woke up took a shower since I would be returning on the same day I didn’t take any luggage.

I wore a blue denim and a white moustache shirt. Took a cab reached the airport and there I was in Pune. I took a cab and reached Smitis place. It was a residential complex. At 3:45 PM sharp I was in front of her flat and I rang the bell. She was taking some time to open. I opened the cigarette packet and lit one to ease my tension. After about 5 minutes she opened. There she was in a sky blue color nighty.

She greeted me with a smile. She took me in to the drawing room, it was all properly decorated with a big LED TV and cushion and all. She made me sit on the cushion. She smiled and said “give me 10 mins” I will take the shower and be right back to you. In all the earlier events she was like a hungry tigress jumping on to me but this time she acted a bit strange,

behaving more of the reserved cultured off beat Indian Wife who likes to feel shy in front of a stranger and keep some distance at the same time. I too didn’t want to speed things up so I said “Sure why not”. She bought me a cup of tea and vanished. I lit another cigarette and had a sip of tea. After about good 15 minutes I was 2 cigarettes down, she came from the rooms inside and sat in front of me.

She was wearing a blue chiffon kurti and a blue skirt. She looked me straight in my eyes and said “So you are here” Me – Yess seems like that Smiti – Look Abhi I don’t think I will be able to make things right. This one guy have been in my life since my school days and I just can’t drop him because of you. That too where I know where you have your own personal life about which I know nothing.

I gave a smile and looked at her. Here is this girl with her beautiful looks and luscious body and picture perfect smile and she wants me to let her go. Me – Smiti what happened – why are you her in Pune, what are you doing here? Smiti – I don’t know Abhi, everything was going fine when suddenly one day he calls me up and says he wants me near that he wants to get married and settle down.

He asked me to quit the job and become a house wife. I had to go through a lot of hardship just to get the permission to continue with my job. You know the transfer ordeals and now am here in his flat living with his things. I lit another cigarette and went near the window, it was cloudy outside turned to her and said “when did I ever object to you having a boy friend and to get married why do you want me out of your life”

She turned her gaze away from me and said with tears in her eyes “coz every time he kisses me or even touch my body it reminds me of you I just don’t want to screw up my life” I gave a smile and said Smiti lets go somewhere, she looked at me and said ok lets go to the terrace. I went up following her, she opened the doors and we were into the terrace.

I caught her hand and said Smiti I do love you and don’t want to lose you to just anybody. And pulled her to me and kissed her lips. There was I kissing her and she wouldn’t even react. Her lips didn’t move. I released her. She looked away from me and said “You have to let me go and move on with your life”.

I said “that’s impossible, I know I won’t do anything that would spoil your future but then again just forgetting you all together is next to impossible”. She caught my hands and pulled me to the middle of the terrace, there were two water tanks built of cement and there was a cement slab. The two tanks were arranged such that if you sit in the middle the only thing you could see was the clear sky.

She made me sit on the slab, and she sat on my laps, there was she my girl, the girl whom I have loved for a thousand times and still don’t feel like letting her go. She held my face with both her hands tightening her grips round my leg and looked straight in my eyes and a tear drop fell down on my cheek.

I caught her waist with my left hand and with my right hand held her hair and bought her face close to mine, she whispered no. I could feel her hot breathe on my face … who cares if she doesn’t want to marry me and want to settle down with some ass hole working in a petroleum corporation, she is the angel I have wanted all my life.

I bought her lips close to mine and kissed them; she pulled my lips in her and sucked my lower lips, her hands caressing my face and my hairs, her legs moving as if just trying to climb on a tree. She sucked my lips for long.. the weather was cloudy and the rains begin to fall in drizzles. I pulled away my lips and with my right hand pulled her face away from mine.

I looked straight in her eyes … She murmured something... which I didn’t understand and looked at her with a question in my eyes … She came close to my ear and with a hot breathe whispered “I LOVE YOU ABHI” and hugged me tight. Our clothes were already wet and I could feel the cold water flowing down my skin and the warmth in the touch of her skin, she tightened her hold round me just like a kid does when he feels like he’s going to fall.

I could feel her heart beat right in my chest. I moved my right hand to her back and pulled down the entire zip on her kurti till her waist. My left hand moved to her ass cheeks. My right hand was moving on her bare back she only had her bra on. I pushed her a bit back breaking the embrace and opened her bra hook. Her breasts were now a bit free.

She held my hair with her hands and looked at me and then forced her face towards me and kissed me. She was sucking my lips. Sitting on my lap she was sucking my lips hard I felt as if she was biting them but couldn’t free myself I moved my hands to her breast her kurti was still on and so were the bra cups, I started playing with them cuddling them and pressing them all the while.

This continued for another 10 minutes … I broke her kiss and pushed her away lifting her hands up so that I can remove her kurti, she had a beautiful cleavage It was still drizzling and water was seeping in through the cleavage I kissed it and with my tongue tasted the aroma of her body. As a woman she had a strong scent that mixed with the rain water made the environment a more of intoxicating, the taste of it was simply mesmerizing.

Her tits were still trying to break free but I didn’t feel like giving them the taste of freedom so early. Over the bra I was playing with them. Smiti moved her hands from my head and started unbuttoning my shirt … I was cuddling those two breasts and was dying to take them in my mouth and kiss them and suck them … but somewhere in my mind a fear engrossed that perhaps this is the last time I am having her …

and so the desire to fuck her like a dog was replaced by an engrossing feeling of making love with her, Taking as much time as possible making every moments count taking all the beautiful memories and repeating them a thousand times so that even I forget to breathe I don’t forget her and these moments. She opened the top button and moved downward … her fingers touching my bare chest all the time, me looking at her I just can’t let her go.

When she was done she moved my shirt down my shoulder and kept it on the slab. She moved her hand on my bare chest and moved on to my hands and then again she moved towards my chest. She moved my hands to her back asking me to hold her and she came close to me and kissed on my forehead and then on my cheeks and then my whole face her hands moving through my hair …

then she buried her face in my neck and whispered “I don’t know how but I have to live my life without you” her hot breather giving me shivers down my whole body. I turned my face and whispered in her ears “I LOVE YOU”. She held me tight my face buried in her cleavage. I pulled her away from me. And pulled down the bra … her breasts were naked open to the rain.

I caught a hold of her hands and pulled them behind her back and with her kurti tied them near the elbow. Her chest was bare open to the rain water falling and trickling down making a stream near her nipples. She was beautiful, she tried to free herself and her hair came in front of her face. She gave up after 2-3 minutes realizing there wasn’t much she could do.

With helpless eyes she looked at me. She was looking just beautiful with those wet strands of hair on her face water coming down of it. I removed each of them one at a time … the water playing with her body … playing its own love games … she arched her back … in my hands … I could feel her beautiful waist. I tasted the water in her cleavage and moved to her left boob,

licking the water from the outer part with my tongue, moving to the outer lines of the areola and then moving away and then moved to the right boob. She was moving her body so that my tongue could touch her areola and her nipple but I moved my mouth away from it asking her to desire for more. I moved my tongue to lift her breast and then let them fall.

She was trying hard to make me suck and bite her nipple … I kept on playing with her boobs keeping away from her areola and her nipple playing in the cleavage and slowly licking them to her neck … kept on playing for a good 10 minutes. And then moved to the dark area round the nipples … making circles with the tip of my tongue.

And shifted from right to left … and then left to right and then with my lips bit her nipple … bit them hard … and then with the tongue started tickling them every time I did so a shiver ran down her spine … her hands tied behind she was shivering like anything. I put my lips round her nipple and started pulling them in and started sucking them …

I moved my hands from her back to hold her breast in my hands and then started sucking them one at a time while tickling her other nipple with my index finger. I looked up her eyes were already half close and her whole body arched back and her head just swaying to and fro … she was still trying to move her hand perhaps she intended to hold my hair and push her whole breast in my mouth … but I was enjoying it,

I bought her face close to mine and kissed her lips she took my lips in her mouth and started sucking them … I was caressing her breasts at the same time … I guess she bit my lips and I pressed her breast a bit hard and she gave a slight moan and her lips loosened I inserted my tongue into her mouth …

our tongues touched each other and they rolled among themselves I started exploring all the corners of her mouth … and she started sucking my tongue.. Perhaps she wanted to take my tool in her mouth and suck it. I held both her breasts together and bought both the nipples as close as possible and then started tickling them with both my hands,

she was breathing heavily and sucked my lips intensely.. damnnn she is good and I won’t let her go was the thought that was going through my mind. She let my tongue go and then again started sucking my lips.. I pulled my face and moved my hands to her back and pulled her waist close to my waist pulled her legs around my waist and pushed her away to make her lie on my laps..

my hands also holding her back … she lied down her hair just falling down.. water now falling directly on her body … I started sucking her breasts one at a time and with my right hand moved my fingers down from her breast to her belly button …. She was trembling.. I made a few circles round her belly button and she gave a slight moan …

I pulled her up and opened the kurti releasing her hand … she slapped me first on my left cheek and then holding my hair … pulled my face to her and kissed me again sucking my lips … she moved her mouth to my ears and licking the earlobes and biting them softly … moving to my neck and then to my shoulder.. kissing licking and biting through out... again returning to my face and going on the other side.

With my both hands I cupped her ass cheeks and lifted her up making her stand in between my legs … her skirt had a belt to it. GOD made theory of relativity and then designed these woman clothes … so complicated each and every one of them. I was struggling to open the belt but couldn’t and so moved my hands lifting her skirt up touching her outer thighs and slowly moved to her inner thighs.

I pulled down her panty … she was all wet and hot in their … I parted her legs and moved my fingers down her cunt line … she was trembling … There was not much place where I could sit and taste her juices … she was kissing me all the way, I pushed her face and asked her can we go in … she took the kurti and put it on held my hand and pulled me..

I on the way picked up the shirt and kept it on my shoulder … we went down she was shivering and trembling all the way … she put in the key’s and opened the door.. I turned her towards me and lifted her up in my arm … she buried her face in my chest … I somehow started moving to the rooms … there was a posh bedroom I laid her on it … opened her kurti and moved to unbuckle her belt …

she moved her hands and then I removed her whole skirt … there was she in front of me nude … naked … I stood up opened my jeans and moved on to her … my dick was hard erect … she laid there I parted her legs and with my tongue touched her cunt walls.. she shuddered in excitement and closed her legs pressing her face in between her thighs.

I moved my tongue in her cunt … and started moving it up and down the cunt line, her cunt would tingle.. and then I moved my tongue into her cunt … just when with one sudden shiver she released a stream of water I moved my tongue out and kissed her inner thighs… and pressed her ass cheeks … she was shaking and moving her ass asking me to press it hard …

I could feel the goose bumps on my body and was trembling because of being wet in the rain for so long … I picked her up and went to the bathroom, opened the hot and cold water tap … lifted her in my arms … my hands were under her knees and I took the support of the wall. The hot water removed the chill inside both of us.

My dick was hard erect I positioned myself and moved my tool to and fro around her cunt lining … she hell my arms … and then with a slight push inserted a quarter of it in her … she bit her lips.. I started my to and fro motion and then with a gentle push moved half of it in. I made another couple of to and fro and then inserted the whole of it in her cunt …

she grasped me tightly then I started having sex … with hot water falling on my back … after about ten minutes she hugged me tight and I could feel a stream of hot water oozing round my dick … she moved herself a bit to and fro after that, since I was standing and she was hanging on me there was very little movement possible for both of us.. I laid her on the bathroom floor and kissed her lips …

her ears her neck and shoulder … and then moved to suck her nipples. I again inserted my dick into her cunt and came down on her … I sucked her lips and was ramming her to and fro … with every motion she moved and I had to pull her back with my arms … After about a good ten minutes I released inside her and laid down on her … my dick was still inside her …

She looked at me and with her hands moved the hair on my forehead. We laid there holding each other feeling each other … water falling down the shower … and nothing else. We were having our perfect moment … when she suddenly pushed me away stood up, took the towel and went out … I was confused.. I took a towel and went out to …

She was there in the bedroom wrapped in a towel, there were a few missed calls from his boyfriend … I moved close to her sat on the bed and pulled her down on to the bed and removed her towel and came over her. “I have to give a call to my boyfriend” she whispered and dialed her number, I could still feel her breast on my bare chest, her wet warm cunt on my dick,

her boyfriend picked up the call and complained that he had called up a couple of times and she didn’t pick up. She looked straight into my eyes and said that she went to the terrace that she loved the rain. Her boyfriend said he will be there in an hour and disconnected the call. She asked me to leave … I got up put on my wet dress and left …

as I was about to get out of the door she pulled me in and closed it … “Abhi I love you.. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I will always love you” She was still wrapped in the towel she opened it and rubbed my head and kissed me. I said “I must leave” and opened the door and went out.

She closed the door. I went out of her apartment took an auto to the nearest shopping mall, purchased a few clothes and changed into them and then I took my flight back to home. Smiti I don’t know what’s going to happen to both of us. But I will keep on loving you for the rest of my life.

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Lusty relation with Mami - IV

Lusty relation with Mami - I
Lusty relation with Mami - II
Lusty relation with Mami - III

It had been long since my sexual encounter with my dream lady my mami. Once there was a family reception a little far from our residence. It was a family gathering. I was a little late when I reached there. I saw my mami with many other relatives there. My mami was nicely clad in a beautiful sari with nice fitting blouse. As soon as I saw her my hormones started to rush.

I found her very sexy and attractive that day. I started to fantasize a steamy sex with her right there. She was also delighted to see me there. There was a programme of lunch and my mami was also serving the food to all. When it was my turn we had a nice and meaningful eye contact. She smiled and had a short casual talk of here and there. It was as if both of us wanted the same - a hot sex.

Soon we finished the lunch. Everyone was gossiping and busy with each other. My mamaji was also busy chatting with his friends. I was completely lost in admiring the beauty of my mami and thinking of a way to get her home somehow. I went near my mami and asked directly, 'Do you have works here? Let's go home.' She was surprised but said, 'I don't have the key. It is with someone in the family.'

Then to my surprise she said, 'how can we go together from here?'. That meant she was also ready to go home but only needed an excuse so that others will not be suspicious. I said, 'Just get the key. it won't take long. I have my bike and we can return soon before anyone can notice.'

I was waiting and after a few minutes she said, 'Let's go. I got the key.' We moved out of there one by one. I came first and took the bike a little farther from the place. she came there and hurriedly sat on the bike. Soon, we headed fast for home. I sped the bike and she clasped me tightly with her right hand around my waist and abdomed.

Her upper body was slightly turned to right side and her soft and fleshy right boob was pricking my back. In the traffic I used to apply sudden brakes and this brought her more and more closer to me. It was a very nice and enjoyable ride with my dream lady clasped to my body. My heart was beating fast with the anticipation of fucking her soon.

We reached home (mama's home) after about 30 minutes of sexy ride on bike. She quickly went to open the main door with key while I parked the bike. we wanted to enter the house without the neighbours noticing us. soon we entered the house and locked the main door. In no time we were in the bedroom. we sat on the sofa there and soon we hugged each other and started smooching.

There was no need of speaking a single word. Both of us were clear what we wanted and why we were there. Our lips locked and the tongues entertwined. One of my hands was busy pressing her boobs which had been disturbing me since the bike ride. Both of us were breathing heavily. My mami was also moving her hands on my back and hair.

This passion continued for maybe about 15 minutes. it was as if we were long separated lovers who met after a long time. Our faces were close with the cheek rubbing against each other. We very fast smooching each other. I started to lick and bite her ears and neck. This was arousing her more.

I was in no mood to waste time. I sat up pulling her to stand as well. Then I got hold of her pallu and let it down. Her chest was rising up and down with excitement. I buried my face in between the boobs over the blouse she was wearing. When I tried to bite the boobs she got hold of my head and lifted up. Then she unhooked her blouse to reveal the creamy milk jugs tightly caged inside her lacy bra.

I pulled out the blouse and she took out the sari pleats and thew it on the floor. There she was my fucking fantasy in bra and petticoat. I hurriedly took off my all clothes and got naked. My dick was already hard and erect saluting the beauty. It was getting unbearable for me. I pulled the string of her petticoat to let it fall down and then unhooked her bra.

She herself took off the bra and her tits sprang out. Immediately I hugged her tight. wow the feeling of her naked body and the full body contact of skin to skin was simply heavenly. Her big boobs were tightly pressed against my chest. I was moving my hands all over her back feeling the smooth silky skin.

Then I moved my hands around and I was clasping her ass pulling her tight towards me as if I am going get inside her body. The passion was really high. Both of us were moving fast and we were also enjoying very much. Then I took her right breast with the shorter nipple in my mouth. I circled my toungue around the nipple and she hissed.

She moaned loudly and held my hair tight when I flickered my tongue around her nipple. I got up to kiss her lips again and she got hold of my dick which was rubbing her thighs. Now it was my turn to moan when she opened the foreskin and slowly started to stroke it. ooohhhh it was so nice. her soft hands holding my hard dick and stroking it slowly.

This was in no way comparable to my handjob using my rough hands. All these foreplay activities were building too much pressure on us. it must have been hard for her that she pulled me towards the bed. she lay on bed and in no time I was above her. Again full body skin to skin contact.

I lifted her arms up and saw tempting armpits. I smelt the nice aroma of the armpits. Before she could judge I was licking her left armpit while holding hands tightly pinned above her head. Ohhh ssssh sssshhh she moaned again while moving her body like a fish out of water. I did not release her hands but licked the other armpit. She trembled more and moaned even loudly. she pleaded to release her hands. This increased my lust.

when I released her hands she hugged me tight from below. I lifted my chest to have a look at her lovely juicy tits. they were sloping sideways due to their own weight. I started to knead both with my hands. Soon I was twitching the nipples with my fingers and this made her tremble again. she took hold of my dick and pulled it towards her love hole. I let her do it.

She herself guided my dick into the hole of my lust. My god! it was so hot and slippery that my dick easily glided inside. Soon I started to stoke. The feeling was really wonderful. It was as if my dick was engulfed in a soft, moist and slippery velvet. The rubbing of my dick head inside her pussy was simply awesome. she started to match my storkes from below by lifting her hip in a rhythm.

The stoking hot heavier and faster filling room with arousing sound of fucking in the room. The passion was high. the pleasure was immense but I still wonder how I was not building tension to release. I was stroking her with full power lifting my hip to the max almost taking my dick out of her pussy and then ramming in quickly. Both of us were enjoying the fuck forgetting everything else in the world.

there was no stopping but continuous plat plat plat sound. it must have been around 15 minutes in the missionary style of fucking. then pressure started to build in me. My mami was also wriggling her body from beneath. I did not slow down but maintained my tempo. soon she clasped my back with her hands and dug in her nails while moaning loudly aahh....aaahhh......aaaahhhh.....aaaaaahhhhhh......aaaaaaahhhhhhh. her moaning was arousing me very much.

her inner pussy wall started to contracted to contract and relax in a rhythm milking my dick. She was gasping for her breath while I kept on stroking. In the nick of time I burst out myself. I felt the orgasm built in my spine with the undescribable tickling sensation in my dick. I grunted uummm......uuuuummmmmmm.....uhhhhmmmmmm and sprayed my jism deep inside her.

I was holding her shoulders tightly from underneath. Both out bodies were completely stuck to each other and room was filled with the love sounds of her moans cries and my grunts. That was a wonderful and shattering simultaneous orgasm. it was as if a magic that we climaxed together. It was so satisfying that we lay like that for maybe more than five minutes.

we did not want to get separate. both our bodies were wet of sweat from the hard work of fucking. my limp cock slipped out of her pussy messing her pubis and thighs with the spill over of my semen. I passed her the petticoat with which she wiped the mess and started to dress up. soon both of us headed back to the reception.

I dropped her at a little distance so as not to reach there together. we were so satisfied that we did not look at each other for the entire day. This fucking session with my mami was the most memorable one in the years of sexual relation with her.

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John fucking neighbourhood aunty Anju

Hii myself John(name changed).. I am a 21 year old guy from Mumbai..well built and a good face...i have been a regular reader of this website. and I really find stories written by Women authors very very arousing. :)

Today I want to narrate my first experience with a woman.. we all boys at this age dream of having sex with older aunties.. I think I am lucky to have my dream converted into a reality.. Name of my aunty is Anju( name changed).. She has been our neighbor for the last 5-7 years... her son is my age..

she is not the most beautiful woman in the world.. but definitely her face and assets are enough for a man to lust over..her height about 5'1 - 5'2.. attractive proportionate body with 28 breasts and 34 waist..i always had some attraction for her.. but never really dared to even talk dirty with her... she would often slowly punch my tummy after I said something funny...

or sometimes even pull my cheek..she would also complement me on my body... she had seen me since I was like 2-3 years old... so I felt these touches were only gentle and out of love.. and had no such naughty meaning attached to it... I would masturbate often thinking about making love to her... we used to spend some time together... our favourite timepass was playing cards...

so this one fine day she asked me to come to her place for playing cards.. it was a nice Saturday afternoon... I went in my usual shorts and T-shirt.. she was looking gorgeous to me as ever... she was wearing a black nighty...i liked her nighty as it would highlight her bra, and I loved watching it... we were alone and started playing...

she said uncle had gone to his brother's place and had taken their son also with him...so as usual we were chatting and playing.. I thought that day she was acting a little different... she was more touchy than she ever was... For the first time she asked me whether I had a Girlfriend.. I felt a little shy and said No... I only have friends, No-one special..

She said, "Have as much Fun as u can till u r in college,.. after marriage there is no fun..." I understood what she meant by FUN...I felt a bit naughty as she was holding my hand more than she usually did... that dared me to ask her," So Did u have FUN in college?"She smiled naughtily and said, " Yes I had a lot of FUN".. and started giggling... again said" I enjoyed it a lot..it is so natural at that age.

You should do it too".. and again giggled...Now this was completely naughty... My dream lady was holding my hand, and we were talking about her college FUN... I said," I definitely want to have a lot of fun"...there was silence for a couple of minutes as we holded each other's hand and kept staring at each other...

I then slowly caressed her fingers and asked, " You must have looked so beautiful in the college days.. I mean u look attractive at this age too.. " She smiled and said," thanks,, but I dont think I look all that great now.. "I said quickly" Oh comeon ! Any college boy would die to have fun with u..."Now that was a bold statement...she looked a little shocked.. but asked," would u too die for it??"

I said," Obviously yes aunty... " and I kissed her palms... waiting for more..she thought for a minute and said lets play a game of cards...Now I was thinking ' In the middle of this naughty thing, why play cards???' she said " Whoever loses one game, loses one cloth that Winner asks him to take off"...

MY GOD !!! I was so pleased with that... and felt she was such a player...I obviously agreed to play...We started playing,.. she lost the first game... I was so overjoyed... I asked her to remove her Nighty... she stood up in a moment, took off her nighty in a flash and threw it on my face...it smelt so sexy...i threw it away and looked her...

Black bra on that super-white sexy body looked so damn hot...floral panty...clean shaven armpits and waxed legs... I was in heaven...my cock was bulging inside my pants... I went closer to her and tried cupping her breasts... she pushed me away and said," Lets finish the game first..."

She won the next game and asked me to remove my pants...I cant tell u how shy I felt...but I stood up and took off my shorts... My cock was already huge by then and wanted to come out of the underwear..she was staring at it like a wild and hungry beast... It was such an erotic feeling...

She then won another game, :she had such a sense of joy on her face.... I felt really shy knowing what she wanted me to take off..she asked me to stand up and come closer to her... she then asked me to spread my legs... she then came closer to me, while still sitting, she took hold of my underwear with her teeth...she took it off without using her hands...

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