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Ravi having sex with Filipino girl

HI guys, its very nice to feel that finally I have my own story to post in this wonderful site, I have been always a huge fan of the stories & had always fantasize to have something dramatic in my life. I am Ravi, 25 years of age now & currently living in Saudi Arabia. The story starts when I first came to Saudi. I was 22, started as an assistant job in a good reputed company..

In my office I had lots of multinational girls around me. To whom I use to coordinate & work off times as well. I had a crush on 1 Filipino girl, she was 26 & hence also elder then me. I use to fantasize her & masturbate in office toilet as well.. She was married but separated as she couldn’t handle job & home together. She was very nice & attractive figure.

We started good & as well ended good. I use to pick & drop her to home & office. We have Thursday & Friday as weekend. She use to live with her friends as her family was in Philippines. Once I got a chance as her room mates were going on vacation & she was left alone to live in her home. When I dropped her that evening, she requested me, if I could help her in shopping some groceries & I accepted.

We went to shopping & had dinner in a nice hotel. It was already late for us. We arrived to her home & I helped her to her floor as she could not carry all the stuff we shopped. She invited me to tea & we sat for tea, had good chats. We didn’t noticed that time was running so fast. It was already 12:30 & I use to pick her around 6:30am to our office as it starts at 7:00am.

I asked her to end this night & to accept my leave for tonight. She was embarrassed as because of her shopping it took lot of time. She requested to stay tonight in her house. As she is alone as well & its not good to be alone at this hour of time. After feeling lucky & just showing her that its really hard to accept her proposal. I said ok as its late.. we sat again & chat.

& around 1:30 she said its getting late & we should sleep for office. She prepared my sleeping in TV room on couch & her as usual in her room & told me that if I need something can call her anytime. I tried to sleep but couldn’t & was thinking of various positions to fuck her. After about an hour or something.. I finally decided to make a move for her. I was so damn horny, that even if I had to rape her, I would not back up.

I went to her door & peaked in.. she was in t-shirt & pajama. I opened the door slowly & approached her. She was sleeping & snapped some of the closest pics ever in her sleeping suit. Then I turned off the night lamp making the room completely in darkness. I took off my trousers & started jerking to make it feel real good. I took off her blanket. & slowly touched her cheeks.

she was in deep sleep.. I kissed her cheeks, forehead, chin & finally good & firm kiss on her soft & juicy lips for 2-3 minutes. She did not respond. I took courage & managed to feel her breasts which maybe 36. Wow..tht was the most awesome feeling ever.. she was not wearing any bra..her boobs were so soft… I slowly took her shirt up to have a peek on her boobs..

I took my cell phone & snapped plenty of pics from different angels for later to masturbate. She had beautiful pink nipples.. which were still not hard …I slowly took her hand & put on my hard 6 inches cock as a grip.. now I was in heavens.. I started slowly kissing & sucking her boobs & nipples. & after some time, I felt her nipples to be rock hard.

Which shocked me as she is awake now.. & I didn’t knew what to do.. good thing was its so dark that she could see me. But also she was not dumb to realize what’s going on. But she never resisted & I felt her deep moans & heavy breath. Her hand was getting hard grip on my cock.. I moved her hand in a way to ask her to masturbate my cock.

But she did not & instead she was gripping real hard on my cock. I played & enjoyed on her boobs. & moved to her lips.. she assisted me to kiss deeply..by tongue.. play a good time. I was pressing her boobs real hard & pinching her nipples. She pressed my head towards her belly, I kissed & licked all over. But didn’t want to lick her vagina.. I felt its gross.

But started fingering her rapidly.. she was in full peak of orgasm.. after few minutes she had an orgasm. & was getting relaxed.. but for me !! I was still high in storms. She never jerked me or did anything.. I felt anger..& pushed her head towards my cock.. she was not willing for some reason.. but I forced her head.. which finally she licked the tip of my cock head.. & slowly started sucking..

I was un aware that getting sucked is the most awesome feeling ever.. lol..but it always great now.. after 5-10 minutes I came in her mouth,, & she spit all out…now I was like..what should I do next..as I felt very relaxed..bcz I cum of very big load of sperm..i sat there..she lied on her bed.. I played with her nipples.. and deep in my heart I had a dream to feel the vagina.. by this feeling I had erected my cock.. its getting huge again..

I took off her pajama & spit some saliva on my cock..& started to pump on her vagina.,. but as its my 1st time I couldn’t go through easy.. she laughed & said I knew u.. u alwz had some special looks on me.. finally u got me.. she took my cock & directed to the deepness. It was bit tight & then very warm.. it felt good..as I entered in.. my cock become more hard..&

I started pumping in & out.. it was very nice.. now.. I knew tht she was fully in my control & made all dreamed positions during the intercourse. She warned me not to cum inside…as its unsafe.. & I thought what the fuck,,unsafe.?? Im not having condom on.. how more unsafe is it..? I fucked harder & harder,, she came before me.. & was enjoying for more.. after 20 minutes of humping I was also going to cum..

but I wanted to cum inside her…so I asked her plz.. let me cum in,., she said..ok..but after cuming in take out ur tool immediately so I can clean.. finally I came inside her..wow amazing feely.. it was too mch better,, then masturbation. We slept naked.. & in morning showered together.. she looked awesome in wet body.. we played together & went office..

after then we use to fuck when ever we had chance.. in home.. office.. washroom., car parking.. I have been with her for 4 years now.. its alwz good….. hope u like it.. I know lot to read.. plz comment,..its my 1st story.

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Comments (4)

Posted by Sam
on: May 30, 2012 3:50 AM | Reply

loved your story man. filipono girls are awesome. you should share her pics.

Posted by Rajiv
on: May 30, 2012 8:32 AM | Reply

You did this all in Saudi Arabia? Dude come out of fantasy world!!

Subah ho gayi mamu!!

Posted by Roma
on: June 1, 2012 12:13 PM | Reply

I cannot beleive that you had sex in office washroom, carparking impossible. Its your fantasy.

Posted by Aman
on: August 27, 2012 11:18 AM | Reply

Can any one tell me how to post the story on this page.

Editors reply: Hi Aman, thanks for writing in.

You can send in your story in plain text format and NOT in MS Word format to debonairblog @ gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

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