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Sex with Kerala office colleague

Hi readers, this is one of my experiences in the last couple of months with a colleague of mine. I had returned back from Germany after 3 years and was heading a new team in Chennai. Since it was a new team we had occupied a new development centre in the sprawling SEZ Park.

There was a lot of free space as we were ramping up the team and one fine day I saw my teammate from a previous project occupying one of the computers. We had worked together about 5 years back and she was pregnant then. She is from Kerala and her name is Suji. I was very excited to see her after such a long time and we both went out to grab a coffee.

I learnt from her that she had quit and serving her notice period and that’s the reason she was sitting in the free space in my development centre. I realized how beautiful she looked now, and no one can believe she has a 5 year old son. She is 29 yrs old, isn’t too tall, may be 5'4 nice structure, small but firm boobs and a great round ass.

I noticed that when we were walking back to our seat and she was wearing a top and a tight jean. I got an instant hard on looking at her ass sway. Since I didn’t have any friends in the same building I used to hangout with her and go out for lunch and coffee breaks together. I came to know that her husband is a marine engineer and since she was on an assignment in china, she had to leave her kid with her in-laws in kerala so she was all by herself in chennai.

One day she was wearing a top which had a low cut and her cleavage was visible especially when she was sipping the coffee with her elbows pressing her boobs from the side. I couldn’t control myself staring and she caught me at it. She casually said you are staring as if you haven’t seen one before. I said I'm staring because I've not seen this one before. I didn’t know how she would react but she took it casually and we both laughed it off.

After that incident she was very open with me and started cracking R rated jokes which gave me the opportunity to be very casual with her and once, we even saw the debonair blog website from my mobile and was reading all the jokes. My wife left with my daughter to my in-laws place for summer vacation and since I was alone I asked her if she would accompany me for a drink and that I would drop her off.

She readily accepted and thanked me for inviting her since she got bored staying in her apartment all alone. While we were leaving it occurred to me that I could have a chance to get into her pants today if things go well. We went to a bar near Adyar and sat in a corner table which was very poorly lit. She started off with vodka and I was just having a beer.

I didn’t expect her to drink so fast and she was gulping away vodkas and in about an hour she was drunk and started opening up about her married life and how she misses her husband and kid. I asked her how she manages missing the physical/sexual relationship while her husband is away for almost 6 to 8 months.

I was surprised to hear that her husband has gifted her couple of vibrators and that she indulge in casual sex with friends occasionally when she visits her hometown in Kerala. She was very drunk and was very peppy cracking R rated jokes and the topic drifted towards sex. I asked her what was the most daring act in sex she has performed so far, she said she once had sex with her friend in her school playground when she visited her hometown few years back.

She said it was a quickie but very much enjoyable because of the fear of getting caught. I said I don’t have any such experience; she started teasing me for not experimenting and asked me if I'm up for a quick challenge. I agreed and she said she will give me a blowjob in the bar and that I have to cum within 5 mins. I thanked my stars and said yes but if I win then I will stay the night with her. She agreed and we started making arragements in the table.

Since it was in a corner, the table was a nice setup, but it was a little high and there is a possibility of someone noticing it from below, so she casually adjusted the table cloth and arranged our bags on the chairs on the other end such a way that no one can get a view. She came and sat next to me and removed her glasses. She said she needs a kiss before she can go down on me, so I pulled her towards me and we kissed for a min.

It was sweet and I took my hands to grabs her tits, she broke the kiss and said I can’t touch her while she gives me a blow job and have to keep my hands on the table all the time. I thought this was kinky and she unfastened by belt and opened my zipper. She bent down and took my penis out and told me it smells of urine.

I said what you expect with all the beer I was guzzling and with the frequent visits to the restroom. She took a tissue, drenched it with water and cleaned my penis by moving my foreskin back. More than anything it was very tickling and after the cleaning she put a timer on my phone and got into the act.

With all the drinking I was not excited at all and my penis was just not responding but this lady got talent. She just licked my glans and kinda sucked and pulled it at the same time once in a while. Boy I get an erection now when I write about it. I was fully erect in couple of mins, but I was nowhere near ejaculating.

She tried different techniques, with her hand and mouth. She would jerk me for few seconds vigorously and then take a pause and blow from her mouth. Since I couldn’t touch her I was relaxed and was enjoying the lady at work. She even bite me mildly and slurped vigorously. At the end of five mins I couldn’t come and I lost the bet. She was disappointed, looked at me and said you are paying for the drinks now and ordered another round :)

After the drink she said since I lost the bet I can go home after paying the bills. I knew she was not serious and she was all excited after all the sucking and playing, but she just wanted me to put some effort in seducing her. I said I have no problem and I got my 5 min blow job which is good for me. This irritated her and she hit me on my arm.

I paid the bill and we drove down to her place. She was in a decent apartment and as soon as we reached home she brought out an ice-cream box and two spoons. We were seated in a couch and she kind of lay down with her head on one of the hand rest and rested her legs on my lap.

We were generally chit chatting and she suddenly got up, went to the restroom, changed to a night pant and t-shirt and came back, stood before me and gave me a wink. I stood up and started kissing her. She was not very tall so I had to bend down to kiss her, so I lifter her and stood her up on the coffee table. Now her tits were right at the level of my mouth and I licked her right breast over her t-shirt.

I could feel that her nipples were hard. I raised her tops and started licking her tummy and worked my way down and dragged her pants down. She was wearing a panty and took a peek at her pussy which was not clean shaven, maybe she would've shaved it a couple of weeks back and I liked that.

I could see that she was wet and just touched her pubic hair, she crossed her legs in excitement and let out a feeble moan. I went back up and removed her tops and she opened her bra. I just caressed her left boob with my right hand and she hugged me tightly, I started kissing her neck and shoulder. She pulled my face up and we smooched, she tried to unbutton my shirt while we were kissing.

I removed my shirt and she jumped on me and sat on my hip and we were exploring each others mouth for a min. She then climbed down and started unfastening my belt, I let go of my pant and removed her pant as well. We both were in our undies and decided to get into the bedroom.

I lay down and she just sat on my tummy, and bent down to kiss me and lip locked for a min while I was exploring her ass by inserting my hand into her panties. I sat up and made her lie on her back and held her legs on my shoulder. I removed her panty and she lifter her bums to help me. I started licking her clitoris and explored her cunt with my tongue.

She was wet already and I began to increase my pace with my finger and tongue, she started twitching and swirling her upper body. With my other hand I caressed her boobs and started pinching her nipples, they were hard by now and she was in ecstasy and pushed my head closer to her crotch.

This continued for about 3 mins and she started squeezing her thighs and I realized that she is going to cum. She asked me to just insert my fingers and hug her. I obeyed and she squeezed the life out of my left hand while my fingers were inside her pussy and I was biting her left boobs lying by her side. She let out a huge moan and hugged me tightly.

Now it was my turn and climbed on her and sat on her chest. My penis was not full erected and I rubbed it against her breasts, she pulled it and started sucking it. She slid the foreskin back and started licking and sucking. Within a min I was erect and moved down and lifted her legs and positioned myself to enter. She was all wet and it slid in one thrust and I was fully in.

I stroked her couple of times and bent down to suck her nipples and continued to stroke slowly. She was there without much expression so I got up and increased my pace, with every stoke I could see she was beginning to get excited and she brought her right hand to stimulate her clitoris. After sometime we changed positions and lay down on my back and she started riding me.

This position was very comfortable since she is petite and I got a good view of her boobs juggling and my hands were free to explore her clitoris and boobs. After a few mins, I knew I would come very soon so I raised the pillow against the head rest and sat up. I was still inside her and I held her ass and controlled her movement.

Whenever I held very close and my penis is very deep she would do a circular motion and it was driving me crazy. I soon reached the point of no return and I squeezed her ass, she did just ground my penis and I exploded inside her with a big moan. She hugged me tight and I just lay back with her on top.

My penis had come out and my cum was oozing from her pussy and I could feel it on my tummy. We just lay there for about 5 mins and went to take a shower. I spent the night in her apartment and slept the whole night hugging each other naked. We had another quickie in the kitchen while she was preparing coffee naked in the morning.

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