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Horny babe sucking cock and licking balls taking cum load in mouth MMS

Horny babe sucking cock while exposing her small flat tits and pussy Naughty chick taking cum load after guy cums in her mouth during oral sex foreplay

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Boss fucking wife for promotion

Hey, I am Sanat, 50 year old man working in a private company in Mumbai. My wife Rohini is 44 year old. We stay in suburban area. The cost of living is very high in Mumbai. Rohini works as a salesgirl in a departmental shop. She is quite lovely. She has 38" size wonderful mango size boobs, round hips and arms. She can attract anybody easily.

Being in the sales profession for about 5 years, she knows how to attract customers. She wears low cut blouse with big round neck. She prefers to wear saree as it will be easy for her to show her boobs to customers. She deliberately removes saree from one of her boobs. This results in more sales in her counter. She has got quick promotion because of her art of selling.

But I was not getting promotion in my company for the last 7 years. I was losing interest in my job. I was thinking to resign and go somewhere. When I talked this to Rohini, she laughed at this. Why don"t you invite your boss to our house for a saturday night dinner ? Rohini asked. I will entertain your boss who will definitely give you promotion, she assured.

It was not a bad idea, I thought. Allow me to think over, I will let you know, I said. As such I was not able to satisfy Rohini sexually because of job stress.Rohini might have developed illicit affair with other men due to the nature of her job, I guessed. Mr. Pramod Kumar was my boss. He is about 48 years old, north indian. He is tall and stout with well-built body.

I have heard he has sexually harassed some women employees in my company. Anyway I decided to invite him to our house for dinner saturday night. I intimated this to Rohini. She was very happy. I approached Pramod Kumar for the above dinner and he agreed immediately. Now at least I can see your wife, he joked. Saturday afternoon Rohini took leave and started preparing for dinner.

I returned from office at evening. My boss will come at 8 pm, I told Rohini. Rohini had done lot of makeup in her appearance.She had worn a pink saree with blue sleeveless blouse. with pointed tits portruding. The dinner was ready. Pramod Kumar came in time. I opened the door and welcomed him. This is my wife Rohini, I introduced her to my boss.

Rohini"s right boob along with black armpit hair was visible. She smiled at Pramod. You have got a real beauty, Pramod told me. We sat down in sofa and discussed about each other. Then Rohini went to kitchen and brought soup. While serving soup to Pramod, Rohini"s right blouse was only few inches from Pramod. When Rohini bent her head Pramod could see her cleavage.

After soup session Rohini went to kitchen and loosened her blouse so that one can see her black aurioles circling the nipples. Then she served the dinner. Her boobs were dancing when she was walking. Pramod was staring at her boobs while taking food. I was observing in silence. After everybody finished dinner, Rohini went to Pramod taking sweet supari.

At that time Rohini removed saree over her blouse. Pramod could not resist and gently pressed her both boobs with his left hand for 2 minutes. Then Rohini came back. Pramod appreciated Rohini for the tasty dinner. What else is there! Pramod asked me. I looked at Rohini. There was dim light during dinner and the tubelight was off. I have got a gift for you,sir Rohini smiled and said.

Then she went to her bed room. As per her plan,she removed her dress totally and wore only a black coloured saree. Everything was transparent. Then she came to drawing room. There was a double sofa opposite to the sofas in which we were sitting. Rohini came, knelt down,leaning over the sofa, in front of Pramod looking at the sofa. Then she lifted her saree showing her round buttocks.

As it was dark, I switched on the tubelight. Oh! what a wonderful sight it was ! The contrast between her black saree and white bums in the tubelight was superb. This is my gift, sir Rohini said, spreading her ass cheeks with both her hands. Now you can accept the gift sir, I told Pramod and went to my bed room to watch the grand show through the window.

Pramod "s bulging cock was visible from the trouser. Pramd did not waste any minute and put his right toe over Rohini"s cunt slowly and caressing. In the meantime, he removed his shirt. Then he entered his toe into Rohini "s cunt and started footfucking. Slowly he put his 2 fingers along with toe, ahhh----- esssss-----eehhhhhh---- Rohini moaned.

After footfucking for 5 minutes, her cunt became juicy. Then Pramod removed his trouser and became fully naked. Then he put his tongue on her cunt lips and started licking. Simultaneously he removed saree over her boobs and started squeezing her melons rudely with both hands. He did this for 15 minutes. Rohini was under fire.

oohhh---ehsssss--- LICK MY CUNT----CHATO----CHUSO-------ohhhhh she cried. Then Pramod lifted her and told her to suck his lund in the sofa. Now Pramod"s cock grew upto 4". Then Rohini lied down and Pramod started fucking her cunt. His shaft was going in and out her cunt at 90 kmph. I was getting discharged. ohhh----hhmmmmmm-----esssohhhh-----ohhhyesss-----

CHODO MUJHE----- PHAD DO----- RAT BHAR PAHAR DO------FUCH---------FUCK ME O BASTARD--------PUCH ME--OHHH--- Rohini was urging Pramod to screw. Pramod was shouting SALI---- ITNI SAALO KA BAAD TUM SE MILA HAI--------RAT BHAR CHODUNGA TUJE-------he was ramming ----

After fucking for 20 minutes, he withdrew his shaft and again fucked Rohini in doggy style slapping her buttocks. After 10 minutes, Pramod discharged in her mouth. Rohini swallowed his cum shamelessly cleaning his lund completely. I had discharged for the second time.

Then Pramod went kissing Rohini. Next day I got my promotion letter. Now my lady readers, please give a hand to me and send your opinions. My gent readers can start masturbating/fucking thinking of my sexy wife, Thanks to all.

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Desi wife in high heels fucked missionary and doggy style by friend husband shoots MMS

Horny Indian wife in high heels fucked missionary style by husbands friend Kinky Indian MILF wife getting fucked doggy style by husbands friend showing ass cheeks

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Deepika having best Birthday sex with Raj

Hi everyone, am Deepika 24 years old, fair complexion, petite figure with the stats 32 28 34, short hair that comes up just below my shoulders and height 5'4" from Tamil Nadu. I am here to narrate the best birthday sex so far in my life with Raj, my college classmate and we are together for the past 6 months.

During my college days,I was in a relationship with a guy and we used to have hard core sex from midnight to next day morning onmy birthdays. I broke up with him some 7 months back and it was Raj my classmate who was with me during those tough times and I was quickly over the relationship due to Raj's caring nature that I eventually fell for him.

We used have sex atleast once a week as both of us could not stay without each other. This year my birthday was on a Sunday and I was really looking forward to it. I met Raj as usual on Saturday evening and we went out to a pub in the city. I ended up having some 3 vodkas and was little high. Both of were dancing holding each other and I made it a point to feel his dick once a while.

They close the pubs at around 11:30pm and Raj dropped me off home without saying anything and he left. I was really pissed with him for forgetting my birthday and leaving me home that night. I got back home at around 11:55pm and went straight to my room and was lying down in the bed frustrated to the core.

By the stroke of 12 I started getting calls for my birthday and I was in no mood to attend any of the calls so put the phone on silent and went for a bath. I got back and checked my phone to find some 50 missed calls and not a single call or message from Raj, that I got too angry that I threw my mobile away. At around 12:45pm, my door bell rang.

I opened to door to find a stranger with a cake, flowers and a small basket. He delivered that and went away wishing me Happy birthday. It was from Raj and there was a note asking me to keep my balcony door open for Raj to enter my bedroom.

I rushed to my room and found Raj standing outside I my balcony, I opened the door for Raj. He walked in and took me in his arms and we were kissing standing right there. The kiss was so romantic and it lasted for nearly 20 minutes. We broke the kiss and Raj wished me happy birthday. We then went on to cut the cake. I was just wearing my bathrobe and my hairs were still wet.

Raj plcaed the cake and lit the candle. He came behind me and was hugging me from behind, playing with my boobs over the thin fabric and also kissing my ear lobes and neck. Once I cut the cake, Raj removed the knot of the bathrobe and removed it from my body. He then applied cake all over my face, lips, boobs, navel and pussy area.

He removed his clothes too and came on top of me and was licking the cake from my body. I applied cake on his body as well and both of us were licking each others body and we had some kissing and licking session for the next half an hour. I was fully aroused by now that I staright away Raj to fuck me right now.

My pussy was all wet with my juices and I took his dick and licked it fully lubricating it my saliva and fell back in the bed with my legs wide open, inviting Raj to fuck me. He placed two pillows on my ass and got into position quickly and he wasted no time in penetrating me. Raj kept pumping me for nearly 20 minutes before discharging his entire load inside me.

I by then had 2 massive orgasms and moaned very loudly during that time. Raj was quick to close my mouth with his hands / mouth to stop me from moaning as my parents were sleeping in the room downstairs. Raj then left asking me to meet him at his apartment tomorrow morning at around 8am.

I woke up early in the morning, went to temple with mom, had breakfast and quickly left home by 8am saying am going to spend the whole day with my frens. I reached Raj's apartment at around 8:30 and he welcomed me in with a warm hug at the doorstep. He was homealone for a week and so we had a place to have all our fun.

I walked in and Raj closed the door behind me and came to me and hugged me from behind pressing my boobs over my salwar. I was wearing a white salwar with a deep neck and a white leggings. Raj threw off the duppata in the hall and started to kiss me on the neck and boobs over my salwar. Raj then said lets move to the bedroom, and when I turned towards the bedroom,

he pulled me to him and again said that I should enter the room in my birthday suite and he removed the salwar over my head in one go. I was wearing a black, g-string panty that would just cover my pussy and a thin fabric that runs between my ass cheeks and a mtaching bra, that reveals all my boobs except for my nipples.

Raj was so happy to see me with that bra that he immediately took my boobs in his mouth and biting the nipples over the bra and in the meantime, his hands were working with my legings to remove it. I helped him to remove that and now I was just left with that bra and panty. I then removed Raj's t-shirt and shorts. He wasn't wearing his inners and his dick was already saluting me.

I myself removed the bra and panty by shaking my hips and body in front of Raj performing a mini strip tease. Raj then came behind me and covered my eyes with his hands and we walked towards the bedroom, since Raj was so close to me, I could feel his dick touch my back above the ass. Once inside the room he let my eyes free and there was the second surprise for me.

He had arranged the bed and there were rose petals on the bed which said Happy Birthday Deeps inside a heart symbol. The windows in the room were fully covered and very miminal sunlight was inside the room. Candles were placed around the bed in a knee height stands, a vodka bottle was also there in a small bowl with ice cubes around the bottle.

I was so happy to see that and also I was happy to be in a relationship with Raj. I turned around and jumped on Raj, kissing him on his lips and face. Raj then broke the kiss and carried me to the bed and made me lit the candels and he turned off the light in the room. The room was filled with sex and Raj pulled me down and started to bite my nipples, boobs and also lips.

He was doing this for the next 10 minutes and I pushed him back on the bed and I got on top him. I at once moved down to his dick and was circling my tongue at the tip of his dick and I managed to swallow the entire length. I gave him a blowjob for good 10 minutes and he stopped me and he came down to my pussy and was licking it for sometime.

His tongue was sending me shivers down all over body, I wrapped my legs around his neck, pushing his head further down. Very soon I had a massive orgasm and Raj managed to drink some of my juices and came to my lips and we started to smooch for around 5 minutes. Raj by now had come over me and placed his dick at my entrance.

I guided his cock inside me and Raj started to fuck me real hard for some 10minutes and we changed positions with his dick still inside me, I came on top and was riding his cock for another 5 minutes before he sprayed his hot cum deep inside me. I fell over him and we kissed each other and remained in the same position for the next half an hour.

I got up and fixed drink for both of us and got back to the bed. I was sitting on his lap and Raj was leaning against the wall behind. Raj started to praise my beauty in the candle light and he was giving me small kisses inbetween and was playing with my boobs. He then asked me to get some ice cubes and he put one in my pussy one in ass hole.

I just can't explain the feeling and even now when I am writing the story, I feel some kind of sensation in down there in me. He covered both my holes to make sure the ice cube pdoesn't slip out. I was moaning out load and he started to kiss me on my lips to stop me from moaning. I had the icecubes inside my holes till it melted away.

Then Raj poured some vodka over my pussy and started to lick it. Raj was so good in that and he licking my continuously there for 15-20 minutes. I had multiple orgasms and then pulled him over me and kissed him on his lips and went down to suck his cock. I gave him blowjob for 10 minutes and he sprayed his cum all over my face saying that its a facial treatment.

I then got up and went to the bathroom, Raj followed me there and helped to clean my face, pussy and ass. We then got into the shower and was soaping each other. I always wanted to try standing 69 position and so asked Raj to get into that position. He sat down on the seat and he hepled to get to that position, with my pussy in front his mouth and my mouth in front of his dick.

Raj then got up from the seat carrying me in that position. We were in that position sucking on each other's organ and both of us reached the climax at the same time. I then placed my hands on the floor and got off from Raj. We then had a good hot water shower and came out fully drenched. Raj loves to fuck me when am completely wet and hence I was expecting him to take the move.

As soon as we stepped out of the bathroom, Raj carried me from behind and took me to the bed. There he made me stand on all fours and entered my pussy from behind. He was fucking me real hard and at time he would pull me back with my hair, I would bend towards him to kiss him and he would continue to fuck me with all the energy.

He fucked me for mearly 20 minutes before discharging the load and both of us collapsed on the bed in the same position. We got up at around 3pm ordered some pizza for lunch and we roaming around the house all naked. We were playing adult dare games with the app from his mobile and tried all sort foreplays as in the app.

We then had our lunch and continued with our adults games from different apps. If the app said FUCK, Raj would pounce on me and start fucking me in the pussy. I had to leave home by 9pm. We had some 3 hard core fucking sessions till 8pm in the night and I had a feel that my pussy was torn apart and had some difficuilty in walking.

So Raj suggested that I stay with him there for the night as even Raj didn't like me going home. I then called my mom and her that I came off to the nearby hill station with my frens and the car broke down and so we cannot reach home that night and I would come home the following day. We then sat down in the couch with our drinks. I had vodka and Raj had whisky.

We were naked still cuddling in the couch and sipping on our drinks. We were talking about the amount of sex we have had in past few months and I couldn't believe that we had been so horny from Day 1 till date. Raj then went on to cook some dinner for us and I helped him in cooking.

And as all you know that girls get turned on when their partner cooks for them and that's what happened here too. I got turned on and went behind Raj and hugged him from behind, Raj pulled me to his front and I was kissing him on his lips and then went down to give him a blowjob.

His dick was in the limp state and with some 10 strokes and few sucking it started to gain its length. I was sucking his balls and dick making him go mad and once he went to a stage where he couldn't keep his hands off me, he caught hold of my hairs and started to fuck my mouth real hard.

His dick was touching the deepest point in my throat chocking me with every stroke of his and within few minutes he sprayed his entire load deep in the throat. He pulled me up to him and hugged me tight and placed me on the kitchen table and he bent down to take my pussy in his mouth.

He then took a banana( long green one) and inserted it into my pussy peeling away the outer part. It was soft and tender inside my pussy and he continued to fuck me with the banana for some time and removed it from my pussy. He took out another one and started to fuck my arse with that and this continued for next 15-20 minutes. I had cummed twice.

He then carried me to the couch and put me down there. I was kneeling down with my hands on the top part for support and leaning over the couch showing my ass to Raj. Raj took some vodka and poured it over his dick and some on my asshole too. He then came behind and placed his cock at the entrance of my asshole and that was the 3rd time I was getting fucked in my arse.

I lost my arse virginity to Raj only and that is a different story altogether. So Raj found it difficuilt to enter my arse and with some force he entered inside in one go. I gasped for breath and was screaming in pain. Raj then closed my mouth with his fingers and started to fuckk me in the ass.

His right hand was cuppping my right breast and left hand closing my mouth to avoid moaning sound. He would lean over me and kiss me on my neck, shoulders, ear lobes. He would also turn my face and kiss me on the right cheek. He was fucking me for another 15 minutes and emptied the load in my arse. After this both of had no energy left even to raise our hand in the air.

Raj somehow managed to get up and went to the kitchen and got dinner for us. We had dinner sitting in the couch. I went to sleep leaning over Raj's chest and he was sipping on his whisky. I had slept for an hour or so and when I woke up Raj was sleeping too. I woke him up and both of us had the last drink for the day raising a toast for the wonderful day we had and went to sleep in the bedroom all naked.

I woke up at around 6am the next morning and woke up Raj too. I wanted to have another round of sex before calling it off that day. Raj then got up and soon we got into fucking and that session lasted the most. I got fucked in my pussy and arse in the morning. We had bath and I left home kissing Raj on his lips for the BEST BIRTHDAY SEX in my life.

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Sexy desi wife gangbanged in clinic

Hello! I am Vinod, 52 year old officer working in a company at Bangalore. My wife is Dolly, 44 years old. She has got voluptuous body, fleshy buttocks, 40" size boobs. She likes in exposing her body to attract attention. Due to excessive masturbation in childhood, I have got CHHODA BANDA i.e. circumcised penis and it is only 2" long. So I can not satisfy her fully.

Dolly likes to watch dog fucking outdoor.When 2 dogs fuck one bitch, her vagina becomes wet. Every saturday night at 11p.m. I undress her, make her stark naked and take her to balcony and squeeze her bums spreading her ass cheeks in moonlit night. Then only I get erection and fuck her.

Now I am going to describe a real incident which happened recently. Dolly has got knee pain and pain in hips. I wanted to consult an Ayurvedic doctor for this. I took her to the clinic on one sunday at 8 p.m. Dolly was wearing a sleeveless red blouse with tight fitting bra and her STANABHUNDIS ( tits) were portruding out. Her black curly armpit hair was making everybody mad.

The doctor was Mr. Venu about 60 years old, strong,stout and smart. He has got a male nurse, Raju. Dr. Venu seemed to be impressed with the beauty of my wife. He told her to sit in front of her and asked about her problems. Dr. Venu sat on the floor and lifted her saree upto knee level and caressed her hairy legs to know about the nature of leg pain.

Though I and Dolly felt awkward, Dr. Venu did not mind. I have to know the details physically, he said. Then he lifted her saree upto thigh and fondled. Her milky thighs were shining in the tubelight. No other patients were there except us. Then he touched her bums and mildly slapped.

Then he sat on a chair and measured her B.P., keeping his left hand on her left armpit rubbing her sexy armpit hair. Your B.P. is high and so he measured in her right hand touching her right armpit. Then he put his stethoscope on her chest rubbing her portruding tits for 5 minutes. He also gently pressed her left boob in this process.

Dolly was semi-hot and so was I. Dr. Venu said her pulse rate and B.P. is high and told Raju, the male nurse to take her to the attached cabin for 15 minutes rest. Then Dr.Venu asked me about the frequency and I told once in a week. All your problems will be solved within 2 hours, he said. I was not allowed to go and told to wait outside looking through the glass window.

Raju gave one small gulabjamun from the fridge to Dolly as per the practice.Then she lied down in the bed. After 15 minutes Raju put the stetho on Dolly"s chest to measure the pulserate. What I saw through the window, Raju was removing saree over her pointed blouse and rubbing the stetho over her both the tits. Then he kept the stetho outside and slowly began squeezing her boobs.

Dolly was closing her eyes and breathing heavily. Raju got courage and put his hand inside her bra and pressed her nipples. Auntie, your boobs are like tender coconuts, can I suck! Raju asked. Don"t ask me, you do what you want. Dolly said. At this Raju removed her blouse and bra and sucked her both the nipples for 10 minutes.

Then Dr. Venu came and told Raju to bring some oil for massaging. Then Raju brought oil and Dr.Venu told him to remove her saree and saaya completely so that he can apply oil on her hip and thigh. At once Raju made her stark naked and applied oil on her thighs and hips. Dolly was lying with her buttocks up which was dazzling with oil and light.

O! what a glorious scene it was! I was about to discharge. Dr. Venu was squeezing her bums. Bring me a gulabjamun,he asked Raju. Raju brought and Dr. Venu placed the gulabjamun on Dolly"s ass hole and began to lick. It was quite new type of sex. How sweet your ass is! Dr.Venu exclaimed with joy and ate the sweet piece by piece keeping over ass hole.

Then he put his tongue deep inside her ass and put 4 fingers one by one. Oh! ehhhh------ hemmmmmm-----ssssss-- Dolly was making sound. So far Dolly has never allowed me to fuck her ass antd swallow my semen. So it was thrilling for me to witness the grand show. During this period Raju had entered his 4" long cock and forced Dolly to suck.

Raju was squeezing her breasts forcefully. After 15 minutes, Dr. Venu was naked and ordered Dolly to suck his lund to look like a steel rod. Dolly was sucking both the lunds. Then Raju withdrew his shaft and put one gulabjamun over her cunt lips and licked her clitoris for 10 minutes. Now the session was ready for fucking. First Dr. Venu started fucking Dolly"s bung hole.

Dolly cried with pain. oooooeeeeemmaaaa--------ah---eh--- hmmmm chodo mujhe o! god .But she did not know that Dr.Venu is a powerful ass fucker. The doctor started giving deep thrusts, in and out for 10 minutes. Let me take a break he said and told Raju to fuck in the cunt. It seems both of them had taken viagra. Raju fucked her cunt for 15 minutes.

After that Raju lied down and Dolly climbed his cock and started giving upward thrusts. Then Dr.Venu kelt down and put his 5" long giant lund on Dolly"s ass and started grinding. Oh! such a rare scene, I could not believe my eyes. Puch------ puch fuch fuch phat -----thritch---- sound was coming and Dolly was shouting


For about 30 minutes Dolly"s pussy and ass were rammed by steel rod like cocks. Then both discharged in Dolly's mouth one by one and forced her to drink their semen. After this session Dr. Venu presented me a CD telling that the entire session has been filmed in this CD. This CD will act like a medicine and solve your sexual problems. Now the incident is over.

I hope my lady readers will be waiting for double penetration. At a time two of my male readers are welcome to fuck my wife"s BIA (CUNT) and GAND(ASS) in front of me to satisfy my wife as she is a whore. Please don't forget to give your valuable comments. Thanks.

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Deepak tale of love romance and sex

I am reading HD from few days, I like lot of stories of straight couples where there is true romance & lust. Thanks to HD where we can share our feelings. Sometime we can’t share with our close ones also. There is +ve & -ve in everyone & everything. I learnt lot +ve ones from HD especially how to romance. From my story if you people learnt something +ve, its good. If not then I am not responsible. I am responsible what I am saying not what u understood.

Lets come to my story. Its my true love story & also bit long one. I saw sunitha in my college, she is not fair but good looking. She is my junior. I like the Innocence in her eyes, charming in her smile, maturity in her behavior. I didn’t spoke with her too much in those days but we both are exchanging glances & smiles oh god these girls need not any knife to kill us just there smiling glances are enough.

Days move like this its our college day function she wore sarry. Girls look too sexy in saary than any other dresses. Her sarri is little bit transparent also. In those days I am not a dummy guy in college although I am not a super hero but I am recognized by all the college pupils, lectures & other staffs also. In that I am hosting the function ceremony so I am standing near stage.

Although she is not participated in any program she came near stage to help her friend at that time as there is too much croud near stage she is passed very close to me at that time I saw her cleavage through her transparent sarry. Really I am stunned by seeing that. I like her assets. I am thinking who ll suck those boobs who ll play with them.

On that night I masturbated thinking of her boobs & fucking her. One thing I ll tell u people I like woman boobs very much & I like to play with them. Days are gone I finished my graduation & joined a marketing job, after 2 to 3 years of struggling I am little bit settled in my job I earned decent amt. Now I learnt some smart work also, so I am spending some times in social networks to flirt with girls.

But I don’t know where this girl went after her graduation. One day I got a friend request from my junior. This guy is classmate of my love sunitha. I accepted his request & suddenly remembered that he is her friend so I searched his friends list, there she is. I got her profile. As I am in a marketing job I learnt something to manipulate people.

So I saw she is group member of our college. I scraped her is she studied in that college. Next day she scraped me & identified also. She told that she is my junior from so & so batch bla bla things. I replied is it & also give some build up that I forgotten her face like that (although I can’t forget her).

Soon we became very close & I come to know that she got an govt. job now she is working so & so place which is blessed by nature I like that place. I asked her no. she gave it & also told to send her photo to my mail id, which she did. Time passed we became close. One day we planned to meet & I went to her place.

As I told you where she is working it is blessed by nature, monsoon is started at that time. I went that town where she is staying in a PG. I met her. We went to nearby falls from there, as monsoon is started & it is a forest area while we are returning we strucked in the rain. I tell you guys I have a sport bike of 200cc, with my love in the back seat & we are showering in the 1st monsoon of the year.

I am in the heaven at that time. The rain becomes heavier so I stopped the vehicle near a hut. At that time I saw her wet body, she wore a white t shirt & Jeans. She is shivering, I asked her shall she need my jacket, she told its ok. I forcibly give her. I want play with her body but I am not in a hurry. Later rain calmed I left her to PG. came back to my place.

Due to journey body ache started, I told her. She showed her concerned, guided me to take some tabs like that. I feel good as someone is taking care of me. Later I spoke with her regarding that matter, she also impressed by my behavior & I proposed her, she told she need some time.

After 2 days ones again I proposed her at that time she shown some maturity for which I like more. She agreed my proposal but, As both of us belong to upper middle class to our families, lot of things will be there to marriage apart from boy & girl. So she remind me that thing. I like the concern what she had to her parents & also with my parents.

Later I told her we will convince them we will marry with their permission only. She also told that if they won’t agree we have to suffer a lot & she can’t marry me. As she don’t like that our parents will suffer on that day which is very memorable day to every couple of India. We can’t marry if they won’t agree. For that I told ok.

Now my college day girl becomes my love, she is a perfect girl to me. She is taking care of everyone related to her. Days are passed we became very close caressing each other in mobile, kissing each other. I told her next time when she meet me she has to smooch me for that she agreed. That day came. She has some work where I am staying so she is coming to my place.

I told my friend this matter & took his room key. She came here. I dropped her where she had work & told to call me after work is finished. After 2 hr she called me. We had a lunch time in a decent hotel & took her to my friend room & tell her take rest & fresh up. We chatted sometime about our nature & our college times.

I asked her my gift which is wrapped in her lips, for that she shied, oh god girls looked more beautiful when they shy, it is most precious ornament what they had. Then I pulled her towards me & hugged. She covered her face with her hand, I removed it & kissed her lips. For that she also responded very well, we smooched for 5 mins. Later she moved away from me & sit on the bed with shy.

I know she inviting me there. Later I slept on her lap & kissed her wet lips again, & I moved my tongue inside mouth & start to play with her tongue. While smooching I moved my hand over her boobs which I like very much, & start to squeeze the left one, which she didn’t expected & shocked. Later she stopped kissing & told she didn’t want all these things.

But I am not in a mood to listen her. I moved to close her kissed her, squeezed her boobs & try to remove her top, for that she resisted. I am trying to convince her just I wanna see them ones. I removed her top. There are my lovable things covered by black bra. I kissed her cleavage, moved my tongue all over her upper boobs,my hands are massaging her back, at that time I opened her bra hook & opened the bra.

She covered her boobs with her hand. There my sex goddess with half nude. Now I sucking the those boobs which I thought in college days. She moaned & held my head tightly. I am starting to suck her 1 boob & squeezed the other. I asked her fig to tease her, she didn’t told. After 5 mins of play with her boob I removed all my cloth & stand near her fully nude.

After seeing my cock which is already fully erected she closed her eyes. I went near her & again start to play with her half nude body caress her boobs. After that I try to remove her lower part for that she refused & didn’t allowed me. I tried too much but she didn’t allowed me. After another 20 mins play we dressed. She went to her native place. on that night while chatting in mobile I asked her fig, initially she didn’t replied. Later she replied 34-30-32.

Days are passed, we are meeting ones or twice in a month, we are having foreplay thats all. One fine day we planned to have 2 day trip outside. So we went to 1 forest area cottage for weekend. After 10 hrs whole night journey we take rest in each others arm in the cottage. We got freshen up & later I am sleeping on the cart with towel wrapped to my waist.

I am playing some romantic songs in my laptap. She also came after bath with only towel, oh god she is looking sexy & gorgeous. Although earlier I saw her boobs but not like this. Her hair is slightly wet water drops are dropping from her hair to her shoulders, I went near to her from back she is not aware that I am standing her backside. I kissed her shoulder & licked the drop of water.

She is surprised & moaned. Friends I learnt lot of things how to make love while I am foreplaying with her in my car & room, I observed her a lot. I know when she ll get horney, I start kissing her both shoulders, I placed her hair towards front side, now water drops are falling on her boobs, I kissed her back neck licking & biting her earlobes & also enjoying the beauty of her cleavage from back side.

Now she is also getting mood, she is rolling her right hand, moaning & murmuring my name. my dick is fully erected I throw my towel, also put my hand over her towel, for that she resisted, told ‘there is nothing she weared’ & shied. I turned her towards me, at that time she rested her head on my chest with shy facing downwards.

Mean while ‘bhige hont tere’ song of murder movie is playing in my lap, I also repeated the song & raised her face holding her chick. She closed her eyes & her lips are shivering & wet. I am starting smooching her for that she responded well, our tongues are playing inside her mouth. we are exchanging our saliva. I took her to bed, she told please put off all the curtains, so that the room will dark.

I did, although its not fully dark. While coming back to bed I took some éclairs chocolate which were in my bag. Unwrapped one chocolate, she is lying on her stomach, I removed the towel which is still wrapping her body. I started rolling chocolate on her back, now I placed it in my mouth & start to kiss her vertebra, she is moaning, shhhhh, ahhhh, & getting more hornier.

I like her moan, now I kissed her hips, butts, back thighs, inner thighs, at that time I saw her pussy, 1st time I am seeing it. But I am not in a hurry. I kissed her whole body. Now I turned her towards me, kissed her forehead, chick. Then her lips, she opened her lips, I bite her lower lip, then kissed upper one, she opened her mouth, I passed the chocolate to her, now we are exchanging our saliva with chocolate.

We smooched like this till the choco finished. Then I saw her, her lips are wetted with Chocó, I licked it, mean while I am rolling my hand on her stomach hips, everywhere apart from her boobs & pussy. My chest is on her boobs, I am feeling its softness. Really friends it’s a good experiencing of tasting the chocolate, smooching her, feeling her boobs softness & other parts of the body.

Now I start to kiss her neck, ear lobes shoulder, hands, and palms. Now I came near to her boobs which I liked very much. I start to kiss her upper half of right boobs & also licking it. As my tongue is already wet with saliva & Chocó, while my right hand fingers are moving over her left boob. I didn’t touch/ licked her nipple; I want her to beg for that.

I am kissing her lower boob her belly, she is holding the pillow & biting her lower lip, I saw her & told she is looking so sexy & she had a nice body with good curves. She begged to kiss her nipple that’s what I needed, now I am in a right track, I kissed her lip, smooched her. Kissed her cleavage, sucked her nipples, one over the other & also squeezed with my hand.

Her erected nipples are arousing me, when I start lick it & squeeze it, in turn it arouses her. As a result she start moan loudly, & holding my head tightly over her boobs. These are the boobs which aroused me on the college days, at that time I thought who will be lucky guy playing with these boobs, I don’t know at that time I am the one.

As she is moaning loudly & holding my head tightly to her boobs arching her back, it is difficult to me to breath, after some time of play with her breast, I come down by rolling my tongue to her belly near to her pussy. I kissed all the places near her pussy her inner thighs, later I came near her clit.

Kissed her pussy. After long term kiss with her upper lip now I am kissing her lower vertical lips. Its also wet like her upper lip. I spread her legs & start to lick her clit end with my tongue end. All her body start jerked ones as I touched her nerve end region. She is moaning, crying. Tears comes out from her ear. I placed my middle finger in her pussy it is already wet.

Another bhige wont(wetted lips). I searched her G spot, got it, start my middle finger to roll over the G-spot, also start to lick her clit, & squeeze her boobs, she is getting multiple orgasms, her love fluid came out. I sucked it. Then I lied on my back she came on top of me, now she is smooched me, kissed all my face, licked & bitted my ear lobe.

Now she is taking revenge, she start to play with my body. She start to kiss my chest bite in the chest region & made love mark of her teeth on my chest. She saw my face after that, she is looking Horney. Her hairs are lying on her shoulder. I can see her naked back, butts which I like very much.

While she is looking me I can see lust in her eyes, my erected tool is strucked between her boobs. As I stare there, she also looked there & covered her boobs with hand, looked towards me to tease me. I give a smile & told her to give blow job. For that she not agreed, come over me start to kiss my lips. Now I squeezed her butts & pinched there.

‘Ouch’ the sound came from her, & beat me on my shoulder. Now she is on a cow girl position. I told her to lift her waist. Now I placed my tool near her pussy & start to rub pennies tip to her clit, for few mins later I placed near her vaginal entry. Now she starts to move her waist slowly. As she is moving slowly my penis disappeared.

She start to move up and down, as she is moving her boobs are also jiggling. What a seen I am seeing, her hairs are on one side of the boob & she is moving up and down, her boobs are jiggling. Mean time ‘he lamhe zara ruk jao’ song is playing in my lap. There she came her love juice flowing all over my penis now towards my balls. I am feeling the flow of her liquid.

She stopped & lied on my chest. Now I rolled back her & placed her legs over my shoulder & enter the love hole. Guys really girls are enjoying this position. I increased my speed, she is moaning ahhhh.. oohhhhh…… shhhhh……. Fuck me… fuck,mee..mee… ahhhh.. ohhh…… again she came. I fucked her in spoon position, later doggy.

As a Sagittarian, I like different to position. This position I liked very much. I increased my speed. Noe its time for me to come, she also got her 3rd orgasm. As I am fucking her without condom, I took my tool out side & came over her back. I layed beside her & she came over me. We smooched for few mins. Then she got up wrapped the towel & went to bath room.

She is looking like when we start this love session. Here I did romance with my love girl. Still “he lamhe ruk jao” song is playing in lap. I also feel the same thing at that time. Friends this is 1st sex with my love. There are many types of sex like Loving sex, passionate sex, sensual sex, long sex, short sex, quickie sex, gourmet sex, playful sex, tender sex,

rough sex, soft sex, hard sex, romantic sex, goal-oriented sex, erotic sex, simple sex, cool sex, Make up sex and break up sex are all an important part of keeping the passion of love alive. I enjoyed all these with my love but unfortunately I lost my love. I share all these things, if you people like then please comment. By the by my name is Deepak. I am not good in English if there is any mistake please forgive me.

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First round sex with Sumathi

Hi all, this is Pat, from Mumbai. The story I am about to narrate is a few years ago. Was studying in engineering @ tht time. We had a maid coming in to cleaning / washing. She was @ 35 I guess. She used to work @ quite a few houses in our area. It was a standard story, husband did not work, she had t bear the family.

She used to be helped by her Daughter - yes, u guessed right - Sumathi. As ussual they used to 'borrow' money quite regularly, and repay in installment. They had been working @ my house for quite some time, when it was vacation time and my family went to native place. I could not go, as I had classes and exams preparation.

Sumathi had a key to our house and she used to cook / clean and go after locking. @ that age I used to masturbate quite a lot, and my undies used to get stained. One day Sumathi was washing the utensils when I was @ home and went to and over my plate.

As is typical in small houses, there was a washing place where you have to squat She was on her knees, and had pulled up her skirt - to avoid getting wet, and did not realize that I would come to the wash room so soon. So when I bent to put the plate, I accidentaly noticed her legs and being a guy, my eyes lingered to the flash of off-white panties.

As I took more time standing up, she realized what I was doing, and quickly got up and covered her exposed panties. I could see her cheeks getting red due to embarassment. I said "Sorry Sumathi, I did not not do it on purpose. Don't feel embarrassed". Sumathi: Baba it's ok. But I hope u did not notice too much. Me: No - no. it was just a flash of white (I was getting a bit bold).

Sumathi: Then its ok, but I am ashamed...Me: Why ? becuase of what? Sumathi: My cloth is torn (embarrassed smile) Me: Oh, but I could not see, so dont worry. Next day: I bought a couple of panties from the road (I did not want to be found out) and left them in the house (in the wash room). During lunch she saw the packet and asked me what it was. I said " it is for you"...

She was so happy when she opened the newspaper wrapper that she almost cried. But This was just the first step for me. I told her its for her, but on one condition...Sumathi: What condition? Me: I will tell only in your ear...Sumathi: OK...Me: close ur eyes...Sumathi: OK. Me: I want to see if they fit properly..

Sumathi: BABA, what r u saying? (she was blushing) but she had gripped the packet tighter, and I made my move...I pulled away the packet and told her, well if you dont like to have it, I will return it. Sumathi was still in a dilema, when I played my next move. I told her " I can help out with money too" (she was a fan of movies and liked to go to theaters).

She thought for a while and nodded. I asked her to change in front of me.. She thought about it and put her condition. "Baba, I will change but when I change, you will have to close your eyes and turn around." I said ok, and went to one corner and turned around. What she did not know is that corner had a small hanging mirror - where I used to shave.

She first picked removed the first panty - it was pink, with flowery bottoms and I had bought one which I knew / hoped would be a tight fit. She was so engrossed in the panty that she did not realize I was watching. She pulled up her skirt, and put her thumbs in her torn panties and pushed them down. Obviously this was done quickly and I could only glimpse a dark patch :-(... But it was something. I waited with bated breadth...

She opened the panty and tried to balance herself on one leg and pushed her leg in one side, it went half-way to her thighs and refused to go up. She obviously did not want to loose the panty so she balanced herself on the other leg and put her foot into the other side. She pulled it up and pushed down her skirt. I closed my eyes again...

She came behind me and told me softly... Baba... It is a bit tight... I turned around - her cheeks were pink due to embarassment, and eyes lowered. I innocently turned around.. "Sumathi, if you feel it does not fit u, I will return it..." Sumathi: No No baba, maybe the clth is new so it must be feeling tight.... I have never worn new panties so dont know...

Me: Ok. Walk one round like Priyanka (the heroine), She walked a little and when she turned, she almost stumbled.. I caught her from falling, and in the process, her small firm breasts knocked on my chest.... Ahhhh - it was a brief but heavenly feeling. I said, "Now show me...". Sumathi: But baba, u tald me to change in front of you, nothing about showing u. I said: Fine, then give it back, I will return it.

Sumathi, thought for a moment and I took that chance, I just pulle dher near and bent down, held the hem of her skirt and pulled it up. What a heavenly sight it was,, her pink tight panties tightly fitting just below her buttocks. And her dark pussy, covered with young hair...

I waited for her reaction, but got none... When I looked up, She had covered her face in her hands and closed her eyes tightly. I slowly caressed her pussy and felt her tremble, was it fear or was it anticipation?...Lets pause here for the day and wait for feedback...Any pointers, mistakes etc, do let them come...

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