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Sexual Adventures of Priya - I

Hi, everyone. I am Priya (name changed) from Bangalore and I love reading the stories on this web-site. This is a story of my life and will write it in a few parts. The first part is a glimpse of my life and the subsequent parts will narrate my steamy love affairs. Incidentally, I have also acted in a few porn films which I am sure many of you will enjoy watching on the net.

But this is about how it all started and happened. Unlike many other Indian girls, I don’t hesitate in saying that I love having sex. My first love affair was with my friend/s brother Raghu (name changed) who loved me dearly. I too loved him and whenever we got time he would fondle my breasts and kiss them. I would get wet in no time and my panties would get soaked.

One day I told Raghu that my panties are soaked, so asked me to remove them. To check how wet I was he came close to my pussy and soon started licking it. I was in heaven. I pulled him on top and started kissing. Soon his pants were down and he thrust his prick inside me. God it pained and I yelled. I was bleeding but Raghu didn’t care. He kept pumping into me.

After some time we both started enjoying and came together in a wonderful first orgasm for both of us. After that we fucked each other like bunnies. Coming back to my story, my early childhood was spent as a poor slum girl who was always dominated by her mother. Since my mother had cancer and we were always in need of money, my mother forced me sleep with a friend of hers – Raja although she knew very well that I loved Raghu.

Initially I hated it but later on I started enjoying the pleasures. Raja uncle earlier had a love affair with my mother and I often used to see them on bed making love and would feel jealous and always wet in mu panties. Raja Uncle was quite nice to me and was always gentle in sex. However, I like a little force in my sex which Raghu provided.

When my mother got more serious and needed more money, the responsibility fell on me as my father was a drunkard who never got home any money. I never liked my father who would when drunk beat us and often try and have sex with us but was never successful in his drunk state. I asked Raghu to help me, but he too was poor and couldn’t give me the money.

One day he told me that he has friends who knows rich people who can give a enough money for the medicines if I just spent some time with them. So I started my first affair with a few people, they were always gentle and nice and gave me money. Initially it only involved a lot of kissing and sucking of breasts but in a few days it turned into extensive fucking sessions.

In one case both the husband and wife wanted to have sex and that was my first sex with a girl and I really enjoyed it. Despite all this my only true love was Raghu who cared for me would look after me and I also used to have the most enjoyable experience with him. There were two things that were great about raghu, one was his nearly 12 inch prick and he knew how to use it and second was he knew how to suck me into an orgasm.

He was very good with his mouth. He would keep sucking me for hours and I would keep coming. On one day by the time we finished the whole bed sheet was dripping wet. Soon, however, I was getting tired and wanted more security in life. I too wanted to get married and settle down.

An opportunity presented itself a few months ago when I met a RTO inspector Sunil (name changed). He was soon madly in love and we had a good sex life. I enjoyed sex with Raghu, Sunil and my rich friends. I made it a point to have protected sex except with Raghu and Sunil. One day I missed my periods, I was not sure as to who the father was as Raghu and Sunil fucked me regularly and would ejaculate inside me.

I spoke to Raghu and he said that it didn’t matter who the father was he was willing to marry me. I thought about it but knew that although Raghu loved me, he will never have enough money. So I decided to tell Sunil that it was his child and he should marry me. Sunil agreed but didn’t want the child and finally I had to have an abortion. It was the most painful affair.

I soon found out that Sunil was already married and had two children. I was heart broken. I decided that somehow I must get rid of his first wife and made my plans accordingly. But that is for the next part of my story. In the next part I will also narrate on how I got into sex movies often getting fucked by 2 or three men at the same time.

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Fucking unsatisfied wife Anitha

Hello readers, am a great fan of HumanDigest and read the stories regularly. After reading all the stories in here, I decided to post my story as well. I would like to bring to your kind notice that this is a true incident. Am a 20 year old guy who loves to have sex. This is about how I got seduced by an unsatisfied wife Anitha.

I used to live in an apartment from my childhood and Anitha came into the flat next to mine a year back. She was newly married then and she got settled down with her hubby. Anitha was very friendly in nature so she used to come over to my house and spend the daytime with my mom as her husband leaves to work. As far as I saw they were a one happly couple.

Her husband used to work for some software company and he used to take care of Anitha very well. To describe Anitha she has a maintained her body very well with no extra fat and has a 36D boobs, and a round ass. She wasn't of those plumpy females but took care of her body very well. She used to hit the gym regularly.

As time passed, her husband got very involved in work as all the men do after marriage as a result Anitha wasn't getting too much of sex from him. She seemed to be depressed with life and everyday she kept complaining to my mom which I used to hear when at home. She had completed her engineering and so my mom suggested her to divert by taking tuitions for school kids.

Anitha wasn't sure if that will work out so she wanted to start off with me. I was doing my engineering as well and though I wasn't bad at academics I was asked to take tution from her. This way I had to visit Anitha's house every evening from 6-8pm. Initially it was just the academic talks we had and our relationship was very formal. Slowly she started to open up with me and we started to talk more freely.

This led to less academic talks and more of casual talks. As I didn't have a girlfriend then I was happy to have some female to flirt with. We became so close that I started to share everything with Anitha and again she also did the same. Eventually she started to fret about her sex life to me. At first I was shocked as that was the first time I ever heard a female talk about sex life to me.

She used to tell me that her husband is too much into work and he doesn't spend time and care for her. And again he is postponing the kids as he wanted to earn for like a year more. I felt bad for her and I didn't know what to say for that. So everyday I would go to her home in the name of tution but we sit and talk all crap. She always wears a tight t-shirt and a bottom or shorts but nothing below her knee.

She would sit very close to me in the couch we will be chit chatting. Anitha clearly had the intentions to have sex with me and she took every step in the relationship towards that. Once I had a holiday and so was chilling at my room. I got a sms from Anitha which read " hey.. u free? mind dropping in home? am bored.". I said " oh yea. I will."

and with that I left for her house. I knocked the door and there came her voice asking me to come in. Once inside I again heard her saying "just gimme 5 minutes. I will be back." I said "ok" and sat down in the couch. After some 10 minutes she came out her bedroom wearing a white t-shirt and a denim skirt. I'd rather call it a mini skirt as it was too short.

Her hairs were wet and I could also see water droplets in her thighs. I had my eyes fixed on her as she came towards me and sat beside me. Even then I was constantly looking at her. Anitha broke the ice " what u gazing at? ". I was like " nothing am sorry. what took u this long?" Anitha said " I was in the shower. " I had a hard on and wanted to cover it up as I too was wearing a shorts.

So I took the cushion and placed it on my lap. We then started our usual talks and this time she seeing me in that condition she was more into flirting. And finally we decided to watch some movie in her laptop as there was no good movies in the TV. So she invited me to her bedroom and I sat on the bed leaning towards the wall with a pillow on my lap just in case to avoid showing her my hard on.

She thought I had the pillow to have the laptop so she came and placed the laptp on my lap and she sat to my right. She logged on the movie started to play. It was the movice called " Friends with Benefits". I had no idea what movie it was. Anitha had a naughty smile in her lips and she sat to my right and she hugged my right hand and rested her head on my shoulder.

Anitha was adjusting her position every now and then and everytime her hug got bolder and tighter. I could feel her left boobs and there was an immediate hard on. Thanks to the laptop and pillow. Then came the scene where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were sitting in her house and sipping beer and talking about relationships.

All of a sudden the guy would ask the girl if they could have sex. And he would again come up saying not serious relationships but just sex. I was like WTF inside and turned to see Anitha, she had her eyes glued to the screen and she moved her hands to my thighs. I was becoming too restless and even thought of leaving the room.

So I tried to move but Anitha pulled me closer and she was in no mood to quit watching the movie. Then Mila Kunis would strip herself and she would get involved in hot sex. I was in a point of no control that I immediately turned around and cupped Anitha's breats. She too responed by taking my other hand to her other breast and I was playing with them over her dress for quiet a long time.

Then I pulled her and placed my lips on hers. Anitha had closed her eyes and in sometime she opened her lips and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We had a long kiss and I cam on top of her kissing and at the same time playing with her boobs. Anitha wrapped her legs around me and I was moving up and down, my hard cock over my shorts was touching her pussy over her panty and we had dry sex.

Soon I felt I had cum in my undies and so got up. I couldn't see her face so just turned back to leave. Just then Anitha came and hugged me from behind and whispered in my ears " where are u going? its not done yet" saying so she turned me around and we started to hug each each other very tightly and also our lips started to play.

I had my hand in her hips, pressed them and Anitha went mad with my touches there. I then moved away and let my hands inside her t-shirt and touched her bare skin. OMG it was so soft and I was caressing her skin there. I then moved my hands from the top of her skirt inside her panty as well and cupped her ass cheeks. Anitha let out a moan.

These were more then enough for me to get a hard on that my cock started to pain inside my shorts and it was longing to get out. I went wild with that, my kisses became more wild. Anitha realising my state pulled down my shorts and lifted her right leg and put it around my hips giving access to her pussy. My cock was now touching her pussy over her panty.

I pulled Anitha more closer with the help of her ass. Anitha moved her hands into my t-shirt and was caressing my back. I then took my hand from her ass and pulled her t-shirt up exposing and she lifted her hands in the air for my to get rid of the t-shirt. Now Anitha was standing with a pink mesh bra that barely covered her boobs and her denim shorts.

She was fair in color and her boobs were stiff. I couldn't keep my hands off this beauty that I wasted no time and her boobs in my mouth over her bra. Her nipples were so hard and stiff. I then moved the cloth that covered her boobs to the side and sucked on her boobs an was fidling with her other nipple. Anitha had a sexy nipple that was not too large neither too small.

It was medium sized with light brown aeroles. I started to bite her nipples and Anitha was moaning out and her hands were on my hairs and she pushed my head further inside. I then swithed over to the other nipple and was doing the same for the next 15 - 20 minutes. Till now we never spoke a word but were busy with our foreplays.

Anitha then knelt down in front of me taking my cock in her hand and stroking it. It was already super wet with my juices. Anitha had a sexy look in her eyes and again that was full of lust. She had her mouth right in front of my cock as she was stroking and her mouth was watering to take it inside. Anitha looked up to me and said " shall I take it in my mouth. my hubby would never allow oral sex."

I replied " I wouldn't say no to such a beauty from doing anything. carry on with what ever u want. your hubby should be mad." Anitha then let her tongue out and she tried to pull back my foreskin and it was tight. She then took it in her mouth and was sucking my tip making it wet and in few minutes she succeeded in bringing back my foreskin.

She then was licking the entire length (6") from front to back and was also sucking on my balls. Soon she started to take the whole length in her mouth. My cock was touching the deepest part of her throat. Her wet hairs were coming in front giving her some difficuilty in the blowjob. I moved her hairs behind and her face was looking so damm sexy taking my cock inside her.

Her hands were caressing my balls making me go wild. I was about to reach my climax so held her hairs tight and started to fuck her vigroulsy in her mouth and soon I released my hot semen in her mouth. I had come in large quantity and Anitha couldn't swallow everything and some fell on her boobs and face. She then sucked my cock dry and told me that " your cock is bigger in length and width than that of my hubby's".

Anitha then got up and went to the washroom to clean herself and I followed her there. She was bending down in the wash basin, cleaning her face and I stood just behind her touching her ass, hips and pulled down her skirt and panty in one go. Anitha's arse was so sexy, fair and had the right amount of flesh.

I got an immediate hard on seeing her arse that I started to move my hands over hers caressing them and moving my cock over her arse cheeks making her horny as well( which wasn't actually necessary as she was horny to the core). I was rubbing my cock inbetween her arse cracks and I was going wild.

Anitha lifted her arse giving me more access and she was giving all horny reactions which I saw it on the mirror in front which was driving me crazy again. Anitha still had the bra on her exposing her boobs though and I didn't like that piece of cloth on her. So I pulled her up towards me and removed the bra over her head. I took her in my arms and we were kissing like mad dogs.

I pushed her behind and she had her arse resting on the basin and she ligted her legs in air to step out of the skirt and panty. I then carried her in my arms and moved to the bed. I put her on the bed and jumped on her and were started kissing again and the kiss was wilder and we were kissing like theres no tomorrow.

We broke the kiss and Anitha pushed me down and I went down kissing her body all through. I stopped at her pussy and opened her pussy lips with my left thumb and forefinger and inserted my right middle finger inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her and soon I had my 3 fingers inside and I was fucking her vigrously.

Anitha started to moan "mmmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeeeaaaaaa..... oooooooooffffffffff....... mmmmmmmmmm..... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... ". I then was playing with her clitoris still fucking her pussy and again I went on to suck her clitoris and thats when she went really mad.

Her moans were becoming louder and I was fearing if the sound may got outside since its an apartment. I knew I had touched her G-Spot and was finger fucking her too fast and withing few seconds she reached her orgasm and she'd come in huge quantity. Anitha then asked for my fingers and she sucked her juices from my fingers dry.

Anitha wasn't wearing her mangalsutra so ME : " Anitha where is your mangalsutra?" Anitha : " I have removed it cos I knew I would end up having sex with u." ME : " so why did u remove it?"
Anitha : " i'd get reminded of my hubby." ME : " oh well i'd want to fuck u with the mangalsutra on u." Anitha : " do u really want me to wear it?" ME : " yes."

and with that she rolled to the side of her bed and took her mangalsutra and wore it over her head. The mangalsutra was just resting between her boobs and she was looking sexy as ever in that and I told her that too. " Anitha u look super sexy all naked with just your mangalsutra." She blushed and saod thank you.

I pushed her down on the bed and started to play with her boobs, and also kissing her lips. I was sucking on her lower lips and then upper lips and pinching her nipples as well. My dick was at its maximum size and wanted to enter a pussy. I moved over her positioning myself to enter her pussy. Anitha parted her legs and she too moved her ass and now my dick was right at the entrance of her pussy.

I whispered in her ears " oooff Anitha, I couldn't believe this is happening. I am a virgin and your are the first female with whom I had my first kiss and now am going to fuck this sexy babe." Anitha hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on my lips. While kissing she took my dick in her hands and guided it into her pussy.

It all wet and even though she is married for the past one year, her pussy was pretty tight and with few strokes I was completely inside her. All this while Anitha was kissing me and now I broke the kiss and moved on to her boobs and was fucking her in slow pace. I bit her nipples making her go mad with every stroke and I was literally chewing her nipples.

The room was filled with sex and our moans. I fucked her in that position for some 5 minutes and I stopped and asked Anitha to come on top as I wanted to see her boobs shaking and her mangalsutra dancing as well. We rolled over with my dick still inside. Anitha was sitting on my cock and I had my hands on her hips.

She started to ride me and I moved my hands to her boobs pincing and playing with those. Anitha would bend down to kiss me. She rode me for another 10 minutes and asked me to carry on from there. Good I took breaks inbetween that I lasted long for my first time. I again rolled over and came on top and started to fuck her at full pace.

Anitha was moaning "oooooffff.... yeeeeaaa.... fuck me fuck me fuck me hard.. yea.. go on don't stop.." I was getting wilder with that and was tearing her pussy with all my energy. Within 2 minutes I was about to cum and told her that am reaching climax and Anitha asked me to empty it in her pussy. With 3-4 strokes I emptied my load in her pussy and I also felt her reach the climax at the same time.

I collapsed on her and she took me in her arms and we were there in that position for the 20 minutes. My dick was still inside her pussy and at the end it started to gain erection inside her pussy only. I told her that I wanted to fuck her again. Anitha told me that its late now and her hubby would come anytime so its better we get dressed up and she would give me a blowjob instead so that even if the bells rings we will be safe.

I told her " am not done baby. I want to have sex with u again." Anitha told me "oh yes. am not done either. its that we wind up for the day and we shall do it everyday. my hubby isn't looking after me sexually". We then got up and Anitha was about to wear her bra and panty but I stopped her from wearing that telling her " wear your t-shirt and skirt. I have other plans."

saying so I wore the t-shirt and skirt for her and she put on my t-shirt and shorts. We then went to the hall and sat down in the couch and switched on the TV and played some music just in case noone should hear our moans. Anitha then put her hand inside my shorts and pulled out my dick. It was in semi erect condition and Anitha went down to the floor knelt down in front of me and straight away took my cock in her mouth.

Anitha was sucking on my cock as well as playing with my balls. Anitha will take the entire length in her mouth and then lick it from top to bottom and suck on my balls and again take my cock in her mouth. OMG she was simply awesome in that and any man would go crazy behind her and fuck all her holes.

It was only then I thought her hubby shoudl be a dumb asshole to deprive such a sexy lady from sex life. After some 5 minutes I pulled her to me and made her sit on my cock which she happily did by lifting her skirt. Anitha adjusted her arse to take my cock inside her completely. Then I lifed her t-shirt and started to suck on her boobs.

Then we locked our lips to avoid moaning sounds and Anitha started to ride my cock. Anitha rode my cock for some 5minutes by when she had her orgasm. I then stood up with carrying Anitha and made her lie down on the couch. I went inbetween her legs and she put them on my shoulders. I bent down kissed her lips and started to pump her pussy very fast.

This time my cock was touching her deepest part in her pussy and she was enjoying the fuck so as me. I fucked her for another 10 minutes and discharged my load deep inside her. Anitha had her second orgasm as well then. We then got dressed up and was playing with each other's body for sometime.

It was only then Anitha told me that she is on pills and there won't be any pregnancy issues and again " I lost my virginity to hubby. during colg my frens used to have sex with their bfs and I never wanted to as I was with one man policy. u are the second guy in my life to see me naked, have sex." I was like "anitha are u feeling guilty over what happened between us?" she told me " no no not at all.

I was sex deprived by my hubby and I wanted an alternative and again someone who's trustworthy. I have been seeing u for the past one year so I thot why not seduce u and have my desires fullfilled". I told her " I am lucky to have sex with the sexiest lady I have seen in my life". I then got up to leave and Anitha came with me to the door, we walked holding hands and at the door we have a long kiss and I left for home.

I went in and crashed in my bed. I woke up 2 hours later had dinner and again went to sleep. At around 12:30 I got a call from Anitha and she said " I am not done yet. my pussy still wants a cock. I tried having sex with my hubby but he crashed before I had my shower. " I told her " am still thinking of u, your lovely ass, clean shaved pussy, big round boobs and those beautiful lips.

I want to fuck your pussy like thers no tomorrow. " She then moved to the next bedroom and we had a long session of phone sex and I ended up masturbating some 3-4 times. We decided to meet up tomorrow morning somewhere outside and have sex for the entire day and so I gave the idea of going to a resort in the outskirts of city and she agreed to that and we hung up the call.

Next morning at around 8 I left home as usual to college and picked up Anitha at the decided spot in my car and we drove to the resort. Anitha had already done the bookings there in the resort and we checked in at around 9am. Anitha was wearing a sleeveless top and a knee length skirt and no panty inside.

Anitha had booked a suite in the resort and it was deserted from the resort and had a small private swimming pool. Once inside the room, I carried her to the couch, made her bend down, lifted her skirt up and entered her pussy from behind. I fucked for some 10 minutes and it was only then we relaxed in the room and started our foreplays.

We stripped each other and I sucked her pussy till she had 2 back to back massive orgasms. I left her pussy alone only after she had cummed twice. She then gave me a good blowjob and I sprayed my cum on her boobs and face. We then went and jumped into the pool. I made her lean on the wall and started fucking her in the water.

That was an awesome experience fucking my sexy lady in the pool. I had sex with Anitha that day for like some 4 times. We then left home and we still have sex regularly. I will visit her house every evening on the pretext of tutions for some 2 hours and we will have sex the whole time and whenever she has her periods, she would simply give me bolwjobs and I would fuck her boobs.

Anitha makes sure am satidfied with her and I too look to it she is satisfied with me. And now it was last week when her hubby said he wanted to have kids and he had sex some 2 times and both the times he got drained out easily leaving Anitha unsatisfied. She now wants to carry my kid and so for the past one week she didn't take pills after having sex with me.

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Cheater bhabhi fingered and fucked hard by devar hot sex MMS

Cheater bhabhi wants to hide her face! Meow :-)~

Sanjay fucking Urvashi bhabhi first time

Hello people, this is my first post on Humandigest. After reading so many good stories. I would like to share my experiences also. I am Sanjay and I work with a software company. After I graduated I started working in Bangalore. 2 years after joining. I got a good opportunity to work at an MNC in gurgaon. Which I readily accepted as I wanted to move to North India.

This one is my first time with my bhabhi. Her name is Urvashi and she lives in Ghaziabad, near to Delhi. She is wife of my cousin. She got married 3 years back and has a baby boy. I called up my cousin brother Sumit that I got a job in Gurgaon. He was happy and told me to move with him. I was reluctant as the commute would have been nearly 2 hours one side.

He understood my problem and told me to stay with them for a few days till I can find an accommodation. I accepted his proposal and started packing my stuff. I reached airport during evening. Took a cab and reached my cousin’s home. I knew that he was off to some business trip. When I was not able to find his home I gave him a call.

He told me that he was busy and he smsd me bhabhi’s number. I gave her a call she explained me the way and in no time I reached their home. It was around 10 PM when I reached. She was standing on front gate. It was dark outside so I wasnt able to see her clearly. I had seen her on my cousins marriage, she was of good height 5 5, had good features, wheatish but very thin and ordinary.

When I entered the house I saw her full view. Boy I was stunned. she was wearing a pink nighty that went just below her knees. Her shiny legs were visible. She had grown little chubby after having a baby or voluptuous. but boy she did look stunning now. Her breasts were heavier and her smile more mischievous. There was a glow on her face and I was mesmerized by her looks.

I was so lost that she had to repeat 2-3 times so that I respond to her questions. I felt a guilt about thinking about her in such a way. I mostly kept quiet during dinner. Many times she asked me what happened. I mostly kept quiet and said I was tired. She took me to the room where I was supposed to sleep. She told me that you will stay with us till you work in NCR.

When I told my office was away she said dont give me any excuse. She wasnt listening to anything and held my arm real tight, a shock like feeling passed through my body.. I liked the authority with which she said this. I agreed to stay with them.

That night I couldnt sleep I was thinking all about her. Her smile, her beautiful face, her heavy breasts, her round ass. I went to the bathroom and masturbated. Then my mind got a little relaxed and I was able to sleep.

Next morning I was to join the office. I wore casual T shirt and Jeans as I was wearing in my previous company. On breakfast table I saw her. she was wearing a dark orange color suit. It was tight from breasts and hips. I again got an erection. She told me to wear formals on first day to make a good impression. I told her its ok, She didnt agree and gave me bhaiya’s clothes to wear.

when I came after changing. Her face lit up, she complimented me that I looked very handsome. The journey of 1.5 hours from home to office was tough inspite of company’s cab. First day in office was spent in finishing formalities. Return 2 hours seemed like eternity as I so wanted to see her again.

When I reached home my cousin also had returned, met him and then he offered me a drink. Over drinks he told me to stay here as his work was supposed to involve lots of travelling in next few months and he needed someone to stay here. I said yes, I could see bhabhi;s smiling face.

My cousin went to washroom, bhabhi came to me and said, Devar ji acha hua aap ruk rahe ho, main akeli nai rahungi, khoob masti kia karenge. Again few dirty thoughts crept into my mind. Again it was 12.30, I was thinking about her. I didnt want to masturbate so went to drawing room to watch TV. She was sitting on Sofa Breastfeeding her child.

Her huge breast was visible, I got an immediate erection. I was returning to my room, she saw me and called me. I came to her. Her expression became kinkier when she noticed my erection, I could see her expression changing but I couldnt react. She told me to sit with me as she also couldnt sleep as baby was up. she fed the baby who was now sleeping.

She went to the bedroom and put the baby in his bed. Came back and sat on the sofa. She sat cross legged. Her nighty was up from her legs. I was literally sweating and breathing heavily. She told me that her hubby was supposed to go to USA for 15 days starting next month and she would bother me with lots of work as she had to take care of baby also. I told her that I would be happy to do so.

Next day was Saturday, My brother’s flight was Friday late night. Bhabhi wanted to go but my brother forbade her as it would have been unsafe. I loaded his stuff in cab and he left, before that he told me to take good care of bhabhi. I convinced him that I will do so.

She was little bit upset, I tried to console her, told her few jokes. She asked me if I would like a beer. I was shocked, I always thought her to be a simple housewife. I said ok. We had 3 beers each. she started asking me about my GFs. I told I had one in college and not now. She was looking like a fairy in white silky sleevless night suit. Her smooth thighs were making me mad.

She started to tie her hair. It exposed her Her armpit that had liitle hair, that musky smell made me so horny. I didnt want to take any extreme step so I told her I want to go to my room. she grabbed by arm and told me to sit. We talked for a few moments and occasionally touched each others arm, face. I knew that we were getting very intimate. Still I was reluctant to take that extreme step.

These 2 weeks we became very close. She used to leave her baby at her mother’s place as her mother wanted to spend time with her grandson. We went to movies, shopping and I even gave her a ride on the bike which she had asked me many times.She asked me once, which type of girl you like, I told bhabhi aap jaise. She used to blush and change the topic. Still some trigger was needed to make my fantasy into reality.

One day she called me at office that she would spend the night at her mother’s place and her mother was not well. I had something else in my mind. I wanted to keep as many of her memories with me as I could collect. I went to her bedroom, There was a laundry basket, It mostly had her undergarments, I took a pink bra and black panty with me.

I saw that the Desktop was on I switched on screen and started to explore hidden files and folders. I got stunned, It had porn, lots of it. Also it had nude pics of bhabhi, I believe bhai would have taken it with him to USA. I took a pen drive and copied everything. Then I went to my room and masturbated smelling bhabihs panty and watching her nude pics.

It was done for me. I wanted to fuck her badly. I didnt want to force and wanted her consensus. I went online and had a chat with some people. They gave some tips. They worked and I could see her getting closer to me. The time had come to do the final thing.

When I returned home on monday, I asked her when sumit is returning. She told me that his trip got extended by a week. She had to go to her cousin’s wedding and she told me that it would be difficult to go alone. I asked her to take her there. Her face suddenly became happy again. She told me that she would select my dress as she wants me to look the best. I gave a smile and agreed.

I took an off on tuesday from office as we were to go for shopping. We decided to go to Karol Bagh. She told me to take her in Metro. I took her on my bike till Metro station. Her warm breast was touching my back. She was wearing a green printed saree with a sleeveless blouse. We boarded the metro. We took a twin seat and sat next to each other.

She was little tired so she slept on my shoulder. Other people in metro were thinking we were husband and wife. Only I knew that we were yet to have our first night. Then we came for shopping. I selected a Red saree for her. I told bhabhi you would look like a sex bomb in this dress. she blushed. she purchased it and told me that she would surprise me.

Then she selected mine ethnic dress too. My mind was thinking about the surprise. We were tired after shopping so took a rickshaw till karol bagh metro. Rickshaw puller was a jerk. He moved rickshaw very quickly. Bhabhi was about to fall. I held her from her waist, her bare stomach was in my hands, she smiled and said, just hold me, dont let go.

On the wedding day I got ready first. She came and she turned over, it was a backless blouse which was very revealing. My jaw dropped.I was speechless, I just wistled and then we started for wedding.

There we got drunk, she asked me to mix vodka in coke, She took 3 shots. we danced like no one was watching. Then we started heading towards home. Both were intoxicated, She put her arm around me in cab, I also started feeling her bare back. I knew that today was the day.

When we reached home, baby and bhabhi’s mother both were sleeping. Her feet slipped and her ankle got twisted. she cried in pain. I hurried towards her, I supported her and took her to my room. I removed her shoe and gave her gentle foot massage. she said oh devarji, you are so caring, love you.

That was my signal. I went irresistible, I kissed her feet, she moaned, she took her feet and started playing on my pace with it, slowly, gently. I was mad and super duper horny. I lifted her saree and kissed her thighs. then I put her on the bed and I layed on top of her. I kissed her lips, ear lobes and pressed her boobs hard. I wanted to fuck my bhabhi like anything.

I removed my clothes and her saree, I put my hand in her blouse and felt the warmth and softness of her huge breasts. I made her topeless. That was the most beautiful sight, better that the pics I had seen. I just didnt want to let go of her. For 20-25 minutes I played with her melons.

She was enjoying like anything, moaning in a slow voice, responding to each gesture and demanding more. I removed her petticoat and panty. Her cunt was little hairy. It was wet and I wanted to fuck her lovehole. I smelled it. It was fantastic. My cock was in pain with all such excitement.

I wanted to fuck her direct for the first time so didnt wear a condom. I entered her, she moaned and held me tightly, she was talking dirty, oh devar ji, oh devar ji, meri chut le lo, fuck me. I was also saying oh bhabhi you are so sexy. I started stroking as I didnt want to waste time. Witihin few minutes I came inside her. The thing which I wanted the most, my sexy bhabhi was my slave now.

She slept but I passed a few hours enjoying watching her sexy body. She was super hot. At 3.30 Am she woke me up. we went to bathroom to take a bath, we made love again. She dressed up and went to her room. Then this became very regular. We had various different experiences so far, which I will share depending on the response to this piece.

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Fucking horny engaged girl Deepika

Hi everyone, am back with another horny encounter with my fucking buddy Deepika. As mentioned in my previous story, me and Deepika have become " Friends with Benefits" for the past 7-8 months. All these were after she broke up with her bf and her family was looking for alliances to get her married as she was already 24.

We both knew about this and wanted to have some fun before marriage and there we were happily fucking around. One fine evening we both we out on a drive in my car and she got a call from her mom saying that a boy's family is coming to see her the next day and that she should take off from work.

She was ok with that and hung up the call and she told me the same and said she wanted to have sex with me before her meeting the boy. It was already 10pm and so it was difficuilt to find a place for us after that. So we just wound up with some foreplays and oral sex. I'd asked her to meet the guy and then tomorrow night if she can come out, we'll have sex.

She was happy and so I dropped her off and came back home. Deepika then called me around 12 in the night and she sounded lil nervous about meeting the guy the next day and I got her convinced and she sounded ok after an hour's call. Eventually our talks went towards sex and we had a good phone sex for some 2 hours.

The next evening I got a call from Deepika saying that family liked her and so does she. Both of them had got along really well and she said that she thinks this would work out. The families decided and arranged for the engagement the day after and that she was so desperate in meeting me before that.

But as bad luck we couldn't meet up and finally the night after her engagement she came out to meet me. She had come directly from the engagement hall and so she was in her saree with the jewels. I picked her up from the usual spot and once inside the car, I hugged her to congratulate her and she in return kissed me on my lips.

She said that she wouldn't get back home that night, without having sex with me and that she had already booked a room in the resort which is in the outskirts of our city under the foothills of a mountain. I then drove her to the resort and we checked in the resort and ordered for some food and drinks for us. Deepika was looking so beautiful in the dress with all the jewels.

I then took her in my arms and lifted her to kiss her lips. Her hands were around my neck and her fingers were playing with my hairs. We kept kissing for another 20 minutes when we broke the kis on hearing someone on the door. I went and let the room serivce in, and was waiting near the door for him to get back after placing the food and the drinks.

I closed the door behind him and also put the DND tag on the door. Deepika was standing right behind me and once I turned around, she jumped on me and we started our kissing again. I carried her to the hall and sat down on the couch with she still kissing me. I then broke the kiss and told her that we'll have some food before we have the fun.

She was fine and then first she called her mom to tell her that she had to work the entire night to solve an issue at office as she had taken 3 days off without prior notice. Her mom believed what ever Deepika had to say and she had no problem with that. Now that she needs to give the exact same excuse to her "to-be hubby" too.

Deepika called him up and initially the guy was really happy to have got a call and he started with his talks. It was more formal as being the first time and it went on for some 5 minutes and Deepika couldn't hold any longer that she hung up saying she's getting a client call and that she would call him back once she's free. By then I had served food for both of us and also had the drinks ready.

Deepika then came to me and said she would eat from my plate only and that she wants to sit on lap as well. We then had our food, feeding each other and Deepika had gulped down 3 vodkas. I then carried her to the bed and whispered in her ears " babe, I want to enact the first night scene, where you would come inside with the saree and jewels".

Deepika turned her face and kissed me on my lips saying " am all yours forever. am your sex slave. you can do what eva u want". I was happy to hear that and made her walk into the bedroom with heads down like a newly married wife entering the first night room. I was sitting on the edge on the bed and she came stood in front of me.

I held her hands and made her sit on the bed as well to my right. She had her left hand on the bed and I took her hand and kissed on her palm and slowly moved up to her face. On reaching her face, she gave me a shy look and turned away from me. I now moved her hairs from behind to her front exposing her back to me. I removed the chains from her neck and kissed her bare back just below her neck.

She made some "oooffff" sounds with my kisses and meantime, I removed her earings and her bangles from her hands. I then turned her towards me and made her lie down on the bed with me coming on top of her. I kissed her forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, chins and finally her lips. After some 10 minutes of kissing I got up and removed her pallu exposing her blouse and navel to me.

I removed her blouse buttons and and then her bra as well. Now Deepika was nude on her upper body and she was constantly giving me the shy looks and was trying to cover her boobs with her hands. I then took her left boob in my mouth and kept sucking on them while my right hand was tweeking her right nipple.

I changed positions with her boobs and sucked her right boob for another 20 minutes. Deepika now pushed me back and got on top of me telling me " shit, I couldn't act as if am new to sex for even one night" and she removed my shirt and jeans. Deepika then came in between my legs and took my cock in her hands first stroking it and slowly in her mouth.

Wow that feeling is so awesome even though she had given me blowjobs like numerous times. She was getting better with every time and now she kept sucking my cock and playing with my balls too. Deepika sucked my cock for some 10 minutes non stop that I spurted out my cum in her mouth and she even sucked me dry.

I came on top of Deepika bent down to take her nipples in mouth. Slowly I moved to her toes and came up from there lifting her saree and petticoat. I stopped at her inner thighs and was kissing them and took my hand to her panty pulling it down. As always Deepika had her pussy clean shaved for me and seeing that I parted her pussy lips and started to lick it from top to bottom.

Deepika's moans were getting louder with every passing second and that was driving me crazy. My lickings went deeper inside her pussy and at the sametime my left hand was playing with her clitoris. After some 5 minutes of licking I pushed in my middle and index finger inside her cunt and was stroking very vigrously. I moved my fingers up and deeper and finally after so many fuck sessions, I touched her G- spot.

I found that with Deepika's moans. She was moaning like hell and at the same time enjoying my act. Soon Deeps came in tonnes, her juices were flowing out like a water rushing out when the dam breaks. Deepika pulled me up and we had an amazing kiss which lasted for so long. Deepika broke the kis and asked me " oh dear, you have been such an amazing lover to me.

now tell me what is that u want from me? anything under the sky I will do it foy u". I smiled to her comment and said " oh deeps, you have showed me the wonderful world of sex. theres nothing more I can ask. but that I would want to have sex with u all through my life. will u be mine?" to which she said " I can never think of leaving u behind. u know that very well.

now that tell me your fantasy in sex. let me do that for u". I then told her that I have lots of fantasies to be fullfiled by her and one of that is I want to RAPE A GIRL. Deepika laughed at me and asked me " how do u want to proceed?". I told her the theme and we set off with that theme.

I was sitting in my couch watching TV and there came Deepika again wearing the same saree and as a matter of fact we both were dressed up again. Deepika was walking around the room as if she was walking in the outdoors and I was sitting in the couch as if I was watching her from a shop in the street and I set out to follow her.

At one point I went and hugged her from behind closing her mouth with a cloth and put her on my shoulders(actually it should have been that I dragged her into my car drove to my house) and walked towards the bedroom as if I was walking inside a house. Once inside I let her down and latched the door behind me.

Deepika was running all around the room to save herself and I jumped and pulled her pallu stripping her saree and throwing it away. I then pulled the cloth from her mouth and she was screaming for help and at the same time pleading me to leave her alone. I woudln't listen to her cries that I pulled her by her hairs and put her on the bed.

I jumped over her and started to kiss her lips and she wouldn't open hers. My hands went behind to strip her blouse off and tore off her bra. I then caught her face and tried to push my toungue inside her mouth and she didn't allow. I then bit her upper lips and she opened her mouth to scream and with that I put my toungue inside and started to play with hers.

I got up removed my pants and took out my hard dick out. I then pulled Deepika to stand on her knees and took her face to my cock. She was hesitant to take it in and didn't open her mouth. I forced my entry inside and started to push my entire dick inside her mouth which she couldn't take it. I kept fucking her mouth for some 5 minutes and then sprayed my cum on her face.

I now pulled down her petticoat and tore her panty as well. I wanted to tear open her blouse as well but she didn't allow as it was her engagement dress so I was left with tearing her bra and panty only. I tweeked her nipples hard so that it really pains for her. I moved down to her cunt and rubbed my fingers over her pussy and found that she was wet.

I told her " u fucking bitch, so u enjoy the act huh. now come on. go ahead and take my cock inside u" and with that I positioned myself inbetween her legs and entered her pussy without any warning. She did not expect that move from me and I kept fucking her cunt really hard. I fucked her for some 10 minutes and made her stand on all fours and entered her pussy from behind.

I fucked her for another 2-3 minutes before discharging my load deep inside her. I was slapping her butt to make it red and my finger prints were clearly seen on her butt. Both of us collapsed on the bed after the session and I fell over Deepika's back. We were lying down on the bed hugging each other for some 20 minutes and we were ready for the next round of love making session.

This time I wanted to fuck Deepika with her eyes blindfoled and also video taping our session. Deepika was excited too and I carried her to the dining table and made her lie down on the table. She had a small black cloth in her bag which I used to tie her eyes and I kept my mobile phone on the shelf near the table facing us. I put the mobile on video mode and came back to Deepika.

I climbed up to her and we started to kiss facing the phone for some 15 minutes. I then lifted her and made her stand in front of the camera and I stood behind her moving my hands all over her body. I was playing with her boobs, nipples and also I slid my finger into her cunt. Deepika then bent behind lifting her face to me and we were again kissing.

I then turned Deepika around exposing her back and arse. She hugged me really tight and my fingers were on her arse sliding inside her hole. We then turned sideways and I pushed Deepika to her knees and she straight away took my cock inside her mouth. She started to please me with her amazing blowjob.

She sucked my cock for some 20 minutes and then I discharged my load in her mouth which she swallowed happily. She even took some in her fingers turned to the camera and licked her fingers dry giving sexy expressions. I got super excited that I took off the cloth and made her do it again in front of the camera which she did.

After that I blindfoled her again and put her on the edge of the table and she was showing her cunt, arse to the camera and she was even fingering her cunt. I took the phone in my hand and was showing her whole body boobs, navel cunt, arse and her face and put it back on the stand. I came to her pussy and at first I inserted my forefinger inside her cunt and she was playing with her own clitoris and I was licking it at times.

Soon I put in my middle finger too and reached out for her G- Spot and was finger fucking her really hard. I wanted her to moan as loud as possible which she did for me. I get excited hearing her moans. Soon she had her orgasm and again this was also big as the first one. I then climbed up on the table and got in between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance and kept rubbing it there.

Deepika then put her hand and guided my cock inside her cunt and she wrapped her legs around my hips pulling me towards her. I bent down to kiss her lips and she opened her lips wide and we kept sucking each other's lips and I was fucking her in slow rhythm. After some 5 minutes I rolled back and Deepika came on top of me and she started to ride me shouting out my name and talking in the local language all dirty stuff.

I turned around so that she faces the camera and I was holding her hips. Deepika had her own hands playing with her boobs, shouting, and giving and sexy expressions to the camera. After some 10 minutes I stopped her and pulled out my dick and again turned around so that even on the reverse cowgirl position she faces the camera.

This time I wanted to fuck her arse and made her sit on my cock in that position. My cock after a lot of efforts found its way completely inside her arse. Deepika was jumping up in the air riding my cock. I pulled her towards me and she bent backwards, lying on my chest. I then made Deepika to finger fuck her own pussy and I was thrusting her arse from the back.

It was so good experince for both of us and Deepika went really mad that she was shouting " fuck me fuck me.. give me your baby... ooofffff yeaaaa.... mannn.... " and all this was in our local language which was even more exciting for us. Both of us climaxed at the sametime after some 10 minutes of hard core fucking.

I had no energy left that I just lay down on the table and Deepika was on top of me with my dick still inside her arse. We dozed off like that and we woke up at around 2 am. I carried Deepika in my arms and she took the phone from the shelf and we went to the bedroom. We transferred the video to my laptop and set out to watch the video.

Seeing the video both of us were aroused that I did not wait for anything that I made Deepika to stand on all fours and started to fuck her arse with the video still running. I rammed her arse for god 15 minutes and pulled out and shoved it in her pussy from behind. I held her hairs back and was all the time playing with her nipples, licking her back, neck, earlobes.

She would turn her face sideways at times wanting me to kiss her. I fucked for again for another 10 minutes and sprayed my cum deep inside her pussy. Deepika then came on top of me and we had a conversation about sex life and our relationship and all. Deepika told me that even if she is married to that guy for soceity am her hubby for herself.

I told her I want to fuck her as much as possible before her wedding which will happen in another 4 months as after that I would have to share her with her official hubby and that I would get a chance to fuck her occasionally. Deepika said that I can fuck her anytime even after marriage as she had put a condition that she would work after marriage and that she can always make her way out from the house to meet me.

She even said that she too wants to spend the maximum time possible with me before her wedding. She even mentioned that she wants her first kid to be mine and not her official hubby's.

It was around 4am and we were not in a mood to sleep so set to another session of love making and this time we were very romantic like we did not rush things up but rather had a good love making session lying sideways facing each other and the thrusts too were very slow in a romantic way.

This way I was able to hold on my climax for nearly an hour and she too enjoyed her two orgasms in the session. We got up and went to the bathroom at around 5:30am and had a warm shower and we lay down in the bathtub caressing each other. We got out around 7am and I was turned on seeing Deepika's wet boobs and hairs so I pulled her to me and we had another round of sex.

This time time she gave the bestest blowjob ever and I fucked both her cunt and arse taking turns. We then got dressed up and left for our homes. Our relationship is healthy and we still fuck around at least 3 times a week in my car. We couldn't set out for one whole night as she had to talk to her fiance over the phone. Next story I would explain how I once fucked her with she wearing a school girl uniform. That was a long time fantasy for me.

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Rahul Fucking His Cousin Neha And Her Friend Niyanta - VII

Previously: Rahul Fucking His Cousin Neha And Her Friend Niyanta - VI

Niyanta went inside as I came out; I moved to the room and waited for Niyanta to come. She came in and tried to pick up her clothes, but I pulled her holding her wrist and hugged her naked body and kissed her on her cheek. “mazza aaya sucking karwa ke” I asked her in a low voice while brushing my lips over her cheeks.

I could feel from her body language that she was not over, she was still having desire to enjoy. Moreover my fucking session with Neha played good role to arouse Niyanta even after discharging her fluid massively. “hmmmmm…. Tell me… mazza aaya ya nahi…?” I was enjoying exploring her fleshy body, her breasts were getting pressed over my chest and my hands were moving on her back and over her ass mounds.

She did not replied to my question but the best part was that she was not trying to get away, I tried to kiss her and she responded to my kiss after few seconds and we explored each other’s mouth. I moved to her breasts while standing there and squeezed them nicely for my pleasure, and then started sucking her nipples “Bhaiya bed par late kar aaram se suck kar lo” once again Neha interrupted from behind as she was back from toilet after pissing.

I took Niyanta to the bed and once again took her in my arms and started sucking her melons one by one while caressing the other one with my palm and once again she started enjoying my tender love making, she was moving her fingers in my hairs while moaning and continued feeding me her milk and I chewed her large erect nipples for really long.

Gradually I moved down and kissed her navel and then further down to her love opening and separated her thighs apart and this time she did not protested much and gave me full access of her fuck opening and I started licking her cunt tenderly and tried to explore her virginal walls with my tongue. Niyanta was moaning and gradually her moans were rising.

I was looking at her tiny pink hole in between while licking as now I was planning to enter in that tight channel. I continued sucking her tenderly showing no hurry and lied down in a posture bit sideways so that Neha can access my penis and I called Neha to suck me. Now we all three were on bed enjoying real threesome, first time we all three were involved in sexual activity at the same time as we see in movies.

Ohh…. God Neha was sucking me hard to make me hard again, but I had to suck Niyanta tenderly not letting her go too far. With in couple of minutes I was hard but I wanted to suck Niyanta more, I could feel that she needs more lubrication so I stopped Neha and turned and came on my knees and arms to suck Niyanta.

Niyanta cooperated and made a wider V from her legs and I went further inside her fuckhole. I opened her fuckhole with my fingers and one again tried to find out her clitoris with my tongue and it worked again, Niyanta trembled with a jerk. I did that again and she trembled again, I rubbed that portion of her fuckhole with my finger and Niyanta moaned loud and stopped me.

By now she was wet enough to take my monster inside tight fuckhole, but before that I had to convince her and to do that I moved and lied on her top and started kissing her and she responded to my kiss. I was laying over her top between her folded thighs and my penis was touching her naval,

I moved bit down and then moved up and rubbed my hard penis on her opening and she moaned loud and griped me tight, I did that once again and she went mad and griped me even harder and puffed in pleasure. “Niyanta….I want to fuck you, …please don’t say no….. mujhe daalne de apne andar….. warna main marr jaaunga tadap tadap ke”…

I spoke in sensual voice and then spoke again while caressing her forehead “Niyanta aaj choddne de mujhe …..please….daalne de apne andar” and then I spoke again, “main dheere dheere karunga….. tujhe jayada dard nahi hoga….” I was still rubbing my penis and balls over her love opening while saying that and Niyanta was going wild in pleasure,

“please…. Please….. aise matt karo….please mera ho jaayega” She tried to stop my movement by holding my hips. I stopped rubbing my penis over her fuck opening but moved my palm over there and spoke again while bushing my lips over her cheek, “Aaj mujhe Chodna hai tujhe……kholne de mujhe apni Chut”…. Niyanta’s thighs were somewhat trembling in fever,

I could feel it over my palm…”Boll Niyanta…Chodun tujhe ya fir Chut dobara chatwani hai?” I asked her in sensual voice Niyanta was at her best, she was trembling in lust and I could see that she was getting out of control “nahi…… Chodo mujhe…..… please daal do mere andar….. jo karna hai karo mere saath ……just fuck me…”

Ohhhh… god….finally Niyanta gave her consent and that is in Hindi “Chodo mujhe” hardcore Hindi words from her mouth were so arousing that my erection got double, moreover I got what I was trying to get from last so many days. Niyanta was ready to have sex and I could see that she was burning in desire to get fucked, I don’t know from when this fire was lit,

may be since evening from the time I was here to fuck Neha and I could realize that all my acts took her to such peak that she surrendered herself. Right now her body was demanding a real man and it was me who was going to fulfill demand of her body. I got up and sat down on my knees between her spread legs and lifted her fleshy thighs a bit and opened her fuckhole with my both the hands to see her virgin love opening,

wow she was so pink and wet like hell and her fuckhole was somewhat trembling or twitching in desire to get stuffed. I looked up Niyanta was looking at me while puffing, I jerked my penis couple of times and placed tip of my erect rod on her top and she trembled in fear. “please Condom lagga lo” Niyanta spoke in puffing voice as she could see that I have not covered my rod with rubber.

“daalne de mujhe bina condom ke, kuch nahi hoga…. Neha ke pass pills hain” I spoke while looking at her. “waise bhi Tuesday ko isski date hai” Neha spoke, she was laying beside Niyanta, “it’s Friday night….you are in safe period” Neha spoke again this time while looking at her friend, and then she spoke again “Bhaiya daal do aur andar hi chhod dena, kuch nahi hoga”

with that Neha went closer to Niyanta and caressed her hairs to give her support. I moved ahead and rubbed tip of my penis on her opening 3-4 times up and down and Niyanta went mad and moaned feverishly through out the rub, "OHHHHHHHhh.... God….. Bhaiya…..please…. please….nahi….uhhh.." she released another stream of dense juices from her fuckhole, I thought she cummed, “nikal gaya kya?”

I asked her “nahi….but please…aise matt karo…. Nahi to nikal jaayega” Niyanta spoke and from her voice I could see that she was on fire. Finally I squeezed my tip in her tiny opening and started pushing myself slowly into Niyanta, ohh… God what was that, I could feel her fuckhole getting ripped slowly,

I was getting inside her very slow and I think it was hardly an inch of my hard penis which made Niyanta’s mouth tore open in a big painful cry, Ahhhhhhhhhh……. Ahhhhh…… Ahhhh……I did not bothered about her cries and my rod was still going inside Niyanta slowly and I was crushing her womanhood well, I was feeling every fraction of my monster rod sizzling and reaming into Niyanta.

Her big breasts were bursting, and nipples were rigid with excitement. My penis was brutally filling her cunt inch by inch. Suddenly Niyanta tried to squeeze her cunt on my penis, may be to lessen her pain and I felt so good as she tightened my penis between her cunt and I too moaned loudly and uttered,

“Ahhhhhh……. Niyanta, I will fuck you baby I will fuck you” and with that I tried to go deeper in her fuckhole and moved my hips forward with jerk and I went inside Niyanta deeper. Ohhhh God… what was that, Niyanta just got out of breath and could not speak anything and got unconscious for few seconds.

I was sensing her condition, she was in extreme pain, Neha was already caressing her hairs, I leaned over Niyanta to kiss her, she did not responded to my kiss for a while but reacted when I continued, I looked into her eyes and our eyes met, she was looking beautiful while laying under me with painful expressions,

till now I was more than half inside Niyanta and it was really difficult to move ahead as her cunt was really very tight and boiling, but I was left with around 3 inches to go and now there was only one way to insert that “ Bas Niyanta ho gaya,…… meri jaan….. bass ho gaya…… hmmmm…bass bahut thoda sa baaki hai”

I was caressing her forehead and with that I pulled bit of my rod out of Niyanta and made another fucking stroke inside her tight channel with lot of power and touched the deepest edge of her fuckhole with my rod, I was completely inside Niyanta, till the root of my penis, I could see that she could not sense anything as the pain was beyond her ability to bear and I cannot write her condition,

she was in the state that she could not even scream, because she was out of breath. I was laying over Niyanta after putting my whole monster in her tiny fuckhole and she was holding me very tight to bear the pain, tears rolled down from her eyes and after few seconds of last fucking stroke which tore her fuckhole completely she cried with an open mouth 4-5 times like,

“ahhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…….“ I remained unmoved for next few minutes and came over her completely and started sucking her breast nicely; with lot of care, just to make her recover from the pain. I loved both of her melons one by one and for reasonably good time and now slowly she started moaning in pleasure and her pain seemed getting subsided,

though she was in pain and breathing heavy but she was adjusted with the pain and I could see that she was feeling much better than before. I lifted my head and looked into her eyes and as I saw her face, a strange sensation passed through my body as she was looking beautiful laying naked under my body, holding my penis in her fuckhole, her body was so soft and fleshy that I was feeling as if I am laying over very soft mattress.

I caressed her cheek and spoke, “bass ho gaya ab…. Pura andar jaa chukka hai hmmmmm….” I spoke again after a small pause, “abb main dheere dheere andar bahar karunga…..theek hai?” hearing that Niyanta got bit conscious and her breath got heavier, “please dheere dheere hi karna….. fast matt karna” Niyanta spoke and somewhat requested me,

I placed my lips over her and kissed her like a true lover by moving my tongue around her inner cheek wall and while doing that I pulled out bit of my penis and pushed it back. Niyanta cried again in pain, though I was gentle even then she got hurt. I did that again and she cried again, one more time and once again she cried with pain.

I continued this for a while with slow and short strokes and soon my hard penis made his way and my movement got easier, as Niyanta released more juices and her fuckhole got more lubricated. Niyanta was still in pain but somewhere pleasure was overcoming pain gradually as I could hear pleasure moans in between her painful cries.

Soon heat started rising in my body and with that my energy increased and now my inward strokes were fucking Niyanta properly. I was fucking her with long deep strokes and my balls were pressing her cunt powerfully every time I moved inward as I was trying to get deeper and deeper inside her with every stroke.

Niyanta was still in pain but blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed with that painful experience and she was unaware of this lovely feeling till now I could see that apart from being in pain Niyanta was enjoying this as well her pleasure moans were telling her state. I was fucking best friend of my sister and she was holding me firmly,

I was enjoying Niyanta’s virgin body as much as possible, moreover now Niyanta could feel the pleasure in which Neha was moaning some time back and like her I was also moaning in pleasure of fucking tight fuckhole. Niyanta was getting closer to her orgasm I could see, her moans were changed now, she was puffing strangely and now every thrust I made inside Niyanta,

it took out shattering gasp from her mouth and she trembled as if she will reach to her orgasm now, with this stroke. Don’t know why I slowed down my pace and finally stopped for a fraction, may be to last her orgasm for some more time and Niyanta got more uneasy and screamed “please…. Please….. fuck me….. Bhaiya….please …..tez tez karo”

She was at the verge of her orgasm and I started vibrating inside her again and now I was fucking her fast and gradually my speed was increasing, I was still in control and trying to read her body’s demand and from her gesture I could see that she was demanding more and more speed.

I started screwing Niyanta like I use to screw Neha with quick and short strokes, and I could see that Niyanta was trying to bear that pain and moaning in pleasure. Soon my hips started bouncing madly up and down in a steady rhythm and my penis was ramming Niyanta’s slit more furiously. Her breath was coming in shuddering, heaving moans.

Her hands were around my back thick fleshy thighs were wrapped around my waist, and her fingers were clenching my shoulders. Niyanta’s cries were getting sharp and erotic with my rising speed, Niyanta was totally crushed under me and suddenly Niyanta’s cries became sharper, and faltering gasps rose in pitch and volume and her orgasm become visible.

"Oh... oh... ohhh... ohhh.... OHHHHHHH!" She arched suddenly and tried to crush me in her arms and thighs and her body started trembling in fever. Tidal waves started hitting her body one after another and she started Cumming with jerks over her pelvis. Above her I was also about to blow and finally I squeezed my buttocks to spew out my junk and finally buried myself deep in Niyanta’s flesh.

I got up slowly and tried to look down at Niyanta’s fuckhole. It was swollen and badly ripped, she was no more virgin now, I was trying to find out blood spots but as such there was nothing like blood, I could only see bit of pinkish liquid on my rod near root of my penis “what are you looking for” Neha asked me as she saw I am looking for something, before I would have replied she asked again,

“blood….” I smiled on that and moved my head in yes, “bleeding hui thi, but bahut thodi si… maine dekha tha peeche aakar” she spoke again and confirmed. We both were exhausted and I was nearly dead. We all three lied there for long time and got up together; we me and Niyanta went inside the toilet together and came back and wore our clothes.

Neha was cutting down the fruits and soon called us in Niyanta’s bedroom. More or less it was like Neha’s bedroom, even she did not had bed, only two mattress were there on the floor. We ate lot of fruits and lied again next to each other and I was in the center of the two females. “kal ka kya plan hai?” Neha asked me, and then spoke again,

“rather you have two days, Saturday and Sunday, Monday ko Niyanta ke saath matt karna, Tuesday ko isski date hai” “tomorrow night both of you will stay at my place” I spoke after thinking a bit and then spoke again, “you will call my mom just to chit chat and tell her that you are getting bored as there is a holiday for three days”…. “surly she will call you to stay with her and you will say that Niyanta will be alone then”

I was somewhat instructing as I knew my mom very well, that as soon as Neha will say that her friend will be alone, she will invite her as well and that’s what we needed. So things got fixed for next day, we all slept beside each other there in Niyanta’s room after lot of sex talk and casual chit chat as well, and in morning around six when I got up I was hard.

I went to toilet to pee and came back, by that time Neha was awake, may be she was waiting for me to get up, and we started again, I kissed and took off her clothes one by one and I fucked Neha calmly in missionary and avoided Cumming inside her as she was not in safe period neither I was wearing Condom.

By the time I released my cum over her belly Niyanta was also awake, rather she saw us fucking for a minute, “mazza aagaya tu bhi karwa le ek baar” Neha spoke to Niyanta as she was over after releasing her cum. “nahi isski main raat ko lunga….. peeche se daalke…. wo bhi apne bedroom mein” I spoke in between while getting up and looking at Niyanta, and she blushed.

“Ok?” I asked her, she smiled and said ok after few seconds in low voice. After basic morning courses I came back to my home and slept for some time and came to office for the usual half day as it was Saturday. As expected around 12 my mom called me and told me to pick Neha and Niyanta while coming back home, and as expected I said yes to it.

That day both the girls were wearing salwar kameez and both of them were intentionally arousing me by showing there cleavage and many times Niyanta touched my fingers while giving me cup and tray of snacks and Neha rubbed my thigh whenever she got chance and all such things were arousing me a lot and both were laughing and teasing me.

Finally after long chit chats, lot of TV watching, and carom we were together for dinner and after dinner one by one everyone went to their beds including me and both the girls. Time was well passed to 12 when I got a knock on my door. Who else, it was Neha and Niyanta both and Neha was holding few pieces of Condoms for herself.

Among two, it was Niyanta’s turn and throughout the day I was thinking that how will I feel when Niyanta will suck my penis. By the time Niyanta and Neha came back to the room after using toilet, I was sitting stark naked resting my back with a wall while jerking my rod up and down with my hand.

“Niyanta aaja bed per, aur choos issko achhe se” I spoke to Niyanta and then spoke again to Neha “Neha issko sikha Lund kaise chuste hain” Neha smiled and Niyanta got bit nervous but I could see that she was confused but not reluctant to do that. It was not that I was saying erotic words just to arouse the girls, rather I was heavily aroused because of two and unintentionally I was using such statements.

Anyway I got up and went to them and kissed Niyanta lightly on her lips and tried to lift her kurta, and spoke again to Neha, “Neha pahle to nanga kar issko” then I spoke again, “aaj raat bhar main issko sone nahi dunga…… raaat bhar isski achhe se khol kar lunga” by this time Niyanta standing just in bra and panty, as at the same time I lifted her Kurta and Neha tugged the string of her salwar and her lower raced down to her feet.

“pahle isska doodh to pee lun” I pulled down the straps of her bra and started sucking her nipples while saying that and Neha unhooked her bra from behind and took it off from her shoulders. Niyanta raised her head in pleasure and moaned nicely in pleasure as I started sucking her big erect nipples.

Within few seconds my hands were exploring Niyanta’s bottom as her panty was pulled down by Neha just then. I moved my finger over her wet slit while chewing her nipple and she moaned bit louder and gripped me tighter and moved her fingers in my hairs. “bed par chalo” Neha spoke from somewhere.

I took her to bed and lied on Niyanta’s top and once again started kissing her and sucking her big melons. I saw that Neha was also taking off her clothes and soon she joined us on bed and came closer to us and tried to kiss me. I kissed her as well in between squeezed one of her melon and spoke, “ab tum dono mera Lund chusoge hmmmm, issko sikha kaise chuste hain”

with that I got up from Niyanta’s top and tried to make her sit by pulling her up from her shoulder and she sat down. I came on my knees and moved close to Niyanta’s mouth and spoke while caressing her head and hairs, “Niyanta chus issko achhe se…. good girl…. Ye bhi sex ka hi part hai” my one hand was over Niyanta’s forehead and other one was busy in jerking in my rod.

Neha motivated her by just pushing her from her shoulder lightly towards my penis without saying a word and Niyanta moved her face ahead and opened her mouth with lot of hesitation and took my penis between her rosy lips and took in her mouth. “ohhh…. God” I moaned in pleasure as I saw Niyanta’s beautiful face getting filled with my monster.

She was holding my hard penis in her lips very lightly and moving it in her mouth very slowly, once again I moved my hand on her forehead and pushed my rod bit inward and rubbed tip of my penis on her tongue and spoke, “achhe se chuso hmmm….. suck karo jaise lollipop chuste hain” and Niyanta did that once, “ohhhh god” I moaned once again in pain.

Her mouth was dry so it was painful “use your saliva” I spoke while puffing and then spoke again while looking at her on my pelvis, “pahle achhe se Lund ko gilla karo, fir dheere dheere chuso hmmmm….” Niyanta sucked me again ohhh….. it was better but still painful. I could see that Niyanta was hesitating but I wanted her to do this regularly so there was only one way to vanish her hesitation, just to make her suck as much as possible.

I tried to push myself in Niyanta’s mouth and she coughed lightly as it went deeper in her throat. “Neha…. Issko chus ke dikha” I spoke to Neha. Neha moved ahead and took my penis in her hand and spoke to Niyanta, “you have to take out your saliva and suck it slowly, ek dum dheere-dheere….” With that Neha took my penis in her mouth and started sucking,

“wow mazaa aagaya…..” I moaned while saying that and pushed myself inside Neha’s mouth and rubbed cock tip in her cheek walls for a while and took out my penis and once again looked at Niyanta and spoke to her, “ Niyanta choos issko achhe se” once again Niyanta started and this time it was much better, Niyanta took out her saliva and started sucking my rod.

Soon I started moving in and out of her mouth by moving my buttocks and gradually Niyanta copped up with my inward movement and started moving foreskin of my penis up and down with her lips. I started caressing her hairs to see her face filled with my big and hard penis and spoke to motivate her, “Niyanta don’t hesitate, achhe se chuso issko,…

it’s a part of love making,…. tujhe shaadi ke baad apne husband ka bhi chusna padega” then I spoke again “main bhi to chusta hun tumhari Chut ko achhe se hmmmmm…..” I think Niyanta got aroused with my words and she suck me more affectionately and I moaned in pleasure she was getting better and better and by the time I stopped her she was doing it wonderfully.

I pushed her on her back and parted her legs apart and came on my knees and elbows and bent down to suck her and just before starting I lifted my bottom bit up and spoke to Neha “ Neha mera Lund neech ghus ke Chus” Neha went inside my legs and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking,

God….what a scene that was, once again it was proper threesome just like we see in porn movies, at my higher end I was buried between Niyanta’s fleshy thighs to suck her cunt and I was doing well, she was moaning in pleasure and at lower end Neha was lying between my legs and moving up and down while holding my thighs, as I was on my four and sucking her best friend.

I stopped Neha and turned around tried to make 69 while saying, “Niyanta 69 karte hain” I was sucking Niyanta and Niyanta took my penis in her mouth and this time from the very first second she was amazing, it was perfect suck for a person like me, Niyanta was using lot of saliva while sucking my rod and did not showed any hurry.

It was so pleasurable that I stopped sucking her so that I can enjoy her sucking without getting involved in sucking myself and started using my finger to fuck Niyanta’s cunt, in between Neha took my penis from Niyanta to suck but I stopped her by saying, “Neha chusne de issko” and Niyanta started again, at my end I was fisting Niyanta while getting sucked and soon she started moaning loud as she was gradually reaching to her climax.

I stopped exploring her cunt as I saw her fleshy thighs trembling in fever. Once again I lied on Niyanta’s top and asked her while kissing her cheek and brushing my lips, “Niyanta daal dun ab tere andar hmmm…” Niyanta widened her thighs to get me between her thighs, “bol…. daalun dun ya abhi aur chuswani hai” I asked her again as I wanted to arouse her with my words.

“Nahi bus ab daal do,…… Bhaiya please jaldi karo….. mera ho jaayega” Niyanta spoke while puffing in pleasure and I could see that she was really very aroused, but I was in mood to tease her for some more time as she was teasing me since 2, “no…. first say…..daal do mere andar apna Lund aur achhe se Chodo mujhe” I told her to speak hardcore Hindi words as they were really very arousing in her voice,

“come on speak up” I spoke again “Bhaiya….. please daal do mere andar……..Apna Lund aur mujhe Chodo achhe se” she spoke in a gasping voice while looking into my eyes, “bol kiss position mein chudna hai tune?” I asked her in which position she would like to get fucked, “aise hi dall do” she instantly replied as she wanted to get fucked desperately.

“nahi….. say….. mujhe ghodi bannakar peeche se Chodo” Once again I told her to speak Hindi sex words while getting up from her top and Niyanta also got to turn around and came on her four to get me from behind. “Niyanta look at me aur bolo jo maine kaha hai bolne ke liye” I spoke again and told her to speak what I have said while looking at me as by now I was behind her,

Niyanta turned around in the same position and tried to look at me and spoke, “mujhe peeche se Chodo, ghodi bannakar…..Ahhhhhhh……” she spoke all that in her sensual feminine voice and moaned loud with a jerk at the end of her statement as I was trying to find the exact location of her fuck opening with my finger and my finger just slipped in as she was ending her statement.

I penetrated Niyanta after bit of problem because her ass buns were really big. Oh god…… what a entry that was we both moaned together and Niyanta raised her head in pleasure as I pushed myself further deep after pulling me back for a fraction. Finally I was holding Niyanta’s fleshy and widely spread ass mounds and pumping her from behind,

though we both were enjoying but it was really difficult for me to fuck her from behind for long as her ass was really very big and fleshy and I was facing problem in pumping her fast and again and again my penis was completely getting out of her fuckhole. I tried to push her down from her upper half and she went down, Neha could sense what I am trying to do,

so she helped us to get into better position and holding her waist she tried to lift Niyanta’s bottom bit up and Niyanta got hint that what I am trying to do and she lifted her ass to give better access of her hole from behind, “Ohhhh…. God” I moaned loud and Niyanta also cried in pleasure as I was getting deeper in her hole from behind,

it was much better than before but still I could not stand up on my feet and could not attain my full speed. I stopped and took out my penis and spoke to Neha “isski knees ke niche dono pillow rakh de” Neha obeyed her elder brother so that her brother can fuck her best friend better. Once again I entered in Niyanta and because of pillows now I could fuck her much better.

I buried my whole penis in Niyanta several times from behind while moving slowly back and forward and pressed her cunt with my balls. At last, I moved with some speed, and began pumping my hips in a steady rhythm, driving my monster in and out of her fuckhole with lot of control.

But soon I dug my hands into her buttocks, held her huge hips tight and began to rock her back and forth, jerking her cunt up and down on my hard penis. With in few seconds I started losing control on myself and I got up on my feet and lifted Niyanta’s bottom bit more up and my speed increased like hell and now I was ram fucking her.

Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" she cried."Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Yes fuck you baby….!" I panted joyously. I was fucking her with rapid thrust and I think it was painful for her, though I could see that she was enjoying as well,

suddenly Niyanta tightened her legs and clamped my huge penis in her fuck hole may be to control my speed but I was already at the verge of the burst and I moaned like hell as it just took my breath “Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!" “Hanh uhhhh maa, eeeeee ahhhhh….. mummy” Niyanta cried like a child as well, she too reached to her climax and it was a violent orgasm.

Her body got racked by heaving sobs as the dam exploded in her fuckhole. Her fingers were clawing the sheet and she was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of her pubic area with sudden jolts. My own explosion was uncontainable now, I screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out my white sticky cum deep inside her tunnel.

I must tell you that in an air-conditioned room we both were sweating heavily, and completely exhausted and we collapsed on bed on the very next second. I regained in few minutes but I could see that I was no way near to fuck Neha but I had to, after all she was my sister, and for me there was only one way to get an erection,

and I told Niyanta to speak naughty and vulgar Hindi words and she did that and started making sentences on her own using proper Hindi hardcore objects and few sentences which she spoke in her soft feminine voice while jerking my penis were, “Bhaiya peeche se dalwa ke mazza aagaya…..” “bahut achhe se Choda aapne mujhe….. ab Neha ko bhi achhe se Chodna……”

“apna pura Lund isske andar daal deena” Niyanta was hesitating while saying all this and it was really very arousing to hear her saying that and soon I was bit erect. Now I needed a suck and that is from my darling Niyanta and she did that as well, I sat down around her neck and inserted my semi erect penis in her mouth and gradually started fucking her face properly,

I called Neha and she stood on bed keeping her fuckhole in front of my mouth and once again for some time we had proper threesome, I sucked Neha to arouse her more and soon I was in condition to fuck Neha. Initially I fisted Neha with my 2-3 fingers for long to tease her after she lied down to get penetrated so that I do not have to work hard with my penis and finally I succeeded in fucking Neha and making her cum nicely after covering my penis with a Condom.

Though it was not a long fuck and I busted my load within 4-5 minutes I was inside her, and Neha too busted and cummed in those 4-5 minutes as she was already aroused. I must say that my sister’s tight pussy is like a warm blanket for my fat cock which is craving more but fortunately for the time being Neha too got satisfied.

I remember time was well passed to 2:30 when both girls went out of my room but it was not an end of our threesome fucking weekend. Next day was Sunday and we had a booking of movie after lunch and after movie I was suppose to drop them home, rather I must say I was suppose to fuck them again and we just started taking off our clothes as we reached to there flat and I fucked Neha and Niyanta together,

I started with Neha and fucked her for couple of minutes in missionary without any protection and then penetrated Niyanta by keeping her one leg straight and other thigh on my shoulder and ripped her fuckhole for nearly same time, then I again took Neha under me and fucked her by keeping both of her legs on my shoulder and once again after few minutes Niyanta got stuffed in her cunt in missionary and I finally cummed inside her.

Though it was risk for Neha as she was in her unsafe period but we were ready to take that risk by relying on pills to enjoy this sort of threesome in which I was taking out my penis from one fuckhole and pounding other. Believe me friends, no doubt fucking a girl is really pleasurable but fucking two girls at a time is something out of the world.

Anyway that is ending of my first sexual experience with two girls together Neha my cousin sister and Niyanta her best friend. As expected even these days we three are enjoying life up to max and practically I am living in heaven with two of my fucking partners, I often stay at there place and fuck them one by one on the same bed and sometimes both stay on there beds and wait for me, I go in there room one by one and fuck them up to their satisfaction.

I must mention that after say around one month from my first fuck with Niyanta I took Neha to one mobile shop and bought her new mobile of her choice and there me and Neha spoke the truth to Niyanta that I have actually trapped her to fuck her and in response she accepted that after knowing this fact that Neha is involved with me sexually even she wanted to get sexually

active with someone and when I approached her and she realized that she can get sexually involved with me she grabbed that opportunity and started sharing single cock with her best friend. So in the end whatever happened between me and Niyanta it was through mutual consent.

As I said in the beginning that this will be my first and last post to the site because now I will not be able to gather this much patience, neither I will get this much time again. Truly speaking I have spent nearly a week to write down this along with working in the day time I have been able to do it because both Niyanta and Neha have gone to there home town for few days and I do not have much to do in the night.

Rather I have decided that as soon as my script will appear on the blog I will send link of that page to Neha and Niyanta so that they can also read there fuck story. For readers I will say that I know this very well that description has gone too long, just because I am not a professional writer and I really don’t know how to cut a long story short, and for me everything was important to mention. Anyway I would like to read your comments, negative or positive whatever you think I deserve.

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