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Danny fucking his Mom

Hello every one m danny(name changed) m a big fan of hd I hav read many stories in this blog from 2 years.today m narreting my own experience.please forgive me for the mistakes in narriting as my english is not good.to tell about myself m good lookin 6 "height with athletic boby.

m pursuein engineering in banglore.the woman with whom I had sex is my mom.me n my mom stay in a two bedroom flat as my father works at dubai and cumes home once in two years.to tell about my mom she is a woman to die for she had 36d boobs she was slightly plump with flesh at right places.she used to dress up in moder attire wn ever v went shoppin she would attract guys around.

some times she would wear dress showein ample of cleavage.she was my piece of mastrubation from the aga of 16.i used to sniff her used panties &mastrubatefantisein her.she is open type I sum times would walk in wen she is changing & I hav seen her boobs &nipples but not her bush as it would b hidden in her panties.i used to peep into the bathroom wn she was bathin

&shagg seeing her.sum times I would catch her boobes she din oppose me.once she went went to market to buy vegetables wearing a saree which was transpernt showein her cleavage.i was turned on seein her butt swinging.immediatley after she went I mastrubated sniffing her used panties &cummed in it.she returned after an hour.i was turned on again seein her.

when she was placing the veges in the fridge bending down I was temptede seeins her ass.she got up & saw me staring her but din tel anything but smiled.i went to my room & was mastrubating thinking of her I was so horny that I din notice that she entered mt room.i was scared she asked me wat r u doin.i din reply she came near me saw my 8 inch dick &

was stunned.she tld me that she new that she was my fantisy & I used to mastrubate sniffing her panties.she tld me that she was happi that she was her soon fantasy & cought my dick and started moveing it up n down I was very hapi she put my dick in hey mouth n started bloweing me I was pressing her boobs removed her saree,blouse & petticote,

she was wearing black bra & panties,she removed my clothes I was naked.we started smooching.this continued for 15 min we came to 69.i was suckin her clint I found her g spot she leeft out a koud moan aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............pls fuuuuuuuuuuuuc meeeeeeeeeeeee sonnnnnnnnn make me ur sex slave

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bitch pls fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.soon she opened her legs wide open bu ti kept fingering her she kept moaning..she had a huge orgasm I drank her juices without wasting....

i dick was rock hard.oosing out pre cum she got up took a candom frm the drawer,,,,i thought it was my dad's but later I came to know that it was our old driver'swho quite the job a year ago who fucked my mom.she slide the condom on my dick she positioned mu dick into her pussy my tool went in easiley.

her pussy was so loose like a prostitute pussy which will b loose form over use(frm my experience with a pros).i din asked her I started strokin very hard she started usein dirty language...........sullamaganey............chucho..........bollemagane,,,,,,,,,,,nan hotaley hutry nana.........nen sulla mad konday allva........nan nin nay kano

(u son of a bitch fuck me ur born from this process only.make me ur bitch)i felt her pussy contracting I started strokeing really hard she had a massive orgasm.i continued &cummed inside the condom she removed the condom &drank my sperms filled in it.we both slept together for 2 hours later I felt sumthing cold on my tool I woke uo to see my mom sucking my cock.we had oral sex.

wn I asked her dad is dubai he din cum home for one &half year ur pussy shud be tight but how cum its so loose.she blushed & told me her encounter with our driver,co passenger wn she went to her frnz place in train.until today we r fucking daily trying new positions.

we also had sex wn my dad had cum home.it was more fun as u all no that eating mangoes by robbing gives more fun than buying it.in my nxt story il tell how I allowed my frn to have my mom for money.pls comment.

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Sowjanya bhabhi fucked by horny devar - III

Previously: Sowjanya bhabhi fucked by horny devar - II

Hi guys disz bunny back wid another experience with my sweet bhabhi very next day of our encounter I felt some tiredness due to sex with my bhabhi I slept in my room as soon as my bro went to office my bhabhi came to my room n woke me up she took me to bathroom n made refresh n took me to living room brought milk n feed me while feeding me

she pour milk on my bare chest n started to suck my chest with her tongue while biting my nipples which she aroused my n said "TODAY ITS MY TURN TO FUCK UUUUUUUUUUUUUU BABYY" n started to explore my mouth n while her hands working on my cock it gave me boosting to me we kissed nearly 20min I started to press her boobs to my surprised she did not wore her bra.

i undid her n started to her boobs bite her nipples meanwhile she took my cock out n started to pump my cock after that I made her stand took off her pant again here no panty I asked her "YYYYYYYY TODAY NO BRA N PANTY" she said "ITS FOR U MYYYYYYYY DARLING " n started to kiss me hard I then took her to her bedroom made her to lie on bed n started

sucking her pussy she was moaning AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH while im sucking her pussy it made a sound SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP which made me go crazy n started sucking more wildly as soon as she got heavy orgasm she

took my head ti her pussy n held tightly n she took my cock into her mouth n started sucking my cock I was going crazy n stopped her n said her to go for 69ing n we both started to explore our parts as I was sucking her pussy I fingered her ass n she was gone mad n started to suck me hard as soon we both reached our orgasms we drank our juices n started to taste

each others cum while kissing as we r kissing my cock is poking her pussy n I made her to sleep n widen her legs to get room to fuck she stopped me n said "DARLINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG TODAY FIRST FUCK ME IN MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS" I said ok n she came on to me n inserted my tip in her ass n shouted

in pain I said to lubricate my cock n pussy she took glass of milk n made to dip my cock in milk n started to rub her ass n inserting slowly she repeated dis process 10 to 20times she finally inserted tip in her ass n stayed in that position I got hold of her n got on to my back n kissed her explore her mouth to which she started to ram her fingers in my hair all of a sudden

I pushed my cock in her ass she was in pain n tears started to flow I drank her tears with passion n with another thrust my whole cock is in her ass after 2min I started to pump her ass slowly with small thrusts now she started to enjoy my fuck n kissing me hard when I started to fuck her ass she started to pump my mouth with her tongue it was a different feeling n pumping

her fast she stopped me made me to lie on bed n she started to thrust by moving her hips up n down initially she started to fuck me slowly gradually she she started to fuck me faster as she reaching her orgasm she had cum on my cock part I withdrew my cock from her ass n made her to be in doggie style n I inserted my cock in her ass again n started to fuck her hard after

fucking her for 15min she cummed in her ass n I fell on her n started to explore her body she turned my side n kissed me we moved to bathroom n now we r under shower it made to turn on n started kiss her madly n started to lick her face n spread her my saliva on her face with dis act she got crazy n hugged me tightly n said

"I LOVE U JAAAAAAAAN I DONT WANNA MISS U AT ANY COST" I said "I LOVE U TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BABY" I moved n down n sucked her pussy in no time she said "DARLINGGGGGGGGGGGG FUCK MEEEEEEEEE I CANT WAIT FUCK ME HARD DARLING" with that I made her to stand to wall n inserted my cock in her pussy n started

to pump her slowly initially gradually increased my speed after fucking for 15min I took her to bedroom n I sat on bed n made her to sit on my lap facing me n she started to fuck me hard making hard thrusts she fucked me for 10min n I lifted her up n made her to sleep on bed n started to pump her hard very fast she had 3 orgasms after ramming her for other 15min

I was about to cum she pulled me too her n kissed me hard we both r cummed at same time while we both r cumming she bite my lips n it made a mark on my lips n we both went to bathroom n had bath together n I moved to college for my project we both had satisfying sex that day n I wished u liked my experiences n love u all gals aunts bhabhis n any gal aunt bhabhi can have my service to have sex can contact meeeeeeeeeee love u all.

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Lisa having memorable sex

I am Pushpa who had an affair with my FIL and have jolly good time. My detailed account was posted in my previous post. I have seen some of your comments, some of which were not in good taste. Its ok. Now I have something totally different to tell you. and I dont know how you people are going to take it.

I told you I am working in a private company where many students come for help to finalise their dissertation for their MBA degree. One such girl working with us was Lisa, 23, tall girl, with 35 24 35. She is so beautiful that she appears to be more a film star material. Her face, complexion, deep red colour of her lips, her fall of hair, her gait, thick fleshy thighs gave such impression.

But her face always carried a pensive mood and she did not mix with people freely except me. I used to give her lot of help to collect information useful for her thesis. Somehow she liked ma and I too liked her. Her parents were abroad and she stayed with her grandparents. Another cousin of hers was staying with them.

She always wore very modest clothes and no jewellery, no make up. I used to take her for tea to a nearby restaurant. Once she asked me how I am able to maintain such a smiling face with positive energy when my husband is away for more than three months and I am sex starved. I tried to answer her question. But she insisted.

Though we both are almost of the same age, she called me her elder sister and asked for my guidance in her personal matters also. She told me confidentially that her cousin who was three years younger to her was troubling her in sexual matters. They both occupied same room in two different beds, but he used to poke his erect cock on her face and boobs urging her to agree for a fuck session.

She says his cock is very small and is like a pencil but very stiff. He is psychological case and intense counselling may be required to make him normal. Lisa told me that once this boy had actually inserted his tiny penis into her pussy but was not able to perform to the level of the eagerness he displayed.

Lisa said that she is very much sexually oriented, who is not, but this fellow made things very bad and she does not even fantasize. To console her I told her about my story of how my FIL fucks me with his monster etc. Lisa was aghast and was looking at me with open mouth and eyes.

She put several questions to clarify, whether he is an old man, whether he has sexual interest, whether his tool rises, ejaculation rising pregnancy risks etc. When I clarified all her doubts, she told me that she would like to get fucked by him at least once just to know and enjoy. She begged me to somehow arrange a chance for her to get fucked by my FIL.

I got angry and asked it is not a joke. How can I go and ask him to fuck my friend? He will shout at me and create a scene. Lisa said you just try, if he refuses, it is ok. If he agrees imagine the amount of pleasure he will be giving me. Please Pushpa, please devise some plan so that I may come to your house and get a good fuck.

We made out a plan and asked her to come to my house in the evening. In the evening I came from my office, got busy in the kitchen and got the supper ready. My FIL as usual was busy browsing in his computer. Lisa came by 7 pm. I evinced surprise and took her and introduced her to my FIL. He was very much impressed by her looks.

He out of courtesy asked her to join us for supper. I told him that she had come to consult in connection with her thesis. We ate our supper. My FIL was looking at her with great appreciation. He likes good looks. Lisa had it plenty. Her low cut blouse revealed more of her cleavage. We could see my FIL greedily ogling at that.

I told my FIL that Lisa may stay back since it is too late for a lone girl to travel all the way to her house. She telephoned and informed her g/parents. In the night when I took the ayurvedic medicine to my FIL asked me lot of questions about Lisa. I understood that he is interested in her. As usual he asked me to lie down so that he may start his fucking exercise with me.

I had come prepared without my bra and u/wear. I just stretched in his bed and he put his favourite porno site and watching it he came near me and started to press my boobs. His cock was already erect. He indulged in the preliminary foreplay so that he start his fucking machine. He just came over me and inserted his cock and was watching the porno video with great interest.

It gave him lot of energy. His cock was going in and out of my cunt slowly. We both were nude and I could not see the monitor. Suddenly Lisa opened the door and came in without making any sound and stood there watching our performance. This was according to our preplan and the door was not bolted for that reason. FIL did not realise that there is somebody watching.

He was concentrating on the monitor and in his in and out movements. When Lisa made a small sound, he got shocked and pulled out, got up and looked back and seeing Lisa he was amazed. He asked her "how did you come, why did you come", she replied "Sorry, Uncle, I was searching for Pushpa and when I pushed the door it opened and I thought she may be here" When he got up his cock was in full erect condition.

I got up from the bed in fully nude condition and searched for my clothes and put them on. Lisa was looking at the whole scene in total disbelief. My FIL slowly came forward and came near Lisa and took hold of her hand and guided her to the cot. She was asked to sit. He did not make any attempt to hide his nudity. Lisa sat on the bed and her eyes were glued on his erect huge cock.

He unbuttoned her blouse and she did not protest. He just removed her blouse and she cooperated. She was now in her bra. He unhooked her bra. and the whole thing came off and her boobs were there in full bloom with nipples erect. My FIL slid her to lie down in the bed and removed her skirt. She was just in her panty. He pulled her panty also down.

She was in a dazed condition. I just watched the whole show and told my FIL that it is wrong what he is doing. He should have talked to her first. FIL was in a happy mood and he was looking at me and said that let Lisa also enjoy along with us. He touched her boob. Suddenly Lisa woke up and told my FIL "Uncle, I am a virgin, dont spoil me.

Please uncle" He said "dont worry, child, I wlll make it very smooth and you will enjoy it and remember it throughout your life. Ask your friend about her experience" He asked me to get some coconut oil from the kitchen. In the meantime, he was licking the nipples of Lisa. She was moaning with pleasure.

After licking and sucking both the nipples, he came down to her cunt and was licking the whole thing. She has a clean shaved cunt. Lifting her knees up and opening her cunt wide with his fingers he was licking her clitoris with great taste. Lisa was high with pleasure. I waited with coconut oil. Looking at the scene, I was aroused very much. I was rubbing my cunt with my hand.

FIL saw me what I was doing and turned to me and asked me to lie down near Lisa. He licked my clit also. Applying coconut oil on his own monster and on the cunt of Lisa. He placed the cock on her cunt and rubbed it on her clitoris. He inserted it slowly inside and was watching her. She showed pain in her face. He withdrew instantly and asked her to watch his doing me.

Lisa looked at me and saw how smoothly his cock went inside me. He fucked me with great vigor. Within five minutes I reached my orgasm. He pulled his tool out and went to Lisa. Readying her cunt, he inserted his tool in her cunt. It went in with some difficulty. But pushed the whole thing in within a minute. Lisa was enjoying the tightness of her cunt with the tool.

He started to fuck her slowly and then slowly increased the speed. Lisa was enjoying the whole act. I sat near her and put my hand on her boobs. Though she had reached her orgasm within seven minutes, FIL continued to fuck so that he may reach his orgasm. Lisa had her second orgasm and third also by the time my FIL pulled back his tool.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned our body parts. All three of us standing totally nude was a sight to be seen. Lisa and I came back to my room carrying our clothes and discussed the whole episode.

Lisa told me that she enjoyed more than she had ever envisaged and told me that she will delay her thesis so that she may more and more of this fucking experience. Even if I go away with my husband on his getting a family visa, Lisa said she will come and take care of the uncle and get fucked. She kissed me in gratitude.

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Karachi lady showing ass cheeks and tits on video chat MMS

Sexy Pakistani air hostess from Karachi sitting in bed waiting for her lover to join in Pakistani air hostess pulling down salwar to show her ass crack on skype video chat
Karachi babe showing juicy tits on cam to tease her lover Pakistani air hostess from Karachi showing mouth watering boobs on Skype during sex foreplay

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Siddhant watching wife Shivangi fucked by best friend

Hey everyone this is siddhant from lucknow.This is a story about how I saw my wife getting fucked by one of my best friend and the revenge sex that I had with his wife.It is a totally true story and even I cant believe what I saw from my wives devil.This happened just two months back and I m still recovering from the shock,

i m writing this incidence to show that you cannot trust anyone in this world and I am telling you all guys that it is a real story and such things do happen. I am 28 years old with and I got married a year back my wife's name is shivangi, she is 26 years old. ours was a love marriage. shivangi is as beautiful a wife as anyone can get.

she has a milky fair complexion, nice firm boobs which are always hidden under her push up bra and an ass to kill for.Personally she is sweet to anyone.People use to lust by seeing her and I knew she had this habit of tempting other guys.Even my friends had an eye on her,but I used to keep her like my treasure.she was referred as kristen stewart in our group because of her fantastic looks.

Neither one of us was virgin when we started dating as myself had numerous encounters with girls before.We had sex many times before our marriage but the real stuff only started after marriage like kinky,roleplay,watching porn together,trying new positions,having sex in different places like kitchen.bathroom,terrace,office,garage,parking lot etc.i am always into these kinds of adventures while she also would never say no to such acts.

The real story starts from the day when I recieved a promotion around a month back and my best friend parth who is also my colleague asked for a treat.So we made a plan to go for dinner with our wives to a nice restraunt the following day.So the next day we dressed up and all left for dinner.

Shivangi was wearing a sexy one piece dress which I had just gifted her on our wedding anniversery, she was looking damn hot and I knew that she could turn on any guy in the restaurant. But I liked all this because I never thought my wife would cheat on me. We reached their and parth also arrived with his wife in sometime.Both were around the same age as ours.

First let me describe parth,he is a handsome man a bit on the shorter side but with sharp features and a nice masculine body while his wife's name is alina.She was also no less than a bombshell.she was a total chikni and we all know muslim girls are very fair.Their marriage was also like mine ie love marriage.She was also in one piece and was looking extremely gorgeous.

So there was a lot of chit chat between us during the dinner and most of it was double meaning stuff,but I noticed one thing during the while that parth was all the time looking towards my wife with an hungry face and my wife was also as usual tempting him and blushing at every double meaning joke that he said. But I didnt mind as I thought it was normal and even I was flirting with his wife but in a good humour.

After a few days I had to go out of town for office purposes and shivangi needed some urgent help at home so I sent parth to my house. He did the work and my wife told me she thanked him for doing it. Till that time everything was normal and I can be sure because a few days later as I and parth were sitting in our office cafeteria he was continously texting someone and he was doing it in such a way as he was hiding it from me.

I smelt something fishy there and I asked him whom he was texting but he gave me some lame excuse but I was determined to find out.So that day I started to look for a chance to check his messages or email and I was lucky to see that he left the office early that day complaining about about stomoch ache.I thought I was lucky and went to his cabin and fortunately he had forgotten to logout from his facebook account.

After opening it I received the shock of my life to see that he was chatting with my wife and that she had written that he can come to my house asap.She also wrote that she is ready to accept his proposal.I was dumbfounded by what I read.I couldnt believe what I read was true. she knew I wont be back from office till 9pm and it was 4pm at that time.

I had to stop this and straightaway and I went to my house.After reaching there I saw the car of parth parked there and I was ravaged with anger.As I reached my bedroom window from outside the house I heard a sensual song playing and I could see from the window that they were dancing and parth's hands was on my wives hip.

i dont know what happened to me at that moment but I stopped there and wasnt able to do anything,it was like I was scared to catch my wife red handed. So I started seeing what would happen next and then I saw parth and shivangi started smooching each other.They were french kissing and my wives tounge was inside my best friends mouth,

then he lifted her up and made her lie down on the bed and then started removing my wives suit leaving only her black bra and pink panty on.even I got a hardon seeing this.Then he asked her to remove his clothes.She was not at all shy and she removed every bit of parth's clothes.

My best friend was stark naked in front of my wife and then shivangi started stroking his penis which was of a huge size as compared to his height while he he removed shivangi's bra and panty.Now she was totally nude,her gorgeous body was without any clothes and her pussy was without any hairs as she used to regularly trim her hairs,seeing this parth said you will take me to seventh heaven today.

He than told her to suck his dick while pressing my wives boobs.shivangi then went on her knees and took out her tounge and started licking the tip of his cock.Parth was in heaven as she took his whole dick into her mouth aat once.he was moaning aahhahh ahhhh ahhhhh shivangi u r an excellent cock sukker where had siddhant hidden you.after 5 mins he said he is coming and my wife left his cock.

Now parth said its time to fuck you and made her lie down,even shivangi had become extremely horny by this time.she was shouting come parth fuck me.give me the pleasure.i m bored with my husband's lund and chodo mujhe abhi. I knew that when shivangi gets horny she starts dirty talking in hindi and I loved it and even my cock had become like a tent seeing my wife in action.

But now it was time for parth to give shivangi some hard action.He took his 7 inches dick which had just been massaged by such a beautifull girl and inserted in her trimmed pussy.By that time she was totally wet so his cock went inside without any problem as shivangi's pussy was used to taking my 7 nd a half inches cock.

Now parth started slowly ramming her and then increased his speed while shivangi was moaning loudly aaah aahh aaah parth cmon fuck me,fuck me harder,tear my pussy,aaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah,chodo mujhe mai tumhari randi hoon jab man kare mujhe chodhne aa jaaya karna aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah,

lund toh mere pati ke paas bhi hai par tume uska sahi istamal krne aata hai part,i love you parth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah,cmon cmon I am your slut. and parth also fucked her rapidly.After that he fucked her in doggy position and hardcore position. Then shivangi asked her to lick her pusssy and parth was more than happy to do so.

He went down and inserted his toungue inside her pussy and again again she started moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah parth aaaaaaaah parth,u r the best,aaj jannat dikha di tumne mujhe and you have given me all the pleasures in this life.aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah parth and parth continued using his toungue.

Shivangi experienced multiple orgasims while parth's sperm also came twice.Then they lied down on each other while parth's one hand was still inside my wives pussy while the other was on her boobs. I knew I couldnt watch more,that was the limit.In one day I was betrayed by my best friend and by my wife, therefore then planned to take revenge on both of them and have revenge sex with alina who is parth's wife.

It took me two months to plan this revenge and in the next part I will tell you guys how I fucked alina and then taught parth and my dear shivangi a lesson. Till than thank you for reading my story. I will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!

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Assamese girl from Nagaon tits exposed and fondled by boyfriend MMS

Assamese girl from Nagaon showing juicy tit while talking on phone after sex Assamese girl from Nagaon showing juicy boobs after fucking sex with boyfriend

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Sowjanya bhabhi fucked by horny devar - II

Previously: Sowjanya bhabhi fucked by horny devar

Hi disz bunny again here im wid the other sexperience with my bhabhi again....... since my bro had holidays n periods to my bhabhi did not sex since a week jus kissings licks only after her preiods are over n my bro went to office n my sweet bhabhi is doing her household chore in kitchen i slowly tiptoed to kitchen n hugged my bhabhi from behind n firmly pressed her boobs

n said "darling i wanna love u im hunger since a week" she said "shout up let me do my work" n i started kissing her neck n sucked her ear lobes while pressing her boobs she turned to n started kissing me passionately we kissed for 10mins n i took out her top n bra n started sucking her tits eagerly n sucked the navel she was holding my head towards her boobs tightly

i removed her pant n panty n took her to my room while going i took a honey bottle from fridge n i made bhabhi to lie on bed n i poured honey on her body n started sucking her each n every body part n i poured honey on her pussy n started licking her pussy n clit after sucking i entered my tongue in her pussy n started tongue fucking her after 15min she had orgasm n

i drank all the juice from her pussy n i undressed myself n went beside of her n started kissing her i fondled her breast meanwhile stroking my cock within no time she was in between my legs n started sucking my cock n poured honey on my cock n started sucking hard in 10min i cummed she drank all my cum n said "YR CUM IS SOOOOOO TASTY WITH COMBINATION OF HONEY"

i pulled her hugged tightly n started kissing her madly within no time my cock is rock hard again i made to sleep on her back n inserted my cock in her love hole n started fucking slowly for 15 min till she had 2 huge orgasms after that i started to fuck her with high speed after ramming her for 20min more she reached her orgasm twice n i was about to cum i

hugged her very tight n drilled with full speed n i shot my hot semen in her pussy n hugged her tightly n dozed in that position after 2hrs i felt someone kissing me allover my face n we kissed our lips passionately n exchanged our saliva n she said "LOVE U DARLING N THANKS FOR WONDERFUL SHOW"

she got up n went to dress which is in kitchen while walking her ass swings in rythmic way so i got crazy idea to fuck her in ass so i went back of her n hugged her from behind n made her n made to sit in sofa in such a way that i suck suck her lovely ass n started sucking her ass she was surprised with my act n said

"DARLING U R CRAZY N I LOVED IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" with that i started sucking hard n i fingered her pussy n finger fucking her within 25min she reached her orgasm i too her cum in finger n inserted it in ass n finger fucking her ass now within no time inserted 2nd finger n she wildly pressing my face to her ass n i said her

"BABY IM GOING TO FUCK UR ASS" she was with confused n said "IT WILL BE PAINING N IM SCARED HONEY " then i said "U WILL BE ENJOYING BABY TRUST ME N LETS HAVE SOME MORE FUN" she said "OK DARLING ANYTHING FOR UUUUUUUUUUU" so i rubbed my cock to her ass hole n trying to insert i found some scaryness

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