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Hot sex with cousin Sneha

Hello readers. Am a great fan of HumanDigest, that I used to read stories in here ever night before going to bed and masturbate imagining that am the guy in the story. Most stories are very horny that I save them and read it later again. Here am going to narrate my sex experience with my cousin Sneha.

We were of same age and she was from down south Tamil nadu and I am from a city in same state. I have not mentioned the names of our cities for privacy. She had come to my city to pursue her engineering. I also joined engineering but in different college. She used to live in a girls hostel nearby her college and visit my house every weekends. We were like normal cousins and shared some news among us. She had a stats of 34 32 38. I have a normal 6" dick.

I had an urge to have sex with her from the day she came to my city but didnt dare to take the next step. First year of college went as usual with no interesting thing happened between us. We used meet during weekends and it was usual talks. I could not take the next step further. It was during our second year of college that there was a wedding in her city and my parents left 2 days before.

We both had work in our colleges so we had to take a bus the previous day of the wedding and return back the same day of the wedding. It was a Tuesday and I went to college as usual and returned back by 6pm. Sneha was supposed to come to my place by 8pm and we had to catch the 9:30 bus. There was a heavy rain all of a sudden and Sneha came home fully drenched.

Her shalwar was completely wet was hugging her figure. I had an immediate hard on seeing her. She came in and changed her clothes and we went to the bus stand in a taxi. It was a sleeper bus and we had a double birth sleeper( I was happy inside). Once into the bus she was near the window and I was lying next to her.

I had a thought it is now or never so I somehow managed to start to the conversation and finally headed to the topic of girlfriend and boyfriend. I asked her if she had any boyfriend ( knowing that she was in a girls college). She said that she doesn't have one and that I was the only male who is in constant touch with her.

That night we had some discussion on relationships, sex before marriage and blah blah. We reached the wedding place attended the wedding and in the night had to catch the same bus back. Again we had a double sleeper and occupied the seats in the same fashion. I again started the conversation on relationships and finally had her aroused as well.

Though she did not show it out but I could make it from her face. We then switched off the light and lied down with blankets over our bodies. After some 10 minutes I moved closer to Sneha and put my leg over hers. I didn't get any objection so took some courage and put my hand as well on her hips. Even now she didn't object. Slowly I moved my hands up and placed it on her boobs.

Even now she didn't say anything. I now started to squeeze her boobs over her shalwar and inched closer to her and hugged her from behind. I kissed her in her neck and bite her ear lobes. She let out a moan. Fearing that someone might hear us I covered her mouth with my hand and continued with my foreplay. She then turned around and we saw our faces for the first time then.

I at once kisse her on her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and our tongues started to play. I then took her right hand and placed it on my dick over my shorts. She then slowly put her hand inside my shorts and took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it. Meantime I was playing with her boobs over her dress. The whole journey I was playing with her body.

We reached my city by 4 in the morning. We then took an auto to my home. Once inside I straight away hugged her from behind andcupped her boobs. I then turned her around and wekissed for some 5 minutes. She broke the kiss and went to the washroom. She came back wearing a nightie and I too changed into my shorts with no undies.

I carried her in my arms to my bed and got in top of her kissing her all over her face. After some foreplays we got undressed and I saw a naked boob for the first time in my life and she saw a dick for the first time. She had 34 sized boobswith a dark black aerole in the centre and her nipples were rock hard.

I took both her boobsin my handand was squeezing it and pressing her nipples as well and first I licked her right boob and slowly started to suck her right boob and she was moaning in pleasure. I kept sucking her nipples for sometime and changed position on her boobs and did the same with her left boob.

I then kissed her lips and she opened her lips letting my tongue inside her mouth and soon our tongues started to play and meanwhile my hands were on her boobs. I then went down to her pussy and found it to have pubic hairs. So we decided that we shave it off first. I went andbrought my trimmer and she had the hair removal cream as well.

First Iused my trimmer to trim the hairs and again shetrimmed off the hairs from my chest and my pubic hair. Wethen applied the hair removal cream on each others' body and cleaned all the hairs.Chest, armpits and pubicarea. We then cleaned ourselves in hot water and I carried her to my bed and made her lie down with her legs wide open.

I bent down and touched her pussy with my forefinger and moved my finger up and down. I could feelher juices out there and slowly opened her pussy lips and sawthe pink colored vagina and touched it. She let out a moanarching her head back and biting her lips. Her hands were on my hairs.

I then asked her if she had masturbated to which she said "hmmm hostela naanga sex pathi pasuvom. approm night thoongum bothu ennoda fingersah use panni thadavuven ( meansin hostel we girls talk about sex andin the nightbefore sleeping Iuse to rub myvagina with my fingers)". Iagain asked her if she had inserted her fingers inside to which shesaid nah she hasn't done that.

I then told her it might pain now but you will eventually enjoy the pleasure later on so bear the initial pain. Saying so I slowly inserted my forefinger inside and she had pain and was trying hard to control it. I then placed my left hand in her mouth and she was biting my fingers. I remained there inside without moving for sometime and started my to and fro motion slowly and soon increased my pace.

She had an orgasm and was a big one and my finger was still inside and she contracted her vaginal walls. I again started to finger fuck her and this time I succeeded in inserting my middle finger as well and was finger fucking her with two finger. I was fucking her till she had a not!
her orgasm. Now I went up and put my finger in her mouth and made her suck my fingers dry which she did.

Soon she got up and rushed to the washroom and cleaned her mouth. I was standing down from the bed at the edge and she came to me and made me sit on the edge. She sat on my lap and we started to kiss each other and she made me to lie down without breaking the kiss. We were kissing for a long time and finally broke the kiss.

She moved down to my dick and it was rock hard and my pre cum was oozing out. She was not comfortable in taking my dick in her mouth. Being the first time I didn't force her too. So I asked her to give me a handjob which she did and while doing so Sneha had her eyes glued to my dick.

Soon I reached my climax and I told her and she continued to with her handjob and I sprayed my cum on her face and hairs. I then carried Sneha to the bathroom and we had a shower together. I came out and threw her on her the bed and I came on top of Sneha and positioned my dick and her entrance and spread her legs wide apart.

I lay on her kissing her on her lips to stop her from screaming and I pushed my dick inside and being the first time for both of us my dick didn't go inside. I then applied some Vaseline on my dick and her pussy too. Finally after some 5 tries, the head of my dick went inside her. Sneha screamed in pain. I bent down and kissed her lips to avoid the sounds.

I pulled my dick out and again pushed. This time half of my dick went in. I was kissing her still and waited for her pain to subside and pulled out and pushed again with some more force. This time I went fully inside her and stayed there for some time. I had her mouth closed and could see tears rolling out of her eyes. I waited for 2 minutes and then started my to and fro action.

I fucked her for not more than 5 minutes. Being the first time for both of us reached the climax early. We then lay back on each others arms for 2 hours. We then got up dressed and I took her in my two wheeler to have some coffee and I went to the medical shop got condoms and iPills as well. We got food for breakfast and lunch and came back home.

She went straight to my bedroom and I went behind her and took her in my arms and threw her on the bed and got on top of Sneha and was kissing her all over the face. I tore her salwar to which she said lets not have rough sex. I was in no mood to listen to her and took her boobs in my mouth in the same pace.

I then did not wait for anything that I started to fuck her pussy in full force and I discharged my load deep inside her.We then had bath together in my bathtubcame out andhad breakfast. I played some xxx movies in my comp for Sneha to show her some hard core fucking. I then told her that by giving blowjob u will satisfy your man and the woman will have pleasure when her man sucks her pussy.

She then browsed some videos on blowjobs and finally she gave me a blowjob that afternoon. We just did foreplays in the afternoon. Evening we went to lingerie shop and I choose some sexy lingerie for her and asked her to wear it that night.I asked Snehato dress up like a bride. I got her a sexy transparent black saree with sleeveless blouse and deep cut in the front and just a rope at the back.

We got back home and Sneha went straight to get dress up and she came out wearing that saree and she looked sexy like never before. The sare was a total transparent one and you could see her cleavge through the saree. I did not waste a second that I immediately took her in my arms kissing her lips. I then carried her in my arms and she had her hands around my neck.

I was walking towards my bedroom when Sneha came up and kissed me on my lips. We kissed till I threw her on the bed. I got on top of Sneha and removed her saree exposing her bare skin and blouse. I started to suck her boobs over her blouse and soon removed the rope behind there my sex goddess lay with her saree awayexposing her boobs.

I slowly undressed her one by one and wehad passionate sex that nite, Sneha gave me some 6 blowjobs and I too sucked her vagina like 5 times. We ended up having 4 hard core sessions taking rest for some 20-30 minutes inbetween two sessions. We even bunked college the next day. I had sex with Sneha all over my house. Bedroom bathroom kitchen slab dinning table.

That evening Sneha left for her hostel and I dropped her there. We after that had sex whenever possible not on regular occasions but we managed to get our lust satisfied like bunking colleges and going to some movie hall to have foreplays.

I once took Sneha to a hill resort for a weekend and we had sex like honeymooners. We never stepped out of the room for 2 days. We are still in contact and we are doing our final year of engineering and we still have sex like a newly wed couple whenever we get chance.

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Posted by panther
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fake story. . Is that your human hand or a iron rod to pick her up every now and then. And is she a toy or a human to through her on bed every now and then. :p

Posted by Deepika
on: August 7, 2012 12:01 PM | Reply

good story. nice fucking. my first experience was a similar one but with my boyfriend. I got fucked like 4 times from afternoon till nite.

Posted by mysterous
on: August 7, 2012 1:11 PM | Reply

thala kalkitinga...........mass fucking story..............

Posted by Jeet
on: August 10, 2012 8:45 AM | Reply

You squeezed her boobs over her shalwar(not shirt). Ha ha ha

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on: May 6, 2013 5:07 PM | Reply

Nice sTORy!

Posted by Sania
on: July 31, 2013 3:01 AM | Reply

Hot and nice story

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