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Guy posting naughty fantasy

I can never forget tht most beautiful day of my entire life. It was a sunny Sunday noon when god has decided to shower his blessings on me. It was my lucky day when we have decided to meet. I think destiny had kept something in store for us tht day. Since that day, I have never felt a better sensation, it feels like it was a dream, a summer night´s dream. You clearly outstripped all my expectations.

When I picked you from market, my heart almost skipped a beat just having first look at you. U were looking so stunning in blue tshirt and jeans. We then proceeded to our destination to get engrossed into each other. The whole route passed with ur sweet talks & Once we were there, we got ourselves comfortable in the room available.

I can recall u were hesitant about the room and staying there and was bit uncomfortable initially and so was I a bit but I dint show. We had lemonade and settled there. I remember to have rested my head on ur knees while u were sitting at the corner of bed. I think fortune ws smiling on me tht day. Ur fragnence was driving me crazy and I cudnt help bt to pull you towards me.

Your lips looked inviting and juicy as always. Gently touching your lips filled me with an ever increasing passion for u. it was so wonderful and amazing, cant describe in words. Then I started licking your earlobes and neck. U let out a slight moan that made me go crazy. By the time, my hands were exploring the unseen territories of your body.

Yours was such a soft and silky skin I cudnt help but to movee ahead and take off ur tee. U were constantly saying no bt I seem to be in some other world. It was one of the most marvelous creation of god which I had seen. U had a body to die for. I remembered to kiss you all over while you were still resisting.

Your bra was obstructing the view and holding the most magnificent breasts in its cage.i remember to hv slowly unhooked it from behind to have the full view of most amazing assets one can ever have. My jaw was dropped wat I saw. It was way beyond my imagination. Milky white round and firm boobs with small aerolas in the middle erect and waiting to be sucked.

I started trembling as I run my hands on them. They are ripe and fullsome and just perfect.u left out a hugh sigh as I put on mouth on them. It was something new to me and the aroma of your body was driving me crazy. I sucked both of them one by one and it seemed like eternity.

by the time, u also got more comfortable and also combing my hairs with your long fingers which was actually driving me insane. I felt like sucking onto a sweet and ripe mango but it tasted far better than that. . Then I slowly moved downwards and kissed on ur belly button and stomach. U had butterflies in stomach by tht time and ur eyes were closed.

I then proceeded downwards and inserted my finger in ur lingerie. U were resisting me bt I seemed to be out of control. It was already wet with your love juices and as I took my finger close to your love hole, it was emitting lot of heat.as I put my finger inside, it was all wet and hot there. Slowly I started doing it up and down and both of us felt restless.

I had this strong temptation by then to kiss you down there.i slowly unbuttoned your jeans while you were still resisting. Then I took off your already soaked lingerie and have a gud luk at the clean shaven love hole. It was pink and extremely beautiful. I cudnt resist the urge to lick it.

As I came near, I realized the strong fragnence coming from your love hole which again drove me crazy. I cudnt help bt to kiss you there and u let out a moan. I then licked the whole area from my tongue and entered it deep inside. It was so sensual and the feeling was just beyond words. U seemed to enjoying by the time.

Ur eyes were closed and u were making sweet but loud sounds. Then all of a sudden, u jerked and tighten the inner walls and came in volumes. My tongue got completely wet with your love juices. It tasted really sweet something I hv never experienced before.u made a huge sound when u orgasmed. I was also out of control by that time and slowly started unbuttoning myself.

After I got naked, u called me towards u and we hugged profusely. Our 2 naked bodies were emitting lot of heat and it was so soothing and comforting for me. your skin Is so soft and subtle that really surprised me. you are actually like a sponge which needs to be handled with care. I then proceeded myself to enter u in missionary position but was unable to do so.

You then hold on to my rod and make me enter you. It was warm and tight inside and I felt like m on top of the world. The sensation of fulfillment I experience when I was inside u is unforgettable. U were luking too pretty lying there with eyes closed.I felt your imediate response as I entered u.It comes in the form of delicious moans and low sharp screams you let out.

We just went on and on and ur loud moans were driving me crazy. then I moved you and entered you from behind. It was something divine and we were both panting in sweat and heat. I was going in and out wildy and u were also making huge noice. Again, u tightened ur inner walls and made huge sound and orgasmed. I was also on the verge of climax and cudnt hold for long.

I was amazed to have come in large volumes. It was so good something beyond words,the best love making ever of my lifetime. I never knew it cud be so beautiful. We then lay straight in each other arms and hugged for while. Our hearts were beating very fast and we cud hear each other;s beats.

it was all serene and beautiful and you luked more pretty than ever.. I wished the moment cud hv stopped there itself and clock doesn’t work. Bt then like all gud things come to end, we had to get up to leave for our homes.

Now Anxiety strikes me when I start thinking about us: my fingers around your nipples, and then your whole breast inside my mouth.. cannot stand one more week without your wonderful and delicious body. I need to see you soon. I need to feel the taste of your skin and your sweat. I need to see your expressions of pleasure when my tongue touches your love opening.

Our bodies are instruments of mutual pleasure. I want to feel that unshakable harmony that happens every time our skins touch. I crave for all the sexual pleasure a woman and a man can give each other... I don’t know if I should print these feelings in a mail; I may even be misunderstood.

But the reason I’m doing it is because I know you know me like no one else does. And you understand that this is more than simple lust, but the certainty that I love you and that my love for you shows itself not only in my mind but also in my body! I´d like to pay in double everything you gave me that day, and finally lead us into total ecstasy once again.

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Hot sex encounter with Fatima after breakup

Dear Readers. I have been a huge fan of HD for quite some time now. After reading all these stories I finally made up my mind to narrate my true incident. Let’s get there. This was somewhere in 2007 when I completed my graduation and was working for a small-time company. At that time I was really heartbroken after I broke up with my GF.

To cheer me up one of my friends lets name him Abhinav had planned for a trip to a beach resort here in Chennai to change my mind and also to relax a bit. He was also calling another common friend of ours Rohan and Fatima. We were all set to travel in Rohan’s car.

When we picked up Fatima I was stunned for a min because she resembled my GF with whom I broke up recently. She was dressed in a simple salwaar Kameez, very innocent. After spending the whole day there we were about to leave. And Abhinav wanted me to get linked with Fatima. And so indirectly gave me her number in front of her and gave her my number.

We started chatting the very same night and in a couple of days our chats started turning out to be sex chat. We had a bet and if I won the bet she said she would sleep with me. I was shocked.. and then agreed. and eventually she lost. I aint sure if she did it on purpose. And now it was gonna be my first sexual encounter. At that time I had never ever felt a girl’s body.

We decided the place to be one of my cousin’s friend’s place as he was alone there. It was 10 Am in the morning. I picked her up from a point on my bike and went to the venue where that guy opened the door and straight away directed us to the room. Me and Fatima were sitting on the bed, lookin at each other and smiling.

I understood she was waiting for me to start and so I asked her, for what are we here. To which she replied I dunno. I went close as if I was going to choke her neck, pulled her towards me and started kissing her neck. To which she responded really well. After sometime she also started kissing my neck and biting it. Slowly she came towards my lips and we started smooching.

This was my first smooch ever. We smooched like crazy for about 5 mins. And then I slowly removed the zip of her kameez which was behind and started feeling her bare back. Soon we broke our lip lock, I started pulling down her kameez from her shoulder and started kissing her all over her neck, shoulder and was pulling her bra strap with my mouth.. I Soon removed her kameez.

She also started to undress me. She removed my shirt and started licking my shoulder and chest. And slowly started removing my belt and pant as well. I was lying down in my jockey. And then I took charge. I started sucking her cleavage, and pressing her boobs to which she started making sexy sounds.

And then she told me, Jaan isse utaaro aur mere soft boobs ko apne mooh main lo. (Love, remove my bra and take those soft boobs in your mouth) hearing this I put my hand inside and pulled the bra upwards and unhooked it. I was a fresher in removing Bra then I found it complicated. And then it was heaven. I took her lovely boobs in my mouth.

She had sexy light brownish nipples which were really hard then. Oh I forgot to tel her boob size. She had cute 32 size boobs. She soon put her hands inside my undies and took my 6 inch tool in her hand and started playing with it. She came on top of me, went down, removed my jockey and started rubbing my penis.

I was in cloud 9, 10, 11.. and in no time she started giving me a blowjob. I was speechless and started breathing heavily. I was so horny that after she finished sucking my penis I jus pushed her on the bed, pulled her panty down and saw her clean shaven pussy …. Man. It was heavenly. I slowly started rubbing the tip of her pussy and she was getting wilder now.

I inserted my finger inside her pussy and my other hand was pressing her boobs. Soon She started giving out love juices. I slowly moved towards the pussy to lick it all and… there was a knock at the door and it was time to stop here. The story doesn’t end here. There is a lot more fun with this chic. Please comments to encourage me write the next episode more erotically.

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Chennai guy getting naughty with office babe

Hi, It has been long time since I was just thinking to write my sex experience. Finally took time to pendown the scene. I am working in chennai. Life was going cool & fine until I met my girl., I met a girl at my office since she was from a place near my native talks went fine between us and have been coming closer day by day.

Spending more time on calls speaking generic things and turning slowly to adultive talk, never crossed our limits. Once both of us went home & while returning we were travelling together. Since it was the first time we were travelling together, both of us were little excited and very energitic for no reason.

we were sitting together listening to music slowly came near, touching each other arms. I was in my tees & she was in salwar. coming to her structure she is slim built with 30-28-32. our bare arms started feeling the warmth of our bodies.

She was feeling very different and I could sense her inner feelings. But I was little hesitant to go further, since it was train and want to be more clear in proceeding, to avoid guilty scenarios after improper approach I was just waiting for my turn. after dinner we took place on our upper berths and chatting something.

Sarcastically and jovially I caught her arm few times, she was resisting the act and requested not to touch her. when I asked the reason she said that she is in some world which she wasn't before, she said that she is not able to understand those feelings. answered that it is giving good pleasure but feeling little worried about whats happening in her. I asked her whether she is expecting the same., she asked what ??

I asked whether she like those intensions, for which she answered that she is bit pleasured but scared whats going wrong. And questioned what it is? I asked does she like want to experience it in an immense way, she was questioning how. immediately I inserted my hand in her dress and hold her left breast.

she was shocked as I was, with my act she was completely shivering with fear and enjoying with pleasure at the same time. I asked whether she is feeling uncomfortable., she screamed what are you doing, I said trying to give you more pleasure & asked shall I leave. for that she asked to squeeze harder.

I was squeezing more harder & harder and made her nipples erected. crawled from my berth and moved closer to her and tried to maintain eye contact. I wanted to kiss, for that she said that someone maybe watching us, I understood that she was aroused & immediately smooched her started gently & been little wild.

Kissed few times. after that she asked to hold for more time & a bit more harder. I did & let her have more pleasure & squeezed her boobs very hard. In the mid night she woke me and said that she is going for restroom, I asked whether she want me to help her in peeing. she just asked to shut up & accompany till the restroom.

Once she came out I just pulled her very close & grabbed her boobs from behind. Hugged her kissed her very harder. Later I was planning to have her on bed & planned for a tour. Will continue soon...

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Ronit fucking horny aunty in Ooty

Hello friends, my name is ronit(changed). I have been reading stories from debonair blog regularly and I am going to tell you one of my personal experiences now. it is about one of my aunties whom I really liked and wanted to fuck her badly. let me tell you about her body features. she was a very sexy women.her fig was 34-32-36.

she was very tall about 5.11' nearly to my height.i am 6.1'. she was a little dark like bipasha but her face was very cute.her name was meenu i was first attracted towards her when I was in my 12 standard. our families went to ooty and she also came with her husband and a small child. I started fantasing her from that time.

she was very sexy and her husband used to fuck her regularly. whenever we went to the hotel all other families gathered for chit chat while both of them directly went to their rooms and closed it. she used to leave her child with us and I clearly understood that they are having their fucking session. she used to give me very sexy glances and I got a hard on always looking at her.

well my fucking incident occured three years after that. I took admission in engineering and went outside my city for studying. but this incident happened during my vacation i was home during my end semester exams but I was not able enjoy much due to heavy raining. one day when the sky was clouded I thought of going on a bike ride to enjoy the weather.

but as soon as I reached some distance it started raining heavily. my bike also got stuck in the way and was not starting. so I started to pull my bike and tried to take it to a nearby shed where I could take shelter till the rain stops. when I was pulling the bike I crossed the house of meenu aunty.

she was enjoying the rain from the balcony and her son was playing with the rain water she saw and started calling me. I noticed that she was waving hands and calling me so I stopped in front of their house. she came down and asked to come inside and wait till the rain stops. I showed but reluctance but then I agreed to her and got in to their house.

I didn't enter the main door. I was standing in the front porch and was waiting the rain to stop. aunty came outside and asked me to get inside the house. but I told her that I am completely wet and would spoil her house. she hurriedly went inside and brought a towel and asked me to dry myself and take my clothes off as I am completely wet and would catch cold.

I agreed to her but told her i am little shy to change my clothes outside. she asked me to go to the bathroom. I went inside directly. there I cleaned myself and got rid of my wet clothes. in the meantime aunty brought me 3/4th capri which was of her husband. I wore it and came outside the bathroom. I was not wearing anything above and also not wearing any undies as it was wet.

the only clothing was the capri and that also was very thin. I could feel my penis easily from the top of the cloth. aunty asked me to sit while she was preparing tea. I asked her about uncle to which she said " he is out of the city and would return tomorrow morning". I then started watching t.v. and put on a music channel to listen to songs.

but the video of some songs excited me and my penis got into semi-solid state. suddenly aunty called me to take the cup of tea as she was carrying some snacks. the kitchen was little less in its breadth and thus our bodies brushed slightly and I could fell the side of the ass. I got immensly excited due to this. I saw that my penis was poking from the capri and making a tent there.

so quickly I went to the chair and sat down so that aunty could not notice it. we started talking regular topics while having tea. then she went outside to get her son who was playing in the rain. while she was walking I saw her bums were waving in the air as she was wearing a maxi. the maxi was completely opaque but still I could see her sexy curves.

when she came inside she bend slightly to pick up the cups of tea and my eyes directly popped to her clevage as she was wearing a low cut maxi.she caught me popping on her breasts and gave me a smile. I was confused to why she smiled. she came back and we started talking obout our visit to ooty and how much she enjoyed there.

I gave a wicked smile to this. she asked me why I was smiling. I said " aap ne waise bhi kuch jyada hi maza kiya tha waha pe". she suddenly became shy and asked me what I meant. I said that you were spending most of the time with your husband behind closed doors and I am not so dumb to get this.

she said "waha ka weather hi itna cold that ki main apne aap pe control nahi kar pati thi and unhe kai bar jabardasti andar leke chali jati thi aur baki to tum jante hi ho hum kya karte the".is par main bola "han janta hu kya karte aur kafi jealous bhi hota tha". wo boli "kyun" Main bola "koi itni sexy chiz ke sath maze kar raha ho to jalan to hogi hi na"

wo boli "kya main tumhe sexy lagti ho" main bola "itni sexy ki main to aap jaisi wife ke liye kuch bhi karne ko ready rahunga" is par wo khadi hui aur apne bete ko t.v. ke samne baitha diya aur boli "chalo andar chal ke dekhte hai tum kya kar sakte ho:Main turant uth ke unke piche chal pada.

bedroom main ghuste hi main turant darwaja band kiya aur piche se jaake unhe jakad liya aur apne lund unke ass pe ragadne laga maine unhe diwar pe dhakel diya aur piche se unki gaand ko lucd se dabane laga aur unke breasts to apne hathon se. fir main turant niche baitha aur unki maxi mai ghus gaya aisa lag raha than thi main kisi andheri jagah main hun.

maine hath se unki thighs feel ki aur uspe apne hothon se kiss karne laga. fir maine unki panty utar di aur unke ass to dabane laga. maine unke ass par apne danto se kaat bhi diya jis par wo karah padi. fir main unki maxi se bahar aya aur unhe kiss karne laga. kiss karte waqt main unke ass aur unke breast ko buri tarah se bhinch raha tha.

hum dono ek dusre ke muh ko puri tarah se explore kar rahe the. aunty puri tarah se excite ho gayi thi aur mujhe response kar rahi thi. fir hum alag hue aur wo turant mere lund ki taraf jhapti. mere kapri utar kar wo mere lund ko chusne lagi thi. mujshe ab khada nahi raha ja raha tha to main bed pe let gaya aur wo mere lund ko chusne lagi.

fir thodi der main maine unke mouth main hi apna semen chod diya. unhone wo pura pi liya aur mere upar khadi ho gayi aur apni maxi utar di. ab wo mere samne full nude thi. unke body pe ek bhi baal nahi tha aur wo puri tarah se shave ki hui thi. main turant unki thighs pakad ke unki chut ko chatne laga aur ek hath se unke boobs dabane laga.

wo buri tarah se karahne lagi thi. fir maine use lita diya aur uske upar chad gaya aur apne badan ko unke badan se ragadne laga. fir maine unhe pet ke bal lita diya aur apne lund ko unki gaand pe dabane laga. Itne main aunty boli "chalo ab andar daloge warna main mar jaungi."

Main turant unki baat maan gaya aur unhe sidha karke apna lund unki chut main daal diya. is par wo jor se karah padi. main dar gaya aur unse pucha "Apke bete ko sunai to nahi dega" is par wo boli "nahi main apne husband ke sath kai bar kar chuki hun aisi halat main". Fir maine lund pura andar dhakel diya aur aunty jor se karahne lagi.

maine karib 10 min tak usi position me sex kiya fir unhe doggi style ke liye kaha. mujhe unka ass bahut acha lagta tha isliye maine unke ass pe smack marne laga. aunty boli chalo ab andar dalo bad main mar lena. aur main turant sex karna shuru kar diya.

thodi der main maine apna semen unke andar hi chod diya aur unke upar hi let gaya. hum thodi der tak ek dusre ke sath nange hi lete rahe aur fir mera lund khada ho gaya. aunty aur maine ek aur round ka sex kiya aur fir main apne ghar ke liye nikal gaya.

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Sara and Anna using Zucchini as sex toy

It was late in the afternoon when I went back home, my Mom told me that she and Dad would be going out for a dinner and late night movie with one of Dad's business associates from France and asked if I wanted to join them. I declined telling her I was not too keen on going out, I knew they would be out late and it would be a perfect opportunity to invite Sara over to my house for fun.

In the evening I went to Sara's she readily accepted the invitation, I planned to cook for dinner for Sara. I wanted to make a baked dish and needed to buy some supplies, including broccoli, asparagus and cheese. These vegetables are rarely stocked at foodbazzar in Infinity and I knew I would have to go to Godrej's nature basket.

Sure enough I found all the vegetables I needed at the store, I even picked up a few red and yellow bell peppers, it was slightly expensive but was worth it. In the market I also found our new favourite vegetable : Zucchini, Google it if you are not sure.(Thanks to Wikipedia, we learnt it's not a vegetable but a fruit, thus the second title)

It caught my eye instantly, and was lust at first sight. It was dark green and shaped like a nice round cucumber but longer, much longer. I chose two foot long zucchinis, one almost straight and another one which was curved towards the stock much like a banana but more bent. There were bigger and thicker once but I didn't want to tear our tiny pussies, both the one I chose were more or less 2 inches thick.

In half an hour I was back home, Mom was getting ready to leave and meet Dad at his office, I got out the cook book and got to work. Near 8 dinner was ready, and the table was set I went upstairs and blind folded Sara and brought her to my house. Sara had bathed and dressed herself up in one of long cotton skirts and a pink top that I had gifted her, she looked angelic.

I opened the blindfold and seated her at the table, the candle lit dinner was fantastic . Under the table my feet travelled up her skirt and along her thighs, Sara thought well in advance and had come sans panties. Sara loved the food and asked me to teach her how to make the dish.

We watched Young People Fucking (YPF), no it's not a porno and it is actually a really nice movie, I suggest you watch it. While watching the movie Sara and I cuddled on my bean bag, inevitably our hands were idle and got naughty and we lip locked several times.

After the movie I took Sara into my room she sat on my bed and leaned on the head board and opened her legs wide in a slutty fashion. Her crotch was still hidden by the folds of the dress, with her finger she beckoned me to come closer. I dropped on top of her and her legs wrapped around my body, we kissed deeply it was a silent conversation.

We both wanted each other and no one else no fantasies but just raw sex. While we were kissing our hands roved all over each other's body. Sara's hands had come to rest on my ass, I was wearing a thin pair of grey leggings, and Sara enjoyed pushing the fine fabric into my ass crack. One of my hands had worked its way her top from behind and had unclasped her bra, the other one was busy tweaking her nipples.

We paused for a bit so I could remove Sara's top and bra, she took the advantage to get me topless too. She got on top of me and began to play with my boobies, gently squeezing them and pinching my nipples. I made her bend over me so I could get at her breast, she kept teasing me dangling her breast just out of reach. I finally pulled her down and gave her a love bites over both her tits.

Sara's bare shaved pussy was resting flat against my stomach near my bellybutton, and I could feel her wetness build up. Right opposite my bed stood my dresser and it reflected Sara's bear back, I was really tempted to get a look at her gorgeous behind. I lifted her skirt and looked into the mirror, Sara realized what I was up to.

She looked into my eyes and seductively asked, "want a better view?" I nodded my head. Sara turned around and got in to the 69 position, and stuck her butt in front of my face. All I had to do was lift up her skirt and get a direct vision of her bum, I slowly unveiled her ass. It was a perfect view and I was staring directly into her anus.

Her back door looked like a dark pink rose bud, I leaned forward and kissed her all over her round buttocks and finally kissed and licked the centre of her bum. Sara loved the attention and backed her ass up and sat on my face placing her moist cunt over my lips, when she straightened her torso my nose was wedged in-between her buttocks just over her bum hole.

Sara had no idea that she was smothering me with her bum, and I had to spank her so she would move and I could breathe. Sara apologised and said she was sorry, I told her it was ok and strangely I found the smothering kind of kinky.

We continued in the 69 position, Sara's finger's traced the outline of my pussy over my tights and I could imagine my crotch showing a neat camel toe. I was enjoying fingering her pussy and teasing her with my tongue. In a while Sara could not hold up and slid her fingers into my panty and began stroking me.

She had become quite good at it and since I was already wet she got me to cum really fast. I too started intensely fingerfucking her and got her to cum after me. When I got of the bed I saw a dark grey wet spot over my crotch, Sara groped my behind and in a mock innocent voice said, "aww baby wet herself. We'll have to take these pants off".

Sara bit my bum playfully and peeled off my tights and wet panties at once. She kissed me over her bite mark and hugged my body digging her face into the side of my stomach. I sat down on her lap, brushed of her hair from her face and kissed her lightly, slowly we again began to kiss each other.

I turned around in her lap and put my legs around her back, in that position she had full access to my tits and I watched her lick and suck them both. She got my boobs all wet and sloppy and buried her face between them.

She then leaned back on the bed and pulled my hips up to her face. She began licking my cunt and pushed her tongue as deep in my pussy as she could. from my POV I could only see the top of her head and eyes the rest of her face was buried in between my legs. I started gyrating my hips and rubbed my nether regions all over Sara's face, I could feel her tongue flick across my anus and pussy.

At times I could feel her breath on my pussy then between my buttocks. Sara took hold of my buttocks and made me thrust harder I felt her nose nudge my cunt, the feeling was electrifying I grabbed hold of her hair and rode her face until I had an orgasm.

Sara's face was glazed by my juices, I bent down on her and licked her face like a wild animal we kissed and hugged each other deeply. I made Sara take off her skirt I was tired of having the cloth between us. We sat naked in front of each other and crisscrossed our legs so our pussies met in between.

About then I realized I had forgotten about the zucchini, I took my tights from the ground and tied one of the legs around Sara's eyes. I told her I had a surprise gift for her and she was not to open her eyes until I get back, I wrapped a towel around my naked body and ran to the kitchen to get the zucchini. I didn't have the time to warm it up, but since it was out of the fridge it was at room temperature.

I took out two condoms and covered both ends of the straight zucchini, in the room Sara was waiting patiently for me. I got in to bed with her and told her to open her mouth as wide as she could, she did and I placed one end of the zucchini in her mouth. Sara took off the blindfold and her eyes were full of shock. She said it was too big and would not fit in, I pointed at the rounded edges and told her it for the both of us.

I took one end and eased it into my pussy, it was good we had got our pussies nice and wet before hand, the girth was quite wide and it felt quite tight. We spread eagle facing each other and slowly eased each end of the zucchini in our pussies. It was really tight and I could feel every twitch Sara made and I'm sure she felt the same on her end.

We started thrusting and got about four to five inches deep, I started rubbing my clit to get more of my juices flowing and so did Sara. After a while we began pushing against each other and tried to get a good rhythm going. I put a pillow under my butt and told Sara to do the same, it gave use just the right amount of elevation and bounce.

Soon we were moving as one, yet there was still about three inches of the veg exposed which either one of use caught and kept it in place. It was a unique feeling I could feel my own pussy getting stretched and fucked and at the same time I could feel Sara also getting fucked.

With the rhythm going smoothly we increased the pace and our pussies went in to lala land, we didn't need to hold on the veg any longer. Sara came first and grabbed hold of the zucchini as I continued to thrust, a few moments later I too orgasmic.

It was quite an effort and the both of us were covered in sweat, but it was well worth it. For the first time we felt like were being the giver and the receiver at the same time. We didn't remove the zucchini and lay there a while enjoying the afterglow.

After a while we got adventurous and tried a different position. I made Sara turn a little on her side and raised her leg so it rested on my shoulder and I knelt in between her legs keeping our pussies close to each other. It was quite a wonder that we managed to achieve this without having to take out our sexy vegetable.

This way I had more room to thrust and Sara could take in more of the pleasure. We began slowly and I had trouble controlling my green dick. I learnt that if I would clench my pussy I could thrust deep into Sara. It didn't take long for both of us to cum, the thrusting was more vigorous this way and we both moaned out our pleasure.

Finally we rested a bit and took out the zucchini, for a few minutes are pussies felt quite empty and roomy, we filled the gap by kissing lightly and stroking each other hair. It was getting late I took Sara quickly into the shower and we had a sensual bath in candle light. After dressing up Sara gave me a long goodnight kiss and left for her home. Before she left gave her both the zucchini's and told we would use the other one the next day.

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